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#yandere fire emblem
yanderes-galore · 2 days ago
Should I add Fire Emblem: Heroes to my fandom list?
I do play I just didn't know if I should add it-
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agent-cupcake · 10 days ago
You know, you've written a lot of your thoughts/hcs/etc on how various characters would behave as yanderes and so on, but I've never seen you talk about yandere readers before and I feel like that's an interesting subject to consider? Especially for 3H - you have a treasure trove of damaged boys to attract obsessiveness from girls who are convinced they are the ONLY one for them and it's their duty to drive away competition/threats/anyone they want.
Okay it's time to be toxic. I’m not going to go for all the guys, just the ones who immediately came to mind.
Dimitri: I joke quite often that I would be yandere for Dimitri. It all started when I brought up killing the girl he danced with at the White Heron Ball and quite frankly it's only spiraled from there because doesn't the Savior King Dimitri deserve to be adored and worshipped? Doesn't he deserve someone who wants the best for him and only him? Doesn’t it only make sense for him to be with someone who understands his mental issues and is willing to offer him unconditional support and patience? Doesn't he need someone with unwavering loyalty who will do anything no matter what the cost for his sake? It'd be so easy too because he's super dependent, desperate for affection, and clueless so if you just nourish those traits and constantly downplay his discomfort/suspicion of you driving away anybody who you feel is a threat by saying that this is how relationships just are, that it's just because you love him so much, that you're just looking out for him, what's he gonna do? It's not like he'd have any solid basis for knowing how relationships are supposed to be. Besides if he gets too upset you can threaten to leave him just like his mother did, I'm sure that would work to get him back in your arms (where he belongs). Yeah, that’s a little fucked up but it would be so much worse for both of you in the long run if you were apart. Being too aggressive or overt about your obsession would definitely make Dimitri wise up so it'd be better to go with love bombing. This would be good because it really lets you prove your devotion to Dimitri and makes it easier for him to just laugh off and excuse your disturbingly possessive behavior. His friends would be potentially problematic, but they're not always around and Dimitri's private enough that he probably wouldn't volunteer information about you to them. If you told him that it made you very upset and uncomfortable when he was friendly with the girls from his class, he’d most likely stop for your sake. Bonus round, have his babies. What is he going to do, abandon the mother of his children? Dimitri?!? No way. Of course he wouldn’t do anything to risk breaking his family, but neither would you! After all, this is all because you know Dimitri better than anyone which means that only you can love him.
Sylvain: Sylvain being manipulative and cheating on you after you try and prove your love to him through conventional means causing you to snap and kill hurt the girls, throw his lies back in his face, and prove that you're the only girl for him by preying on his emotional trauma with women is really something to consider. Why try to resolve toxic situations with love, compassion, and open communication when you can use blood and abuse to keep him with you? Play the part, be snarky, witty, flirty, be super hot and cold to keep him intrigued, give him the best fuck he's ever had, really show him that you don't care about his Crest, you just want to love possess him. Maybe even do the whole "I don't care who you're with, we both know you belong to me" to really engage him in those super fun mind games. Make everyone else acknowledge that you're the perfect girl for him, get them all to vilify him for continuing to be such a womanizer and breaking your heart. But, like, why stop there? Encourage him to retaliate, to be mad at you. Tease him for being so disgusted and angry at you when all you want, all you've ever wanted, was for your hearts to beat as one and then later act confused because of course you wouldn’t make light of his feelings like that, that’s horrible. All you want, all you’ve ever wanted, was for him to acknowledge that your adoration for him is true. Really break him until he gives you the whole “I’ll let you chain me up so I never even look at another girl” schtick. This might seem awful, but so is he! Reform can be difficult and if he’s going to be happy, he has to be made to understand why his behavior was so bad and the consequences of it. Because it’s not like you’d act like this if you had any other choice, it’s not like you’d continue once the two of you were truly together, of course you wouldn’t treat him so cruelly once he vowed himself to you and only you. And, really, I think it’d be a lot easier once he understood that and you got to prove your love to him through raw, unadulterated affection. Spend every day adding onto the list of why you love your Sylvain. 
Claude: Claude being more than aware of the ole' saying "don't stick your dick in crazy" and then doing it anyway because he has a proclivity for the fiery, forbidden, and oh-so temping call of danger would be the perfect set up for a very bad predicament. You’d have to play some mind games to really convince him that he’s the one seeking you out, he’s the one who’s got it bad, he’s the one who wants to have you. In other words, you’d have to give him a challenge. But, you know, if it’s a game, you’d have to play back because you’re doing this for him, because you love him, because you want him to realize that he loves you, too (Uno reverse Claude’s yandere behaviors, basically) so obviously you’d have to eliminate any obstacles and taking out anybody who could be a potential threat. Get him to open up about his dreams, his past, his feelings. As it goes with basically all of these affection-starved men, make him feel loved for who he is. You know, if you were really good, you could probably even get him to give up on everything else for your sake. I mean, I loathe the ending but he does that for Lysithea. Pull a Tangled on Claude and make him believe that you’re his new dream as he mostly certainly is yours.
Felix: Sweet Felix. So oblivious but so difficult. A man who would provide the ultimate and most dangerous yan rival of them all: the thrill of the fight. In a lot of ways, I think he’d be like Dimitri. Mostly just because he’s so dense when it comes to love of any kind. But he’s also not as emotionally desperate or dependent so you wouldn’t really be able to use that against him. The similarities come from Felix’s equal amount of inexperience with romance which opens up a lot of possibilities for you convincing him that certain behaviors are normal. You can even bring up how his cold emotional state (something I believe he’s insecure about) is what forces you to be so overbearing, how badly it hurts you.  You don’t necessarily mean to be so cloying but you’re so afraid of losing someone else you love so much (another insecurity of his). After all, there is nobody in the entire world who is like him, Felix Hugo Fraldarius, (three for three with his insecurities) and how irreplaceable and precious he is to you. These examples are kind of “soft” when it comes to using his insecurities against him, but you could go further with them assuming you were sure that it wouldn’t drive him away. Not knowing and having to work on assumption would always be a pretty big reason to control yourself in how you went about manipulating him because Felix is stubborn and prideful and pushing him too far would only hurt the both of you. It’s actually kind of funny because as opposed to the traditional yan mindset, it would be in your best interest to get Felix to form relationship bonds with others (but definitely not any of the girls he’s so popular with) because that would be a bargaining chip when convincing him to stay with you.
Ferdinand von Aegir: Ferdinand is, honestly, so easy for this. Like, I feel as if I don’t even need to talk about the details. You show him some affection and he’s yours. Bury him in love and praise. Tell him that it makes you unhappy when he talks to other girls or prioritizes his work over you and then reward him with boundless warmth and devotion because of course he would bend over backwards to make you happy. He just wants to be needed and treasured, to love and be loved. He’s already got the poetry and the ring and of course he wouldn’t mind getting married right away it’s true love, why would you wait?
