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little-lynx · 5 months ago
Well... So... I have two things to say:
1. I wanted to expand somehow Peeta’s portrait I did for “how you draw his hair” ask. I mean, why not?
2. I wanted to participate in #thgagain and this is an iconic look for the first book of the series.
3. Oops, did I say TWO things to say? Never mind. I really really HATE the one I draw in November, it’s awful. So I always wanted to redraw this outfit.
4. Also I find a mistake in my old drawing and HAD to redraw it immediately.
So here we are! Everlark Outfit #9, version 2.
What do we know about this outfit: Cinna does my hair in my simple trademark braid down my back. Then the clothes arrive, the same for every tribute. Cinna has had no say in my outfit, does not even know what will be in the package, but he helps me dress in the undergarments, simple tawny pants, light green blouse, sturdy brown belt, and thin, hooded black jacket that falls to my thighs. “The material in the jacket’s designed to reflect body heat. Expect some cool nights,” he says. The boots, worn over skintight socks, are better than I could have hoped for. Soft leather not unlike my ones at home. These have a narrow flexible rubber sole with treads though. Good for running. I think I’m finished when Cinna pulls the gold mockingjay pin from his pocket. I had completely forgotten about it. [Katniss] + a bright orange backpack. + silver sheath of arrows and a bow, already strung [Peeta] + I agently unzip his jacket, unbutton his shirt and ease them off him. + I hand Peeta my knife, since whatever weapons he once had are long gone, and he slips it into his belt.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fivenamereveals · a month ago
I can’t help but think about this passage in Catching Fire:
I hear my mother's light, quick tread in the hall. She can't know, I think. Not about any of this[...]
“Is everything all right, Katniss?” she asks.
“It's fine. We never see it on television, but the president always visits the victors before the tour to wish them luck,” I say brightly.
My mother's face floods with relief. “Oh. I thought there was some kind of trouble.”
“No, not at all,” I say. “The trouble will start when my prep team sees how I've let my eyebrows grow back in.” My mother laughs, and I think about how there was no going back after I took over caring for the family when I was eleven. How I will always have to protect her.
And it’s true to an extent because Katniss has become the head of the house at a very young age, but I have a feeling her mother knew Katniss was in trouble (perhaps not in the full capacity but enough) and just pretended to believe her because she doesn’t want to worry Katniss by showing she herself is worried.
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ladynephthyss · 4 months ago
katniss wanting a home and maternity and a hearth is not a spit in the face of feminism. feminism is about choice. it’s about the right for women to do what they feel is best for them, without society pressing down onto them and putting them in boxes. 
that is literally what the entire series is about. katniss breaking away from society’s expectations (the Games, the revolution) and choosing peace in motherhood, marriage, and movement from her trauma. her story is feminism itself. 
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festivekatnissmellarkkkk · 2 months ago
I did a bookcomb for Everlark and their inside jokes throughout the series because it’s very pure, esp when you isolate them all together 🥺🥺🥺.
“Where is Haymitch, anyway? Isn’t he supposed to protect us from this sort of thing?” says Peeta.
“With all that alcohol in him, it’s probably not advisable to have him around an open flame,” I say.
And suddenly we’re both laughing. I guess we’re both so nervous about the Games and more pressingly, petrified of being turned into human torches, we’re not acting sensibly.
“Lean down a minute first,” he says. “Need to tell you something.” I lean over and put my good ear to his lips, which tickle as he whispers. “Remember, we’re madly in love, so it’s all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it.”
I jerk my head back but end up laughing. “Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.”
“Katniss?” Peeta says. I meet his eyes, knowing my face must be some shade of green. He mouths the words. “How about that kiss?”
I burst out laughing because the whole thing is so revolting I can’t stand it.
“Something wrong?” he asks a little too innocently.
“You know they didn’t expect that to happen. It wasn’t meant to be part of the arena. They never planned on anyone using it as a weapon. It made them look stupid that he figured it out. I bet they had a good time trying to spin that one. Bet that’s why I don’t remember seeing it on television. It’s almost as bad as us and the berries!”
I can’t help laughing, really laughing, for the first time in months. Peeta just shakes his head like I’ve lost my mind — and maybe I have, a little.
Beetee is still messing around the tree, doing I don’t know what, taking measurements and such. At one point he snaps off a sliver of bark, joins us, and throws it against the force field. It bounces back and lands on the ground, glowing. In a few moments it returns to its original color. “Well, that explains a lot,” says Beetee. I look at Peeta and can’t help biting my lip to keep from laughing since it explains absolutely nothing to anyone but Beetee.
Peeta’s just pried open an oyster when I hear him give a laugh. “Hey, look at this!” He holds up a glistening, perfect pearl about the size of a pea. “You know, if you put enough pressure on coal it turns to pearls,” he says earnestly to Finnick.
“No, it doesn’t,” says Finnick dismissively. But I crack up, remembering that’s how a clueless Effie Trinket presented us to the people of the Capitol last year, before anyone knew us. As coal pressured into pearls by our weighty existence. Beauty that arose out of pain.
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theartofdreaming1 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To celebrate the end of the awesome reread for the first THG book organized by @everlarkedalways​ , I thought it would be nice to compile the illustrations I’ve made over the course of it. It was such a cool experience and I’m quite proud of myself for having managed to draw at least one illustration per week/ every 3 chapters consistently over these past 9 weeks! Because I ended up with more illustrations than fit properly in one post, I decided to arrange them per parts of the book :) Can’t wait to tackle Book 2! 😁
My illustrations for The Hunger Games, Book 1, Part I “The Tributes”
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mega-aulover · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“Maybe I’d think that, too, Caesar,” says Peeta bitterly, “if it weren’t for the baby.” There. He’s done it again. Dropped a bomb that wipes out the efforts of every tribute who came before.
Collins, Suzanne. Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 2) (p. 73 Chapter 18). Scholastic Inc. Kindle Edition.
@everlarkedalways #thgagain
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everlarkedalways · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey friends!
We're going to have a two-week hiatus to give us all time to catch up. It's mostly for me, but it's for you too!
So, here's your opportunity to catch or add to THG Again Reread & Podcast.
The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
EPISODE 2: FOR WHAT YOU'RE FOR with @hubbyofaneverlarkedwife
EPISODE 8: RADICAL KINDNESS with @rosegardeninwinter
EPISODE 10: COIN'S BOOTS with @mega-aulover
EPISODE 11: PEETA DON'T PLAY with @mega-aulover
Don't forget to check out #thgagain for everyone's amazing meta, art and all-around awesomeness. CF Ch 13-14 will post on 8/19!
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leilanisart · 6 months ago
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mother's day (reaping day)
katniss's relationship with her mother is very important to me. while rereading the hunger games, it makes me sad that there's no comfort in seeing her mother for the last time before she leaves for the capitol. a lot of katniss's fears stem from her mother, but I think that, most of all, she fears being alike her mother.
I wish I could give katniss her mother's love because there is a special feeling in being a daughter craving her mother's love and comfort, and knowing that she won't be able to receive it; or to long for it despite how strained the relationship has become.
