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Update: Something real quick I have my review on FFH it’s broken into two parts and they are both completed I am going to try to have them up by tomorrow. But my internet access is limited so no promises.

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Ok so, one thing I never understood, was Spider-man. I understood, up until Infinity War/Endgame. Peter Parker rips off his mask to lock eyes with his dad mentor as he turns to dust. How did no one in the world find out? I’m 100% positive that in the MCU universe, they have drone cameras to watch the battles live. Like, they’ll be fighting and hear the small whizzing of camera drones, publicly live recording and playing the battles on News stations. I refuse to believe that there wasn’t a drone hovering over Spider-man and Iron man; it would be  recording the whole thing, from Peter calling out “Mr.Stark?” to the mask being removed and showing Peter Parker. I believe that basically everyone watching that particular news cast knows, and just decided never to say anything. Some people may have recorded it and posted it later on the internet, so everyone knows it was Peter Parker, not some adult. No one knows where the drones came from, but they all suspect Tony Stark, and they’d be correct..

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I still can’t believe that we’ll never see this scene :(

And that we’ll never see peter grow up with a Dad and with a sister, with a lot of uncles.

We’ll never see Tony crying at Peter’s graduation.

We’ll never see Tony be happy with his kids having a normal life.

I’m sad we’ll never see Peter being happy with his family and having someone to rely on other than May.

I’m sad.

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So, *awkward cough* Tom Holland has a girlfriend

And I gotta tell you I just woke up to discover this and I’m so hurt and emotional

But if he’s happy I’m happy

*chokes on her own tears*

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*puts clown mask on*

Life is mother fucker

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Requested- yessss

Warnings - ANGST YALL

A/N- I have so much for this story and I came up with this for a half chapter because it felt right and it’s just WILD.

Word count - 2.2k

Italics means thoughts!! Blue italics is the reader’s and green is Peter’s. (I dont know if anyone is colorblind so I’ll also put a letter in parentheses right before (p) - Peter ® - reader)


“I want to show you who I am..” his words cut through the air causing shivers down your spine. But before you could protest the mask was already coming off.

You watched his hands as it gripped the fabric tightly. Your gaze made it’s way up to his face half of it being covered by the darkness. He stepped forward , going into the light. His brown eyes locking with your eyes.

“My name is Peter..” his eyes didnt break away from yours. You scanned his face seeing that the guy you were falling in love with was also the one you despise the most.

Your breath hitched, your heart began to race faster than it has even been. ® He cant be him. He cant possibly be him. And Ned knows who I am ..oh my god I told him he was my boyfriend.

You grabbed the nearest railing guiding yourself backwards slowly. Hoping Peter doesnt get a good look and figure you out. His face dropped thinking he did something wrong. He can see your guard up but he trusts you and you felt that.

“I know you can keep a secret. I trust you and I-I dont know why I did this but it felt like the right time..” Peter stepped to you faster. You tried to avoid him but you tripped over yourself only for him to grab your arm to stand you back up.

“Why would you tell me? We were doing good!? We promised not to tell each other unless we were dying?!” You began to scream but lowering your voice looking at the hurt in his eyes. “If I tell you who I am you’d hate me.”

“That’s not possible.. I remember you saying you go to midtown, I go there too maybe we have classes together but I didnt notice?” Peter begged for any acceptance you could give. “I need you. My mind hasn’t been right lately and I need you.”

“That’s not what I’m here for Pet- Spiderman.” You corrected yourself. “I trust you but I cant tell you.”

“Well you and I clearly have a different meaning of trust Cat.” He grumbled “thanks for making me regret this.”

He slumped himself back on the ledge and slid his mask back on. You remained where you were standing trying to recollect what just happened. ® Spiderman is Peter Parker.. He dug his head into his hands physically showing how much he regretted this. It wasn’t going to help either one of you if you kept this facade going. So you know what you had to do.

“Whatever this is we have.. its done. ” you mumbled loud enough for him to hear. He jumped to his feet and was immediately in front of you.

“What?! I tell you who I am and you just break up with me?!” Peter shouted astonished by your sudden choice. “How in the world does that seem right.”