Yuri: Yuribird is the forbidden darling. You’d need to be running on 100% love because he’d sniff out and ditch you at even the smallest whiff of deliberate obsession. But you know what he wants? More-so than the other guys, in some ways. He wants to be known and loved for who he is. In the face of genuine affection, he doesn’t stand a chance. Still, you’d have to be measured about this stuff. If you were jealous and got rid of your rivals yourself, Yuri would be disgusted and leave you. And you can’t hide that sort of thing from him, either. You’d have to go all in on the manipulation but only in the most honest way possible, that’s the only way past his defenses. Get him to prioritize your feelings first so he feels guilty talking to people or acting in ways that upset you. Reward him for putting you above everyone else. Constantly remind him that you’re the only one who knows and understands him, who loves him for who he is. Get him so emotionally fucked that even if his big brain logic is telling him that you’re toxic and horrible, he can’t stand the thought of being without you. He’d give up crime, it’s not like he even particularly likes it. Set up the perfect life for him, something domestic and sweet and warm, something he’s never had worries he doesn’t deserve, something that keeps him away from others. The goddess only knows how much he deserves a happy dream for once, and you’re the only one who can understand and provide that for him.
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dark-3h · 11 days ago
what’s this? a mlm/wlw yandere-based blog that doesn’t default to female reader?! is this what it feels like to be represented ;_;??? *ahem* a bit controversial but could you write hcs or a ficlet (whichever you find more suitable) to yandere Sylvain and his male darling? ty and ily (*≧∀≦*)
god Sylvain can step on me
Parings: Sylvain/Male Reader; mentioned Ferdinand/Male Reader
Pre-time skip/Academy Phase (Post-time skip will come in a later post. And so will Sylvain.)
Genre: horror
Warnings: coercion, unwanted touching, unwanted kissing, mild nonsfw themes
Synopsis: Sylvain doesn’t like it that you kiss and touch up on Ferdinand. You find it weird that he cares since he supposedly doesn’t like guys.
In the beginning, you thought Sylvain was pretty attractive. Who wouldn’t though? Given his confidence and silver tongue, it wasn’t a surprise that he was able to pick up girls on a whim.
That’s what stopped you from thinking about him like that, though. He was, in your eyes, only interested in women. You accepted the fact that he would never like men, and even if he somehow did, would never like you back. You didn’t really have the best “qualities” for an ideal partner for Sylvain, you’d think.
It also brought to your attention your sudden fondness of redheads.
Even though he was a bit annoying, Ferdinand flirted with you. And you flirted back, wondering in the back of your brain about what was going on between him and Hubert. There was definitely something going on.
Pushing it away, you chuckle as he places a kiss on the back of your hand. “Ferdinand, please.” Your cheeks grew hot at his words and affections.
After leaving your tea date, you made your way down the hall to see Sylvain talking up some poor girl he would probably bang later on tonight and never talk to her again. That was another thing — he never was truly committed.
You sigh, then catch a glimpse of him side eying you. ...okay, strange. Whatever. Just keep on walking.
The weeks pass by and you feel as if you’re being watched. Some of your items have mysteriously gone missing, including your favorite pair of underwear.
You and Ferdinand were... close. Yeah. Like, sharing a bed close.
You also noticed that Sylvain’s desk was moved and he now sits right next to you. Well, that’s just lovely.
“Hey, [Name], was it?” Sylvain turned to look down at you as the teacher’s back was turned. You blink a few times, turning to make eye contact. “Um... yeah? Is there anything you need?”
He grinned and then opened his mouth. “Only you, if I’m being honest.”
Your breath hitched, taken aback by the flirting. He noted in his mind that you are easy to fluster. Good.
“Wh...what?” Was all you managed to choke out before breathing deeply. He chuckled softly. “You’re cute, [Name].”
“Are you hitting on me?” You asked him, surprised by all of this. Your eyes narrowed as he gave you an answer. “What if I am? What, are you surprised that I’m doing this? Didn’t think I’d be capable of flirting with a guy?”
“Yes. I am very surprised. I’m just going to chalk this up to you losing some type of bet. Come on, we need to work.” You turn your head to the desk as the work was presented to you.
“So you don’t like this?”
You sigh, not answering it. Ferdinand. Ferdinand. Remember. “I’m seeing someone right now, so if you will so kindly—“ he cut you off.
“Ferdinand. Yeah, yeah, I know. I wouldn’t call it “seeing anyone”, though. Have you guys even—“
How did he know about you two? You thought that it was pretty discreet..
You can tell that Sylvain was annoyed by it.
“Sylvain. Stop being a fucking pervert for five seconds and let me work. It’s none of your damn business who I see or what’s going on with my dating life.” You put your foot down, glaring at him.
He sighed, defeated — or, what it seemed like defeated — and went to his work.
Class was over. You took a shortcut to your room but someone was there in the empty hallway. Fuck.
There stood Sylvain, leaning against the wall with his foot placed on it as well, he folded his arms and looked eyes with you, and grinned. “Ah, there’s my little [Name]. How’s it going?”
“Oh shove it, Sylvain. Why the hell are you even here?” You say angrily, and he let out a laugh. “Wow, someone has quite the mouth on them... maybe if it was on me, I’d—“
“You’re really driving home this bet loss, aren’t you?” You glare at him.
He chuckled again and pushed himself up off the walk before walking over to you. Your gut was telling you to run, so you did.
Sylvain caught your wrist and pulled you into his chest. You try to step away and swat at him with your free hand but he ends up catching it too.
“Let me go! Sylvain!”
His breath was hot in your ear. “Listen, sweetheart. I didn’t lose a bet. I’m not doing this out of obligation. I’m doing this because I want you.” Sylvain’s lips found your neck and he dragged his canines across it.
“Stop! I’m going to yell if you keep on doing this!” You barked at him before he chuckled again, lowly.
“You’re going to yell if you’re with me regardless.”
Heat was going through your body in waves.
“Besides. Who are they going to believe? You, or me?”
You squirmed in his grasp, and were able to break free. You punched him in the gut and flipped him over, kicking him in his crotch. He yelled in pain and glared up at you.
“Fuck you, Sylvain. I’m with Ferdinand, not you. There’s no way in hell that I would ever like you. Ever.”
He laughed and said something under his breath before sighing. “Not even a little bargain?”
“No! I will not—“
“I have your underwear.”
You felt your face getting hotter and hotter by the second, and Sylvain reveled in it.
“You... you perverted asshole! Give them back!”
He grinned wide. “You sure? They might have some... stains on them.”
You backed away from Sylvain and he got up again. He laughed again. “What the fuck? What the fuck? What the hell is wrong with you?!”