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rosegardeninwinter · 6 months ago
chapter one observations 📚🏹🌼
Katniss putting her hunting boots on before any of her clothes is such an odd, funny detail
the Seam is a nickname, not an official designation
small descriptions of the district I have glossed before: “black cinder streets” “squat gray houses” and the Meadow (Katniss’s caps, not mine) is a “scruffy field,” not exactly the idyl we often imagine
Katniss’s description of her father’s death is so abrupt and perfunctory in comparisons to some of her other descriptions you can almost feel the walls built up around her grief
the woods are not just hard to get into, they’re dangerous, with rabid animals and poisonous snakes
the surreptitious apple harvest is a lovely image of the stubbornness of the people of 12
Katniss looking quickly over her shoulder after making the “starve to death in safety” remark is a great characterization moment: a hint of rebellion, then instant fear
I love the mention of younger Katniss being a feisty girl with lots of opinions about the Capitol
and yet another key characterization about her learning to school her tongue and her face to stay safe: Katniss isn’t a cold person, but she is very cautious
even she acknowledges that her detached demeanor isn’t her truest self when she admits she can be herself when she’s with Gale
I love the detail of the berry bushes protecting from unwanted eyes because it feels like yet another folksy detail
she smiles when she sees her best friend, and I love that for her
Gale and Katniss’s names are elemental: Gale’s is an air name, connected to wind and storms, and Katniss’s is a water and earth name, because katniss plants grow by water
real subtle with the arrow in the bread there, Suzanne
how did I forget how genuinely sweet this moment with Gale and Katniss getting excited over bread and cheese is? oh platonic Everthorne we barely knew ye
I also seemed to forget that Mr. Everdeen met Mrs. Everdeen because he brought her herbs
Katniss says she’s not the forgiving type, but right before she says that, she seems to be trying to extend empathy, however sour, to the mother who let her turn to “skin and bones”
Katniss’s description of the landscape of the woods (“teeming with life” with a “blue sky” and “soft breeze”) again, speaks to her eye for beauty and capacity for possibility
and then the topic of children comes up and there’s almost instant irritability between Gale and Katniss: it’s so sudden and Katniss is so instantly defensive and eager to explain to the audience that she and Gale are not an item — I’m curious why they snap at each other so quickly when the topic of the future comes up? thoughts?
I do think it is very sweet that Gale is thinking of children, despite the state of his world
of the three main kids, his family is easily the most functional we see, and I bet that influences his thoughts and expectations
they fish with poles! how backwoods of them
as someone who was so taken aback when I discovered that the black market wasn’t actually a place you could go to, it appeases me somewhat that the Hob is an actual physical black market in a warehouse
I think it’s so compassionate of Katniss to understand that just because some people have it better than her, it doesn’t make them bad people or snobs (in the case of Madge)
okay, this exchange is not nearly as heated as I remembered: Gale makes a comment that could either be genuine or sarcastic, and Madge responds in kind, Gale makes his comment about it being far less likely she’ll go to the Capitol (which is true, if unhelpful), and Katniss mediates, and they leave
I understand there some class and race interpretations that could be read here, but I don’t think it’s as toxic of a conversation as I remembered
and Gale and Madge are big kids: they can both say things that are both correct and insensitive
the expositional purpose is served, and Katniss comes away looking even more compassionate than ever when she expresses that Gale’s frustration is founded and it’s easy to resent people like Madge when they make comments with harmless intent, but hurting impact
but even Gale has the emotional maturity on the very next page to acknowledge that the system is what is truly broken, and the interpersonal relationships because of it
“I let him yell” — Katniss is such a caring person, because even as she shoves her own needs and emotions down, she allows Gale this outlet for his, even as it scares off game
Prim in Katniss’s first reaping outfit is such a macabre bit of hand-me-down nostalgia
the “lovely” soft blue dress is such a beautiful image, as is Prim’s “hushed” voice when she tells Katniss she’s beautiful
the detail of them saving the strawberries and bread for later is another gut wrenching foreshadowing (because we know something is going to happen even if we’ve never read the book before) in the vein of a side character in a movie saying they’ll do something with their family when they get home and we just know they’re going to die in the next scene
Katniss describes the town square as a place that can be pleasant, especially on market days!
but then she immediately counters it with the image of bright (I read that as too colorful) banners against grimy buildings and cameras like “buzzards” above
much as the movies are not my cup of tea, I think they did a good job with the too bright, overexposed atmosphere of this scene
Effie wears a green suit, not a pink one! though her wig is pink
some quasi-religious language with the “time for repentance and thanks” line from the mayor (though it’s my personal belief the Capitol did its best to stamp out organized religion, some sermon language never hurt to use in your dictatorship)
I remember reading Prim’s name be called and my heart dropped right into my stomach: I was NOT anticipating it, and Suzanne really knows how to end a chapter on a cliffhanger
these are just my personal (probably typo ridden) thoughts! no discourse is meant to be incited, but your girl loves discussion! I’ll see you all in chapter two!
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panemposts · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
This quote happens as Katniss and Peeta are taking a drunk Haymitch back to his room. Peeta seems to know what to do here, even if it seems a bit innocuous. It makes me wonder though... does Peeta understand how to deal with an alcoholic? I don't know why this thought jumped out at this reading when it didn't before, but I get the feeling here that Peeta is used to doing something like this. Maybe another reason his mother is so miserable- could his father be an alcoholic?
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shesasurvivor · 6 months ago
Are ya ready, kids?
I can't hear you!
Great-great-grandmother shesasurvivor of the fandom elders from ancient yore has finally caught up on her IRL responsibilities, and is finally ready to join in on #thgagain to reread the BEST TRILOGY OF BOOKS, RULER OF MY HEART. Because once you're on this train, you're never off.
Anyways! Tonight, I'm going to settle down and read the first chapter. I'm so behind! I thought I'd jot down some thoughts and write them out as I go along.
Let's start!
Tumblr media
(I don't know why this post has taken on a Spongebob theme.)
Lots has been said about this, but the fact that Katniss starts the trilogy out by waking up alone in bed, separated from her loved ones, and ends the story in bed (in more than one way) with Peeta... I love it.
Oh, and the way her relationship with Buttercup evolves from beginning to end, too!
Now that I've read The Underland Chronicles, I can't help wondering if the comment about protecting the goat cheese from hungry rats is supposed to be a (very mild) reference to those books, lol.
Likewise, now that we've seen more of District 12's past from The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the comment about the animals that "used to threaten (their) streets" is a little amusing, in a sad kind of way.
LOL, the symbolism, the imagery of an arrow stuck in a loaf of bread. Barely a few pages into the book, and Peeta is already coming between Katnis and Gale. ;)
WHAT HAPPENED TO MRS. EVERDEEN'S APOTHECARY SHOP? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER PARENTS? Did they disown her? If so, are they still alive? Did they die? I can only assume they died, but why and when? So many questions!
The description Katniss gives of the warm summer day teeming with life has always been one of my favorites. So beautiful, but so bittersweet when you think about it in terms of what's going to happen down the road for them.
The comment about Katniss being jealous when she overhears the girls wanting Gale... on the surface level, I think it's easy to read this as her having secret feelings for Gale. Maybe it's just my Everlark-loving goggles on, but I've always thought it was a red herring on SC's part, and that Katniss really is just resistant to the idea of change. I know there's an interpretation (that I agree with, among others) that one thing Gale represents is the past, and Katniss's old life, so I think it makes sense narratively if Katniss is just trying to resist the idea that things will one day change.
Continuity Issues: Gale says that they can go fish at the lake. But in Catching Fire, Katniss tells us she never went there with Gale. Are there two different lakes?
"It could keep a family in bread for months." Hmmm I wonder if anything related to bread is going to be important to this story.
*draws mental parallels between "Tuck your tail in, little duck* and Ducktales*
I always wonder if Prim and Mrs. Everdeen ate much of the meal Katniss gathered for them that morning.
"He lists the disasters, the droughts, the storms, the fires, the encroaching seas that swallowed up so much of the land, the brutal war for what little sustenance remained." Everyone always asks what happened to the rest of the world in the books, but the answer is right here. The rest of the world has been destroyed.
This whole portion where she discusses the history of Panem and The Hunger Games really makes me want to read Ballad again. I wish SC would publish a whole encyclopedia about this world.
WE FINALLY KNOW WHO THE OTHER VICTOR FROM 12 WAS. Imagining the mayor reading Lucy Gray Baird's name. Suzanne Collins read my post and answered my wish.
Is it just me, or does Haymitch trying to give Effie a hug seem really out of character for him? Is there more going on here? I'm not really a Hayffie shipper, but idk, maybe this scene is subtext? Or is something else going on?
Aaaaand, that's the end of chapter 1! Will I do another post tomorrow for chapter 2? Combine my thoughts for 2 and 3? Who knows! I sure don't! (lol) Happy Hunger Games everyone!!!!
