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#spider son

Loki: [walks into the classroom and sits on the desk]

Classroom: [quiet]

Loki: [loosens tie and takes off sunglasses] From now on, I want you to call me by my first name. None of these labels the industry expects us to give each other!

Loki: [takes text book and tosses it to the ground] And in my class, we don’t need these! Any questions?

Peter: [raises hand] Mr. Loki, what are you doing in my Spanish class?

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during a battle...
stephen: *kicks aliens back into their dimension*
peter: and i oop
tony: what?
stephen: it's a meme
tony: o-kay. how would you know that?
stephen, sighing: wong
peter: i knew it! wong is the only bitch in the sanctum i ever respected!
stephen: please stop
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pls, stop making me sad with Tony - Peter parallels,,, i can’t take it any more, my tears dried out and my heart is shattered,,. i love ‘em both and i can’t handle any angst directed at them,,, they deserve all the best things and to be happy forever and never die

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Peter: I just feel really bad, you know?
Tony: [looking up from his work] Uhh, what are we talking about here?
Peter: That time when I was 5 where I took a penny I saw a guy accidentally drop without realising it and didn't give it back to really haunts me
Tony: You were 5. That's like, 10 years ago.
Peter: I know, it's really stuck with me
Tony: It was a PENNY, Peter.
Peter: I know. I feel awful.
Tony: [taking a deep breath in and out] Okay, well, don't
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Fandom: Marvel. Character(s): Peter Parker, Happy Hogan, Steve Rogers. Warnings: car accidents and related injuries. Word Count: 952 



Whenever car crashes happen in movies: they’re always in slow motion. The main character always has time, it seems, to look at whatever hit them, or to throw an arm out to protect someone. Cars will always tumble a few times before coming to a stop and sometimes the character is able to get out with only minor injuries.

None of these things happen when Penny gets into an accident on her way from school.

Happy is driving them both to her Dad’s tower after her school day and Penny had been mid-story about a boy in the year above that had eaten a slug on a dare and then promptly threw up afterward.

“That’s disgusting, kid,” Happy comments with a chuckle and then he had been looking out the window at something Penny couldn’t see and whispering a soft, “What the hell is that-?” Before his words are cut off as semi collides with the side of their car.

Nothing about it had been slow. One second, Penny had been sitting upright in a car that was practically brand new and the next the car had been upside down and Penny is struggling to breathe or move. The left-hand side of the car has been crushed inwards as easily as if it was Play-Doh (Penny thankfully had been sitting on the right side) and all the windows are shattered.

Penny lets out a low moan of pain, her whole body is throbbing as the blood rushes to her head and her ears are ringing. Her brain is still trying to comprehend what just happened. “Happy?” She croaks, attempting to look at him. He doesn’t respond and the effort of trying to her head to look at him has her whole body screaming in protest.

Her eyes finally, fall on the man who is in a similar position to herself, upside down and half slumped onto the roof as his seatbelt struggles to hold him in place. “Happy?!” She tries again, voice still no stronger than a whisper. “Wake up, Happy!”

A moment passes as Penny struggles to hear anything over the piercing ringing in her ears, then she thinks that she may hear a groan coming from Happy. Although she can’t be sure.

Penny glances out of the broken windows, taking great care not to move her head too much, wondering why no one was helping them. They were in the middle of Manhattan after all and driving on the main road. Penny is rather surprised and confused when she sees dozens of legs running past them without a second glance at them.

What are they running from? Her pain-muddled brain wonders briefly before another wave of pain rushes over her and all she can focus on is that.

“Help!” She cries after the pain has faded slightly. No one stops. Penny’s finger fumble trying to reach for the belt buckle, if no one is going to stop and help then, she’ll do it herself. After an agonizing minute where her fingers are too weak to push the release, Penny manages it with a grunt of exertion. The grunt changes into a scream as her body collapses onto the metal roof, crumbling instantly from the pain.