Sylvain stretched, popping a few muscles. “The underwear was a tunnel to something else. And the bargain was a lie. It’s more of me saying... let me fuck you.”
“What? No!” You protested. He began to close the distance again. “Wasn’t a question, dearest [Name]. I know what you and Ferdinand have been up to.. I could give it to you a whole lot better than he ever could and we both know I’m right. Prissy little stuck up bitch.”
There was animosity behind those last words. Sylvain’s face quickly turned to that of disgust and hatred.
“Sylvain.. just, leave. I’ll..” he took your arm again and pulled you into your room, despite your protests and yelling. How come no one could hear you?
The door was locked behind you as you tumbled back into a wall, hitting your head. A second later he was upon you, feeling all over you. You had no control over this — him leaving hickey after hickey, holding you down as he grinds against you, and you, unfortunately, arching your back. Why were you enjoying this?
What was that noise?
The clatter of a belt. The unzipping of pants.
You gaze into his eyes once more. They were filled with hunger.
“Sweetheart.. ass up. Now.”
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yandereemblem · 12 days ago
𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚'𝐬 yandere writings
                        ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
Table of contents
I: Introduction
II: Rules
III: What I write
IV: How to make a request
V: Quotes
VI: Writing samples
                       ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
I: Introduction
Hello, you can call me Luna, it’s not my actual name but please just call me that (LuLu and NaNa will also be accepted if that’s easier for you). I’m currently a highschool student who one day wants to become a voice actor and am currently getting things to become a streamer on twitch. On this blog I write about you, being your favorite character’s darling. Be aware that I only write yandere and I’ve seen more than enough horror movies to give you a sick feeling in your stomach, I’ll give a rating for all of my fics but know that most of them will be 16-18 plus. My pronouns are she/her and I’m a lesbian, I love all kinds of music, minus k-pop (I like the music itself but I just needed to distance myself) due to some trauma that happened in that community. I mainly write about anime and video games, my list is updated almost weekly or monthly depending on if I’m too busy to explore. Updates are slow due to school but by the summer I’ll most likely be an uploading machine.
                       ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
II: Rules
I will not write any illegal relationships (Pedophilia, incest, human x animal, although I will do half animals x human etc…)
I refuse to write about real life people (the VA’s, models, etc…) this is strict anime and video game characters
Yandere Reader is also allowed
Yes to LGBTQ and polyamorous relationships
If you do not specify the gender of the reader the reader will be He/She/They
My fics may include gore, heavy swearing, sex, violence, kidnapping, unhealthy relationships, horror themes, etc… please read at your own risk, I’m very descriptive
I will allow NSFW, just be aware I go into details
Request as many times as you want
I do headcanons, Imagines, Drabbles, one shots
I do ships but not OC’s
If you want an OC, private dm me and I’ll send it to you privately (If you do get an OC please do NOT post it)
                       ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
III: What I write
BanG Dream: Girls Band Party
Dangerous Fellows
Devil May Cry
Diabolik Lovers
Doki Doki Literature Club
Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem
Genshin Impact
God of War
Honokai Impact
Kingdom Hearts
Mystic Messenger
NieR Automata
NieR Replicant
Obey Me!
Persona 3
Persona 4
Persona 5
Project DIVA/ Vocaloid
Super Smash Bros
Tekken 7
The Legend of Zelda
Wicked Wolves
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Ao No Exorcist
Attack on Titan
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Boku no Hero Academia
Black Butler
Blend S
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Cowboy Bebop
Death Note
Death Parade
Devilman: Crybaby
Diabolik Lovers
Fullmetal Alchemist
High-Rise Invasion
Himoto! Umaru-chan
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Kill la Kill
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Love Live! School Idol Project
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Mirai Nikki
Nanatsu no Taizai 
One Piece
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Problem children are coming from another world aren't they?
Rosario to Vampire
Shokugeki no Souma
Sk8 the infinity
Soul Eater
Sword Art Online
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Tokyo Ghoul
Yu-gi-oh 5D's
Yu-gi-oh Arc-V
Yu-gi-oh Duel Monsters
Yu-gi-oh GX
Yu-gi-oh Zexal
Yu-gi-oh VRAINS
Yuri!!! on Ice
                       ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
IV: How to make a request
Before requesting, look at my bio to see if requests are open, than fill out the following information on my request page:
The couple: Full name of character(s)
Pronouns: Only if it’s a x reader
The franchise: Where the character(s) are from
Type: Headcanons, oneshot, etc…
Genre: Angst, NSFW, Fluff, etc…
(Optional) Specifics: Any specific plot, or moment wanted
(Optional) Quote: Something you want your yandere sweetheart to say (Can be found on the quotes section)
                       ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
V: Quotes
“I’m crazy? What’s crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!”
“One day, you’ll learn to love me. You’ll realize that I’m the only one for you. So, you are mine and mine alone.”
“I don’t want that bitch to have you!”
“I love you more than anything else in this world. That’s why your words were like a knife stabbing me in the heart. That’s why you have to die, too.”
“Do you want to go?... How badly do you want to leave my grasp?... No… You can’t, you can’t! I won’t have it! I won’t let you leave me!”
“My love will not be denied!”
“I’ll ask you one more time… you love me, right? Just try to say you don’t love me. I’ll rip you and this whole damn house apart right here, right now.”
“If you die, you’ll be mine forever, because you’ll live on in my heart as a memory forever!”
“You’ll be the star of the show, the star of my show.”
“Anything it takes to make you stay…”
“Have you missed me, (your name)?... I’ve missed you~”
“You’re mine. You don’t get a choice. Why? Because, I already made that choice for you.”
“It’s you! It’s you! Everything I do, every bloodstain and scream, it’s all for you~”
“I could’ve murdered you without hesitation… but those angelic eyes made me all dizzy and weak”
“I would’ve bled out if you told me you liked the color red
“I know the sound of your heart.”
“I like you, more than I planned to…”
“I get jealous when you give someone the kind of attention I want from you…”
“I want you. I want us. I want it all. With you. Only you.”
“Beautiful, but destructive.”
“Kneel before me.”
“I lost count…”
“Saying that it’s ‘your blood’ makes you sound really possessive. I like to think of it as our blood.”
“Lol I killed all your friends. Be mine forever?”
“I told you, didn’t I? I’m willing to kill anyone who dares to hurt you.”
“Don’t touch my (your name)!”
“Only I can understand you.”
“You know fairy tales are different from real life, right?”
“Why won’t you look at me?”
“You put up a great fight, (Your name)! But I win this time.”
“It’s stupid, little shrimp, why do you want to escape now? I can still forgive you for this, so tell me you’ll always be with me.”
“The goodest (girl/boy/person) in the world! I found (her/him/them)!”
“I’m actually quite good at stalking. That’s all.”
