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#jaune arc appreciation

Also i wanna point out that jaune stuck the sword in so deep that it was strong enough to hold the weight of 3 people!

37 notes

Cinder floating in the air: You can’t defeat me, Death-wish! I can fly and attack from range, you’re still just a powerless boy without even his toys, while I am an almighty magically girl!

Jaune: A little old to play Maidens, but, alright,*Jaune shrugs* and who said I was without magic?

Cinder, shocked: What?! That’s impossible, only Myself, the Maidens, Salem, and that fool Ozpin have magic!

Jaune: Yeah. *Jaune winding up his arms* It’s only the one spell though. *He grabs his right arm with his left as it begins to glow with an awesome power.*

Cinder: What, what is it boy!

Jaune: The only spell I know.

The light reaches critical levels


Then Jaune punches the air launching a spectral white fist at Cinder, with such speed it creates a afterimage behind it, it hits Cinder with a ear shaking boom knocking her to the ground.

Jaune, smugly: I lied by the way, I don’t know any magic.

CInder groans in defeat.

11 notes

see!? “heal near fatal injuries”

82 notes

Summary: One year, Jaune Arc spent one entire year in another world, a world known as Gloriana. A year that humbled him, while also honing him into a true hero. A year that granted him titles and spread his name across a entire world, but now? He’s back on Remnant, his goal complete to be a hero, he decides to tackle that other goal he has.


First Scene


Jaune appears behind Weiss grabbing her hand with the dust vial.

Jaune: Why are you waving that dust around? It’s got a crack in the glass.

Jaune lets go of Weiss with her attention on him.

Weiss, clearly stunned, then slowly starts feeling the bottle, notice a large crack in the vial.

Jaune: You trying to blow her up? *points at Ruby.*  I think it’s frowned upon to try and blow up other students.

Weiss turns red with embarrassment, but unable to refute what it looks like from the outside.

Blake smirks watching from the shadows.

Ruby smiles at having somebody defend her, and not being blown up.

Weiss : She, she started it by falling on my dust!

Jaune raises a eye brow: Did she mean too? *Turns to Ruby, who looks away shyly* Did you mean to fall on her expensive dust and almost blow you two up?

Ruby now red as her name: N-no, it was an accident.

Jaune gestures to Weiss: What do you know it was an accident, oh well. No damage done, so everybody good?

Nobody is brave enough to confront the tall, blonde man dressed in a dirty Pumpkin Pete hoodie, that was being stretched to it’s limit by sheer muscle mass, and dirty faded jeans and work boots.

Jaune: Ok we are good then. Don’t fight, or I will be back! Understand.

Everybody shakes their head, even Blake.

Jaune walks off the auditorium.

… A minute passes before the girls speak.

Ruby: What class do you think he teaches?

Weiss: Stealth and terror, I didn’t even see or feel him till he was behind me.

Blake watching Jaune from the distance:… Definitely a daddy dom


Scene Two


Ozpin walks out to the cliff overlooking the Emerald Forest.

Jaune with his legs kicking out over the cliffs. “Morning, Headmaster.”

Ozpin jumps up, clearly surprised. He puts a hand over his chest. “How long have you been there Mr. Arc?

“Mmm, about three hours, I got up about four in the morning.” Jaune replys.

Ozpin notices several shiny objects next to the Arc.

“Mr. Arc what do you have there?”

“Oh, these? Found them in the woods last night, when I get bored I like to explore, I found these and thought I’d sell em’ after initiation.”

Ozpin clearly flabbergasted, then says in a strangled voice. “Mr. Arc, would you please put those back?”

“Hmm, why? Finders keepers~.”

“Those are the pieces that decide the teams during initiation, people need to find them in the Emerald Forest for them to pass Initiation!”

“Does that mean I passed?” Jaune asks rolling rook piece across his knuckles.

“Yes, just go put them back, and take one piece that you like! Just please do it fast! Initiation starts in half an hour.”

“Oh? Does it now…”

”I don’t like how that sounds, Mr. Arc.”

“Now, Ozpin just call me Jaune, now let’s talk about what putting these piece are worth to you….”


Scene 3


Jaune after being launched into the forest.

“I wonder if it would be frowned upon for me to kill my headmaster.”

