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#Flowey the Flower

trans, he/him
short. 4′0
autistic and short temper
lots of self hatred
sleep? what is sleep?
actually can’t see very well
soul is technically artificial
diluted perseverance soul + monster soul
escaped through a weak part in the barrier because partial human soul
soul was made by Dr Gaster
has been forgotten by everyone he cares about so he ran away
was made to be a Dreemurr sibling

likes candies and pie
likes the color purple
loves to read and doesn’t watch tv much
does have some shows he likes

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Sooo I decided it would be fun to redesign an old undertale oc I had back in 2016, im pretty happy with out these came out

Plz enjoy my cottagecore skeleton uwu

(Heres what the text says if the font is too funky to read)


- the royal gardener

- was a healer in the war against humans

- old friends with the king and queen

- makes it a point to keep in touch with both of them (neither one of them knows about the other though)

(Theres also a lowkey secret fun fact about them in the tags ;^)))))

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Flowey: I’ll make you cry, buddy!

Flowey: You’re a pimple on society’s ass and you’ll never amount to anything!

Chara: What do you mean? I’m third in line to the Monster Throne!

Flowey: Good point…

Flowey: Here’s a disturbing reminder.

Flowey: Everyone you knew or loved from the surface is dead!

Chara: These things happen.

Flowey: Ok, Chara, grab a kleenex for this one.

Flowey: Because there’s no god and your idiotic human ideals are laughable!

Flowey: *Evil Laugh*

Chara: Phew, that’s a load off my mind!

Flowey: Man, I guess it’s harder than I thought to make someone cry…

Papyrus: You did your best, Flowery.

Flowey: Up yours, idiot!

*Papyrus runs off crying*

Undyne: Let’s face it, we’re in hot water here, we should call Asgore for help.

Flowey: Cram it, Fish!

*Undyne cries*

Flowey: though that is a good idea…

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I didn’t managed to draw smth on the fourth day since I was too busy,
so to make it up for it, I drew two characters for today’s challenge! 

Hope y'all like it!

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Y’know, this whole ‘lying around and feeling like garbage’ tradition isn’t half bad.

//Asks are open!

//If you like the concept or idea, consider reblogging or sharing with others who might too! I really want this blog to do well, so all of your support is HIGHLY appreciated!

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