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#i literally do need to watch torchwood again
suncaptor · a month ago
RIP now I need to watch Torchwood again...
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youandthemountains · 8 months ago
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2. what fandoms were apart of that you aren’t any longer?
I don’t flounce out as much as fandoms just die out or I get fixated on something new SO i’m using this as an excuse for a chronological fandom history. how many people will hate me when I’m done, let’s find out.
LISTEN this is possible the most annoying post I’ve ever created but was also very fun so I’m answering the rest of these in a separate post bc it got too long already.
but, you all should feel free to ask me if I was ever in one of your fandoms because at this rate signs point to yes.
Bandom is I think what I first found fic for. look, i KNOW. i KNOW. i was a child. specifically I remember reading stuff for The Libertines (I KNOWWW leave me alone. I am aware. There were some really good writers for it, everyone was doing it, idk man). and god REALLY early on, like what, early middle school? I remember a lot of those pop-emo bandom fics particularly. jesus this is embarrassing. but ry*n r*ss / br*nd*n ur*e fic. I’m sure there were others but let’s move on before the cringe incapacitates me.
House/Wilson on LJ babeyyy. Where I was introduced to hurt/comfort. Fun times. Related, Sherlock Holmes. Inescapable. All versions.
pre-MCU Marvel - fully comics based. X-Men had the best fics. I remember loving in particular - Peter Parker/Johnny Storm, anything with Jubilee, I personally shipped Shadowcat/Jean Grey before I knew what shipping or the internet or fandom was, I loved Gambit/Wolverine and I remember some really good Gambit/Nightcrawler fics. Lot of discourse on the nature of being monstrous in those that was interesting. I would read Hawkeye and anyone because he had good and totally different dynamics with so many different characters but I did have a soft spot for Clint/Bucky, Clint/Sam, and Clintasha. oh I was also into Bucky/Natasha because I did really love comics Black Widow. the less popular ones that i loved were - Sunspot/Cannonball, SamBucky, Jessica JSilk/Black Cat, MJ/Gwen Stacy, Peter/Harry Osborn, Sam/Bucky,  Elektra/Natasha, Foggy/Matt, Kate Bishop/America Chavez, Daredevil/Black Panther, the Heroes for Hire polycule, god I think Angel/Quicksilver purely bc of Marvel 1602, honestly there were a lot. This would need it’s own post because comics are a bunch of attractive people with interesting dynamics and plenty of What If? opportunities.  
Speak of comics, I was also into DC - Superbat, Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, Kaldur’ahm/Superboy (literally no one was into this besides me lmfao), was and am a huge Batfam fan, I am 100% a Damian Wayne apologist, oh was and tbh still kind of am really into Dick Grayson/Clint Barton fic. Yes I realize that’s insane but idk love the concept of carnies in love. Wonder Woman/Meera, Constantine/Zatanna, Zatanna/Wonder Woman, Constantine/King Shark now of course, Harley/Ivy, Harley/Ivy/Selina, Kate Kane/Renee Montoya, Constatine/Dream, Vi you turned me on to au teen girl Chastantine and I love that. Again, I’m sure there are more.
The Social Network also on LJ babeyyy. Of course Markwardo, but there were some great writers that made a really compelling case for Sean/Eduardo.
Heroes - specifically Matthinder which was ICONIC and still deserves so much more attention. They RAISED A CHILD TOGETHER. Honestly I was into Mohinder/anyone though.
MI-5 which was me and like 4 other people. Adam/Zaf is still my all time favorite ship that has zero engagement whatsoever. I know in my heart that Zaf faked his death and met up with Adam who let him retire with him in secret and safety. For something even more obscure that I care about way too much - Vik/Jez endgame and Vik/Rob as friends with benefits from Spooks: Code 9. I have a very detailed story in my head about them but maybe 7 people total watched that show before it was cancelled. Rob is probably the most villainous character that I’m into. 
Torchwood - yes Janto, also Owen/Ianto again purely because there were some really good writers for it.
If we’re getting into my obscure fandom phase - Primeval: New World. Mac/Evan and Mac/Connor. I could talk about this forever, I think it’s such a fascinating and tragic story but I won’t because no one will have any idea wtf I’m talking about 
Of course Doctor Who. Come on man. I was a sucker for Nine/Rose, Nine/Jack, Eleven/Rory/Amy, and Amy/Rory. Martha was my favorite companion but I didn’t really like Ten and he was a dick to her. 
Dear White People -  Sam/Coco, Sam/Jo, Troy/Lionel, Jo/Reggie, Reggie/Lionel (did this make sense? no. did I think it’d be hot? yeah.) GOD LIONEL/SILVIO UNTIL SILVIO WAS EVIL. 
Xena and Gabrielle/Xena
White Collar - Neal/Peter & Neal/Burkes
The Get Down - Shao/Zeke, Pretty Dizzee D/Thor, god these kids!!! 
MASH - Hawkeye/BJ
HP but literally the tiniest corner of it, had a mild interest in Ron/Draco & Ron/Harry so I barely checked it out bc that was pretty niche
the Gene Wilder multiverse. oh also the Gene Kelly multiverse. both the Genes always give themselves a boyfriend and a girlfriend that are gorgeous and hilarious.
I still haven’t seen Jurassic Park III but I think Billy/Dr. Grant are in love
Indiana Jones - I read. Every single one of the novels. I watched Young Indiana Jones. I adored him. 
The Flash TV - this one I did actually leave. I was in it for Cisco, Wally, and Iris. I think Iris/Barry are sweet, and I also liked Cisco/Barry, Cisco/Wally, and Iris/Cisco. I just lost interest in the show. 
Legends of Tomorrow - Sara/all her girlfriends throughout time
Dragon Age - yeah I love Anders/Fenris & Dorian/Iron Bull. I think Cullen/Dorian has the occasional good fic but it’s definitely hit or miss. 
Star Wars - oh star war. how do i hate thee. let me recount the ways. No I still love Hanleia, Landoleia, Han/Lando, Hanluke, Leia/Mara Jade, Mara Jade/Arden Lyn, Luke/Mara Jade, FinnPoe (My LOVES), uhhh that’s it. I do also love Black Squadron and Rapier Squadron. Jess/Kare Kun was underrated although Kare/Snap is also fun. I saw Rose/Kaydel Ko and that was real galaxy brained.
Mad Men - I really did love Don & Betty’s dynamic post-divorce. Also him and Peggy - not romantically at all but just something cold and sharp.
Firefly - Mal/Simon, and Kay/Inara. I’d read Jayne/Simon bc there was more of it but it was not my fave at all
Community - Trobed my beloved
GLOW - everyone on this show had a great dynamic AND i love my brown lesbians <33
Game of Thrones - but I never got past the first book so. Theon/Robb and Theon/Jon, Sansa/Marjorie Tyrell, I do like the occasional Theon/Sansa
The Exorcist (TV) - Tomas/Marcus was SO good man. 
Glee - Brittana supremacy, Finn/Kurt was nice at first, and weirdly so was Puck/Kurt when written in a very specific way. 
Shadowhunters - listen I’ve only seen like 3 episodes of this but I like the fandom and Magnus/Alec are gorgeous
Rogue One - Bodhi/Cassian my beloved. Also love your Kes/Cassian stuff
MCU - listen I do still maintain ca:tws was a samsteve meetcute. 
United States of Tara - this was just a great show
okay have I alienated everyone yet. I’m sure there are more but this has been a LOT already.
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Tumblr media
tldr: As of this October, it has officially been one year since I first watched Torchwood and started reading fics. Although I didn’t start writing my own fics until March 2020, I have a lot of fics in the past seven months. But I wanted to celebrate my favorite fics by other people. So here is Part 1 of probably several eventual fic rec posts. These are what I consider fandom staples.
To The Sticking Place by zephyras13 
The end justifies the means. Failure is not an option. There is always a choice, except when there isn't. These are the phrases Ianto Jones lives by and he refuses to allow anyone, even Captain Jack Harkness, to change that. Jack/Ianto, AU, Torchwood One Agent!Ianto.
(janto & others | complete | mature | 96K)
Nik: I legitimately cannot explain why I love this fic so much other than the fact it is so great! It was one of the first fics I read, and I still adore it. It follows canon so well while making you feel very range of the emotion spectrum. The author’s take on Ianto is so complexly-written but still feels true to the canonical Ianto. Literally one of the first fics I’d rec to anyone new to fandom. A must read.
only fools fall by transjackianto
“Oh my god,” he gasps out when his laughter has died down to softer chuckles, “I am so glad I stuck around to hear that.  Thank you Jack, I needed to laugh today. Now if you’ll excuse me,” he pushes back from the table for the third time but Jack stops him again with a hand over his own. It is a softer touch than before and that unnerves Ianto more than anything.
He looks up, terrified he’s going to see some kind of earnest emotion on Jack’s face.  When he finds Jack looking instead like he swallowed a handful of pins he relaxes. He’s not sure he could handle finding out Jack had some kind of ridiculous unrequited crush on him.
“I know,” Jack groans, dropping Ianto’s hand and letting his head thunk against where his arms are crossed on the table, “I want to punch myself just for saying it, but I mean it Ianto. I need you to be my boyfriend.”
Aka, Ianto just wants to make it through his summer as a newly single sixth form graduate and eagerly await the end when his ex comes back from her summer trip and they can reunite.
His ex-friend Jack Harkness throws a wrench into the works.
(janto, lisaianto, & others | complete | mature | 182K)
Nik: Okay, so I’m a tiny bit biased with this one considering that the author is my friend whom I adore and also one of my favorite people in this fandom. And I...also betaed this entire fic. But take it from me! It’s so, so well-written and the shift from enemies to lover is so perfect. There is angst, oh so much angst, but it is worth it. Plus, it’s incredibly hot! And I know the author has eventual plans for a sequel, although no promises when it’s coming. Another must read!
Halfway Back by Sholio (@sholiofic)
Team Torchwood run a sanctuary for magical creatures, and this time they've got a basilisk on their hands.
(gen | complete | teen | 13K)
Nik: Okay, so literally anything by Sholio is perfect. They have an incredible grasp of the team dynamic that still blows my mind, and their fics have topnotch Owen-Ianto interactions. But I chose this fic because the premise felt like almost nothing I’d read in this fandom before. Plus, there is still the requisite amount of Owen angst in this. (Also check out The Cartography of Feeling, which is another personal favorite.)
Conversational Japanese, Plus Frogs by james
Tosh and Ianto have been taken prisoner. They cope.
(janto | complete | teen | 6K)
Nik: One of the older, shorter recs on this list but still a classic. A fascinating in-depth character study of Ianto and Tosh and their friendship in confined quarters that also explores the trauma that follows some of Torchwood’s misadventures. I don’t think I can say much else besides urging you to read it!
Sharkreef (Or, Why Torchwood Was Set in Cardiff and Not the Bermuda Triangle) by queenfanfiction
There is the story of a team who tried to save Earth from aliens. This is not that story.
(janto & many, many others | complete | teen | 2K)
Nik: Look, I know that some will actually despise that I included this rec, but this fic is ICONIC. It’s cracky, yes. Cracky crack. Very crack. But it’s also legitimately one of the strangest/whackiest/what-the-fuck fics I’ve ever read. It always startles a genuine laugh out of me. It has all of our favorite tropes...coupled with some lobsters. (Sidenote: This reminds me of John Mulaney/SNL’s Diner Lobster sketch, which I also encourage you to watch.)
Insignificant Other by parachutewoman 
Ianto is tasked with telling Rhys that his newly wedded wife has ditched him to go to London with Jack on a “very important mission”. Refusing to have his day ruined, Rhys drags Ianto along to the Six Nations final and the two ‘other halves’ try to make sense of their place in the world and their partners’ lives.
(janto & gwenrhys | complete | mature | 6K)
Nik: Ianto-Rhys friendship content is something that is severely lacking in this fandom, which is a damn shame. You can see from COE that Rhys seems to genuinely care about Jack and Ianto, which I presume is from post-Exit Wounds bonding with his wife’s coworkers. And I know that the audiobook Ghost Train has a lot of good Ianto-Rhys bonding, although I just haven’t had the time to listen to it yet. Either way, this fic, and the other fics by this author, are very well-written and beautiful. This one, set circa S2, has just the right amount of angst mixed in as well as you watched Ianto go from reluctantly accompanying Rhys to actually enjoying himself. I definitely enjoyed this fic.
Beast Inside by Flamingbluepanda (@flamingbluepanda)
"Argue with anything else, but don’t argue with your own nature.” - Phillip Pullman
Inside us all, there is an animal that expresses our soul. How would the world change were those animals outside?
(janto & others | complete | mature | 26K)
Nik: Admittedly, this one is also a bit biased because the author is my friend and I am their loyal occasional beta, but I started reading it before I met the author. Although daemons do come from His Dark Materials, they have become a sort of AU on their own, and thus, you do not need to have read HDM to read this excellent fic. I definitely have not. There is angst, there is fluff, there is canon compliance. And there is Dai. Dai, Rhys’s corgi daemon, is probably not the one you would expect to steal the show, but he stole my heart. (I mean, Navi and Emma, Jack’s bear daemon and Ianto’s terrier daemon, adorable respectively...but Dai!) Expect to fall in love with Dai by ths end of this fic!
To Let by Amand_r
Ianto Jones is a good housemate.
(janto & lisaianto | complete | not rated | 12K)
Nik: Now this fic is a little bit different from the rest because it is not only second person POV but is also outside POV, which makes it slightly odd to read at first. But I can assure you, it is most definitely worth it. Ianto’s unnamed housemate makes for an interesting perspective into Ianto’s personal and domestic life as well as exploring his relationship with Jack. His housemate, of course, doesn’t remain one-sided, with loss and love and life of his own, but you can tell that his bond with Ianto is genuine. This fic provides a nice break from the explicit canon while still exploring familiar events.
Your Job Knows What It Is by ShastaFirecracker
Torchwood Three, 2045. Bram Hudson's just been recruited by Jack Harkness, it's xir first day of work, and orientation is being handled by some old man named Jones.
(janto | complete | gen | 9K)
Nik: Okay, I lied. This fic is outsider POV as well, but Bram is so well-written and complex even from the short while we have with xem. As an alternate to the previous fic, this one provides great, interesting exploration into a future, slightly different Torchwood while also serving as a COE fix-it fic. Older Ianto is just as badass as when he was younger, and the insights into his relationship with Jack are sweet and will leave you craving more.
Worrisome Heart by thepsychicclam
It's 1922. Ianto accidentally stumbles upon a speakeasy owned by Captain Jack Harkness. When Ianto becomes a bartender, he quickly learns how dangerous everything around him truly is, and more importantly, how dangerous Jack is. But the longer he knows Jack, the more he doesn't care.
(janto | complete | explicit | 42K)
Nik: This fic, this series in fact, is one of the only complete Historical AUs I have found in this fandom. Set in 1922 New York, it features all our beloved characters as completely human and sans Torchwood and aliens, which - of course - means that they can feel a bit OOC at first. Still, as you read on through this fic and its three sequels, you will realize just how well adopted the events and characterization from canon are. If you going in thinking of this as original work rather than fic, it might help you adjust to the differences. Quite well-written!
Intersecting Geodesics by NancyBrown
Stuck in a time with a Jack who hasn't met him yet, all Ianto wants is a way home.
(janto & jackjohn | complete | mature | 37K)
Nik: There are numerous “Ianto gets sent into the future by the Rift or an artifact and meets past!Jack” fics existing in this fandom, but this is one of my favorites. For one, it’s written by the incomparable author who has many, many excellent fics that I like. (Their smut is seriously topnotch, especially for some of your kinkier tastes if said tastes exist.) The distanced younger Jack provides just the right amount of angst, and his eventual fall for Ianto is built-up just enough to work believably. The resolution is satisfying enough, and the author has a few other fics in this series to keep you going! 
For Captain and Cardiff by blackhemlock
"At midnight, a nationwide security alert was sent out... Torchwood London, demands all agencies' cooperation in issuing an arrest warrant for Ianto Merric Jones, 24, of Cardiff."
Torchwood Three's Archivist has gone rogue. But, he does have a very good reason, and he looks stunning in his new suit.
(janto & tenjack | complete | gen | 42K)
Nik: Admittedly, I will often be picky in my fics featuring the Tenth Doctor because of how he mistreated Jack, but this fic features a true-to-canon portrayal of Ianto and the Doctor that I adore. It does well in building up your expectations of Ianto and the Doctor’s encountering and then subverting it. There is also good room for Jack-Ianto angst, which only adds to my enjoyment of the fic. I don’t necessarily know how to explain it, but this fic also feels sleek and modern despite its timey-wimey elements.
What Dreams May Come by AVAAntares (@avaantares)
It's bad enough that a plague of alien parasites have fallen through the rift and are preying on Cardiff's citizens. It's worse that someone from Jack's past has come from the future to confront him on Earth. But when Jack himself is taken by the rift, Ianto and Gwen are forced to rely on the most unlikely of allies to keep Torchwood running without him.
Stranded in another century on a distant planet, Jack has only one hope of returning to Earth. But time travel with the Doctor has never been an exact science, and when he returns to Cardiff, things are not at all as he expects to find them...
(janto | complete | teen | 88K)
Nik: Honestly, I think one of my favorite parts of this fic may be the inclusion of an OC, Jamiya Thane, AKA Jack’s mother. I’m just a sucker for fandom’s takes on Jack’s canonical family and past as Javic Thane from Boeshane, and this plays into it well. It’s endearing to watch Jack’s found family, especially Ianto, interact with his mother. Also included is a rather brilliant time-travel mystery that will tug at your heartstrings on many levels. Excellent soft Jack-Ianto content in chapters and a creepy use of a one-off Doctor Who creature.
Ghost Story by Mad_Maudlin
I called out. "Would you like to hear a ghost story?"
For a moment Jack didn't move, and I knew he'd recognized my voice. After a moment he said, flatly, "I don't believe in ghosts."
"It's a complicated story," I admitted, and pulled the watch from my pocket by the chain. "And it starts with 'Long ago and far away.'"
(janto | complete | teen | 70K)
Nik: This fic! I passed this fic many times on my search for new fics to read, and the summary always threw me a bit, but when I decided to take a chance on it, I realized what I’d been missing out on. There’s so many fics in this fandom, and on this list, that take familiar tropes but twist them into something new, just like this fic. Without giving too much away, I can say that this fic features Time Lords, pocket watches, shifting POVs, and a COE fix-it, all packed with a brow-raising plot twist. It’s enough to make me forgive the first person POV, which I can usually not stand but actually works quite well for this fic! A fic worth reading at least once, if not many times. It feels so utterly unique!
Time Tracks by Cyborgtamaki (@cyborgtamaki) and thirteeninafez (@thirteeninafez)
It took him a second to realise what had happened; what had felt like hours while travelling through the rift shrunk itself in his head to a mere instant of searing gold. That’s when the flicker of the fire in front of him finally registered through his confused daze. In his haste to get away from the flames around him, he slipped and fell, scrambling back until he was a safe distance away from the smoke and the heat. It was only then that he took notice of the voices behind him. He turned towards the noise of a deep, northern voice spluttering and saying, confused and almost angry: “Who the hell are you?” The man rolled over onto his knees and stood up, looking around like he’d never seen a street before. “Jones.” He sounded uncertain but then spoke again with more confidence. “Ianto Jones.”
(janto & ninerose | complete | teen | 174K)
Nik: There’s many “Ianto travels with the Ninth Doctor and Rose” fics in this fandom, but this one is the longest, most recent, and one of the most excellent that I’ve read. The authors have written in-depth chapters of the Doctor Who Season 1 episodes we already know and adore as well as adding their own unique “episodes,” all of which are deeply enjoyable. There is excellent character interactions, specifically a wonderful Rose-Ianto friendship, and so much soft Jack-Ianto. The authors have, personally, promised several more installments coming by the end of the year or later, and they are sure to be worth the wait!
Club Wales by pocky_slash
In the wake of Jack's disappearance, Gwen finds comfort in a new friendship with Ianto. Gossip, bonding, and other hijinks of understanding ensue.
(gwenrhys & janto | complete | teen | 19K)
Nik: This author is single-handedly a Gwen-Ianto dynamic icon. Their grasp on Gwen and Ianto’s respective characterization is brilliant, and their friendship in this fic, and any fic the author writes, is well-fleshed out and believable enough for the moments we only really see on-screen briefly in the show. This fic, and overall series, serves as a compelling insight into how the team originally views Jack and how Gwen and Ianto grow closer. Gwen truly was one of Ianto’s big sister figures, which is excellently reflected in this fic. A must read!
