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#my heart flutters every time
Tumblr media
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stardewcowboy · a month ago
Deadass every time I see fanart
Tumblr media
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hawkschick · a month ago
*Face resting in the palms of your hands, he huffs with a pout*
Everyone keeps trying to take my precious time that I could be spending with my baby! I’m sorry, princess-Hawks
*Thumbs caressing against his cheeks softly, shaking my head a little before stealing a kiss from his lips*
Don’t apologise, biride. It can’t be helped right? That’s just something I’ve gotta get used to when the number two hero is here with me, they may have your time as a hero but I’m glad to have you here as my Birdie~
Are you gonna stay a while tonight?
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mindninjax · 2 months ago
hello, I am just coming by to remind you that I love you 💗
Mel Mel, My love.
Tumblr media
I love you too. 😘
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tsum-tsxmus · 4 months ago
It works out for both of us, cutie! -Bokuto
hah, yeah i guess it does,, do you think i could hold your hand too?🥺
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miyeoncey · 5 months ago
Luna 🥺👉👈
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Did you know that the quickest way to my heart is to leave nice comments/tags on my voice acting posts... Fun fact...
Tumblr media
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downbytheouterbanks · 8 months ago
I’m such a simp for my mutuals like it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we last talk I am a simp for you and seeing you on my dash makes my heart flutter
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babylion · 9 months ago
That's my favourite Mark look too!!!! That's the first look I remember if anyone asks me about it!!
right!!! a god tier look it was so fresh
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drakewalkerfantasy · an hour ago
WIP WEDNESDAY (21/04/2021)
I have even more, but will post only this few. Hope you will like it.
1. Making it right (Blaine x Denise)
Tumblr media
“Was it your surprise,” after a moment asked Denise, watching at the water. Inhaling the salty smell of the ocean, letting the wind mess up her hair and flutter her red dress.
“Thought you would miss it, but it’s only part of what I have planned for today. So race me to the end of the beach,” said Blaine showing into the distance, where the beach was ending with the cliff.
“You are on, Hayes. You will be eating my dust before you know it,” laughed Denise before sending her chestnut beauty into a gallop without a single warning. Making Blaine’s eyes follow her for a moment longer, admiring the way her body moved. Watching how easily she settled in a perfect galloping position, whispering something into the Chestnut’s ear. Her body’s weight pushed down on to the stirrup, her lower leg kept at the girth and her knees and ankles are springiness, to absorb the galloping movement. Her red dress fluttering on the wind when the Chestnut moved and her laugh rung through the wind, while the water splashed around them.
It took him a moment or two to admire the view in front of him before he shook himself from the vision and finally send his own horse into the gallop easily catching up with her, watching how her eyes widened in surprise.
2. Pretending (Tatum x ???) NSFW
The nerves in Tatum’s stomach knotted dangerously, when his eyes grazed over the petite blonde sitting at the bar counter. Making his abdomen twist uneasily as it did every time for the last five days... every damn time when his eyes looked in the same direction locking with hers. Wanting to come near her, but every time coming blank for an excuse to do so. And today was his last day in that hotel, in the place where no one knew him.
His eyes moved to her from his drink, that he tightened in his grip dangerously close for the glass to shutter.
The blond hair... hourglass figure... her eyes... these damn beautiful chocolate eyes with a sprinkle of gold swirling in them. Eyes that looked at him... the eyes that could look through him and seemed that they were baring his soul even through the distance.
His gaze slide lower stopping at her pouty lips that drove his attention every time they touched the glass in her hand... before her hands grazed over the deep neckline of her dress... over the top of her breasts and he could feel how his heart skipped a beat before starting to beat erratically... Her dress... this sinful dress that hugged her so perfectly, revealing probably more than was appropriate in public, but the one that definitely made his blood boil, making his military pants dangerously uncomfortable.
3. Upon the Sunset (Tatum x Claire)
“What is that?” asked Claire standing in their bedroom with the wardrobe open and a small red velvety box in her hand. Her heart thundering treacherously in her chest, and her hand shaking just slightly, but enough for Tatum’s gaze to notice it. Moving to her quickly and taking her hands in his, feeling how his own heart was dangerously close to jump out of his chest.
