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#incorrect avengers quotes

Loki: [walks into the classroom and sits on the desk]

Classroom: [quiet]

Loki: [loosens tie and takes off sunglasses] From now on, I want you to call me by my first name. None of these labels the industry expects us to give each other!

Loki: [takes text book and tosses it to the ground] And in my class, we don’t need these! Any questions?

Peter: [raises hand] Mr. Loki, what are you doing in my Spanish class?

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hiddleston: What’s wrong?
hemsworth: When Paul Walker goes to Vin Diesel’s house party in Fast and Furious 1, they’re playing “I Got Hoes” by Ludacris on the stereo. But in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ludacris appears as street racer Tej Parker. So in the Fast & Furious universe, who sang “I Got Hoes”? Was it Tej? Was it Ludacris? Does Ludacris exist? And if not, what happened to the hoes? Who got them now? Are the hoes okay?
hemsworth: I mean, nothing’s wrong.
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Natasha: So how’d it go down between you and Ross?

Tony: I made an impromptu presentation using a four-prong approach which really brought him to his knees.

Natasha: You hit him with a chair?

Tony: Yes.

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Incorrect Marvel Quotes

Natasha: Let’s practice what to do in case someone tries to mug you. I’ll pretend to be the mugger, and you have to defend yourselves.

Natasha: Give me all your money and I’ll let you live!

Bruce: Bold of you to assume I have any money.

Tony: Bold of you to assume I want to live.


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Peter, absentmindedly: k thanks, Bye Mom, love yo-!

Pepper, freezing: Did you just-

Peter, awkwardly fidgeting: …Maybe…?

Pepper: Ahahahha that’s cool, bye Peter!


Pepper, laying face down on the bed: TONY I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT, LIKE I SAID “that’s cool” WHO EVEN SAYS THAT!

Tony, over on the side on his starkpad: Pep it’s not that bad, it could be worse, remember what I did? “

Pepper, looking up: Didn’t you like, fucking thank him?

Tony, looking at the ceiling: I thanked him

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