Just this once by Beleriandings (@ultraviolet-eucatastrophe)
(Everybody lives.)
(Or: when a certain Doctor arrives to save Owen Harper from a stricken nuclear power station, it begins a chain of events that will lead Torchwood Three down a very different path. From time locks and telepathy to tea and coffee, high-speed chases to unresolved sibling issues, their new lives (and new and old loves) may be different, but their bonds of friendship and family grow stronger every day. But when every child on earth starts speaking with one voice, the team are torn apart again as they’re forced to fight for their lives, and to confront monsters they’d thought they’d left behind in the past. But with all of them working together – along with some allies they’ve made along the way – Torchwood Three will stop at nothing to save their friends and set the world to rights. The consequences will ripple out across the universe and into the distant future. But they have to start somewhere, and the present is as good a place as any.)
(janto & others | complete | teen | 239K)
Nik: Many fics are post-Exit Wounds and COE fix-its, at the same time, but dare I say that this one is the best? (Or one of the best at least.) The Tenth Doctor receives his own iconic “Everybody lives” moment, but that is only where this fic BEGINS. This beautiful monster, which I mean in the very best sense considering its length, traverses Exit Wounds, COE, and slightly Miracle Day and gives everyone a happy ending. In addition, the author, another friend of mine, I’ll be honest, manages to redeem and humanize Gray in a way I didn’t think possible, but I actually found myself liking him. This is definitely a must, must read, especially if you’re new to the fandom or just finished having your heart thrown out.
The Stars Might Stick You Where You Stand by methylethyl 
Following the fall of Torchwood One, Jack Harkness went to ask Torchwood Three for a job. He didn’t expect to fall a little bit in love with its director, the practical and ever-calm Ianto Jones. He also probably didn’t expect that Ianto Jones would end up holding the answers to his most precious secret.
(janto | complete | explicit | 20K)
Nik: I’ll be honestly - I’m a sucker for role reversal AUs in any fandom, and this is one fic I see rarely mentioned or recced, which I think is a damn shame. It is definitely in my top five fics; I adore it so much. Jack is cast in the role of Ianto, gunning for a job at Torchwood Three after the fall of Canary Wharf. His “Lisa” is his desperate, life-long search for his brother Gray who was taken by Torchwood when they were both children. Ianto is, obviously, the immortal director of Torchwood Three, but what makes him even more compelling is the lack of direct reference to his AU past. We don’t know who this Ianto Jones was before he, like Jack, arrived in Cardiff in the 1800s, newly-immortal and ensnared into working for Torchwood. Instead, this fic, and series, focuses on a stretch of episodes from Season 1 intermingled with elements from Season 2, as well as subverting the expected team relationships. Jack and Ianto are believably different but still realistic in their characterization, and look, I adore this AU, which I’ve already said. A personal favorite and must read!
Cling to the Ways of My Name by engagemythrusters ( @iianto-jones)
If Ianto Jones thought his legacy would die out with him in Thames House, he was dead wrong.
(janto & gwenrhys | complete | teen | 37K)
Nik: Hopefully, you’ve already read this fic by now. If not, may I dare ask what you’ve been doing with your life? This is one of my favorite fics of all-time in this fandom, as well as my favorite kidfic ever. It’s so well-written and just so damn unique. I cannot capture in words what makes it so special, although I will try. Ioan Jones is the sweetest janto baby ever, and I love him with all my heart. Jack’s adventures raising Ioan are just so endearing, and later installments, which feature Ianto, serve to satisfy the domestic Jack-Ianto as parents craving you might not even have known you had. There’s just so many little details about this fic I love, including but not limited to - Jack’s found family in the Joneses, Ioan-Anwen friendship, and Ioan loving blue. A definite must read fic to give you the serotonin you need.
Waking Gods by toldthestars 
Why are Ianto's dreams coming true? What's in the box with the symbol on it? Oh, and while we're at it, what's the meaning of the life?
(janto | complete | not rated | 7K)
Nik: This fic is another one with a completely unique premise in this fandom. In fact, there is only one other fic I’ve read that even gives me similar “vibes” for this fic. Here, Ianto suddenly finds himself gaining powerful, unexplainable abilities, essentially becoming a god, and oh my, this is excellent. Ianto is just trying to do good in the world, and the team’s growing fear and distrust of him and his power really sucker-punches you straight in the heart. It’s all so beautifully-written, with powerful imagery that left me awe-struck. The janto angst is oh-so-excellent. Reading this fic for the first time is an experience that I don’t believe can be replicated. 
fool me once, fool me twice by princessoftheworlds (aka me)
When, after the events at the House of the Dead, the Rift spits Ianto out on an alien planet a thousand years later, so begins a goose chase that will take him across the universe and across time until he finds Jack again.
(janto & others | complete | explicit | 52K)
Nik: What kind of fic writer would I be if I created a list of fic recs for Torchwood and did not include one of my own? I consider this fic my masterpiece. The House of the Dead!Ianto get sucked through the Rift and spat out across time and space, turned into another fixed point, as he begins his search for Jack. I don’t know if I can say much else without it sounding like bragging, but it features - in no particular order - a happy ending for one, Ianto getting some badass adventures of his own, a sorta redemption arc for John Hart, numerous references to Big Finish, and too many spinoffs with more to come! Give it a shot, why don’t you?
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korryn24 · 10 months ago
ROTD Analysis
revolution of the daleks was a real mixed bag. overall, it was really fun to watch and i enjoyed, but my media analysis brain is going into overdrive, so here are my Thoughts.
quick disclaimer, these are just my opinions and it’s okay if you disagree! feel free to let me know what you disagree with as long as you do it kindly.
Prison Break
the scene where jack breaks the doctor out of prison was fun, however i feel like it was a huge missed opportunity.
yaz spent ten months looking for the doctor, what if in all her research she found torchwood? she could’ve actually teamed up with jack and gotten the doctor out of prison, she and the rest of the fam. why would this have been a better idea (in my opinion) than jack committing a bunch of crimes and somehow hiding a bunch of alien tech and breaking them out?
it allows the fam to have a real impact on the plot of the episode. the only things they really did this episode were:
bring the daleks to the doctor’s attention, which she could and would have found out on her own eventually
yaz noticed the light changing in osaka, which again, the doctor would have figured out on her own.
and ryan had an Honest conversation with the doctor. kudos to him for getting her to actually talk about her feelings.
i’m so incredibly disappointed at how these characters are being used. they almost have no agency. if they had actively contributed to the prison break, it would have fundamentally changed the course of the episode in a way that didn’t happen in the canon.
three of your main characters barely had an affect on the plot.
Nitpicking About Companion Interactions
another thing, no one asked the doctor anything about stormcage? they didn’t even consider how long she may have been there? or what she could have endured?
i understand that they were upset, they were left for ten months unsure if she was alive. they had a right to be upset! but the doctor was in prison for decades, that’s got to have a negative effect on her psyche.
it just doesn’t seem right to me that none of the fam would ask what happened to her. i’m chalking this one up to bad writing, honestly.
Rose Mention
thank god we got a rose mention
correct me if i’m wrong, but when jack brought her up, there was absolutely no reaction from the doctor? not a word, not a facial expression?
my guy. i wanted an acknowledgment of her existence from 13, is that too much to ask?
i’m so so glad she was mentioned at all, but i feel like it could been better? that’s so nitpicky, i know.
The New Companion
i don’t think we need another companion.
i’m not even going to touch on the fact that he’s a middle-aged white dude, so many people have already made posts about that and they’re great, go read them.
i’m going to talk about yaz and the doctor. not about thasmin at all, but about character development and the progression of their friendship (and possibly relationship, although i personally don’t think it will happen).
yaz is such a great character. she has ambitions, a career, a personality, she’s got family! she has clear motivations and drive. she is capable of carrying a season on her own, being the only companion.
it would give a great chance to explore her character further, she would have more screen time and more interactions with the doctor.
as someone who is ambivalent to thasmin, as in, i’d like it if it happened but i wouldn’t say i ship it, they need to further their relationship.
they need more interactions bro. they make such a good team. if it wasn’t currently 12:14 am, i’d list examples. i can’t wait to go more in depth on all this shit. but you know exactly what i’m talking about, yaz is intelligent and clever and it’s clear that the two get along well.
furthermore, this show really can’t handle multiple companions right now. character development has really suffered throughout seasons 11 and 12 because they’re trying to split screen time between three companions and their storylines, the doctor and her storyline, and the monster of the week.
it’s just too much. if yaz was the sole companion for a little while, it would give the show a chance to explore her, explore the doctor’s feelings about being the timeless child and coping with what happened on gallifrey and in stormcage, and again, give the two a chance to develop a complex relationship (platonic or not).
A Bit Of Positivity
here’s a few things i enjoyed from the episode!! obviously not everything, just off the top of my head.
i love that gwen cooper was mentioned. just the little details, guys.
jack’s interaction with graham? god the little things really make this show good.
i like that hotel guy (i can’t be bothered to learn his name) was literally going to betray the human race for what? capitalism? that was funny and sad, a bit too real.
the new dalek design was really cool. it’ll be good to return to something more conventional, but it was nice to see something new! it was sleek and modern, nice to look at.
this episode, and the previous episode featuring daleks in season 12, has been great at making daleks scary again. daleks are still a force to be reckoned with even outside of their casing! they can use people as their puppets! that’s terrifying!! i love it!!!
i enjoyed the weeping angel cameo and the silence cameo.
i know everyone’s said it before but the greasy hair. disgusting, please take a shower, but w o w. it looks good.
if you actually read this far, i’m in love with you. i owe you my firstborn. please give me your thoughts, tear me shreds, agree with me, idc. i’m hoping to go more in depth on this stuff and make a video essay on it, so i’d definitely appreciate hearing from other people. i hope everything i said in this made sense, i’m so tired and i’m not proofreading, so if it’s disjointed i apologize.
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blueboxesandtrafficcones · 11 months ago
An Accidental Discovery
Day 15 of 2020′s 31 Days of Ficmas.  Thanks to @doctorroseprompts for the list!
Prompt: Ring
Rating: General, with a minor sexual(ish) situation implied at the end
Pairing: TenTooxRose; a mini-sequel to Barcelona is for Lovers (in my mind), but not explicitly so.  Can easily be read independently of that fic.
Summary: While putting laundry away, Rose makes a discovering in TenToo’s sock drawer that sends her into a tailspin.
2019 31 Days of Ficmas masterlist
If Rose had to pick one single thing she missed most about the TARDIS (besides the travel), it would probably be the laundry facilities.  Specifically, the fact that clothes dropped in a hamper at night would, typically, be back in her closet clean and pressed by the time she woke up the next morning.  The only exceptions would be the week or so before they had a visit planned to visit her Mum, as Jackie always made a big fuss over doing it for her, and Rose indulged her.  On the occasions when items were truly filthy, if she’d fallen headfirst into a mud pit or was sprayed by exploding alien (neither of which had happened with any frequency, but more than once was excessive by her definition) she would feel guilty letting the timeship deal with it, preferring to take it directly to the laundry room that would magically appear as an offshoot of her room.
(In the beginning, she’d just accepted the ship’s abilities, and after Bad Wolf, refused to give any thought as to why the TARDIS would be so much more accommodating to her than to the Doctor’s previous companions.)
She’d had to adjust to normal laundry facilities upon getting stuck here in Pete’s World, as they still called it, and had willingly accepted that the price she’d pay for a domestic life with the Doctor, or as domestic as either could stand, was doing all of the household’s laundry.  Why that was his Rubicon she didn’t know, but if that was what it took, so be it.  Besides, better to keep him away from the appliances, as his “improvements” tended to make things unusable, at least for their intended purpose.
Didn’t make her tolerate it any better.
Humming along to the radio, she emptied the basket of clothes on the bed, folding socks and underthings, grooving to the music.  An armful’s worth of socks were the Doctor’s, all in funny or eyewatering patterns, and when she pulled open the drawer groaned at the chaos that greeted her.  Dumping her load on top of the dresser while she organized what was already in there, she sang along to the new song, a jaunty tale by an artist who’d come to fame after she’d started travelling.
“I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper- what the fuck?”  Hand closing around a pair of dark dress socks she’d never seen him wear, she was startled to find them firmer than expected, as if something were hidden inside. “This better not be that mobile he lost…”  Pulling the pair out, she unfolded them- and gasped, as a small box dropped onto the socks piled below.
Her heart knew what it was even as her brain scrambled to catch up, and it was a trembling hand that reached for it.  Picking it up, she held it close to her heart, trying to breath and think, damn it.  They’d never talked about marriage, other than a few vague jokes, but she didn’t expect that of him, wouldn’t ask for more than what he was capable of.  She knew who he was, and what he was, TARDIS-less or not.  It could be earrings, she tried to convince herself.  Christmas is next week, don’t get ahead of yourself.  Maybe a necklace?
Could just open it and see, she considered.  Or ask him about it.  Or just wait until Christmas.
Taking a deep breath, certain she couldn’t live not knowing, she cracked the box open – and immediately shut it without seeing, re-folding it into the socks before she could change her mind again.  Everything went into the drawer haphazardly, reorganization abandoned with the urge to run, to leave, but not wanting to do so with clothes everywhere; no need to worry the Doctor should he come home and find the laundry half-abandoned and her nowhere to be found.
Because she suddenly had somewhere to be, urgently.
Rose burst into the kitchen with more momentum than intended, throwing the door open and startling her mother enough to make her yelp, tea sloshing over the edge of the fancy teacup she held as she chatted on the phone.
She just stared, eyes wide, and Jackie’s motherly intuition must have dinged, as she muttered into the mobile, “I’ll call you back,” and hung up. “What’s wrong?”
In a daze Rose came towards where she was seated at the island, pulling herself up onto a stool next to her and leaning over to rest her head on her mother’s shoulder; it wasn’t exactly comfortable, but the warm arm Jackie wrapped around her was exactly what she needed.
“Sweetheart, you’re scaring me,” Jackie murmured after a minute’s silence.  “This isn’t like you- not anymore.  Did something happen?”
“I…”  After running on autopilot for a good forty-five minutes now, Rose’s brain was finally coming back online, and she was starting to question the wisdom of running to her mother.  It had been instinct, but in hindsight, she knew how Jackie felt about the Doctor, and wasn’t sure she would be happy about this potential development.  “I…”
Jackie nudged her upright, waiting until she was straight to stand and fetch another teacup.  “Take your time.”
Rose waited, watching as she poured her a cup, fixing it up just to Rose’s taste, if a little sweet, wrestling with herself, deciding that she wouldn’t tell her, or risk betraying the Doctor’s confidence, such as it was, until Jackie sat back down and she blurted, “I found a ring.”
“What, on the ground?”
“Mum!”  She rolled her eyes, groaning.  “No, in the Doctor’s sock drawer!”
Jackie was quiet for a moment.  “Least it wasn’t wrapped in a pair of his pants,” she shrugged.  “Was it in a box, or loose?”
Rose stared blankly at her.  “You’re awfully casual.  I tell you the Doctor, my nine-hundred something alien boyfriend, seems to have a ring, and you’re talking about his pants?”
“And you seem awfully bothered,” she countered, sipping at her tea. “Rose, he literally moved universes for you- and don’t start on that the other Doctor wouldn’t have let him stay malarky; he’s here for you.  To be with you.  Why wouldn’t he want to make it official?”
“Because!  Because he scoffs at marriage, and domestics, and commitment.  Some days, he can’t commit to a pair of bloody socks!”
Jackie snickered, quickly restraining herself at Rose’s glare. “Sweetheart, he loves you.  He wants to spend the rest of his life with you – I heard it as well as you did, on that beach.  Don’t let his fashion choices be the judge of what he wants with you. He chose you.  And you him.”
Her heart stopped.  “Oh, God, you don’t think he’s planning on proposing because I- I-”
“Sort of rejected him for the other Doctor?” Jackie asked helpfully. “No, love.  He’s just thinking about the future- his future- and spending it with you.  I think you both could use a bit of solid evidence that you’re both in it for the long haul, because you want to be.  That neither of you- and more specifically, the other- isn’t settling.”
Rose stared down into her cuppa, thoughts swirling, before one floated to the top.  “Hang on, did you know about this?”  It was the only possibility that made sense; her casual attitude, her confidence in the Doctor’s meaning behind it.
She had to giver her mother credit; she was a good liar.  But the calm and even “No” gave her away.  Quite literally in no universe would Jackie be so accepting the first time she heard about this.  Not possible.
“You did!” Rose gasped.  “And you didn’t tell me?  How do you know?”
Jackie grimaced.  “I shouldn’t say.  He asked my permission?”
“He did?”  Rose tried to picture it in her mind: the Doctor’s nerves as he asked, her mother’s likely over-the-top reaction.  “When?” She tried to remember his schedule the last few weeks, but he’d been with her most of the time he wasn’t in his lab at Torchwood, and they hadn’t seen her parents except for the night they dropped Tony off for Rose and the Doctor to babysit while they attended an event. “Why?”
“You’ll have to ask him.”
“Oh, come on!”
Despite her best whining and pleading, she couldn’t get any more information out of her mother, eventually slinking home with more questions than answers.
When she walked into the house they shared, it was to find the Doctor in the kitchen, minding something on the stove as he sang along to Elvis, using a whisk as a microphone, complete with pelvic thrusts. Leaning against the doorframe, she just watched him goof around, her anxiety melting as love and happiness filled her.  She loved this man with everything she was, had moved heaven and earth (and time and space) to find him.  The future was bright with him at her side, whether they were traveling the universe or reporting to Torchwood every day.
The shock had mostly faded on the drive home, and as she examined her reaction, she was ashamed and annoyed to realize it stemmed, ultimately, from self-doubt.  That the same voice that had once warned her she’d never do better than Jimmy or Mickey, that had made her turn the Doctor down the first time he asked her to travel with him, was whispering in her ear that she wasn’t enough, couldn’t keep him happy, that he’d eventually grow tired of her.
That’s not true, she thought fiercely.  He chooses me, every day.  And he did; every day that he came home to their little cottage with her, babbling happily about his day.  Every night when he proved his love to her, first with words, then their bodies. Every time he’d come back from the shops with something not on the list, casually noting We were running low, figured I might as well buy it now rather than two days from now.
He’d come a long way from the bitter Northerner who complained every time they had to stop on Earth for milk, who in their early days traveling together refused to purchase more than a gallon at a time, remarking that odds were she wouldn’t still be with him long enough to use it, despite having the same argument week after week.
And even then he’d loved her, she knew now, could see it with the benefit of hindsight.  All the little ways his hearts bled through jumpers and leather jackets.  I’m so glad I met you.  Or I could save the world but lose you.
“Oi, Earth to Rose.”  Fingers snapping in her face pulled her out of her daze, and she blinked, looking into the Doctor’s brown eyes, warm and wide with concern.  “All right, love?  Something wrong?”
She smiled widely, tears pricking at her eyes.  “I love you.”  Fisting his tie she pulled him down to her, kissing him like it was their last kiss – but it wasn’t, it was the first, the first of their marriage, even if he hadn’t asked and she hadn’t answered.  “I love you so much.”
“I love you too,” he mumbled against her mouth.  His tone was confused, but he seemed content in his bewilderment, not questioning it further as their lips met again and again, reveling in the luxury of being together.
Rose thought about telling him, about confessing to her inadvertent snooping, or at least saying something to reassure him that her answer would yes, a thousand times yes, but her heart was too full, and the words wouldn’t come.
Instead, she asked if whatever was on the stove would keep – and when he said it would, turned off the burner and led him by the hand to their bedroom, pushing him onto the bed and enjoying his delighted befuddlement.
“How long are you going to stay with me?” she asked, settling astride his waist.
It took him a moment to recognize the question, his expression softening to daft love.  “Forever,” he vowed, just as she had done so many years before.
And it was.
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thedragonoftelevision · a year ago
I wasn’t allowed to watch Torchwood when it was on because I was a literal child but now it’s on iplayer I’m giving it a go and thoughts so far:
Episode One: Everything Changes
Feels like Doctor Who but with more swearing.
Jack telling Gwen they aren’t allowed to take anything off the base followed by a montage of everyone playing with whatever they’d snuck off the base was GOLD.
Guy who took the attraction perfume and then preceding to get with the guy as well as the girl was a mood. 
Also are they all going to turn out to be gay because yes thank you.
Gwen’s relationship is not going to last is it?
Episode Two: Day One
In all the science fiction feeding off emotion plots I have never seen “orgasmic energy” as an option before and I honestly don’t want to see it again go back to rage or sadness please.