“Happy!” She calls again, voice sounding a little stronger. Happy lets out an annoyed sounding grumble. Slowly, Penny tries to crawl onto all fours, (the shattered glass cuts into basically everywhere over her whole body but everything else hurts so much that she hardly notices) but her leg won’t follow. Penny lets out a sob as she glances down to see that her right leg is trapped between the front passenger seat and the now dented and deformed car door. Penny gives a weak tug at her leg; it doesn’t budge in the slightest.

Penny lets out another sob.

She doesn’t know what to do.

“Help!” She calls out again, still attempting to pull on her leg as her arms shake with exertion. “Please, someone help! Happy, wake up!” She’s sobbing: a mixture of the pain she’s currently in and the situation.

There’s the sound of screeching metal and Penny looks up at a stream of light now entering the car from where the driver’s door use to be. She can’t see what’s happening, Happy’s body is blocking it off but Penny blinks and Happy’s limp body has been pulled out of the car. “Help me, please!” She whispers, praying that Happy’s rescuer will also help her.

“Help!” She begs, her arms finally giving out as she collapses to the roof again, she can’t seem to keep her eyes open anymore. Her body is too exhausted to even manage that.

Penny lets out a sob of relief as the weight on her right leg is pulled off of her: muscular arms reach into the car and Penny allows them to wrap around her and yank her out of the car. Although Penny is happy to be out she can’t stop the weak whimper that escapes when her rescuer moves her, causing another bout of pain. “Hey, hey, you’re alright now.” A voice speaks in a gentle tone that just wants to make you trust it.

So, Penny trusts it. One eyelid flicker opens briefly but all Penny can make out is a broad chest covered in a deep blue uniform with a silver star in the middle. Must be a policeman, she thinks as she’s handed off to another body. Her rescuer’s voice is muffled as he says something about her and Happy needing medical attention and Penny wants to stay with the voice that makes her feel safe but she’s too tired and sore to do anything but allow herself to be carried away.

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Peter: Give me a perfectly valid reason why I can’t go

Tony: Because…

Peter: Because?

Tony: Because I said so

Peter: That’s not a valid reason at all, you aren’t Hank Palmer


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Peter: How much Halloween candy do you think I can eat with my faster metabolism?
Tony: [packing up his stuff, putting his jacket on, heading for the door]
Peter: Where are you going?
Tony: Out. Of the country. For the Halloween period.
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Fandom: Marvel. Character(s): Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Original Female Character, Pepper Potts. Warnings: hints at child abuse: burns and scars due to hot water. Word Count: 950. 



“Penny, would you please stop jumping around so much, you’re giving me a headache,” Ms. Haskell snaps as she watches Penny bounce excitedly around the tarmac, with a disapproving frown on her face.

Penny stumbles mid-jump and deflates a little: she was just excited to see Daddy again.

“Oh, she’s not doing any harm, Ms. Haskell.” Auntie Pepper says, laying a hand on Penny’s shoulder. “She’s just excited to see her dad after three months. Isn’t that right Penny?”

Penny nods enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear at the mention of her Daddy. It’s been a long three months without her Daddy. She’s spent the majority of the three months under Ms. Haskell’s care, with rare sprinkles (the only good times in the past months) of freedom with auntie Pepper and Happy. (There are even weeks when she goes to New York to stay with Uncle Ben and Aunt May, those are nice weeks as well.) Maybe with daddy back, Ms. Haskell will leave.

Penny glances at Ms. Haskell out of the corner of her eye and sees her frown disappearing as her expression melts back into the calm one she wore around Aunt Pepper, Happy and Daddy, when he was here. “Of course, Ms. Potts. If you’ll excuse me, I might just go wait in the car. Take an Advil and avoid the noise.” Aunt Pepper nods at the other woman and Ms. Haskell walks back to the car they had arrived in.

Penny goes back to jumping around after Ms. Haskell disappears in the car. “When’s Daddy going to land?” She questions Pepper.

Pepper glances down at her watch, “A few more minutes at most,” She answers with a bright smile. Penny knows she had missed Daddy as well: more than a few times Penny has walked into a room only to see aunt Pepper wiping at a few tears hurriedly. Although, Pepper always pretended it was because of allergies.

Penny maybe nine but even she knows some things.