He reaches behind his back and grabs a grappling hook. He twirls the rope and throws the hook at a nearby tree, the hook catching it and pulling the rope tight.

Jaune feels the slight strain in his muscles as the rope trys to yank itself out of his hands, he pulls tighter and lets the rope carry him through the air. The rope swings Jaune towards the tree but Jaune swings up and lets the rope wrap around the tree.

“Now lets find a partner.”


AN:Quest for Glory Crossover with Jaune as the hero. This will be like a alternate timeline that’s more lighthearted than the main version of this story and it’s sequel, which will cover Jaune’s time in Gloria. In the sequel’s sequel that’ll come after that… Well, it’ll be very different.

12 notes

Ozpin: “I appreciate your input James. Had I known a giant chicken would bother to show up at the vytal festival I may not have allowed Arc to attend in the first place, or at least kept him separate from the crowd.”

Ironwood: “It’s just as well, the festival is becoming a disaster even without him around. A student just broke another’s leg after the match was done. I don’t hold it against her, but you know this is terrible optics.”

Ozpin: “Afraid I have more bad news. We can’t keep Jaune Arc here either.”

Ironwood: “Why? Arc killed a guy on international television and you want him free?”

Ozpin: “Now that we know they’re active, the giant chicken will find Arc again, and I would rather it not be in our facilities.”

Ironwood: “Did you hear what I said? The chicken is dead.”

Ozpin: “Trust me, he is not.”

Salem, after getting a briefing about the festival: “I was aware of what happened already. Stay from the giant chickens.”

Cinder: “But what even are they?”

Salem: “They’re the only things I know of besides myself that cannot be killed. They are even better sowers of chaos than the Grimm. That same chicken is currently biding his time and healing back in Mantle. Worst of all, they are largely out of my control. Stay away from them.”

Mercury, listening in: “Wow, even Salem’s afraid of that thing. Shit’s wild, huh?”

Emerald, beside him: “This is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”

I combined two asks. @megareader93-aka-composcreator

36 notes

i dont care what you do to me, but you are not messing with my team

22 notes

“Who dares step up to the King of the Dance!”

                   - Jaune after humiliating any and all challengers on the dance floor.

30 notes

Jaune: “Wow, I didn’t think the Atlas general would show. You saw the match then?”

Ironwood: “Do you not understand the political significance of the Vytal Festival? Not to mention the fact it was broadcasted all across the world even disregarding that?”

Jaune: “The more people who see it, the better! Everyone’s gotta know the Arcs won’t back down from the giant chickens. Besides, he started it.”

Ironwood: “How?”

Jaune: “He showed up.”

Ironwood: *pinches his brow* “And your pride is more important than the Vytal Festival going smoothly? Answer that wrong, and you will not be attending those stands again.”

Jaune: “If I didn’t do anything, the whole world would have seen an Arc stepping down from a fight with a giant chicken. Our pride and reputation is our livelihood! So yes, it’s more important to me.”

Ironwood: *leaves through a door*

Winter: “Sir?”

Ironwood: “I only have more questions. I have to let Ozpin know I would recommend he does not let Mr. Arc back in the arena.”

Adam, after reviewing the match: “Gods, it’s already started. But at least the chicken wasn’t wearing White Fang gear, and it took place away from us… we were lucky this time that the chaos does not harm us now, but this is a dangerous game.”

Emerald back in the dorms after the match: “Okay, what the fuck was that?”

Neo: *shrugs*

Mercury: “Haaahaha! Oh, I dunno but it was great. Made my day. Anyways, fights probably break out all the time in the stands. Nothing to worry about.”

Cinder: “And that attitude, is why you are not in charge. What it was, was an outlier that I did not expect. And I hate surprises. Let’s make sure we work on finding out more about this boy. By we, I of course mean you.”

Emerald: *sigh* “Fine.”

Saphron, calling up Papa Arc: “Dad! Did you see what happened with Jaune!?”

Papa Arc: “I sure did sweet heart. *sniffle* I’ve never been so proud…”

Saphron: “I know right!? It was awesome!

Terra: “You all are nuts.”