It ain’t even been two hours into the series and Gwen has already cheated on her boyfriend.
But why does it have to be a penis?
Of course Jack has chosen to be Super Mysterious about who he is.
Still taking things off base because they will never learn.
A lot of this feels sexist,  I’m with Gwen on this one. 
All of Jack’s excess sexual energy and has gone into that scientist dude and I don’t like it.
How do they not already know the Jack is gay??
All the sperm bank deaths are really sad, they would have all been trying to start a family how on Earth are they going to explain that one.
Bonus thought no need to pay for cremation.
Not enough Ianto Jones but I like him already. He seems polite.
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Lucifer Morningstar is an introvert.  A very awkward and unusual introvert.
In an attempt to not create a bunch of random side-blogs, I’m just going to drop this here.  Sorry Doctor Who/Torchwood fans.
With the whole covid-19 thing, I’ve been trapped at home more than I had anticipated recently and I was looking for something a bit more fun and frivolous to watch so I finally gave Lucifer a go.
I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to get to this, my brother had watched it when it was on tv and had mentioned it in passing several times.  Suffice to say, once I finally gave into Netflix, I found it to be quite an enjoyable watch.
What really struck me in the serious is how it becomes obvious that Lucifer is an introverted character who is hurt.  Wait - what you are thinking?  He’s an introvert?  Oh man, he’s totally a huge introvert.
Let me walk you through why he’s clearly an introvert despite a quick glance at his outward actions.
1.) Hiding in plain sight. 
An interesting aspect to his personality is how he hides in plain sight.  When he moves to LA, he rents the building that houses Lux and his penthouse suite.  Lux is a place where he is surrounded by people, if he wants to partake in revelry all he needs to do is go downstairs and party with people in the club.  However, he can also retreat to his place easily which is surprisingly well stocked with books and another piano for him to play in private.  I doubt all of his books are for show, he frequently denies thinking deeply about things, but he always seems to be one step ahead of others which has always implied to me he plays the “I’m smarter than I look/act” card.  Early on in the show, he occasionally invited people up to his place to party but it wasn’t a common experience.  Think of the pizza delivery guy being invited to stay and party.
Despite his love of drinking, drug use and sex, he makes it quite clear that drinking and drug use rarely have an effect on him for long.  He is rarely hung over or wasted since his metabolism clears the alcohol too quickly for him to feel it and on multiple occasions he states he mainly drinks as he likes the taste.  One of the few times he was high was after he smoked a massive amount of pot at the teenage delinquent recovery farm as indicated by him sitting at the detective’s desk eating potato chips and dipping them in nutella realizing it was an amazing flavor combination.  For him, drugs seem to simply be something that is fun and a way to amuse himself and based on his drinking, it is mainly a way to meet and socialize with people.
As far as the sex, it is clear that he uses his casual hook-ups as a fun distraction.  To avoid any possible intimacy with others, he hides behind the fact that sex is a pleasurable act and by keeping his sex life 100% casual, no person in his or her right mind would even consider dating him.  He has made himself impossible to be seen as possible long term boyfriend in a steady relationship.  He likely struggles with his own angelic power to pull out people’s desires and his ability to seduce them.  Since his default is to have people literally throw themselves at him, he likely sees most of them acting in response to his powers and necessarily to him as a person.  As he wants people to follow their desires and free-will (as he simply removed the inhibitions that were present and did not create them) he gladly indulges them as well as himself.  If I were him, I’d be like “well why not?” an attractive person wants to sleep with me, sure do it, no harm, no foul.
I found it most telling based on how sensitive he is to his sexual reputation as well as his ability to meet his current sexual partner’s needs.  First off, when a random kid pretended to be him, he was incredibly upset that his imposter lacked his skills.  He’s Lucifer Morningstar, he has skills and a reputation associated with them.  Secondly, when the detective decided to interview his previous partners for the past 8 weeks (all 92 of them) two things were very obvious i.) he went to great lengths to make sure no matter what he did, that person had the most amazing sex of his or her life ii.) not a single person he slept with saw it as anything more than an amazing night of no strings attracted sex.  His actions did not inspire them to want more of a relationship from him.  How his facial expression become quite sad as all 92 of them stated it was just empty sex showed how alone he is. Another unusual trait is that he has been the most sexually responsible angel ever.  Granted, the vast majority of angels were never going to have sex in the first place, yet he has a much more responsible track record than Amenadiel.  It is clear that he has had sex with thousands upon thousands of humans over the years and he never once resulted in a human-angel pregnancy.  This may also be linked to the fact that Amenadiel by default, desires a ‘normal’ regular relationship while Lucifer has been avoiding having a “normal” relationship.  It would imply that if he found someone to have a kid with, he would be in a “normal” long term relationship with that person.
Overall, his first career on earth was to make sure he had an establishment that represented what he felt others perceived as his core personality, that as the devil, he would have to surround himself by partying and temptations.  Owning Lux is a way for him to keep up appearances and maintain his public persona as well as his persona that is seen by celestial beings.  Lucifer is a classic example of a character who is totally alone in a crowd.
2.) Few close friends
Another true introvert trait is to have a small tight knit group of friends.  Lucifer fits to this exactly.  He has excellent social skills, and again due to his former job and his nature, yet does many actions by smooth, polite and calculated actions - from a distance.  His job of granting favors is based on how he knows someone, who knows someone, forming a vast network he has to draw upon to make sure that the favors work out the way the person would like them to.  He doesn’t do the favors though because he cares for the person, more than he seems to do it to pass the time until he finds a job with more meaning.
It is starting his second job as a civilian consultant for the LAPD that his preference and need for a small friend group becomes obvious.  The most obvious one is his relationship with Chloe. 
Chloe Decker: He is first intrigued at why his powers do not work on her, his immediate physical attraction to her as well as seeing her as a kindred spirit also drew him to her. She is the outcast of the department and he knows all too well what it feels like to be the literal outcast.  As a result of their common situation and the fact he can’t sway her, the two of them can speak openly and honestly.  Granted, the biggest issue with his relationship with Chloe is the fact that she denies the obvious truth that he tells her even though she has seen enough evidence that he likely is not some random British guy living in LA running a high end nightclub.
As their relationship deepens he begins to find comfort in the fact that despite his inability to influence her, she still appreciates his company and values him as a friend and a work partner.  Even though he panics and holds her miracle status against her at first, he comes to realize she can’t be held responsible for something she has no control of and is unaware of.  Linda time and time again tries to get him to realize that he keeps her away due to his absolute fear that she would reject him.  Since she’s the only person who could accept him as is, it means her acceptance of him is the biggest risk to his own heart in regards to her. 
In part, his complicated relationship is tied to his fear that she would reject him, so him loving and caring for a single person as he does for her is too risky.  He’s a seriously hurt dude, he’s terrified of being hurt anymore by someone he cares for.  Chloe really takes a long time to realize how deeply he is hurt.  I get that she’s his opposite but I do felt out of all of the characters, she got short end of the stick in regards to character development.  Everyone else has had major changes and realizations yet she only sort of struggled with Lucifer’s identity in the first half of season 4 and she was off her “mark” when she was a bit preachy with him.  Thankfully, she stopped that bit and realized that he more needed her to listen to him and to support him.  It really got that concept that sometimes you need to just be there for someone and not try to fix it - since Chloe is a fixer. 
Mazikeen:  She is his right-hand woman.  The only demon to leave hell to follow him to earth, she first acted as his personal assistant, running the day to day operations of Lux and also working as a bartender.  Despite all of their conflicts, they care deeply for each other and have each other’s back.
The hardest part of growth in their relationship is when it went from master-servant/boss-assistant to more that of peers.  Even as he began to change in how he worked with humans, he keep their relationship as their default from hell.  He really hurt her feelings since she developed feelings and both of them are terrible at expressing them to others.  They have a relationship and work dynamic that they had for thousands and thousands of years - it is pretty impressive that they are learning and growing in a relatively short time period to respect each other and mature.
I found the most emotionally moving parts between them to be in season 3 when Chloe begins to get involved with Cain/Pierce and he expresses his worry that at least he has her and she’ll never leave him.  Maze interprets this as him being selfish and treating her as his number 2.  She lashes out at him and all he does is look back at her in return is hurt as he almost quivers.  Since she was his right hand woman in hell, she is the person with whom he has had the longest and most trusting relationship with since being cast into hell.  Did he phrase things in a way that helped in the situation - no.  But was he telling her his honest feelings that he really does feel like she is someone who is always there for him and supports him - yes.   When she goes behind his back to work with Cain/Pierce, he’s hurt and feels betrayed.  Sure, some of it is karmic payback for the times he’s hurt her, but after his failed experiment with Abel, he has every right to not just pop willy-nilly between earth and hell.
I have the vibe that they will eventually settle into a sibling like relationship treating each other the same way he interacts with his angel siblings like Amenadiel and Azrael.
Ella Lopez: So far Ella has been the only human friend that he has worked with with whom he hasn’t used his angelic charms on.  He was uncomfortable around her at first; she’s religious, she’s outwardly friendly and very much into giving hugs.  Ella “wastes” her time on what he would see as pointless pleasantries in the office.  Yes, Lucifer will lay on the pleasantries, but his always have a purpose - Ella’s are just her being nice.  He did like her opinion that the devil got a bad rap, but then she kept thinking he was a method actor in addition to being a nightclub owner.
Despite their obvious differences the two of them are both very straightforward people who have a strong sense of personal justice and are dedicated to solving the crimes.  He quickly begins to joke around with her and with her four older brothers, she finds no issue with dealing with his antics - it is more like par for the course. 
The fact that Azrael also couldn’t help but become friends with her seems to indicate she has some sort of personality that celestial beings really like, especially those who have the shittier jobs e.g. Lucifer running hell and punishing and Azrael being the angel of death dealing with, well, death.  The fact that she made sure Ella would become friends with Lucifer was really sweet and even though he was at first upset since he doesn’t like people trying to manipulate with him, he realized that Azrael’s action was in right place. She got her favorite brother and favorite human to become friends since she knew they would get along even if she couldn’t be with them - you know, having the whole angel of death as her day job.
His love of Ella as a friend though came out when her older brother Jay was in town and mixed up in the illegal diamond cleaning.  Yes, he brought his own feelings with his older brother into the mix, but he was correct.  Jay is not the absolutely perfect brother, he was involved in shady stuff.  I think when he confronted Jay was one of the best scenes in regards to him standing up for and protecting his friends.  He made it very clear that if Jay ever hurt Ella again he’d be in trouble as he knew how important it was to her to continue to see her brother in her own most positive light.
I really get the vibe that they feed off of each other being goofballs - Ella was a nerd and picked on as kid and had a lot of issues to deal with.  He’s the cast out son, they are both outcasts on the rebound and they like to have fun with each other.  This really comes to a head in season 4 when Lucifer, Chloe and Ella go to the nudist colony.   Chloe is a complete stick in the mud and by the time she turns around the two of them are naked and ready to go.  As adults on their own and away from their family and their former “teenage” issues they finally get to be who they want to be and I just think their dynamic duo antics are adorable.  She is the friend that will do silly things with him while Chloe remains too, well stoic. When Ella has her crisis of faith, Lucifer doesn’t fan the flames instead, he’s confused how to react so he doesn’t tell her what to think.
Trixie:   She immediately loved Lucifer from the moment she met him.  He is incredibly awkward with her.  He’s not sure to do with her little kid hugs, he tries to not hold her hand when they investigate the elite private school.  Yet, no matter how frequently he calls her a little urchin and doesn’t understand why she likes him, she grows on him.
I personally loved her bedroom sign in the first season - “Trixie’s room - no boys allowed - except for Lucifer.”
Trixie is a classic example of kid radar seeing people for who they are; she accepts Lucifer and Maze with no judgement, she just sees them as these rad adults whom she can play with. 
I really liked when he tried to buy her the new doll since she destroyed her old one - in a way he respected her kid logic - did it teach her a lesson - no.  But it was a logical extension as a means to an end.  He came from a background of illogical parenting so to speak.  He dealt with rules that didn’t always make sense it is clear he spent too much time pondering them thus leading to his current situation.
Does he like other children still? Not really, he still didn’t know what to do when he touched a kid’s head with a little pat as his backyard picnic with Cain as he wiped his hand on his sweater.   Yet, since he has gotten to know Trixie through his interactions with her it is clear that he likes her.
Dr. Linda Martin: Dr. Martin is my fav female character on the entire show as she is a compassionate, caring and intelligent individual and a secret badass.  Her relationship with Lucifer started how all of his interactions with people who desire him do - with her wanting to sleep with him.  Over time, she realizes that she can’t and shouldn’t be sleeping with him and he also begins to realize that he can work with her without having to pay her with his body and pay her the normal way - with money.  He learns to treat himself with more respect and not just give away himself to her.  Showing a bit of a shift in how he sees himself with those he actually knows.
I think she really was his first example of how to have a normal human transaction with well, a human.  She is incredibly patient with him and even when he reveals his true self to her, she is able to accept him with a little nudge from Maze.  Despite being overwhelmed due to his families odd demands on her and almost killed by his very upset and stressed out mother, she protects him as a client and as a friend. 
Sure, he always interprets her advice in interesting ways and she knows him well enough to realize that he avoids things and is in denial but she always still cares for him.  He also does frequently figure out what she wants him to realize - he just likes to make it more difficult for himself.  I wonder if the more that they got to know each other, his ability to influence her waned as she saw him as more than a playboy and he saw her as a doctor who could help him and later as a good and trusted friend.
Most importantly, she never gives up on him and truly believes in him despite all of his detours and distractions.  When he has his identity crisis in season 4, she is the first person he shows his devil wings to.  This comes from a place of deep trust in her and even though she can’t help him, she is there for him as a friend. 
I don’t think he’d ever admit it to her directly, but Lucifer likely understands that Linda’s friendship with Maze has helped Maze grow as a person - er demon - and her advice has helped him in how he interacts with her learning how to change his relationship with her from boss-assistant to more that of peers and friends.
Dan Espinoza: Oh yes, despite all of their stupid male ego headbutting, Lucifer is friends with Dan and he does care for the man.  When they first met, Dan was definitely a being a bit of a dick to Chloe; mainly by keeping his own secrets to protect her even though it drove her nuts.  If anything bothers Lucifer more it is people lying and hiding things from him.  Lucifer is almost pathological with telling the truth and not lying; and well Dan was not the most honest at the beginning.
So of course, he received full on Lucifer hazing; once the police admin punished him by demoting him for messing with evidence he slowly became more sympathetic to Dan.  He did use his skills to get Dan to admit that he wanted to correct his mistakes and when Dan started to lose it with Azrael’s blade, he saw that Dan was a stronger and more complicated man than he wanted him to be.  If Dan were a simple man, driven by simple desires and actions, Lucifer could write him off.  But Dan isn’t, his biggest change is when he realized he needed to stop calling him Detective Douche and actually call him Dan, in part due to Dan standing up to his teasing.  
Was it right for Lucifer to keep up his petty antics for so long?  Likely not, but Lucifer learned that some of Dan’s actions and personality traits are actually good things and his day shadowing Dan was annoying for poor Dan, but at least allowed him to realize that not everyone is the same.
Lucifer also has been more honest about his feelings in front of Dan than many others - when they went to get a favor from the Russian mob boss, he freely admitted his own hatred for himself and how he hurts everyone he cares about. If he said that in front of Chloe or Ella, both of them would rush to tell him it isn’t true and he’s being too hard on himself.  Instead, Dan kept his distance and realized that both of them think the grass is greener on their side of the fence.  Lucifer is secretly jealous of Dan’s more simple approach to things and Dan thinks Lucifer truly is careless and wishes he could be a flippant as he appears to be.
Dan really is a reminder how how Lucifer is unable to open up to others and make himself more vulnerable.  Unfortunately, this results in Dan frequently getting hurt and he makes epic bad decisions in season 4 out of grief over Charlotte’s death, blaming Lucifer for all of his pain.  But no matter what happens, it is clear that Lucifer would not wish for bad things to happen to Dan as he is a good guy and a capable detective.
Is their friendship a perfect one?  Far from it, but both of them really do try to care and support the other guy as long as they aren’t pissed off at each other.  It likely doesn’t help that Lucifer’s friendship with Dan is pretty much his only one with a normal human guy.  He’s got plenty of angelic brothers and Cain really isn’t normal by a long shot so it makes Dan even more important to have him in his circle of close friends.  As a 100% totally normal dude, Dan acts frequently as the ‘in’ to understanding (or really lack of understanding) what is happening.
Eve:  I just finished re-watching season 4.  I’m still not sure where I’d place Eve in all of this.  She’s only in season 4 so far and based on her actions, I’m not sure I’d call her one of his close friends. If anything she was pretty much an impediment to all of his relationships - albeit maybe not quite on purpose . . .  she’s a woman who still hasn’t figured out who she is despite realizing she needs to not define herself in the context of a relationship. 
Sorry for not having more thoughts on this, I need to ponder it more. 
What I will say is that their relationship issues stem from the fact that he is an introvert and she’s an extrovert.  He realized that Eve was a “bad” influence on him and he struggled to express his feelings to her.  The fact that it takes him shouting out at her that he “doesn’t like who he is when he’s with her” was painfully difficult for him to say.  It is clear that he cares about her deeply and he wants her to be happy.  Yet, he can’t and really doesn’t want to deliver on her actions or feelings.  The worst part is that it tears him up inside since in a way he saw her as a possible long term partner which was a big deal for him.
3.) Works either alone or in small groups. 
When it comes to his role with the LAPD, Lucifer’s modes of action are not that of a typical extrovert.  He is either working closely with his partner Chloe, or occasionally with Ella or Dan.  He is never part of a large group nor is he taking a typical leadership role.  Due to his need to protect others and his need to get answers as quickly and directly as possible, he frequently goes off on his own.  In part, this is so that he can take full advantage of his angelic powers and immortality, but also to protect those he cares about.  Sure, he walks into a Korean gang headquarters and tells them to come out, but he doesn’t try to chit chat or smooth things over with them.  He goes in, finds the head boss and pretty much strikes a deal with him that he can’t refuse.  When he wants an answer his methods are far too direct.  Find suspect/target/person and just question them or threaten them and then question them.  There is no charming and social games.  He can’t be bothered with banal pleasantries when he wants to know something.  If Lucifer were a true extrovert he would want to talk to others and feed off of the energy he gets from being with them - yet - he never has shown this.  He sees getting information as a task he needs to complete as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Even though he is hurt when Chloe and Cain become closer and begin to hang out or work cases without him, he still shows up and does work to help out with cases.  He also is good at working by himself and is able to work things out when he applies himself.
He also has an excellent sense of intuition when reading people.  Of course, one of the major aspects of the show is that he projects his own issues onto others.  This leads him off of what they are doing sometimes, so his read isn’t quite right.  But he is perceptive when he sees odd behaviors and is able to connect things without full information.  This is both what he did with Ella’s brother Jay and more importantly with Pierce/Cain.  He invites him for a drink and then stabs him with the knife.  He looks incredibly nervous after he kills him as he can’t kill a human as an angel - he keeps switching between trying to be calm and have a drink while he waits for him to wake up with a nervous sweat.  Did he know for sure Pierce was Cain?  No, hence the nervousness until his intuition was proven correct was his true feelings on his gamble.
Furthermore, when he does work with Chloe or others, he always has their back and will go to any length to work with them.  This to me indicates that he finds working with a select few people with whom he can trust is how he is most comfortable and he doesn’t need to be the center of attention and the one in charge like how he was in charge of hell. It is clear that by the end of season 4 even though he returned to hell it wasn’t because he enjoyed to or wanted to - it was because he had to protect everyone he cared about.  He also has a natural chemistry and ease working with Chloe where even in tough situations they instinctively know what to do and how to act.
4.) He expresses himself through actions. 
Lucifer is an incredibly hurt individual.  He was punished by having to take a job that he didn’t even want or even desire and most of his family abandoned him.  He’s terrified to open up and show his true feelings and pain to others as they would take advantage of it as a weakness to hurt him further. Honestly, I think he still doesn’t quite understand how his actions landed him in hell.  He was questioning the establishment and it is clear he thinks deeply about rules and how they influence others.  Anything he thinks is illogical he ignores as he can’t be bothered to care to follow those rules and conventions.  I think about how he made Chloe rethink the “swear jar” for Trixie - he pointed out rules without a clear basis don’t make sense.
Since he struggles to express his feelings in a way to help others. e.g. mainly in his denial/fear to tell Chloe he truth does two things; i.) he makes it about him or ii.) he tries to demonstrate through his actions.
