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#sweet cap'n cakes
teem-boo · 18 hours ago
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❄ 3rd day! Bagel (EXPENSIVE SNOWBALL!!!!!)
Who cares about selling overprized stuff?? LET'S FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
SCC Winter Playlist by Bed ❄
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gotta comfort ur partner after being rekt
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gqyass · a day ago
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Day 3, Bagels.. but it's mostly about Snowballs
(the way I draw Rebby is so inconsistent girl I-)
prompt by Rebelband
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eneder · a day ago
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k_k’s makeshift car
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bugsinspace · 7 hours ago
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Sweet Cap’n Cakes winter playlist day 1- Holiday Studio (Prompt list by @rebelband) [DON’T LIKE IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO REBLOG]
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hc that queen doesn't actually know sweet's name but no one realizes because she just so happens to always uses nicknames like "sweet pea" that make it sound like she does. There's eventually that moment of "Wait Holy Shit That's Actually Your Name"
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teem-boo · a day ago
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• Honk honk!
(they're finally a car!!!!)
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u go, funky lil robot <3
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tripletsuchinoko · a day ago
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Tumblr media
day 3 + 2 for the scc december stuff :3
(the second one is very scribbly because i just didnt feel like finishing it properly)
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gqyass · 2 days ago
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missed day 1 cause Im a loser but *hands you day 2.. ... and falls down the stairs cutely*
the the when you the
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rain-writes-fics · 2 days ago
Title: The Beat
The brothers try to find some normalcy in the hours after the Beatdown Route
Beatdown Route is by @the-meme-monarch
Words: 1,206
The shop was quiet. The quietest it had ever been perhaps.
K_K and Cap’n couldn't bring themselves to hold a conversation. What was there to say? Their brother lay in his bed, beaten and unconscious. The same brother that would insist everyone eat a good breakfast in the morning. The same brother who went out of his way to impress them. The same brother who never hurt anyone. Until that Lightner showed up, of course.
K_K did not think he could feel the way he did right now. Never before had this feeling of anger and resentment been so prominent. He wanted to say something to make everything better again, to make Cap’n laugh, to make Sweet wake up. But he had nothing to say. No joke, no stupid comment. Just the silence.
“K_K?” Cap’n voice shook. “Is... Is he gonna be alright? I- I don't care if you lie, jus- just tell me our bro’s gonna be okay.”
K_K immediately sat on the floor next to Cap’n, wrapping an arm around him. “Sweet’s gonna be fine. We always bounce back, right? I even gave him the milk, remember? He’s gonna be fine.” He wasn't sure if he was trying to convince Cap’n or himself more. There was no way of knowing for certain.
Sweet was not in good condition. His speaker was busted and hanging on by a thread and his entire body was covered in scratches.
Cap’n and K_K had tried to repair him as best they could. They tried to repair the speaker on his chest but the border was too bent and there were no spares in the shop. They’d have to go to the junkyard at some point soon.
Minutes turned to hours of waiting. Cap’n and K_K had moved from the couch to their room. They slept on a triple-bunk bed. Sweet laid on the bed closest to the floor. Occasionally his chest would make a soft static noise, so they at least knew he was alive now.
They passed the time in silence. Either mindlessly fiddling with something or napping. The two were exhausted after all.
Cap’n sat at the end of Sweet’s bed and glanced at his sleeping figure. The only thing that was giving him any relief was that shallow static. If that indicator ever went away...
K_K was sitting on the floor by Sweet’s head. He flipped through a magazine that he wasn't reading. He just skimmed a few words, looked at a few pictures, and turned a page. He couldn't focus on reading.
Sweet’s static suddenly made a scratching noise and Sweet’s hand had risen to his head. It hurt so much. Why did it hurt so much?
“Hey, you're awake, how are feeling?” K_K asked as he went to sit beside him.
Sweet looked down at his speaker and back to K_K. Cap’n spoke, “yeah, you busted it real bad.” That was an understatement. It was literally blown out. “Hey, no worries,” K_K smiled, “we’ll find you a new one. Have some milk, it’ll make you feel better.” He tried to hand the milk to Sweet but Sweet gently pushed it away. His eye stared at K_K and Cap’n. The memories rushed back and tears began to form.
He wanted to apologize. He wanted so badly to tell them how sorry he was. He never wanted to hurt anybody. He didn't know why he did what he did.
All he wanted was to feel okay again.
K_K and Cap’n both pulled him into a hug as his tears spilled over. He clung to them as if they were going to disappear. He tried to speak, to say he was sorry, but all that came out was crackling static.
The first few hours were slow. Sweet refused to leave the bedroom and stayed in the bed most of the time. K_K and Cap’n didn't want to leave him alone so Cap’n stayed with him when K_K went out to find a new speaker.
Once a new speaker was installed, Sweet’s voice was better, not the same, but better. He would probably always have a hint of static in his voice.
K_K mentioned to Cap’n that he had seen Kris while collecting the speaker. Cap’n, of course, couldn't care less about the person who hurt his brother. K_K kept talking about how they had offered them a place to stay in ‘Castle Town’. They promised it would be a safe place with lots of resources and plenty of audiences.
“I ain't feelin’ in the music vibe, right now. And I ain't ever playin’ for that kid. Look what they did to Sweet!”
K_K placed a hand on Cap’n’s shoulder. “Your right, but this... might be safer for all of us. We don't have to be friendly to them.”
Cap’n was shocked. He couldn't be serious. He was about to respond when the bedroom door opened. Sweet used the door handle for support as he stood. “We should go. There's... nothing left here anyway. I’ll stay in the back when Kr- Kr-” he paused. “When the kid is there.”
K_K and Cap’n glanced at each other and back to Sweet.
Cap’n sighed and nodded. “Okay, bro. If you say it's alright. We got ya.”
And to be honest, Castle Town wasn't all that bad. It still felt empty, like it was meant for more people to live there, but all-in-all it wasn't terrible. Sweet never left the shop, though he had started moving around more inside. Sweet passed the time by playing his instruments. Music was all he had. Music was something he could control. And he desperately needed control.
Kris only visited once, Sweet heard their conversations but wouldn't dare look. According to K_K, they looked uncomfortable and had an odd expression. Cap’n said they looked guilty and that he hoped they never came back to visit.
The day was finally ending. Once the Lighteners left, everyone in Castle Town seemed to wound down themselves. The prince had appeared on the brother's doorstep before it was too late. He tried to express his concern for Sweet and made a vague excuse for Kris.
“They don't want to hurt anyone. They... sometimes aren't in control-” but Cap’n wouldn't let him finish. “They weren't in control? Then point me to who was! Point me to who made Sweet use that attack! Sweet didn't have any options, we can't tell Lighteners ‘no’ and you know that! So you tell me who’s behind this so I can show them my own moves!”
Ralsei didn't return after that. He left with a bow and one last apology.
After that, Sweet knew he could never leave the shop. He couldn't bring himself to see or hear anything related to Kris after that. It was all too confusing.
K_K nudged Sweet’s shoulder. “Missed your cue.”
Oh, right.
Sweet began to play the electric piano in front of him. A slow beat, something to match the tempo of K_K’s foot-tapping and soft vocals. Cap’n joined in on drums a few moments later.
A lot had changed for the brothers in a day. Too much had changed. But they still had music. And that was all they figured they needed. Just a few moments to get lost in the beat.
The song they were playing
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lemonlamblaura · a day ago
K_K seeing a Transformer: SURE RUB IT IN WHY DONTCHA
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I headcanon K_K as non-binary because I feel like if someone asked them "are you a boy or a girl?" they'd respond with "I'm a CD player."
oh absolutely. you get it
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