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 (just a fun little short I decided to write for halloween, starring Adam and his sister, Sophie. There’s also some other oc’s from friends in here! Such as @miserytheapprentice ‘s mc, Misery, and her daughter, @move-im-vesuvian-thirsty ‘s Rhea, @evarcana ‘s Ev. I’m sorry if your oc’s are out of character, I did my best ;-;)

The palace is decorated for halloween, and dressed up guests are walking around and laughing. Everyone has interesting costumes, and the food and drinks in the palace is halloween-themed. Some shadows roam the halls, scaring a couple guests, big, creepy millipedes crawl along the walls and the floor, and snakes are hidden in the palace garden. Every now and then a horrifying creature jumps out at someone and scares them, or people get a door shut in their faces. Though none of it is real, it’s all magical.

In the palace gardens is some commotion, and a lot of people are going to look. 

‘’Come one, come all!’‘ 

‘‘Oh, come! Come see! Test your luck!’‘ Two voices exclaim above the crowd, coming from two people standing on a plateau. There’s a big wheel next to them with different images on all of the points, be it spiders, a drink, a shadow, a plush, etc. 

The people on the plateau are none other than Adam and Sophie, dressed up for halloween as well. The right side of Adam’s face looks as if he has his skull and upper jaw partially exposed, his eyesocket having a single, red, glowing point in it. He’s wearing a black and white striped tailcoat that’s open at the chest. But his chest is nothing but an empty, dark ribcage. His hands are skeletal as well. He has a black and white top hat, a bowtie, a pin of a black cat on his coat, and he has a skeletal cane. Sophie’s face looks the same, except the skull part is on the left side. She wears a short sleeved, frilly dress, in black and white. Her hands are gloved but her lower arms are skeletal, and she too has a visible, empty ribcage. Though it’s less exposed than Adam’s. She wears black boots adorned with chains. There’s a chain around her waist as well. Her gloves are ragged, and so is the ribbon tied around her waist. She has a black and whity lily crown on her head, her brown mess of curls tied in a ponytail. Her normal eye is moss green. Her freckles are painted a bit, so it looks like multiple colors.

There’s a jar with a lot of coins in it already, and behind the plateau are various boxes with things in them. 

‘’Spin the great wheel of misfortune, and see if you can win a prize! Or, something nasty…’’ Adam exclaims with a charming grin, extending his hand with a flourish. 

‘’Only one coin to spin!’’ Sophie adds, a big smile on her face. 

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A snippet from Rhea’s chapter of Six Little Lights, dealing with that incident where Chiron is conceived, Rhea interrupting Kronos and Philyra.


Rhea returned to Mount Othrys only much later, closer to when Zeus was ready, closer to when the curses she’d hurled on Kronos’ head five times would be fulfilled. He will suffer as she had suffered, and he will regret doing this to her, to their children.

This time, she had better luck avoiding both his hands and bed, if only because she had a plan. Made it coy and taunting, instead of desperate and fearfully angry, which, she noticed, strangely made him more patient in trying to win her over instead of catching her and locking her up. It would have been amusing, it would have been fun, had this been something that she’d tried to tease arousal out of him when they were younger. Now, it was cold, hard necessity. It didn’t kill his desires, unfortunately, and with Rhea tauntingly out of reach, but as, seemingly, part of a game instead of thoroughly rejecting him, Kronos temporarily went elsewhere until he could get his hands on his wife again.

Luckily Rhea found him and his poor paramour, but not before they had lain together at least once. She could only hope this was the only time, that interrupting Kronos and Philyra wouldn’t lead to someone else pregnant with a child the Titan would be intent on devouring, but as her husband fled across the meadow and Rhea lunged forward to catch Philyra by her arm, she had a feeling it wouldn’t be that easy.

“Queen Rhea, please! I was ju—!”