The making it about him method, is a subtle way where he wants to know how to solve his own problem to help him understand or interact with others.  But since he doesn’t want to say for example “I need to figure out how Cain can die since I promised him and I am true to my word.” he instead hides behind the idea of “I need to find the author’s killer so I can read how she got over her writers block.”  By extension, since the manuscript is an instruction guide, he thinks he’ll learn something so that he can follow through on his promise.  It is a very obtuse way to act, but since he hides behind his narcissistic facade no one will understand he’s not doing it for himself.
As far as his actions, he really shows it when he reorganizes Chloe’s desk; he realizes that she deals with all the paperwork and since she is capable she gets even more paperwork piled on to her workload.  He cleans up her mess and anal retentively arranges her pencils and makes sure the right angles on the files are all lined up.  He also found a method of filing that makes more sense to him and it inadvertently helps her find the missing piece of evidence for their most recent case.  I liked how he color coded everything.  Did he need to add the picture of him in his underwear as her backdrop?  Hell no, but he figures out that since she likes him, what’s wrong with her seeing a part of him that she likely will never see.
This also gets him into trouble; again, buying the doll for Trixie, trying to out perform Cain in gifts for Chloe and always seeing things as a competition.  He wants to give people physical proof of his care for people without actually saying it.  Specifically he wants to express his care through a tangible amount of some sort of physical object.
5.) He hides behind his narcissistic behaviors. 
As Lucifer struggles to come to terms with himself and expressing his feelings he has hid behind his narcissism.  What is a great way to keep people away from you and keeping your distance from them?  Being completely self-absorbed with yourself that no one would ever want to be friends with you.  His narcissism is a HUGE turnoff for the vast majority of the population.
It is so clear that he wants to develop close relationships but he’s so afraid of hurting others and even more so hurting himself. He’s hid behind his hedonistic behaviors and his self-absorbed actions for thousands of years.  He really is a very particular person; he is constantly adjusting his sleeves under his suit coat, his shoes are always perfect, he moisturizes and his hair is styled elegantly.  He likes things arranged elegantly and it shows how important control is to him.  If he is 100% in control of everything, again he’s protected from being hurt.
As he works at the LAPD and forms his important friendships, his appearance changes.  In the first season, he wears black or dark grey suits, his shirts are white, black, dark purple, dark blue and grey, if I recall correctly.  He keeps his look simple and professional, almost cold.  His matching pocket squares are also basic and mainly a single solid color with few patterns.
Yet overtime, he becomes more adventurous in his appearance, he starts wearing more light blue shirts, he begins to add in more color with burgundy, forest green, and even a caramel colored suit.  His pocket squares become more interesting with patterns and more color combinations.  With the increase in color and variety he appears much more approachable and has more of an air of friendliness even though he still only cares for his small group of friends.
A case that was a real struggle for him was with the online dating app for “fabulous” people - Top Meet.  He wanted to continue to judge people based on superficial appearances, as it has been his own wall and it has served him well.  When they ultimately confront the killer, his own knowledge of nature and narcissists allows him to save the day by tossing the head sculpture at him and the detective can apprehend him.
His car serves as both another front and also shows how he longs for few intimate friendships or relationships.  He’s got that lovely little Corvette and it is a two-seater.  He doesn’t drive a giant, flashy car that can fit lots of people.  Instead, he has a small almost cute (I personally think it is cute) car that only another person can sit in.  He only wants to ride with one person at a time as he values his close relationships.  Yet, having a car that only can fit one other passenger shows a part of his narcissistic front - that only a person who he’d see as worthy would be able to ride with him.
Overall, by looking at how Lucifer chose to have a job on earth in a nightclub where he could simply hide was the first indication he’s an introverted character.  The longer he has been in LA, the more close friendships he has formed and they are very important to him as well as his oldest friendship with Maze.  When he realized that Maze was attracted to Eve, he noticed it, but hasn’t made mention of it yet (likely that will happen in season 5).  The fact that he noticed it meant he really has stopped seeing her as his right hand woman and more just as an individual with feelings.  His close friendships really show that he’s an introvert not an extrovert.  It is obvious that he gains meaning and connection from these close relationships in a way he never experienced before.  His preference for working either alone or in a small team also shows that he is much more comfortable as well as his preference to express himself through actions as opposed to using words since that is much harder and more uncomfortable.  Lastly, by hiding himself from all others behind a self-absorbed image he has been able to keep others away from him for thousands of years.
The major point about his character growth is learning that having a small support group of real friends and family he can find what he’s been looking for.  A place to belong and be accepted.
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dr-who-said-lgbtq-rights · 5 months ago
i, a fan of superwholock, dissect and give my opinion on the individual shows
idk i thought this would be fun and i currently have 4-5 hours to kill soooo
let’s start with
doctor who
(only new who. i have not seen the older stuff :( )
k. so. i have been a fan of this since i was pretty young. honestly i think i was a little too young to be watching it when my mom first showed me it but that’s beside the point. basically: i really like dr who
this is probably the best show out of superwholock, both in my opinion and in general. however... i am going to be nitpicky bc why not
1. the canon. 
Tumblr media
(yes the example is abt a dr who episode)
in short, the canon is comprised of a) retcons and b) contradictions. im not an avid follower of canon with any media but good god nobody can keep up with dr who canon
(i am blaming moffat bc i hate him and i think a lot of it is his fault anyway)
2. representation
honestly, the representation isn’t bad. however, i would describe it less as “good” and more as “a good starting point.”
for example, there is quite a bit of queer rep, POC rep, and a lot of characters are women. however, while this is nice, the show could still use a lot more rep, and the rep it has currently should probably be improved upon (for example: jack harkness is NOT straight, but he falls under the “multi-spec person wants to screw everyone” stereotype (i have not seen torchwood so this may be amended in that i just needed an example off the top of my head)).
3. story
some people yearn for romance. i yearn for the days when the doc would take their companion to some party, flirt with a tree, the companion almost dies while britney spears is playing in the background, etc. etc.
basically, the story starts out nice. just a bunch of goofing off, maybe a “big deal” thing here and there. life was fun.
then, the story changes. (this happened specifically from eleven onward, so yeah you can bet your ass im blaming moffat ‘cuz it’s his fault) things gradually became less fun. conspiracies ran amok; just when you thought it was over, turns out there’s an even bigger part of this plan that what you just defeated. the doc actually started caring about the timeline (what happened to time being wibbly wobbly?) sure, there are still fun episodes where the doc and the companion(s) go out for funsies but it’s just not the same as it was. 
4. morals
morals are good. basically:
you can have a dark past but still have a bright future, and
be kind
bonus 5. cowardice
at least one of the doctors played by one of the male actors should have worn a dress. there were plenty of opportunities but noooooo there’s a gender binary or something (like,,, they’re an alien????? if gender on gallifrey is the same as gender on earth i am going to fly to britain and drop kick some writers)
needs work, but p good and enjoyable.
now it’s time for 
just. um. ohhh boy. basically
Tumblr media
but i am going to do my best
1. representation
eugh. representation was baaaad in this. like, i think the only POC in the entire show that had any significance were the Chinese gang members and that is like,,, incredibly poor rep. i think the innkeepers in thob were gay but that’s as far as queer rep goes. there were a few women, i would die for all of them, we need more women. also the “im a high functioning sociopath” line makes me cringe everytime
basically this show had shit representation
2. john
okee he’s a great character right??? the common sense of the operation right??? wrong
he cheated on mary??? and we don’t address it like,,, at all??? it made me so fucking mad. 
(again fuck you moffat and gatiss probably had something to do with it too so im mad at him as well)
3. sherlock
classic “let’s make him a bitch” mistake. needs the stick surgically removed from his ass
4. story
story’s actually not that bad. it’s not like, great or anything but i enjoy it
bonus 5. ending
i just want to address it. i think the ending was p good and yall tjlc-ers are just upset that they didn’t bang or anything. they’re literally living in the same [two-room] flat??? and they’re raising rosie???? TOGETHER???? like what more do you want
anyway sherlock’s ace soooo
eh. needs LOTS of work. i love mrs hudson tho, she’s beautiful
and finally
ohohoh. boooyyyy.
Tumblr media
(plz forgive me this is so shitty but i threw it together in like,,, a minute)
1. story
aight so the first five seasons? p good. not much to say there
the other ten? the skill level of the writing went wayyyyyy down but i still enjoyed it
2. representation
this show is notorious for bad rep and for good reason. kevin, our beloved prophet and the only recurring asian-american character? dead. charlie, so nerdy and fun and also a lesbian? dead. castiel, the angel who was totally gay? dead. basically: if you find yourself in spn and you are not a straight white man, etc etc, you are going to a) die or b) die but in a worse way
3. mythology/treatment of religions
okay so. a while back i had a wicca/witchcraft hyperfixation which was closely followed by a general pagan religions hyperfixation, so i know some stuff here and there abt religions.
and good golly does this show make me MAD
why is christianity the central and most powerful religion? (i know why, it’s a rhetorical question) why do you demonize the other religions?? (again it’s rhetorical)
one thing that really annoys me is when they say something is a “pagan god.” like,,, do you know how many gods that contains??? if you didn’t know, a religion is considered pagan if it isn’t under the abrahamic religions umbrella. what are the abrahamic religions, you ask? well, they are christianity, judaism, and islam. literally every other religion ever is a pagan religion. so, when they say “it’s a pagan god,” i cry.
back to demonizing... they literally made a greek muse eat someone. my greek mythology phase ended a long time ago and i didn’t really get into the muses but i am p sure they didn’t eat people. also the fact that it makes hoodoo look dark and stuff when it’s actually more abt peace and healing... i bet ten dollars it’s because hoodoo was created by enslaved african americans
there are so many examples of this show disrespecting religions... i just can’t
4. general notes
(for you himym fans: *saluting* general notes) (sorry i couldn’t resist)
-the filler episodes/episodes where random shit happened were the best
-the finale memes are *chef’s kiss*
-god there’s so much abt this show that i can’t even choose bc my brain is overloading
-am i glad amara wasn’t ganked at the end of s11? yes. am i happy about the dean/amara kiss? gods no
-john winchester 🤝 steven moffat: getting a spot on my “fuck you” list
there is just. so much improvement needed. however if there is an absolute shit show with likeable characters i tend to gravitate to it
and for funsies let’s talk abt superwholock as a whole
-honestly im a sucker for crossover fandoms. if you scroll far enough on my blog you may find my rotbtd fanart. 
-it’s honestly just a fun idea
-there’s a lot of ways you could make it happen and all of them are fun
-great opportunities for rarepairs so rare no crackshipper has thought of it
aight that’s it. thank you for reading! if you have any questions abt my opinions abt other aspects of the shows just ask, i like talking abt this
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electroblazer · a year ago
So I finally watched “The Timeless Children”
If you’ve already seen the episode or don’t care about spoilers, keep reading.
Everybody here? Okay then.
First just let me say that THE DOCTOR BEING THE PROGENITOR OF THE TIME LORDS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST DECISION MADE IN DOCTOR WHO HISTORY! I swear to god, this is fanfiction levels of bad. Seconds before the reveal happened, I said out loud “Don’t tell me this child was The Doctor.” And I kept saying “no No NO!” as The Master was building up to saying it. And when he said that The Timeless Child was The Doctor. I had to get out of my chair and walk around.
The Doctor wasn’t a “special” character but they were unique in the shows terms. The Doctor was just an old man who one day decided “You know what? Imma head out with my granddaughter to a random fuckin’ planet.” Then he started to love the planet and it’s inhabitants to the point where he felt the need to protect it from anything. So compared to the other Time Lords, The Doctor was unique.
But this absurd bombshell makes The Doctor no longer as unique as they once were. I’ve seen actual fan fictions that do this very thing and it makes the story fall apart. Making the main character as important like Chris Chibnall did in this episode can’t be done easily. It worked with Pops from Regular Show not only because he’s a secondary character, but also because we’ve known Pops was an odd one out since the beginning. Just out of the blue making The Doctor the catalyst for the Time Lords makes the character a borderline Mary Sue/Gary Stu.
Now, if they just kept it at “The Doctor has had multiple lives that they forgot.” It would’ve been fine. Because it leaves the show open for more exciting ideas. Like wouldn’t it be cool if Jackson Lake (From the TV Story “The Next Doctor”) Was REALLY a Doctor from another lifetime that The Doctor forgot? Granted it was explained he wasn’t but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility with the forgotten lives thing.
This could be good for fan fiction writers for Peter Cushing’s Doctor from Dr. Who and  The Daleks. Even though he was most likely human, it’d be a cool idea. Or what about The Shalka Doctor? Or Rowan Atkinson’s from that comedy skit? Granted The Shalka sounds the most probable out of the list, it’s a great idea to make The Shalka Doctor a legitimate Doctor. But making The Doctor the reason for the Time Lords existence? I really hope they slowly retcon the plot idea. Now that Chris Chibnall has extra time due to COVID, maybe he’ll listen to the community and rewrite that in a more feasible way.
Hell, I was talking with a friend of mine who’s also a major Doctor Who nerd like me and we both agreed that if they were gonna do a plotline like that, make The Master The Timeless Child! Think about it, it would give them a reason to be insane, It would make sense why the Time Lords keep bringing The Master back like they did for The Great Time War. And think of the future comedy moments that would bring.
The Master is in front of a lineup of Daleks.
He waltz’s up to them being cocky.
“Daleks! I suggest you turn back around! Or you will face the might of the Time Lords.”
“Ah no no no see, I’m not a lesser life form!”
He would raise his hands and strike a pose
“I’m the reason the Time Lords exist!”
The Daleks blast at him and he either get shot or runs away behind cover saying “I got cocky didn’t I?” “Yep you did.” Replies The Doctor.
One way I think they can retcon is saying that since The Master hacked into the Matrix, he could’ve fabricated that.
Another thing, how in the Custardy, Fish Fingered FUCK can one Time Lord DESTROY an ENTIRE PLANET THAT HAS LORDS OF TIME ON IT! It’s very strange and far out there to be considered feasible.
One other thing that made me angry was Gallifrey being destroyed. Not only by The Master but also by the detonation at the end that looked like it completely obliterated the planet.
My favorite episode of the series is The Day of The Doctor. Not just because of the ending scene with all the Doctors saving Gallifrey, but it let the present Doctor (Matt Smith) not only come to terms with what he did, but also gave him a shimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, Gallifrey was saved. Which we now know it was. But now that WHOLE story has been reduced to nothing since Gallifrey is, yet again, gone. All The Doctor’s hard work to save their home world. Now means nothing. And I wouldn’t be surprised if She blames herself for it’s destruction yet again.
There were some scenes in the episode I liked though.
The part where the gateway is open and Graham says “Alright. Who’s going first?” And it cuts to Yaz already halfway there. But my favorite scene is when The Doctor breaks out of the Matrix. The show’s theme song playing as images of The Doctor’s lives including the new ones we witnessed and Ruth. Which brings me to Ruth.
We still don’t fully know who she is. We know she is one of The Doctor’s lives but from the past? Or the future? I think she’s a future life because we see the TARDIS’s on Gallifrey when the companions go in to escape as well as one The Doctor enters and they have the same interior as Ruth’s. I look forward to what’s gonna be done with her.
Just a little side rant, them bringing back Jack Harkness for ONE episode and having him NOT see the new Doctor, In my opinion, is an insult. Fans have asked for Jack to come back for YEARS. And they do it for ONE episode and he doesn’t even meet the new Doctor. Like WTF. But whatever.
I said it in my Series 11 review and I’ll say it again. Chris Chibnall is NOT a writer for Sci-Fi. He is a writer for drama. And I don’t wanna say Doctor Who is a “complex” show but when you have a show that has Time Travel as a MAIN element, you need to KNOW how to write it. If Doctor Who was just a Sci-Fi show with planetary travel and other things that didn’t involve time travel, Chris might’ve been better at writing it. I can see him writing for Star Trek or even a Star Wars show, but you need to be careful with a show like Doctor Who. One little mistake can make a massive plot hole.
I’ve since watched Broadchurch which Chibnall was head writer one that show and it was a great show. It has cemented that Jodie Whittaker is a good actor. I almost cried whenever Beth would start crying. The show didn’t stay great at the third season but it wasn’t terrible. Chibnall did a great job on that show. He even wrote two or three episodes of Torchwood. Season 3 I think. And those weren’t bad either. But Broadchurch wasn’t Science Fiction let alone Time Travel and Torchwood was sci-fi but it also had drama. Sometimes really heavy drama.
I’m not “done” with Doctor Who as many claim to be. But I do agree that the plot twist is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a show. And I, along with a lot of others, are just gonna pretend that never happened. I’m not going to stop watching the show. When Series 13 rolls around, I’m going to watch it. Doctor Who isn’t dead and it never will be. Because even with the silliest, dumbest decisions like this last one and others before it, we still have the other episodes. Some people don’t like Jodie Whittaker as a Doctor and I can see why and that’s fine. Some people don’t like Smith’s Doctor and that’s fine. But there’s literally 57 years of Doctor Who we can watch, listen and read. I just hope that Chibnall listens to the community and acts appropriately with the show. But I’m not getting my hopes up. Until then, all we can do is sit back, wait and watch. Hopefully the next writer is better.
Overall, the series wasn’t terrible aside from the last episode. I honestly prefer the last season than this one.
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gingerteaonthetardis · a year ago
Tentoo actually does have that second heart, Regeneration sickness hits him just after the Tardis leaves him and Rose on that beach.
ah, poor tentoo. we all do love to torture him. but i insist on giving him a happy ending! hope you enjoy, anon!
𝕊𝕖𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕕 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥
The TARDIS faded, taking with it that familiar, grinding wail, until there was nothing but an echo on the beach. He wondered if that might be the last time he ever heard it—the dematerialization sequence. The yawning cry of his ancient and beloved ship. Even supposing Donna’s calculations were correct—supposing they could somehow jump-start the growth of another TARDIS, which was, in his estimation, rather an enormous supposition—TARDIS coral was tender stuff. Extremely prone to shocking. Almost alarmingly easy to kill, if it wasn’t tended to correctly. 
Sort of like a human, actually.
Sort of like him.
Rose’s voice pulled him from his reverie, and he felt immediately that he ought to have been paying more attention to her, to what was in front of him now, as opposed to what had been disappearing before his eyes. He looked down at her, trying to ignore the ache in his chest. He gave her a smile—hopefully a good one, even a convincing one. But his entire body felt like an exposed nerve, and the effort of trying not to think of this, his own self, his life with Rose, as a trade made his head throb. One friend for another: one old and enduring—the other young and invigorating. One body for another: one strong, but shatter-prone—the other made to last a lifetime. A human lifetime.
He blinked, Rose's face swimming into view. “Sorry. Lots to think about. For example, are there any nibbles about? I’m famished.”
Rose’s mouth fell open, and then snapped shut. Her whole face seemed to work with the effort of thinking of an answer. But then, she’d always been so beautifully transparent. Emotive in the extreme. Even a dull-headed Time Lord with his mind a million miles away could see what she was feeling, could draw something like the right conclusions. For example, right now, she was in shock. And she was trying desperately to seem like she wasn’t in shock. And she was also a tinge worried. About him, probably.
He should do something about that.
He didn’t.
Instead, he collapsed.
So much for not making her worry.
There was a shrill sound. Like a siren, or a stressed out mum. “Should we take him to a hospital?”
Someone scoffing—Rose. He'd recognize her voice anywhere. “We can’t. He’s not human.” Good point, Rose, well done. His Rose. Always so clever.
“But he said—”
“I know what he said!”
"What about Torchwood?" A male voice. Pete.
"Unless you can get us an airlift, it won't matter. You remember last time, Mum." Rose still sounded worried. And no wonder—he'd gone and fainted on her! Well, not literally on her. But close. "He was out for hours. This looks like the same thing—sweating, restless, unconscious…" He heard her heavy sigh. "It's regeneration sickness."
Everything went quiet.
And he wondered, Is she right? But he didn't have time to wonder very long. The burning started.
At some point, he felt something soft beneath him—pillowy. It cradled his head and neck. And there was a cool hand in his hair. He hoped it was Rose. When he felt soft lips, he knew.
And then she whispered, "If you can hear me, I need you to know… I'm sorry."
He wanted to say, "For what?" But he didn't say anything. Or rather, he couldn't. He groaned, and Rose's hand resumed stroking. He resumed burning.
The process of getting the second heart going was a bit difficult.
Difficult, but not impossible.
And Rose held him while it struggled, violent and unwanted, to beat.
