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Day 15 for inktober is outpost.
I hate this theme, i truly do. I’m not a fan of military theme, so, all i want to know about military and war is golden kamuy. I tried to get a little bit pleasure with drawing my favorite character from gk, but still i’m not sattisfied.
And yes, i don’t like to draw backgrounds.

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tbh i see it as red, the dark auburn-ish shade like i’ve wanted to, so im really happy about it! 

i agree on the anti-blond agenda though, especially when they give russian people a super golden blond-super blue eyes in manga like… thats not even remotely right. i’d have been okay with a very ashy blond and grey eyes but thanks Noda for having taste and going darker. might be because the meji era westerner/russian stereotype was red hair because of the dutch influence so its also nice he kept that in mind

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I turn on season 3 of golden kamuy like 2 weeks from now in a discord livestream with my friends. We watch, and enjoy it, while I constantly request that my friend streaming the show pause it so I can whine about how Ian Sinclair voicing Saichi Sugimoto drives me crazy until everyone in the livestream gets uncomfortable and turns the show back on without warning. We continue to watch golden kamuy season 3.

Vasily appears on screen, and we are all excited to hear his voice for the first time. We watch him intently during his dramatic sniper intro. We take in the beautiful sight of his quiet and graceful ways.

Finally, he speaks. We are confused. We are unsure what’s going on with his voice. It’s familiar.

We look to the credits at the end to find the answer to our burning question: who voiced this man, and what is their portfolio?

And then we see it:

Steve Carell.

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Warning: gore dream

This night I’ve dreamt that Vasily from Golden Kamuy came with me at summer holidays and we was friends. For some bizarre reason of my brain, we went to visit a palace, where lived a crazy woman that she believed that she was an heir to tsarist Russia and she was an empress (she just a crazy woman and the palace wasn’t of her, of course).
And she wanted to makes us her slaves and servants, she tried not to let us leave the palace showing us the beautiful furniture, the rooms… And the terraces (that for some reason was the terrace of my house (?)). And she explained me that the boyfriends of her daugthers were very nice, not like them other boyfriends. And she said it like some creepy. And when I looked at the terraces below, there were a lot of cut heads of the last boyfriends of her daughters.
I runned at Vasily to run from this place.
And Vasily gifted me a sword for no reason before we went at the palace.
Thanks for read my usual and crazy dreams. I hope you have a great day. (And don’t trust in women who believe they’re tsarist empresses)

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Ah yes, Abashiri 2.0 is continuing along.  We are treated with a color cover for this chapter, likely linked to the start of season 3 of the anime.  Which, I’ll watch but I shudder what will happen with Ogata and Kiro . ..


Sugimoto is charging forward with his bayonet on his rifle while Asirpa readies an arrow from her quiver for use with her bow.  Both are very aggressive poses, and do seem to match the total chaos of the current events.

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