Quiet.” Rhea squatted down while Philyra tried to tug up her clothing with one hand and awkwardly shield herself with the other, and even squatting Rhea was a little taller than the Oceanid. “Philyra, listen to me. If you get pregnant, find a way to delay the birth.”

“I… what?” Philyra was still pale, was still trembling, but she was finally looking at Rhea with a focused, if utterly bewildered expression, her eyes intent instead of nearly glazed over in panic for her imagined punishment. Punishment, for what? Rhea could not care less about the infidelity, at this point. Her concern was for Philyra, was for any potential offspring she may have, so that neither Philyra nor her child would suffer what she had.

“There is a prophecy,” Rhea said tightly, letting go of Philyra now that she seemed unlikely to run off at the first chance to do so and force Rhea to chase after her to explain the problem. “A prophecy told to my husband by Gaia and Ouranos, that a child of his will dethrone him.”

Rhea and Philyra stared at each other, and slowly a frown etched itself between lovely red brows. “But haven’t you—”

“Been pregnant?” Rhea smiled, grim and exhausted, not so much as a sliver of humour in her expression or her voice. “I have. Six times now, no matter what he’d claim. My husband has seen fit to swallow every child as they were born to safeguard himself and his position, but hasn’t felt any need to stop entertaining the marriage bed. Or any pleasures to be found outside said marriage bed.”

Philyra, poor Philyra, stared and slowly grew wide-eyed and paler still, paleness which then edged into a sickly pink-tinged yellowish colour. Now it was her turn to clutch at Rhea, forgetting the pile of her clothes and her damning nakedness. It wasn’t like it mattered, truly.

“Lady Rhea, what do I, I—! What if I am pregnant?”

“Like I said, delay it any way as you can, until Kronos is no longer on the throne to feel threatened by any child you might bear.” Rhea took one of Philyra’s hands and squeezed it, then laid both of their hands over the messy pile of clothing that half-concealed Philyra’s flat stomach. “I do not want to see you suffer what I have, Philyra.”

Philyra, staring at her, shuddered like a delicate aspen shook by an autumn storm wind coming down the mountain and nodded. Rhea stood up, and while she looked over her shoulder as Philyra whispered her next couple words, she didn’t stop walking away. “I’m sorry, my queen.”

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“Actually, no. 1. I am too fancy for Gucci, if anything I love Elie Saab. And 2. the thought of me and Lucio appearing somewhere in the same outfit is what makes me have nightmares. But thank you for the assumption” - Rhea

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I saw Rhea talking to Andy earlier that evening, and things seemed to be getting rather cozy between the pair. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

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Closed. October 31 2020. 

 Cas just heard about the news and was internally freaking out, trying to find his siblings in the crowds. He just texted them and didn’t hear back from them yet, which had him even more worried than he already was. The panic started to build up as he accidentally bumped into someone. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t pay attention! My bad! I’m just trying to find my siblings, they’re supposed to be here somewhere.” He tried to explain, giving her an apologetic smile. “Are you okay though?” Cas asked, hoping he didn’t hurt her or anything. 



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for: @ofblxxd (rhea)
location: gullivere quarters

he had been hoping to converse with bríd at some point; his father was intent on playing matchmaker with one of the gullivere ladies, but he needed to ensure that no one’s feelings were hurt when it came to choosing to court astraea instead. however, when he entered the gullivere quarters, bríd was nowhere to be found and instead he saw one of the green knights he wasn’t familiar with.

“excuse me, do you perhaps know where your queen might be?”

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I feel like part of the reason edelgard is such a love/hate character is because of how it’s hard for people to reconcile the edelgard we see in CF and the one we know from AM or VW. The notion is there has to be a side of her that’s true and one that’s a lie. Is she the imperialist war criminal or is she a young and hopeful visionary?