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isarnicole · 4 months ago
I’m behind on the reread and trying to catch up, but this quote from Peeta stuck out at me:
“I know. I know that. It’s just sometimes I can’t stand it anymore. To the point where . . . I’m not sure what I’ll do.” He pauses, then whispers, “Maybe we were wrong, Katniss.” “About what?” I ask. “About trying to subdue things in the districts,” he says.
Is Peeta the first person to out and out mention full scale rebellion to Katniss? 🤯🤯
I’m pretty sure Gale hasn’t mentioned it yet at this point and Katniss hasn’t really thought it herself yet. She’s decided they can all run away, but she hasn’t ever thought about fighting back or giving the districts a reason to fight. It’s Peeta. PEETA. The one who everyone always categorizes as meek and weak that voices this first.
Let me know if I’m wrong. It’s possible Gale has already said it and I missed it or don’t remember.
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ladynephthyss · a month ago
katniss everdeen becoming a mother is not anti-feminist.
katniss everdeen becoming a mother is not anti-feminist.
motherhood is not archaic, nor is it a weakness. no teenage girl is going to be the same fifteen years later, especially considering all the things that katniss went through.
but what infuriates me the most about this take is the idea of katniss being inherently broken, and that her having children was some terrible thing that took away any chance of happiness because something something strong female character *gags*
literally as someone who isn’t even sure if she can become a mother, this makes me sick. people who have trauma, who live with mental illness, they can and do love their children. some of y’all are way too comfortable with this ableist nonsense in the hunger games, and don’t realize that trauma, while yes, a thing many have to deal with for the rest of their lives, is not a death sentence!
katniss didn’t have children as some form of settling because she’s broken and will never heal and her husband forced her. she had her babies because she wanted to, because she wanted to live her life to the fullest, because she wanted her children. she wanted to carry them. she wanted to feel them tumbling inside of her. she wanted to give birth. she wanted to hear their first words and see their first steps. she wanted it.
that’s not weakness, not in the slightest.
and also i love the way katniss defines femininity within the context of the story because she truly shows what the idea of feminism is about; it’s choice.
her choice to save prim, her choice to make an allyship with certain tributes, her choice to eat the berries, her choice to learn to trust peeta...all of it is complete growth of herself as both a character but also into womanhood, or at the very least, out of that space of being a teenage girl. 
and she is a girl. it’s so evident with her growing love of peeta, and it doesn’t even define her femininity, rather it’s a space that allows her to grow into it, to trust it.
saying “it’s alright for me to feel such things, to navigate the confines of myself”and especially at the end of everything, when she makes the choice to die and then makes the choice to live. she’s come full circle, from some kid in a poor district to a young woman still growing and understanding herself, surrounded by the ones that she loves.
her choice with motherhood is a major step, and such a beautiful one as well because it’s another movement into that space of feminine and feminist understanding and ideas. 
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festivekatnissmellarkkkk · 2 months ago
Elllow! Today’s bookcomb consists of Peeta being protective of Katniss. Could have been much more implied moments but here’s some explicit ones 🤗
But it’s too late to run. I pull a slimy arrow from the sheath and try to position it on the bowstring but instead of one string I see three and the stench from the stings is so repulsive I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I can’t do it.
I’m helpless as the first hunter crashes through the trees, spear lifted, poised to throw. The shock on Peeta’s face makes no sense to me. I wait for the blow. Instead his arm drops to his side.
“What are you still doing here?” he hisses at me. I stare uncomprehendingly as a trickle of water drips off a sting under his ear. His whole body starts sparkling as if he’s been dipped in dew. “Are you mad?” He’s prodding me with the shaft of the spear now. “Get up! Get up!” I rise, but he’s still pushing at me. What? What is going on? He shoves me away from him hard. “Run!” he screams. “Run!”
I trip and fall into a small pit lined with tiny orange bubbles that hum like the tracker jacker nest. Tucking my knees up to my chin, I wait for death.
Sick and disoriented, I’m able to form only one thought: Peeta Mellark just saved my life.
I jump as Peeta grips my shoulder from behind. “No,” he says. “You’re not risking your life for me.”
“Who said I was?” I say.
“So, you’re not going?” he asks.
“Of course, I’m not going. Give me some credit.”
Anger flushes my face. “All right, I am going, and you can’t stop me!”
“I can follow you. At least partway. I may not make it to the Cornucopia, but if I’m yelling your name, I bet someone can find me. And then I’ll be dead for sure,” he says.
“You won’t get a hundred yards from here on that leg,” I say.
“Then I’ll drag myself,” says Peeta. “You go and I’m going, too.”
“We’re going!” says Peeta, shoving the Peacekeeper who’s pressing on me. “We get it, all right? Come on, Katniss.” His arm encircles me and guides me back into the Justice Building.
Peeta steps up on a crate against the wall of the sweetshop and offers me a hand while he scans the square. I’m halfway up when he suddenly blocks my way. “Get down. Get out of here!” He’s whispering, but his voice is harsh with insistence.
“What?” I say, trying to force my way back up.
“Go home, Katniss! I’ll be there in a minute, I swear!” he says.
“He was poaching. What business is it of hers, anyway?” says the man.
“He’s her cousin.” Peeta’s got my other arm now, but gently. “And she’s my fiancée. So if you want to get to him, expect to go through both of us.”
When we’re outside, I turn to Peeta. “You go on back. I want to walk by the Hob.”
“I’ll go with you,” he says.
“No. I’ve dragged you into enough trouble,” I tell him.
“And avoiding a stroll by the Hob . . . that’s going to fix things for me?” He smiles and takes my hand. Together we wind through the streets of the Seam until we reach the burning building.
“Peeta’s argument is that since I chose you, I now owe him. Anything he wants. And what he wants is the chance to go in again to protect you,” says Haymitch.
I knew it. In this way, Peeta’s not hard to predict. While I was wallowing around on the floor of that cellar, thinking only of myself, he was here, thinking only of me. Shame isn’t a strong enough word for what I feel.
“You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know,” Haymitch says.
“Yeah, yeah,” I say brusquely. “No question, he’s the superior one in this trio. So, what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know.” Haymitch sighs. “Go back in with you maybe, if I can. If my name’s drawn at the reaping, it won’t matter. He’ll just volunteer to take my place.”
The reaping takes only a minute. Effie, shining in a wig of metallic gold, lacks her usual verve. She has to claw around the girls’ reaping ball for quite a while to snag the one piece of paper that everyone already knows has my name on it. Then she catches Haymitch’s name. He barely has time to shoot me an unhappy look before Peeta has volunteered to take his place.
“And I’m not saying I’m not going to try. To get you home, I mean. But if I’m perfectly honest about it. . .”
“If you’re perfectly honest about it, you think President Snow has probably given them direct orders to make sure we die in the arena anyway,” I say.
“It’s crossed my mind,” says Peeta.
I check over my weapons, which I know are in perfect condition, because it makes me seem more in control. “I’ll take the lead,” I announce.
Peeta starts to object but Finnick cuts him off. “No, let her do it.”
No one’s thrilled with the idea of me going off alone, but the threat of dehydration hangs over us.
“Don’t worry, I won’t go far,” I promise Peeta.
“I’ll go, too,” he says.
“No, I’m going to do some hunting if I can,” I tell him. I don’t add, “And you can’t come because you’re too loud.” But it’s implied. He would both scare off prey and endanger me with his heavy tread. “I won’t be long.”
Nothing. I find nothing. Not so much as a dewdrop. Eventually, because I know Peeta will be worried about me, I head back to the camp, hotter and more frustrated than ever.
I know it’s stopped when I feel Peeta’s hands on me, feel myself lifted from the ground and out of the jungle. But I stay eyes squeezed shut, hands over my ears, muscles too rigid to release. Peeta holds me on his lap, speaking soothing words, rocking me gently.
While Johanna collects water and my arrows, Beetee fiddles with his wire, and Finnick takes to the water. I need to clean up, too, but I stay in Peeta’s arms, still too shaken to move.