“To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.”
“I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.”
“So why’d you want to see me? Got something on your mind? Or am I just that hard to forget?”
“Why do I smell another (boy/girl)’s scent on you?”
 “(She/He) took you from me, so I took off (his/her) head.”
More on the way
                       ─────────ೋღ :🔪: ღೋ─────────
VI: Writing samples
When she went to her dorm later that night all she could think about was you, there was some sort of shift in her, it made her feel like she had a crush on that one boy as a child. She felt immature and confused about these silly feelings for someone she just met, but she felt this need. She felt the need to talk to you, to impress you, to show you how strong she was. That same night she studied books on reason (dark magic) all night in the library to make sure she could protect you on tomorrow’s mission, Claude caught her and scolded her before he scared her into her room with a false rumor of a ghost, however, she kept studying in her room until she perfected the magic she knew. --Lysithea x (she/he/they) reader headcanons (COMING SOON)
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yandere-sins · 13 days ago
Masterlist Fire Emblem
Tumblr media
Yandere!Sylvain’s reaction to his darling being very flirtatious Yandere!Sylvain general HCs Yandere!Sylvain with a broken darling
Yandere!Lorenz general HCs Yandere!Lorenz/Hilda/Felix/Sylvain/Claude general HCs
Thoughts on Yandere!Hilda
How Ashe would be like as a yandere Yandere!Ashe general HCs Yandere!Ashe and Yandere!Dedue sharing a darling
Yandere!Dedue’s obsession starting HCs Thoughts on Yandere!Dedue
Yandere!Felix with a reckless darling Yandere!Felix general HCs Yandere!Felix getting jealous over his affectionate darling Yandere!Felix visiting his darling at night Yandere!Felix Drabble “I could kill you if I wanted to.” Yandere!Felix Drabble “You don’t have to love me back.”
Yandere!Dimitri building his life with his darling Yandere!Dimitri with a pregnant, perfect darling Yandere!Dimitri and his children [NSFW] Yandere!Dimitri making his s/o believe they love him and everything is perfect Yandere!Dimitri and Yandere!Felix coming to terms with sharing you Yandere!Dimitri and Yandere!Ash falling in love with the same darling Yandere!Dimitri/Felix/Ashe reacting to their crush being a yandere Yandere!Dimitri and Yandere!Claude sharing and punishing their darling Yandere!Dimitri and Yandere!Claude sharing their darling who plays favorites Yandere!Dimitri and Yandere!Claude sharing their darling who plays favorites 2 Yandere!Dimitri becoming yandere for his darling after the war Yandere!Dimitri/Ferdinand taking advantage of their pushover darling Yandere!Dimitri starting to obsess over a darling that helped him heal his wounds
Yandere!Ferdinand general HCs
Yandere!Byleth fighting with Yandere!Claude about his darling Yandere!Byleth and their divine pulse Yandere!Byleth sharing their darling with the house leaders Yandere!Byleth with a Teacher!Darling Yandere!Byleth manipulating their darling Darling finding out Byleth is also a yandere after they escaped their original yandere
Yandere!Claude “Nighttime struggles” Yandere!Claude/Dimitri/Sylvain HC Yandere!Claude with a darling who has yandere tendencies Yandere!Claude with a touch-starved darling Yandere!Claude with a darling turning yandere after he broke them Yandere!Claude and Yandere!Lorenz fighting over the same darling Yandere!Claude with a darling who gives up on resisting Yandere!Claude with a darling that struggles with their vision Yandere!Claude using his Yandere!Darling for killings [NSFW] Yandere!Claude “Conquest” [Commission] Yandere!Claude when his darling uses him
Yandere!Edelgard/Claude/Dimitri with a darling who escapes while they are distracted
Thoughts on Yandere!Marianne
Yandere!Rhea fixating on a non-believer Darling
Yandere!Linhardt manipulating his darling
Thoughts on Yandere!Mercedes
Yandere!Dorothea with a Bard!Darling
Tumblr media
Yandere!Xander with a loyal, shy darling
Corrin playing wingman for their Yandere!Siblings
Tumblr media
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dark-3h · 16 days ago
“Why are you crying? I removed them out of your life, and you’re crying?””
Maybe dimiclaude but with dark!claude ?🥺❤️
Ooo ok!
Pairings: Dimitri/Claude
Genre: horror
(Pre time skip)
Warnings: mentioned murder, manipulation, kidnapping
[no synopsis, this is literally short as fuck]
Ah. What a beautiful sound.
Was he getting choked up on his tears?
“Claude, Claude— how could you?” The crown prince of Faerghus hiccuped in the middle of that question, making Claude smile. As much as he liked him crying, it was getting annoying that Dimitri couldn’t see how much work he did to pull this off. Does he know how hard it is to mix the perfect poison? Even harder, to put it in someone’s drink?
She was stupid enough to trust him.
“How could I? How could I? I should be asking you that!” He flipped the situation on its head, sneering down at Dimitri. He was chained. He has to be, or he could easily overpower Claude.
“Why are you crying? I removed her out of your life, and you’re crying?”
Claude was almost disgusted by the sheer audacity of Dimitri. He knew what he was doing. He knew that Dimitri was already broken. He didn’t care.
“I didn’t even love her!” Dimitri yelled at him, and Claude kicked him in the stomach. He felt weak... his crest—
Claude frowned at that, and leaned over to him.
“Bullshit. Don’t try to say anything now, Your Princliness. You’re all mine, and mine to keep.”
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gantalicious-edits · 17 days ago
~As per requested by Anon~
Tumblr media
Personally, i think this one came out nicely, despite how simple it may be. I hope the quality is to your liking, annon!
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dark-3h · 19 days ago
. “I asked you a question. You know better than to not answer it.”
Dimiclaude plz 😊✨✨
Ooo! Ok! This is going to be Academy Phase Dimiclaude.
Characters: Dimitri, Claude, mentions of Ashe
Pairing(s): Dimitri/Claude
Genre: horror
Warnings: coercion, descriptions of violence, blood, yandere/yandere relationship, suggestive themes towards the end
Me: let’s see how much I can write Dimitri ooc
Synopsis: How did this even happen, exactly? Claude and Dimitri were assigned to one task, and upon seeing him in battle, he was infatuated, to say the least. Now Claude was snooping around.. being around places he wasn’t permitted. He knew the prince was kind to everyone... but this was starting to piss him off.
He knows this is wrong. He knows that this is really wrong.
But he can’t stop. He won’t stop.
Being this infatuated with Dimitri felt off. On one hand, he found the prince adorable, stuttering over his words and being kind to everyone, but on the other...
He was being too kind.
Too kind, for Claude’s liking.
Claude clenched his fists when he saw Dimitri smile and laugh at Ashe.
