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#a queue above gorgeous
dailyoliviarodrigo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Olivia Rodrigo Icons (Disney + Launch Event 2019)
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venenatd · 5 months ago
just friends; eren jaegar x reader
Tumblr media
summary: you and eren are best pals and have both recently be dumped. so, a plan to get over your exes is needed! what’s better than going out on the town trying to find quick fucks >:) also eren is a smug bastard but kinda has a heart of gold??
content: smut / nsfw 18+. minors dni. (choking, unprotected sex, creampie drinking, drunk sex, possessiveness ig? dirty talk, both of them want to be dominant tbh. slight size kink, oral both m and f receiving. female bodied reader) 
i am new to this pls let me know if i should add anything!!
word count: 5.8k words of unedited content 
a/n: uh so i never thought i’d be back on my tumblr bullshit at 23 but hey after years without the app i’m back. i needed to get out the h-word and this is what happened. enjoy and i’m sorry if it’s terrible lmao
Tumblr media
“You look different” 
Frowning at the man waiting ever so patiently for you on the sofa, you look a little defeated. “Is that meant to be a compliment, Eren?”. He sighed, raising his eyebrows at you. To be fair, maybe you did. Wearing a figure hugging black dress, that definitely just hid your ass cheeks, hair styled and sprayed in place, dark lipstick and makeup on your face. Usually Eren would have seen you in sweats, always running a little late for class, snack in hand. 
“Different isn’t bad,” he offered, checking the watch that lay on his wrist, “are we ever going to get to the bar? Your plan will fall through if you’re not careful.”
Ah, the plan. Both you and Eren were newly single. In your final year at university, having managed to keep each relationship going until almost the end. Ironic. Weren’t most meant to fail in the first year? But alas, your partners had decided it was the end within a couple of weeks each other, and as you and Eren had been close since you met on orientation day, you each took to the other for comfort. You had done the crying first, going to him the minute your call with the ex had ended. Leaving wet splotches on his shirt, he had calmed you, only for you to do the same to him later. Now the crying was done, it was time to move on, and what better advice to follow than getting under someone to get over another?
“I just need to look hot enough for a guy to fuck me.”
“What a romantic you are.”
“Shut up Er-”
Eren shifted from the couch, interrupting your usual sass, “and what about me, y/n? Do I look beautiful?”. He threw in a wink with his comment, his aura of cockiness always radiating. You rolled your eyes, before studying his figure. His dark hair half pulled back into a bun, the rest draping his neck and onto a deep emerald green silk shirt, with the top few buttons loose, tucked into dark pants. A ring on each hand, fingers with chipping black nail polish, and to top it off, a thin chain on his neck. You hated to admit it and add to his smug demeanour but... the man did look good. 
“Gorgeous as always Eren,” you said sarcastically, even if it was truthful, “I’m sure there will be a queue of women who are wanting to jump on you.”
“Not if they aren’t all taken already,” he taps at his watch. Whilst the two of you had already been drinking as he waited for you to get ready, it was definitely on the later side.
“Order the uber, and we can go.”
Walking over to him and adding shoes to your outfit, you present yourself before him, a cute little smile playing on your lips. He’s staring down at his phone, quickly going through the motions for the ride. Finally, he looks up to catch your eyes. His jade pupils flick down slightly, and he hopes you miss that they land at the cleavage you’re sporting in your current get up. He flicks your nose, earning a scowl from you and a smile from him.
“You look perfect”
Tumblr media
The club is far fuller than you both expected, dance floor and tables taken up and crowded round. Luckily, you had managed to secure you and Eren a pair of seats at the bar, and you were currently on your third..? Fourth drink of the evening. Green eyes watch your lips carefully, as you finish the vodka and lemonade. 
“So, anyone take your fancy?” he prompts, looking around at the mess of people.
Humming, you scan the area. There’s some people you recognise from class, but plenty more you don’t know. Fucking friends seems like a bad move, even in your tipsy state, so you look to the strangers faces. They don’t look like him. Ugh. 
There’s a few options though, and as you point them out to Eren they come with brief descriptors: dark hair and stubble, wide set blonde. He tuts at the options, sarcastically letting out a “sure sure, I see the appeal”. 
“And how about you, anyone you like the look of?” you ask with a sigh.
Christ, Eren thinks to himself. It’s been long enough that he hasn’t had to look for someone else. Sure there were attractive people in the world, but with her around, he hadn’t needed to give anyone else a second look. His palm moves to the back of his neck, stretching out behind him with a huff. “Let’s look on the dance floor?” he offers, clearly not as eager as you were tonight. Moving his hand back down, he holds it out for you, pulling towards the throng of people.
He looks effervescently cool like this. Shirt open, hair starting to fall from his bun. Eren is looking around at the people surrounding the two of you. The two of you had been working in circles, allowing each other an eyeful as the club goers move around the space. As a group of guys push their way from the dance floor to the bar, you get shoved towards Eren. Heels were never quite your forte, and you stumble against him, hands on either side of his chest. Grinning down at you with that smug little smile that annoyed you so much, Eren brought large hands to your waist, pushing you away a little. But his hands stay there as he continues to sway to the music, making no effort to break the contact. And so you bring your arms up to his neck, allowing his movements to carry you on time to the song. For the first time in the past couple of weeks, you feel light. Your chest isn’t constricted by some foreign weight. It’s just you and your best friend, buzzed and free.
Colours change above you, as you look up to Eren, him down to you. A playful grin takes his lips as he pulls you a little closer, you so easily accepting the narrowing distance. Your black silk meets his deep green, chest pushing into his. You carefully analyse his features, seeing if he attempts to check you out like earlier. 
Was it the alcohol making your cheeks so warm? Lit up by a purple hue, you watch his eyes return to exploring the crowd, his hand still holding on to you. His smirk falters, his eyebrows creasing together. You’re not moving in circles anymore, Eren pausing in his movements as he thinks about what to do next. He shouldn’t lie to you, but seeing your ex at the bar would really harsh the night. Under his fingers, he can feel your body tense, suddenly unsure at how close the contact between you was. 
But Eren doesn’t want you to know, he doesn’t want you to be distracted by your ex tonight. He doesn’t want to see your hurt little face anymore. The way your eyes would be red and puffy the next day. The way he would feel your shoulders heaving under his arms. You don’t deserve that. Hell, you didn’t deserve the huge amount of shit your ex had put you through over the years he’d known you. Eren would sit back and listen to you rant, support you where he could. But fuck that guy. And he wasn’t sure what sparked in his chest, but Eren’s jade orbs are trained straight back on you. His eyebrows calm, tension releasing from them. As you can turn to scope out whatever had changed his body language so suddenly, he catches your jaw. 
Beginning to slowly move again, his eyes have narrowed, taking in the way the dress hugs you, the shine on your skin from the hot dance floor. Eren couldn’t quite figure out what was intoxicating him right now. Definitely a lot of alcohol, but also a sudden… possessiveness. He didn’t want you in pain anymore. Eren wanted you in pleasure. His breath is suddenly on your neck, making your hair raise. 
“I’ve only seen one person I’m interested in tonight.” 
“Oh?” you squeak, before clearing your throat a little. The new deep notes in his voice catch you off guard. It almost sounds like he’s… No. He’s your best friend. The little looks you’d been giving each other all night were just two people looking out for one another, two people seeing each other happy for the first time in a while. Your voice is calmer as you ask light-heartedly, “and who would that be?” 
His lips are so close to your ear. 
“Eren-” your hands move from behind his neck, resting on his shoulders. You need to see your best friend's face, you need to know if he’s joking right now. If he’s mocking you. When you draw back, you see his face. Smug, as always. Fuck you’ve always wanted to knock that cockiness down a peg. Cheshire smile showing his teeth and his eyes looking down at you. Half lidded eyes, pupils blown. He’s not joking. Fuck.
“Can I kiss you?” 
Your breath is caught in your throat. All too aware suddenly of each of his finger pads pressing into your skin, the contact feeling like fire with the added alcohol. But, you find yourself nodding, the yes just escaping your lips before he’s pressed into them.
Large hands travel to your hip, and up your back, pressing you into him. You can feel his body, tense in exhilaration against you, hands back around his neck. One travels up to the nape of his back, tangling into his hair and pulling him deeper into you. The music is all consuming, you can feel the bass in your body, you can feel Eren against you, you can feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. 
Eren’s hand on your back travels up, echoing your placement on him, to hold the back of your neck. He doesn’t want you to go, you feel too good. The heat between your bodies could suffocate him. His thumb puts pressure under your jaw, he isn’t even sure you can feel it. But he can, measuring your pulse racing underneath the pad. He’s smiling into this kiss, this all consuming kiss.
His tongue swipes at your bottom lip, and you’re all too eager to allow him into your mouth. Tasting the whisky from your home, tasting the coke from the club. His teeth take your lip nipping slightly, before sucking the plump of it into his mouth. You both come up for air, eyes meeting in acknowledgment of the situation.
“Wanna get out of here?”
Tumblr media
The drive home had only served to heap tension between you. As clearly that it was that you wanted each other, you would have to wait a while longer. Your thighs pressed together, slowly inhaling and exhaling. Going through your mind was whether this was a good idea, staring out at the city passing by you. Eren was your friend. You were dating another man two weeks ago. The same man that had previously asked you if he needed to be worried about Eren. You’d laughed it off, because it was Eren. You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt him grip your leg, a little too harshly at first, before settling, leaving a gentle pattern of circles and lines on your inner thigh. It was Eren.
Just one hallway. You had to make it one hallway to get into your apartment. One hallway left to come to your senses. And just like he read your mind, Eren is once again touching you, just his hand on yours pulling you backwards. You twist just in time, his hands instantly cupping your cheeks as he kisses you, deeply and intensely. Pushing you back into the wall, you pray a neighbour doesn’t walk out now. His knee is pressing gently between your legs, and you allow it. Your fingers sink into Eren’s arms, lightly covered by the fabric yet you can still feel the muscle underneath, relaxing and tensing as he pulls you closer. 
His lips are making their way to your jaw, lifting your chin upwards, tentatively licking the bone before moving downwards still, sucking and nipping and licking your neck. A whimper breaks through. You really need to get inside. Gripping his hair, you sharply pull backwards.
“Not going to play nice, huh?” 
When did he speak like this? The playful and shit-eating grin your friend Eren always wore was replaced by something darker, his words laced with intent. 
“Don’t challenge me.” 
You were off, finally at your door, making quick work with the lock, moving in first before he followed. The door shut as you pushed Eren against it, usual doe eyes being taken over with a deep lust. Your hands are instantly at his belt, as his hands find your face once again. This time he’s grabbing your hair, making you look up at him as he glares down at you. You’re constantly challenging one another in conversation, and it’s translating to the bedroom far too easily. 
Lips are on one another again, as you leave the belt and start towards his shirt. You bite down on his bottom lip, earning a hiss from him, and you feel his hand being brought around your throat. He doesn’t add too much pressure, checking if this turn is indeed okay with you. When you push against the weight, he takes the gleam in your eye as a yes, and uses the force to push you against the next wall, finally moving off the front door. 
It’s a constant battle to get to the bedroom, both of you taking control for short bursts. Eren pulling the thin straps of your dress down, you untucking his shirt. His muscular torso is on full display, and you had never viewed it in this light before. 
Finally he pushes you onto the bed, situating himself between your legs. Your kisses are sloppy and infused with alcohol. Hands are desperate with one another, both of you needing to be closer. Are you scared if the contact ends your thoughts will return to sanity? 
Eren’s hot and heavy over you, his hands seem everywhere at once. Smoothing up your thigh, digging in slightly to the flesh when you grind against one another. His hands rest at your hips for a moment, and he’s looking down at you, still fucking smiling. All at once, he’s flipped you over his prominent hard on pressing into your ass. He’s whispering in your ear, leaving wet kisses along your neck, to your shoulder blades. Fingers take the zip at the back of your dress, slowly and carefully pulling it down, leaving licks and pecks as he goes. It’s torturous. 
You attempt to speed things up by rutting your ass against his crotch, and you think you hear a quiet moan, before his hand is brought down to the fabric, smacking your cheek. You gasp, turning your head to look at him. Eren is too occupied in taking in all of your body, his green eyes are darkened with authority and lust. His nimble fingers play with the short hem of your dress, thumb dipping beneath, before he pushes the silk up. 
You both let out soft fuck’s, as his hands grab at the plump of your ass. It’s like he’s testing the softness, the way your flesh responds to his touch so easily. He slaps at you again, earning a sharp moan from you. Eren’s leaning down, his mouth once again trailing across the apex of your behind, leaving trails of saliva as he goes. Before you can even register the new sensations you can feel a soft pressure against your clothed cunt, just enough to let you know the presence of his hand, but not enough for you to get off on. You’re mewling, once again trying to get closer to him. This time he allows it, eagerly pressing his ring and middle finger to your clit, allowing you to grind upon them. 
Seeing you underneath him like this… it’s new and strange and so fucking hot. He’s watching you desperately try and fill the need building in your core, and he can only feel his cock twitch in his pants as he sees you coming undone. If you wanted more, he could definitely give it to you. Bringing his large hands away, to the flimsy fabric that was covering you, he pulls it down, exposing you to him. His heart and dick fucking jump. His hands return to your ass, watching the jiggle as you move and whimper. Spreading you, he brings his face down, breath tingling on your most sensitive areas.
Your breath catches in your throat as his tongue, gentle at first, licks between your folds. He’s tasting you, he’s moaning into your pussy, as you write beneath him. Eren’s hands are squeezing your ass cheeks, holding you still as you try to grind against his face. 
“Patience, y/n”, he says, with a slap on your behind again. 
“Fuck you,” you hiss. 
“You will be in a minute, baby girl, don’t worry.”
You go to make a retort but he’s instantly back, licking up your slit and a deep moan escapes you. Jesus you can feel the smile on his lips as he’s back on your pussy. Eren is so proud of the sounds he can draw from you. He wonders if your ex could make you come undone so easily. 
You taste sweet and saccharine on him, and he doesn’t hold back the groan as he further works his way into you. Hardened tongue moving it’s way from your entrance down to your clit. He swipes at it, before moving away again. Kissing your thighs, kissing the skin between your holes. Every now and then he’ll move back to your clit, allowing you a moment of pleasure before he’s teasing again. “Fuck, please”. Your whines are being smothered by the sheets, and Eren wants nothing more than to hear them, loud and clear.
Eren’s ringed fingers make their way to your hair, his face lifting from between your legs. He pulls you back round, and holy shit you can see how wet you are on his face. There’s a sheen to his lips and chin, and instinctively you reach up to his neck, pulling him back on top of you. Your tongue meets his, tasting your tartness on his mouth. A hand makes it way back down in between your thighs, playing and parting your folds. Your hand in turn reaches up his neck, pulling sharply at his hair once again. “Eren. More- please” you get out in between staggered breaths. 
“Aw, since you asked so nicely” his eyes watch your expression closely as his thumb rests on your clit, his finger swiftly moving inside you. Your eyebrows raise and knot, eyes wide and lips parted. But he keeps it still as your legs shaked around his arm. “Eren, move” you demand this time. 
“Oh, that’s not so nice. I liked it when you were polite.” He starts to retract his finger, thumb gently swabbing your clit so you’ll know what you miss.
“Please, please, please, Eren, please” you speak before he even gets the first knuckle out. All the teasing was creating a tightness in your lower stomach. 
“Much better.”
You whine as he continues to pull his finger from you, until he pushes it back in, curling his solitary finger up. Your fingernails are pressing deep into the muscle of his bicep, feeling how it moves as he finger fucks you. He’s hitting that perfect spot inside you again and again, and his thumb is swiping eagerly on your clit. 
Eren can feel you fluttering around his finger, desperate for more, desperate to release on him. He adds another finger, your wetness allowing him entrance easily. He wants to fuck you so bad, his cock so hard it felt like it was about to burst. 
He pushes your hands off him, leaving crescent moon indents deep in his skin, he works his way back down. He brings the black silk with him this time, fully being able to take in your body as you’re left naked before him. Holy shit you’re beautiful. He doesn’t want to stare too long and make you shy. But he still kisses his way down, before he’s back at your pussy. 
This time he allows you more movement, letting your fingers work their way back into his hair, letting you roll your hips against his tongue and stubble. 
With his spare hand he pulls out his cock, slowly pulling at it, before he realises he can’t do that for too long without cumming before the main event. Instead he reaches up, rolling your perked nipples in between his fingers. There are so many sensations on your body, and Eren can feel your cunt beginning to tighten around his fingers. You hold your breath before letting out little moans, building towards reaching your height.
“You want to cum on my fingers?
Your back is arching, whispering “yes, yes, yes, please” as your walls are tightening around him. He quickens the pace, making sure to hit that spot inside you over and over. Thighs around his face, he can feel your slick pooling in his mouth, and coating his chin once again. 
Your gummy walls are so tight around his thick fingers, he needs you to finish, watch you fully unravel below him. Sucking and licking at your clit, he’s pushing you towards the edge. 
“Eren-” his name is strangled coming out of you, and then your moaning, undulating your cunt against his mouth, riding out your orgasm. 
His jade eyes look up at you, watching as you pull your head up to look at him, before another wave of pleasure hits you and you have to arch your neck and look back up. He waits for you to come down, letting you fuck his face and fingers. Grinding against his stubble and tongue as you let out pitiful and beautiful moans. You’re so fucking wet, the sounds coming from between the two of you should be forbidden, as you release onto him. 
Finally he withdraws, using his forearm to wipe his face. He lies next to you, allowing you a moment as he draws little circles on your stomach. Eren has never quite looked at you in this light. Sure, you were pretty, and the two of you were obviously close. But now you’d walked a line that couldn’t be undone. You weren’t over your ex, and as okay as Eren was with what had happened between you, he didn’t want you to run. He’s overcome with thoughts, looking down to your chest and the heavy breaths you were taking. All he could pray was that you weren’t pretending he was someone else. 
But as Eren is getting caught up in his own mind, you’re twisting, hand reaching to his crotch, cock having been recaptured by his boxers. Palming him, you feel how big he really is for the first time. Fingers trace the edge of his pants and underwear, and he lifts his hips, allowing you to pull them down. Shit. His dick slapped back to his stomach, precum leaking from the top of his pink head. He was bigger than you’d imagined, because of course you’d imagined it a couple of times.
Your hand looks so small around his cock, but you slowly tease him, his deep green orbs following your movements. Bringing your head down to him, you kitten lick the precum from the top of his dick. He hisses gently, and you look up at him with these big doe eyes, so fucking eager to please.