68 notes

Your ship reaction to Jaune being his usual charming, handsome, muscular, adorkable self

60 notes

Due to growing up with seven sisters, a mother, a huntsman father, and several visiting family members Jaune was always the last to take a shower, and never had hot water. As the order of importance, as Guests, His father, His mother, and whichever sister got there afterwards.He’s taken this in good humor, as you cannot miss something you’ve never had. Yes there were multiple showers, one in the master bedroom, one in the guest bedroom, one in the twins bedroom, one downstairs, and one outside (for his dad when he got back from a hunt) but there was only one good water heater.

So at Beacon Jaune has taken to showering last in his team with cold water, something he’s come to enjoy from a decade of usage.

Jaune is also mostly immune to getting Cold shock.

A side benefit is making his teammate even more fond of him, thinking him very selfless. Jaune is unaware of this, but he is their beloved lead headed leader.

Order of Importance for showers JNPR

Ren: Hyperclean from years of trying to keep clean on the roads.

Pyrrha: Loves a good shower after a long day of intense training.

Nora: After she’s calmed down for a day and notices the dried syrup she dives into the shower.

Jaune: Doesn’t notice a wait, and occupys his time productively.

18 notes

Jaune: “Shower sex? Why would I do that in my crying chamber?”

55 notes

Aura amp has always been active since Pyrrha awakened Jaune’s Aura, it’s what allowed Jaune, beside natural talent, to be hitting as hard as he does, tank hits as good as he does, because Aura amp has been amplifying his abilitys to compete with people with years of training in aura, combat, and intense physical conditioning. With the added bonus of increasing his mental abilities allowing him to learn and grow faster.

TDLR: Aura Amp is a broken semblances, basically free kiao-ken.

Also; Good fucking thing Jaune didn’t get trained earlier in life or he’d be unfucking stoppable, doesn’t matter if you’ve trained the same amount of time, he would learn faster, hit harder, takes hit’s better, and grow faster than you, also doesn’t matter if you break his aura, he’ll restore it near instantly and heal back all the damage you’ve done. He’d be the next best thing to a god.

12 notes

Due to Jaune growing up around so many women, he almost never got a pick on movie night with his sisters so they always choose scary movies to watch his adorable reactions, over time though this effect became weaker and weaker, to the point Jaune has become effectively immune to jump-scares, and now enjoys watching scary movies, whether to watch a so bad it’s good movie full of jump scares or watching a genuine horror movie with no jump-scares, but full of atmosphere.

TD:LR Jaune is immune to Jumpscares and likes horror movies. My addition to the Movie Buff Jaune Fact.

AU: Gonna write a prompt about this eventually.

28 notes

Author’s Note: I really badly want to write a gamer!Jaune Fanfic, but getting a system to work that makes sense to me has been a bitch to deal with, and no, I don’t want to use the system from the Gamer, it’s over used. So I’ve been making my own system from the ground up. Any the story’s nowhere near ready for day light. Also, the main focus would be on Jaune and his immediate family and that drama, so pretty OC heavy. It’d also start pretty early in his life around ten or so, he also isn’t very interested in being a hunter, just making sure his family is happy and alive.

Any-who: Here’s a scene clip from my head, that’ll be better fleshed out later.

Scene: The Waterfront Cafe

Jaune hurriedly walks back and forth through the cafe, makings sure the dozen or so customers were being well cared for, while he cooks their food.

It was only midday, but he had already make a decent profit, meaning he didn’t have to work into the evening and keep the cafe open. A couple more weeks and he might have enough to permanently hired a waiter; For now though, he was soloing his way through running his sisters-… his cafe.

He shook his head and focused on the positive today. Like how he was fifteen years old and a successful business owner, well several businesses… and other things that were definitively illegal. but like Roman says “Legal is for people who don’t want to get rich.”

The thought of his friend, even if Roman would never admit it, brought a genuine smile to his face. He hoped Roman his enforcer came to visit soon. They made for good conversation, and were good tippers, even if the other one got a little grabby. Still, Roman had yet to send him a time to keep the Waterfront open for him to visit, so he’d have to keep a look out for one of his runners.

Only Jaune Arc would think so casually about having a powerful crime boss as a friend and customer, and his stab-happy murder goblin enforcer.

Also only Jaune Arc would fail to notice despite his Perception well over 70 that his genuine smile cause all who saw it to melt and turn their legs into jelly.

“First time?”
“What? What do you mean? And what the hell was that!?” A customer whisper yelled.