“Thanks for fixing that for me, Ashe.” Dimitri smiled at him, and Ashe nodded in response. “Yeah, anytime!”
The two chatted for a bit and split off.
Later that day, Claude walked into the training grounds to see Dimitri practicing with various weapons. Swords, axes, and of course, his preferred spears and lances.
“Your Princliness!” Claude waved at him, flashing a bright smile. Dimitri stopped what he was doing as he saw Claude saunter over to him. “Oh? Claude? Is there anything you need?”
“Maybe some sparring?” Claude replied and picked up a dull sword before twirling it. Dimitri smiled and took a sword as well. “Alright, you’re on.”
Claude knew he was at a disadvantage, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to make him fall on his ass once.
“So, Dimitri,” Claude started as he stabbed at the prince, but he blocked it quickly, “you seeing anyone?”
Dimitri looked confused. “Huh?” He blocked another hit.
“I said,” Claude swiped down but Dimitri dodged it, “‘are you seeing anyone?’” The prince scoffed. “And why should I tell you?”
Their swords crossed, and Claude glared into his eyes. They were dangerously close now.
“I asked you a question. You know better than to not answer it.”
Claude threatened, and something inside of him felt prideful about the way Dimitri looked. Was it surprise? Fear, maybe? It was too easy.
Claude’s smirk quickly dissipated as he saw the prince shift in moods dramatically. His eyes grew dull as he looked down on the Golden Deer house leader.
“That saves a lot time.” He said before pushing Claude, making him fall on his ass. Dimitri discarded his weapon like some kind of old toy before approaching Claude. “Just as expected, I need to put you in your place.” He sighed, looking down on him.
Claude moved to his hands and knees. He tired get up before feeling a sharp pain in his stomach. Claude coughed out, holding his stomach. Another kick came from Dimitri but Claude caught it, pulling him down with a thud. “Like hell you will.”
Dimitri looked up to see Claude getting on top of him and punching him square in the nose. He grunted and took Claude’s fist, overpowering him easily and being on top of him in a matter of 3 seconds.
He used his knees to pin Claude down completely, also punching him. Dimitri was holding back. He didn’t want to break anything. Yet.
Blood fell from his fellow house leader’s nose, but Dimitri didn’t care. He wrapped his hands around his neck, squeezing it.
Claude choked; he slowly began to feel slightly dizzy.. but he had to admit. He was enjoying this.
And he could also tell that Dimitri was enjoying this. He leaned down, capturing Claude’s lips, kissing him hungrily. Claude kissed back with the same amount of vigor, but his arms were starting to cramp.
Dimitri let go of him. He stood up and took a deep breath. Claude took deep breaths as he held his neck.
He looked up at him as Dimitri walked to the door.
“I’m surprised you had that in you, Your Princliness.”
“Trust me. You’d be surprised of a lot of things about me. You should... also take care of that.”
“Take care of wh—“ Claude looked down and immediately closed his legs. “Ah, shit.”
Dimitri chuckled. “Take care, Claude. I’ll see you soon. Really soon.”
The door opened, then closed.
Now how was he going to get to his dorm without anyone noticing...
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dark-3h · 19 days ago
Ah! a new yandere FE blog! Cloud I have No. 9 on prompt list with Yandere Dimitri x small M reader. Who just then tackle him to the ground in the order to tease and cuddle with him anddd Bonus if reader kinda ok with Dimi’s yandereness but still wary of it. Thank you very much!
“If you think you can take it, then hit me. I guarantee that you won’t like the outcome.”
Thanks man!! This is going to be Post Time Skip... so Feral Dimi. Reader is a brave soul. He doesn’t fear any man.
Characters: Dimitri, Male Reader
Pairings: Dimitri/Male reader
Warnings: threatening, suggestive themes near the end
This is short, I’m sorry.
Synopsis: ever since you’ve found him again, he’s been filled with rage. You wanted to see past it but it was proving to be very difficult. The two of you exchange heated words, and to prevent any harm that would come your way, you flip the situation on its head entirely.
The argument went on for a minute or two. Everything stopped in an instant as you heard those words spill from his mouth.
“If you think you can take it, then hit me. I guarantee that you won’t like the outcome.”
And, he would be completely right. The gap between your physical strength compared to Dimitri’s wouldn’t even equate to how far Fodlan spread across the land. He could snap you like a twig and you know it; you always knew it back in your academy days with him. You were just a simple staff user, adept in healing magic and nothing more.
You had to choose your next actions carefully. You also knew with experience that Dimitri is pretty easy to manipulate, so that could be an answer too..
Dimitri was only a few feet away from you, but you could still feel him towering over you. He used it as a intimidation tactic, which worked about 70% of the time. You were unfortunately cursed with your father’s genes, clocking in at a whopping 5’5”. You knew you were at a disadvantage, so you did the only thing you could do to turn the tables.
You came at him, and for a second, you would think that he would take it the wrong way, and fight.
But he didn’t.
You wrapped your arms around him, holding him close.
“Dimitri! You’re so mean! How could you say something so cruel? Hitting your significant other!” You pouted before hearing a light gasp. Thank god he wasn’t wearing his armor.
“Stop being so grumpy all of the time! Come on, on to the bed. You’ve been mean. And the only way to get rid of your meanness is to hug it away.” Dimitri allowed you to push him onto your shared bed, and your body tangled around his.
“[N-name],” Dimitri stuttered, taken aback by your actions. He wrapped his arms around you, and you kissed his cheek. Dimitri blushed. “What was that for?”
“Simple. All the days you’ve been mean and rude you owe me a kiss. 5 years and 27 days of kisses you owe me.”
He knew you’d like to tease him, but this...?
Dimitri breathed in, blue eye locking with yours. “You won’t be able to get through less than a quarter of them once I’m done with you.” You shivered at that; feeling the implications of those words.
Dimitri went for your neck, soon leaving a hickey there. You didn’t expect it to take this turn, but hey. You aren’t complaining.
Wait. Yes you are. You have work to do tomorrow.
Groaning about the aftermath before it even begins, you feel your pants being yanked off, a trail of bites among your neck and collarbone, and the grinding of Dimitri against you.
You knew that Dimitri needed help. Everyone knew. You wanted to help him, but with him being so consumed in killing Edelgard — which you’re pretty sure that his family’s death and her were not linked in anyway in the slightest — you couldn’t. You wouldn’t dare speak against him on that. Maybe you should though.. you didn’t want to see him like this anymore, but... you won’t talk about it tonight.
“Mmnn—“ you shut your mouth as you felt his hands trace all over you. Yeah, no. Not tonight. Definitely not tonight.
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dark-3h · 20 days ago
Prompt List!
Hey guys!! I’m making a prompt list ehe
Take this and req stuff w it for now...(or not. You don’t have to)
Remember! Most of these could be either yandere or not.