You push your lips around him, hollowing your cheeks and flattening your tongue as you begin working along his shaft. He moans just at the sight of you, your eyes peeking up through dark lashes. His hand goes through your hair, eagerly pushing you deeper around him. 
He lets out a hoarse, “is this okay?” before you put your own hand on his pushing it for the both of you. You don’t even want to come up for air, you just want him close to you, inside you. 
You were learning far more about each other than you had expected, as Eren takes back over. He pushes himself further into you, muttering a good girl that has you whining. The vibrations around his cock make his hips buck, and now you’re gagging as his length hits the back of your throat. He holds you there instead of letting you off, and your nails are sharp against his thighs.
His head lolls back as he starts to move his hips under you, moving you in turn with your hair. He picks up the pace quickly, allowing saliva to drool from you and straight to his cock. 
Your eyes prick, big fat tears forming at the corners. But you’re enjoying this way too much, the moans and gasps he gives make you moan, pressing your thighs together for some kind of friction. 
He takes your jaw in his grasp, allowing you a moment to catch your breath. Your tongue sits out your mouth, him smacking the head of his dick on it. He notices your tears then, the mascara that’s running a little. He swipes at the corner of your eyes, leaning down to press a kiss into your forehead. 
Bringing you up to him, your dripping folds sliding across his length. His lips are on your cheeks, across your jaw, licking up your neck before reclaiming your plush lips once again. You continue grinding against one another, tongues slipping in and out of each other's mouths. Eventually Eren brings his hands to your hips, lifting you up as you hold his shaft up.
Your foreheads are pressed together as he slowly pushes inside you. The stretch is burning and all-consuming, eyes pricking up again as you feel him hit your furthest wall. Eren breathes out heavily, “So fucking tight”
You roll your hips, allowing some friction from him on your clit. It helps your muscles relax a little, and balancing your hands on his shoulders you push yourself up and down, using his length for your own pleasure. Eren’s eyes don’t leave your form, watching your breasts bounce and how your eyes flutter close as he fills you entirely.
“You really did want to be fucked, huh? Look at you” he teases you, watching as you go to talk back before he thrusts his hips up. It leaves the words caught in your throat.
His pace maintains, holding you in place as he fucks up into you, feeling your cunt clench around him. There are long moments where you hold your breath, holding his cock tight within you. Then you’ll release and moan, before holding it in again. Well, Eren is all too happy to help you with that. 
One hand grabbing the flesh of your hip, the other wrapping around your throat, he pushes into you at a punishing rate. Your eyes go wide at the sudden restriction of your throat, feeling the cold metal of his ring against your pulse. 
“Who knew this about you? That you were such a slut?”
As much as he knows you want to deny it, you want to smack the smugness from his voice, he can feel your pussy tighten around him. He sees your eyes roll back a little. 
“You’re getting tighter.” 
The hand on your hip moves down, attempting to hold you in place whilst letting his thumb press over your clit. The sounds of him slapping against your wetness is obscene, and he’s only distracted from it as you whimper out pathetic yes’s and please’s. 
“You wanna cum?” he’s grunting, trying to keep the pace going until you can reach your peak.
You nod against his wide hand, still tight around your neck. “Oh you can do better than that. I already know how bad you want it, slut.”
“Please Eren, please make me cum. I want to cum, please, please, please” you can barely make out the words, your head going light and body tightening.
“Cum for me.” 
You release, and as he can feel the fluttering of your walls around him, he lets go of your throat. The sudden oxygen as you cum leaves you overwhelmed. Burying yourself in his shoulder, he fucks you through it. Cock slapping up into your cunt over and over, somehow being sucked deeper in as you coat his length with more of your own slick. He can feel your nails breaking the flesh of his back as you’re holding on for dear life, moaning his name and even a fucking thank you into his ear.
As you begin to slow, legs shake as you stay straddled over him. He flips you, Eren now firmly on top, slowly moving in and out of you. The stimulation is intense, your cunt sparking at any sensation. 
Caged between his forearms, his hair is a mess thanks to you. You push tendrils back past his ears as he leans down to kiss you once again. This kiss is different. It feels… less desperate. It feels deep and meaningful, caring even.
Your eyes meet in acknowledgment, both of you too worried to speak about the shift in tone. 
He reaches down instead, pulling your leg up and splitting you on his cock. A tongue swipes at your nipple, biting and playing with each as he gradually picks up pace again. You’re still so fucking wet it’s easy for him to thrust into you at a dizzying pace. You can feel all of him against your gummy walls. Each time he passes that special spot inside you, you moan and gasp, and it’s the best sound he’s ever heard.
His thrusts were becoming more primal, holding your thighs close around his hips. Letting your sweaty bodies collide again and again, his balls slapping against you. The grunts and moans coming from his lips were so infuriatingly erotic. Eren just wanted one more from you, and then he’d let himself finish. If this was to be a drunken mistake, so be it, but he would at least make it memorable. 
Those jade eyes were on you once again, the power and dominance radiating from the immeasurable. He can see you barely being able to hold on, completely fucked out beneath him. You’re moaning and whining, hands moving over the swell of your breasts and playing with your nipples as if it’s going to keep you grounded. 
He sits up, eyes flicking down to where you were conjoined. It took so much restraint not to cum inside you right then and there. Your glistening sex was so tight around him, the wet slapping noises echo again and again. You’re pulling and sucking him in, cream pooling around his length. 
“Give me one more, y/n. I want to feel you cum on my cock.”  
You try to look up at him through heavy lids. Your friend Eren saying this is so taboo. The words he’s said tonight so far from normal for the both of you. You flutter around him, somehow your pussy still wants to be fucked, still wants to push you off the edge one more time. You can feel the coil inside your stomach tightening. 
Eyes rolling back, you can barely keep it together anymore. He’s pounding into you at a startling rate, fingers flicking over your clit again and again and again. 
“P - please, it’s s-so good.” 
Your breaths between words were quick, “you’re so big-”
“Yeah you like that? You like being so full of my cock? Such a pretty face you make when you’re all fucked out.” 
Holy shit.
Eren could tell how much words affected you, your back arching and legs pulling him somehow closer into you.
“Come on, baby. I wanna hear those moans.” he’s grunting, getting so fucking close to losing himself in your cunt. He knows what he wants to hear most though, “say my name. Tell me who’s treating you how you should be”
With that, you’re losing yourself around him again. Writing on the bed, gripping sheets in tightly balled fists. White light taking over your sight as you clench around Eren. This orgasm was the most intense, taking your body by surprise in its overstimulated state. You weren’t even making a noise, just holding on to the high for as long as possible. 
And then you shattered, whining and moaning, whispering his name over and over again. 
As you moved underneath him, Eren kept his punishing pace up until he watched you expel the last of your energy. Name forming on your lips over and over again he falters, releasing inside you. You can feel the stickiness inside you, the sensation of being filled up. Eren watches for a moment as he sees the white pearls forming around your stretched out pussy.
His chest is back on yours as he kisses your neck, shoulders, whatever skin he can. Thrusting back into you a couple of times, he finally pulls out. You feel his cum dripping out of you, but you’re too spent to do anything about it.
Eren lies next to you, both of your bodies attempting to regulate from that. 
“You okay?” 
He’s checking in, making sure he didn’t go too far with someone he genuinely cares for. 
You nod, turning to meet his stare. Giving him a drowsy smile, you’re not sure what comes next. But for now, you’re happy. Curling into his side, he puts an arm round you and lets you rest for a while. As he notices your breathing become deeper, he nestles into you, muttering something about clean up. 
Moving away from you, you can make out some noises of a tap, drawers opening and closing. In your sleepy state you feel him gently wiping at you, two glasses of water being put on the bedside table. Finally he makes his way back to you, and Eren notes how cute you look. Hot and completely fucked out, yes. But also gentle and at peace, allowing the heaviness of sleep taking over.
He rests behind you, wanting to be back in your warmth. He pulls you in closer, wrapping an arm around your waist. The fragrance of you takes over his nostrils, and he’s all too eager to move closer to your hair, pressing one last kiss at the nape of your neck. Whatever tomorrow brings, he hopes it’s not the last time he gets to be this close to you.
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rebeccccccaaa · 5 months ago
hey! could you possibly do a fluffy thing based on this pic with bucky? if not, thats ok! tysm❤️❤️
Tumblr media
⑤ Ⓜⓞⓡⓔ Ⓜⓘⓝⓤⓣⓔⓢ __________________________ ʙᴜᴄᴋ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: Based off the cute ass picture right above :T
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: suggestive themes / light smut (still 18+ minors dni), MAJOR fluff lmaooo, slight tfatws spoilers???
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇs: that picture is so fucking cute I can’t _________________________________
Bucky pried his tired eyes open from the sunshine creeping in through the window. He went to sit up and stretch his arms but quickly realized his restriction. You clung onto his warm body; your legs wrapped over his hip, arms holding tight from behind around his waist. Your face was buried in his back and he could feel the soft breaths of air hitting his back.
He turned his head as much as could but you were really cuddling far into him and the fluffy sheets, he could barely see your sleeping form. He slowly started to turn his body to face you and thankfully your grip loosened enough for him. When he settled again to face you, you instantly cuddled back in him holding his warm body tightly.
“Good morning, pretty girl,” he whispered, brushing your messy hair from your face.
The night before you came home from work feeling extra needy and touchy; you couldn’t keep your hands off your gorgeous boyfriend. And who was Bucky to deny such a thing from his pretty girl.
“How you feeling?” he smiled.
“Sore, but I like it,” you mumbled.
“Good thing it’s the weekend,” he chuckled, brushing the hair covering your neck away to find the numerous amounts of hickeys and lovebites he couldn’t resist giving you.
“Yeah, I have you all to myself,” you kissed him passionately.
As if on queue, solely to ruin the moment, Bucky’s phone rang; that obnoxious ringtone bouncing off the walls mocking you.
“Ughh!” you moaned making Bucky chuckle.
“It’s Sam,” he rolled his eyes, making you giggle.
“Hey man,” he answered his phone.
You couldn’t make out any distinct words, simply muffled voices that turned Bucky’s pleasant expression into a scowled one. You leaned up and pressed faint kisses to his jaw and neck easily making his mood better.
“Can this wait? It’s the weekend, Sam. I’m with my girl and I-” he stopped suddenly.
“Ok, ok. She’s gonna be pissed at you,” Bucky groaned.
“Fuck you Sam!” you shouted loud enough so he could hear you.
“He said sorry,” Bucky playfully rolled his eyes.
“Alright, but I’m taking my time,” Bucky said before hanging up the phone.
“I’m sorry, doll,” he mumbled cuddling you again.
“It’s ok. My baby’s gotta go save some lives,” you kissed him.
“I fucking love you so much.”
“I love you too.”
Bucky started moving, going to sit up but you instantly clinged onto his back; your bare chest pressing into his bare back. You wrapped your arms and legs tightly around him trying to hold him down, but your super soldier boyfriend bested you.
“Wait, just five more minutes! You’re so warm,” you whined.
“Honey, I’ve gotta go to work. You heard Sam,” Bucky groaned reaching for his pants.
“All I heard was that you told Sam you were going to take your time; so stay just five more minutes,” you argued.
“I know honey but we need to work fast else John ‘America’s Golden Trash’ Walker is gonna catch up to us, and that guy pisses me off,” he grumbled, sitting back down on the bed.
“You’re gonna figure this out, I know it. And you’re gonna save a lot of lives,” you whispered, kissing his ear softly.
“You’re so good to me, pretty girl,” he turned his head to face you. You held his soft gaze for a moment until you noticed the lust glazing over his eyes and your tummy fluttered.
He turned over and paid you gently on your back with a smirk. His warm hands trailed up your sides and up your tummy before cupping your breasts softly squeezing them, pullings soft moans from you already.
“Guess I could stay maybe five minutes,” he chuckled.
“Let’s see how many times I can make you cum before I leave.”
ᴛᴀɢʟɪsᴛ: (For all my work)
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bottomshuichi · 6 months ago
Random dr characters react to you asking to ride them
taka, byakuya, leon, souda, gundham, kaito and rantaro - nsfw
if i missed anyone you want these of, leave an ask!!! ill do whoever :D
also may make a reverse one of characters reacting to u asking them to ride u.......... if u guys want that hehe
Tumblr media
Kiyotaka Ishimaru
“Y-You want to what?!”
Blushes like crazy man cannot handle a thing.
Low key scared you’d get hurt when you bottomed out
He’d absolutely let you because hes a gentleman.
newfound fav thing wow. nervous to ask you to do it again so he kind of just gets you into the position when youre kissing heheh
“You look so good like this-”
slowly hed become more and more comfortable and hold your hips and help you. praise you!!!!!!!!!! tell you how good you were doing
constantly asking if youre okay and if you’re too tired :’))) “Y-You can stop if you need to! I can take over”
But when you shush him and tell him to stop worrying and start riding him faster hed m e l t. just go into shock and watch you do ur thing
Byakuya Togami
“Oh? Really? Why should I let you, hm?”
He’d tease you for asking but secretly hes very proud of you for being able to get the courage to come out and say it.
Either treat you like you’re priceless if youre genuinely nervous or be a complete asshole the entire time. No in between. 
“Careful, my treasure. Don’t want to rush yourself.” // “Well? You going to do it or what? You wanted this, may I remind you.”
Wouldn’t touch you very much, just look up at you and watch your face as you grab onto him for dear life and rock on him.
Hed mark you up tho. so much. just to make sure everyone you see knows youre his
He would hold your face though, whispering to you. Also would absolutely hold your throat.
“Come sit on your throne, my prince(ss).”
Once he was close he would lose his cool persona and pull your hips down and fuck up into you and curse and growl and doubwdddaodubawodihawoi bruhrruh thank u sm togami
Leon Kuwata
He’d just bite his lip and. be like aw shiiiiii
i imagine him to be kinky but have no idea ab it and neither do u so all of the sudden hes like mega egotistical 
“Why didn’t you say so earlier, baby?” 
He’d grab ur hips and just immediately have his tongue down ur throat as soon as u asked him
From then on he’d make you ride him like every time u got busy bc he just loves to see u all desperate and doin all the work.
you wanting him immediately gets him off bc ego smh
“That’s right. Bounce on that dick.”
touches ur chest/butt while u ride him bc he likes jiggle. bonus points if he can motorboat u
like togami he’ll sit back and watch a lot, one hand on your hip biting his lip. the sight of u literally gets him off as much as fucking you
Kazuichi Souda
jfc this dude. nosebleed instantly 
“Holy shit, please! That’d be so hot- I, holy shit.”
he can barely handle sex by itself, now youre gonna do this to him??? jeez what were you thinking.
i hc that he basically goes feral during sex just. rlly fast and hard and loud and just streams of dirty talk
so hes basically holding your hips and fucking up into you and praising/degrading you (whatever hes in the mood for) 
Youd barely be able to ride him, it’d mostly be him fucking up into you while you just shake above him and hold onto him for dear life
“You’re so good, feels so good, f-fuck baby,”
can go for a while,,,, which is a benefit of him doing most of the work bc you’d prolly collapse if you rode him for as long as he would want you to 
hed just go so fast you’d be writhing and drooling all over yourself bc you can’t form a sentence. just goin wild. my man.
Gundham Tanaka 
queue blushing scarf sprite
“O-Oh! My rose! I didn’t expect such a request from you... But... I suppose you can, yes.”
Hes nervous literally up until the sex itself, where he becomes just. huge soft dom vibes lol
holds u so gently hehehe. little groans and praises bc wow he loves u so much
“That’s my beautiful little pearl. You’re doing wonderfully for me.”
Keeps it very slow and loving, making sure you know how well you’re doing every second. 
will tuck your hair behind your ear and stroke your face and hush you when you whine too loud
loves to look you in the eyes n will rest his forehead on yours. he loves your expressions so so much
hums very deeply. you know the gundham voice. hes just so pleased and so proud of you for doing so well.
kisses everywhere :) n soft bites and hickeys as a reminder you’re his
Kaito Momota
This guy. God he’d get a boner in a millisecond.
“Y-You’d do that??”
Touches u all over when you do. Like wow he’s. Yeah. So in awe genuinely can’t form a sentence at the sight of you.
Praise u so much tho. In a kaito way.
“You’re so strong! Look at you! You can sit all the way down, take all of me in. Such a good baby.”
After the first time he often just sits against the headboard and touches himself inviting you to sit on him :3
Or he’ll flip u over mid fuck and just lay back and flex his muscles while you bounce on him Bc wow his ego. Bigger than his dick.
Kisses your neck n chest while you ride him
Rantaro Amami
holy shit i am gonna have a stroke writing this im a whore for rantaro anyways
“I believe that can be arranged, my love.”
the first time hed be waiting for you all ready and beckon you with his finger and hed have all his rings on and hngngggggggg
praise the fuck out of you if ur nervous. just telling you how good you’re doing and being so gentle and sweet. my beloved
but when ur comfy enough. oh god. the god complex comes out. hes just staring at you with this fucking look and taking in all of your sounds and iefubaieufiudh
“You’re doing so good, you look so beautiful. So gorgeous sitting on my cock.”
His jewelry would jingle when you bounced what the FUCK
absolutely hold your waist and scratch you up. also bite your collarbones i know that man loves collarbones
would roll his hips up to meet yours and push himself deeper and bite his lip when you cry out at it
a lot of eye contact. hed encourage you to keep your eyes open if you were scared to look at him too. just staring you in the eyes and groaning just to turn you on more knowing youre on this man’s dick and BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee i may pass away
Haha simps
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housewife-of-asakusa · 7 months ago
here’s an idea; pegging + mirror sexy with omi or suna. (i’m not at all a writer but i’ll try my best!!) After a stressful practice, omi comes home and just wants you to bend him over and make him see stars <333 bonus pints if you tug him up by his curls and make him look at himself being fucked dumb <333
Are you kidding me pegging Omi gives me all the serotonin in the world like he needs to relax a little on my toy <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
type: drabble
tags: pegging (duh), mirror sex (duh), sub!Omi, mention of bullying, praise kink, sweat mentioned, soft!femdom for soft!Omi, hands free orgasm, toy usage, mommy kink ish, this ended up way softer than I meant wtf brain
character(s): Kiyoomi Sakusa (hq)
Tumblr media
When Sakusa’s tongue hadn’t danced over your fingers in the moments after a spicy make out session. It left you forlorn that his dark eyes wouldn’t meet yours at all.
“Baby boy...” Your words had been soft as you pulled your fingers from his lips, “What’s wrong?”