A couple of minutes pass and a plane comes into view. Pepper, Happy and herself stand back as the plane touches down and Happy has to physically hold Penny back until the plane comes to a complete stop. Penny is close to vibrating out of her skin with anxious excitement.

The plane doors lower and there’s Daddy! He’s sitting in a wheelchair and Penny’s heart instantly falls into her stomach: but then seconds later it’s lifting again as she watches her Daddy get to his feet. Uncle Rhodey is beside him, offering an arm as assistance as the pair walk down but Penny only has eyes for her dad.

Because he’s here. He’s alive (take that Ms. Haskell) and he’s smiling at Penny like she’s the best thing in his universe.

And then, without even realizing, Penny is jerking herself out of Happy’s (now much softer) grip and tearing towards her Daddy.

Daddy falls to a knee, a little clumsily, but he’s holding out an arm (the other is in a sling) and Penny is barrelling into his open arms and crying. Daddy lets out a grunt of pain and Uncle Rhodey says something about being careful with him, but Penny is only half listening, so focused on committing the feeling of having her Dad hold her to memory. Daddy makes a waving motion with his hand towards Rhodey and then the arm is wrapping around Penny and pressing her into his body.

Penny thinks that maybe her Daddy is trying to do the same thing: commit the feeling of her to memory.

“I missed you so much Daddy,” She mumbles into his neck, crying softly.

“I bet I missed you more,” Daddy whispers back, tightening his hold on her.

Penny isn’t sure just how long they stay like that, but she isn’t going to complain. This is all she’s wanted for months. Eventually, they pull out of the hug, but Penny glues herself to her Daddy’s side and refuses to move, only briefly letting go for her Daddy’s press conference (where she stays in a different room with Ms. Haskell, who is abnormally quiet, making Penny tense and anxious for the entire duration. And Daddy’s conference doesn’t seem to go well either) but once it’s done: Penny is back to clinging to Daddy’s side.  

When they finally get back home, Penny drags Daddy to her room where she demands a proper cuddle immediately. Her daddy smiles easily, sinking onto Penny’s bed and allowing Penny to crawl on top of him.

“When did you get this?” Daddy asks, ten minutes into their cuddle, he’s tracing a finger over the discolored scar she now has on her right palm. It’s a splotchy thing she’s now had for about a month ever since Ms-

“I was trying to make hot cocoa and I knocked the pot off the stove by accident.” Penny lies, although parts of her lie were a little true. She had been trying to make herself hot cocoa and there had been a pot involved.

“You’re too young to be using the stove by yourself, bug,” Daddy scolds gently, tracing a finger around the edges of the scar. “I’ll take you to a dermatologist and see if we can get it fixed.” He says and Penny feels a little ball of guilt grow in her chest about lying to her daddy. She knows she isn’t supposed to lie to him but lying about Ms. Haskell doesn’t count right? He’ll just get angry if she tells him. It was her fault anyway: she deserved it.

To avoid the growing guilt in her stomach, Penny burrows into her Daddy and pretends that the problem doesn’t exist.

Because it doesn’t.  

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Peter, absentmindedly: k thanks, Bye Mom, love yo-!

Pepper, freezing: Did you just-

Peter, awkwardly fidgeting: …Maybe…?

Pepper: Ahahahha that’s cool, bye Peter!


Pepper, laying face down on the bed: TONY I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT, LIKE I SAID “that’s cool” WHO EVEN SAYS THAT!

Tony, over on the side on his starkpad: Pep it’s not that bad, it could be worse, remember what I did? “

Pepper, looking up: Didn’t you like, fucking thank him?

Tony, looking at the ceiling: I thanked him

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Hi, I’m pretty new to ao3 and tumblr in general, but I was wondering if I could have a fic list (is that what it’s called?) of peter calling back in black Led Zeppelin and Tony being like “excuse me I thought I taught you better” but it’s like really fluffy and cute? Thanks! Love your posts btw

I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t find any. I’ve been looking for fics like this for a few days now. Thank you for the compliment though :)

If anyone finds any fics like this, please send the link. Not gonna lie, I’d love to read a fic like this.

I’m sorry again :(

You’re amazing! Don’t doubt that 💙💚❤

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