He woke up in a hotel room. The air smelled less salty, so he knew they were inland. It was seventeen minutes past four in the afternoon, and thirty seconds, thirty-one, thirty-two… and so on, relative time. And for a moment—for approximately three seconds—he loathed knowing those things. The information felt extraneous, unimportant. An additional tax on his tired system.
For another three seconds, he mourned the loss of his human life. It had ended before it began, really. He wondered what he might've been, if he'd been given an end date to work towards. What his life might've looked like.
He had been prepared to be what Rose needed. An entirely new man… 
And then he smelled the sandwiches.
His eyes flew open. He was alone in the room, but the shower was running—probably Rose, he thought happily. She'd no doubt left the sandwiches and—he grinned, cheeks dimpling—there was tea, too! Strong, stiff black tea, just the way he liked it, with a mountain of sugar.
He drank his tea and ate his sandwiches, and he stared out the window at the low, rolling hills, pondering what exactly he was going to do now that he had forever again.
Interestingly, the answer remained largely unchanged. He was going to grow a TARDIS. He was going to travel as much as possible. He was going to tell Rose he loved her every single day. Maybe twice on Sundays. Or—who was he kidding? As often as she could bear to hear it.
He was just beginning a list of Appropriate Times To Say "I Love You" when Rose came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a red, fluffy towel. Her damp hair clung to her cheeks and neck, and royal blue polish tipped her toes. He'd watched her paint her nails a hundred times on the TARDIS, and the intimacy of her bare feet felt like an unexpected gift. One he maybe didn’t deserve anymore.
She was just so lovely, it made his hearts ache. 
It was a familiar feeling, that ache, but he knew how to appease it now.
Her eyes blinked wide. "Oh! I didn't know—" 
"I love you," the Doctor interrupted. "I thought you should know. Again. Also, thanks for the sandwiches."
Rose's cheeks went progressively pinker, and a smile started creeping over her face as he spoke. By the time he stood up and went to her, her hand—the one not holding her towel to her body, fist clenched in a tight ball—clapped over her mouth, trying to hide her pearly white teeth and her sunburst smile.
"I don't want you to be sorry. I have everything I want here in this world. And I will do whatever it takes to keep it." To keep you.
But then, he already had a hunch.
He stood in front of her, determined to be a new man.
Because he was. He was a man with a thousand human lifetimes before and behind him; a man who was currently earthbound, but would be called among the stars again. He was an alien with two hearts and a time sense and who looked the same as a man who had broken her heart. But he was still a new man. 
He may not have been the single-hearted human his other self believed him to be, but he was still determined to be what Rose needed. He could do that well enough, binary vascular system or no.
The Doctor reached out and pulled Rose's hand from her face. With all the love two hearts could hold, he leaned down and kissed her.
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Tumblr media
tldr: I’m back, babey, with a handful of Torchwood fic recs timed perfectly for Halloween! Now, I tried to collect newer as well as older fics, but honestly, the way it worked out, they all ended up mostly being newer. Still, the fics here are a mixed bag in terms of spooky versus creepiness, and you should definitely find several you like!
I cannot sleep warm by Beleriandings (@ultraviolet-eucatastrophe)
“And I love you too. Now... time to wake up.”
(janto | complete | teen | 11.2K)
Nik: Hi! Do you want to cry? Well, then, read this fic! Set in...well, a scenario I can’t entirely describe without spoilers but can say that it involves dreaming, this fic transcends reality - and also imagination - at times. The author - yes, I am proud to call her my friend - is very good at writing surreal stories, and there are just so many angsty layers to this fic. There’s this symmetric beauty to the first chapter that the second chapter just brings into focus. I immensely enjoyed this fic, but don’t go in expecting a happy ending!
The Picture of Javic Thane by thirteeninafez (@thirteeninafez)
The painting was an old Victorian portrait, showing a man sitting in an almost throne-like chair, posture perfect and facial expression stoic. Deep colours swirled from brilliant brush strokes, perfectly capturing the image it was displaying. It took Ianto a second to realise that the figure in the maroon, nearly purple suit (and matching bow-tie) was in fact the same man that was currently holding the painting in the Hub.
“That’s what came through the Rift?” Ianto asked incredulously, trying to ignore the smile that was tugging at the corner of his mouth.
(janto | complete | teen | 22.3K)
Nik: Full disclosure, I beta’d this fic, and holy shit, it’s good and perfectly fits the Halloween mood! This fic is essentially a The Picture of Dorian Grey AU, and the author’s descriptions as the painting changes...chef’s kiss! All team’s perspectives on Jack and how he changes is delightful and enough to make you shudder. If dark!Jack is something you’ve been missing in life, read this fic, but also know that it comes with requisite amounts of angst. (But I guess that that’s to be expected!)
Werewolf of Cardiff by Jackdaw816 (@shejustcalledmeafish)
Ianto's a wolf in the bedroom. Literally
(janto | complete | teen | 0.5K)
Nik: Again, full disclosure, I chattered about Werewolf Ianto to the author enough until she wrote this. So you can basically thank me for this fic! Short and sweet, this fic is essentially the quickest and best fluff you can ask to cheer you up or give you the warm fuzzies! Despite being a werewolf, Ianto’s full characterization still comes through, and the author does a delightful job with pouring on the extra love and warmth into the Jack-Ianto relationship.
Jack-O'-Lantern by AVAAntares (@avaantares)
An epistolary story in which Gwen carves, Ianto objects, Owen shirks, and Jack pays.
(Written for Torchwood Halloween Fest 2020. Prompt: Halloween traditions or celebrations)
(janto | complete | general | 0.7K)
Nik: Another quick fic! This one is entirely amusing with a great team dynamic! Brief emails follow the trajectory of the weeks before Halloween in the Hub, including a pumpkin that falls victim to Gwen and Jack as well as other moments of humor. You’ll certainly find yourself giggling along!
Imposters Among Us by gwendolyncooper (@gwendolyncooper)
The Torchwood team (+Rhys) are out for a night of fun when they end up on a spaceship with no power, no info, and no crew. Known only as THE SKELD, the team tries to fix the ship and figure out what happened to its previous occupants.
But something out there is killing them.
Something that may be someone they know.
(gwenrhys, janto | complete | mature | 9.1K)
Nik: This fic, as gut-punchy and well-written as the writing is, may not for the light-hearted, as you can likely see with the tags, but trust me, it’s worth it and ends up paying itself off! It’s essentially real-life Among Us, but playing it in reality is a lot more terrifying than playing it on your phone, and the team proves that! The plot is intriguing as it builds on the lore of the game, and the emotional beats certainly punch very hard, but the fic lands a bit more lightly on its feet at the end. Certainly a must-read if you love Among Us!
Toil, Trouble, and Trick-or-Treating by moonlightrhosyn (@moonlightrhosyn)
“I know what this is. She planned this. She thinks I don’t spend enough time with the kids. That’s why she’s doing this.” “Doing what, Ianto?” Gwen asked him. “What do your sister’s dinner plans have to do with you?” Ianto heaved a sigh. “She just asked me to take David and Mica trick-or-treating so she ‘can go to dinner’ - she just wants me to spend more time with them, and she’s come up with this.” “I can go too,” Jack offered as he joined them. He grinned. “I love kids!” In which Jack and Ianto take Halloween night off to look after Rhiannon's kids, while Gwen and Suzie coordinate Halloween Watch (and Gwen tries to get Suzie a date, after two years of strategizing).
(janto, gwenrhys, kathysuzie | complete | teen | 2.7K)
Nik: Here’s a canon divergence AU where everyone lives, including Suzie, which means we get some fun team times with Halloween! Ianto is tasked with taking David and Mica trick-or-treating, all accompanied by Jack. It’s sweet, light, and a perfect treat, with great little moments like Gwen trying to set Suzie up on a date with Kathy Swanson and David and Mica trying to conspire against Jack and Ianto for candy. There’s no monsters here! I beta’d this fic - you’re probably starting to see a trend here - and 200% recommend this for a fun read if you’re disappointed about not getting to go trick-or-treating this year!
Treat or Trick by NancyBrown
Five unusual trick or treaters show up at the tourist office.
(janto | complete | teen | 1K)
Nik: The author is an icon of this fandom, but this is one of their lesser-read fics, which is a damn shame. Ianto’s Halloween at the tourist office goes a bit awry when he meets the team, not only de-aged but also tossed back in time. It’s quick, witty, and humorous, everything a fic needs! A must-read!
Going Batty by blackkat
Ianto is a vampire. Cue Owen's obligitory Twilight jokes.
(janto | complete | general | 1.4K)
Nik: This fic is completely crack. Completely. If you’re looking for Dracula-esque vampire!Ianto, this is the perfect fic for you. Taking place from the perspective of Gwen, it explores the mystery of Torchwood’s most reclusive member. But again, it is also. 100% crack. But it’s very, very batty. (See what I did there?)
Erlkönig by engagemythrusters (@iianto-jones)
Something lurked in the darkness. It waited and watched, and it was coming for Ianto.
(janto | complete | teen | 5.6K)
Nik: Now, if you really want spooky, this is the right fic for you! The writing is excellent and dripping with tension and suspense, and the way Ianto, this is some well-written horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for answers in this fic, don’t expect any, but that only makes it better. A must-read that was - ironically - written in May. I have many, many questions about how this fic resolves; please tell us, author! (Or don’t, to keep the spooky alive!)
Echoing by Beleriandings (@ultraviolet-eucatastrophe)
Ianto wakes up at his desk in the archives, with no memory of how he got there or what happened before, and no way to contact Jack or Gwen. Turns out, all of that's the least of his problems.
(janto, lisaianto | complete | teen | 7.4K)
Nik: Yes, I know; this author has been on the list twice, but she’s on fire this month, with many, many excellent spooky fics. (Not that her fics aren’t always spooky!) This fic once again hits you like a gut-punch. Written in a very disorienting - in the good way - sense, we as readers follow Ianto wandering the Hub, looking for anyone else. He encounters company who aren’t so solid. By the time you’re nearing the end of this fic, you’ll likely have generated thousands of theories if you’re anything like me, but none of them will hurt as much as the actual truth. Expect some much angst from this. Again, another must-read!
59 notes · View notes
mistoelectra · 2 years ago
Why Jack Harkness deserved better
I said I was going to write this so here it is
Okay, so this is something I’ve been meaning to write for a little while, because I’ve been rewatching New Who from the beginning, and Jack is probably one of my favourite characters, and seeing the way Ten acts towards him makes my heart hurt. It also makes me really wish they could have brought Jack back in to interact with other incarnations of the Doctor because I feel like seeing the different dynamics would have been really interesting (also let’s face it, John Barrowman would be hella up for it).
This is gonna primarily focus on Doctor Who events but draw on things from Torchwood because that obviously gave us a lot more info on Jack and his past. But also I’m not going to go too in depth with Torchwood stuff, because that’s a whole different essay with full in-depth vaguely shitty psychoanalysis (I have a degree but I am far from proficient).
Let’s start at the beginning with Jack’s first appearance in The Doctor Dances/The Empty Child, which are admittedly two of my favourite episodes of series 1. Admittedly, he does at first come off as cocky, brash, a little callous, and of course, a self-professed con-man and criminal. Except at the same time, we already get to see some of his heart. His cons are based selling space junk to (what seem to be) rather wealthy parties, then getting that junk destroyed before they find out what they’ve actually bought. He himself states that he believes the Chula ambulance was completely empty, so wouldn’t do any damage, and specifically programmed it so it wouldn’t hit anything living. While this doesn’t necessarily make things any more moral, it still says something about Jack. There are plenty who wouldn’t have even bothered to do that. There’s also the fact that he’s not doing it for money, but in an attempt to get back his stolen memories.
Continuing on, Jack rescues Rose and the Doctor from the hospital, proving further that he is not quite as callous as he might make out to be. Given he now knows they’re time agents, there’s technically nothing stopping him from just abandoning them and getting the hell out of this time period (except possibly his time agency training reminding him that he may have done fucked up and he needs to fix it). He almost immediately places his trust in the Doctor, jumps at the chance to help him, and when the time comes, he doesn’t even hesitate in getting the bomb (and don’t tell me he doesn’t know the risk to himself, because he totally does. He knows his chances of getting out of this are slim, but Jack Harkness is a self-sacrificing bastard if ever there was one).
(Brief sidetrack to Torchwood- Jack mentions in Countrycide (1x06) that he’s proficient in torture and once had a reputation as a go-to guy for getting answers, but it’s never really made clear when this occurred, or if it’s even truthful. Was it the Time Agency? Was it Victorian era Torchwood? Who knows?)
Next appearance. Boom Town. That interesting outfit choice. But that aside, this is where we get to see how smart Jack is. Sure, he’s from the future so he’s going to have knowledge that will sound impressive, but there’s also his plan to catch Margaret, which is pretty tactically sound. Again, Jack was a time agent, so he’s definitely not going to be just any old idiot, not to mention he was a soldier as well. We also see him working on the TARDIS, which is pretty much something we don’t really see other companions do much of in New Who, and certainly not in their third episode, which I think says a lot, both about Jack, and about the trust the Doctor now places in Jack.
The final two episodes. For one, and on a different tangent, Jack keeps a gun up his ass. Is this a common thing? Is this just so the Doctor can’t take it off him like he did before? How is this safe? For two, and on the same tangent, Jack stop groping the robots. Finally, can we appreciate how efficient Jack is? Sure, he’s a little confused at first, but he throws himself into the situation, lets them give him a few different outfits, then calmly takes them down, makes himself a gun and gets out of there without much hassle. His reaction to Rose’s ‘elimination’ absolutely breaks my heart just as much as the Doctor’s, because while the Doctor is just completely silent and lost looking, you can hear and see Jack absolutely going off in the background, lashing out. Similarly, his reaction upon realising that Rose is alive…just yes.
Second side track- how quickly did Jack get that TARDIS key? I mean, I know there were multiple adventures between episodes, but regardless, he had a key by Boom Town. That’s hella speedy.
And then there’s dealing with the daleks. Jack knows how big a deal this is, he was a time agent after all. One hit, that’s all it takes. The Doctor probably would have let him leave Satellite 5 if he’d asked, but he didn’t. He stepped up, almost certainly knowing he was going to die, but willing to do whatever he could to give the Doctor any little scrap of time he could. And he gets killed for it. And then he gets brought back to life, and he’s surrounded by dalek dust, and he gets to watch the TARDIS leave without him. And his expression is just so heartbroken, and it hurts so much. What is he thinking? Is he hoping they’ll come back for him? Does he think that they think he’s dead so they’ve left without him?
And this is the first of the Doctor’s assholery (albeit this is still 9 and not 10). He just abandons Jack, without any form of explanation as to what has just happened, on a satellite surrounded by dalek dust and corpses. While I appreciate all the Doctor was going through and the whole ‘Jack now makes me physically sick’ thing, like dude, c’mon, you owe him an explanation. He has literally just died for you, it’s the very least you can offer.
And then there’s all the shit Jack goes through before they reunite again. I could spend all day going into depth on this but let’s just summarise it: managing to get back to Earth, ending up in 19th century Cardiff, 150 years of waiting which include: dying a lot (like seriously, he has at least two separate times where people essentially kill him on repeat just because he can come back, don’t tell me that doesn’t have an effect on your psyche), being tortured, being more or less coerced into a job, two world wars, several lost loves, his boss killing the entire team and then himself, being forced into a leadership position that he does not want, recruiting his own team, Canary Wharf and Rose’s name on the list of the dead, Suzie, being shoved into the rift (Thanks Ianto), a cyberwoman in his own basement (Thanks Ianto), being blamed by his entire team for the faeries and Jasmine, watching another man out of his time kill himself and being unable to do anything but keep him company, watching one of his team more or less let a weevil attack him, being mutinied against and killed by a team member (Thanks Owen), and then getting his life energy devoured by a legitimate hell beast.
And then the Doctor shows up, and Jack runs for him, and the Doctor runs away. Nothing like a stinging sense of rejection and a jaunt to the end of the universe to help your self esteem. And pretty much the first thing the Doctor does is criticise him. And what’s worse is that the Doctor won’t even admit that he abandoned Jack. ‘Busy life. Moving on.’ It’s just such an incredibly callous statement that just completely ignores Jack’s feelings and just seems to treat him as a piece of trash to be discarded. And Jack would be wholly within his right to go off at the Doctor, but he doesn’t. Instead he asks about Rose, and there’s the hug, because he can just tell that the Doctor has something against him, but Rose is a somewhat neutral territory.
Cue the Doctor being blatantly rude to Jack for an entire scene about both his vortex manipulator and his abandonment, as well as making it more or less clear to Jack that he knew all along about Jack’s immortality. That him being left on the Game Station was no accident. And that’s just cold. And yet despite all this, the moment Jack’s with them again, the Doctor’s immediately controlling him. Dictating what he can and can’t do, and in all honesty, it feels very much like he’s still treating Jack as the brash playboy he knew in his last regeneration? Like he can’t see just how much Jack has changed since they last met, how he’s most certainly not the same man he was. He also willingly throws Jack into a situation which is dangerous and will probably cause him pain (don’t tell me that radiation chamber didn’t cause Jack pain. Just because it can’t kill me doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt) just because he knows Jack will do anything for him (and also Jack would probably volunteer anyway because he’s that sort of person). And he admits to Jack’s face that he’s known all along, that he ran away from him. He point blank tells Jack to his face that he’s wrong and that he can hardly bear to look at him, without so much as a thought to how that’s bound to feel. Asks Jack if he wants to die. The whole conversation just makes me feel on edge because it does not feel at all like a healthy friendship.
Then, when Jack tells him he’s with Torchwood, there’s the Doctor’s reaction, and it’s just so vehement. His lack of belief in Jack is just heartbreaking, because it’s such a switch from his relationship with the 9th Doctor. It’s like Jack isn’t a companion to him anymore, but more of a sort of tool. And in the Year That Never Was, we pretty much get implied that Jack gets repeatedly tortured and killed for at least the third time in his existence, over and over for an entire year. It seems pretty likely too that the Master probably executes the rest of the Torchwood team too, probably using them in an attempt to break Jack. Sure, it all gets reversed, but it clearly fucks with Jack (and we can see that in Torchwood series 2). But Jack holds up the brave front, destroys the paradox machine. And you can bet it probably hurt him like hell when the Doctor mentions keeping the Master in the TARDIS, because it kinda seems like he’d rather have the Master there than Jack. And sure, he offers to let Jack come with him, but I feel like it’s an empty offer. He knows that Jack has found something else in their time apart, knows he’s probably not going to accept. And then of course, he breaks Jack’s vortex manipulator. While I do understand this, it also makes me sad, because if he’d at least left the teleport function working, there’s a chance that Owen and Tosh could have been saved.
Jump to their next reunion after Jack has faced the following: dealing with the psychological trauma from all the shit that just happened to him, losing Owen, bringing him back, finding his long lost little brother and being stabbed by him then buried under Cardiff for nearly 2000 years, being frozen for like a century, having to stop his little brother, losing Tosh, losing Owen again. And when the world needs saving, Jack doesn’t hesitate to jump straight in, especially once they get through to the Doctor, even though he is quite clearly terrified of the daleks. He’s the only one to actually be somewhat calm and methodical when the Doctor is shot. In the dalek ship, he willingly sacrifices himself in order to be able to explore the ship more and find some way to help them. But the moment he starts making threats, there’s the Doctor’s disapproval back again. But they do it, they save the world, they go home.
And then Children of Earth happens. Jack’s entire world shatters. He loses Ianto. He has to sacrifice his own grandson to save the world. The Doctor is nowhere in sight. Jack leaves Earth, crushed. And the Doctor does his little journey through the companions to say goodbye. He saves Martha and Mickey. He gives the scratch card for Donna. He saves Luke for Sarah Jane. He visits Rose just to see her again.
And Jack?
He gives Jack Alonso. And maybe it’s just me, but I find it wholly uncomfortable. It’s a possibility the Doctor doesn’t know about the whole affair with the 456 and what Jack went through, or that he more specifically doesn’t know about Jack’s losses. But it’s also possible that he does. And he feels like the best thing he can do is to essentially offer him a shag. Even though he’s very clearly heavily grieving (No hate to Alonso, I love him) and has just lost someone he deeply loved. It feels like further confirmation of the fact that Ten still sees him as the playboy he was. Because let’s face it, Jack still flirts like a champ, but Torchwood very much paints him as that only extending to his flirting. Any further seems to fall exclusively within having relationships, which are considerably infrequent in the series (with Estelle, Angelo, Lucia and Ianto seeming to be the principal partners in his life over his 150 years). To be fair, this ‘gift’ to Jack doesn’t really seem so much an asshole move, as just Ten no longer understanding Jack, not in the way he used to.