Kiyoomi had taken a moment. A long moment in fact. His way to articulate things blunt in nature but still emotions struggled to be conveyed correctly from him. When he had found the right way to put into words what happened at the Jackals practice today it still came out as matter of factly to you, “....Atsumu pointed at my moles and called them warts but they’re moles.”
That had struck you as a little weird. The look on your face probably queued Kiyoomi to explain a little better by why the transaction wasn’t pleasant.
“Do you...Do you think they’re ugly?”
Utterly shocked. There was a fraction of a second you weren’t sure you were hearing him right. Kiyoomi. Ugly? With the most beautiful black curls. With the most endearing eyes. With the softest lips you loved to watch wrap around your fingers. It had not once crossed your mind that the man under you would ever be considered ‘ugly’ by anyone.
“Baby...” Your words then had trail off as your palms pressed into his cheeks, “You are so far from ugly. You’re such a handsome boy, my handsome boy, none of you is ugly.” You leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his twin moles above his eyebrow, “Especially not because of these cute little marks I love to kiss so much.”
Perhaps as blunt as his words. Also happened to extend to his expression as well. And even after the little kiss it was apparent he wasn’t going to buy just your words. Leaving you no real choice but to show him.
“I’ll show you how pretty you are Omi, until you can’t unsee how gorgeous you really are.”
nsfw undercut  ⇾  ⇾  ⇾
Here you were now, hands on either side of his hips as you pulled Kiyoomi back into your hips. A low groan filling the static air between the two of you when the thick base of the toy disappeared into him like the rest. Sweet little dimples of his lower back disappearing when all of his back dipped in and Kiyoomi pushed back into your strap.
“Shhh, relax baby boy,” Your words a queue for him to take a deep, be it shaky, breath, “Pretty boy, taking momma’s cock so well....You’re so good looking too, we should do this more often.”
Your praise was nothing short of warranted. When you had pulled him into the bathroom and barely explained you were gonna fuck him until he was pretty, Kiyoomi was a little confused what the mirror had to do with it. Now though he understood. With you peeking around his side, arms cupping his chest to make the large volleyball place lean back into you and your hands tracing all over his chest. Kiyoomi was stuck with nothing but an eye full of his exposed self in front of the mirror.
“You’re so hard....and I haven’t even started~” A touch drifted from his stomach down to his cock. Hard as can be and drooling precum you take a finger along his slit. Slowly rubbing his precum into his sensitive head and watching Kiyoomi’s eyes flutter shut and brows pinch together, “No no no, you gotta watch yourself baby boy. I want you to see your gorgeous face like I do~”
Nothing short of a struggle. Kiyoomi slowly followed orders. Unlike when he was sucking on your fingers and he kept them adverted. Now his big dark eyes you adored so much were locked onto the sight of your hand ghosting over the tip of his cock. Fingers dancing so slowly around his slit it made him want to thrust up into your palm for relief. Doing so though he’d loose the fullness of the toy inside him. Leaving Kiyoomi to shudder in needy disarray at not getting enough.
While one hand was preoccupied you didn’t hesitate to take the other just to hold his face. Urging him to look up at the mirror in front of you both. Somehow seeing his cock and well toned body like this was a thousand times different than seeing it by just looking down. The way you rutted your hips into him. Causing a twitch to his cock every time. Kiyoomi seeing his cock standing at attention for your touch as he was as rock hard as he’d ever been. Even the definition in his navel are and dip in his hips. He was sure he hadn’t seen any of that before. But here he was staring at himself like it was someone else.
“Mmm I love you Omi,” Your lips pressed to his neck and trailing down his shoulder. Your thrusts picking up in speed, “I love you so much, even your moles, everything about you makes me want you more. Makes me want to have every inch of you.”
By now your thrusts weren’t slow and cute anymore. In fact, Kiyoomi was doing his damndest to stay up right with the snap of your thrusts. He’d gone from looking at just his toned body. To now gripping the edge of the sink and his face mere inches from the mirror in question. What he saw now, was all of his face. Cheeks red. Lips parted with the slight glisten of spit on them from each time he licked them. And the way his eyes looked in such a daze of pleasure. All of it raw but truth he couldn’t even form a coherent sentence as you fucked him.
Your hand had left his cock. Favoring his hips for leverage. Bottoming out in him with each thrust. Toy or not you could feel the resistance as he tightened around you. From what little touch he got, Kiyoomi only had the relief of his cock bouncing in the air with each thrust to attest to. He might have hoped for your hand to stay. But the way you were fucking him was leaving him with little choice but to slip up into his own orgasm.
“No- Don’t look away-” Your words between breathes, giving it your all as you fucked him, “Wanna see your face- Mm fuck baby boy I wanna see your face-”
Kiyoomi wanted to but he knew if he didn’t obey then you’d stop all together. And he was so close. Embarrassed or not he was at his wits end to cum.
“That’s it, cum for momma-” Your lips to his shoulder. A hunched over Kiyoomi taking you without question. White knuckled grip on the counter you knew the second your eyes met that he was done for.
Nothing short of a whimpering grunt left his lips. Kiyoomi’s bottom lip quivering but he did not look away. Fixated on the mirror and on you, his body shuddered with the orgasm that ran through him. His cock twitching under him. Spilling his seed all over the ground without a second thought. Your hips matching his to ride him through the rest of his orgasm as Kiyoomi finally had to bow his head down and catch his breath. All of him relaxing like one big sigh.
Hips stalling finally. Your hands drew down his back even with the little bit of sweat that had beaded up in those final moments. Once more you kissed the middle of his back. Unable to reach his shoulder now as he remained bent over catching his breath. So instead you opted to wrap your arms around his waist and press your cheek to the middle of his back. Hugging him tight to you with the thud of his heart to your ear.
“See Omi....I told you that you were beautiful. All of you is beautiful.”
After that what he just saw, he was more apt to believe you. 
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mae-gi-writes · 4 months ago
yellow by coldplay for seventeen's joshua please
A/N: omg one of my favourite songs 🥺❤ I hope you like this lil drabble anon! It's kind of a best friend to lovers thingy.
Yellow | joshua (svt)
Listening to: yellow by Coldplay
"Stop crying."
"I'm sorry," you sniffle, wiping your tears with the back of your hoodie sleeve and turning away from your best friend so that he won't have to see your tearstained face.
You know yourself well enough to know you're ugly when you cry, and you'd like to call out all those pretty girls in cheap movies that look gorgeous even when their noses turn red and their eyes are wet and glistening.
Joshua lets out a sigh beside you. Moving closer to wrap his arm around the back of your head, he pulls you into the crook of his neck, "you look like an idiot."
"Shut up," you push at his chest, though it's not out of spite as your fingers quickly latch onto his shirt to pull him closer.
"You know, if you had just listened to me from the beginning--"
"Joshua seriously."
"Okay okay, fine."
The lights of the night club pulse behind you, pools of neon green and vibrant red dancing like squiggly lines across the pavement and into the trees surrounding the neighbourhood. Beside you, a group of teens are taking care of their drunk friend while a queue has formed at the entrance. It's shy past two in the morning and yet, you're already busted off your ass. You shouldn't have agreed to get that tenth shot with Seungkwan and Hoshi. You had been at your limit then. But honestly, seeing your ex-boyfriend after finding out that he'd been cheating on you with none other than one of your girl friends -- said girl was hanging off his arm tonight -- was the biggest blow to your ego.
And so, had recklessly thrown yourself over the bridge.
Which is why Joshua is here now, rubbing circles over your back and teasing you about it even when it's no laughing matter.
That's why you love him so much. He always makes you feel at home.
"Hey," you glance up at his handsome features illuminated in the dark, "wanna get out of here?"
You nod. His grin widens before he grabs your hand and pulls you along down the sidewalk. It feels warm, his palm in yours, and though it's not the first time there is something a little different about today. Maybe your heart is playing tricks on you, the way it jumps in your chest and up your throat.
As predictable as Joshua is, he turns onto the street you two know so well -- where you are most certainly avid fans of the hot dog seller that is open any time of the day or night. Ordering for both of you and refusing your money -- a usual for Joshua. You manage to pay him back in the form if bubble tea -- you decide to walk to the park that sits on the opposite side of the road.
Sitting down onto a random bench, you realize that the park is surprisingly empty. Joshua sits next to you, biting into his hot dog and groaning at his first bite, "why does food always taste better when you're tipsy?"
"Beats me," you take a bite too, savouring the burst of flavour on your tongue as your appetite suddenly opens up, "it tastes even better after a good cry."
"Crybaby," he comments, "you shouldn't waste your energy over men like him."
"Oh please, you're one to talk considering you moped for two months after breaking up with your ex."
"Ouch. That's low."
"Yeah? So stop commenting on my feelings."
A sigh escapes Joshua's lips, eyes finding your face in the dark limelight of the park. You keep your gaze forward though, not wanting him to see your internal emotional struggle.
"It's just that...I hate seeing you like this."
His words are barely above a murmur, brushing against your cheek like a casual breeze.
"You don't have to worry about me," you still don't look at him, "I'm not a charity case."
"It's not about that, Y/N, I--It hurts me to see you hurt," his voice catches, as if something has lodged in his throat. That causes you to turn to him only to see him already gazing at you, chest heaving with shaky breaths, "I know you, I know how much you give up for people that you love. I know that even when you're hurt, you always think of the other person first."
His eyes, so dark and sparkling with something you can't quite decipher, elicits a small shiver of thrill down your spine. Maybe you're imagining it; the tenderness swimming in those dark pupils, the sudden closeness between your faces.
Swallowing hard, you try to find something to say, "I told you, you don't have to worry about me."
"I can't not worry about you," eyes locked on yours, his hand reaches up to fold a lock of hair behind your ear. Something in your chest hitches--
What's this? This sudden weird rollercoaster sensation fluttering through your ribcage? If you didn't know any better you'd think that--
"I'm in love with you."
A gasp falls from your lips. What?
Joshua leans even closer, so close you're bathed in his manly deodorant smell -- the one you always associate with him -- as his hand clasps yours.
"I mean that," he murmurs, "and no, I wasn't planning on telling you, if that's what you're thinking."
His thumb comes to a rest at your lip. You stare up at him with wide eyes, "I don't need you to say anything. I know it's selfish of me, but I don't want you to answer me if you haven't thought it through," that's when he leans back, "you can ignore this ever happened if that's what you want. Your call. Your rules."
How are you supposed to ignore his statement when he's your best friend? And how in the world are you even supposed to understand what you want when your heart is suddenly overtaken with a bunch of feelings you can't quite explain?
"Okay I confessed to you. But I'm not dying you know."
"Shut up," you feel your cheeks darken, "that's-- You can't just drop that bomb on me and expect me to be fine with it!"
"Oh? Why?" Joshua leans in, grinning, "Does that mean I stand a chance?"
"Wha-- are you flirting with me?!"
"Do you like it?"
"No! I mean -- I don't know--"
Ruffling your hair with a grin so wide, Joshua chuckles, "you're cute when you're flustered."
"You--You're impossible."
"But I stand a chance, right?"
You're glad for the dark, as when Joshua's hand brushes yours and holds on -- thumb caressing patterns over your knuckles -- you swear that your cheeks burn with heat.
"We'll see about that."
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legends-of-apex · 5 months ago
‘Finally’ - Kung Lao x Reader (smut)
Tumblr media
Rating: 18+ for smut
Word count: 5,000 words (I know it’s a lot, lmfao)
A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long!! Just really wanted to make it good :D there’s so little written for him that I just had to! In short, Kung Lao and the reader have been pining for one another for months and finally decide to do something about it. This fic contains both fluff and smut. Reader is AFAB. Hope you all enjoy, please feel free to let me know what you think and thank you for reading :D
You were trapped between him and the table. His arms on either side of you, braced against the table’s edge so he could lean down to your level where you sat. “It’s very rude you know. To tease your friends.” His eyes held a challenge, a sprinkle of mischief that never seemed to leave when he was with you.
“We were never just friends though were we?”
You weren’t sure why a sudden burst of boldness had overcome you. Perhaps it had something to do with the absolutely unbearable frustration that had been training with him mere moments ago. You were both so distracted by one another and intent on teasing with small jesters and jabs that you couldn’t take it for another minute, delighted when the sudden appearance of the moon relieved the necessity to train. You couldn’t be sure exactly what had sparked it that day but one thing you were sure of was that you wanted him. And you needed him to know that.
It was selfish. Of course it was, but something deep within your gut was begging you to just do something about the way you felt.
“Sounds like you’ve been having some improper thoughts.” He was joking but his voice held little semblance of his usual jest, the tone soft almost timid as he took one of your hands in his and brought your knuckles to his lips. He looked as though he was almost apologetic for having such an effect on you.
Romantic affection and other such distractions weren’t permitted by Raiden. But right now, being so close to Kung Lao, you couldn’t have cared less about what Raiden did or did not permit. His scent was all around you, coupled with the dirt from the fight pit where a kick had sent him tumbling. You swallowed hard, attempting to calm the strange feeling in your stomach in response to his affection.
“Most of my thoughts of you are improper.” That was it then, you’d finally done something that feeling. It was pointless pretending like you didn’t care for one another. You were done with this, done with the longing glances and the pining.
Moving your hand away from his lips so he could speak, he instead pressed your palm to the red dragon enshrined on his chest plate. You were so close together now that he seemed to have a hard time concentrating on your eyes, his gaze instead directed towards your lips. “Perhaps some meditation might remedy the issue.” His tone held absolutely no sense that he meant or likely even knew what he was saying. He was far too focused on drinking the image of you this close to him into his mind.
“It just…” you allowed yourself to lean in closer to him so your lips almost grazed his as you held his cheek in your free hand,”...doesn’t quite scratch the itch.”
“Oi, if you two are going to fuck in here at least let me get in on the action!” Kano’s grating drawl cut straight through whatever moment you had.
Lao moved to stand up straight and likely confront him, jaw clenched and eyes narrowed, but you took hold of his forearm, silently asking him to stay. The both of you turned your heads to glare at the man and for once he shifted uncomfortably on his feet, “Well, worth a try! I’ll leave you to it. Don’t fuck on the table, we gotta eat there tomorrow!” With that, he left.
As soon as Kano rounded the corner, Lao turned back to face you and before he could even register it, you pressed your lips to his. The exchange was soft, sudden. But you felt him smile into the kiss and cup your cheek with his hand. His lips were so gentle. You couldn’t help but sigh when he deepened the kiss just a little, clearly testing where the boundary lay. You had both been holding back so much for so long, and yet you held back still for now.
When you pulled back for a little air, you kept your cheek pressed against his, wanting him close. “Finally,” you whispered and he smiled once more. The tension between you felt like it had finally subsided, even just a little. You pulled away a little more to get a better look at him, admire him in his hazy state. “Finally,” he agreed.
That one singular word was enough to reassure you that he’d had the same issues you had for a while now. You had been pining for him from the moment you met him when you first entered the temple. His cheeky smile and bold words had you hooked. Not to mention literally everything else about him. And you had noticed, the way he looked at you sometimes like he was gazing at the stars. The quick glances at dinner or in training that sometimes weren’t all that quick or subtle. The softest of touches when your fingers grazed his when he would pass you a plate or fill your glass with water without you having to ask him to pass the jug. The way Lui Kang would shake his head at him whenever Lao was a little too excited to help you with something or even just to spend time with you. All of this and more should have told you that he’d felt the same, but you were far too engrossed in the potential scandal of it all to put two and two together. Lord Raiden would surely have your heads for falling prey to such distractions and for breaking Kung Lao’s vows.
“So what now?” You asked him, hoping, just silently praying that he’d take the hint of how much you needed him right now. Hell, you’d have dropped to your knees before him there and then if you could be sure Kano wouldn’t interrupt. He pulled back from you, extending to his full height once more, grabbing his hat and offering you his hand to take.
“What would you like to do?” He asked, his face held a look of almost pleading but his pride and the public setting wouldn’t let him do so. It was then as he held his hand out to you in invitation that you noticed just how tightly the thin leather cords were tied around his upper arms and how wonderfully under stress the cord seemed right now. One side of his mouth quirked up into a smile like he could hear exactly what your mind was screaming, he saw you admiring his thick arms. He had done many times. The slight hitch in your throat at his question too told him everything he needed to know about what you wanted right now but he wanted to hear you say it.
“I think….” You took his hand, trailing your finger over the centre of his large palm before entwining your fingers with his, “That we should take this somewhere a little more private. I mean unless you want Kano to join..”
He looked like he wanted to devour you. His chest heaved a little, tongue darting out to wet his lips as you rose from your place at the table. He couldn’t speak properly, couldn't believe you truly wanted this with him. So many days spent pining for one another yet he still couldn’t wrap his head around the idea that you wanted him, not Liu Kang or anyone else, him. You tugged on his hand lightly, yanking him out of his thoughts and towards your bedroom.
As you hastily unlocked your room with your keys, he couldn’t help but place only the faintest of kisses along your neck from where he stood behind you. His hands found your waist and circled round to meet at your middle, your back pulled flush against his chest. You were so beyond touch starved that even the faintest of touches had you in pieces. You couldn’t help the soft moans that slipped from your lips when he bit down on your skin ever so gently. And he couldn’t help what hearing that sweet sound did to him.
When you flung the door open and tugged him inside, all bets were off about being reserved. His hands were all over you, trying to make up for the lost time that he could have been touching you. Kicking the door shut behind you, you pulled him against you once more. Desperate to have him close. The metallic rattle of his hat hitting the floor rang throughout the room. His lips were far less gentle on yours now and you loved every second of it. A slight nip of his bottom lip between your teeth had him groaning. Such a gorgeous sound. He had you pinned against the door in his efforts to be near you. You were thankful as it gave you just enough leverage to hike your leg over his hip. He took that as his queue to lift your other leg up too, bracing you against the door with his strong arms supporting you.
At the new angel, he nuzzled his face into your neck, pressing kiss after kiss, light bite and after light bite to your soft flesh. You dragged your fingers through his dark hair, careful not to undo the red ribbon he had so carefully tied. A gasp escaped you when he kissed his way down to your chest, mouthing his way over any exposed skin he could find.
You wanted to tell him to just take you then and there. To shove your underwear aside and have you against your bedroom door. But his stature was far more caring than that right now. He was wound tightly, the hardness against your thigh told you that much. So much pent up tension between the two of you and yet he treated you as though you were glass. You’d soon fix that.
“Bed. Please.”
