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#rwby headcanon

Headcanon that the backpack and exoskeleton part of “Fast Knuckles” wasn’t originally part of it and they were originally just armoured gauntlets

Harriet was injured in battle and either had to redesign it or had it redesigned (Because Atlas will always be Atlas) to include a bracer like what Winter is currently using.

It feels like that injury probably happened when Tortuga died.

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New theory/headcanon: Summer and Raven were definitely partnered up at Beacon.

Why? Because as has been well-established by Ruby, Maria and even what little we’ve seen of Summer herself, Silver-Eyed Warriors are always loaded with death imagery and motifs (Ruby’s scythe/sniper rifle and red color scheme, Maria’s Grim Reaper/Day of the Dead aesthetic, Summer’s white cloak, etc). So of course Summer would end up having the girl named Raven who would also end up being a raven as her partner and also possibly/probably/definitely her girlfriend.

(And yes, crows do have plenty of association with death as well, but I think we can all agree that ravens tend to be even more closely associated. Quoth the Raven and all that. )

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Was looking for an excuse to post something like this, when I found out it’s arospec awareness week! And if there’s any time to bring up aroace Ruby supremacy, this may be it. (Canon can bite me.)

(Alternate versions under the cut)

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Okay so in RWBY there are the occasional references to real world media (Especially in earlier volumes) like ‘Spruce Willis’ and Daft Punk literally being the DJs at the Vol.2 dance.

So, with that in mind: There is an equivalent to the band Dragonforce somewhere in Remnant and Hunters absolutely love them, to the point where “Through the Fire and Flames” is considered an unofficial anthem.

This was in no small part inspired by hearing a cover version fom Jonathan Young….Also since Caleb Hyles was on the Vol.7 soundtrack and Caleb and Jonathan have done a lot of work together already I would love to hear Jonathan work on a song for RWBY

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An: coming right up!



Originally posted by sometiredguy

  • She doesn’t mean to watch him for as long as she finds herself doing
  • She only meant to watch for a second but watching him push himself is fascinating
  • She is used to seeing him train normally when they are together
  • But this is more than she had ever seem him push himself
  • Seeing his frustration and and wanting to grow faster than he seemed to be
  • When she heard him talking to himself it made her blush
  • It was the sweetest thing she’d heard him say
  • She wanted him to know how she felt but she decided to continue to do her best for him
  • And support his growth and his own happiness
  • She wouldn’t want to embarrass him by letting him know she over heard



Originally posted by sirianhewigxiii

  • She happens across it largely on accident
  • Shebwqs looking for him and happened across his training session
  • She wouldn’t want to bother him when he is working so hard
  • So she sits and she waits to see how he does
  • And seeing him pushing himself so hard would be sort of inspiring to her
  • He works so hard as it is and seeing him go above and beyond would only make her that much more proud
  • And when she hears him speak it means so much to her
  • Knowing all that effort went into protecting her drives her to protect him just as much
  • And it is incredibly sweet
  • She wouldn’t say anything but she would smile fondly every time she thinks back on that memory for a long time



Originally posted by aliza---e

  • She was looking for him since he had vanished to train for a long while
  • She doesn’t want him to overdo it all burn himself out
  • She does find him still training by himself tucked out of the way
  • She watches more than she planned to when she spotted him
  • But she does like seeing him working out and it’s hard to pull her eyes away from him
  • When he finally stops and let’s out a sight before talking to himself
  • Hearing what drives him is protecting her makes Blake’s heart skip a beat
  • It makes her want to work harder to keep him going as well
  • She’s always there to have his back and keep him safe or just keep him company after training
  • And she is sure to make sure he is taking care of himself



Originally posted by rwbysquad

  • She honestly cannot get over it
  • He always has been a hard worker but lately he had been pushing himself harder and harder
  • She has been trying to find out what he’s up to for a long time
  • But she’s hit a wall and is wandering when she does happen across him
  • And she doesn’t mean to stare but she has a hard time looking away in the best situations
  • Seeing him sweating and pushing himself is a little distracting
  • And when she hears him talk it warms her whole heart
  • She let’s him put his hard work to practice and pays him back of course
  • But letting him get her back really makes her feel protected
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OKAY SO here are 6 for them. If you need more just ask 😍

Marrow loves headpats. He shows it when it’s just him and Weiss, but he gets a little flustered when she does it around others.