But yeah, this got kinda longer than I initially expected and could probably do with severe editing but oh well, here it is in it’s entirety anyway.
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asarahworld-writes · a year ago
hen night
@torchwoodfanfests Bingo Fest - Under the Influence
Gwen stopped by Toshiko’s desk on her way out that afternoon.  “Er, Tosh, I had a question for you.”
Tosh looked up from her monitors.  “Of course. How can I help?”
“Actually, I was wondering if you’re busy on Saturday night?  Me and the girls are doing my hen night and I was hoping that you’d join us.”
“Oh.  Well, that’s actually my night to watch the Rift,” Tosh swivelled back to her monitors, looking as if she was deep in thought.
“The Rift can take of itself for one night.  It survived for years before Torchwood existed, one night won’t do much damage.”
They looked up to see Jack at the front of the room.
“You ladies enjoy yourselves.  Toshiko, you deserve a night off.  Have fun with Gwen and the girls,” Jack winked knowingly before going back towards his office.
“What would you say if I was thinking of asking Ianto along?”
“You want to ask Ianto to your hen night?  I’d say it’s your hen, ask who you like.”
“I think he’d enjoy it,” Gwen looked from Jack back to Tosh.  “Something a little classy, getting a bit pissed leading to the accidental sharing of ‘secrets’.  All in good fun.”  The truth was, Gwen didn’t have many people she’d asked to come out.  Her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law (and, oh, that was a nightmare waiting to happen), Rhys’ sister… that was it.  With Ianto there, at least Tosh would have someone to talk with as Gwen acted as a buffer between her mother and Rhys’.
Four guests and the bride-to-be.  Perhaps if she got them completely pissed there’d be no arguments.
“I’ll make sure he’s free,” Jack laughed.  “Gwen, why don’t you come up in, oh, fifteen minutes and ask him?”  He turned to leave for the archives, then paused.  “On second thought, give me twenty.”
“No thanks, I’d just as soon rather ask him now.”  Gwen made a face at Jack and darted past him, shrieking as he reached out to grab her. “Don’t you dare, Jack.”
She was back within the minute.
“Now that that’s sorted, I’m going home.  Everything’s been pretty quiet all day, but Rhys’ mam has invited herself for dinner tonight and I can only assume that she’s going to want to go over every wedding detail and try to change anything she think my mother had something to do with.” Gwen rolled her eyes, packing up her workstation.  “I’ll see you lot tomorrow, then.”
Saturday.  Assuming nothing went horribly wrong, hen night.
The day passed quickly, though the Rift was surprisingly quiet.  Before Gwen knew it, it was five o’clock and the day was over.
“We’re just grabbing a cab over and back.  We’re getting proper sloshed tonight, so nobody’s driving.  Nothing super uppity, your choice of shots and beer.  But it should be a good night,” Gwen smiled hopefully.
“It’ll be whatever we make of it, I’m sure.”  Tosh said gently.
“Okay.  I’ll see you in a few hours.  Um, it’s nothing fancy, so wear what you like.”  Gwen waved as she left the Hub, beaming.
Knowing Gwen, Tosh figured she’d be wearing something practical.  She seemed to be the kind of woman who never took her boots off, always prepared.  In fact, Tosh was willing to bet that Gwen’s clothing choices for the night would be entirely based around practicality first.  Still, she mused, there was no real reason not to dress up.  Jack and Owen would be around to cover the Rift if anything happened. Perhaps this was her chance to live that life she’d forgotten about.
After a short, but relaxing, shower, Tosh found herself staring at the closet.  It shouldn’t be this difficult to pick an outfit, she was simply going out with her friend.  With unpredictable people and raw data she didn’t know how to compute.  Hidden behind her computer screens, her laptop, it was easy to focus on the matter at hand, whatever the case may be.  Tonight, however, was going to be screenless.
Keep it casual. Jeans, then.  A grungy tee shirt instead of a blouse.  And her leather jacket.  Simple.  Comfortable.
Dressed to the nines, indeed.  At any rate, whatever she had on would have to do.  She was due to meet Ianto in twenty minutes.
Hen night had clearly started early, Tosh thought as she observed Gwen’s party.  Her parents were switching between the best of friends and worst enemies faster than she could track, though they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  A fourth woman, presumably Gwen’s sister-in-law-to-be, was glued to a phone at the end of the table.  And in the middle of it all, was Ianto Jones.
One would have never thought he was going to a hen party, looking at him, unless they thought he was the stripper.  Dressed neatly in a three-piece pinstriped suit, Ianto stuck out like a sore thumb from the party next to him.
“Don’t tell me I missed the strip tease,” Tosh said lightly as she slipped into the empty seat next to him.
“Ha ha.  Funny, but no, there’s not been a stripper out yet.”
“Might be a situation we’ll need to rectify before the end of the night.  Doesn’t really look like the rest of them are up to it and after all, what else is a bachelorette party for?”  Of course, never having been to one, she was guessing at what should happen.
“Well, I know that if you phoned Jack, he would be more than happy to spring naked from a giant cake,” Ianto said dryly.
Tosh laughed.  “Too bad, I bet it’s too late to arrange for that. Doesn’t that sound like it would shock their mothers?”
“It would definitely surprise Brenda.  As for Mary Cooper, well, I think she might enjoy that more than our guest of honour.” Ianto tilted his head towards Gwen’s mother.
“Yes well, you would probably enjoy that most out of all,” Tosh said lightly, hiding a faint smirk.
“That’s entirely coincidental and beside the point,” Ianto said primly.  Tosh hummed in response, getting up and heading to the bar to order a drink.
“Oh come off it, he likes you,” Gwen rolled her eyes.  “If he doesn’t see anything back, he’s a right prat.”
“He likes me just as much as he likes anyone, which isn’t to say very much,” Tosh shook her head, raising her shot glass.  Gwen and Ianto followed suit, the three of them downing their drinks.
“Pfffft.  Ianto knows what I’m talking about.  At least, he should if he didn’t spend most of his time ogling Jack.”
“I don’t ogle Jack.” Ianto said dryly.  “Strictly speaking, there’s nothing there.”
Gwen snorted.  “Yeah, and ‘strictly speaking’, there’s no such thing as aliens.”  Ianto scowled and looked away.  Even as his scowl deepened, his eyes lit up.
“Oh no,” he muttered. Gwen and Tosh looked up and Gwen fought the urge to roll her eyes.
“Not on my bloody hen,” she said quietly.  Ianto moved to get up, but Gwen grabbed his hand.  “We’re having a ladies’ night.  With you. Whatever it is, Jack and Owen can handle it.  If he wants extra backup, he can call UNIT.”
“Yeah, that’s likely.” Ianto watched the older man as he made his way around the pub, clearly looking for something.
“Drinking game!”  Gwen gathered the party together, blocking Ianto’s view of Jack.  She looked at her group – Ianto and Tosh, her mothers, and Rhys’ sister – and tried to think of something that would be suitable.  Already, Brenda’s lips were thinning.  The woman hated drinking and Gwen could already tell that a drinking game would lead to a row between her and Mary.  Still, it might be the only way to keep everyone occupied and away from whatever it was Jack was up to.
Weevils.  Of course there were bloody Weevils surrounding the pub she’d picked for her hen.
“Regular formation,” Jack called as he and Owen came up to the hen party.  Gwen glared at him, taking a place beside Ianto far away from Jack. It wasn’t his fault the Weevils were around, of course, but she couldn’t help blaming somebody for her ruined night.
“Okay, we’ve got a gas leak out front here.  If everyone could please make their way through the back exit, quickly and quietly, we’ll get it sorted.”  Already, Ianto was on top of crowd control, evacuating the pub.  Gwen’s mother was staring at her as she was forced to leave, trying to ask what the hell sort of special ops dealt with gas leaks.  Gwen turned away.
“What exactly is going on here?”  Mary Cooper had slipped back into the building, glaring at her daughter.
“That’s exactly the question I was about to ask,” Brenda Williams said from Gwen’s other side, otherwise ignoring Mary.
“Ladies,” Jack smiled widely, holding his arms out.  “I am not privy to divulge that information.  But I’m afraid that you’re just going to have to trust Gwen – and the rest of us – to do our jobs and keep you safe.”  Mary and Brenda – as graciously as they could under the circumstances – accepted the proffered gestures and allowed him to lead them away from the smoking rubble.  Owen frowned.
“You lot are in no condition to help with this.  Here, take one of these and go straight to bed when you get home.”  He gave each of them a tiny pill, advising them not to take it until they were in bed.  Gwen pocketed the pill and called a taxi.
The drive home was quiet, each lost in their own thoughts.
{Gwen} Balancing Torchwood with regular life was becoming more and more difficult.  True, she had Rhys, but what about everybody else? What happened if they were caught in the middle of something again?  She didn’t want to Retcon her family – not even Brenda Williams – if she didn’t have to, and… that was about as far as she could think, given her intoxicated state of mind.
{Tosh} She wondered if Jack would let her bring somebody into her life, the way he’d let Gwen keep Rhys in hers.  He and Ianto had each other, after all, and Owen…well, like Gwen had said, Owen was a prat if he didn’t see what was literally right in front of him.
{Ianto} ‘Strictly speaking’, their unlabelled ‘relationship’ needed a label.  His entire life was filled with keeping things organized and sorted and to have this major… whatever it was with Jack unlabelled was slowly driving the archivist in him mad.  Everything else in his life was sorted, filed, stored away – be it in the Archives or the Tourist Office at the Hub or in his flat.  As much as he enjoyed their not-relationship, he felt as though there was a chasm waiting to be crossed, a transition waiting to happen. And he didn’t know if he was ready for that or if he was tired of waiting for it to happen.
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Christmas Midnight Memories...
‘I can’t believe you’ve done this to me! Who puts a coin in a Christmas pudding? I’m sure there are health and safety rules about it!’
‘Well, who fucking swallows it?’
Aaron was fuming and Robert was visibly agitated, his face sweating as he stood next to the hospital bed with his hands shoved in his jacket pockets.
‘You’re supposed to notice it and pull it out and make a wish for God’s sake. But no,’ Robert rolled his eyes skywards ‘… you have to throw food in your mouth and swallow it without chewing, as if you’ve been starved for the past century!’
‘Yeah, blame it on me why don’t you? It’s not a safe thing to do! And I’m the proof!’
‘It’s a tradition, Aaron. People have been doing this for five hundred years! You put silver in the Christmas pudding and it’s supposed to bring good luck and happiness, not misery and four hours in an emergency department.’
The nurse, wearing flashing Rudolf antlers, came up to them again.
‘This is the last time I’m going to say this. I will have to insist that you leave if you continue to argue, it’s disturbing to the other patients, some of whom are actually ill.’
Aaron was lying on the hospital bed waiting for an X-ray, feeling like a fraud. They’d told him on the phone that it would probably pass through his system, but when Robert had taken the phone forcibly from his hand and shared a stream of extraordinary potential things that could happen to him, from choking to appendicitis, they’d given in and agreed that probably they should come into the emergency department for an X-ray after all.
‘I don’t even like Christmas pudding. I only ate it cos you’d actually gone to the trouble of making it for us,’ he’d muttered.
They were disturbed by a sudden commotion as a Father Christmas, smelling of beer and with rather soggy beard, appeared and wandered down the ward, calling out, ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ as he came.
‘Fuck off Santa, can’t you see now’s not a good time?’ Robert raged, and Aaron closed his eyes.
‘And Merry Christmas to you, mate,’ he murmured.
It was their first Christmas ever together as a couple since they’d officially announced to the world that they were dating nine months ago. Robert, of course, had hoped to make it a romantic time and Aaron sort of understood why he was so mad, since everything had turned out so different from how he’d wanted. If there was one thing that Robert hated it was things going out of control. His control, that is.
Christmas Eve had been drinks at Diane and Doug’s with Andy, Vic, and Adam, but then Bernice had turned up with Lawrence, and they’d ended up winding each other up. Robert reckoned Lawrence was jealous that he was finally in an out relationship with a man (something he couldn’t have for himself).
Today, Christmas day, had been just as bad with the horror of a Dingle family dinner. After pulling crackers with Cain, Robert had been more than ready to leave.
Vic and Adam had booked a three-day Christmas break in the Lake District, leaving after Diane’s gathering so they had the house to themselves. Then Robert had served the literally flaming Christmas pudding, and disaster had struck.
When Aaron came back from the X-ray, Robert had calmed down. He’d got himself a coffee and Aaron a cup of watery tea from the vending machine as a peace offering.
‘Sorry, I think it might have gone a bit cold. Do you want me to get you another one?’ He put the drinks down on the bedside table and then reached over and took Aaron’s hands in both of his own, raising them to his lips.
‘Nah, you’re alright,’ Aaron said and squeezed Robert’s fingers back.
Eventually the doctor appeared holding the X-ray.
‘Well, this is interesting…,’ he started. Suddenly Robert stood up, grabbing him by the elbow and steering him further away.
Aaron watched Robert as he talked to the doctor with a furrowed brow, looking very serious. God, was there something really wrong with him that he didn’t know about? What was Robert saying, what was the doctor saying?
The doctor put the X-ray down on the counter and came to talk to Aaron,
‘So,' he said, ‘it looks like the object is leaving the stomach and entering the small intestine. It should pass through the system over the next 24 to 46 hours at the most. If you don’t find it after that, then you will need to come back for another X-ray.’
‘Find it?’ Aaron asked, looking pretty horrified.
‘Erm, yes, ‘the doctor replied. ‘I recommend prunes and a lot of water to get it through more quickly.’
‘I’ll help you look,’ Robert offered gently.
‘You’ll do no such thing, mate!’ Aaron snapped back at him.
‘Come on, I love you. It’s no big deal. It’s not as if I …’
Aaron stopped him, holding a finger up to his lips.
‘Enough. Just take me home!’ he sighed weakly.
 When they finally got back, Robert suggested a film to chill out.
‘What do you fancy then? The Avengers? The Man from U.N.C.L.E? Or we could just re-watch Torchwood?’ Robert loved Torchwood and of course secretly had a crush on Gareth David Lloyd who he thought looked very slightly like Aaron. Aaron also liked the romance scenes, but it wasn’t really his thing.
‘Why don’t we watch something Christmasy, eh?’
 ‘The Hobbit?’ Robert suggested. Aaron laughed and pulled him down onto the sofa for a kiss.
In the end, they watched a bit of the Muppets Christmas Carol, but when Aaron suggested they went to bed, instead, Robert grinned and allowed himself to be led up the stairs.
Once in the bedroom they undressed quickly and started to kiss.
‘This was more of the Christmas I’d had in mind,’ Robert said in a low voice and, pushing Aaron backwards, he kissed a path slowly down from his chest to his stomach before moving completely down and shuffling between Aaron’s thighs, where he started to lick around his hole in the way that he knew brought Aaron close to the edge.
But instead of the blissed out reaction he was accustomed to, all at once, Aaron pulled him up forcibly, grabbing a fist full of the blond hair that Robert had left to grow long for the winter.
Robert looked at him, still panting lustfully, and pushed his fingers down between Aaron’s arse cheeks instead, but Aaron grabbed his hand and slapped him away too, so that Robert lay back on the bed and started laughing, putting his hands behind his head.
‘Aaron, I’m just trying to make love to you!’ he protested.
‘I know. But it’s ruined now. All I can think about is where that flaming silver coin might be.’
‘Wh… what?’ Robert looked sideways at him.
‘It’s just messed with my head, that’s all.’
‘OK. Then let’s make this simple.’ Robert lowered his eye lids and put his head slightly on one side ‘Let me give you a Christmas blow job.’
Aaron rolled onto his side propped up on an elbow and looked down at Robert’s wet red lips. ‘Or I’ll give you one.’ He smiled.
‘Sixty-nine?’ Robert raised his eyebrows.
‘No, cos you’ll just start fingering me.’
Aaron ran a finger over the soft curve of Robert’s exposed arm pit, pinching some of the short blond hair there with the intention of causing pain.
‘Ouch!’ Robert grabbed his hand and went on, ‘Just trust me, Aaron, won’t you?’
Robert swiveled round on the bed so he was upside down and Aaron grabbed his thighs and slapped his firm white arse.
‘I’ll trust you, Sugden, when you stop talking and start sucking!’ Aaron ventured.
So, Robert grinned and did as he was told.
It was early hours on Boxing Day when Robert was woken by Aaron, clutching at his stomach, bent double and sweating. He was obviously in trouble.
‘Oh my God! What have I done?’ Robert asked, hastily pulling on trousers and a sweater. He very gently steered Aaron to the edge of the bed and dressed him, listening to him whimper with pain. ‘It’s OK Aaron, you’re going to be OK!’ He muttered tenderly.
Robert got caught by the speed cameras on the way to the hospital but he didn’t care.
After another X-ray, the doctor explained that the object had got caught in a small pocket of intestine. There would be no alternative but surgery, but fortunately it would be keyhole so recovery would be fast and it would leave hardly any scarring. Aaron and Robert raised their eyes at each other at the mention of scarring and Robert took Aaron’s hand and squeezed it gently. He knew how sensitive Aaron was about the scars on his body, he didn’t need any more to remind him of those painful memories.
Before Aaron went into surgery, Robert kissed him.
‘This is my fault. I’m sorry,’ he whispered. ‘I love you, Aaron!’ he called after him as he was wheeled away down the corridor and out of sight.
Aaron blinked his eyes and registered the flashing lights he could see were coming from the fairy lights on a Christmas tree at the corner of the ward.
He felt Robert’s lips on his forehead.
‘Heh. There you are, then! You look so sexy in a gown! We should ask to take it home as a souvenir, for role play!’ He heard him say.
‘Is that all you ever think about?’ he grumbled in reply. His voice sounded hoarse from the effects of the anesthetic.
‘Mostly. Where you’re concerned.’
Aaron finally looked at Robert as his face came fully into focus. When he saw Robert’s genuine smile, he couldn’t help but smile back.
‘Your Mum’s here, and Paddy,’ Robert said. ‘Please don’t tell them this was my fault, if you ever want to see me alive again.’
Robert left them to it. While he was waiting, the nurse approached him with a small plastic container.
‘I believe this belongs to Mr. Dingle? But you probably want to give it to him yourself.’ He smiled at Robert. ‘We washed it with alcohol, so it’s quite clean now,’ he went on. ‘Do you know what he’s going to say?’
‘Absolutely no idea.’ Robert smiled back at the nurse, running a hand through his hair.
Eventually Chas and Paddy left. Robert resumed his position at Aaron’s bedside table. Aaron could hear him breathing heavily.
‘What’s up?’ he asked, always tuned into Robert’s state of mind.
Robert was nervous, but why?
‘So, here it is.’ Robert pulled a plastic box out of his pocket and rattled it, then offered it forward to Aaron, who scoffed and looked away.
‘Well, aren’t you going to look at it, then?’
‘Why would I? It’s just a coin that caused me a lot of grief, mate.’
‘Well,’ Robert lost his patience. ‘Go on; look at it anyway.’
Aaron looked closely at Robert’s face and took the box, then opened it. As his eyes adjusted, he shook his head in confusion.
‘It’s, it’s not a coin…,’ he mumbled.
Robert nodded in agreement, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his heart raced.
‘It’s…, it’s a ring.’
‘It’s a ring.’ Robert repeated.
‘Why’s it black? Is that cos it was…,’ Aaron gestured to his stomach.
‘No, it’s black silver.’
Aaron looked closer at the circular band; it was encrusted with small diamonds all the way round. It was masculine and plain, but stunningly beautiful.
‘Are they … diamonds?’
‘Yes, because, you know what diamond rings are for?’ Robert answered swallowing.
Aaron looked straight into his eyes.
‘Tell me,’ he said softly, biting his bottom lip.
Robert went down on one knee by the bed, and took Aaron’s hand.
‘From the day we first kissed I knew that you were the one, the only one. Aaron, you are my soulmate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you’ll have me? Aaron, will you marry me?’
Aaron eyes were welling with tears that spilled down his cheeks.
‘You know my answer. And you know you can’t buy me. I don’t want your poxy diamond ring!’
Robert sighed.
‘You’re right.’
He took the ring and threw it in the trash in the corner of the cubicle. Fishing in his pocket he pulled out a plastic ring and looked at it.
‘This came out of the cracker I shared with Cain yesterday. This do you?’
Aaron grinned through his tears and took it, wrapping his fist around it.
‘Yes.’ His blue eyes shone as he looked at Robert. ‘My answer, you Muppet, is yes.’