He carefully carried you towards your bed and set you down, mouth never leaving your skin as he did. When he released you to remove his robes you couldn’t help but stare at him. Of course, you’d seen him bare-chested in training many a time before, but it was a view of which you would never tire. His chest was strong and broad, the muscles were defined and well-worked but benefitted from a soft layer above them so his skin was soft to the touch. You couldn’t help it, dragging your fingers over his chest and stomach. You felt each shiver that wracked through him at your touch and revelled in the way his chest heaved from your fingertips alone.
His hand came to shadow your own, near dwarfing it beneath his as he held your palm over his heart as he had done mere minutes before, “Are you sure you want this?” His voice was low, heavy with want, but gentle. You could see the desperation in his eyes. You shared it too.
“More than anything.” You replied, and he smiled, taking your hand and carefully pressing your knuckles to his warm lips for a long moment as though he was almost praying to you. Butterflies spread throughout your stomach, you couldn’t believe the effect he had upon you.
“In that case, lay back,” you quirked a brow at that,”I want to taste you.” He clarified.
You hadn’t been expecting that. You did as you were told for once, shuffling back onto your bed but propping yourself up on your elbows so you could see what he was doing. He ever so gently undid your shoes and slipped those, followed by your socks, off your feet. Next came your trousers once you lifted your hips enough for him to take them off. He let out a huff at the sight of you, staring almost in disbelief at you sprawled out before him. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? It is truly distracting.”
“Is that why I keep whooping your ass in training?”
“Maybe.” He chuckled before turning his attention back to your dripping underwear, “So wet for me already and I haven’t even touched you.” His eyes held a hunger as he parted your legs at the knees a little more so he could get a better look at you. Taking your knee, he hooked it over his shoulder as he sank to the floor, pressing slow kisses along the inside of one thigh and then the next. The touch sent shivers through you, right to your already dripping core. You whined when he got so close to where you wanted him, only to turn his attention to your other thigh again.
“What’s the matter? I thought you liked teasing?” He asked when you whined. You dared not look at him, knowing he’d have his smuggest smile on display.
“Please.” You mumbled, desperation for any touch at all. With a nod of his head towards you in compliance, he rid you of your underwear, tentatively rolling the material down your legs to expose your heat to the nighttime air.
“I’d hold on to something if I were you.” His mouth returned to the tops of your thighs, only this time he let his lips ghost over your core rather than skip over it completely. Your folds were so slick and warm that it almost felt as though his lips melted into you. A long groan escaped you as he began to move his mouth and tongue, laughter vibrating through him at the sound you made. You didn’t know what to do with your hands, you wanted to tug on his hair but settled on grabbing the sheets beneath you. When his tongue flicked your clit, that was out the window and one hand shot to the back of his head in desperation.
He pulled back from your pussy for a moment, “Please pull as hard as you’d like.” He’d obviously caught on. You tangled both hands in his hair then, before he returned to your warmth and he moaned before bringing his lips back to your core. Oh, he liked it when you tugged on his hair, you’d have to remember that.
He sucked your clit between his lips then and let it go so he could lick a strip right up the middle of your folds. “Oh fuck,” you exclaimed, “P-please, do that again!”
“Since you asked so nicely.” He repeated the action, this time taking extra care to move as slowly as possible. Another lick and he was gathering your wetness on his tongue and once again groaning at your taste.
He moved one hand from your thigh and brought his fingers to rest by your lips, “Get them nice and wet for me.” He told you, and you didn’t need to be told twice, sucking his two digits into your mouth and lathering them up with your tongue. “Gods.” He breathed, no doubt imagining that was his cock in the place of his fingers. He withdrew them from your mouth and brought them to your core, circling them slowly in your juices before ever so slightly prodding your entrance with them, slipping the tip of one in and out, followed by the other, in and out, intermittently whilst he worked the rest of your pussy with his tongue.
The very sight of him between your legs would have been enough for you on any other day, but today you were spoiled for choice on what to focus on. He snuck a glance at you from beneath his brow every once and a while, watching your facial expressions in between closing his eyes in pure concentration. You were close now if the coil in your stomach was anything to go by. Honestly, you were surprised that you’d lasted so long given the circumstances.
“I’m close!” You told him.
“I know.” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
He hooked both his fingers into you at once now, noting how you clenched around him when he did. Pleased with himself when he hit a spot within you that had your head flung back so your chin pointed towards the sky. He chuckled to himself and looked up at your face, not wanting to miss the reaction on your beautiful features.
“What are you- Oh!” The new motion of his fingers, pressing firmly exactly where you needed them to be, was an entirely too overwhelming sensation. Not only did you grab his hair now, you pulled on it, grinding your core against his face in a desperate plea for your release. In your haste to keep him close to you, you’d accidentally pulled the tie from his hair letting the strands fall upon either side of his face in a beautiful frame. He put his mouth into overdrive too, moulding his lips around your nub and giving it as much attention as he could, eyes never leaving your face now. You clenched around his fingers once more before the dam broke and he’d swore he’d never heard a more delightful sound.
His name fell from your lips as if it were the only thing you’d ever known as your orgasm washed over you. He held your hips down with his free hand as he helped you ride it out, never once stopping his movements until you’d finally collapsed back on the bed. You continued to pet his hair as he lay his cheek upon your thigh, brown eyes gazing up at you in a haze.
“They teach you that at the Shaolin academy?” You asked in jest as your breath began to even again. You tilted your chin to look down at him and the adoration in his eyes was enough to send your stomach fluttering once more. He smiled up at you then, his usual half-smile with a slight tilt of his head that you’d grown to love. “Seriously that was great, thank you. Would you allow me to return the favour?”
“If you wish, but please don’t let me finish too soon.”
“Too soon?”
“If you would allow me such a privilege, I would like to feel your body around me as well as your lips.” Gods, you wanted to feel him inside you too.
Once you were ready, still aching with want but satisfied for now, you slipped down off the bed and onto your knees. “Oh you poor thing. Need me to take care of that for you?” You asked when you saw the strain in his trousers. You pulled the waistband of his trousers down with ease, revealing his underwear. You could tell from the outline that he was big and painfully hard but you couldn’t help but tease him with a few soft strokes with the pad of your thumb through the fabric.
“Please-” he gasped when a particularly long stroke had his cock twitching. “Oh sweetheart, it looks like you’ve been hard all day.” You pulled his pants down and allowed his cock to spring free. His cock was thick, thicker than you’d ever imagined. It had ample length too but it was a particularly large vein that ran along its side that really caught your attention.
You pressed a kiss to his leaking tip, another to the vein. Such sweet noises left his mouth already and you’d barely touched him. Dragging your tongue along his underside whilst looking up at him seemed to really do it for him because his cock twitched in your hand. “Oh, gods. Do that again. Please.” You obliged him and earned the most breathy, muddled sound from him.
You gave the tip another kiss before wrapping your lips around just the first half an inch or so.
“Fuck-“ He pulled his cock from your mouth, “As beautiful as you look with your lips around my cock, I’d rather not finish so quickly.” He brought you up from your knees to kiss you again before lifting you slightly so you sat on the edge of your bed once more.
“Do you still want this?” He asked, hand lovingly caressing your cheek, eyes soft and locked with yours. You stood, gliding a hand from his stomach, up along his chest until you reached his strong jaw, eyes never leaving his as you did.
“More than anything. I just want to be close to you.” You confessed.
“We can just lay together if you’d like? We don’t have to do this, I’m more than happy to wait until you're ready.”
“I’m ready,” you told him, “I want you, so long as you want the same?”
“Oh I do. I've wanted this since the day we first met. You have no idea how much I want you.”
“Oh I have some idea.” You pushed on his chest lightly and he fell back onto your bed, taking you with him in his arms, shimmying until he was comfortable. You tugged your shirt over your head and rid yourself of any remaining underwear, flicking your eyes towards him only to see him dumbfounded at the sight of you bare before him. Heat rose to your cheeks for the first time that night. The man had just been eating you out like his life depended on it yet his gaze still made you giddy.
“You are so cute when you’re nervous, you know that?”
“Oh, shut up and fuck me.” You laughed, taking his head in your hands once more and kissing him, revelling in the feeling of his mouth on yours. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.”
“I know.” You rolled your eyes playfully at his cockiness, sitting upon his hips, careful not to let your body sit fully on his stomach or any other sensitive part of him. His hands glided down your sides until they reached your hips, resisting the urge to tickle your sides as he would have in any other situation.
“You ready?” You asked him, sitting up on your knees, hands braced at the base of his thick chest. He nodded, swallowing hard in anticipation.
With one hand you took hold of his achingly hard cock and directed it towards your entrance, taking care to coat the tip in your wetness before aiming it at your aching pussy. A sharp inhale and you were sinking down onto his lap until his cock filled you completely. With each inch, Lao arched further off the mattress before collapsing back once fully inside you, a long moan escaping him as your pussy enveloped his cock within you. The fullness you felt was something else. His velvety cock filling you so pleasantly you thought you could just sit there like that forever if you wouldn’t have gotten needy.
“My gods,” you groaned at the overwhelmingness of it all, “you feel so good.” You told him and he smiled amid his haze, absolutely delighted he was able to make you feel good even from his place beneath you. He let you take it completely at your own pace, supporting your hips when you moved up of him and then slide back down onto his cock. He wouldn't last long, not with months worth of pent up frustration finally coming to a head. He never thought the day he’d be inside you would ever come, didn’t let himself wonder what your walls would feel like around his member. To be fair, usually, just the thought of kissing you was enough to get him off.
You rocked forwards again once you were sure your body had adjusted to his size. Falling forward to essentially lie directly atop him. You didn’t want to ride if you couldn’t touch and be close to him. Another grind of your hips and a moan fell from his lips right into your ear, his hands now gripping your lower back, helping you move on his cock whilst keeping your form flush against his. His hips moved up in tangent with yours.
“Shit!” You cursed when his cock hit a particularly sensitive spot.
With another roll of his hips, he made contact with that spot again, your hands desperately grabbing fistfuls of the sheets at either side of his head to attempt to transfer the tension in your body from such pleasure. “Again!” He obliged you, full concentration on helping you reach your release.
“Lao, please!” You almost begged, “harder please!”
To your surprise, he pulled out of you completely, gripping your hips and lifting you off of him. In one swift movement, you were on your back, Lao leaning over you and tugging your knees around his hip so he had easier access to your pussy.
“You ready for me?”
“If you don’t get back in there and fuck me I think I’m going to die!”
A laugh escaped him but in truth, he felt that desperation too. In fact, he would have come ages ago had he not been in essence edging himself so that he wouldn’t finish long before you.
You sat up so you cling to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing him in for another kiss. You couldn’t get enough of his lips, or hips scent, his arms around, or really anything about him. His arms wrapped around your right after he entered you as you kissed, your moans swallowed by one another’s mouths. That wonderful fullness was back again and he waited until you gave him the go-ahead that you were comfortable again before moving. His thrusts were measured, slow but forceful in a way that had you mewling against his shoulder.
He took his time with you, basking in the feeling of being with you in such a way. His lips found your neck once more, then your shoulder, then your chest and over the tops of your breasts. A particularly loud moan on your part had his attention turned back fully to spearing you on his cock.
“There?” He asked, looking to you for your response. You nodded your head into shoulder and he kissed the top of your head tentatively, smiling at your pleasured state. He focused on hitting that spot again, and again, until your nails started to dig into his shoulders. He let one hand drift between your bodies and down to your core, using the knowledge he’d gained from exploring you with his mouth to heighten your bliss.
“Lao!” His name left your mouth, along with obscenities. You weren’t really sure what you were saying at this point apart from his name. His fingers dancing over your clit combined with his thrusts had you feeling so stimulated that you swore that was all you could feel right now. The coil in your stomach had been rigid and pulsing for a few minutes now.
He pressed another kiss to your temple, “I’m almost there!” He told you, voice shaking both with intensity and the constant movement of you both.
“These bed sheets are a pain to clean.” You informed him in a moment of clarity and he laughed, but his voice was strained as you met his thrusts with your hips.
“Where-“ he gasped, “Do you want it?”
“Inside.” You quickly replied, knowing that you had taken any precautions you needed to.
He laughed again, “I swear you’re trying to kill me.”
As he rubbed harder and more sloppily on your clit, you knew he was extremely close. His forehead was tucked into your shoulder now, skin glistening. When you tugged the hair on the back of his neck between your fingers, he was done. A cry escaped him, cock twitching as he filled you with his release.
That feeling, the feeling of his body shuddering against you, his warmth filling you, was what finally made you come for a second time. You fell back against the covers, taking him with you as you worked through your release. He kept going, lightly and sloppily moving in and out of you until he was sure you were spent. He collapsed a top you, chest heaving in tandem with yours as you slowly came down from your high. When he turned his head to look up at you, a smile spread across your face and his in turn.
“We really shouldn’t have waited so long.” You sighed, feeling the stickiness between your legs as he carefully pulled out of you, not moving his cheek from your chest.
“Agreed.” He huffed in another large breath before his breath evened. It was so good to be with you, in any capacity really but this, this was something almost heavenly.
“Sorry, I think these sheets are still going to need to be cleaned.” He leant up off of you and off the bed, careful not to crush you under his weight, his playful little side smile returning as he walked to your en suite to grab a towel.
You looked down between your legs to check, groaning at the mess. “It can wait for tomorrow!” You didn’t feel like doing any kind of cleaning right now. Your body was spent and your muscles had already begun to ache. He returned with a damp towel and ever so gently wiped away any mess from between your legs, his movements so tentative that it was hard to believe he’d been the one to make that mess in the first place.
“Why? You got something else planned for tonight?” He asked, chucking the towel in the general direction of your bathroom before scooping you up in his arms and setting you down against your pillows.
“Yeah I was just about to go train.” You said in a mock serious tone, actively shoving the covers down so you could both crawl beneath them.
“Ha! Sure.” He had already settled beside you, bringing his arms to wrap around your frame. You turned to face him, your hand sliding beneath his upper arm to gently caress his back as you buried your face in his chest. You felt his lips on your forehead again, his arms tightening to bring you as close to him as he could.
Yeah, you weren’t moving for the world.
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pad-foots · 7 months ago
Fairground Lights
pairing: james potter x reader
summary: your three best friends experience a fairground on a summer night for the first time
a/n: hi best friends! i haven’t written a while so here you go :) hope you enjoy!! feedback is very appreciated as usual :))
word count: 1.4k
links: masterlist / request guidelines 
The fairground was chaotic, and whenever teenagers were added to the mix, it only grew more chaotic. As night came, kids squealing with joy turned into teenagers chatting animatedly at dinner tables. Kids and adults alike yelling and gripping the bars on rides turned into teens laughing in glee and throwing their arms in the air. It was the most welcoming place to be, and when you found out that Remus, James and Sirius had never been before, you had to drag them there. 
“Remus, isn’t your mother a Muggle?” you asked as the four of you got out of your car. Remus nodded. “I expected better from you.”
“I know, I know,” huffed the Gryffindor, tugging his tan jacket tighter around him as the cold night air engulfed the four of you. “Why didn’t Peter come?”
“He had plans,” you said. “Besides, he’s actually been to a fairground before, unlike you three idiots.”
James let out a laugh, and you instinctively looked toward him. The vibrant neon lights reflected beautifully in his hazel eyes, only accentuating the childlike mischief that already swam within them. His thick brown curls were windswept and messy, the ends of his hair now brushing the collar of his burgundy jacket as he was in desperate need of a haircut. James felt your eyes on him and turned to you, grinning widely and lacing your fingers together. 
“My family wouldn’t touch a Muggle-run site with a ten-foot pole,” argued Sirius, running a pale hand through his black hair which, just like James’, was kind of a mess right now. “Don’t hold it against me.”
The four of you didn’t leap straight into the queue for a ride, instead taking a few minutes to walk around and take in the atmosphere. As expected, the later time meant there were barely any kids. Mostly, there were groups of teens around the same age as you, enjoying the last weeks of summer by competing for stuffed animals on fairground games or stuffing candy floss into their mouths. There were a few older couples, though they didn’t cause nearly as much chaos as the teens seemed to. 
“Can we go on that, love?” asked James, pointing up at the ferris wheel. 
“No, you have to leave that till last,” you said with a slight shake of your head, then gesturing to a large rollercoaster with your free hand. “Do you guys wanna start queueing for that?”
The three boys, who had never been on a rollercoaster before but were never ones to miss an opportunity, agreed. Admittedly, the ride was much larger up close, and there were more drops than you could count, but you weren’t going to miss out on their first experience on a rollercoaster. 
“I’m starting to have second thoughts,” mumbled Remus as he glanced up just as the cart went shooting down a drop. “Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this much. I’m gonna go and sit this one out.”
“No you’re not,” laughed Sirius, hand latching onto the suede material of Remus’s jacket and tugging him into his side. “It’ll be fun, I’m sure. I’ll hold your hand if you get scared, Remy. Don’t worry.”
Remus shook his head, cheeks bright red as he stammered over his words, evidently flustered by Sirius’s flirting. He gave up a couple seconds later, settling on ‘you’re such an idiot’ before launching into conversation about something totally unrelated. You and James shared a knowing look. They’d both realise eventually. 
Your turn on the ride finally came, you and James getting in and Remus and Sirius sitting in the seat in front of you. After making sure the bars protecting you were secure, the ride began to move upwards. Before you’d even arrived at the first drop, James was jokingly throwing his arms in the air. 
“This is so fun,” he grinned widely, childlike excitement seeping through. “Why didn’t you bring me here sooner?”
You didn’t respond, only observing James as the ride continued to travel upwards. His hair had been ruffled relentlessly by the wind, making him look like he had just finished a Quidditch match. The smile never left his face, it never faded nor dimmed for even a second as he lowered his arms, one hand resting on the bar and the other just next to your thigh. You were caught in a trance by the sheer beauty of the boy sitting next to you, and you were only jolted out of it when the ride shot downwards. 
Elated yells came from the majority of the riders, though a shriek left Sirius’s mouth as the ride plummeted down. Remus let out a gleeful laugh, the ride not as bad as he had anticipated as the wind rushed through his fluffy brown hair. James had a similar reaction to Sirius, the surprise rendering him silent with his eyes scrunched shut as he suddenly gripped the bars for dear life. 
“Are you having fun, love?” you asked James as the ride slowed a bit. 
“Best time,” huffed James, refusing to open his eyes as he hoped that the ride might magically end if he wished hard enough. 
Sadly, that did not happen, and the ride continued for a few more minutes. When it finally came to a stop, you’d never seen anyone as eager as James and Sirius were to get off a fairground ride. They leapt out of the carts the moment the bars came loose, then stumbling down the steel steps and trying to regain their balance. 
“I loved that,” grinned Remus brightly as you both got out of the carts at a much slower pace than your companions. “We should go again.”