Also here’s a read more lmao
1. “It’s almost comical, seeing you resist like this. Maybe snapping your legs in half will shut you up.”
2. “You know... your screams of terror sound just as good as your moans. Maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much.”
3. “Why are you crying? I removed them out of your life, and you’re crying?”
4. “What if I remove that eye of yours, mm?”
5. “I’ve lost all feeling in most aspects of my life, but taking someone else’s? It’s.... exhilarating.”
6. “Maybe if I snap that pretty little neck of yours, you’ll shut up.”
7. “What should we do with them first? Burn them? Cut them? Or break them entirely?”
8. “I asked you a question. You know better than to not answer it.”
9. “If you think you can take it, then hit me. I guarantee that you won’t like the outcome.”
10. “Hm? ‘I’m sorry’? Apologizing won’t get you out of this.”
11. “Aw.. look at my little deer, trembling. Come on... hold the knife and stab them. If you won’t, I’ll do it myself. And trust me, you wouldn’t want that.”
12. “Go ahead... scream. No one can hear your voice from down here.”
13. “I’ll get rid of anyone who gets in our way.”
14. “You look so good in red.”
15. “What are you scared of? Oh? The dead body? ...well, this is pretty par for the course, actually...”
16. “Begging me to stop will only make me hurt you more.”
17. “It’s funny how you acted so tough around everyone else. Look at you now.. shivering like an abandoned animal under my touch.”
18. “Let me reassure you, sweetheart. I’m in control here. Don’t forget it.”
19. “You’re a MONSTER.”
20. “I never wanted this! I never wanted any of this!”
21. “You said that you can’t live without me? Then die.”
22. “Kill... me....”
23. “You don’t think you could actually take me on, do you?”
24. “I’m not scared of you.”
25. “Back off, if you know what’s good for you.”
26. “It’s laughable how hard you try to win my affection. Just give up. You look like an idiot. I’ll never love you. Ever.”
27. “D-did you just... kill them? What the hell is wrong with you?!”
28. “No! Don’t! I’ll do anything! Just please.... let them go..”
29. “H-help... me...”
30. “Please... more.. I need more..”
31. “You’re... you’re getting off on their pain! You sick fuck!”
32. “Is it weird that I’m really turned on by this?”
33. “You look so pretty tied up for me like that.”
34. “Again. Call my name again.”
35. “Who do you belong to?”
36. “Someone has to put you in your place. But then again, you love it when I do it, right?”
37. “You’re just dirt for me to step on.”
38. “Beg for me.”
39. “On your knees. Now.”
40. “The knife won’t be temporary.”
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degawrites · 23 days ago
Requests are actually open!! Tumblr ate a shit ton of my asks so I do apologize!
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degawrites · 29 days ago
So I think I'll just take match ups along side regular requests. I'll have them specially tagged for my blog in case anyone wants to black list them!
But fr pls send in more reg requests bc theres only one so far thats been hard to work with.
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dark-3h · a month ago
Hello. I’m Asher, a ftm dude who likes dark stuff a bit too much. I will have to say that I do not condone any of this irl, this is all for entertainment.
Also some things are with “.” to help it show up in the tags.
Alright, let’s begin.
What do you write?
Well, as the url suggests, I write darkfics for Fire Emblem Three Houses, meaning I’ll be writing mainly horror for these characters. (If it’s a ship then only mlm/wlw.) Multiple themes may be included in the same piece, or only one. Subjects include:
•G.ore, blo.od, and mu.rder.
•Depres.sion, suic.idal ideations, anxiety, psychopathy, and the works.
•nonsfw things(will expand on this in a later post)
•mani.pulation, coe.rcion, and blac.kmail.
•yandere themes.
Now that’s all taken care of, let’s move on.
What can I request?
Glad you asked friend! You can request:
•headcanons(I’m better at ficlets hahaha)
•non problematic ships(I only do mlm/wlw. we need more content ok)
•x reader. once again, mlm/wlw only.
•I accept ideas. (I.e the three house leaders being chased by a ki.ller and they turn to capture and tortur.e them)
•Aus are preferred lmao
Request rules?
•You can request as many times as you like. I have the right to decline the request for any reason.
•anon won’t be on for a bit since I’m on the road writing this. Give me about a few hours to get back. (7% w/o a charger gang)
•edit: anon is on I’m a dumby
Uh. That’s it I guess. I’ll add more once my phone isn’t on the verge of death lmao
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degawrites · a month ago
🌻💕🌻100 Follower Special🌻💕🌻
Ay de mi! I'm so thankful for 100+ followers in only about a few months of starting to write again! I'll be doing match ups as a special treat for any media I write for. Send what you'd like me to know for the match up or if you'd like a special line of dialouge added for small drabbles.
Thank you!
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yandere-sins · a month ago
“You don’t have to love me back.”
“I could never love you,” you sniffled, your body still aching from the torture you had just gone through.
You felt his weight shift ever so softly on the mattress, followed by a click of his tongue. A pained wince escaped you as he leaned against your leg, all your limbs still bound to the bed frame and unable to get away from him. It was hard to endure, but you clenched your teeth.
“You don’t have to love me back,” Felix said sternly, and you could only muster to laugh up coldly at that.
“What a liar you are.”
»»———————— ♡ ————————««    
Promptlist here! (Please don’t send requests from it!)  
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yandere-sins · a month ago
I was wondering, Claude had a tendency to use people for his own gain right? Like he did with Byleth and the sword of the creator? What if an uno reverse card was pulled on him? And the reader was using him for their own gain by getting close to him, and once the reader had what they wanted they stopped talking to Claude. How do you think Claude would react once they realized they loved the reader but found out that he was being used later on? Also I hope you’re doing well!
Thanks, hope you’re doing fine as well ♥ Thanks for requesting! I had an idea for it but it doesn’t exactly fit your request, so I hope you still like it!
»»———————— ♡ ————————««       
What pleasure it was to lay on your lap beneath the shadow of an old oak tree standing in the gardens. Just Claude and you, and the book you were reading. Sunlight broke through the gaps in the leaves as they swayed in the wind, tickled his skin while the breeze refreshed him. Even if this wasn’t a life he could live forever, he sure hoped it wouldn’t end soon.
“Read to me?” he asked, and your expression turned sour for a moment before you shook your head, taking a deep breath, turning another page. “You wouldn’t like it,” you responded in between reading, and he huffed. ‘I like everything you tell me,’ he wanted to say but refrained, wondering if you’d catch on to the subliminal meaning he put into it.
It was true, wasn’t it? You liked to tell him what to do, sent him on errands, fluttering your eyelashes at him as you told him what you wanted but couldn’t have. You wanted a component for a new potion here, a new sword there. Jewels for your mother that you never sent, and alcohol for your father that you drank with your friends instead. No matter what, if it was just that, Claude was happy to supply you, the moments spend with you in return every few weeks or so enough to still his hunger for a while.