“The Jaune Arc Smile, it has an effect on people. Beside the divine cooking, it’s one of the reason people come here.”

“… That’s insane.”

“Oh, definitely. But, is that going to stop you from coming back?”

“I said that this was insane, but I didn’t say I was stupid. I haven’t felt so content in years.”

The two customers drifted off into conversation.

Jaune still failing to notice, having a professional standard of not ease-dropping on his customers.

Of course with that being the case Jaune failed to notice the two loud-mouth women who walked in and sat down at a table like they owned the place.

Neither woman was particularly attractive, or in shape, in-fact the only interesting thing about either was the fact that they both had dyed grey hair with grey contacts. With the only thing differing about the two, was the taller one was fat, and the shorter one thin.

“So, I said “what are you part of the Alpha Male Huntsmen agenda? Cause if you don’t give me that purse for free I’m going to cry rape!” Then he gave it to me and ran his little ass back to home.” The taller one said

“Oh, you are such a bad bitch!.” Replys the shorter one.

“Oh, don’t I know it, so why are we here?”

“Oh, you don’t know, the food here is killer! Or, so I heard.”

“Really? It just looks like a shitty little cafe, the only thing really note is the location.”

“Yeah, I saw it while looking on the Scroll. Also, the service is great, but the thing is… It’s only run by one guy! You know what that means?” Shortys says


““Free lunch!”“The a pair says together.

“When this glass of water get here!?”

“See, told you get the service was great!”

Jaune appears before the table, apron on, long golden hair in a ponytail and, notebook in hand. “Did some say service?

“Oh shit!”

“Fuck! Where did you come from?!”

“Sorry Misses. I thought you two would like some service? I can give you more time if you’d like.”

The two get a full view of Jaunes features, reducing themselves into a blushing stuttering mess.

“There are you can scan the table for the menu if you like, or check the website, I’ll give you some more time.” Jaune says leaving with another pearly white smile.

Further burning out the pair’s brain cells.

A few minutes later.

“How, how can guy be so gorgeous? You said he was a guy right!?” The taller one says

“Yeah, I did! All the reviews say he’s a guy!” Shortys says. “Like read this here, “The server is amazing, he always arrives on time, never pry’s, but will always listen, what he cooks can only be called art and a world wonder, I am always happy to tip!”

The pair look at each other. “I thought it was reviewer bias.”

“What ever, gorgeous or not, I’m getting a free meal today.” Say the fatter one.

The shorter one looks more hesitant. “I don’t know,, he looks so nice, it almost feels like a crime…”

“What do we care about crimes, when it’s the Alpha Male Huntsman Regime oppressing us!”

“… I’ll stick to paying, you do you though…” The shorter of the pair says, twirling her hair, heavily reconsidering keeping a different color.

“Whatever traitor, I’ll show you, and then you’ll see I’m right!”

“Suuure.” The shorter, and obviously smart one says disbelieving, ‘If he’s that pretty and nice, there’s no way that’s going to happen, cause either he’s way tough, or someones looking after him, otherwise this place would be out of business, with people trying to take advantage of him. ’

Half an hour later.

The larger one has several plates and cups empty before her, seemingly having everything on the menu, holding her bloated stomach in a state of ecstasy.

The shorter one only having finished a two plates, having had a club sandwich and muffin, along with the house brew, filling just the right amount of full and very content.

“Misses?” Jaune says “I hope you found everything to your liking.” His smile sweet like sugar, but warm like the spring breeze.

The shorter one blushes hard. “Uh, uh, yes” She finally squeaks out. “it was amazing…”

“’S alright, I guess” The fatter one says appearing disappointed and unimpressed.

Jaune seems a little hurt by the fatter one’s opinion, causing several other customers to look on murderously at the fat woman.

She is unfortunately oblivious to this.

Jaune lets go of the expression.” Well, my apologies miss, I’ll makes sure it’s better next time.”

‘It can get better!’ The fatty thinks.

The murderous glares grow sharper.

“I thought it was really good!” The shorter one says standing up, and then realizing how insanely tall and large Jaune is compared to her, and even her friend. His thighs being bigger than her torso, his pecs standing higher than she is and her friend. Yet he moved like the wind and with the grace of a dancer.

The large fatty snorts in disdainfully at her soon to be former friend.

“Now would you like to pay to together or separately?”

