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Turtle 15 🐢

Everyone meet Doge!

I managed to get my friend to start naming them all, this one was yesterdays turtle which I had to do today. I ran out time - I did attempt to do it - but was forced to bed. Anyways, I’m finding it a lot more fun to draw the babies, they’re so cute and the egg is always an interesting experience.

I’m going to start todays turtle soon (who already has an name) so look forward to that. I also have last months Scrawlr Box to do and this months arrived a few minutes ago. I have yet to see whats inside however im excited, last month we got copics and the artist of the month was DrawingWiffWaffles who I frequently watch.

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Hey everyone sorry it’s been so long! (Fuss at my lazy forgetful mommies) Back in June my mommies got me a new tank mate. Her name is Tansy. I cower when I meet her

Mommies: Why are you afraid of her? She is smaller than you?

Me: She is scary! She going to attack me.

Tansy: looks at Shellbie and does nothing, then ignores.

Mommies: Yep totally going to get you. *Shakes head.*

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