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Team Kaijo are seated in the crowd as their s/o is about to perform (athletic, musical, dance, or ect). How do they react when their s/o blows them a kiss before she starts?

Hayakawa: He’s a mess, trying to hide behind his hands. He can feel the many stares, especially after making a squeak, and he shrinks in his chair. Not once does he take his eyes off you.

Kasamatsu: Internally, he’s scolding you for not being professional. On the outside, his cheeks are burning from the small intimate gesture. He tries to keep a neutral face, but he corner of his mouth curls against his wishes, and he sits up straight, watching your performance.

Kise: He’s quick to return the gesture, ignoring the many stares from several fangirls. He’s proud of you , grinning from ear to ear, and waving his hands frantically to show his enthusiasm. The smile on your face is worth it.

Kobori: He gives a curt nod, keeping himself composed as you begin to play. Not once does he move from his seat, focused completely on the sound. And he feels his heart swell with pride.

Moriyama: He’s quick to shout how much he loves you, adding a wink for good measure . He can tell you’re trying not to laugh, further making his heart race in his chest. But he’s unable to keep his composure, doing everything he can to show his support.

Nakamura: Pushes his glasses up to hide the faint blush on his cheeks. Its hard for him to keep neutral, because he’s much more reserved, but he wants to show his support. So he tries his best to keep his eyes on you.

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Moriyama: They say 10% of people are gay. That means there's at last one person on this team who's gay.
Kobori, Hayakawa, Kise, and Nakamura: I hope it's Kasamatsu, because Kasamatsu's cute.
Moriyama: ...I feel like we're not statistically average.
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Cuddle headcanons for the Kaijo regulars and Nakamura if you're up for writing him? :)

Kise: He is a huge cuddler. Honestly if he ever goes a day without cuddling you, he just feels incomplete. This boy literally sets up cuddle dates together and just loves the feeling of holding you and you holding him. Literal child when it comes to getting attention. Just love this ray of sunshine he deserves it. 

Kasamatsu: He can be kind of tense when cuddling in the first few minutes or so, but after some time he starts loosening up and draping his arms over you. He really likes stroking your hair while cuddling or rubbing circles in your back. When he’s feeling bold, he’ll lean down and give you a kiss on the top of your head. 

Hayakawa: Enthusiastic, just as he is with everything else. He can give pretty bone-crushing hugs, but then he’ll just nuzzle his face in to your shoulder like the pure boy he is. He especially loves it when you pat him on the head while he lays on your chest. Expect lots of kisses from him. 

Nakamura: He takes off his glasses when the both of you cuddle that way he can have free reign to hide his face in the nape of your neck or nuzzle your cheek. He occasionally finds himself humming a light tune when the both of you cuddle just because he can’t contain how happy he gets. 

Moriyama: He can be kind of silly when the both of you cuddle. He’ll sometimes flirt with you even though the both of you are already in a relationship but he finds it necessary to keep the fire going, so he likes doing unexpected things like perhaps tickling you or peppering you with kisses during cuddling. 

Kobori: Can be a bit of a blushing mess when the both of you cuddle but - like Kasamatsu - it dies down eventually and suddenly everything seems very natural and comfortable. He would really love cuddling while reading a book or playing video games or something. He tends to get so comfortable he falls asleep. 

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