Marrow calls Weiss “Princess”, she says she hates it but secretly she likes it and it makes her blush. But only Marrow can call her by the nickname.

Marrow will randomly give Weiss flowers. Doesn’t need to be a specific or special occasion he just wants to make her smile.

Weiss calls Marrow “Puppy”, some of his actions remind her of a cute little puppy and that’s where the nickname came from. Marrow doesn’t mind it as it makes her happy.

Weiss loves having her hair played with, so when they are cuddled up together, Marrow will run his fingers through her hair.

Weiss also loves playing and braiding Marrow’s hair. Marrow loves this so started braiding her hair as well.

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Do you ever just ask how the fuck qrow got his name I mean look look

Yeah bad luck but bro


What did qrow do or when he was born happened 🤔🤨🤨🤨

  1. I looked at his birth day when it was totally fine August baby
  2. Context so limited especially through back in vol 4

Possible headcanons and theories

Of what we got

Something happened in the tribe witch my involved of

1 / tribe getting ambushed form the outsiders when he was born

2/ something happens to there parents like mom died giving birth to him 🤔

Or is it possible that in the tribe when your born you are not given a name until you earn it

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*Crap gets DARK in this, just a wee bit though, nothing bad. Just a dysfunctional family. Last headcanon is sorta nsfw, if just depends on how you take it. It’s after the: Keep Reading.*

Headcanon’s are becoming my thing now, I guess: 

  • While Terra may be the main breadwinner for the family, Saph is basically a stay at home mom. 
  • Despite that, Saph was actually once a Huntress, but because of a really bad injury from before Adrian was even born, she’s never been able to go back to it. 
  • Adrian has a bunch of cousins, actually. 
  • Arc family reunion? Hell in three words. 
  • Saph’s the second oldest of eight siblings though, so she shuts them up. 
  • The first time Terra realized that maybe she did indeed want kids was during one of these hellish family reunions. 
  • Saphron was over with one of her sisters son and daughter, and they were just having the best time around Saph. She’s the best aunt of the eight sisters. Screw it, she even outclasses Jaune as uncle. 
  • It was then Terra realized. 
  • Three of the other Arc sisters caught on and didn’t stop giving crap for a month after the reunion. 
  • Cotta family reunion? Chaotic, typically involves shouting, crying, and a lot of pain. Terra never had the best fam in terms of getting along, but she tries. Especially once Adrian is born, because it’d be nice for him to have two sets of grandparents. 
  • She has one older brother who is entirely disconnected from the family, they’re parent’s were never even in a relationship. She hasn’t gotten along with her brother or parents since her and her bro were teenagers, either. 
  • After: she needs a lot of hugs. 

  • Saphron hates horror movies, especially ones about Grimm. There’s to many bad memories in that. 
  • Terra on the other hand? Traditional horror movies are great, but for Saph’s sake she’ll back off from horror movies centered around Huntsmen.
  • Terra can’t get through a comedy film. Five minutes in, she’ll “Go to the bathroom,” and come back when the movies over. 
  • Saphron loves ‘em. 

How’d they meet? 

  • At the base. 
  • Saph was in trouble for “interfering with military business,” aka getting there before the military and busting more Grimm a* than them. 
  • In the middle of Cordo chewing her out, Terra walked in too tell her about something and Saph’s first words were: 
  • “Can she chew me out instead?”
  • After a long pause of silence, Cordo starting fining Saphron for harassing one of her employees, and ordered Terra out.
  • After, Terra began profusely saying she was sorry, but Saphron laughed it off and her reply?
  • “Then if no one else is scheduled for the afternoon, you can pay me back with lunch on Saturday.”

