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-Real name: Mary MacPherran

-A.k.a.: Skirn, Breaker of Men, Skeeter, Savagri

-Publisher: Marvel

-Type: Human (Doctor Doom gave her powers using alien technology)

-Afilliations: Cosmic Champions, Doom Maidens, Femizons, Frightful Four, Illuminati, Legion Accursed, Masters of Evil, The Worthy

-Powers: Agility, invulnerability, stamina, super strength, unarmed combat.

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“Face it, Greenie. There’s only room for one strongest woman and it ain’t you!” -Titania


Real Name: Mary MacPherran Creel


  1. Skirn
  2. Skeeter
  3. Thunder Girl
  4. Spider-Woman
  5. ‘sweet patootie’

Gender: Female

Height: 6’ 6"

Weight: 545 lbs (247 kg)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Strawberry Blonde


  1. Superhuman Strength
  2. Superhuman Stamina
  3. Superhuman Durability


  1. Hand-to-Hand Combat


  1. Hammer of Skirn

Universe: Earth-616

Citizenship: American

Base of Operations:

  1. The Hood’s Lair, Hell
  2. Denver, Colorado
  3. New York City, New York

Marital Status: Married (Carl Creel; husband)

Origin: Human mutate genetically enhanced by Doctor Doom using Battleworld technology


  1. Professional criminal
  2. Mercenary

Education: High school diploma

First Appearance:Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3 (July, 1984)

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