The dry lump formed in his throat and he barely can speak as his throat constricting and the words that leaving his lips seemed broken.
4. Next part yet to be named for Truth of Affairs part (Tatum x Claire)
“How did you find out that place,” Claire asked, looking in awe around them.
“Dionne suggested it as soon as she knew that I’m taking you on a date, said it’s exactly the place you would like. The place where no one would found us and we could speak without a fear to be overheard,” replied he, accepting the menu and nodding to the waiter his thank you before turning to Tatum with weary gaze. Blaine’s eyes swapping over him in a quick glance noticing how he swayed, leaning to the wall beside him. His voice gruff, while he studied the guy at their side carefully. “For God’s sake, will you finally seat or will you continue to stand as a marble swaying statue?” he asked. “I literally can feel how your head is spinning,” clarified Blaine leaning on the back of his chair.
“Sorry, Sir... but it’s against the protocol,” stubbornly replied Tatum, straightening his posture. His expression unreadable, while he looked in front of him not meeting Blaine’s gaze
“He is stubborn? Isn’t he? What you all even see in him... ”
“What? I... we... we are not... “
“I guess it is me then,” smirked Blaine. “Come on, Claire. Give me at least some credit. The way you look at him or should I say the way he glares at me every time I get closer to you is a giver. Look,” said Blaine moving his seat closer to Claire’s and taking her hands in his. His eyes holding Tatum’s while he leaned forward placing a lingering kiss to Claire’s cheek. The flash of heat instantly crept up her neck, when the low threatening growl emanated from Tatum’s throat, getting the tension intensify, broken only when the waiter finally arrived at their side.
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multifandomwriter · 12 hours ago
The Interview
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Summary: Sebastian talks about you a lot during a press interview, and everyone notices he’s head over heels for you.
Word Count: 2k
Tumblr media
You walked into your house, dropping the groceries off in the kitchen. “Cooper, I’m home” you yelled out.
Your large golden retriever came trotting into the room. His tail instantly started to wag when he saw you. He nearly knocked you over. You bent down to pet him and give him a treat.
“Who’s a good boy?” You asked, as you continued to scratch his side.
You slipped your shoes off and walked into the living room, the big dog following you happily. He jumped up on the couch and laid down next to you.
You pulled your phone out and saw you had received a lot of notifications. Your social media was blowing up more than usual, and you had revived handfuls of text messages from some of your Marvel costars.
You decided to check your text messages first.
There was one from Chris Evans.
Hey Y/N, have you seen the interview yet? I hope you aren’t too freaked out, just let him explain first
And Scarlett.
Have you seen this interview? Everyone is blowing up talking about it. I know you like him, so please just talk to him!!
And of course Anthony.
I know you’ve probably seen that interview by now, but hopefully now you know that he likes you. I was there when we filmed that, and he was so nervous to afterwards. So just don’t give him a hard time. He lights up every time he talks about you. Also, I bet Chris twenty bucks that you two would get together because of this. No pressure
You could not have been more confused. You had no idea what interview they were all talking about.
Scarlett had sent you the link to the interview so you opened it on YouTube. It was press interview with Anthony and Sebastian for the new show. Scarlett knew that you liked Sebastian, so you were worried about what he said during the interview.
Why was everyone making such a big deal over this interview?
You pressed play and as soon as you saw Sebastian’s face, you felt a smile rise on your face.
“Do either of you have a favorite Marvel costar other than each other?” The interviewer asked.
“Mine is definitely Y/N. We both got cast around the same time. We met at a table read for one of the scripts and we got along really well. We’ve just become really good friends throughout all of this” he said, honestly.
You had a fluttering feeling in your stomach as the heat rushed to your cheeks. “Plus she’s hot” Anthony muttered, smirking. You giggled.
Anthony was the unofficial hype man of all the Marvel cast mates. He was always complimenting one of your cast mates at the premieres. He was that friend and he loved to boost his friends up.
“No no no, that’s not it. I mean...she is, but we’re actually friends I promise” Sebastian quickly said. You noticed how flustered he got and how embarrassed he looked.