This is when Beetee reveals the rest of the plan. Since we move most swiftly through the trees, he wants Johanna and me to take the coil down through the jungle, unwinding the wire as we go. We are to lay it across the twelve o’clock beach and drop the metal spool, with whatever is left, deep into the water, making sure it sinks. Then run for the jungle. If we go now, right now, we should make it to safety.
“I want to go with them as a guard,” Peeta says immediately. After the moment with the pearl, I know he’s less willing than ever to let me out of his sight.
I’m so light-headed I’ll black out in a matter of minutes. I’ve got to get away from this tree and —
“Katniss!” I hear his voice though he’s a far distance away. But what is he doing? Peeta must have figured out that everyone is hunting us by now. “Katniss!”
Caesar leans in to him a little. “I think it was clear to all of us what your plan was. To sacrifice yourself in the arena so that Katniss Everdeen and your child could survive.”
“That was it. Clear and simple.” Peeta’s fingers trace the upholstered pattern on the arm of the chair.
A hush has fallen over the room, and I can feel it spreading across Panem. A nation leaning in toward its screens. Because no one has ever talked about what it’s really like in the arena before.
Peeta goes on. “So you hold on to your wish. And that last night, yes, my wish was to save Katniss.”
“When that wire was cut, everything just went insane. I can only remember bits and pieces. Trying to find her. Watching Brutus kill Chaff. Killing Brutus myself. I know she was calling my name. Then the lightning bolt hit the tree, and the force field around the arena . . . blew out.”
“Katniss blew it out, Peeta,” says Caesar. “You’ve seen the footage.”
“She didn’t know what she was doing. None of us could follow Beetee’s plan. You can see her trying to figure out what to do with that wire,” Peeta snaps back.
Peeta’s on his feet, leaning in to Caesar’s face, hands locked on the arms of his interviewer’s chair. “Really? And was it part of her plan for Johanna to nearly kill her? For that electric shock to paralyze her? To trigger the bombing?” He’s yelling now. “She didn’t know, Caesar! Neither of us knew anything except that we were trying to keep each other alive!”
Caesar places his hand on Peeta’s chest in a gesture that’s both self-protective and conciliatory. “Okay, Peeta, I believe you.”
Gale’s expression darkens. “Peeta might have done a lot of damage tonight. Most of the rebels will dismiss what he said immediately, of course. But there are districts where the resistance is shakier. The cease-fire’s clearly President Snow’s idea. But it seems so reasonable coming out of Peeta’s mouth.”
I’m afraid of Gale’s answer, but I ask anyway. “Why do you think he said it?”
“He might have been tortured. Or persuaded. My guess is he made some kind of deal to protect you. He’d put forth the idea of the cease-fire if Snow let him present you as a confused pregnant girl who had no idea what was going on when she was taken prisoner by the rebels. This way, if the districts lose, there’s still a chance of leniency for you. If you play it right.” I must still look perplexed because Gale delivers the next line very slowly. “Katniss . . . he’s still trying to keep you alive.”
To keep me alive? And then I understand. The Games are still on. We have left the arena, but since Peeta and I weren’t killed, his last wish to preserve my life still stands. His idea is to have me lie low, remain safe and imprisoned, while the war plays out. Then neither side will really have cause to kill me. And Peeta? If the rebels win, it will be disastrous for him. If the Capitol wins, who knows? Maybe we’ll both be allowed to live — if I play it right — to watch the Games go on. . . .
Caesar and Peeta have a few empty exchanges before Caesar asks him about rumors that I’m taping propos for the districts.
“They’re using her, obviously,” says Peeta. “To whip up the rebels. I doubt she even really knows what’s going on in the war. What’s at stake.”
He asks Peeta if, given tonight’s demonstration, he has any parting thoughts for Katniss Everdeen.
At the mention of my name, Peeta’s face contorts in effort. “Katniss . . . how do you think this will end? What will be left? No one is safe. Not in the Capitol. Not in the districts. And you . . . in Thirteen . . .” He inhales sharply, as if fighting for air; his eyes look insane. “Dead by morning!”
“Katniss!” He whips his head toward me but doesn’t seem to notice my bow, the waiting arrow. “Katniss! Get out of here!”
I hesitate. His voice is alarmed, but not insane. “Why? What’s making that sound?”
“I don’t know. Only that it has to kill you,” says Peeta. “Run! Get out! Go!”
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theartofdreaming1 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Katniss acting petty as heck towards the Peacekeepers is hilarious ^^
As usual, my thoughts on chapters 10-12 are below the cut (I’ll post my stuff for the corresponding prompts separately this time - I had a couple of other things going on this week and I didn’t want to delay this post any further)
Chapter 10
I examine the girl’s face, which is bright red from the cold. Her teeth are crooked and there’s a strawberry birthmark over one of her chocolate brown eyes. This is no Peacekeeper. No citizen of the Capitol, either. - Kinda cool how Bonnie’s imperfections let Katniss know that she’s not talking to a Capitolite here, but someone from the districts, which makes Katniss lower her guard a little.
“Making tea?” I ask. “We’re not sure, really. I remember seeing someone do this with pine needles on the Hunger Games a few years back. At least, I think it was pine needles,” says Twill with a frown. I remember District 8, an ugly urban place striking of industrial fumes, the people housed in run-down tenements. Barely a blade of grass in sight. No opportunity, ever, to learn the ways of nature. It’s a miracle these two have made it this far. - The girl who unwisely made a fire during Katniss’s first night in the Games was from D8, too; knowing about their complete ignorance about nature in D8 makes it more understandable why that girl had been so clueless - just making a fire out in the wilderness must have been an enormous accomplishment for her already
“[Food]’s been gone for a while.” The quaver in her [Bonnie’s] voice melts my remaining defenses. She’s just a malnourished, injured girl fleeing the Capitol. - Katniss is always a softie for the underdog; she’s so protective and nurturing
“Well, then this is your lucky day,” I say, dropping my game bag on the floor. People are starving all over the district and we still have more than enough. So I’ve been spreading things around a little. I have my own priorities: Gale’s family, Greasy Sae, some of the other Hob traders who ere shut down. My mother has other people, patients mostly, who she wants to help. - The Everdeens are kind, compassionate people; I love that, while their priorities of who is to receive the food is different for Katniss and her mom, their motive is ultimately the same: helping others who are less well-off than them
From the bag I pull two fresh buns with a layer of cheese baked into the top. We always seem to have a supply of these since Peeta found out they were my favorite. I toss one to Twill but cross over and place the other on Bonnie’s lap since her hand-eye coordination seems a little questionable at the moment - Okay, so A) aww, Peeta making sure Katniss is always well-stocked with her favorite foods 🥰🥰🥰 He pays so much attention to seemingly mundane details and then puts in the effort to do something good with that info (especially if it’s for Katniss) - it’s such an inherent part of who he is, it will be one of the first things to break through his hijacking (think of the can of lamb stew he hands her in MJ), B) it’s kinda nice how, in a way, Peeta is still a part of this moment with Bonnie and Twill - he might not be here physically, but in spirit (or, rather, bread ;), literally nourishing part of the rebellion (i.e. the refugees), and C) lol, how does Katniss gauge that Bonnie’s hand-eye coordination might be not so great? Because of her foot? Believe me, I don’t need a banged up foot to have awful hand-eye coordination - I’m just naturally butterfingered like that ;)
“Oh,” says Bonnie. “Oh is this all for me?” Something inside me twists as I remember another voice. Rue. In the arena. When I gave her the leg of groosling. “Oh, I’ve never had a whole leg to myself before.” The disbelief of the chronically hungry. - Katniss is already doing the work here for me, drawing the parallel to Rue, but this passage also reminded me of this: - “So do we hunt on empty stomachs to give us an edge?” “Not us,” I say. “We stuff ourselves to give us staying power.” “Count me in in,” Peeta says. But I can see he’s surprised when I divide the rest of the stew and rice and hand a heaping plate to him. “All this?” (THG, Ch. 23) - as someone from the merchant class, Peeta clearly didn’t have to starve, but even he didn’t get to eat as much as he liked growing up and I’m sure that can be applied to the other districts as well - even those who would be considered well-off in the districts are living under severe restrictions while the sheer abundance in the Capitol has people puke up food so they can stuff themselves with even more 😒
Twill taught at school, Bonnie was one of her pupils, and when the final bell had rung, both of them spent a four-hour shift at the factory that specialized in Peacekeeper uniforms. - So, we already know from Rue that child labor is not uncommon in Panem - how come that there is none of that in D12? (children working in mines is something we know about from history) Also, how does someone become a teacher in Panem? Is there a training center for educators? I’m curious...
