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#tna twins
flawlesskorra · a year ago
the nanny affairs kids are actually very cute i didn’t expect this. i may have only known them for 2 chapters but id do anything for them.
never thought i’d say this but i want more scenes taking care of those kids than thinking of our hot boss and their fiancee.
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kryloxen · a year ago
Sofia: I'll be taking the kids!
Tumblr media
Gimme my fucking kids back you old ugly ass witch
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lucy-268 · 11 months ago
Twin Games
A/N - Wacky Drabbles - Prompt 55 - This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had. Of course I'm in. (the challenge will be in bold)  Yes, this is silly, but I could totally see the boys doing this.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to PB
Warnings: none
Series/Pairing; other characters: The Nanny Affair - m!Sam x f!MC (Emma Schuyler); Mickey; Mason; Sofia Russo; mention of my Open Heart MC - Charley Valentine
Word count: 1,340~ish
“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had. Of course I'm in.” Mickey said to his brother.
Mason grinned at him. “But you have to go with Sofia.”
Mickey frowned. “Why can’t I stay with Emma?”
Mason rolled his eyes. “Because it’s my plan and I can’t see without my glasses.” Mason handed Mickey his old pair of glasses that he had popped the lens out of.
Mickey took them and looked at them, frowning. “Don’t you think she’ll notice that there isn’t any glass in them?”
Mason shook his head.
Mickey was already having doubts. “Dad is going to be mad.”
Mason nodded. “At Sofia for not knowing she only has one kid.”
Mickey frowned. “As long as it isn’t at Emma. I don’t want Emma to get fired.”
“She won’t. Sofia’s going to tell her to watch me.”
There was a knock on the door to their room and Emma popped her head in. “Are you boys ready for your day with Sofia?” She looked between the two of them. “What’s going on?”
Mickey stammered. “Who, us ? Nothing! Honest!”
Emma cocked her eyebrow at them. “Hurry to the kitchen. Your dad ordered room service. There is bacon and you don’t want Sofia to toss it.”
“Why can’t we go explore Boston with you?”
“Because Sofia wants to spend the day taking you to Harvard so you can see where she got her MBA.”
She put an arm around each boy and led them through the hotel suite. Sam was just uncovering the dishes as they got to the small kitchen area and both boys loaded their plates.
Sam reached over them and fixed a plate for Emma. He stepped back and pulled her with him, handing her the plate and a fork. He leaned over her. “If you get bored with Charley, text me and I’ll try to get out of my meeting,” he whispered to her, his lips brushed the shell of her ear.
She smiled but didn’t get to answer before Sofia swept into the room. She frowned when she saw the scrambled eggs, waffles, and bacon. “Emma, consult me before you order room service again.”
Sam interrupted her. “Sofia, I ordered breakfast. I also ordered you an egg white omelet with soy yogurt and fresh fruit.” He handed her a plate before selecting his own breakfast.
Sam was the first to leave. Then Sofia corralled the twins. As they were walking out the door, Mason stopped. “I have to go to the bathroom.”
Sofia sighed. “Hurry.”
Mickey nodded to his brother and then turned to Sofia. “Can we go down to the lobby and look at the fountain.” He held up a handful of change. “I want to make a wish.”
Sofia agreed, calling to Mason not to be long.
Soon Mason was hurrying after the others, leaving Emma alone in the suite. She gathered up the dishes and left them outside the door for room service to pick up. She had a few hours before she needed to meet Charley.
Her phone buzzed with a text. It was from Sam. ‘Have a nice day. I’ll miss you. 💕’
A few seconds later another text. This one was from Charley. ‘Ems, I’m sorry. I just got called in to work. Can we have dinner tonight?’
She texted Charley back and said that she’s like that.
Maybe she should let Sam know she was free and if he wanted to try to get out of his meeting she’d be around.
In the lobby Sofia turned on Mickey. “What is taking Mason so long?”
Mickey shrugged, “I was going to text him, but don’t have my phone. Can I borrow yours?”
Sofia reluctantly held it out and went to discuss something with the front desk.
Emma’s phone pinged with a text from Sofia. ‘Mason is sick. I’m sending him back upstairs to you. You need to watch him.’
Emma rolled her eyes and answered that she would be glad to watch Mason.
‘Mason’ popped up beside Sofia. “I’m here.”
Sofia looked down at him, she nodded, then turned her head just in time to see Mickey almost lose his balance. He had two phones in his hand. He handed Sofia’s back to her. “Mason brought my phone with him.”
“Let’s go boys.” Sofia said, pushing through the door.