“I don’t think James and Sirius would appreciate that very much…”
You both glanced at the pair, stifling your laughter as you saw Sirius leaning into James’s side for support. James wrapped his arms around his best friend’s shoulders, murmuring ‘hold me, Sirius’ and sending you and Remus into fits of giggles. 
The rest of the night was spent avoiding rollercoasters, opting for simpler things like teacups, bumper cars and funhouses. You played a few fairground games as well, though none of you had the best aim so no gigantic plushies or goldfish were won. After you’d all sat down for a snack, you decided it was time to wrap up your night with one last adventure on the ferris wheel. 
“This doesn’t go fast or anything, does it?” James asked as the four of you loaded into a cart. 
“Don’t be so silly,” you laughed, swatting his shoulder. “It just moves around slowly. See? We’re moving now and you didn’t even notice.”
James looked through the window, noticing you were slightly higher up than you had been when you got in. He nodded in what seemed like approval, then resting his head on your shoulder and looking out of the window of the cart. 
There was a gorgeous view from the ferris wheel. Warm white lights were scattered throughout the fairground, quite relaxing in contrast to the bright, vibrantly coloured lights that decorated some of the rides. The fairground was a bit quieter now; couples exiting the main gates with giant teddy bears and groups of friends queueing up for one last go on the rides before they closed for the night. 
But, no matter how stunning the view was, you could only focus on James. The way the warm white bulb above you lit up his face ever so beautifully. The childlike sprinkle of happiness in his eyes as he watched someone get a perfect score on a darts game. The gentle smile tugging at the corner of his lips and planting dimples in his cheeks that you just wanted to kiss. He was perfect in every single way, and you just wished you could take a picture and never forget that moment. 
Thankfully, Remus had you covered. A flash went off, startling you ever so slightly but James didn’t move an inch. Remus smiled softly, Sirius giving you an exaggerated thumbs up like a cheeky schoolboy as Remus handed you the polaroid picture of you and James. 
Now, you’d never forget how beautiful he looked in the fairground lights on a summer night.
marauders taglist: @rottendaisies @falconxbarnes @sxphiemxlfoy @amourtentiaa 
general taglist: @siriuslyslyslytherin @blackpinkdolan @princesswagger17 @james-potters-animagus @chthxnix 
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Lost My Way
Tumblr media
This is my reply to @guardianofrivendell‘s ask. Thank you so much and enjoy! 💙
Tumblr media
Relationships: Fili x Reader
Rating: M (to be on the safe side)
Warnings: none
You closed your eyes with a sigh, enjoying the warm, lingering caresses of the late afternoon sun on your face. The grass beneath you was as soft as a goose down mattress and the smell of blooming spring flowers filled the ear. The birds chirped lazily, hidden among the tree branches, and a busy bee buzzed nearby, feasting on the blue cornflowers. You loved days like these, peace, quiet, no chores to think of, just enjoying the beauty of the world around you in silence.
That was when you heard a  horse neighing. You quickly sat up and opened your eyes. No, it wasn’t a horse – it was a chestnut pony, and it had a rider. And what a rider it was... Oh, my! A wild mane of golden hair, the braids in his hair and beard clasped with beads glittering in the sun, a small smile dancing on his lips as he gazed at you, making a small bow with his head. Oh, Valar! Just look at those eyes! Bright and blue like the cornflowers. One glance at you was enough for you to feel like a hungry bee, drawn towards that sweet goodness. Yes, those certainly were the eyes of a good man. But there was something else in that glance, a mysterious glint. Before you could decipher it, the rider jumped off his pony and led it towards you. 
As he approached you, it became obvious that was a warrior, and a very good one, judging from the amount of impressive weapons on his back, at his belt and by his saddle. He certainly wasn’t one of those healthily rotund Hobbit farmers who lived nearby. His body was honed by endless hours of training and, most probably, battles – judging by that small cut that ran straight through one of his eyebrows and a tear or two in his fur-lined tunic, revealing a chainmail underneath. Those deliciously broad shoulders and the movements that made you think of a prowling panther told you the rest of the story: he came out victorious from this fight, whoever the enemy was. You have never seen a Dwarf warrior before, they weren’t a common sight in these parts, but he looked exactly like you imagined one should look like. I wonder if the legends are true and if they are really made of stone?
“Good afternoon!” he greeted you, stepping towards you, and you stifled a sigh at the sound of his voice. Oh, how wonderfully it would be to wake up to this voice murmuring sweet nothings in your ear, his hot breath fanning your delicate skin. Focus! You needed to focus! Behave! Answer him before he thinks you’re slow or something!
You stood up quickly, straightened your dress and said, “Good afternoon, Master Dwarf! What brings you here?”
You fought the urge to lift your hand to your hair and make sure your tresses are safely tucked away. It wouldn’t do if such a fine specimen of a Dwarf thought that all the daughters of Men have messy hairdos, but a part of you whispered: what if he thinks that you fancy him? A blush spilled on your cheeks. Drat! The last thing you wanted was to make him think you’re one of those easily impressionable young ladies who can’t stop giggling at the sight of a handsome man, be it Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit or one of the Men.
“My name is Fili, son of Vili, at your service, my lady,” he bowed his head in polite reverence. “I’m sorry to disturb your rest, but would you be so kind and point me towards the trail to Shire? I think I’ve lost my way,” he admitted with a dazzling smile. His azure eyes flickered again. Don’t. Stare. At. Him. Just. Don’t. Remember. To. Breathe.
“It is nice to meet you, Master Fili,” you cleared your throat and introduced yourself as well. “I’m afraid you’re quite away from Shire. It will take you half a day’s ride to reach the trail.” The dwarven warrior cast a look at the sun that hovered low above the rolling green hills on the horizon.
“I see. And how many days until I reach Hobbiton?”
“Three and a half, maybe less, if your pony is swift,” you gestured in the direction he should take.
“Aye, he is. Beetroot is a fine companion and wouldn’t say no to some galloping,” he patted the side of his pony’s neck with his gloved hand. You wondered what his hands looked like. Strong? Long-fingered? Calloused? Wide and muscular? How would it feel if he were to cup your face with those warrior’s hands of his and… Drat! Stop it! Focus! He’s talking to you! 
“Would you happen to know a place where I and my faithful steed can spend the night? I don’t want to miss the trail after sunset,” he turned his gaze back to you.
“Let me think, Farmer Brown had a spare room or two, I believe,” you pondered, frantically trying not to think about that very cozy and very empty room in your own home and a large pot of stew you prepared earlier that day. How would it look like if a single lady like you invited a man, and a Dwarf at that, into her house for the night? What would the other villagers say? They wouldn’t ever stop gossiping about you two and the things that could have happened between you! Drat! Stop blushing, woman! Look at his smirk, now he’ll really think you fancy him!
“Even a barn will do, Beetroot and I are not picky,” the cornflower-eyed Dwarf of your dreams replied. Wait! What dreams? Well, you haven’t had any dreams of him yet, but now you’re sure he’ll be a frequent visitor in them. The way his lush mane fell on his shoulders made you want to run your fingers through it. You wondered how his hair would spill on that pillow with the flower pattern in your bed. He would lay on his side, taking in the beauty of your face with a soft smile, in the afterglow of your lovem--- What??? Seriously? Can’t you think of anything else? Snap out of it! Deep breaths, yes, that’s it, and think of washing the dishes or cleaning the chicken coop instead. Ignore that flip your heart just made when he adorably wrinkled his nose as a bee tried to land on it.
“Follow me, then, Master Dwarf. The village I live in is just behind that hill,” you started marching towards your destination. As he joined you, walking in a springy step, you tried to ignore the fact how tall he was for a Dwarf and how sturdily built he was. His presence made you feel small and fragile, but not in a threatening manner; he seemed to emanate an air of safety and comfort.
Unfortunately, when you arrived at the village, it turned out that Farmer Brown’s relatives decided to pay him an unexpected visit. That meant no free rooms. Your hamlet was too small to have its own inn, and you didn’t have any other Dwarf-friendly neighbours, so the inevitable had to happen. What a coincidence. Who would have thought.
“It seems like me and Beetroot are going to spend a lovely night under the stars,” Fili spoke as you were leaving Farmer Brown’s house.
“I… I have a guest room at my home. It’s not too big, mind you, but it’s clean!” you blurted out, suddenly discovering that the tips of your shoes were a very interesting thing to look at.
“Would you offer me, an unknown Dwarf, a place under your roof?” his eyes widened in surprise. “Would your family not mind?”
“I live with my auntie, but she’s away now, traveling,” you admitted quietly. It was certainly not the time to tell him how you suddenly appeared in Middle Earth on a stormy night, torn out of your world, and how a kind widow from the village took you in and told you to call her ‘auntie’. It took you a while to gain the acceptance of the villagers, but after some time, they warmed up to you. As much as you were fond of your new auntie, you still haven’t truly felt at home here. Some days, the insistent feeling of being lost in an unknown land was quite difficult to shake off. 
“Will your neighbours not mind? I visited enough of the villages of Men to know that a Dwarf staying overnight with a lovely maiden like you is frowned upon,” the Dwarf named Fili furrowed his brow.
You gritted your teeth, forgetting about the manners of this world for a moment.
“Those nosy farmers can go and fu--, I meant to say, can go and get stuffed,” you cursed inwardly. You haven’t missed much from your old world but the ability to curse like a sailor was one of those little exceptions. “It seems to me that you’ve been in a fight, Master Dwarf, and you deserve a night of proper rest.”
Fili stifled a chuckle, “A fair maiden who can make a good use of her mouth?” You betcha. Drat! Not thinking about your mouth! His mouth! Any mouth whatsoever!
“If you were a dwarven lady, you would have at least a dozen suitors queueing at your door,” he continued. You decided not to blush. Not to wonder if he would be among them. Knowing your luck, this gorgeous specimen of dwarfhood probably had a wife and a couple of babies already.
“I’ve never met a Dwarf before today, but if your men are as boorish as some of the farmers of Men I know, I’ll be happy to spend my life in solitude,” you stopped in front of your house, wondering if that was going to be your lot in your life here.
“Then I’ll make an effort to show you how courteous a Dwarf can be,” he made an elaborate bow that belonged to a king’s court and certainly not to a shabby village in the middle of nowhere.
“You can start by cleaning your shoes,” you pointed at his muddy boots with a small smirk. “And I’ll take Master Beetroot to the stable. Then we’ll have supper.”
“Your wish is my command, my lady,” Fili grinned cheekily and took another of his bows. You couldn’t stifle a giggle this time.
Fili, son of Vili, turned out to be a very well-mannered and thoughtful guest. You spent a great time sharing the meal, he told you several amusing stories of his travels and you shared some anecdotes from your life in the village. After the supper was finished, he helped you do the dishes and entertained you with his frolics that involved juggling the mugs, catching swirling plates mid-air and throwing your large kitchen knife so that he landed right in the middle of your cutting board. If you hadn't known any better, you’d think he was trying to impress you. You pretended not to notice several glances he stole when he thought you weren’t looking, or the way his eyes hungrily followed the movements of your fingers when you were rebraiding your hair while sitting on your porch after supper, enjoying a pleasantly warm spring evening. 
“Do you see those seven stars, over there?” Fili pointed with his pipe at the sky. The air smelled with the blooming thyme and the sweet tobacco smoke.
“Yes. I often wondered what they were called, but no one here could tell me.”
“We call it ‘Durin’s Crown’. It is a symbol of the kings of my people,” his words were quiet, measured. “The Dwarves born under these stars are believed to accomplish great things in their lives…” his voice trailed off.
“I heard quite a bit about the brave warriors and kings of your people,” you offered, interrupting the silence.
“Aye, there are still warriors among us. Me and my brother were trained well by my uncles. Thanks to them, I can sit here in such a lovely company,” he winked. “You flatter me, Master Fili,” you opposed.
“I do not! On the way here, I encountered an Orc ambush.” “Orcs? Here? We have to alarm the elders!” you rose to your feet.
“Do not worry, my lady. They have been dealt with,” he placed his hand on your forearm in an attempt to appease you. His skin was scorching hot against yours. “Your village is safe.” 
You let out a sigh of relief and sat down slowly, observing his hand. His palm was wide, its back lightly dusted with golden hair, and you could see the strength slumbering beneath his skin. His nails were clean and well-maintained, and he wore a golden signet ring. And then his fingers... They were thicker than you imagined, but something told you that they had to be very nimble. Oooh. Take your head out of the gutter at once, woman! He’s just making a friendly gesture! 
You didn’t register the moment when your palm covered his. Well, this is MY friendly gesture! 
“Thank you on behalf of everyone living here. There are only farmer families here, we wouldn’t stand a chance against a band of orcs,” you lifted your gaze to meet his only to catch that mysterious sparkle in his eyes again. One heartbeat, two heartbeats, three heartbeats… were you drowning in his eyes or was it the other way around?
“Think nothing of it,” he finally shook his head with a sheepish smile and you thought you noticed a cute dimple hiding in his beard.
This time a sigh of disappointment left your lips as he removed his hand from your skin, placing it over his knee. Was that a trick of light from the lantern or were his cheeks slightly flushed under his golden beard? 
A few moments passed in total silence and you couldn’t tear off your eyes from Fili’s handsome profile as he puffed on his pipe, the blue wisps of smoke traveling all the way to the Seven Stars on the black velvet fabric of the sky above you.
“I’m on my way to meet my brother, and some of my kin,” he finally said. “There is a matter we need to attend to, far away from here, over the Misty Mountains.”
“When will you be coming back?” you heard yourself say. Stupid, stupid, utterly stupid! Have you just hinted at wanting to see him again?! Valar have mercy on you!
“I’m not sure,” he spoke hesitantly, avoiding your gaze. “It might be a while.”
You nodded, wishing for the ground to part beneath your feet. What else did you expect?!
 “There is a chance I may lose my way again when I’m travelling back to Ered Luin,” a small smile tugged at his lips, and there was a mischievous sparke in his eyes.
“Well, if you do, there is a chance you’ll find a friendly house here and a place to stay the night,” your face brightened and you wanted to pinch yourself. There was a chance you were dreaming, after all. Ouch! No, this was definitely not a dream!
“A friendly house and a pleasant company,” he murmured, and his face hovered somewhat closer to yours. He was so close you could count golden hairs in his beard. You wondered how it would feel if you touched it. And would his sensually curved lips feel as soft as they looked? You licked your lower lip. 
“What else a Dwarf could want…?” Fili added in a coarse whisper and you can read the answer to his question in his eyes. Oh Valar, those cornflower eyes of his, his tempting lips! Where is a bucket of cold water when you need one?!
“You tell me, Master Fili,” you replied as his gaze slid over your mouth and your heart skipped a beat as his face moved even closer. A bit more and you could brush your nose against his. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, waiting for the moment when your lips would finally meet.
His voice made you open your eyes in surprise.
“Forgive me my rude behavior, my lady,” he suddenly stood up, his cheeks visibly flushed. “I’m tired and your pleasant company quickly goes to the head of a humble traveling Dwarf like me,” he avoided your gaze. “You are a wonderful hostess and I wouldn’t dream of imposing on your hospitality. I bid you goodnight.”
With these words, he hurriedly disappeared inside of your house.
You sat outside for a long while after he removed himself from your presence; the Seven Stars of Durin’s crown being your only companion. They seemed to blink at you soothingly. You wondered what they would tell you if they could speak.
The breakfast passed quickly, and quietly. You couldn’t help but notice a certain nervousness in Fili’s movements, his frown, his gaze set firmly on his plate. Shadows under his eyes confirmed that he spent the night the same way as you did, tossing and turning in his bed.
“May the trails ahead be straight and wide,” you said a customary farewell as he led out his pony from your stable. Beetroot greeted you with a neigh. “Here, it’s cheese and bread, enough for a meal or two on the road,” you gave him a bundle.
“Thank you, my lady,” he nodded and accepted your gift. “It is more than I could hope for. May I offer you something in return?”
“What could that be?” He moved his hand into his hair. Something clicked, and then you saw it. There was a beautifully ornamented golden bead in his outstretched palm, “Something to remember me by.”
“But… this is gold… I can’t accept this!” you opposed.
“This is the customary Dwarven way to show our…,” he cleared his throat, “... our appreciation. It would make me a happy Dwarf to know that you keep it as a token of… as a memory of our fortunate meeting.”
“Well, if you put it this way, then I’ll be happy to keep it… to honor your tradition,” wide-eyed, you took the bead and traced the beautiful runes on its surface with your fingers.
And then you heard his alluring murmur, the words intended for your ears only.
“When I tell my brother I have found the most beautiful wildflower in Eriador of all places, he won’t believe me!” he took your hand into his, slowly closed it over the bead and covered with his other palm. His calloused thumb brushed against your soft skin. The warmth he gave out made you melt inside.
Before you could reply, his forehead pressed against yours, your fingers still intertwined, and he whispered, 
“My lady… may I kiss you?”
You didn’t respond; not in words at least. Instead, you tilted your head slightly and brushed your lips against his. Yes, they were as soft as you imagined, and impossibly tender. He returned the caress, pressing his lips against yours, and then sealing them with a myriad of gentle butterfly kisses. You sighed softly, drifting away on the sea of bliss.
“May I have the honor…,” he whispered against your skin, breathing heavily, his heart pounding in his chest, “May I hope that you will wait for me?”
“Yes, Fili. I will wait.”
You closed your eyes with a sigh, enjoying the warm, lingering caresses of the late afternoon sun on your face. Almost a year has passed since you last saw Fili. The Dwarf who stole your heart. Many days and nights you spent wondering about what he was doing, worrying about his safety, until one day, a raven came with a letter addressed to you and your world has changed forever.
Today was going to be the first day of your new life. Fili was about to return and hear your answer to his question. In his letter, he asked whether you would consider spending your life with him in a dwarven kingdom of Erebor. His letter started with the words: “My One…”
You knew what your reply was going to be. You were not lost any longer.
- - -
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thusspoketrish · a month ago
Six Sentence Sunday!
Thank you for the lovely tag, @lqtraintracks! This is a snippet (about 600 words) from a Drarry club!ficlet titled Long for Bliss! I hope to finish it within the next few days, fingers crossed! I was inspired to write this after spending an entire weekend listening to way too much Röyksopp, haha. Sorry if it’s super rough! I'm useless without a beta. CW for recreational drug use.