The night of my engagement, the night Peeta fell to his knees and proclaimed his undying love for me in front of the cameras in the Capitol, was the night the uprising began. It was an ideal cover. Our Victory Tour interview with Caesar Flickerman was mandatory viewing. It gave the people of District 8 a reason to be out on the streets after dark, gathering either in the square or in various community centers around the city to watch. Ordinarily such activity would have been too suspicious. Instead everyone was in place by the appointed hour, eight o’clock, when the masks went on and all hell broke loose. - Interesting how Katniss and Peeta’s relationship, instead of placating the districts, actually helped the rebels with staging their uprising (and I’m sure that was not the Capitol’s design, Katniss... just something for you to mull over ;)
Then, for a week, there was a lockdown. No food, no coal, everyone forbidden to leave their homes. - I would love to know how and when the different lockdowns in various districts took place; for example was there a parallel uprising in the food supplying district that would explain the ‘no food’ rule we can observe in D8 and D12 (aside from being a punishment, maybe also a result of general food shortage), does the ‘no coal’ in D8 coincide with the mines in D12 being shut down?
A street made impassable by the  bombs caused them [Twill and Bonnie] to be late for their factory shift, so they were still a hundred yards away when it exploded, killing everyone inside - including Twill’s husband and Bonnie’s entire family - It is so wild how seemingly minor decisions/circumstances (like being late because you have to take a different route than usual) can have such wide-reaching consequences
Concealed by woods, but using the tracks for guidance, they made it to the outskirts of District 12 - I don’t know, this description just really reminds me of the end of Fahrenheit 451
“... They’ve been using the same footage for as long as anyone in District Eight can remember,” says Twill. [...] “See what?” I ask. Twill holds out her cracker with the bird again. “A mockingjay. Just a glimpse of it as it flies by. The same one every time.” [...] I give a grunt of disbelief. “You’re going to District Thirteen based on that? A shot of a bird?” - Very convenient that said bird is a mockingjay; it would have been awfully unstylish/unfitting if it had been a blackbird or something like that ^^ But it also seems very fitting that it would be the sight of a bird that inspires hope - isn’t that a common theme, especially in poetry? Makes me think of Emily Dickinson’s poem “hope is the thing with feathers”
“And we think the Capitol leaves them alone because, before the Dark Days, District Thirteen’s principal industry was nuclear development.” “They were graphite miners,” I say. But then I hesitate, because that’s information I got from the Capitol. - Katniss stopping herself, realizing that she has to question everything she has learned from the Capitol
If a community exists in District 13, would it be better to go there, where I might be able to accomplish something, instead of waiting here for my death? But then... if there are people in District 13, with powerful weapons... “Why haven’t they helped us?” I say angrily. “If it’s true, why do they leave us to live like this? With the hunger and the killings and the Games?” And suddenly I hate this imaginary underground city of District 13 and those who sit by, watching us die. They’re no better than the Capitol. - Whelp, it’s not that inaccurate to what we’re going to see in MJ, is it? Katniss’s disdain for a D13 that has been watching the sufferings of the other districts all along also makes perfect sense considering her own inability to observe others suffering
“We don’t know,” Bonnie whispers. “Right now, we’re just holding on to the hope that they exist.” That snaps me to my senses. These are delusions. District 12 doesn’t exist because the Capitol would never let it exist. [...] Bonnie has no home. Her family is dead. Returning to District 8 or assimilating into another district would be impossible. Of course the idea of an independent, thriving District 13 draws her. I can’t bring myself to tell her she’s chasing a dream as insubstantial as a wisp of smoke. - Katniss might be overselling the power the Capitol has over everything (although it makes sense for her to feel that way, after D12 being on the receiving end of a particularly harsh and cruel lockdown). It’s interesting how, even though she deems the idea of D13 a ‘delusion’, Katniss recognizes that this thought gives Bonnie hope and she can’t bring herself to squash that hope, because Katniss knows its value (y’know, from experience with her own personal dandelion ;) - [...] they’re so pitiful I have to try to help - despite her doubts, Katniss still ends up helping Bonnie and Twill anyway, because she’s such a good person 😊
They beg me for details of the situation in District 12 and I tell them about life under Thread. I can see they think this is important information that they’ll be bringing to those who run District 13, and I play along so as not to destroy their hopes. - Again, Katniss is humoring Bonnie and Twill, keeping their hope alive
“I have to go now,” I say. They pour out thanks and embrace me. Tears spill from Bonnie’s eyes. “I can’t believe we actually got to meet you. You’re practically all anyone’s talked about since-” “I know. I know. Since I pulled out those berries,” I say tiredly. - Honestly, Katniss might be presuming here; Bonnie could have mentioned volunteering for Prim, caring for Rue, etc... She really isn’t aware of all the good deeds she has done - it’s as Peeta’s said, she doesn’t know the effect she can have ;)
I’m nearing the fence when a mockingjay lights on a branch and trills at me. At the sight of it I realize I never got a full explanation of the bird on the cracker and what it signifies. “It means we’re on your side.” That’s what Bonnie said. I have people on my side? What side? Am I unwittingly the face of the hoped-for rebellion? Has the mockingjay on my pin become a symbol of resistance? - Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Katniss is right on the money here. (Also, I love how this mockingjay is warning her about the electrified fence, even if it takes the sudden screech of an owl for Katniss to actually pay attention! Disney Princess behavior right there ;)
Chapter 11
My mother and Prim can’t know I was in the woods. I need to work up some sort of alibi, no matter how thin. Some of the shops in the square are still open, so I go in one and purchase white cloths for bandages. We’re running low, anyway. In another, I buy a bag of sweets for Prim. - It’s a good thing Katniss went into the shops for an alibi to fool/placate her family; she’ll end up needing it for the Peacekeepers waiting in her house. (Although it’s weird that Katniss felt like having to come up with an alibi for her mom and Prim - in this case it’s going to pay off, but otherwise it’d be way unneccessary; Katniss is clearly over-doing the whole ‘protector’-bit here - she even recognizes that her alibi is going to be thin in the eyes of her mom and Prim) It’s sweet how she’s buying things for her mom and Prim, specifically (bandages + sweets)
I stick one of the candies in my mouth, feeling the peppermint melt on my tongue, and realize it’s the first thing I’ve eaten all day. I meant to make a meal at the lake, but once I saw Twill and Bonnie’s condition, it seemed wrong to take a single mouthful from them. - Katniss is so good and selfless; and she’s still wondering how people could perceive her as inspiring 🤦‍♀️
“Hello,” I say in a neutral voice. My mother appears behind them [the Peacekeepers], but keeps her distance. “Here she is, just in time for dinner,” she says a little too brightly. I’m very late for dinner. - Mrs. Everdeen covering for Katniss again! She’s really coming through this book, I like it! (I also can’t help but wonder whether Katniss gets her -relatively - bad acting from her mom ^^ Or maybe this is just a case of noticing someone clearly fibbing simply because you know them very well - I doubt that the Peacekeepers would know that Mrs. E is being too effusive at the moment)
“Head Peacekeeper Thread sent us with a message for you,” says the woman. “They’ve been waiting for hours,” my mother adds. - Mrs. E sprinkling in the fact that the Peacekeepers have been staying at the house for a considerable amount of time, so Katniss can spin a more convincing lie - not in the slickest way, but a good and important move on her part nevertheless!