Mickey followed after her, knowing he would be tired dancing from one side of her to the other, putting Mason’s old frames on and taking them off all day. This was a stupid plan. And he didn’t get to hang back with Emma.
Mason walked back into the suite and gave Emma a hug.
“What’s wrong?”
Mason rubbed his stomach. “I just feel icky?”
Emma looked at him. “‘Icky’ huh?”
“Can I put on my pjs and watch TV?”
“Mm, put on your pjs.” Emma sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.
Soon, Mason was back and they decided to watch Iron Man.
Half-way through, the door opened and Sam came back. He was surprised to see Emma and Mason there. “What’s going on?”
“Mason didn’t feel well, so Sofia sent him back.”
Anger flashed in Sam’s eyes, just for a second. “You had plans today and Sofia was supposed to be with the boys. I’m going to call her.”
Emma stopped him. “Charley had to cancel, but she does want me to have dinner tonight, if that’s okay?”
Sam nodded.
“Why are you back so early?”
Mason sat up. “You can watch Iron Man with us.”
Sam sat down on the sofa, with Mason sandwiched between the two of them. “Robin is going to my last meeting today. Oh, someone gave him tickets to the opera tonight and I think he’s planning on asking you.”
“Too bad I have dinner plans, I love opera.”
Sam reached over Mason’s head and brushed her hair back. “I’ll remember that,” Sam said softly.
Sam’s phone dinged with an incoming text. It was a picture and he was just getting ready to hand the phone to Emma when the second picture came through. He did hand the phone over at that point. Emma smiled at the first photo and frowned at the second. Sam grabbed the remote out of Mason’s hand and clicked off the TV.
Emma shoved Sam’s phone in front of Mason's face. She showed him the selfie Sofia had sent of her and Mickey. Then the selfie she sent of her and ‘Mason.’ The next text read ‘The boys and I are having so much fun!’
Mason looked back and forth between his dad and Emma. “We wanted to see how long it would take for her to realize she only had one of us.” He focused on Sam. “Dad, seriously, Emma wouldn’t have walked out of the hotel with only one of us.”
“Go to your room.”
“But dad...”
“Go. To. Your. Room!”
Sam walked over to the kitchen, calling Sofia.
As soon as Sofia and Mickey walked through the door, Sam turned to his son. “Go to your room.” Mickey started in that direction, when Sam stopped him. “On second thought, go to my room! You and Mason need a time out from each other.”
That evening, Robin and Sofia went to a dinner meeting and then the opera, while Emma went out with Charley.
She returned to find Sam working on his laptop. He looked up surprised to see her so early.
She leaned down and wrapped her arms around him. “Be honored. Charley invited me to the opera with her and her boyfriend. Apparently he has box seats.” Emma stood up, and walked away, trailing her hand across his shoulders. “I just thought about you, all by yourself here, since the boys are restricted to their room tonight.” She pulled on the strap of her dress. “I’m going to go change.”
Sam slammed the top of his computer. “I can help you with that.” He said as he pulled her into her room and locked the door behind them.
My tag list (I’m sorry, someone didn’t want to be tagged in my nanny affair stories and I can’t remember who!)  @oofchoices @openheart12 @jamespotterthefirst @ohchoices @catchinglikekeronsene @aylamreads @nerdydinosaursweets @eramsey28 @txemrn @starrystarrytrouble @queencarb @thegreentwin @lion-ess24 @caseyvalentineramsey @mvalentine
@choicesficwriterscreations @wackydrabbles
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cartoonish0geek · 11 months ago
If you need more proof Sofia has a big lesbian crush on Mc:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kryloxen · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As if I wouldn't help my own kids prank their shitty "stepmom"
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pixie88 · 7 months ago
An Unexpected Invitation
Tumblr media
Chapter 3 - The Nanny Affair - Our Forever After.
A/N: This mini series is continuing on from my previous FF The Nanny Affair - After The Wedding. Let me know if you would like to be tagged!
Find previous chapters HERE under The Nanny Affair - Our Forever After.
Word count: 1875
WARNINGS: ⚠️ Some adult language, Fluffy fluff & Sexual content.
Disclaimer: Characters are property of Pixelberry.
Pairings: Sam x MC - Olive.
Enjoy 😘
After my dress fitting, Jenny and Becca come back home with me.
As soon as we get back Becca takes Ariella out of the car seat "Come to Auntie Becca, Beautiful girl! I want baby cuddles" she takes her over to the couch.
