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#spider son
Peter: Have a good day!
Tony: You know what happened last time someone told me that?
Peter: You said 'don't tell me what to do'?
Tony: I started crying
Peter: Are you...going to do that now?
Peter: Mr. Stark?
Tony: No. It seems like I'm mentally stable today.
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Peter: You know when you stand up and your vision goes static?
MJ: You know that means you need iron, right?
Peter, already on the phone with Tony: Hey Irondad you know when you stand up and your vision goes static?
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Tony Stark Taking His Son For Walk While Giving The

“DO NOT SPEAK TO ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN” Vibes = a threat 🌠😌👌🏼


Bonus: Here’s A Courtesy Picture Of Tony’s Child, He Has Stated To Please Cherish And Love Him With All your heart Since He Is A Special


(Tony Told Peter They Weren’t Getting Ice Cream For Lunch And Peter Is a Bit Upset About It)


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On the Battlefield:

Villian: *says some offensive shit*

Peter p: What you just said is not a mood

Peter p: Do you see this? My wig didn’t flew

Peter p: You failed the Vibe check, beCKY, so now you I must to the oof and YEET this car at you

Villian, shaking: W-what does that even mean

Tony, a tired parent: I gave up trying to understand


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@intiate03 asks: Hey could u write a ff on tony visiting peter at MIT with morgan bcz he was missing him . And them meeting one of tony teachers or someone who tony knew form his time in MIT

requests are open

A/N: another first for me! thanks a lot for your request sweetie🌸 I’m no really familiar with the X-Men universe but I tried making a parallel between the two universes like they did in one of the comics. It’s a short short blurb so I hope you will like it✨

‘Good to see you again’ - Iron Dad & Spidey Son

Warning: cuteness infinite level, and NO ENDGAME in this house!!


Finally some free time. 

Tony sighs while turning in office chair when he hears the sound of steps echoing in the lab, coming to his direction. As he turns to see who it could be - even if he definitely knows already -, the little body of his daughter jumps right into him making both of them spin in the chair, laughing.

“Well well well, look who’s there!”

The little girl giggles in her father’s arms. “Daddy you done with work? Can we go now? Pleaaaaaase?”

Tony stops the chair with his feet and after waiting a few seconds, he stands still holding Morgan in his arms.

“Yes, sweetie. We can finally go. But first, we need to tell mum we’re going out. Can you go tell her while daddy close the lab?”

“Yes!! We’re finally seeing Peter!!”

Morgan jumps out of Tony’s grasp and runs outside the lab to her mum, Pepper, who was somewhere in the house doing her own business. Tony signs again, now pleased. He promised his daughter a few weeks ago that he will find some time to go visit Peter together, because the boy was getting busy with his lessons at MIT so they saw him less recently. And the little girl missed him a lot. And little did she knows that her father also couldn’t wait to see Spidey boy again.

Meanwhile, Peter finishes his first lesson of the afternoon. Having a few hours’ break before the next one, he thinks about reviewing some of his notes outside the campus. While sitting on a bench of the MIT garden, he soon hears in the distance someone calling his name, awakening his spider senses. And as he turns his head toward the voice, he couldn’t help but stands to be soon almost tackled to the ground by Morgan.

“Peter!! Hi!!” the girl screams in joy in his face.

Peter chuckles and wraps his arms around Morgan, spinning her in the air, a big smile now on his face. 

“Morgan!! Oh my God, I’m so happy to see you, little one!!”

They both keep giggling, happy to meet again after so long. And then, Peter starts hearing some shocked whispers around him and wonders what was happening.

“Dad! I found him!!”

“You sure did, sweetie.”

None other than the famous Anthony Stark aka Iron Man walks toward both of them, hidden behind his signature sunglasses, emanating power and class from him. Obviously people would start freaking out. And Peter feels even happier. He delicately puts Morgan back on her feet and taking her tiny hands in his, he (proudly) waits for Tony to stop in front of him.

“Hey, how are you doing, son?”

Son. This is the nickname Tony likes using to call Peter. He would never admit it out loud to the world but this boy, no, young man standing while looking at him in awe is like his own son. And for sure Morgan sees him as her big brother.