I cross into the kitchen, forcing myself to use my foot normally even though every step is excruciating. I pass between then Peacekeepers and make it to the tablea llright. I fling my bag down and turn to Prim, who’s standing stiffly by the hearth. - being bad at lying/pretending seems to be an Everdeen family trait, it seems ;) - Haymitch and Peeta are there as well, sitting in a pair of matching rockers, playing a game of chess. - very fitting that the ‘strategists’ of the team are sitting there, playing chess - Were they here by chance or “invited” by the Peacekeepers? Either way, I’m glad to see them. - Hmmh, how did they end up in the Everdeen kitchen? I can see Peeta occasionally dropping by, unrelated to the presence of the Peacekeepers (even if it’s just to deliver more baked goods), but Haymitch? Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Haymitch actually talked more to Mrs. Everdeen than Katniss would ever suspect (they are about the same age, and with the harsh punishment forced onto D12 and the injured being brought to Mrs. E and Haymitch seeking info to pass onto the Victors/rebels and maybe also seeking some help for dealing with his alcohol withdrawal, it wouldn’t be that surprising)
“Well, I haven’t been talking to the Goat Man about getting Prim’s goat pregnant, because someone gave me completely inaccurate information as to where he lives,” I say to Prim emphatically. “No I didn’t,” says Prim. “I told you exactly.” [...] “You distinctly said the west, because then I said, “’Next to the slag heap?’ and you said, ‘Yeah,’“ I say. “The slag heap next ot the east entrance,” says Prim patiently. “No. When did you say that?” I demand. “Last night,” Haymitch chimes in. “It was definitely the east,” adds Peeta. He looks at Haymitch and they laugh. I glare at Peeta and he tries to look contrite. “I’m sorry, but it’s what I’ve been saying. You don’t listen when people talk to you.” “Bet people told you he didn’t live there today and you didn’t listen again,” says Haymitch. “Shut up, Haymitch,” I say, clearly indicating he’s right. Haymitch and Peeta crack up and Prim allows herself a smile. “Fine. Somebody else can arrange to get the stupid goat knocked up,” I say, whic makes them laugh more. And I think, This is why they’ve made it this far, Haymitch and Peeta. Nothing throws them. - God, this exchange is just so flipping brilliant! The easy back-and-forth between Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss just illustrates how well they work together as a team, even putting Prim at ease to join in - we were robbed, not getting this scene in the movie (give us a Hunger Games tv series!!! these small moments are so important in enriching the story)
Peeta comes to the table and opens the candy bag. “Ooh, peppermints,” he says, popping one in his mouth. “They’re mine.” I take a swipe for the bag. He tosses it to Haymitch, who stuffs a fistful of sweets in his mouth before passing the bag to a giggling Prim. “None of you deserves candy!” I say. - This scene is so sweet and adorable, I love it! 😊
“What, because we’re right?” Peeta wraps his arms around me. I give a small yelp of pain as my tailbone objects. I try to turn it into a sound of indignation, but I can see in his eyes that he knows i’m hurt. - of course he knows, because you guys know each other so well 🥺 - “Okay, Prim said west. I distinctly heard west. And we’re all idiots. How’s that?” “Better,” I say, and accept his kiss. Then I look at the Peacekeepers as if I’m suddenly remembering they’re there. “You have a message for me?” - Lol, Katniss acting petty as heck towards the Peacekeepers 😂 ‘Oh, right, I totally forgot you guys are here - I was too busy joking around with the people I like and snogging my fiancé to notice you’💁‍♀️
“From Head Peacekeeper Thread,” says the woman. “He wanted you to know that the fence surrounding District Twelce will now have electricity twenty-four hours a day.” Didn’t it already?” I ask, a little too innocently. “He thought you might be interested in passing this information on to your cousin,” says the woman. “Thank you. I’ll tell him. I’m sure we’ll all sleep a little more soundly now that security has addressed that lapse.” I’m pushing things, I know it, but the comment gives me a sense of satisfaction. - Kat-ty Everdeen strikes again 😂
When my mother has locked the door behind them [Peacekeepers], I slump against the table. “What is it?” says Peeta, holding me steadily. - Again, Peeta is mentioned in junction with ‘steadiness’
Prim comes and sits on the floor next to me, leaning her head against my knee. We suck on peppermints as I brush her soft blond hair back behind her ear. “How was school?” I ask. - Such a sweet moment between the Everdeen sisters 💕
My mother gives me a cup of chamomile tea with a dose of sleep syrup, and my eyelids begin to droop immediately. She wraps my bad foot, and Peeta volunteers to get me to bed. I start out by leaning on his shoulder, but I’m so wobbly he just scoops me up and carries me upstairs. - I don’t know what it is about this moment, but it has not just Katniss swept off her feet, y’know? 😉 I’m swooning just reading it - He tucks me in and says good night but I catch his hand and hold him there. A side effect of the sleep syrup is that it makes people less inhibited, like white liquor, and I know I have to control my tongue. But I don’t want him to go. In fact, I want him to climb in with me, to be there when the nightmares hit tonight. For some reason that I can’t quite form, I know I’m not allowed to ask that. - It’s so telling how much usually oh-so-guarded Katniss wants Peeta to stay with her, to comfort her when the nightmares terrify her awake; she’s really started to fall for him by now, but everything is still so confusing, there is so much terrible going on, she still hasn’t really figured out what she’s feeling and she doesn’t want to give Peeta false hope, afraid that her feelings might not match his (romantic-wise); for now, just being (platonically) together has to be enough - “Don’t go yet. Not until I fall asleep,” I say. Peeta sits on the side of the bed, warming my hand in both of his. “Almost thought you’d changed your mind today. When you were late for dinner.” I’m foggy but I can guess what he means. With the fence going on and me showing up late and the Peacekeepers waiting, he thought I’d made a run for it, maybe with Gale. - Peeta taking care of Katniss, warming her hands😩 reminds of when he rubbed warmth into her feet in their cave in THG (he’s always providing her with warmth, sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically); kinda sad how he worried she might have made a run for it - he feels like he knows her (and generally he’s really good at reading the moods of the elusive Katniss Everdeen), but it seems like he’s still doubting sometimes whether he truly gets her and where exactly they stand in their relationship; Katniss provides a little reassurance here - “No, I’d have told you,” I say. I pull his hand up and lean my cheek against the back of it, taking in the faint scent of cinnamon and dill from the breads he must have baked today. - such a vulnerable, affectionate gesture on Katniss’s part 😊🥰 - I want to tell him about Twill and Bonnie and the uprising and the fantasy of District 13, but it’s not safe to and I can feel myself slipping away, so I just get out one more sentence. - She wants to tell him everything and only refrains from doing so because it’s not safe (the presence of mind on this girl! despite feeling all fogged up from the sleep syrup) and because she’s sleepy; she wants to share her thoughts and experiences with him, wants to know his thoughts/perspective on things - that’s a big thing for Katniss-I-barely-talk-about-the-deep-stuff-even-with-my-best-friend-Everdeen! And then, of course, the final blow:- “Stay with me.” As the tendrils of sleep syrup pull me down, I hear him whisper a word back, but I don’t quite catch it. - Dead. I’m dead, y’all 😍😭 
Peeta comes by every day to bring me cheese buns - get you a guy who keeps you well-stocked with your favorite food 😉 - and begins to help me work on the family book. It’s an old thing, made of parchment and leather. Some herbalist on my mother’s side of the family started it ages ago. The book’s composed of page after page of ink drawings of plants with descriptions of their medical uses. My father added a section on edible plants [...] For a long time, I’ve wanted to record my own knowledge in it. [...] I didn’t because I’m no artist and it’s so crucial that the pictures are drawn in exact detail. That’s where Peeta comes in. [...] He makes sketches on scrap paper until I’m satisfied they’re right, then I let him draw them in the book. After that, I carefully print all I know about the plant. - Peeta and Katniss are working together as a team once again; also, this plant book is a literal manifestation of how Peeta’s become an integral part of Katniss’s family, he’s crucial for her to continue this family (tradition) 😭