I walk into the kitchen to make a few coffees "So, are you ready to marry Mr. Perfect?" Jenny asks me.
"More than, Jenny I can't wait!" I wink at her.
She laughs, "For the wedding or wedding night?"
I smirk.
"Oh my god, what are you like!" Becca chips in from across the room "Well if I was marrying him we wouldn't make an appearance at the reception" She winks.
Then, we hear him, "Now there's an idea, Becca!" he winks at her as he makes his way to me and places a small kiss on my lips.
Becca has gone as red as a tomato
I laugh.
"Olive, Jace told me to tell you he won't be coming to the wedding" Sam looks shocked by this revelation (I forgot to tell him that I told Jace not to come)
"Why?" Sam asks.
"He said he probably wouldn't be welcome, which is weird you two were fine that other night" I turn away from Jenny "Olive, What are you hiding from me?" Jenny asks.
"Nothing!" I turn to her and smile.
"It might be the fact your brother thought kissing, Olive the other night was a good idea" Sam tells her.
"Olive, she needs to know what he did!" Sam says.
"Whether she does or not it's for me to tell her"
"Olive, was that why you rushed out?" Jenny asks.
"Yes, but as I told him. It's all forgotten about and it better not happen again."
"That boy! I'm sure his brains are in his pants! I'm sorry Olive" Jenny says.
"I don't mind a guy whose brain is in his pants send him my way," Becca says.
Jenny and I laugh when I turn and Sam's watching me.
"That might be an idea, Becca!" Sam says, before continuing "Jenny, why don't you tell Jace he is more than welcome to the wedding. Then, we can set these two up," Jenny looks at me unsure.
I'm just as confused as her "Ermm ok, Sam if you're sure?" Jenny asks.
He looks at me "You're ok with that right Olive?"
"If you are?"
"Great, it's settled then! Olive, what time is the parent-teacher conference?" Sam asks.
I'm completely thrown "Oh, isn't it at 4 pm?"
"I have time to have a shower. I'll be back in a bit" with that he's gone.
Jenny turns to me "Olive, what was that? How is he ok with Jace coming to the wedding?"
Becca puts Ariella in her swing, then joins us. "Girls, is it not obvious? He's hoping if me and Jace go well he'll leave Olive alone!" Becca says.
"But I've already told Jace, not to try it again!"
"This way he's thinking it secures that not happening again," Becca tells us.
Later we are on our way to the boy's school "Sam, why have you invited Jace to our wedding after I told him not to attend?"
He looks over to me before he turns back to the road "I thought you didn't mind? Plus, I didn't know"
"I just don't want it to be awkward. It's our day and I don't want anything to ruin it!" I tell him.
Sam gives me a small smile "Olive, if you don't want him there, he won't be"
"I kinda want him there but only because we've known each other since forever. But I also don't want him there!"
"Why don't you want him there?" he asks.
"Just because it would be like having Sofia there"
He laughs, "As much as I don't trust him, I don't think he's anything like Sofia"
He smiles before continuing "And things being awkward I won't make them awkward as long as he doesn't either"
"If you're sure?"
"Olive, this is our wedding you can have whomever you want as a guest" we pull into the car park of the school.
45 minutes later we are back in the car I'm smiling.
"You seem happy?" Sam says.
"I'm just so proud of those boys please tell me every parent-teacher conference is like that?"
He laughs, "I'll say one thing they can be devils at home sometimes by they have never been in trouble at school" he laughs.
I pull out my phone and text Carter.
[Hey Carter, I hope the twins and bubs are behaving?]
*1 New Message From Carter*
[Evening Olive, They are being little Angels. Mickey and Mason are just finishing off a pizza my wife made for them, so no need to worry about their dinner. Ariella has just had a feed and an explosion but all cleaned up now she is fast asleep. No need to worry about us.]
"Carter said the kids are ok," I tell Sam.
He smiles "So do you think he'll mind if we take a detour?"
"I don't think so where are we going?" I ask.
"It's a surprise!" a few minutes later we pull up to our destination.
Sam puts the car in park and turns off the engine I smile "Wow, seems like a lifetime ago since we were here"
He turns to me "It does!"
"Last time we were here, I had just met your parents and walked out of the country club after sticking it to Paolo!" I laugh.
"You know watching you tell him off was such a turn on" Sam smiles.
I playfully slap him! "Sam!"
He smirks "What? I love your fiery side. But that wasn't the only thing I realized that night"
I look at him.
"When I brought you here it was that evening I realized I was falling for you Olive" He smiles at me.