Robert kissed Aaron so long and so hard that the nurse approached them.
‘I will have to insist that you leave if you continue this, it’s over stimulating to the other patients, some of whom are, actually, quite ill.’
The next day Robert came to take Aaron home. Aaron was dressed and waiting. He showed Robert the contents of the sports bag: There was the hospital gown folded neatly, ready to take home for role play time.
‘Yes! Well done, Aaron!’ Robert winked. Then all at once he noticed something. He picked up Aaron’s left hand and looked at his second finger. It was adorned with a beautiful black silver band encrusted with diamonds.
‘Yeah, well.’ Aaron winked. ‘I figured it would last longer than the other one.’
‘All our lives.’ Robert answered with a smug grin and kissed him softly. He picked up the sports bag and took Aaron’s hand as they left the ward together to go home.
Santa was on his rounds again, looking rather pale and exhausted.
‘Merry Christmas!’ Robert nodded as they passed on their way out.
‘I’ll be the doctor and you be the patient.’
‘No, I’ll be the doctor and you’ll be the patient, mate. I was the patient last time, if you remember?’
Adam banged on the wall.
‘You’ll both be bloody patients in a minute, if you don’t shut it. The sooner you get married and out of this house the better!’
Robert and Aaron looked at each other and stretched their eyes, grinning guiltily.
‘Okay, you be the doctor.’ They both whispered together. ‘No, you….’
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iianto-jones · a year ago
Right. I said I’d do it. Here we go.
iianto-jones’s Torchwood (janto) Fic Recommendations
As if anyone needs them; it’s been ten years. Just kidding. I know it’s somehow still gaining followers, even to this day. So here’s some of the fics that I love (out of many) in a semi-particular order.
 Ferals by NancyBrown (or just Straysverse in general): Essentially, Ianto has come back from the dead and is going through Some Shit. This one is my go-to I-am-feeling-extra-down/depressed-today fic. The general acknowledgement that Ianto is also going through some tough times makes me feel a little less alone. 
To The Sticking Place by zephyras13: Ianto is a badass and terrifying TW1 field agent and Jack is Jack and kinda dumb. If you want a long fic based on Jack and Ianto being stubborn and uncommunicative lil’ shits, this is for you. I read this on accident while I was watching TW for the first time and accidentally spoiled the Countrycide cannibals for myself (whoops). Plus, this somehow managed to calm me whilst in the middle of a panic attack, so bonus points.
Speakeasy by thepsychicclam: 1920′s American prohibition Janto series. Okay. Okay. Listen up. I have something to say. This is possibly one of the most important things I have read in the history of... ever. Like I don’t even care that this is a Janto fic. This is so much more important to me than any Janto fic (which is saying something). This could be its own book for all I care! The first time I read this, I was having a self-care day, and now this whole series just embodies love and comfort for me. It exudes peace and happiness. It feels like the red velvet curtains in a warmly lit theatre, like wearing the fanciest dress to the fanciest party, like listening to the snazziest music you ever did hear. Okay. I gotta stop now or else I’ll ramble on and on about it forever. 
Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive by Dira Sudis: (Okay, who hasn’t read this at this point?) Ianto is pregnant and then he isn’t and then things get complicated. It literally is the most popular TW fic on AO3 for a reason. It’s good. Go read it.
In Bits and Pieces by reiley: Covers the uncovered parts between the episodes. Very Janto. Very good. Also very long, but most of the fics I recommend are, because I love a good, long story. Also, it has some often funny quotes in it that make it kind of interesting. This one should be more popular than it is. 
The Theory Of Two Centres by copperbadge: Ianto faces some memory loss and forgets literally everything about Torchwood. I’m gonna be real with you, pretty much all janto content by copperbadge is good (All The Things I’ve Lost And Found and The Lo-Verse are notable contenders for this spot).
Object Permanence by solsticezero: Post-Exit Wounds sadness. This is one of the few shorter fics that I absolutely adore. I’m a long-fic kinda gal, as you can probably tell, but this one has everything my heart desires. Sad in a good way, Gwen-and-Ianto friendship (you couldn’t even pry that from my cold, dead hands), and Jack just being a good boyfriend.
Torchwood: A Musical! by brionjae: Exactly what it says in the title. I’m not on FFnet, so I can’t tell if it was more popular there, but it surprisingly isn’t on AO3. It should be. It’s funny. Seriously, why isn’t it more read? Please read it! I’m placing it on this selective list merely to bring awareness to its wonderful existence! 
Plague by Orinoco_II: Insects vs Team Torchwood. If you want a good story with a sideplot of Janto (like in the show itself) then this is definitely your best bet. Well, this one, or any of the others by Orinoco_II. They’re all really good, but this is the longest, and therefore why it’s on my list. I like long stories. 
Waking Dream by kuzibah: A series based on the effects of “what if it was all a dream?” Very loving Janto. Another that is surprisingly not as popular as it definitely deserves be. I like this a lot. Go read it now.
Let Me Kill You Sweetheart by Blackbird Song: Ianto gets an alien flu. Now THIS is a sickfic done right! It’s got all the Janto and lots of funny bits. And bonus points for the punny title!
 Abstract Psychopaths by nemo_baker: Ianto versus Weeping Angels, ready? GO! This makes the list simply because I thought about it so much that I spent over three months looking for it, I was so desperate to find it again. Thank god I did, or else I would’ve gone mad. And also, what’s this? The third under 10K fic on this list? That’s right. I’ve read at least three <10K fics. Good job, me. 
Gold Dust Universe by Amand_r: Basically a polyamourous series for Jack/Ianto/Lisa, which I didn’t know I needed until I read it. I really like Jack/Ianto/(any other person, ever), as it turns out. Ianto just deserves all the love he can get, okay? Literally anyone could join with Janto and I’d be down for that, just as long as Ianto gets the love he deserves. 
Personnel Issues by PinkFairy727: Another fic of in-between-the-episodes, this time depicted through a series of emails. Slightly popular, but not as much as it should be. This is funny. If you want to hear about squirrel rats and Torchwood inter-office hijinks, you need to read this right the fuck now. 
Soul Song by unwrittengold: Incorporeal aliens come to Cardiff and Ianto gets himself into deep shit. This is the newest on the list, and one I somehow managed to sit through as it was being written. Usually I’m so impatient that I need to wait until it’s finished for me to read it, but not this one! So it makes the last coveted spot on my list.
Feel free to message me with your own fic recs, or reblog and add your own! I’m always looking for recs, and even if I’ve read the fic already, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you! 
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It’s Love Martha Jones hours again and can I just write a little essay real quick about how much I love that she out of all the companions was one of the only ones to really be empowered before she met the doctor. I don’t mean this in a feminist sort of way I would say it works the same for Ryan now as it did for Rose Tyler back in 2005. They’re normal people working at jobs they don’t enjoy and wondering when their life will begin until the doctor comes in their space box and takes them away on adventures where they learn to be better people and do great things.
There’s nothing wrong with this. I too am an ordinary person just starting out in life and wondering how it’s going to be. Frankly, I’d be thrilled if a spaceman in a box came and took me away. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that Martha Jones was never that. Nobody needed to tell her how to be a good person. The doctor didn’t need to show up and put her in extraordinary circumstances for her to realize that she should be trying to help people and make the world a better place. She knew all that already. She was already the extraordinary one and not in a contrived way like how I feel Amy Pond was portrayed. She was a med student when we met her, working towards a life that she wanted for herself and was happy with. Her introductory episode she’s keeping calm and trying to find a solution for the situation before the doctor shows up. She’s already a leader.
I recently re-watched the season one finale and Rose Tyler makes this big speech about how life with the doctor is about helping people when no one else will and she has to go and be with him because she can’t stand going back to her old life. Martha Jones takes that sentiment and lives a life where she is helping people when no one else will, she just doesn’t need the doctor to do it. What other companion of the New Who era gets to do something like Torchwood?
The more I think about it the more I say maybe the reason it didn’t work out between Martha and the doctor is that they like to improve the companions they work with. I really think they do enjoy it, finding people who otherwise might not make anything of themselves and giving them time and space. Read it how you will I think that they like that position of superiority. They like being looked at as a savior figure; they need it. Martha Jones was never going to be that for the Doctor because she never needed to be saved. Like quite literally look at the season I’m pretty sure on balance she has to bail them out more than they have to bail out her. They can be friends and have a good working relationship, but Martha is too much on their level for things to have ever worked out, even if she had met them when they weren’t on the rebound.
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lastbluetardis · a year ago
Home for the Holidays (1/2)
This is part one of my gift to @timeladyelpia for the @dwsecretsanta gift exchange! Apologies for the delay; I hope you enjoy this! Your info said you enjoy reunions and established relationships, so that’s what this is :)
Ten x Rose, 4400 words, teen
Also tagging @doctorroseprompts 
Summary: Despite being locked away in different universes, the Doctor and Rose have managed to stay connected through their marriage bond, celebrating holidays and special events even through the impenetrable distance. After celebrating three Christmases apart, fate brings them together once more just in time for the holidays.
Note: If anybody remembers this little ficlet (If Only in My Dreams) I wrote for last year’s Ficmas, I borrowed from that idea and wrote the reunion. However, you do NOT need to have read that in order to understand this.
The holidays were one of the hardest times for the Doctor. Though he didn’t naturally celebrate—at least not any Earth or human holiday—Rose had. Oh, he would join in the festivities with his past companions, wishing them Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Festivus, or whatever holiday they in particular celebrated, but he was always on the outside looking in.
But all of that had changed when he’d met Rose, when he regenerated into his current body and left her and the Earth to fend for themselves during a Sycorax invasion while he was—helpfully—in a regenerative coma. All on Christmas Day.
When it all had blown over—blown up, more like it, thanks to Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister—he had strangely been invited to Christmas dinner at the Tylers’. Even more strangely, he’d said yes. After he changed, of course. He couldn’t very well have Christmas dinner in his borrowed jimjams. No, he’d gone back to his TARDIS and found himself a new outfit before heading back up to Rose and her mother.
Even now, remembering the look of appreciation in Rose’s eyes when she beheld him in his new suit sent butterflies through his stomach.
He had stayed for dinner and the snow-that-wasn’t-snow and for dessert. And even once that was finished, once the food was cleared away and the dishes piled high in the sink for the following morning, he hadn’t wanted to leave quite yet. So he had accepted Rose’s invitation to sleep on the sofa for the night. Not that Time Lords needed much sleep. (However, newly-regenerated Time Lord could certainly use a nap.)
He had spent the next couple weeks with the Tylers, which was virtually unheard of for him. But the TARDIS had been in no shape to fly, thanks to whatever jiggery-pokery Rose had done to the old girl to look into her heart to become the Bad Wolf. And thanks to his less-than-stellar driving while his brain was imploding and collapsing during some regeneration complications. 
No matter, he had been able to get his beloved ship flying again a week or so after the New Year. In the interim, between TARDIS repairs, he had reconnected with Rose. Answering all of her questions regarding regeneration. Filling in the gaps of her memory during her time as Bad Wolf. Recounting all of their adventures together to prove to her, without a doubt, that he was still the Doctor. Still her Doctor, though he’d never exactly stated it as such.
(Little did he know then that Rose had already considered him her Doctor. She later confessed to him that his earnest attempts to convince her of his identity had been endearing.)
On the evening before he and Rose were to depart for the stars once more, Rose had stayed up late with him in Jackie’s living room and had presented him with a small package. She had seemed slightly embarrassed or self-conscious as he ripped into the brown-paper-wrapped parcel; she had begun rambling about traditions and new beginnings and something about “together”, which he very much liked to think about. He liked the idea of him and Rose together forever.
Upon indelicately ripping off the wrapping paper, he saw a simple white box. When he removed the lid, a Christmas ornament lay nestled in a soft bed of shredded cotton. His hearts had constricted in his chest as he pulled out the ornament, two penguins clad in hats and scarves leaning in to touch the tips of their beaks together. Beneath, in an elegant script, were the words “The Doctor + Rose’s First Christmas” and the year.
“I know it’s silly,” Rose said, still looking anywhere but him. “Christmas is over now, and it’s not like we even had a tree in the TARDIS to put it on, but I saw it and couldn’t resist. Obviously, I wrote in our names. Not many ornaments have ‘the Doctor’ written on ‘em.”
He pulled her into his arms, silencing her words. “It’s perfect,” he said through the lump in his throat. “Tell you what. We can put it up on the tree next Christmas. And get another ornament to go with it. Eh? Can be a tradition.”
Rose wrinkled her nose. “You put up a Christmas tree in that box of yours?”
“Not usually,” he admitted. “But you celebrate Christmas. I want the TARDIS to feel like home for you, and if celebrating all of your little human holidays makes it feel like home, then I want to celebrate with you, however you’d like. If you’d like.”
Her expression softened and she smiled shyly at him. “The TARDIS is already my home, Doctor.”
The admission both floored and delighted him. A big, beaming grin split his face in two, and the echoing expression lit up her face too.
He very nearly kissed her then, and he spent the rest of the night, after Rose had gone to bed, cursing himself for not seizing the opportunity.
No matter. They got there eventually, after a few hiccups in the road.
By the time their second Christmas rolled around, they were an actual proper couple, and they went shopping together not only for their first Christmas tree, but also for the companion to the penguin ornament. They’d decided on two polar bears decorating a Christmas tree together, snouts pressed together in a supposed kiss.
They had bought other decorations as well, but they displayed their couples’ ornaments proudly on the front of the tree, making sure no branches, lights, or baubles obscured them from view.
“I wonder how long it’ll take before we have enough couples’ ornaments to decorate the tree just with them,” Rose mused as they de-decked their tree after the holidays. “Ages and ages, I’ll bet.”
“Well, it’s a good thing we’ve got ages and ages,” he replied, a goofy grin on his face. “Forever, in fact.”
And they did. They had forever together. Whatever Rose had done as Bad Wolf had changed her at the cellular level. Her body wasn’t breaking down at all; it had enough regenerative energy—courtesy of the TARDIS—to replenish any aged and dying cells before they turned hazardous. For all intents and purposes, she would live just as long as the Doctor. Longer, perhaps.
Upon realizing what that meant for them, for their future together, they decided to bind themselves together in every way possible. One soul in two bodies. At least, that was how Rose had liked to think of it when he had explained the telepathic marriage bond. An open channel between them, their minds, allowing them to see the most intimate parts of the other.
There had been no one the Doctor had wanted to share that sort of connection with, apart from Rose. There had never been anyone like her before—nobody he loved as deeply, fiercely, wholly, eternally—and there would never be anyone like her again.
Not even now that she was gone.
It had been over three years since Torchwood. Since Canary Wharf. Since the Daleks and Cybermen and parallel worlds and Void breaches that ended with the multiverse being saved, but with Rose being trapped permanently in another world.
In those first few moments, as he watched the Void breach fold in on itself like a crumpled piece of paper, the Doctor had held his breath and tensed for the inevitable slash of pain in his mind as his bond with Rose broke. But when a minute passed, then two, then ten and his bond with Rose was still there, he relaxed a fraction.
The anguish and desperation clanging from her half of the bond was what kept him sane, funnily enough. Regardless of their mutual devastation, the fact that he could still feel her in his mind meant he hadn’t truly lost her. She wasn’t truly gone. He wasn’t truly alone.
It had taken months for them to adapt and adjust to their new reality. Time moved around them differently; Pete’s World, as he’d dubbed it, moved slightly faster than their prime universe. And time didn’t really exist in the TARDIS. However, they tried to sync their internal body clocks with each other, to sleep and eat and relax at the same time to make up for the fact that they weren’t physically with each other.
Despite having his wife in his head at all times, he still missed her. He missed her more with every passing day. Nevertheless, they had coped as best they could.
However, the holidays still hurt. It hurt to try to celebrate with Rose when she was—literally—worlds away. Universes away. It hurt to go out and get a Christmas tree. It hurt to decorate it. But above all, it hurt to pick out and purchase their couples’ ornament alone. He’d had to pick out the last three on his own, and if his calculations were correct—which they were, because he was quite brilliant—he would be needing to go out and buy a new one soon. Their sixth overall, the fourth he would buy alone.
Despite Rose’s confidence in the Dimension Cannon—a clever bit of technology that the Torchwood researchers and engineers in Pete’s World had been developing for well over a year now—it seemed as though the Cannon hadn’t worked enough to bring her back to this world in time for Christmas.
But he didn’t care when she came home. He just cared that she did come home. One day.
He had been skeptical of the Cannon when Rose first informed him of its creation, but now that it began showing signs of life—acting as a crude teleport—he was cautiously optimistic that one day it would work. Once he or any of the Torchwood scientists managed to figure out how to poke a hole through the Void, through the fabric of reality, large enough for Rose to squeeze through, but small enough that the entire microcosm of the multiverse didn’t implode in the process. It was a delicate balancing act.
However, now that Rose was busy testing the Dimension Cannon, letting it blast her to whatever corner of her universe it fancied, their bond was a little more strained and out of sync. It had nearly given him a hearts-attack when she went utterly silent one day, only to reappear in his mind hours later as though nothing had happened.
She had since taken to warning him about when she was planning a Cannon jump so he wouldn’t be alarmed if she disappeared from his head for a few hours. Though he appreciated it, it didn’t stop his anxiety from squeezing a tight band around his chest. Every time her half of the bond went quiet, he feared he would never hear from her again.
Inevitably, though, she always returned. She would always return.
He had taken to running errands on the days she did her Cannon jumps. Not only did it distract him from the silence in his head, but it gave him a break from trying to keep his body clock synced with Rose’s. He didn’t need to concern himself about when or where he went, or for how long.
On one particular day in the beginning of December—for Rose, at least… Pete’s World had gotten completely out of sync with their universe by now—the Doctor had decided to visit Ghealach, a small moon on the other end of the galaxy that was basically a junk shop masquerading as a bazaar. The unique feature of Ghealach, however, was that it was utterly psy-null. Telepathy was strictly forbidden as a security measure; the shop owners didn’t want a telepathic being creeping into their heads to swindle them out of money and supplies.
As such, if the Doctor were to go to Ghealach, it meant his bond with Rose would be silenced.
I’ll be there for just a few hours, he told her that morning. I should be done by the time you’re back, but in the event that I’m not, I don’t want you to worry.
Thanks for telling me. Stay safe, Doctor.
He snorted. I’m not the one blasting myself to the gods know where.
He got the impression she was sticking her tongue out at him, and so he rolled his eyes right back.
Be safe, he murmured, passing a kiss and a caress down their bond.
He piloted himself to Ghealach but stayed in the TARDIS until Rose’s presence faded from his mind, indicating she’d gone on her jump.
Wearily, the Doctor rubbed at his eyes and at the dull throb that pulsed behind his temples. Ignoring the ache, he grabbed his overcoat, swung it around his shoulders, and exited the TARDIS.
Ghealach was bustling with activity. All sorts of creatures were buying and selling, bartering and trading. While he usually loved the atmosphere—all of those people, all that life—he couldn’t stomach it today.
So he moved with a purpose, knowing where he could find the parts that he needed to fix the TARDIS. Well, not exactly fix, as nothing was technically broken. But the mechanisms behind the fine-tune precision needed for landing at the coordinates he set must be going a bit faulty. He was landing in an incorrect time or location more often than usual.
If Rose were there, she would’ve teased him about his poor piloting skills.
Pushing that thought aside, the Doctor strode from tent to tent, turning out his pockets to exchange whatever baubles and trinkets and bits of alien tech he happened to have.
It took nearly two hours, but he finally had all of the pieces he had sought out to find, plus a few extra bits he didn’t need but might one day have use for.
It took another half hour or wandering to find the TARDIS again. He hadn’t realized how far he had wandered into the labyrinthine stalls of the market. But he finally beheld his glorious ship. It was odd not to hear her welcoming hum as he approached. Even his bond with his ship was muted on this moon.
He slid his key into the lock and turned it, pushing the door inward. Her central rotor gleamed in welcome and the lights flickered between bright and dull. As soon as he closed the door behind him, leaving the psy-null territory, he felt his ship’s utter joy and delight.
“I missed you too,” he cooed to his ship, affectionately rubbing one of the coral struts as he draped his coat across it.
It was only when he’d skipped up to the center console that he realized his ship wasn’t the sole presence in his mind.
Oh! You’re back earlier than I thought, he said, cringing. Sorry, love. Didn’t think I'd be on that moon for so long.
Her voice was faint and breathless, and the Doctor clenched his jaw; it sounded as though she was right beside him. He was getting bombarded with a mixture of emotions, strong ones at that. Stronger than he usually felt from their strained bond.