It’s quiet, absorbing work that helps take my mind off my troubles. I like to watch his hands as he works, - Katniss has a thing for hands (especially about skilled hands); girl’s got good taste ;) - making a blank page bloom with strokes of ink, adding touches of color to our previously black and yellowish book. - Peeta’s adding his own personal touches to the family book (and adding color/vibrancy to the whole thing!) and Katniss is very appreciative of this, as we can tell by the way she talks about his skill (’making a blank page bloom’) - His face takes on a special look when he concentrates. His usual easy expression is replaced by something more intense and removed that suggests an entire world locked away inside him. I’ve seen flashes of this before: in the arena, or when he speaks to a crowd, or that time he shoved the Peacekeepers’  guns away from me in District 11. I don’t know quite what to make of it. - It means you’re into intense!Peeta, Katniss 😏 She’s so intrigued by this world locked inside of him - it’s cute how fascinated she is by him, his thoughts/feelings and how he views the world and she wants to learn more about that; also quite noteworthy how she’s been keeping track of these moments when she could see flashes of this...- I also become a little fixated on his eyelashes, which ordinarily you don’t notice because they’re so blond. But up close, in the sunlight slanting in from the window, they’re a light golden color and so long I don’t see how they keep from getting all tangled up when he blinks. - Heehee, it’s fun to see usually so stoic Katniss Everdeen wax poetic about Peeta’s eyelashes (girl’s got it bad)
One afternoon Peeta stops shading a blossom and looks up so suddenly that I start, as though I were caught spying on him, which in a strange way maybe I was. - 😏 - But he only says, “You know, I think this is the first time we’ve ever done anything normal together.” “Yeah,” I agree. Our whole relationship has been tainted by the Games. Normal was never a part of it. “Nice for a change.” - They were thrown together under the most extreme of circumstances, and, despite some miscommunication and trials and tribulations, they’ve managed to become a good team - but it’s important to see how compatible they are under normal circumstances as well; even when you take away the immediate pressure of a life-and-death situation, these two just genuinely enjoy spending time with each other and that’s beautiful 🥰 Katniss talking about how their relationship was ‘tainted’ by the Games kinda makes me think of her ‘It would have happened anyway’-line; that, if they hadn’t been tributes, they still would have ended up with each other, one way or another
I unnerve everyone by turning on the television. Usually we only watch when it’s mandatory [...] But now I’m looking for something special. The mockingjay that Bonnie and Twill are basing all their hopes on. I know it’s probably foolishness, but if it is, I want to rule it out. - Hope is infectious; despite having put down Bonnie and Twill’s ideas of D13 as ‘foolishness’ of desperate people, Katniss can’t help but wonder... and hope herself, too
Chapter 12
Winter has begun to withdraw by the time my foot is deemed usable. My mother gives me exercises to do and lets me walk on my own a bit. - Do you think that Peeta consulted Mrs. Everdeen to devise his Career-Training plan and what exercises would be good/bad for Katniss with her still healing foot?
“Why couldn’t you get shrimp?” Is it out of season?” I ask. “Oh, Katniss, we haven’t been able to get any seafood for weeks!” says Octavia. “You know, because the weather’s been so bad in District Four.” My mind starts buzzing. No seafood. For weeks. From District 4. The barely concealed rage in the crowd during the Victory Tour. And suddenly I am absolutely sure that District 4 has revolted. - Not the most intricate puzzle here, but still a good example of Katniss being smart and putting two and two together, when others might not be as quick to pick up on hints like these; also, because the Capitolites are so sheltered from everything they are easily satisfied with the lies the Capitol is dishing out (i.e. weather issues) and honestly - how are they supposed to know that this is untrue? Their only access to information is tightly regulated by the government...
I begin to question them [the prep team] casually about what other hardships this winter has brought them. [...] By the time I’m ready to be dressed, their complaints about the difficutly of getting different products - from crabmeat to music chips to ribbons -  has given me a sense of which districts might actually be rebelling. - Katniss, the sleuth 🕵️‍♀️
I feel like dough, being kneaded and reshaped again and again. My mother manages to feed me bits of food and sips of tea while they work on me, but by the time the shoot is over, I’m starving and exhausted. - Mrs. Everdeen trying to put some food into Katniss during the shoot is such a mom thing to do; it’s sweet 😊
I really have to get out and talk to someone. Gale will be unreachable in the mines. But I need Haymitch or Peeta or somebody to share the burden of all that has happened to me since I went to the lake. - With Gale unavailable, Katniss immediately thinks of opening up to Haymitch and/or Peeta; this is really telling of how close these three have grown over the past few months. Also, it’s good that Katniss is starting to realize on her own that she needs to talk to someone and is actively seeking out support!
I eat breakfast with my mother and Prim and head out in search of a confidant. The air’s warm with hopeful hints of spring in it. Spring would be a good time for an uprising, I think. Everyone feels less vulnerable once winter passes. Peeta’s not home. I guess he’s already gone into town. - You ain’t slick, Katniss: ‘in search of a confidant’ she says and immediately goes over to Peeta’s, I see how it is ;) ‘Spring (= Peeta) would be good for an uprising’ of course fits perfectly with her previous thoughts on how Peeta would make a good leader for the rebellion... ‘Everyone’ feels less vulnerable once winter passes’ - well, I know at least of one person who feels safe when “Spring” is around 😏
Haymitch and I can speak in a kind of shorthand now. In a few minutes I’ve updated him and he’s told me about rumors of uprisings in District 7 and 11 as well. If my hunches are right, this would mean almost half the districts have at least attempted to rebel. - Huh, Haymitch having different/more intel on districts that are rebelling can actually be read as a hint that he’s in contact with the bigger rebel effort by now; I’ve never properly picked up on that before; Katniss and Haymitch being able to communicate in shorthand is another example of them being good at communicating with each other so subtly because they are so similar
“But maybe at some point?” I insist. “Maybe. But we’re small, we’re weak, and we don’t develop nuclear weapoons,” says Haymitch with a touch of sarcasm. He didn’t get too excited over my District 13 story. [...] “The idea that Thirteen has somehow rebounded and the Capitol is ignoring it? That sounds like the kind of rumor desperate people cling to.” “I know. I was just hoping,” I say. “Exactly. Because you’re desperate,” says Haymitch. I don’t argue because, of course, he’s right. - So. Is Haymitch in the know regarding the existence of D13 as of yet? If no, then him doubting the existence of D13 vs. Katniss’s wonderings/hope is just an example of him being more cynical than Katniss. If yes, he must be sowing these doubts to protect Katniss/keep her in the dark (he seems to know exactly what to say to make her question her own hopeful thoughts)
When the laws for the Games were laid out, they dictated that every twenty-five years the anniversary would be marked by a Quarter Quell. It would call for a glorified version of the Games to make fresh the memory of those killed by the districts’ rebellion. - Kinda effed up how it was decided there needed to be more glofied versions of the Games this early on - a disturbing sign of awareness of how desensitized people are going to become to flipping children being forced to murder each other😧
President Snow goes on to tell us what happened in the previous Quarter Quells. “On the twenty-fifth anniversary, as a reminder of the rebels that their children were dying because of their choice to initiate violence, every district was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes who would represent it.” I wonder how that would have felt. Picking the kids who had to go. - Oof, I don’t even want to imagine what that must have been like - how could you possible vote to condemn any child to something barbaric as this?!
That was the year Haymitch won... “I had a friend who went that year,” says my mother quietly. “Maysilee Donner. Her parents owned the sweetshop. They gave me her songbird after. A canary.” Prim and I exchange a look. It’s the first we’ve ever heard of Maysilee Donner. Maybe because my mother knew we would want to know how she died. - Must be horrible to lose a friend to the Games, to have to watch their death live on television😢; Mrs. E must have been close to Maysilee, for the parents to give her Maysilee’s songbird - and then her daughter got reaped, too (and her other daughter volunteered); Mrs. E hasn’t had an easy life (not that any people in the districts have easy lives... but it’s a lot of tragedy, either firsthand or by proxy); Another thing: who is running the sweetshop now? Are Maysilee’s parents still running the store? (We know that Maysilee’s twin sister is the mayor’s wife and we never hear of any other siblings) Has some other merchant, a second- or third-born child in a family, taken over the shop? I’m curious
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How can it be #thgagain without me posting a new art about my babies?