Unlike Jaune, Saphron has mastered the art of making girls swoon over her. This was her final attempt, for the better. 

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RWBY headcanon

Tyrian is 1000% neurodivergent , I just know it

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Dove is the brains of Team CRDL. Cardin thinks with his fists, Russel thinks with his legs, and Sky doesn’t think.

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Neo headcanon (again) : Neo was an orphan and was taken in by torchwick

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Another RWBY headcanon

While in Vacuo Tyrian keeps complaining about the desert and being too hot then Mercury is like wtf your a scorpion then Tyrian calls him racist

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New RWBY headcanon

Watts invented the hoverboard. We all saw Salem zooming like… home girl was on a hoverboard courtesy of Watts. He’s like ugh James never appreciated my genius, the hoverboard…

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𝘾𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝙁𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙭 𝙁𝙚𝙢!𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙣𝙨

(for this I wasn’t sure if you wanted Volume 1 Cinder or the Volume 7 Cinder so I wrote for both!)


Originally posted by cho-misa

𝔙𝔬𝔩𝔲𝔪𝔢 𝔒𝔫𝔢:

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Regarding IronQrow and spooning;

Come with me on this journey… big spoon Qrow and little spoon Ironwood.

As the big spoon Qrow is the prortective partner. He feels like he’s helping in a way his luck can’t fuck up.

As the little spoon Ironwood can truly relax because he knows someone he trusts has his back.

Thank you for your time

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Weiss teaches Whitley how to summon. Remember, it’s a semblance only the Schees (Winter, Weiss and now as we know, Willow) have inherited- meaning he too could have potentially inherited the ability.

Edit: to add onto this- maybe he always had the ability to do it- but could never unlock it due to how much of an oppressive influence Jacques had over him- and therefore initially resented the ability both his sisters have.

Maybe now that he’s slowly changing out of Jacques’ grasp- he could potentially unlock his semblance.

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Hunters and Huntress, including those that have entered secondary combat’s schools such as Beacon, are required by law to donate sperm and egg cells. So that if they die in mission, the dna of their superior genetics lent towards fight will not be lost, as those that can enter places like Beacon are less than one tenth of those that actually enter primary combat schools, and as also the total population of Remnant is quite low being less than two hundred and fifty million.

There is governmental funding to encourage women to carry baby’s made from the union of such dna. The support women who carry babys born from these unions to term are quite lucrative, or going a step further and actually raising the baby to adulthood is quite beneficial.

Though, if the Hunter or Huntress is alive they are allowed to veto any fertilization, if they die that right goes to they’re family, if they have no family it is entirely in state hands. 

That said there is also a clear bias in the program to those directly related to those directly related to a Hunter, such as a son or daughter, brother or sister.

On another note, Hunters and Huntresses are encouraged to have as many children as possible, with licensed hunters getting free medical care during pregnancy for them or their significant other, along with a stipend to take care of the child, with the stipend growing larger by number of children, with the benefit of large, large tax breaks, and medical care at reduced cost for children, and if they enter the Hunter Program getting free health care all together.

Though this may only be possible due to Hunters being a minority in terms of occupation. Or, since they are the bulwark that Grimm break upon.

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An: absolutely fam!


Originally posted by vasiliassuns

  • He cannot hide how excited he is when he gets the news
  • His tail is going wild and he has the biggest puppy dog smile one his face
  • He is all over them for the whole pregnancy
  • Even far beyond when they would need his help
  • He wants to do everything he can to be a good dad
  • And he for sure wants to be the type of dad to encourage them to follow their dreams from the second their born
  • He has so many baby names
  • Some might be jokes to see what his s/o will let him get away with
  • But other than that he spending his time helping prepare for the baby
  • And talking to anyone who will listen about how much he loves her partner and tiny baby
  • And he just want wait until they’re born
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