“I’m not pay-” The tall fatty begins.

“Separately.” Only to be cut off by the shorter one. Who, glared at her, clearly unimpressed by her soon to be former friend.

Jaune nods and goes off to get their bills.

“The fuck was that! I was about to get us a free feel, bitch!”

“You were about to get us both kicked from the best cafe in the kingdom!”

“You, ungrateful cunt!”

“Whatever, I don’t need your approval,” She spots Jaune and walks over to take the bill, and tips him, before walking a way with an obvious skip in her step.

“Ma’am her is your bill-”

“I’m not paying.”

“Come again?”

“I’m not paying you shit, you piece of garbage!” The woman says with a sneer.

Jaunes eyes narrow, he pulls up a chair and sits down staring her in the eyes.

“Why would that be ma’am, was there something not to your liking?” Jaune say his voice changing from airy, bubbly and sweet, to a deep, harsh, and cold tone. It was listening to a pop-star mixed with meowing of a kitten, and all the warmth of breezy, sunny  spring day, to a cold winter night in Mantle while listening to a murdering whisper death-core to you .

The fat grey-head shook with intense fear for all of three second before speaking again, but not without withdrawing her eyes from his own.

“I said before I’ll say it again bastard, I’m not paying you a cent, you Valiaen Huntsman supporting shitlord!”

“My father’s a huntsman, if you have a problem with them please, do keep them to yourself.”

“I’ll say whatever I want shitlord! And if you so much as touch me, I’ll scream you rape you rapist shithole!” The woman says, suddenly getting her confidence back, remembering that she’s the one with power in this situation, or so she thinks. “An if you try anything, beside letting me walk out of here without paying, I’ll make sure you never see your family again, or even better, make sure your whole Huntsman propaganda spewing familys face’s kicked from the kingdom! And guess what fuckup? I going to come back here tomorrow with my friends and your going to give us all a free-”

“Quiet.” A single word came from Jaune’s mouth, but from the way the woman closed her mouth it looked like he shut her mouth with his own two hands.

Jaune stopped holding back his overwhelming level of Personality and letting it Project forward, all 80 levels of it and his maxed out Intimidation.

The fat woman suddenly became aware of how close Jaune was to here, how big his hands are, how long and strong his arms are, he wouldn’t even need to get up to grab her neck across the table and his hands could cover her entire next with ease, it would take no effort for him to kill then and there, and that shook her.

From the corners of her eyes it was like she could she the other customer turnign way with, but not out of fear, but with intense glee! He could kill her then and there and they wouldn’t say a word, they might even help!

Jaune spoken and with it came a weight so heavy that it choked the words out of her.

“Listen here, I’m going to say this once and never again, after I finish telling you this, you will be like you never existed to me, is that clear?” Jaune said to her with a sinister, cold and happy smiles. It was like looking at an open grave with her name on it.

She nodded with all her force, and barely let out a ”Yes,” Feeling hyper-aware of Jaune and his body, easily seeing him choking her, hitting her and smashing her face in, taking a knife to her neck letting her bleed out, the phantom pain of a eye being gouged out, and near endless death Jaune could bring to her, all while listening to him.

“I was being humble earlier, but you don’t downplay my cooking, I”m the best chef without a degree in the kingdom, In a couple months I will be the best chef in the kingdom. I am the best cafe in this kingdom. I am no rapist, but even if I was why would waste my time going after, a fat, loose, stupid, boring, and painfully annoying creature as you, do you think my standard are low enough to be in the sewer, because that where I’d fine you, But, I could accept all of that abuse.” Jaune rapid-fired at her, “But,” His eyes looked at her like razors. “But, you tried to bring my family into this… And, NOBODY, AND, I MEAN NOBODY, BEING, OR, ENTITY! MESSES WITH MY FAMILY! IS THAT YELL YOU FUCKING MICROSCOPIC, WORTHLESS, VACUUM OF INTELLIGENCE, PARASITE!?” Jaune said to her calmly before yelling at her, his voice like a hurricane on steroids made of pure anger.

The woman shook before him, tearing falling freely, squeaking out in pure terror for her life. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry-”

Jaune shook out another caverous roar. “BITCH! I did not ask for your worthless sorry ass to say SORRY! I ASKED IF YOU GOT IT?! WELL? DID YOU FUCKING GET IT?!”