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THGagain (apologies if I’m not sticking to the schedule, I’m behind and also a maverick)
Chapter 2 Liveblog
Something that I like about Collins’s writing is how she often will ground Katniss in her actual experiences. Instead of saying, “I feel like the wind is knocked out of me”, she describes a time where Katniss actually experienced it (while also providing some context for Katniss’s real life experiences of climbing trees for hunting... which will come in handy in a little bit, I bet).
This little detail about a boy from the Seam... I had always assumed they were divided by gender (like in the movie). But going back a few pages it seems they were divided by age.
Oh, the ducktail. This visual makes me so sad (probably also because they did do this bit well in the movies, and I can see it clearly).
I like how Katniss doesn’t think about it at all. We don’t know what she’s going to do before she does it. Because it is sheer instinct on Katniss’s part.
Wait hang on... District 12 hasn’t had a volunteer in ‘decades’? They’ve had a volunteer before? Wahhhhhhhh... I wonder if maybe they had one or two after Haymitch won, or if it’s something that was more common back when there was a more fair chance (before the Career training really got going, or even before the Gamemakers starting upping the ante) but after the reward system was put in place. Hmmm. Also, Katniss saying that in some districts people are eager to risk their lives, the volunteering is complicated... This is obvious foreshadowing to finding out about the Careers, but I wonder if there are some in-between districts where volunteers are more common.
“Don’t want her to steal all the glory, do we?” I’m not one to give Effie the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes I wonder when she says stuff like this if she actually believes it, or if she’s putting on a show for the cameras. I feel like it is somewhere in between sometimes. Definitely something I will be paying attention to.
“I don’t expect it because I don’t think of District 12 as a place that cares about me. But a shift has occurred since I stepped up to take Prim’s place, and now it seems I have become someone precious.” A martyr. This is Katniss turning into a martyr, a sacrifice. A symbol. I do think D12 probably cared about Katniss much more than she thinks, but there is some wisdom to her perception here. This is our first glimpse of the power of symbolic figures.
“Now I am truly in danger of crying, but fortunately Haymitch chooses this time to come staggering across the stage to congratulate me.” Lmao. Yeah, what coincidental timing. It is fascinating to see how Katniss views Haymitch here, because she’s seeing him through the lens of how he portrays himself and misses the moments where he’s being clever or intuitive. At the same time, I don’t think him falling offstage was on purpose. I think he’s really very drunk because this is the worst part of his life every year.
“But I know I was right about not running off. Because who else would have volunteered for Prim?” Ugh I could wax poetic about Collins’s ability to plant big worldview questions in small moments. Katniss cannot simply ignore and escape the systemic issues in her society, because they affect the people she cares about. She would never be able to just leave Panem and forgot what was going on there.
Look at the different between how Effie drew Prim’s name last chapter and Peeta’s name this chapter:
Prim: “She reaches in, digs her hand deep into the ball, and pulls out a slip of paper.”
Peeta: “Haymitch is whisked away on a stretcher and Effie Trinket is trying to get the ball rolling again... she crosses to the ball that contains the boys’ names and grabs the first slip she encounters.”
Effie’s behavior when drawing Peeta’s name is influenced by Katniss volunteering. When she was drawing Prim’s name she was trying to create extra drama and excitement, but after Katniss volunteered and all the chaos with Haymitch ensued, Effie just wanted to get the show on the road. So she just picked Peeta’s name from the top. If Katniss hadn’t volunteered, Effie likely would have dug around and tried to make the boy’s reaping more dramatic as well... and Peeta likely wouldn’t have been picked. It’s the butterfly effect, and it really adds to the whole theme of odds and chance.
Katniss: Peeta Mellark! (affectionate)
The whole thing about Peeta’s brother and family devotion only going so far is sad but realistic. I love my siblings but I don’t know if I would have had the bravery to take their place in a fight to the death as a teenager. Especially in D12 where they all assume if they’re reaped then they’re dead. What Katniss does IS the radical thing. And it makes sense for her character and the relationship she has with her sister, who Katniss has had to take care of for the last few years. Katniss in many ways is like Prim’s parent. The love she has for her is radical, and not the type you would often see between siblings of this age (imagine for a second if parents were allowed to volunteer for their children. The reaping would look entirely different).
The Treaty of Treason probably is very dull, but I would love to hear it lol. I love worldbuilding.
“Our only real interaction happened years ago. He’s probably forgotten it. But I haven’t and I know I never will....” SUZANNE!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU! (Screams in Mockingjay)
“The district had given us a small amount of money as compensation for his death, enough to cover one month of grieving at which time my mother would be expected to get a job.” Okay this is not NEARLY enough time. A month??? I’m going to have to remember this when I do my TBOSAS re-read, because I’m curious how much money and time Snow’s family was given for his father’s death. A whole lot more, I’m willing to bet (not that you can quantify grief and loss, but it demonstrates the disparity between economic hardship in the Capitol vs District 12).
“... who still polished my father’s shaving mirror each night because he’d hated the layer of coal dust that settled on everything in the Seam.” This is probably just a stray detail, but I’m noting it because it is another thing that suggests Mr. Everdeen felt out of place in the Seam (and was second-generation Covey perhaps?)
The commonality of starvation in D12 and Katniss’s casual “who hasn’t seen the victims?” hits hard, especially as someone who doesn’t regularly see people starving to death. It helps drive the point home that this is a tangible part of her reality.
“Suddenly a voice was screaming at me and I looked up to see the baker’s wife, telling me to move on and did i want her to call the Peacekeepers and how sick she was of having those brats from the Seam pawing through her trash.” This really reminds me of when people complain about homeless people digging through trash, and I think it is supposed to. Specifically it makes me think about people getting upset about homeless people going through trash bins to pull out recyclable cans and bottles (because I used to live in a state where you could deposit them for 10c apiece) and it’s such a stupid thing to get upset over. If someone is willing to go through your trash, then they must really need to go through your trash.
The fact that Katniss didn’t even know Peeta’s name because he stuck with the town kids really shows how divided they were. I mean, with a population of only 8 thousand people, their school must have been quite small.
“I heard the woman screaming again and the sound of a blow,” PEEEETAAAAAAAAAAAAA. MY SWEET BOY. YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS.
Also she called him “You stupid creature” what the hell what the actual hell I hate this woman.
I’m going to pause for a second and say that what I love about this series is that a less interesting, talented writer could have easily turned this into a series where Katniss was in love with Peeta before they entered the arena (or even had Gale be the one to go in) and have romantic love be her motivation and angst about not wanting to kill him. But no. Katniss is compromised from the very beginning because of the compassion that Peeta showed her on a very human level. He showed her love. Maybe partly because he had a little crush on her, but also because he is a kind human being. He showed Katniss kindness and compassion and humanity and love and that is why Katniss can never totally shut him out. And eventually that human connection turns into a beautiful, radical, (and yes romantic) love, but at the beginning it is just this simple human connection. He showed her compassion and saved her life and Katniss can never forget that. The revolution starts with simple, unselfish human kindness
With all that out of the way... it is really hilarious that Katniss caught Peeta staring at her because he obviously had a crush on her, and her reaction is “I feel like I owe him something, and I hate owing people.” Lol. Girl.
Katniss asks “Exactly how am I supposed to work in a thank-you in there? Somehow it just won’t seem sincere if I’m trying to slit his throat” and now I want to look out for the first time she says those exact words to him.
I think Collins is a great writer but sometimes her analogies send me. “His [hands] are as solid and warm as those loaves of bread.” A little over the top there Suzanne. Also: “Peeta looks me right in the eye and gives my hand what I think is meant to be a reassuring squeeze. Maybe it’s just a nervous spasm.” There is a river in Egypt and its name is Katniss.
“Odds are someone else will kill him before I do. Of course, the odds have not been very dependable of late.”
I mean, she’s not... wrong. Someone else doesn’t kill Peeta.
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