“I’m not going to tell anyone. I have no interest in outing you. But like I said you’d hate me if you found out who I am. outside of this I- and of all people I hoped you were.. he was.. you wouldn’t like me behind this mask.” You took his hand as he watched you eyes. Smiling at him for the last time before letting go and jumping off the building behind you.

Peter stared in the direction you’d gone debating if he should follow you. He opened the hand you touched revealing a ball of paper. He unraveled it and it was a breathtaking drawing of Spider-Man. The tears began to trickle at the time of his eyes balling the paper back up and throwing it across the roof. He stopped it mid air shooting a web at it pulling it back to him.

(P) I cant believe she just left me here.. I need to call Ned.

“Karen can ya do me a favor and call Ned please.” Peter spoke to his AI who immediately followed her command. “Hey dude.. I messed up.”

“What do you mean? Did you forget your calc book again because I have nine I’d you need to borrow it.?” Ned rambled going through his notes as he Peter was on speaker.

“No you know that girl I was talking about?” Peter sighed keeping an eye out for his surroundings.

“Oh yeah that mysterious girl you talk to as only spiderman how could I forget?? Its kind of weird if you ask me dont you think its misleading?” Ned laughed still shuffling through his paper.

“I told her who I was and she broke up with me.” Peter blurted before Ned could continue you. Through the phone Peter could hear Ned drop everything and rush to it stumbling to pick it up and out it to his ear.

“You what?!” Ned shouted over the line. “Please tell me she showed you who she was first.”

“ no, she wouldnt.. not unless she was dying.” Peter groaned. “I don’t get it she said she trusted me and I obviously trust her , show her who I am and she runs..”

“Why would she run? shouldn’t she just say who she is?” Ned questioned plopping himself onto his desk chair.

“She has to know who I am Ned, she told me I would hate her if I found out who she was. I dont hate anybody? Why would I hate her?” Peter rolled his eyes behind his mask.

“Olay but what does this girl go by?” Neds eyes grew piecing together some parts.

“Black Cat? Why?” Peter said with confusion. Ned finally clicked it all together and began to panic.

“Hey Pete you know what imma have to go I’ll see you at school tomorrow bye!” Ned quickly hung up the phone .

He turned around on his chair only to come face to face with you and your bloodshot eyes. You had crawled in through his window and heard the last bit if conversation him and Peter had.

“That’s why you didnt want me to tell Peter? You knew he was spiderman?!” Ned said in shock watching you take a seat on his bed. “ it all makes sense.”

“No Ned.. I just found out. I didnt want you to tell him because he would torment me. But now that i know this. If Peter finds out he’d hate me. Because i hate him but i love spiderman.” You cried into your sleeve. Ned staring at you in awe as your sliver hair faded to your natural hair color.

“Wait so you didnt know?” You shook your head at Neds question and sunk into his pillow. “Hes gonna find out eventually you might as well rip off the bandaid.”

“ you dont get it I cant just-” it was almost as if om queue there was a knock at Neds window. It opened slightly and in came spiderman.

“Mask.” Ned said signaling to the both of you realizing you left yours on you quickly took it off before Peter noticed you. He then looked at you with wide spider eyes.

“Um. Hi stranger in Neds bed.” Peter tried to play it cool with a deeper voice. You waved a hand shell shocked the he would come here. But it was his best friend so it’s not all too suprising.

“Y/N this is my friend spiderman. Spidey this is Y/N.” Neds eyes were wide and he could already feel the tension. You played it cool as if you didnt know.

“Is this why you hung up on me?” Spiderman gave a nod to you but quickly looked back at Ned. He didnt even try to hide his annoyance with you being there. You scoffed and you know he didnt like it. “You have a problem?”

“Yeah I do actually. Aren’t you supposed to be a ‘friendly’ neighborhood spiderman? Because right now you’re an ass.” You barked only causing his blood to boil more. But he knew he couldn’t because you would figure him out, but he didnt know you knew.

“I’m sorry ma'am it’s been a rough day.” Spiderman flustered but his gaze went back to his friend. “Ned?”

“Yeah we are working on a bio project together.” He lied for you only shocking you that he would lie to his bestfriend just to keep your identity a secret.