“YES, SIR I GOT! I’M SO SORRY! PLEASE DON’T-“ The woman screamed in terror,


She ran, she ran like her life depended on it, a trail of piss following her,  ugly crying all the way home.

Jaune then turned to his customers. “I’m sorry, about that folks,” His voice once again melodic and beautiful. “But, I’m sure that will not happen for about a month or two.”

“Don’t worry we didn’t see anything.” His regulars said, with smug grins and some outright laughing or recording to put on dustube.

“Well, since y’all didn’t see anything, I say free coffee and today pie on the house!”


Jaune then cleaned the table, and grabbed several glasses to refill, before returning the kitchen.

Returning to the two customers from earlier.

“What was that?”

“Oh that, don’t worry about that, it comes and goes, but we regulars call it free coffee and desert day.”

“That’s insane… Who wouldn’t pay for this food?”

“You got a good head on you, kid.”

Jaune was in the kitchen cooking with one hand, and typing into his scroll behind his back with the other.

‘Junior, I got a favor to call in.’


‘The Malachite’s saw everything.’

Jaune smirked evilly.

‘Good, tell them I’ll have their favorites ready when they get here… And something for you too.’

With Junior.

Junior: Happy crime boss noises.

The Next day.

The short grey hair girl arrived just as Jaune was opening.

“I am so sorry! About that I’d like to apologize for the idiots behavior.”

“Oh it’s fine, I get customers like that from time to time. Now though I must say you look better without out those grey eyes. Brown suits you better.”

The short hair-girl blushed heavily, having stopped using the color contacts.

“Thanks you…”

“Now would like some breakfast?”


Authors note:Whew, that was exhausting, but I think it turned out ok.

By the way I came up for some names for the customers.

The first regulars name is Bronson

The new guy is Becker

The fat girl is Licorish

The shorter girl is Gracie

If your curioius why Jaune’s not in school and running a his sisters cafe, or where his sister is, that will all be touch on in the story.

Now here’s Jaunes Stats

Jaune Arc

15 and ¼


Strength: 68 Speed: 72

- Toughness: 6 - Grace: 7

Wits: 53     Wisdom: 82

- Calculation: 5 - Mental Fortress: 8

Personality: 80 Perception: 75

- Attraction: 8  -Sensory : 7

- Anima:390 (This option is greyed out)

- Aura Level: 3900 (this option is greyed out)

Now these are still subject to change.

He’s maxed out: Cooking, Dancing, Intimation, CQC, MMA, Valerian Boxing, Valerian Fencing, Short blade, Cleaning, Stealth, Sprinting, Climbing, Voice Manipulation, Body Control, ????? That’s all I’m listing for now, but it will only grow.

Traits:???? Heheh, watch and wait.

That’s all for now fokes. Have a beautiful day.

22 notes

Cinder has Pyrrha pined beneath her heel, the girl struggling under her, but very weakly as she bleeds from dozens of different glass wounds. Cinder then grinds her glass heel into her, the sadistic glee and smug pride radiating off in waves could almost be felt.

“So much for the oh, so Invincible Girl,”

“Huh, haha”

“You know what my favorite part of this is?“

Pyrrha doesn’t even try to answer, tears welling up in her eyes from the pain and struggle to breath.

Cinder leans down to her. “How easy it was to kill-”

“HEY.” A shout echoed throughout the smoky night, Cinder paid it no mind and continued on. “HEY. HOT AND SEXY!“ The voice faded into the roar of the flames around her, as she took her time hurts the girl.

Only for pain to erupt through the side of her head.The force rocking her back a foot away from the sheer force of the impact.

“AGGH” Cinder cried, as what felt like a high-impact sniper rifle hit her in the temple.

Then another impact hit her in the stomach, making her involuntarily bend over. She felt glad skipped dinner now.

“BITCH, I AM TALKING TO YOU!” The voice roared out through the night. It sounded strangely familiar to her now, and dread creeping up her back.

She hesitantly looked up, and froze in terror.

There stood Jaune Arc in all his glory, tattered to all hell and back, armor dented, burned, and slashed. Half of his face was a bruised, and the other half on fire. Where a shirt should be on his stomach was just a giant burning stab wound that healed the longer she looked at it.