Harry can't recall how they made it from the queue to the middle of the dance floor, but he’s not concerned. He's never been a dancer but pressed against Hermione’s back with Ron in front of her, it’s a slow, mindless swaying as he allows the music to wash over him, a ubiquitous thud in the centre of his chest as the beat swells to a crescendo before dropping. He throws his arms above his head, cheering with the crowd, pushing back his sweaty, overlong strands of hair. The flashing lights are like tiny crystals he wants to pluck free from above and taste. He wants to hear them, like a siren's call, and feel its immensity of desire and love. He wants to feel this forever, how it surges from the soles of his feet to the hot crown of his head.
Hermione turns her head to smile up at him. Her eyes are round, so very round as they dance everywhere, glinting prettily. Harry reaches out to hug her and grab as much of Ron as possible, swaying them both in his embrace. Harry never felt so close to them. They feel like light, their love, the heat of them. He wishes they could all melt together.
“You feel amazing!” Ron cries over the music, a hand running through Hermione’s wild locks, the other caressing Harry’s elbow. Hermione squeaks something out between them and Ron lets go of Harry to slip both of his hands in Hermione’s hair, pulling her forward to kiss her passionately. Harry watches them for a bit, a deep affection settling in his chest as he runs his hands over the tangled arms of his best mates before taking a step back, eyes closing and body rolling to the music as he dances by himself.
When Harry finally opens his eyes, he sees him.
Harry is suddenly a man stranded in the middle of a desert, slowly dying from dehydration until finally—this writhing, gorgeous entity with almost colourless hair and a kaleidoscope crown—becomes his sole source of water. Entranced by this beautiful mirage, Harry moves through the crowd, desperate to claim the source first so he may dip his hands, wash his face, and drink deeply to satiate his crushing thirst.
Harry pauses when he’s just a metre away, his already straining, dry eyes widen when he realises exactly who it is that’s sensually moving their narrow hips to the furious beat.
Harry doesn’t notice just how hard he’s clenching his jaw until he opens his mouth to soundlessly say Malfoy. He relishes the way his lips pop on the M, how his tongue rolls and thrusts the rest of his surname out before he sucks in his bottom lip, tucking it between his teeth. The heat pooling in the pit of his stomach is a sexy dance in and of itself as he drinks in the devastating sight of a hypnotic Malfoy.
Malfoy’s so narrow—whippet-thin and all sharp angles but moves like the liquid sunshine Harry feels. Malfoy’s hands are fisted in his cascading hair, icy white lashes glittering against the black kohl of his eyes, rainbow-coloured glitter smeared across his cheeks, and a hot pink dummy in his mouth. His pupils are blown, with just a sliver of a silvery ring around them. Recognition crosses Malfoy’s face as Harry stumbles to a stop in front of him.
Harry’s voice is an awed whisper as he feasts upon the strangely delicate, alien splendour of Malfoy. “You’re fucking beautiful.”
I appreciate ya'll! I'm going to tag: @static-abyss, @mintamintathings, @xxdrarryrebellexx, @pineau-noir, @starlitsilvereyes, @lyssarose, @nv-md, @wheezykat, @skeptiquewrites, @fw00shy, @the-sinking-ship, @the-starryknight. Sorry if this is a double-tag. As always, no pressure. Also, if you see this and wanna join in, please do, and tag me so I can read your lovely snippets! xx!!!
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roulette to your heart ✩ eric sohn
word count : 766
genre : fluff
request : tbz eric scenario where he and y/n are on a date at the amusement park as besties and he realizes he's actually in love with them? i had a dream about this where we were on that spinning disc ride and i can't stop thinking about it 🥺 if you can write it that would be so awesome 🥺
Tumblr media
your best friend eric didn't expect your approval when he asked you to spend the day at the amusement park with him. it must be said that with the end-of-year exams and classes, you didn't have a lot of time for going out together. so last night, looking on the internet for nice places to go with you, the idea of ​​an amusement park crossed his mind.
now in the queue to enter the park, your best friend's eyes rested on your figure, admiring the latter hopping on herself impatiently. a tender smile painted his lips, glad to have found an idea that enchanted you as much as this one : he knew you liked thrill rides, haunted houses, and although it wasn't his thing, he could follow you around to spend time with you.
this is what best friends do with each other, right?
he didn't flinch when your hand gripped his, pulled him here and there, stars in your eyes like a child in front of an ice cream truck. he couldn't help but capture every aspect of happiness on your face, bombarding you with photos in front of every building of every attraction. his gallery must have been full of your smiles, your hands clinging to each other, running all over the place to make sure you have time to do everything.
it would been lying to say that eric hadn't clung to you in the ghost train, being the scared little cat that he was, same for the roller coaster : where his fingers had probably crushed your hand, while you were screaming at the top of your lungs to express your excitement. you could feel the adrenaline rush through each of your muscles, while he admired every expression on your face.
but the end of the day was fast approaching, the sunset cradling your last steps in the park. your heads were already filled with memories, your phones surffed with pictures of the two of you, your stomachs crammed with good food, nothing could spoil this day. walking down the aisle, arm in arm, your eyes drifted to one very last attraction : « let's do the spinning disc ride before going home. i really wanted to do it. » — eric watched your face for a little while before accepting your request, following you to this last ride. « you know, it's my first time here, and i'm glad it's with you. » your words snapped your best friend out of his mind, drawing his attention to you. he suddenly pulled you into his arms, placing a kiss on your forehead, before pushing your back slightly to move you forward, taking a place next to you in the attraction.
all day long, eric wondered why his heart was beating faster in his chest every time he saw you smile. he wondered why tingling took place in his fingertips, when you walked side by side, hand in hand. he wondered why he didn't find you any default, why he found you perfect in every way. he wondered why he constantly had the urgent need to have you near him, to protect you, to always keep an eye on you. and above all, he wondered why your lips looked more and more kissable.
now installed in the attraction, the latter suddenly starting up, he expected to see you with both arms in the air, screaming at the top of your lungs to make the most of the ride, but he didn't expect the fingers of your right hand to grip those of his left hand. eric looked up at you, watching the huge smile on your face as the spinning disc picked up speed, your free hand ready to touch the sky, and the rays of the sun inviting itself on the delicate features of your face. you were gorgeous, nothing could have taken away the eyes of adoration that eric had for you. he was no longer afraid of the ride, way too preoccupied with wondering what are all the sensations were inviting themselves into his body. his heart beating like crazy, his belly playing a roller coaster, his eyes hypnotized by you.. his head looped, finally realizing that his feelings were much stronger than just friendship.
being with you gave him the same sensations as a roller coaster : sweaty palms, heart pounding fast, red on his cheeks, butterflies in his stomach.. you were his personal spinning disc ride, and he realized he was deeply in love with all the sensations you gave him. eric realized he was deeply in love with you.
Tumblr media
tbz main masterlist !
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backtothefanfiction · 6 months ago
Summary: Santiago takes you home after Benny’s birthday drinks. Neither of you could have planned what happens next.
Warnings: Mature 18+ ONLY!! All aboard the smut train, next stop feels station. This chapter features strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, I’m talking watermelon sugar high (oral, female receiving), mentions of sex.
Word Count: 3950
A/N- Here’s chapter two featuring our boy Santiago Garcia. This is the event that kicks off this whole shit show. I had so much fun writing this and hope you enjoy reading it. As always, although I have read through this multiple times, I do a lot of my work in the early hours of the morning so some mistakes may have slipped through the cracks. Anyway... enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Ow Benny, you kicked me.” You shouted over the music of the bar that was blaring around you.
“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” Benny mumbled as he climbed back into the booth beside his brother, flinging his arm out to wrap around him, almost hitting him in the face. Everyone at the table watched as Will narrowly dodged his younger brothers fist. “Uhhgg this has been the best birthday ever.” Benny drunkenly shouted as he slumped against his brother's shoulder.
“I should probably get him home.” Will shouted over the music.
“Uhhh buzzkill.” Benny groaned, but he was beginning to lose consciousness and everybody laughed.
“Come on, I'll help you get him to the car.” Frankie said as he began to try and slide out of the booth. You felt the seat dip as he got up from where he'd been sat beside you. You slid into his spot allowing you and Santi, who had been squeezed up together with Fish on that side of the table, to spread out more. “Come on birthday boy.” Frankie said, reaching across the booth on the other side of the table to haul Benny up so Will could get out and they could all go.
You politely got up to give hugs and kisses on cheeks goodbye. Santiago slid across his seat so he could shake hands from a better position without actually having to get up. “You're such a lazy old man.” you teased him as he slid back into the booth allowing you to sit down again when your friends had gone.
“It's my knees.” He said in response. You also said  his famous line at the same time, mimicking him and his usual answer you knew so well. “Seriously Querida?” he raised his eyebrows at you before giving you a playful jab in your side and making you giggle. You reached forward for your drink to take a sip of it through the straw, a playful look in your eyes.
Santi reached for his beer bottle he had been nursing most of the night in front of him. There was barely anything left. He knocked back the rest of it before slamming the empty bottle back onto the table. He watched you intently as you continued to sip on your drink, which was mostly just melted ice now. “You quite finished?” he asked you, his eyebrows motioning to the glass in your hand. “You want to get out of here?” you silently nodded your response and he grabbed your jacket from where it had been pushed up into the corner of the booth beside him. You took that as your queue to get up and he held out the jacket for you as he came to a stand, a small groan escaping from his lips as his knees finally stretched out after being sat for so long.
You turned your head back to him as you flicked your hair out, fixing the jacket collar with your fingers. You shot him a smile and he placed a protective hand at the small of your back as he lead you outside.
The air outside was crisp and made you giggly. “Come on giggles.” Santi said as you leant into him, his arm coming around you firmly, leading you towards his truck.
You kicked off your shoes, pulling your legs up onto the seat with you, getting comfy for the ride home. You watched Santiago walk around the front of the truck and climb into the drivers seat. “Really?” he questioned when he saw you.
“What? I took my shoes off.” he let out a low chuckle as he shook his head climbing into the truck.
As he pulled out of the parking lot he looked over to you. He could tell you were thinking about something but he wasn't sure what it was, he was about to ask you when you said, “Can we go back to yours? I'm not ready to go home yet.”
“Yeah, of course.” You were both silent again as you watched him take the next right towards his house instead of left towards your own.
The paving stones beneath your feet were cold as you climbed down from Santi's truck. You were feeling a little more sober now but you still couldn't muster up the energy to put your shoes on just to walk from the truck to his house. Santiago walked ahead of you up the path to open his front door. You slammed the passenger door shut and began making your way up the path. The trucks lights behind you flashed as Santiago hit the button on his keys to lock the doors and the truck made a small beep. You had been so distracted by your own thoughts, it made you jump, your shoes slipping out of your fingers, hitting the ground and a small yelp escaped your lips. Santiago turned to see your hand clutched over your chest and he chuckled. You picked up your shoes, throwing one at him. It missed, flying past his shoulder and in through the now open front door behind him.
“Don't laugh at me.” you whined sticking out your bottom lip as he let you pass him into the small house first.
“I'm sorry.” he said, his head tilting in mock sympathy, “I didn't realise that me locking my truck was so scary.”
“Uhhhhg noooo.” you whined as you made your way over to his sofa, falling back on it over the arm rest, your legs dangling over the side. You suddenly propped yourself up to look at him as he closed the front door. “Don't you dare tell the others.” your voice blurted out urgently in panic as he turned to face you.
“Sorry too late.” Santiago said reaching into his pocket for his phone.
“Santi NO!” you squealed, flying off the sofa, running to tackle the phone out of his hand. He mocked you by lifting it above his head so you couldn't reach it. You continued to laugh between fake noises of struggle as you played along. “Santi give me the phone.”
“Nope. Not happening.” he mocked, pushing your arms down with his free hand.
“Santi, give me the phone.”
“You want it, just take it.” he said, his hand never lowering. He laughed at you as you continued trying to stretch up for it. You even moved around to try and climb up his back to get it. He kept passing it between his hands away from your grasp.
You finally gave in with an exasperated grunt, stepping back, placing your arms across your chest. “Fine.”
“Fine?” he questioned, his eyebrows rising.
“Negotiation time.”
“Ahhh there it is.” he says going to take a seat on the arm rest of the sofa.
“What's it gonna take for you to not tell the boys.”
“Hmmmm....” he brought his hand up to his chin, playing along. You began to take a few steps towards him as he thought over his demands. “How about a kiss?” he said catching you off guard and making you stop in your tracks.
He watched as you thought it over. “Fine.” you quickly conceded and began to step forward to give him a quick peck.
“Uh, Uh, Uh.” he said holding a hand up in front of you to stop you. He could read you like a book. “A proper kiss. It has to last at least 7 seconds.”
“Why 7 seconds?”
“Dunno seems like a good enough time for a kiss to last. Any longer for a single kiss feels weird and any shorter, well that's just not a proper kiss.” You take a moment to think over his logic. You'd never kissed any of the guys before, not that you hadn't thought about it. I mean, they were gorgeous. You had just never considered any of them being interested in you back in that way. Then a thought came to you, 'was this Santi's way of making a move?' You shook the thought away, this was Santiago 'Pope' Garcia. This was just him being his usual charming self and doing whatever it took to get a rise out of you.
He raised his eyebrows as if to indicate he was waiting and you quickly checked yourself realising you were getting way too in your head about this. “Fine.” the word fell out of your mouth before you even realised what you had actually just agreed to. You took a final step forward closing the space between the two of you, your body reacting quickly, not giving you a chance to back out.
Your eyes followed him as he stood up, his hands finding a place on either side of your face. “Remember, 7 seconds querida, I'll be counting.” he raised his eyebrows at you. Your head gave a slight nod before he was guiding your lips towards his own. Your eyes closed instantly on contact and your body softened. His lips were soft, moulding against your own like little pillows. They were the perfect temperature, not too warm or too cold. You inhaled deeply through your nose wanting to take in his sent now he was so close and melt into it. You reached your hands up, letting them rest on his arm muscles for support.
Santiago felt you relax against his fingers, the corner of his mouth pulling up into a smile ever so slightly. His brain stopped keeping track after only 4 seconds. He moved his lips slightly, trying his luck, wanting to deepen the kiss. He inhaled through his nose triumphantly when your lips followed suit. His hands, either side of your face, became tenser as he pulled you even closer into the kiss, his lips and their movements becoming firmer. He almost lost it when a small gasp escaped your mouth.
He boldly took a step back, guiding you with his hands and lips as he pulled the two of you back towards the sofa. You both paused as the backs of his knees hit the couch cushion behind him. You broke the kiss, opening your eyes to look at him but didn't pull away. You bit your bottom lip slightly as you looked into his eyes, taking a moment. 7 seconds had clearly long passed, but the look in both your eyes was clear, neither of you wanted this to stop.
You boldly closed the distance between your lips again, the movement of your lips becoming more intentional as a slight tingle took over them. He let his knees give way and he pulled you on top of his lap onto the couch, your knees finding a place either side of his legs. You felt the tip of his tongue graze your bottom lip, asking for entry and the corners of your lips worked their way into a smile as you happily opened your lips wider, your own tongue coming out to meet his somewhere in the middle.
One of his hands came down to rest on your thigh, his fingertips grasping at the flesh at the edge of your skirt. A rush flowed through your body, ending with a flutter and warmth between your legs. Your body took over then as you slowly began to grind down onto him and his breathing hitched slightly in response. Your lips passionately fought one another for dominance as his hand worked its way up your thigh until it found a home on your ass, flicking the back of your skirt out over his knees. His grasp became firmer as he pulled you closer into him allowing you to feel his growing erection beneath you. You pulled your lips away to let out a gasp. Santi's lips never left your skin as he dragged them across your jaw before using his hand that was still placed at the side of your head, to tilt it back allowing him access to your neck as you breathed in quickly.
Your hands found a home around the back of his neck, your fingers carding through his hair. “Fuck querida.” he growled into your neck as you used your new hold to really grind down into him. You pulled back slightly and he looked up at you from your new position with hungry eyes. The hand he had still had at the side of your head, slid down your body to find a home on your other thigh, before it too worked its way up your leg and found a home on your other ass cheek. Your forehead rested against his as you both gazed into each others eyes, panting heavy, as he used his hands to continue to roll you against his erection.
Your breathing hitched and you let out a moan as the friction from his jeans rubbed against your clothed clit in just the right way. His lips latched back onto yours hungrily, stifling the noise. You could feel the heat between your legs rising, your vagina fluttering with stimulation. Santiago's fingers ghosted under the elastic of your underwear that covered your ass cheeks, pulling them apart, making you both aware of just how wet you'd become. Santi's lips pulled tight with a sneer, his hips rolling up to meet yours.  “Fuck princessa, I want you so bad.” he snarled against your lips.
You're head rolled back in bliss as a response to his words and he began to attack your neck again, his teeth nibbling gently at the flesh before smoothing it over with his tongue and lips. You gasped. “You want it, just take it.” you repeated his own words from earlier back at him breathily.
“Fuck.” he exclaimed before reaching a hand to your face, forcing you to look at him. “You serious?” he asked questioningly. You sucked your lips into your mouth as you gave him a small nod, your eyes blown wide. “Fuck.” he mumbled again to himself before latching back onto your lips, the moment you had relaxed them again.
You felt the world suddenly shift as he lifted you up and flipped you around, sitting you on the couch. He removed his lips from your own, kissing down your jaw. Your head relaxed against the back of the sofa, your eyes closing in bliss, as he continued to move his lips down your neck. You felt him shift backwards as he knelt down on the floor in front of you, his hands finding a home on your hips as he buried his face into your chest. His teeth and lips nibbled and sucked at the flesh as his hands moved down from your hips, sliding down your thighs before moving up your skirt. He hooked his fingers around the waist band of your underwear and began pulling them down. He pulled his mouth away from your breasts. “I want to taste you querida.” he said as he removed your underwear from your legs.
You tilted your head down to watch him as he threw your underwear behind him, his now free hands moving back up your legs to lift up your dress. “Holy shit.” he said as he got a full look at your pussy already wet and ready for him. “Just when I didn't think you could get any more perfect.” he said leaning forward to nip at the inside of your thighs. He shifted his hands on your hips and pulled you closer to the edge of the sofa, closer to his waiting mouth. His breath was warm against your lips and you squirmed slightly in anticipation. It wasn't much, but it was enough for Santiago's grip on your hips to become firmer, holding you in place.
“Oh fuck.” you cried out as his tongue suddenly caught you by surprise, licking a stripe upwards through your folds, the tip of it flicking against your clit before he sucked it inbetween his lips. Your response made him growl deep in his throat, the vibrations passing through his lips, buzzing against the sensitive bud. You rolled your head back again as you let out a moan.
Santiago pulled away slightly, adjusting himself, before reattaching his mouth to your pussy again. “Oh my god.” you moaned, one hand coming to rest on his head, your fingers lacing between the curls, as his tongue continued to explore you.