“See I was going to say I couldn’t pick anyone other than Sebastian, but clearly he doesn’t want to be my best friend. So I’ll pick Chris Evans. He appreciates me” Anthony joked.
Everything seemed pretty normal until the host introduced a game. It was called America Ass-emble.
You giggled at the title and watched as they began to play the game. They were shown pictures of different cast members’ butts and they had to guess who they belonged to.
You couldn’t help but laugh as they both got most of them wrong. Then another picture came up. You instantly knew it was of you.
You feel the heat rush to your cheeks. “Oh that’s Y/N” Sebastian said, without a second thought. It threw you off guard. Why did he know it so fast?
“Oh uh...that is correct” the interviewer said, also shocked at the speed.
“I’m sorry. Did I answer that way too fast?” Sebastian asked, starting to blush.
You could feel the butterflies starting to flutter in your stomach. Were you supposed to take it as a compliment or an insult?
“We know what Sebastian’s been looking at on set” Anthony said, smirking. It made your heart speed up. You felt embarrassed and they weren’t even in the room with you.
“Alright, moving on. Can you let us know about any deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the show?” The interviewer asked.
“Yeah, they cut my nude scene. I did a fight completely nude, but they didn’t end up keeping it” Anthony joked.
A laugh slipped through your lips. Sebastian looked like he was thinking about his answer.
“There wasn’t anything major that we cut for this show, but there was something we cut in Infinity War with my character. My character and Y/N’s character were actually supposed to have an on-screen romance. They ended up cutting it though” Sebastian answered.
You remembered back to that. You had been so giddy that they had wrote that in the script. You were so excited for Sebastian to act like your boyfriend, even though it wasn’t real.
You had been so disappointed when they ended up cutting it. You never even got to film those scenes.
Your character's name was Blaze and she could control fire and lava. In the original plot, she ended up seeking refuge in Wakanda where she met Bucky.
“Really? That’s surprising. Online, there has recently been some shipping between the Falcon and Blaze” the interviewer mentioned.
“Take that Bucky. The Falcon gets all the ladies” Anthony teased.
There a twinge of what looked like jealousy in Sebastian’s eyes. You almost thought you imagined it.
“No no no. Y/N is mine” he said, possessively. You couldn’t help but feel warm inside as he talked about you.
You noticed the interviewer start to chuckle as the two bickered.
“I was talking about her character, but if you want Y/N, you can have her. I see how it is” Anthony teased. You felt your heart break for Sebastian. He looked so embarrassed and he tried to play it off.
Sebastian was one of your closest friends and you knew he was super reserved. You couldn’t help but feel bad for him.
The interviewer continued to ask them questions and you continued to listen.
“Alright let’s test a theory I have. I want to know who is better friends with Chris Evans. So, you both are going to text him, and we’ll see which one of you he responds to first” the interviewer said.
You started to giggle. Anthony and Sebastian were insanely competitive.
“Wait let’s raise the stakes. Let’s make it interesting” Anthony said, smirking.
Sebastian’s eyes went wide and he put his head in his hands. “Oh god” he muttered, under his breath.
“Is a bet going down?” The interviewer asked and Anthony nodded his head.
“You pick the stakes man” Anthony told him. The interviewer thought for a second, trying to make it interesting.
“If Sebastian wins, Anthony has to stop begging to sleep on his couch. If Anthony wins, Sebastian has to call Y/N and ask her out because clearly something is going on” the interviewer said, laughing to himself.
Anthony started dying of laughter. “You are going down” Anthony said.
You could see how red Sebastian’s face was and you just wanted to give him a hug. He looked mortified.
They did the competition. Chris texted Anthony first.
“You have to do it” Anthony yelled, claiming victory.
“Alright fine. I promise, at some point I’ll do it” Sebastian said, fiddling with his thumbs. The interviewer gave an outro and said goodbye to both of them.
Now you understood why all your friends had been texting you.
Sebastian liked you.
You had hoped this day would come for years, but now that it was here, you didn’t know what to do. You felt too stunned to even do anything.
You just sat there for what felt like hours. Your entire world was just flipped upside down. This could be either amazing or horrible.
Then, your phone started to ring. You looked down and saw that Sebastian was calling you. He must have known that that interview had finally come out.