She looked into his eyes and say a disturbing mixture of love and hate for her, but what scared her most was in his hand, an apple.

Cinder felt across her head and it came back sticky and mushy, like applesauce.

Jaune Arc had hit her with an apple. Twice.

The smirk across his face was terrifying as it glowed white with his aura, the aura could be seen pulsing in time to his healing, the flames dying slow on him.

The apple glowed a blinding white, like a flashbang, then pain erupted into breast as another apple knocked her on her ass.

“You, think that’s bad?” The boy-, no the demigod said above her, when did he get in front of her? Why was the Nikos faliure wounds closing? What is even going on?!

“The nights just getting started!” Jaune roared, revealing an entire barrel of apples behind him.

“But, one thing first,“ Jaune said to Cinder as he grabbed an armful of apples. “How you like these apple?“


“Too late, double apple attack!”


AN: Don’t worry I like Cinder, she didn’t die. Just living as Jaune’s pain-slut.

3 notes

The 2v2 battle between Nora/Pyrrha and Neptune/Sun was about to get underway, the two groups staring each other down.

Sun: “What’s taking so long for them to say go? Let’s get this show on the road!”

Oobleck: “Everyone please! Clear the area, but there’s no need to panic!”

Ren: “Everyone get away from them! They’re crazy!”

Nora: “Huh?”

Jaune was smashed through the protective barrier that separated the arena from the onlookers and fell with a big THUD on the ground.

Neptune: “Hey no fair! What’s your leader doing here?”

Pyrrha: “Jaune?” *starts running up to him* “What happened!?”

Jaune: “GET BACK! The giant chicken’s here!”

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92 notes

Pyrrha: And you’re sure that’ll you be fine alone while we go into Vale with team RWBY, Jaune?

Jaune: Don’t sweat it Pyrrha, I just need some me time to decompress.

Nora: Oh? And what does this alone time entail Fearless Leader? *Wags her eyebrows* Going to have a date with a pair of rosey-

Pyrrha & Jaune *Red-Faced*: NORA!

Ren *Covers Nora’s mouth and pulls her outside*: And, that is our cue to leave. Enjoy your alone time Jaune. (Under his Breath) Wish I could have some.

Pyrrha and Jaune still Red-Faced.

Jaune: Uh, maybe you should follow them?

Pyrrha is unresponsive.

Jaune tries to get Pyrrha’s attention: Pyrrha? Pyrrha?

Pyrrha is staring at Jaune’s crotch.

Jaune using his leader voice: PYRRHA!

Pyrrha jumps out of her trance: YES MASTER!?

Jaune raises an eyebrow: How about you go with them Pyrrha, and don’t worry about me, I’m just going to relax today, and maybe watch some movies, I dunno.

Pyrrha still a little flush: SIR, YES SIR! *walks out the door.*

Jaune: I will never understand that girl.

Several moments pass.

Jaune rushes to the door, puts his ear to the door, listens closely for any interlopers. Very carefully opens door, peers out to make sure no-one is hiding or coming to his room. After verifying his safety, he closes the door and locks it.

Jaune then goes to the bath room and grabs some towels and shoves them in front of the door, and then makes sure the windows are closed and curtains closed too.

Jaune lets out a low, ominous laugh: My time has come at laugh.

*Tosses off all his clothes off except his boxers*

*Pulls out his secret Lapscroll, browsing with excited laughter*

Jaune: Yes, yes! I found just what I’m looking for!

*Jaune runs over to his dresser, he stumbles, but catches himself, and then picks out a pair of socks… And then a white button up… A black tie, and finally a pair of sunglasses*

*Jaune then slides up to his bed, fly as all hell dressed up in his baby blue, tight as hell boxers,white socks, white button up, black tie, and sunglasses. He pulls out Crocea Mors from behind his pillows, he likes to keep it on hand in-case of nighttime intruders, and having nothing to do with him needing something to cuddle when sleeping.*

Jaune lets out another excited laugh: The time is nigh.

Jaune walks over to the LapScroll, and hits the video.

- Insert and Play (Billy Idol’s Dancing With myself) -

Jaune starts grooving to the beat, and shifting them hips, and swing his booty to the song. Then with a quick dash his slides across the floor with his socks grabbing Crocea Mors with both hands and singing in to the hilt.

