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#My daddy

Hello Dear Friend .

Each person’s love language is different. It will be your job to find your daddy’s .

For example ,

After the debacle with my first daddy, my grandfather now pays all of my living expenses because I am in school .

I do not need my daddy for anything (monetary wise ) . If he ask me if I want /need anything , I usually say no. (Tbh, I like minimal , but very nice things , that are generally expensive.)

I do NOT want my Daddy to think he is my sugar daddy❌


A couple of months ago my Daddy told me to hop in the truck bc we were going to the mall . I felt this was unusual because he never goes to the mall.

While there, we went to a department store that has the cookware that I covet

Le Creuset

I love this brand ❤️❤️❤️(to infinity ), but it is extremely expensive. I just can not justify the cost .

My Daddy however insisted that he REALLY wanted that brand of cookware …and for me to chose all the pieces I liked best . 🥺🥺🥺

I did …

OMG dear friend . He bought a complete 10 piece Le Creuset cookware set for me.

I almost creamed my panties. (I still look at them EVERYDAY)❤️🌹

That night. I tried to give him an amazing bj as a thank you, but he said he was tired , and just held me instead and went to sleep😴.

The next morning, he had left me a note on the counter telling me how much he loved me , and that I was the best little girl ever 🥺

…than it occurred to me later that day that my daddy had read my diary AGAIN, and knew from the start I wanted Le Creuset cookware before we even went to the mall .

This is important dear friend 💡💡💡

Instead of becoming upset with him I realized

1. I do not share enough with my Daddy if he has to read my diary to understand what I want or need.

2. He was trying to teach me that he in fact , wants to take care of me , and that I do NOT have to pay him back with sex.

Now , I tell him what I need , and he decides from that point what to do with that information,

He likes that ?

Who knew ? 🤷🏽‍♀️

The point is dear friend , you are going to have to be very observant, ask , and provide things that will make your Daddy happy .

I have found it is a process that develops over time .

You will know you have reached that sweet spot with your Daddy when he no longer questions your love for him .

Make that a goal of yours to accomplish.

Best Wishes💫

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His kiss is my everlasting bliss. His embrace is my home. His touch is my rapture, his soft caresses are everything I yearn for. He is my everything. I never knew I could love in this manner. He is mine, he is my all. I found myself him. He is my world, my all. I shall forevermore be his Beautiful Brown Eyed Beauty♡

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