How long would he be able to contain himself, though? Even if he was just a means to an end, Claude really loved you. You were aware that’s why you used him so much. But he couldn’t bring it over himself to deny you a wish when you came to him as if he was your savior. Even if you canceled more plans than actually showed up to the ones he made for you two, he couldn’t be angry at you when you fulfilled your debt eventually and asked him out for a day.
Times like those gave him enough fuel to carry on, to keep humoring you with his power and wealth that you desired. If not for his stand in society, you’d probably not bat an eyelash at him, but he was the heir of a noble house, and for that, you liked keeping him close. And for every good deed, he did for you, Claude felt confirmed when you hugged him or kissed his cheek, or rarely, let him lay in your lap and nap for a while.
Even if he was aware of your intentions, he loved you enough to oversee you playing with his feelings and using him. But how long? How long would he be able to keep it up? Claude wanted so much more - your attention and affection. And he wanted it unconditionally, not just because you felt like paying him for it in exchange for anything else.
“You seem tense,” he noted, one eye open to watch your reaction.
Indeed, the corners of your mouth dropped as you heaved a long sigh, partly in annoyance as he was interrupting your reading time. It must have been so uncomfortable for you to have him lay on your legs for hours just so you’d please him for a bit. The price you had to pay was grand, wasn’t it?
“There’s just someone bothering me... a group of juniors that keep spreading rumors and stuff like that. You know, they say I only use you and shit.”
Finally, you put the book aside to look at him ruefully. “You wouldn’t believe these rumors, would you?”
Claude countered the self-pity you fakely assumed for yourself with a smile, shaking his head. “Of course not,” he lied as if he wasn’t the one trying to sully your reputation around the Monastery. If someone would believe these rumors, you’d only have him to save your honor. And even so, no one liked to stick around people who used others for their own gain. Once the rumor festered, who’d you turn to will all you had to give? Claude so hoped it would be him.
You seemed surprised as he suddenly got up, the wind rustling through the leaves above you and flipping over the pages of the book you were reading.
“Do you want them dead?”
Claude’s words didn’t seem to reach you at first, as you remained quiet, your mouth opening way before you had processed the meaning behind his question. “W-What...?” you eventually mumbled, and your eyes met, serious intent shining in his.
But as spontaneously as the question had dropped into your life, as quickly Claude grinned again mischievously, plopping back down in your lap and shook his head. “Just kidding!”
“Oh... ahaha...”
The surprise and shock in your face was a welcome change in expression than you usually wore around him. In fact, it probably was one of the most sincere showcases of your feelings he had ever seen. “They can die all they want; I don’t care. They’re stupid,” you said as you tried to save yourself, noticing him still watching you. Putting on a tough act wasn’t going to save you now, as it only made Claude realize how much more he wanted to see of you.
Perhaps, true love and sincere affection weren’t something you could show him ever. However, it was a start knowing you could still experience the horror that he had to offer. “Fine, then I’ll go kill them now,” he said, unbothered by what he was talking about. As if it was yet again just an expensive gift he was buying you. It wouldn’t hurt him, but he was happy to provide it if you benefitted from it.
Rocking himself upwards, he hesitated before standing up, instead reaching his hand out towards you and pulling you close by your chin. “Anything for you, my Love,” he breathed against your lips, stealing the first kiss between you two ever before getting up and walking away.
All hell would break loose when he’d present you with the heads of the ones he hired to spread the rumors about you. But throwing a glance over his shoulder back to your utterly confused and flabbergasted form beneath the oak tree, Claude deemed it worth it.
He couldn’t wait for your reputation to be buried with the bodies of the people he killed and the face you’d make when no one believed you that Claude, the heir of House Riegan, did such a cruel murder to the innocent souls.
In fact, Claude couldn’t wait for all the emotions you’d show him soon when he was the only one to still stick around you.
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pankiip4n · a month ago
Tumblr media
Yandere Bernadetta x M. Byleth 
(It’s probably too OOC even for a yandere interpretation xd  I haven’t played the BE route)
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seakicker · a month ago
Hi bestie since you’re so cool could you write me some yan Felix? No pressure tho, ily
(thinks about yandere sylvain/reader/yandere felix love triangle... who knows? maybe you have the power to accidentally break up their friendship as they fight over who deserves you more!) 
i haven’t done a bullet list-style headcanons post in a while because i find myself liking the paragraph format more, but i think a quick bulleted list will work here! 
i think that, as a yandere, felix is pretty slow to come to terms with the fact that he’s obsessed with you-- whereas other characters, such as sylvain, are more than happy to give into their desires and are more than willing to accept their insanity, i think that felix lives in denial for the longest time. he’s never needed anyone before; he’s always relied on himself and done things his own way, so why does he just now find himself needing someone?
he denies it when other people point it out, too-- when other people tease that he has a crush on you, felix fervently denies it-- a crush, him? no way! 
needless to say, felix is very much the “i live in denial” type-- he doesn’t descend slowly and carefully into madness, he just snaps one day and you find yourself wondering just what happened to the felix you knew-- or, the felix you thought you knew. maybe this is his true self after all?
how does he snap, you ask? i think it would take him almost losing you for him to wake up from his denial and realize that he needs you and that losing you scares him more than anything else in the entire world. i feel like it would take a lot for him to snap, but once he does, it’ll be glorious, for lack of a better term. the difference between night and day, really. 
 as aforementioned, felix doesn’t descend gradually down the staircase of insanity. he’s in denial one moment, and then fully embracing the fact that he needs you the next when he finds himself almost losing you. a nearly-fatal injury on the battlefield that almost has you losing your life, or even just somebody else attempting to steal your heart and lead your attention away from felix, either will do the trick! (bonus points if it’s sylvain, of all people, attempting to woo you)  
to felix, both of these scenarios are equally alarming-- he views you dying and you being courted by someone else on the same level, because either way, you would no longer be his, would you?
it’s a twisted mindset, really. to think that he views someone (seemingly) simply asking you out on a date to be no different than you literally dying... it takes a special kind of person to be so utterly paranoid at the prospect of someone leaving you, but felix seems to be just that type, if you ask me. 
i don’t know if i would say that he’s inclined to manipulation, guilt-tripping, or other mental gymnastics, at least not in the way that i write my yandere sylvain to be inclined to such methods. i can, however, see him almost insulting you-- he has a strange way of showing his love! think like a tsundere but with ten times more possessive thoughts. he’ll flatly tell you that you’re too dense or too dull to be left to your own devices and that he just can’t trust you if you’re off alone. 
if you attempt to argue with him on this, he just doubles down-- he might even get angry enough to call you stupid, even. he loves you, he loves you so much, but he’s not exactly gentle with it. when the shock of what he says hits you and effectively shuts you up, he knows he’s won. 
i just think that felix having a very, very strange way of showing you that he loves you is <3 but at any rate, don’t think you’ll ever get too far if you were to try and leave him-- do you really think you stand much of a chance against such a trained, practice swordsman?