You wanted to answer the phone. You wanted to tell him that you liked him too, but you couldn’t. You were too terrified to make your hands move.
He called you a few more times in the next three hours and you still couldn’t make the move to pick up the phone.
What if he didn’t actually like you? You couldn’t stop the millions of what-if questions in your head.
Then, you heard a knock at the door, and you got up to answer it. You saw Sebastian standing there looking worried.
“Hi” you said, softly. You didn’t know what else to say to him. You were afraid you would embarrass yourself.
“I’m assuming you’ve seen it because you’ve been avoiding my calls” he said, and your heart broke for him. He sounded so hurt and you were responsible for that.
You took a deep breath. “I just don’t know what to say” you said, simply.
“Do you like me or not? Because I figured you might have and that was the only reason I was that vulnerable” he told you, while his voice broke.
You ran your fingers though your hair. You looked into his eyes and you just saw confusion. “Of course I like you. I have since we met. I just didn’t know how to tell you. I was worried that you didn’t actually have feelings for me” you told him, playing with the rings on your fingers.
He grabbed your hands and stilled them. “I really care about you, Y/N. I want to give this a try, but only if you do too” he said, looking hopefully into your eyes.
You nodded, and squeezed his hands. “I want to try too” you said, simply. You saw relief wash over his face and he stepped closer to you. His hands moved to sit on your hips.
“I am so glad you said that because now I can do this” he said, as he connected your lips.
It was perfect. After all this time, you finally got your happy ending.
Your arms slid around his neck and pulled him closer to you. You could feel him smile as he kissed you.
You both pulled away and leaned your forehead against his. “Thank god for that interview” you said, smiling. He chuckled under his breath and kissed your nose.
You pulled him inside and over to the couch. You sat down next to him and cuddled into his side. He smiled and put his arm around your shoulders.
“How about I make us dinner tonight and we can watch a movie?” He asked you, looking down into your eyes.
You shrugged your shoulders. “Depends. Are you any good of a cook?” You teased. He frowned. “I am going to make you the best meal of your life” he said, kissing your cheek.
You grabbed your phone and quickly took a selfie as he kissed your cheek. He just chuckled, knowing exactly what you were doing. You sent the photo to Anthony with the comment “Tell Chris he owes you twenty bucks;)”
“God you’re perfect” Sebastian said, pulling you into his lap. You smiled and kissed him lightly.
“So apparently you’ve been staring at my ass a lot” you said, raising your eyebrows.
He immediately blushed and looked away from you. Then, his flustered expression gained some confidence.
He leaned in closer to you. “Don’t pretend that I haven’t seen you checking me out on set” he whispered, and your felt your cheeks heat up.
“Yeah that’s right, I’ve seen you” he said, pulling you in for another kiss. You kissed him back and he pushed you under him on the couch.
You both ended up making dinner with each other and then cuddling while you watched a movie. There was lots of small kisses throughout the night.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @v-is-obsessive @reniescarlett @abitofeverythinggg
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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twopoppies · 12 hours ago
Gina. GINA. I just finished “my heart is breathing for this moment in time” and I am a fucking WRECK. I just. It’s so. It was the best fic I’ve ever read and I am actually truly depressed that it’s over. I haven’t slept, I barely ate, I literally took a half day at work. I am 27 years old and I took a fucking HALF DAY at work to read a FANFICTION. And I didn’t even LIKE the time traveler’s wife. I am destroyed. I am a different person than I was yesterday morning. I hate you for recommending this and yet I have never been so wholly in love with the idea of love. And I’m MARRIED. Oh my god. Oh my GOD. Why can’t I erase this from my brain so I can read it over again for the first time?? Why the FUCK—I think I’m going through the various stages of grieving. Oh god. Send help.
I KNOWWWW. IT’S MY FAVORITE. This whole post cracked me up. I love that you took time off work for it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Did you read the 18K addition? Sometimes people miss it... but it’s a must read.
Sigh... every time I think about that fic I get a little flutter in my belly. It makes me so happy. I’m so glad you liked it so much! 💗
I probably should put the link:
my heart is breathing for this moment in time
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