“ I should go then um sorry I’ll see you around the city Ned.” Peter shuffled his way out the window embarrassing himself by tripping over the ledge.

You looked back at Ned giving him a look saying he didnt have to do that. But that was the difference between Ned and you. He did things that were right for everyone even if that meant you were the one with the secret. You would’ve lied poorly and giving up which you almost did within that small argument.

You stayed silent still laying on Neds bed. Waiting about 30 minutes before you could leave. Know once you hit the outside your hair would instantly be silver and you didnt want to risk Peter still sticking around to see the show.

Being cautious you flipped your hood over your head tucking your hair in before leaving the window. Instead of the usual jumping off the ledge you climbed down the railing with extra caution like a normal person would.

The walk home was short. But the speed it took you to be bombarded by your cousin was faster. Every night he stayed up waiting for you. You always thought it was to get every detail of how your prowl went but he was just trying to make sure you were safe. In his own stupid way it made sense.

“Opted for a different clothing choice tonight?” Harry sat in the living room with a small bowl of ice cream smiling st you as you walked by.

“I wasn’t Black Cat tonight.” You stopped in your tracks and turned to him “if you have a million questions like you usually do just write them down and I’ll answer them later. I’m quite tired.”

“I only have one..” he set his bowl down and looked at you closer with concern. Seeing the tears that stained your cheeks. “Are you okay?”

That was it. That’s all it took was Harry caring for you to completely fall apart. You collapsed in the hallway bursting with tears. Heavy sobs escaping your lips as harry rushes to you scared. He wrapped his arms around you and hugged you like the brother he had been trying to be. Harry caring about your well being only confirmed how alone you showed you were. Ever since your parents up and left you here without warning he had been nothing but cruel, even after the experiments your uncle had preformed on you he was still so cold. You weren’t sure what his true intentions were but that’s not what scared you. it should be ut it wasnt.

You eventually dusted your tears away not saying a word to harry about anything. He wasn’t going to pry as long as he knew you were okay it didnt matter. You had to face Peter tomorrow at school and you weren’t ready for that.

MJ texted you numerous times throughout the night asking you to sit with her at lunch. You never answered knowing that Peter and Ned would be there you couldn’t do it.

“You never answered my texts?” MJ ran up to you as you got out of the car, Harry following close behind you giving MJ a glare.

“Sorry I went to bed early.” You stumbled to get you back pack over your shoulder and avoiding her gaze.

“Lie. You were at Neds last night.” MJ blurted you swiftly turned around wide eyed.

“How do you know that?” You whispered.

“He told me You guys were working on a bio project but we dont have a bio project coming up.” MJ smirked “so what were you really doing at Neds?”

“Boy drama.” You weren’t lying but your were vague. MJ not noticing.

“You could t come to me for that?! Why would you go to a boy for boy drama?” MJ seemed disgusted and yet offended that you didnt even think of her as a Resource for confinement.

“Who has boy drama?” Peter and Ned magically appeared on the other side you without you noticing.

“Y/N does.” MJ wouldn’t stop at this point. “That’s why she was at Neds last night.”

“ I thought you had a bio project?” Peter glared at Ned. Oh if looks could kill.

“We dont.” MJ chimed in.

“I broke up with my boyfriend and Ned is the only one who knows who he is so yeah I went to Neds to talk to him about it now can you all. Back. The. Fuck. Off. Thank you.” Yous shouted causing them all to freeze and look at the anger dripping from your face. Your eyes met Peter’s and you could see his widen. Before he can say anything you storm away.

“Shes taking the break up rough, she cried in the hall last night. You guys should give her a break . Especially you parker how about you keep your asshole comments to yourself today.” Harry stood close by listening to the conversation only to bud in as you exited it. He glared at Peter shoulder checking him as he pushed past following you into the building.

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I am contemplating to write a compilation of domestic IronWidow drabbles - no fights, no villains, just pure Tony and Natasha and sometimes with their biological kids (Anya / twins Nadia and Aidan) plus SpiderSon Peter. Each drabble with no more than 500 words. Tell me I am making the right decisions. 😊❤️ Also! You may start sending prompts now. 😅

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