I unclip my seat belt and lean over to kiss him. He unclips his belt, his hand tangles in my hair, holding me there, he deepens the kiss.
His tongue dances with mine, he suddenly slides his chair back and pulls me onto his lap.
I giggle "Sam!!"
I feel him smile against my lips as soon as I'm straddling his lap, I can feel him hard between my legs.
"God..I can never get enough of you Olive!" his hands move to my thighs and slowly sliding up until he reaches my centre.
He slowly starts to stroke me through my underwear I moan against his lips, he starts to move down to my neck.
"Sam!" his kisses trail down my pulse line to my collarbone he starts to suck with that his fingers slip into my underwear.
I'm already wet for him, he groans, and he starts pulling down my underwear. I move to help him, I start unbuttoning his shirt and push it off. I let my hand slide down his chest, his abs, and into his trousers. I brush over him, he groans I withdraw my hand and start to undo his trousers and pull down his boxers.
I take him in my hand and start moving up and down him.
He tilts his head back, I move my lips to his neck, kissing him up to his ear "I need you Sam!" he groans.
His hand comes over the top of mine, he bucks his hips up I let go as he brushes against my entrance.
"I want you Olive" His lips find mine as he enters me slowly.
I begin to speed up my movements "Fuck keep going like that I'm not going to last long" 
I look at him smirking "Who said that wasn't my goal?"
I speed up his hand reaches between my legs, and he starts circling my nub "Woow SAM! Don't stop!!" he places his other hand under my chin and brings me in kissing me hard.
He holds me tight against him, he bucks his hips, making him go deeper this pushes me towards the edge "Sam YES!!"
"Fuck......Olive!" he's spent too.
He kisses me softly "Wow, I wasn't expecting that when I thought about taking a detour"
I laugh, "That driver's seat seems to get a lot of action!" he laughs.
We redress and head home. We are getting out of the car when Sam spots my discarded underwear in his footwell.
"Olive, You forgot these!"
I wink "Or I intentionally forgot those! So now all you can think about is the fact I'm naked under this skirt?"
His eyes darken "Olive that's not fair!"
I laugh, "I know!" he looks like he's holding himself back.
We walk into the apartment building and head for the elevator. The doors open and we step inside.
I stand close to Sam "Imagine if this broke down? Whatever would we do to pass the time!" I wink at him and notice him stiffen against his trouser.
"God! You can't keep teasing me Olive"
"But it's so fun!" the doors open, and we step inside the house.
The twins are in their PJs already, Carter is feeding Ariella "Hi, Thank you so much for watching the kids Carter!"
"My pleasure Olive" He hands me Ariella and says his goodbyes.
"Come on you two let's get you to bed," Sam tells the twins.
"Can Mom put us to bed?" Mason asks.
"Of course Dad can finish burping Ariella," I tell them and pass Ariella to Sam.
A while later, after putting the boys to bed, I close their bedroom door and start making my way down to the living room when suddenly I'm pulled into the bathroom. I feel his bare chest against the back of my top when his lips brush my ear, "Now, I'm going to show you what teasing is really like Olive"
I laugh, "I don't think you can tease without giving in Mr. Dalton!"
His lips brush my ear again "What makes you think that?" 
"Because I know I can't around you either! Plus I can feel your hard against my bottom and if you had a feel of me, you'd find I'm already wet and wanting you to bend me over that sink and take me as hard as you can" I hear him groan.
He takes me over to the sink I brace myself against it, I feel his hands glide up my thigh, then pulling up my skirt as he goes "What was that about teasing?" I ask him.
"It would've worked if you hadn't given me ideas"
"I'm hoping you'll give me someth...."  he enters me then gasps my hips, helping him speed up his rhythm.
"Ohhhh!" I cover my mouth realizing I was a bit too loud.
Sam spreads my legs a little this makes him thrust deeper inside me "God, Olive! It feels...."  he groans.
I move to match his rhythm, I can feel he's close as am I.
He gasps my hair, pulling it gently this sends me over the edge, and he quickly follows.
We're both panting Sam pulls me to him "Looks like we both need a shower" Sam whispers.
"Or round 3?" I giggle.
"Olive, you are insatiable!"
"You love it!" I wink and pull him into the shower.
Continue reading this story here - Chapter 4.
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penda-bear · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bloodbound x The Nanny Affair AU/Headcanon where BB MC and TNA MC are twins 👀
(tap each image for better quality!)
BB Gang's outfits are based on this edit I made.
This took me a while to make bc I hate how PB changed the font to the names/banners ingame. 😔
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