You stayed like that for a few long minutes, Santiago only using his tongue to ravish you. His pressure and technique constantly changed, working you up slowly making your breathing heavy. Every now and again he'd pay extra attention to your clit, flicking it quickly with the tip of his tongue before once again sucking it in between his lips, over stimulating you just enough to make you squirm but never long enough for you to find any actual release. The third time he did that you decided you'd had enough. As he released your clit from his lips with a small pop you grabbed his curls tightly forcing him to look up at you. “Stop teasing me.” your voice was commanding. A shit eating grin spread out across his face and he let out a small chuckle.
“As you wish.” he raised his eyebrows, teasing you once more. You were about to bite back with another comment when you felt two of his fingers thrust into your wet core.
“Fuck.” you squealed, more than satisfied with finally having something to actually fill the aching hole. Santi chuckled again before licking your clit back into his mouth once more.
His fingers began to move agonisingly slowly as he gently stretched you out, his mouth still preferring to do the bulk of the work as his tongue focused on your clit. As he curled his fingers against the inside walls of your dripping cunt, he could sense you growing restless. Your breathing was getting shallower and your moans becoming ever more insistent as you felt him drawing your orgasm from you slowly. Santiago could feel you beginning to clench around his fingers and he began to move them faster. He pulled his head back, replacing his tongue with his thumb, circling it around your clit. “Come on baby, I want to see you fucking cum for me.” he said as he sat himself up on his knees.
You latched your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. His fingers curled up into you even more as he adjusted their speed making you moan into his lips. You pulled your mouth away from his, pressing your forehead firmly against his own, panting furiously, your mouth hanging open, unable to form words. Your hips jerked and your pussy clamped around his fingers as your orgasm took over your entire body. “O-OH F-Fuck!” you stuttered out, finally finding your voice again and it made Santi grunt in satisfaction, a large smile breaking out over his face as he watched you come undone.
Santiago's fingers slowed slightly, helping you work through your release, his other hand pushing your hip further into the couch, holding you down, grounding you. Your lips found one another again as your heaving body attempted to relax once more. Santiago's fingers came to a stop completely, pulling out of you as he felt the final waves of your orgasm leave your body. “Fuck, that was so fucking beautiful.” he exhaled into your lips between kisses. “I have no idea what I did to deserve that, but I want to do it again.” he said his head slumping into your breasts and you giggled.
“I think that can be arranged.” you said playfully.
He lifted his head up to look at you again. “Right now?” he asked, tilting his head. A massive grin broke out over your face.
“Sure...” you started, “-but, not before I've taken care of you.” Santiago could have sworn he'd died and gone to heaven. He hung his head, grinning to himself as you climbed off the sofa and began making your way towards his bedroom. “Hey you coming or not?” you called back down the hall to him. God this was gonna be the best night of his life.
You had woken up in Santiago's house the following morning to find yourself in bed alone. You used the extra space to stretch out your muscles after a long night of bliss. You smiled to yourself, the memory of the five orgasms Santiago Garcia had pulled from your body, still fresh in your mind. It had been a passionate night full of full body massages and cuddles between fucking.  Both of you wanting to make the most of this moment, neither of you sure when you'd get the opportunity again. You both knew you were leaving the country on separate missions in a matter of days.
“Santi?” you called out into the quiet house. There was no response. You furrowed your brow as you climbed from the bed to search for him.
You picked up the clothes you had been wearing the night before and put them on as you padded barefoot around his house. “Santi?” you called out again. He wasn't there. You grumbled to yourself. “Unfucking believable.” you said as you searched the living room for your underwear. “I can't believe he'd just fuck and dash and leave me alone in his own fucking home.”
You found your jacket, searching the pockets for your phone to see if he'd even left you a message. Nothing. You began constructing a strongly worded text message when the sound of the front door unlocking behind you, made you turn around.
Santiago froze in the doorway at the sight of you in his living room. “Oh you're up.” he said. “I didn't want to wake you.” In his hand was a small tray with two cups of coffee in it and clutched desperately in his fingers below it was a large paper bag. “I didn't have anything in, so I popped up the road to grab us something to eat.” he continued, pulling his keys out of the door before kicking it shut with his foot.
You quickly pressed the backspace button on your phone, suddenly feeling foolish for thinking Santiago would treat you the way you thought he had. “You okay?” he asked as he made his way over to a small dining table to place the coffees and bag down.
“Uh, yeah.” you said blinking away the startled expression on your face. He held out one of the coffee cups for you and you tentatively stepped across the room to take it from him. “I'm sorry.” you said shaking your head. “I thought you'd...” your voice trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.
“You know I'd never do that to you right?” he said, his eyebrows furrowed. “I mean even if last night hadn't been the best sex of my life.” he paused a moment as he searched your face. “You don't regret it do you?”
“No. No of course not.” you quickly said, feeling the need to defend yourself.
“Good.” he said, turning to reach into the paper bag. “You like croissants right?” he asked pulling one out and handing it to you.
“Yeah, I love croissants.” your voice was soft, a small smile breaking out on your face. You couldn't believe he remembered. “Uh hey Santi?”
“It's okay, I won't say anything to the boys about last night.”
“Thank you.”
Santiago had driven you home after breakfast. You laughed and joked the whole way home, never once talking out loud about the great night you had shared together, but you both kept it at the fore front of your minds, replaying it again and again.
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Do we headcanon Beej as a switch? I can definitely see him being dominate but also like being dominated, especially with a soft Dom who plays into his praise kink. And with aftercare I can see him liking to give and receive.
YES YES YES. Beej is absolutely a switch in my mind and one day I plan on making a more soft Dom!Reader fic, but I've got so many more rough monster fucker fics backed up and I try to keep them in order ajshvddj but it is IN THE QUEUE!
In the meantime:
He definitely has a praise kink, oh my god
He wants to know he's doing well, and his mom never encouraged him with Anything, so you tell him you love what he's doing? That he makes you feel amazing? That he looks so gorgeous lying there? Fuck, he's melting
Soft touches are a yes because he's a whore for physical affection, but when things get rough I think he's a bit of a masochist. Both because it doesn't really hurt him—I mean he's dead—and because it's cute to see his weak little breather leave so many marks on him and see how rough they can get
He likes being a rope bunny because it's a good physical reminder to both hold still and to let go. Man's got control issues obviously, so being the one to receive can be a little difficult sometimes, but he still likes it a lot, so this is good
Kiss the man while you're fucking him, god. Yes, rough and tumble with spicy hotness is cool and all but the second you show him soft affection he's a puddly mess, both above and below the belt
He does like domming, because I mean he's a fucking ghost demon who's been invisible for centuries, of course he likes showing off his powers and being the one in control
As we've established, especially with a reader who LOVES it.
If you're more vanilla, HANDS, HANDS, HANDS. All over you, he can't keep em off, and he accidentally spawns them but god he just wants to feel all of you
Loves to hold you up against stuff to show how powerful he is. I don't make the rules.
Little more wild? May I direct you to this and this collection of hcs?
Even when he doms he's a bit of a softy. He still has that praise kink, loves to know how he's doing and how he makes you feel
Also LOVES to dish that out, and seeing what a flustered mess you become really brings that home
I'm just saying he can really fall apart any any given moment from affection. That's your biggest weapon. Kiss his jaw, his palms, his chest, his ears, his tentacles, his fucking jointed leg. Make it sweet and he'll be a moaning, whimpering mess
My biggest hc though is that he just likes to switch it up, even in the middle of the moment. God, if you're all subby and whiny and then suddenly flip in on him? Show him your dominant side? He'd be in fucking heaven
He is a brat, both as a dom and a sub, likes to mess with you and make you squirm, so sometimes you gotta give him some leeway and some return snark so make up for it
Or being perfectly obedient sends him through the roof. Do you like to follow orders for him? God he's in love. Do you like when he's an eager puppy boy? Fuck, he'll do whatever you ask.
When all's said and done, however, his favourite part is the aftercare. He likes being taken care of, being kissed sweetly all over his marks and being told he did a good job. Hands running gently through his hair and legs wrapping around his sides to hug him closely.
Using this opportunity to hint at a soft fuck fic that's more focused on emotional and sleepy side sex and cockwarming 👀
He likes to take showers with you, maybe using to opportunity to get handsy, but mostly the feeling of your wet skin being all slippery. It's the closest thing he'll get to actually bathing.
I got an ask a long time ago asking if he could be pavlov'd into taking baths by associating them with sexy fun times, and the short answer is yes. So sorry, I saved it to drafts and then entirely forgot. I'll go back and edit that later 😳
He likes rubbing his hands over your skin and telling you what a good job you did, the way you curl around him and let him tuck you into his side.
Big spoon? Little spoon? Yes. All of it. Cuddle with him.
He likes to listen to your heartbeat as it slows with your comedown and tucking his face against your neck so you engulf him with your presence
Expect many hands holding you closely
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yibo-wang · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RULES: When your work is tagged, show the process of its creation from planning to posting, then tag 5 people with a specific link to one of their creative works you’d like to see the process of. Use the tag #showyourprocess so we can find yours!
i was tagged to show this , this  and this one by @suibianjie​ @cherryysundae​ @fengqing​ @wangxianbunnydoodles​​ and @still-snowing​​. 
it was really nice seeing the similarities and differences in everyone’s processes and i’m truly in awe with all of yours creations (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ and ali i really enjoyed reading your art process! it’s was so interesting and your art is wonderful!
(special thanks to @lan-xichens​ @suibianjie, @highwarlockkareena, @nyx4, @aheartfullofjolllly for organizing this (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ you all are amazing!)
[I didn’t have the psds saved so I had to remake them but as far as i remember this is how I made the original ones too since my process hasn’t changed a lot since then.]
Surprisingly all three of the above gifsets were part of my the untamed x color series so not a lot of thought was put into the panning since the scene or characters were already chosen for me. 
If a scene isn’t specified like the last two I go through the episodes or clips to pick out the scenes i want to gif or those which would look good based on the general theme of the set.
Tumblr media
(this is a part of the cql folder where i’ve clipped out the major/ defining scenes. please excuse the ridiculous names asjjsd it helps me remember what they contain)
For this tutorial/process I’ll explain the wangxian in purple one in detail and then go over the other two briefly since it’s almost the same process.
So I selected the exchange between wangxian where wwx’s talking about helping out with the yin iron and imported it.
I then delete the extra frames and layers before cropping and resizing since photoshop does the later faster if I do it that way. The dimensions were 540x270 (which is what i usually keep for mine).
Then I converted to timeline before converting the layers to smart filter. After this I start my base coloring process which is just messing around with the curve and selective color layer until i get the skin tones accurate and the over all, the gif more brighter.
Now since the request called for purple/indigo I added another selective color layer and the adjusted the cyan and blue options under it to make it purple instead. **what i usually is that I adjust the colors slightly in one layer and then adjust a little more after adding another layer. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it resulted in three more layer (which sometimes get adjusted even in the end if it looks like it needs more tinkering.
The hunt for overlay usually takes the longest unless I don’t already have it saved. I was just going through my folder when I realized it might look good with this. So I opened, cropped and resized the snow gif and then after converting it to smart filter duplicated it onto the lwj gif.
I play around with the blending options (for this one I used color dodge) and since this doesn’t obstruct the main gif I only used the layer mask for lwj’s face after decreasing the opacity like this.
Tumblr media
Then after adding my watermark I finally convert everything to smart filter again, then smart sharpen my gifs (using the settings 0.5) and adding gaussian blur (setting it to 0.3) before exporting it and saving for the web.  
Here’s the finished result as compared to the original.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like Monica I can’t keep gifs in my draft more then a day (and that too is a stretch lmao, the itch to post is real sjdjdsj). So i either queue it for the next day day if its getting really late or just post it right away. I don’t save any psds unless I really like the coloring of it and even that gets deleted after a week. (the only gifs that get saved occasionally are gfxs for future reference).
2- Coloring for Wangxian x Rainbow
For the rainbow series, I had to make a list of all the scenes I wanted to add ( i wanted to include all the landscape/scenic ones with wangxian so that involved going through a lot of episodes). The whole process is nearly the same apart from the coloring which required more selective color layers and masking (i forgot to save the picture after applying the masking in this one, oops!)
Tumblr media
@wangxianbunnydoodles​​ Hao I’m sorry I couldn’t do a separate one for the xue yang post cause I was in a rush, but I’ll definitely try to do that in the future
@manhasetardis​ with this one (it’s definitely my favourite one! the way your coloring is always so consistent and just this concept! i love it
@wei-gege​ and this one (your glitter series and their coloring is so wonderful, i always look forward to them on the character birthday events)
@xiaodaozhang​ and this one! Eva I love each one of these so much! the masking the text style!
@petekaos​ and this set (rahul i don’t even go here but the coloring in this is so gorgeous I couldn’t stop looking)
@veronaprincess​ and this wangxian lotus lake date one! i adore the coloring.
@kaonoppakao​​ and this one! it’s so pretty!
no pressure though (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
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chimoona · a year ago
Beneath the Ground | JJK | 1
Chapter 1: Please Love Me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Florist!Jungkook x Fem!Reader Genre: Murder Mystery / Drama (Smut forthcoming) Word Count: 3.3K Synopsis: According to the morning paper, there’s been a local death. A victim of suicide, discovered by his wife in their winter lodge. It was all just so convenient for Jungkook, the small-town florist, knowing nothing pairs best with tragedy and happiness than fresh-cut flowers. Opportunity awaits. Now is his chance to get to know her just a little better. Rating: T for mentions of death / obsessive pining (Future chapters will be 18+) Warnings: Mentions of death/suicide/murder, obsessive pining, slight stalking.
Tumblr media
...On your doorstep was a wicker basket, filled to the brim with lush tiger lilies. They peeked above the opening and spilled over the sides, each bud in beautiful condition. It almost felt like a sin to touch. 
“What does it mean?”
“Please love me,” he responds. “It’s an offer of passionate love.”
Tumblr media
His body was warm but yours was warmer. His eyes were open but only you could see just how pale and sickly he looked in his last moments of life. Blood pooled around his ankles—a stark contrast to the natural bamboo floorboards that creaked beneath his boots. How odd it was, witnessing the death of your husband. Perhaps odd wasn’t the right way of putting it. It was…tragic, of course. Such a tragedy.
Always stubborn as an ox, he didn’t drop to his knees until his legs could no longer hold his weight. You would have helped but he stared back at you with cold eyes, wordlessly refusing whatever assistance you could have given. You were confused in the moment, but you’re almost certain now that he believed he could do a better job patching the gashes drawn deep down both his arms. 
He had such nice arms. On humid summer evenings, he would hold you tight and kiss you gently on the cheek. He’d flick away mosquitos from your sweat-dampened skin and call you gorgeous. You believed every word. In his arms, you lived, caged, warm and safe from all harm. But he couldn’t keep you safe towards the end. There was no sense of security when he’d disappear for days at a time, returning with just the clothes on his back, smelling like foreign land. 
You discovered where he went. He didn’t want you to but you figured it out. A part of you didn’t want to know either, happy to live with eyes half shut until one day you lost sight of him completely. He was an enigma in life and death. Even in his last breath, he neglected to tell you where he was going. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook scanned the morning obituaries in the local newspaper. Call him old-fashioned, but he always enjoyed the simplicity of print. He loved the feeling of fresh ink on his fingers as he drank his hot coffee. It was his morning ritual, as grim as it was, to educate himself on local deaths. He thought of it as market research.
“…she disappeared unexpectedly and is presumed dead by friends and family,” he read a passage aloud. “What a terrible fate for a nurse,” he sighed and prepared to fold the paper when a familiar name caught his eye. 
Hm, what’s this? 
He skimmed the rest of the bio, eyes falling on a sad black and white photo of you, wrapped in your husband’s arms on your front porch. “A victim of suicide, discovered by his wife, Y/n, in their winter lodge. Yes, that is just…,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes, “tragic.”
‘Little miss so-and-so,’ he thought. It’s sad to think that’s what the neighbors know you as. Now it’ll be ‘little miss so-and-so, the widow.’ 
You don’t know Jungkook well, but he knows you. You used to come into his flower shop with your husband when your diamond ring was shiny and new. You had just purchased your winter lodge, right down the road.
He was just a teenager then, but he remembers you fondly. Your smile would light up the room as you tried on his handmade flower crowns, bluebells and thistle framing your face. You’d compliment his technique, which meant more to him than he ever let off. To have a woman like you admire his handiwork was the highest compliment. 
His favorite part during your visits was when he had the chance to peel back your layers. He found insurmountable beauty in your looks—your smooth skin, high cheekbones and sing-song voice; but he knew deep down there was more to unpack. Always waiting for the perfect moment, he would ask you questions, keeping them…topical. Even still, he couldn’t help slipping in a few questionable queries to see how far you’d let him go.
Did you know a tulip has different meanings depending on whether it’s white or red? He twirled a delicate red tulip between two fingers, eyeing your preoccupied husband as he leafed through greeting cards against the back wall. 
I had no idea, but that sounds very intriguing. You gave him your undivided attention, always an interested customer. What’s the difference?
White represents an apology, while this one, he held up the red tulip, this one represents love. 
Jungkook’s eyes filled with childlike wonderment as you took the tulip in your hand and inspected it closer. 
I like to call it the soulmate flower— He paused and considered leaving it there, but he was dying to know— Do you believe in soulmates, Y/n?
You looked at your husband from over your shoulder and turned back to meet his gaze before speaking again. Of course, Jungkook.
Of course. Your words echoed in his mind hollowly. He watched your beautiful side profile as you turned again to admire the man you shackled your life to. 
Then I propose you buy the red tulips today, he smiled over closed teeth. They’re in season. Just arrived this morning.
That sounds lovely, Jungkook. Your sunny smile and rosy cheeks beamed back at the florist, beautiful and pure, showing him exactly what he wanted but could never have. Thank you for helping me decide.
Soulmates, he thought. That was a strong word, perhaps he could have chosen better. Lovers? Love is a strong yet fluid emotion. Love can erode to silt through time. He knows the feeling well. He had been a lover to some and a soulmate to none. Maybe your situation was similar. 
I’ll wrap them up for you, he said with a bow. 
He always valued the time you had together, no matter how brief. You respected his opinion and treated him as an equal. It was something he didn’t get often from regular floral snobs. It wouldn’t take long for your husband to walk over to the register, which was Jungkook’s queue to finish the transaction and allow you to carry on with your day.
How he remembered you didn’t compare to how you looked when you stepped into his shop, alone at last. 