~ On the floors of Mistral, or down in Mantle town to go-go
With the record selection and the mirror’s reflection
I’m a-dancing with myself ~

-Scene Break-

Several Sweaty hours later.

With RWBY and NPR

Ruby: That was fun!

Nora: Yeah! We should do that again!

Ren: Hopefully with two whole teams instead of one and three quarters. (Under his breath) I’m sick of having to be one of the girls, I need my bro with me.

Yang: Sure, just doesn’t feel right without good’ol vomit boy.

Weiss, asking curiously: Speaking of which, why didn’t he accompany us today. *Annoyed Look* Usually, he’d take any chance to go out with me.

Pyrrha, eye-twitching with rage: He just needed some me time. Away from *Looks discreetly at Weiss* Everybody.

Yang starts laughing: A boy, needing alone time, hehehe, we all know what that means, hehehe.

Pyrrha flushes again.

Ruby: hehehe,  yeah we know what that means… *Looks to Weiss and loudly whispers* What does it mean?

Weiss shrugs.

Blake has no strong opinion one way or the other.

Nora laughs and Looks at Ren: Called it. Hey! We’re here!

Ren briefly thinks about being the voice of reason, but Jaune did leave him alone with seven women for six hours, seven overbearing and powerful women. He gets what’s coming to him.

*Slight music can be heard*

Yang: Geez, how obvious can you be?

Yang *Tries the door*

Yang: Well, Played Jauney-Boy, Well Played. But, the old door locking trick won’t stop me for long.

Yang *Cocks her fist*

Pyrrha: Wait! Let me open the door.

Yang *Uncocks her fist, a shell is inexplicably shot out of her forearm* : Bastard out smarts me once again.

*Clicks card* Door opens, Revealing Jaune in all his glory and singing into Crocea Mor’s ~Pour some Sugar on me!~

All of them pause, except for Jaune still singing.

They soak in what they’re seeing.

Boy what a sight.

Jaune leaning over Crocea Mors slightly, his blonde bangs slick with sweat and sticking to his face.His skin flush red from effort. His shirt had come undone during his afternoon, leaving sculpted pecs to be seen, sweat dripping down between them into his shredded and powerful abs, the drops of moisture then following a trail into his tight adonis belts, before disappearing into his tight boxers, which leave nothing to the the imagination.

The girls (And Ren) keep staring, seeing broad shoulders underneath the soaked through shirt, and rippling back muscles. His legs were also of note, cause damn, they went on for days!

Jaune stops singing after the song ends.

*Notices he not alone*

Jaune briefly contemplates suicide, before shrugging and saying unusually nonchalantly: Well, you caught me. But, to be honest it was bound to happen eventually, either that or one of you would catch me masturbating.

Jaune walks over to the Scrolltop and hits play on another video: You can either stay and watch, leave… Or join in, your choice.

Pyrrha internally:I’m going to ride him till one of us breaks, but first I must reboot.

Pyrrha - faints from over stimulation.

Ruby squeaks out: Hot boy, weapons, best friend, best friends a hot boy with a weapon! TWO OF THEM!?

Ruby - faints the combination was super effective.

Weiss: OH NO HE”S HOT!

Weiss - Faints, she’s rejecting reality right now.

Blake with a river of blood coming down her face: Nya~ (Breed me, you Adonis stud, I want a litter demi-gods children!)

Blake - Oh, no! Blake whited out!

Nora, already standing next to Jaune dressed in the same outfit.: Oh, you better believe I’m joining in!

Nora - Horny and ready to dance! Wondering about an orgy!

Yang going through Jaunes dressers for clothes to join: Me too! Also, hot damn Vomit- I mean Lover Boy!~

Yang - Fired up and Ready to go! Likes what she sees.

Ren, carefully setting up the other in comfortably positions. Shrugs: Sure why not.

Ren: Impressed by his leaders body. Ready to dance.

Jaune: Cool.

Jaune: Oblivious to everything that’s just happen.

The door to the dorm closes with the image of Jaune, Ren, Nora, and Yang dressed in White shirts and sunglasses.

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jaune has training by the best champion fighter and team of spec ops, and mix with his own frankish/norman fighting style.

so thats pankration, mixed with a version of a militarty style and norman/frankish sword shield style

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fun fact the “obi ani spin” is a real technique

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