“I’m doing more than great, Mr. Start” replies Peter, still smiling.

Tony smiles back and ruffles the boy’s curly hair with his hand, before giving him a warm embrace.

“Good to see you again, son.”

“Good to see you again, Mr. Stark.”

“Well good to see you too, Tony.”

The new voice calling out to Tony makes him break his embrace with Peter, Morgan hiding behind both men as they all see the person moves to them. And Tony couldn’t help but smirk.

“What can I say? Who doesn’t like seeing the most talented and handsome Iron Man?” 

“As cocky as ever, Stark. You would never change.”

Peter recognises the voice as soon as he heard it. Because here now stands Professor Charles Xavier, one of Peter’s teachers at MIT. Of course he knows who he is. He is one of the most strict and intelligent professor of all the US, and nobody wants to mess with them. Peter has some classes with him and he can say he admires the man in the wheelchair. 

“So, you and Mr. Parker know each other?” professor Xavier says, his gaze going from the man in his forties and his friendly student. “Why am I not even surprised.”

“Well, the kid here is sure a nerd but that brain of his is one of a kind. A bit awkward but still smart. Everything I look for in an intern at Stark’s Industry.”

“After knowing you for quite a long time, I sense when you have something in mind, Tony.”

Peter closely looks at both men exchanging words, Morgan still gripping at his jumper. He conforts her by caressing her head.

“You, er, you both know each other?” tempts asking Peter.

“You see, kid, professor Xavier and I work together sometimes-”

“But Mr. Stark here clearly is avoiding me for, what, eight months now? Tony you can’t run away forever when we have to talk about Illumi-”

“I know I knoooooooow” interrupts Tony, exasperates. “But I’ve been super busy with the Avengers and my business - you know I’m a real business man, also family stuff and blah blah blah.”

Peter and Morgan try to hide their giggles while watching Tony being… well, Tony.


Tony puts one arm around Peter’s shoulders and brings him against him again, Morgan following closely.

“I’m in the middle of a happy family reunion right here so if you would excuse us!”

The three of them start walking toward the street, leaving the professor by himself. 

“Don’t be a Stark and call me, Tony. You know why!” shouts professor Xavier at them.

“Yeah yeah, I’ve still got your number somewhere. I think? Bye, X!” Tony begins whistle.

“Er- b-bye professor Xavier!” Peter manages to say.

Professor Xavier lets out a sigh, looking at them walking toward some shops in the street nearby. Then he decides to go back inside the building, making his way between the students.

“At least, he got the family he ever wanted.”

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(not with a bang, but a whimper.)

for peter parker the world has ended much too often. it has ended time and time again.

each time is different.

sometimes the end comes so slowly and gradually that you can’t tell it’s ending at all. like a rolling tide on the ocean, it appears eternally distant and evasive, right up until it crashes upon you.

sometimes the end comes with such a violent and quick suddenness that if you blink you might miss it. it is a song cut off mid beat, the melody still echoing silently in the air long after the music has been silenced.

sometimes the end comes in simple stages, gradual, one after another. it is pages turning in a book, chapter after chapter. the neat progression of a story falling into an inevitable conclusion.

but no matter how it ends there is never a sense of closure, only loss and devastation. it is never predictable nor satisfying, only heart wrenching and cruel.

there’s no such thing as a happily ever after.

all fairy tales are lies.

no matter how many different ways peter sees the world end, he is never ready for it.

for this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

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Tony: How can I cheer you up?
Peter: Play uno with me and let me win
Tony:'re asking too much of me.
Peter: Monopoly?
Tony: I would sooner give you my entire fortune
Peter: Snakes and ladders?
Tony: I don't really have any control over that one
Peter: I'll take it
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peter: c’mon guys!!! just try to see this from my point of view!

MJ: *crouches*

tony: *ducks*

ned: *squats down*

may: *kneels*

happy: *schooches*

peter: i hate all of you with every inch of my body.

tony: thank god that’s not a lot of inches then

no i didn’t look up crouch synonyms online haha what do you mean

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