What’s the matter? Everything all right? Jump go okay?
“It’s you… It’s really, actually you.”
He frowned at the display controls of his ship as he worked on sending her into flight. Rose was coming across clearly. He could read every thread of thought and emotion: disbelief, confusion, love, hurt, happiness, desperation. All of it. Everything that was going on inside that beautiful head of hers was broadcast for him to see.
But if he could sense her so easily, then that meant…
Where are you? he asked, frantically tugging the display screen so close to his face that his nose nearly brushed it. He typed at the keyboard fervently, even though he had no coordinates to input. I’ll find you, Rose. I will find you. Gods, you’re here. Where are you? I’ll find you.
A choked sob sounded from his wife, and he reached into himself, into their bond, to cradle her close. A maelstrom hit him, and he couldn’t seem to soothe her, no matter how much comfort and love he swaddled her in.
I know, love. I know. We’re so close. All these years and you’ve finally done it. You’re brilliant, you are. We’re so close now. Just tell me where you are and I’ll come get you and bring you home. But I need to know where you are.
“Turn around.”
Turn around? What? Where are you, Rose? I need as much information as you can give me so I can find you.
“Turn. Around.”
His mind was still churning even as something—someone—touched his shoulder. Fingers gripped his shoulder hard and tugged. Spinning on his heel, his jaw slackened as he beheld the blonde standing before him. Rose. His wife. His bondmate. His everything.
“Rose?” he croaked, clenching his hands into fists at his side.
She looked nearly the same as the day he’d lost her. The planes of her face had sharpened, the roundness of youth having faded over the years, and her hair was a gentler shade of blonde, seemingly professionally dyed rather than a cheap bit of bleaching product she found in the shops.
His eyes roved across her face hungrily, urgently willing her to be real, as his mind sought her out. He hadn’t realized how muffled their bond had become, separated as they were through universes, but now it was in perfect focus, at full power. It was as though a radio station that had been staticky was now tuned.
And all of the emotions swirling through both of their minds was being broadcast on all frequencies. Shock and disbelief and tentative, delicate hope.
“Oh, Doctor!”
Rose launched herself at him, pulling him from his stupor. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, holding her as close as he could. Her warm, small body contoured to his, pressing against every inch of him until there was no space left between them.
Her hands scrabbled at his back, searching for better purchase to cling to him. He buried his nose into the soft spot where her shoulder met her neck and breathed in deeply, inhaling the smell of her. She smelled like energy and electricity, but beneath that was the familiar scent of Rose. Of home.
“What… How…?”
“It worked,” she said, her voice warbling. “The Cannon… it worked. With a bit of help. Needed a bit of alien tech to help brace the Void open, then close it up behind me. Some friendly aliens helped out with that. Though they said the fabric of that reality was already fragile. Not sure what that was about. Torchwood promised to look into it, and I said we’d look into it from this side of things.”
“Fragile?” he asked, pulling away from her. “How can the fabric of reality become ‘fragile’?”
Rose looked like she was about to open her mouth, perhaps to offer her input, but the Doctor realized he didn’t particularly want to talk about the fabric of reality or the universe or anything that wasn’t Rose.
He shook his head and cradled Rose’s jaw in her palm, brushing his thumb against her lower lip. She sighed, her warm breath ghosting across his hand.
“I’ve missed you,” he rasped, raking his eyes over her face to recommit every detail to memory. She was even more beautiful, more breathtaking, than he remembered. “So much, Rose. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t miss you. And I know we were never truly apart, but…”
Rose rocked up onto her toes, fisted her hands in the lapels of his suit, and tugged him down until their mouths met in a hard kiss. All thoughts left his mind as he lost himself in her. The taste of her, the touch of her, the smell of her, the sound of her, the sight of her. His senses were utterly overwhelmed by her, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Pleasure sparked through his veins as their lips moved together in a familiar rhythm of pulling and yielding, sliding and gliding.
A full-body shudder rippled down his spine as his mouth parted for her probing tongue. The little whimper she let out weakened his knees and he stumbled back a step until his backside pressed against the central console of the TARDIS.
Rose followed, not breaking the kiss. The Doctor braced himself against the console, more than willing to let Rose cage him in, resting her weight against his. Their bodies moved together, rocking and writhing as their hands explored every inch of each other that they’d been deprived of for three and a half years.
“I missed you,” he murmured between frantic kisses. “I love you.”
I love you, he whispered into her mind. His half of the bond wrapped around her half even tighter than his body wrapped around hers, needing to feel her everywhere, needing to hold her close to convince himself that this was real, that she was real, and that she was here with him.
“I’m here,” she mumbled against his mouth. I’m here. I’m back. I came back. I love you. I love you.
Her hands moved restlessly across his body, alternating between pressing into the small of his back and his hair. Desire rippled through him as their hips and legs tangled together, rubbing and grinding and relishing all of the sensations they’d been deprived of for these many long years.
Sure, they’d had the mental presence of each other during their separation, but no number of mental embraces could replace a real hug, of being ensconced in another’s arms, two bodies inhabiting one space.
A deep groan rumbled up the Doctor’s chest as he devoured Rose’s mouth. The bedroom was too far away for the utter need throbbing through them both. Hastily removing all necessary pieces of clothing, they joined together on the raggedy old jump seat. Their bodies moved as one, touching and kissing and teasing and tasting until their coupling culminated in the pinnacle of pleasure and love.
Afterwards, they sat slumped together, panting for breath and clinging to each other. The Doctor skated his fingertips up and down the smooth expanse of Rose’s spine. She still had her shirt on, and the fabric bunched and fell with every up and down motion of his hand.
“I love you,” he said groggily, pressing a series of kisses to the column of her throat. His mind was blissfully blank and full of Rose. She was everywhere, filling the deep, dark expanse of his mind with her light and warmth.
“You feel so good,” she sighed, nuzzling closer physically and mentally. “I hadn’t realized how faint our bond had become. But now… God.”
“Mmm,” he hummed in agreement. Then he asked the question that had slowly been eating away at him. “How long were you waiting in here? How did you even find the ship? That moon… you wouldn’t have been able to feel her—or me.”
“Maybe a half hour,” Rose said. “Felt like an eternity. But then I reminded myself that I was lucky enough to have found the TARDIS at all. I would’ve been devastated to know I’d landed here but just missed you.”
He would’ve been devastated too. Even more horrifying was the idea that Rose wouldn’t even have been able to reach out for him to tell him where she was, what with that telepathic dampener suppressing their bond.
“But I was just wandering around when I found the TARDIS,” Rose continued. “I nearly walked right by her at first, ‘cos I didn’t think the jump had actually worked. I figured I was on an alien planet in that other universe. But then I walked past her and the door just… clicked open. That’s when I turned and saw her, and I ran right in.
“But then I wasn’t sure which version of you it would be. Everything about the TARDIS looked the same, so I figured I wasn’t too far off. Then I was beginning to think about how I would explain everything if it was a past you. Especially if it was a past you who hadn’t met me yet; how on Earth would I explain to you who I was and why you needed to help me.”
“The marriage bond would’ve been proof enough,” he assured her, tapping at his temple for emphasis. “The bond transcends time, through regenerations, past and present. No matter which version of me walked through those doors, I would have known who you are.”
“Thank God it was you,” she said. “Though for a minute there I thought I went mad and was invisible.”
He offered her a sheepish grin. “Sorry. I didn’t think to look around the TARDIS. I didn’t expect anyone to be in here.”
She smirked at him, then nestled her head into the crook of his neck, letting out a sated sigh Despite the sound of utter contentment, she murmured, “We should get up.”
“Or we could stay here like this forever,” he countered.
“As wonderful as that sounds, my legs are going half numb,” she retorted. “And I feel disgusting. I could use a shower, if you’d care to join me?”
His belly swooped in renewed desire as he nodded fervently. Rose grinned at him, her tongue poking teasingly out of the corner of her mouth. He pinched her bum for her cheek, causing her to shriek with laughter and swat at his hand.
A daft grin settled across his face at the sound. Oh, how he’d missed her.
He couldn’t help but lean up to plant a row of tiny kisses across her jaw, beginning at the sensitive skin beneath her ear and working his way to the corner of her mouth. He felt her cheek lift in a smile as her hand went to the back of his head to keep him where he was. As if he would ever wish to stop kissing her.
“Shower?” he mumbled against her skin, slowly making a path down her neck.
“Mhm,” she hummed distractedly.
He laughed softly and pressed a final kiss to the hollow of her throat. “Come on. Let’s get cleaned up.”
Rose heaved a great sigh but dutifully lifted herself off of his lap to stand on wobbly legs. He followed suit, and they each fixed their jumble of half-off clothing before they moved, hand in hand, down the corridor of their home.
Part Two (the Christmas fluff) coming soon!
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7! Iam conducting a poll.
7. have you watched miracle day? how could it be improved, other than bringing a character back to life? 
i have watched Miracle Day, and i don’t regret it, i like knowing what happened in it and i enjoyed parts of it (i also hated parts of it).
god, how could it be improved is such a long answer, let’s see if i can break this down.
first of all, one of the main attractions of the series for me was the found family or at least friendship dynamics (i think Torchwood absolutely counts as found family but i also think the showrunners maybe weren’t aiming for that or they would have made different decisions re:plot). Miracle Day absolutely failed to deliver anything even in the ballpark of that. what it did give us that i appreciated: Rhys and Gwen and Anwen family dynamic (and Gwen and her parents), Jack and Gwen (some of it was good, some of it less so), Gwen and Rhys and Andy banter and the kind of background friendship of the people you know you can rely on even if they’re not in your everyday life 24/7.
the rest of it? not a fan. i liked Esther but she wasn’t given enough time with the team, they got 10 episodes and still she felt like an outsider and a friendly acquaintance and strategic ally rather than a member of the team, and let’s not get into how she was sacrificed for no reason. Vera was probably my favourite new character, she was brilliant and badass and a fucking boss and the less said about how they did her dirty the better. Rex i just plain disliked, i’m not sure what they were going for with his character, but it fell flat to me. i could not stand him by the end. at no point in the entire season did i feel like he was a positive addition to the team (probably because he wasn’t an addition to the team, at no point does he feel like part of Torchwood, unlike Esther who i felt was on the way to potentially becoming part of Torchwood, or Vera who was doing her own thing but still felt like an ally). this is very subjective, of course, but the point is, i didn’t like Rex and woud have preferred a different, more likeable character who might still disagree with the rest of the team but did so from a place of mutual respect instead of whatever weird macho competitive thing Rex had going there. this leads me to my next point of contention, which is:
they introduced several new characters, some of which barely related to the plot, and then failed to make me care for most of them, to the point where i was gnashing my teeth and groaning when they kept shoving scenes of them in my face. see: Oswald Danes (and the absolutely rotten and misguided parallel they try to paint between him and Jack makes my blood boil, literally fuck off), Jilly Kitzinger (whose name i had to google because i didn’t retain it), once again Rex (though he at least was important in terms of plot and moving the story forward), and anyone from the families except that blond bitch who worked for the CIA who was at least entertaining to watch. i liked Esther as i said, and i loved Vera so i didn’t mind their scenes even when they weren’t plot-relevant.
third point: it didn’t feel like Torchwood. it felt like they wanted to tell this (admittedly interesting) story and so they wrote it and then shoved Torchwood into it in the same manner a toddler tries to shove a square into a triangle-shaped slot in on of those geometric puzzle games. it didn’t work, is my point. the story itself had so much potential (people stop dying overnight, but this brings so many issues because they’re still getting hurt, they’re still feeling pain, we don’t have enough resources to deal with all the wounded and ill and if this keeps up we’re going to have millions of people our system doesn’t know how to handle and was not prepared for, and all the ethical implications of what to do about it. like when Vera decides that small injuries and illnesses should be treated first because then those people can leave making more room which is what they’re sorely in need of in the collapsing health care system? that’s smart thinking but is that morally sound when the small cases are the ones in the least amount of pain? they’re effectively choosing to leave the worst cases for later, and they are so swamped that who knows when they’ll get to them? anyway, i am fascinated by all the ramifications of this fictional situation and yet... they didn’t deliver imho).
fourth point of contention: the plot didn’t really... hold up to scrutiny. we are told time and time again that Jack’s immortality doesn’t work like that and cannot be passed on through his blood and then they... contradict themselves? if it was in his blood then Alice and Steven and any other descendant would have inherited at least part of it and so would anyone else who got a blood transfusion from him, which i’m guessing has happened considering how Torchwood tends to end in people getting hurt, and there Jack is with an unlimited supply you can’t tell me he wouldn’t jump at the chance to help one of his team or even bystanders who need it. then the big bad behind the entire conspiracy was so close to being interesting and then it turned out to be three mob human families who *handwavy explanations* wanted to fuck shit up, make a profit and maybe live forever? what? the cave walls thingy was not really explained, and Jack’s sudden desire to live, while kind of believable still felt out of character to me? especially at that point when he’s feeling so lost and lonely and depressed. he’s been running after the chance to become mortal again for hundreds if not thousands of years (depends on if we’re counting the almost 2000 years he spent buried alive and how long he was gone in between CoE and MD). i think he wouldn’t be so against it, especially if it meant his death would save Gwen’s family. this is a small point next to the previous ones though (i’m so mad about the blood thing, and i’m still disappointed all the hyping up of the evil behind-the-scenes masterminds led to such a mediocre villain).
there’s more i’m sure but this is already long enough. so, short answer (ha, as if): Miracle Day could have been improved by laying more groundwork in building up a good relationship between the characters (and making Rex more likable and less homophobic); either cutting new shitty characters like Danes and Jilly to very small parts or making their scenes more meaningful or interesting so i wasn’t pulling my hair out in boredom and frustration every time they decided to give them extended screen time despite it adding nothing of worth, not even entertainment, to the show; making the whole thing more compliant to Whoniverse canon; maybe crafting a better more interesting villain; and personally i’d add exploring the moral dilemmas and the ramifications of certain decisions in a lose/lose situation like the Miracle posed (though i don’t know if others would agree with this one).
i’d add making it feel more like Torchwood, but i’m not 100% sure how they’d go about it, considering most of the action happens in L.A., the Hub is gone, Gwen and Jack are kind of estranged and the other 60% of the team we’ve come to know and love has been killed off for cheap shock value in the previous seasons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe have Jack and Gwen talk about the friends they’ve lost, for starters? maybe have little references to what Torchwood used to be peppered throughout? maybe have Gwen and Jack work through Jack’s abandonment and start repairing their friendship on screen, instead of having an unnecessary angst scene where Jack calls Gwen and tries to rekindle their connection only for Gwen to ignore him?? maybe have Jack be willing to die if it means he gets to save Gwen’s baby and husband??? idk just a thought.
i’m going to stop now, feel free to discuss or disagree with me in the notes.
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the-twohearted-dalek · a year ago
Oh dear god, it’s been so long since I’ve watched TW, and I think I only got like 2 seasons in, so forgive me for being limited on these answers XD I need to get back into it.
Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:
Favorite character: Call me basic, but the only reason I watched it was because I feel in absolute love with Captain Jack. However, recently I’ve gotten really attached to Ianto, sooooooo... a tie between those two.
Least Favorite character: Owen. He’s mean to Ianto. >:C
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Yeah, here we go on my limitedness. I really only know about Jack/Ianto, so... that's it.
Character I find most attractive: I A N T O
Character I would marry: I A N T O   AGAIN
Character I would be best friends with: Tosh!! Nerd friends!!! Wait hold on can I include Martha? I know she’s not a main character but she counts
a random thought: Even if I rewatch it, I blatantly refuse to acknowledge Ianto’s death. Banned.
An unpopular opinion: I know it was kinda the point, but I feel like their attempt in trying to make a more “adult” Doctor Who kinda turned into “everyone has sex with everyone all the time with little to no reasoning because WE CAN DO THAT IT’S NOT A FAMILY SHOW”
My Canon OTP: Jack/Ianto, again
My Non-canon OTP: I know some people ship Ianto with... literally anyone other than Jack??? banned
Most Badass Character: I have no idea because it’s deadass been like 6 years since I watched it last
Most Epic Villain: Who’s that one dude played by Spike from Buffy??? That dude. I liked him
Pairing I am not a fan of: Hmmm. Didn’t Ianto try to bang a cyberman at one point?
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Jack because please God let him be happy just one (1) fucking time
Favourite Friendship: Tosh and Gwen, who bonded over having to deal with the other dumbasses
Character I most identify with: Ianto. Just leave me to my fancy suits and gay tendencies,, please
Character I wish I could be: . . . Can I be Ianto and marry him at the same time? Is that allowed?? Just?? Genderbent!Ianto?
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seven-oomen · a year ago
Hi, Ben!  I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well today, and that people are being assholes.  Hopefully they’ll get bored and go away.
Wow, am I glad I didn’t cave to the urge to watch the finale despite being WAY behind.  That sounds so incredibly beyond ridiculous.  Like, what the actual fuck?  I’m used to show writers shitting on fans, but damn.  It definitely feels like one of those “should I laugh or should I cry?” moments.  I just.  Wow…
For your list of shows; I never actually watched How I Met Your Mother, but I do recall the outcry at its ending.  From what I can tell it pulled the same sort of “let’s discard literal YEARS of character development for traditional heteronormative crap” type thing that SPN did. 
And whether you consider the ending of Torchwood to be Season 2, the Children of Earth miniseries, or the Miracle Day miniseries, pretty much all of them had horrifying finales.  Fun fact: when questioned about all the fan uproar and outcry over the ending of COE, showrunner Russell Davies said “[…]a few hysterical women?  Let them go watch Supernatural instead.”, or something very similar.
On a brighter note, I loved the new chapter, and may have…rambled on a bit about that…  Also, I would now like to double down on my suggestion of them singing that to Peter at the wedding, because OMG, just imagine his face.  I just.  My heart…  Also, I’m still laughing about the sloth image.  I don’t know why it amuses me so much, but it really does.  And if you need a pick-me-up, may I suggest revisiting the alpha-shift Peter doesn’t understand/care that he isn’t a lapdog visual.  Because those two images are the main ones helping me look forward to the long shift ahead of me.  XD 
Speaking of I need to leave soon, so I just want to say that I hope your day improves, and you start feeling better.  (Oh, also, awesome cabinet!  And as someone who also has a lot of similar pieces, I empathise with trying to assemble that crap by yourself.  XD )  Take care!  *Hugs!*
Oh thank god you can still talk to me, B. I was a little worried since I had to turn anon off for a few hours (I’ll turn it back on tonight before bed) and make a post to hopefully make people stop messaging me about Hannibal.
Honestly, most people were really polite and trying to give me bookworks of why I am wrong (but they were polite about it) but a few- yeah, I’m an adult and I’m not doing this. 
So hopefully people will have forgotten about it in a few hours. It’s also been reblogged so I can’t delete it anymore either. 
I don’t think it was that controversial what I said and was merely an opinion but they are persistent and very defensive it seems.
Combined with everything I’ve been through in the last few days and well, my thoughts are very, very dark.
And I’m very, very happy to see your message. It’s honestly a light today and thank you, thank you, thank you, for your absolutely amazing review. It makes me smile non stop and it makes me so happy. And I know I can’t say anything but a few comments made me go: YES!!! DING DING WINNER! (When you guessed something right) which means I’m doing something right for you to guess that. But also just yes on the thought of massive wolf Peter Hale acting like a giant lap dog.
Also in the upcoming chapter, Melissa talks about her previous relationships with Scott. Melissa & Claudia?????
Wolf shenanigans!
Wolf Ben being absolutely adorable and getting all the cuddles from the non wolves because PUPPY!!!! 
Massive wolf turned lapdop Peter.
Peter & Malia bonding again.
Jackson has wolf jealousy.
Scott transforms for the first time and gets into an awkward situation. 
Derek being way too tired and grumpy for all this bullshit.
Cuteness to balance out the darkness of the last few chapters.
And yeah this sentence?
I'm pretty sure the phrase "pin them down like an overly affectionate sloth" and it's accompanying mental image will be living rent-free in my head for the next week at least
That made my entire week <3
I was giggling so much when I wrote that scene and so hyped up and I’m so glad you liked it too!
As for the SPN thing, HOLY SHIT! Like I didn’t see it, I read about it, saw all the memes and have now seen a few clips. But WTF??
Yeah my SPN/Destiel heart is just broken. So much potential for a finale, 15x19 would have been a good one. But then...
I was never much into How I met your mother, but I do vaguely recall what happened and yeah that one was pretty bad too. Also star wars should go on that list I feel like, especially with EP9.
I have good hopes for The Mandalorian though, so far so good.
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