In her own route, she starts out young and driven. Then later, she’s older and sadder and yet no less driven. Lonely and traumatized and desperate to create a world she believes in before her time runs out, she wants to use her experience and power to build a better future even if it costs her her own humanity. In CF, you get to see the person edelgard hides underneath the veneer of strength and brutality—someone with with doubts and fears. She’s still calculating and doesn’t let anything get in the way of her goals, but it’s undeniable that she also cares just as much as the others do. Slow to trust and kind of awkward, she doesn’t seem like someone who could do all the things she’s accused of. And yet…

In Azure Moon, she is the villainous warmonger, viciously attacking her own stepsibling and classmates remorselessly, especially targetting dimitri from the very start of the game. And her actions after the start of the war drove the kingdom into civil war, drove the mentally ill dimitri to the brink, drove the continent into chaos. Her and her allies plagued the lions from the beginning to the end. She took mercedes’s brother as her death knight. Her war killed felix’s father. Her actions took lonato from ashe. She allied with the people who killed dimitri’s family. You watch as she literally turns people, herself included, into black beasts. Through dimitri, you begin to understand her a bit… but, to the bitter end, she remains unwilling (or unable) to stop and reconsider her war path.

In VW, she’s the mad conqueror. Even after the imperial army attacked the alliance’s heirs at garreg mach, claude somehow managed to get them to declare neutrality and worked hard to maintain it… but it wasn’t enough for edelgard that they simply stay out of her way. For five years imperial forces blatantly threaten the alliance’s borders and incite coups. The message is clear enough: edelgard intends to unify fodlan and if the alliance will not subject themselves to the empire, she won’t hesitate to use force. This, ironically, drags the alliance into a war for their own freedom. And along the way, we find out details like the empire’s hand in faerghus, rhea’s captivity, what happened to the nabateans, what edelgard actually stole from the holy tomb, the true face of the evil shadowy army she allied herself with, etc. In VW we really get to see the reality and aftermath of her empire from a neutral view

In SS (which I don’t know too much about) I imagine she represents the humans who massacred rhea’s people. That’s probably the one perspective I’d argue is based more in emotion than tangible fact but, to be fair, of course rhea’s view would be that edelgard intends to take out the last of the nabateans (and, to a degree, it’s not exactly wrong)

So which edelgard is the real one?

Thing is? All of them are real in equal measure. To some degree, all of the leaders’ characters will be based on what perspective you see them from. The choice of whose route to play has a huge role in how you view dimitri, claude, rhea, and edelgard. But the impact of perspective hits edelgard and rhea harder than it does the other two because of the far-reaching consequences of their choices. These two women are the directors of this shitshow no matter what route you chose so it makes sense that their actions take on the most wildly different forms depending on the lens you see them from. And while idk enough about rhea yet to say, as far as edelgard goes, if you played her first it would be hard to see her in such a different light in the other routes. It’d be difficult to accept that perhaps, from a different point of view, this is edelgard. She never denies any of it either; in her own route, she openly acknowledges that she always knew her actions would mean war and, while she’d hoped to end opposition back at garreg mach, she isn’t shy about her intentions to take the alliance, the kingdom, and the church in one go now. So it’s not exactly that the facts clash, it’s just shocking to see how differently her character looks depending on the route. It’s easy to want to pick one side of her or the other, but it’s all one person in the end. Edelgard’s not meant to be good or even neccesarily right—none of the characters are meant to wholly encompass such broad concepts, but especially not rhea or edelgard. Edelgard’s meant to be divisive. She’s meant to do extreme things that you may not entirely agree with. She’s meant to make you question whether she’s got a point and, if she does, is it worth all of the things you see once you switch sides? There’s no concrete answer to who she is or what role she plays. Her character is facinating because she 100% is the young woman you know from CF, but she’s also simultaneously all the things the others accuse her of being. Perspective, man

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Are we ever gonna talk about how the three love letter missions in White Clouds are delivering letters to a child (technically teen, but still younger than most students by several years), a married man (the letter specifically mentions admiring how he puts his family first, so we can assume the sender knows he’s married) and the flippin’ pope? Doesn’t anyone in Garreg Mach have normal crushes?

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