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agent-cupcake · a month ago
IDK why but yandere prompt 10 screams sylvain to me! it's okay if you dont wanna do this one, though. thank you for opening requests! ive really enjoyed all your writings
10. “I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have you.”
Sylvain didn’t greet you when you took a seat beside him, ready for the meeting to be called. Agriculture wasn’t a particular interest of yours, but it was a part of your duty as the wife of an important, land-owning lord to be invested in the affairs of Gautier territory. For his part, your husband didn’t seem terribly enthused. Just as you were about to ask if he was okay, he spoke.
“Who was he?” Sylvain asked in a would-be casual voice, low enough to be lost in the mindless chatter of the slowly filling council room.
The question usually went something like that, innocuous but pointed enough for you to know where it was headed. And you knew who and what he was referring to, knew it so intently that you felt a completely unreasonable stab of guilt because you knew how Sylvain was, how he might have interpreted your interaction with one of the male mages working on the current project. As familiar as the question was, you couldn’t immediately guess the tone. Sylvain was tricky, always masking his intentions behind playful masks and a glip front.  
“Who?” you asked, playing dumb. That sometimes worked. If it seemed like you were innocent, he might drop it and move on. It would be incriminating if you admitted that you knew what he meant right away. And if he was just teasing, playing around to fill the part of the protective husband, you didn’t mind the role of the oblivious wife. Really, you wished you were that type of woman. Blind to the world, and especially the men, around you. Everything would be so much easier.
"That guy you were talking to,” Sylvain explained, dangerously nonchalant. “The two of you seemed pretty close.”
“Really? We only met… Mmm, last week?” you replied, refusing to meet his eye or become flustered. That would just make you seem guilty. Which you weren’t. “He’s from Fhirdiad, one of the mages who are working on solutions to fertilizing the soil in the fields near the Fraldarius border.” You hesitated, searching for something to add, something to change the subject and ease the tension. “Um, the tests so far have been really encouraging. They’re thinking that next spring they can have at least half of that land ready for production.”
"Yeah, I heard about that,” Sylvain said, nodding off your attempt to distract him. “I was just asking ‘cause you were laughing pretty hard.”
There it was. Sylvain’s tone, as you had come to know quite intimately, was cool, a little stiffer than his usual way of speaking. Lacking inflection. It was always like that with him. He never told you outright when he thought or felt or explained his stark shift in demeanor, always skirting around the subject with those needling little questions, maintaining his façade of indifference even as a storm brewed behind his dark eyes. Once, what felt like a lifetime ago, he told you that he’d never experienced jealousy before you. He told you that it hurt. Was this pain? Was that what made everything so uneasy and uncomfortable, leaving you scrambling to find the words to ease his mind?
You forced a faint smile, clinging to your innocence. “Was I?”
“Yeah,” Sylvain said, clearly not buying it. If anything, his eyes just narrowed. “You were.”
“We were just discussing his work. If I was laughing, I don’t…” You shook your head, forcing a shrug. “Please don’t get the wrong idea.”
“The wrong idea?” he asked. “I was just wondering who he is.”
“For no reason,” you said, some of your frustration leaking through.
“Yeah, sure, for no reason,” Sylvain agreed in an amicably flat tone. “Although now I’m curious about why you’re so defensive.” He paused, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. “I guess he was kinda handsome. Are you worried I’m jealous?”
“That’s not-”
“‘Cause I’m not…” he insisted. “Unless there’s a reason I should be.”
There wasn’t. There never was. You never thought like that. But he did. Sylvain always did, those too keen eyes of his following you around, waiting for you to slip up in some way, to do something for him to misinterpret in the most uncharitable ways he could. Even if it was ignored, unspoken, willed out of existence through the sheer force of his adoration, yours was not a relationship born out of the stuff of romantic novels or even the clumsy affections of young lovers. For as obsessively insistent he once was in proving your own feelings to you, sometimes it was like Sylvain didn’t believe it when you told him you loved him and only him. Because there was a time―such a long time ago, hardly worth remembering―when you didn’t mean it. Even though you did now, that memory was his constant anxiety, an endless tension lingering right below the surface.
“I don’t want to fight,” you finally said, spreading your hands out in an attempt to de-escalate the situation, to convince him of your innocence. “I swear that it meant nothing. But… but if it makes you uncomfortable, I won’t talk to him again. I really, honestly don’t care.”
“Sheesh, you make me sound like I’m some sort of control freak,” Sylvain said with an air of coolly playful offense, leaning back in his chair. “Why would you even assume I’m trying to fight?”
“I don’t-”
“I’m not,” he said before you could really respond. Not loudly, never loud enough to draw any unnecessary attention to the two of you. Sylvain always knew exactly how to skirt the line of propriety in public. “It’s not like it’s even my business who you talk to. I’m only your husband. No big deal, really.”
“It is!” you insisted, heat burning at the back of your eyes. Realizing you’d spoken a bit too loud, you softened your voice, glancing around the room to ensure nobody heard the slip-up. “You are. Of c-course you are.” Maybe it was the trembling of your bottom lip as you stared hard at the table to fight off the tears burning your eyes that made regret flash over Sylvain’s face. Sometimes, when he was in a very particular type of mood, your crying only spurred him on, but not now.
“H-hey,” Sylvain told you, leaning close and draping his arm across your shoulders. “Don’t cry. I was just playing around. Guess I let it go too far.” Now he seemed apologetic, looking at you with a sheepish smile.
You met his eyes, confusion and distress giving away to understanding. Of course Sylvain had only been pretending. And you had been overreacting, always too sensitive to this kind of thing. Embarrassment followed the momentary emotional lapse, frustration that you wouldn’t just go along with his antics and had to go and make it all weird. Relief, too. It was just pretend, after all. He wasn’t upset with you.
“You’re not mad at me, are you?” Sylvain asked sweetly, pulling you towards him with the arm around your shoulders, his soft voice tickling your ear.
“You’re too mean,” you told him. But the words weren’t serious. They made him smile fondly, such a dramatic shift from the Sylvain of only minutes before.
“I’ve gotta keep you on your toes,” he said. “You never know what’s going on in the heads of pretty girls like you. I mean, imagine if I lost you to a guy who studies dirt. I’d never live it down.”
“That’s ridiculous,” you told him, leaning into the half embrace.
“Isn’t it? But, you know, I can’t help it.” Sylvain leaned in even closer, speaking in such a low, intimate way that it definitely pushed the lines of propriety, even for him. “I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have you.”      
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