Tumblr media
A pitchy entry chime rang above your head as you entered the fragrant room. It was intended to alert the shopkeep but you jumped in your skin, clutching your purse to your chest. 
“S-sorry,” you said shyly, stumbling into the shop fully and letting the door tap you on the butt as it closed. 
Jungkook smiles widely from behind the counter, eyes just as wide and joyous. It had been a few days since he read your husband’s obituary. He waited patiently for you to arrive, knowing nothing pairs best with tragedy and happiness than fresh-cut flowers. 
Black looks good on you despite the occasion. You’re draped in a long matte black dress that tickles the backs of your heels as you walk. Feet are strapped into wobbly pumps that visibly quiver between steps. Dressed up like a good grieving wife, even at the peak of wintertime. It says something about your nature, how easily you’ll sacrifice your own comfort for others.
Jungkook has to refrain from smiling at the sight of you approaching his register. It’s not the right time for you. Your nose and eyes are puffy and red from crying. It’s almost more beautiful seeing you like this; raw, open with your emotions. You don’t even try to hide fresh tears as they prick at the corners of your eyes. 
You wander down the aisles of cut flowers like a lost lamb separated from its group. Will you choose a dozen red roses as a romantic farewell, or perhaps a handful of white gladiolus as a simple yet thoughtful gesture? Then again, not everyone weighs the significance of flower type and color. 
Ah—the red roses, he should have known.
You lay out an armful of thorny roses on the counter, dabbing your tears on the back of your hand. “Excuse me,” you apologize again. 
The florist looks so familiar, it’s distracting you from your crying cycle. Sniffle, cry, wipe your tears, sniff—isn’t his name J-something? Jung-something?
“Jungkook?” You tilt your head at him, assessing his reaction. Is he happy to see you or is he having difficulty remembering who you are? It has been a few years. He must have been a teenager last time you spoke. He looked young enough to be.
His face has grown into his head if that makes any sense. Everything looks proportionate, symmetrical and well-defined. His shoulders are broader, his legs are longer, his muscles are stronger. You take note of the latter as he heaves a heavy bucket of daisies onto the counter and arranges the flowers to look perky and presentable.
“Y/n,” he smiles, slinging a damp hand towel over his shoulder. “It’s great to see you again. It’s been too long.”
He remembers your name. Your occasional presence must have made a greater impact than you recall. From what you ascertained based on the brief conversations the two of you shared, you just pestered the kid, picking at his extensive knowledge of flora.
“Yes,” you agree. You take in a deep breath to clear your breathing passages and sigh contentedly. The room smells of lavender and honey; sickly sweet and calming. “It’s lovely to be back, actually,” you hum, feeling the tightness in your chest deflate. There’s something about this place that rejuvenates your spirit and sense of self. It always felt comforting being here. You almost forget why you came in the first place, until you remember, all at once. 
“My husband died,” you state bluntly. You surprise yourself with how easily the words roll off your tongue. You haven’t said it out loud yet; at least, not until now. You dab your nose as the cold refrigerated air nips at the raw and tender skin. “Sorry,” you apologize.
Jungkook didn’t dare bring up the elephant in the room seeing as how he was quite content pretending the elephant was never there to begin, despite the enormous space it occupied.
“I-I’m sorry to hear that.” He’s not. He’s a good liar though. “Roses,” he changes the subject, seeing as how a new pool of tears threatens to spill over your puffy lids. “It’s a lovely choice,” he remarks, bundling the armful from the counter and laying it across a sheet of colorful thin-woven fabric. “It’s a classic for such occasions.” 
He doesn’t say the word, too mindful of your feelings. Funeral. It’s a common word in his vocabulary—how easily it could have slipped past his lips without a second thought.
He looks down at your delicate hands and notes the paper-light stripe of uncovered flesh that your ring used to hug. He thought, of all the occasions to wear that damn thing, wouldn’t it be when you were about to lower your partner’s body six feet beneath the ground? How ceremonious it would be to pluck the gleaming band off your ring finger and underhand toss it into the pit like Rose from Titanic, moments before shovelfuls of dirt sealed it for eternity. 
The fact that you gravitated towards the red roses must mean you’re too distraught to judge appropriately given your grieving. Red roses are... “a lovely romantic gesture,” he notes out loud.
You twiddle your fingers together and survey the refrigerated room, then turn to the florist for his input, just as you have many times before. “Would you suggest something less...expected?”
“Expected? Hm,” he thrums his fingers on the countertop. “Perhaps—”
“What’s your favorite flower?” You interrupt his thought process and hide your face in the palm of your hand, embarrassed to have asked such a trivial question. “And here I go, asking you such a trivial question,” you project, “You probably get that a lot.”
Jungkook smiles at you warmly with a closed mouth, eyes crinkling at the corners, so welcoming and soft. “There’s nothing trivial about flowers, especially my favorites. Tiger lily—” he plucks an adorned steam from behind the counter. “It’s my absolute favorite flower.”
Large petals droop from the stem, laden with fresh dew. The flower is striking and bright with orange-spotted petals. Six stamens protrude from the center, untouched and packed full of lush pollen.
“It’s beautiful,” you comment, gingerly touching your finger to the underside of the soft petal. Your husband would have hated this one, you think. It’s too bold and vibrant—he much preferred a classic rose or tulip. He’d often buy you a dozen red roses from this very shop and bring them to you with a proud smile.
Jungkook watched your face as you studied the lily closely. You so timidly cupped the flower in your hand and turned it over to follow the pattern. He’s reminded of how adorable you look when you’re lost in concentration. Your petal pink lip lightly tucks between your teeth as your eyes roam the object of interest. 
“Please, it’s yours,” he offers, passing the stem into your hand, grazing your skin with his as he slips away. “I want you to have it.”
You look at him from beneath your heavy lashes, gentle tears pricking at the corners of your shimmering eyes. You nod, wordlessly accepting his offer. “Sorry.” 
Again, you apologize, pulling a tissue from your purse to dab away the tears.
“Don’t apologize,” Jungkook comforts. “You’ve been through a lot.”
You have. So much. His generosity stirs something within you, tangling with the raw reality that through those shop doors is a funeral procession patiently waiting for you to lead the charge.
“W-wha,” you try to find your words again. “It’s too lovely, Jungkook. Thank you.”
He nods and covers your hand in his, feeling in the moment that it was an appropriate gesture of comfort.
“What does it mean?”
He quirks his head at you, eye gleaming from your deep interest in his favorite flower. “What does it mean?” He repeats, a little slower to better understand. 
“The meaning of this flower. The tiger lily...what does it symbolize?”
He smiles as he was hoping you’d ask. “Please love me,” he responds. “It’s an offer of passionate love.”
You smile, looking down at the flower. “Please love me,” you repeat. “That’s very romantic.”
He nods and retracts his hand. He notes a few others dressed in black milling around the front door, probably looking to see what’s taking you so long. Once again, your time was cut short by your husband. Always in the way, he thought. Just when he really started to break down your walls. Right when you began to take an interest in him. Always in the way, even from the grave.
Jungkook clears his throat and pulls together a new selection of flowers from behind the counter.
“How about these?” He holds out a bouquet of yellow carnations, even brighter than the tiger lilies. “They’re a fitting flower for the occasion, and look—“ he bows the flowers down towards the counter, placing them beside your hand, “They match your nails perfectly.”
They do match your nails. Blinding lemon-yellow, perfect for the winter. You roll your eyes, not at his suggestion but at your careless choice. Yellow nails for your husband’s funeral—brilliant. Not that everyone didn’t already suspect you were the one to kill him. Your cheery nails will surely draw some eyes. It’s fine, you’re grieving, let them look.
“I’ll take them,” you confirm, slipping your card onto the countertop. There. Done. No further questions. You can’t see past the tears in your eyes anyhow. Best to just be done with it.
Jungkook totals up the transaction with a concentrated look, lips in a straight line and tongue pressing the inside of his cheek lightly. “Perfect,” he nods. “Let me wrap them up for you.”
You really have no idea how beautiful you are; always, but especially when you agree with the local florist. He thinks hard about how to show you he cares; that he can be good to you now that you have no one left to hold close. Winter is ticking by quickly. You’ll be gone again in the springtime. It’s the sad truth of the matter, but he can make an impression. Maybe then, you’ll stay just a little longer.
Tumblr media
Seconds blur to hours as you lay face-down on your perfectly made bed. You haven’t slept properly since the incident and found that sleeping on the floor felt best. It gave you the stability you needed to stay grounded in your thoughts. It was too easy to drift off into another world where you didn’t recognize yourself.
Winter peaked the night of the incident—wind rustled the trees with fresh-fallen snow, settling softly upon the impacted earth. You hear it in the quietest moments. Even tonight, as the black sky opens, clear of cloud cover, you hear it.
Somehow, it’s different this time. 
It’s not quite as subtle and expected. It’s more than wind, it’s scratching at your doorstep. It doesn’t sound like someone is trying to get in, rather, more of an acknowledgment of presence. 
You grab a baseball bat hidden behind the bed and walk over to investigate. You can never be too sure given you’re by yourself now.
As you approach the heavy door, you faintly hear a whisper. Not menacing, but alarming to say the least. It was so quiet you almost didn’t hear—
Then a shuffling of feet, away from the door and into the night. 
You grip the handle, unlock the latch and swing open the door, bat held high. Maybe it’s the steeled nerves you racked up earlier in the day after burying your husband, not a single tear in your eyes. However, your arms slacked at your sides, giving up the defense just as suddenly.
On your doorstep was a wicker basket, filled to the brim with lush tiger lilies. They peeked above the opening and spilled over the sides, each bud in beautiful condition. It almost felt like a sin to touch. 
You looked out at the black paved street and saw no-one—no signs of life. It’s as if a fairy admirer silently dropped the basket on your porch and flew away without a trace. Streetlights flicked down the block and illuminated a few stray cars that were parked for the night. You wondered if your admirer was still around to see your reaction, enjoying the joy they brought to your lonely night. 
“Thank you,” you called out, smiling as you scooped up the kind offer. “They’re beautiful, Jungkook.” 
That last bit was just for fun, quelling your own suspicion that somewhere out there, he could hear you.
Having the local florist pay you night visits should feel odd. But after the death of your husband, you lost the capacity to care how you should feel and when you should feel it. The neighbors already thought you were an odd one. Out of sorts, floating through life in a laudanum daydream. 
Jungkook never saw you that way. He found much of himself in you and had only scraped the surface. There’s still so much more to see. If only you’d let him in, but—
“They’re beautiful, Jungkook.” Your words reached his burning ears from behind your neighbor’s rose trellis. 
She said my name, he gasped. It was gentle praise, but he heard it clear as day. He poked his head out from the wall of trailing roses, just enough to see your pretty smile. Your lithe arms held tight to the wicker basket and he noted just how happy you seemed in that moment. 
For you, he’d leave the shop’s entire inventory on your doorstep each night if it meant he got to see your smile. After all you’ve been through, poor thing. It really was a tragedy you had to go through such misery to find your happiness again. 
If only he knew how quickly you could find happiness after losing your husband, Jungkook might have killed him sooner.
Tumblr media
A/N: This is the start of what I plan to be a 6-chapter series! I really hope you like it so far and look forward to more in the future. Please do not hesitate to tell me what you think. I always love hearing your thoughts and feedback. <3
Tumblr media
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The One With The Princess Leia Bikini
~Notes: This gets sorta smutty.... :S
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Sirius tosses a glare at an indignant James sitting across the counter from him, affronted on everything he has ever stood for.
“Brooklyn Nine Nine is way better than some stupid, ruddy drama about doctors.”
“Take that back you prick!”
“’S true!”
”Gray’s Anatomy paints the manic  highs and lows of their jobs with dignity and realism.” James argues with an imperious tilt of his head. “The storylines don’t even compare!”
“There was a bomb at their wedding!”
“There was a bomb lodged in someone’s arsehole!”
Sirius opens his mouth to retort, but stutters on his words when one of their ducks steps out of his room, spitting up something green before he  begins to peck at the sofa cushion.
“Good morning Pronsie,” James crows, walking over to cradle him into his arms and kisses the top of his head.
“Mate, you have to stop feeding him the peanut butter, ’s making them crazed,” Sirius tells him sagely  before taking a spoonful out of the jar for himself.
“They’re just demanding,” James sniffs, perking up once Lily walks into their apartment. “You agree, love, don’t you?”
“What?” She asks, single brow kinked as she grabs a bottle of water  from the fridge, still dressed in her athletic wear from her run. “That your ducks are demonic.”
“See!” Sirius shouts.
“They’re just a wee bit ill, poor things,” James says with a cluck of his tongue, gingerly petting Prongs’s feathers and wandering over to Lily for a quick peck to her sweaty forehead.
“Ill in the heads,” Sirius retorts lowly, grabbing for his discarded Guinness.
James casts him a heated glower, never halting his gentle caresses to Prongs’s feathered back. “Maybe I should call Mum, she’d know how to help.”
“Oi, right, because your veterinarian mother has nothing better to do.”
“She likes the marauders wanker!”
“Okay, did not come here to interrupt one of your lover’s quarrels,” Lily sighs, forever suffering, as she loosens and regathers  her  hair anxiously, tying the red main   into a messy topknot.
“Rude,” Sirius and James chorus with the same peeved inflection.
“I’m exhausted you berks! Dorcas has been staying at our place ever since Marlene went on that tour around the continent to find new athletes for the firm to sign.”
“Oof, is it nasty?” James asks, gently placing Prongs the duck to the ground and straightening back up.
“She’s in a real strop over it, yeah. Re’s with her now.”
“Lils, you underestimate Cas,,” Sirius snorts, bending down and giving into Prongs’s silent plea for a snack, holding out a chunk of peanut butter for him to nibble at. “She’s not gonna let something so temporary fuck her up. They’ve been going out for over a year now.” Sirius studiously ignores the little nagging voice in his own head— one that frighteningly sounds like Mrs Potter of all people— Tooting at him that he’d certainly not be this nonchalant if Remus had to go on some research sabbatical in Rome or Athens for half as long as Marlene’s three month stint.
“You are so full of it Black,” Lily sneers, and he really wouldn’t be surprised if she’s somehow secretly found out how to read minds on her downtime from the restaurant.
“Dorcas is a diamond,” James says cheerfully. “I’m sure she’ll be right as rain soon enough.” As if right on queue they hear a booming crash coming from across the hall in Lily and Remus’s apartment. “Or erm— Maybe she won’t?”
"Prats,” Lily mutters lowly before pivoting on her heels leading the way for the three sum to frantically  scramble and follow suit.
Sirius is all levels of confused once they walk in  only to findDorcas starfished flat on the ground with her curls still soaked from what must’ve been a shower and grasping tight to a pink hairbrush. Remus’s standing over her with his hands on his hips, and lips pinched ever so slightly, the face he gets when he’s trying to figure out how to solve a particularly difficult dilemma. And it might be smarmy of him, but Sirius can’t help feeling a little parched when he sees the way Remus’s drenched T-shirt clings to his perfect form— near see-through.
“Is everything okay?” Lily asks as she steps closer, frowning bewilderedly.
“We just had a bit of an incident when Dorcas saw a clunk of blonde hair in the brush  that Marlene shares with her.”Remus explains, excepting the kiss Sirius offers him in hello. “And well, ahem then she found a garment that Marlene had left behind…  And well things escalated.”
“I’m going to be alone for forever,” Dorcas moans, making his point for him.
“I love it when you’re the dramatic one, Cas,” Sirius crows, narrowly dodging the aforementioned brush that Dorcas launches at his head. “Nice aim!”
“Leave me so I can whither away!”
“Nonsense, love, you two will be fine.” James interjects good naturedly.
“Let’s get some frozen yogurt, yeah?  Get your mind off of everything,” Lily suggests lightly, helping pull her up by the hands with Remus, Sirius’s own never leaving Remus’s back pocket.
“Can we go to the place with the jellybean  toppings,” Dorcas asks with a pout, head resting on Lily’s shoulder— dark tresses falling into strawberry blonde.
“Course, sweetheart,” she assures with a glowing smile.
Breathing in deep, Dorcas nods slowly, stretching her neck just slightly so to kiss Remus’s cheek in thanks  before she lets Lily cart her off into her room to get changed.
“I better put the marauders into their crate if we’re going to be out long,” James announces, effectively leaving Remus and Sirius finally, blissfully, alone.
“Is this the part where I tell you that I thought you only get wet when I’m around?” Sirius asks cheekily, rounding on his boyfriend with a smirk already painted over his face.
“You can,” Remus relents with a one armed shrug. “But only if you want to not speak with me for the rest of the day.”
Sirius lets out an endeared huff, head shaking slightly before he dips down to greet him properly. “Morning gorgeous,” he beams,  cupping his hands around Remus’s face before kissing him nice and thorough.
“I missed you last  night,” Remus says, foreheads pressed up against each other as his hands wander up and down Sirius’s back muscles appreciatively, landing on his forearms with a small squeeze.
“I had to concentrate on that proposal for the new  tube stop that Moody wanted by today.” Sirius tips back his head, toes curling ever so slightly at the way Remus is mouthing along the column of his neck, nipping at the hinge of Sirius’s jaw with particular focus.  “And believe it or not Messr Lupin, but you prove a formidable distraction."
“Is that right?” Remus smiles against his skin, pressing him even closer.  “And did you finish all that paperwork, architect Black?”
“Hmm, you’re getting off on this shit, aren’t you?” Sirius can’t help but laugh, especially when Remus pulls back,  blinking up  owlishly at him. “Oh don’t give me the innocent act, gorgeous. I’ve been able to see through that since the first night we met.”
Remus’s face turns a fetching pink, snickering slightly as he presses back up against him. “Can’t. Help. It.” Remus says between another round of peppered kisses on the lobe of Sirius’s ear, the hallow of his cheek and corner of his mouth too. “You’re brilliant.”
“You’re touched in the head, just a ball of hornyness.” Sirius accuses, tugs him close once more and slants their lips together while one hand slings around Remus’s narrow waste and the other begins to knead into his ass muscle. “Shall we take this back to your room? Do this properly without any clothing?”
Remus flushes, fingers toying with the collar of Sirius’s shirt as he swallows down, hard.”Could you— Erm, could you maybe wear those glasses you use sometimes for when you’re reading those long contracts?”
Absolutely preening,, Sirius cards a hand through Remus’s caramel curls, scraping his nails gently against his scalp. “And the professorial kink makes another appearance in the bed ladies and gents.” He announces to the empty room, as if he’s  a twentieth century gameshow host.
“I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a kink, per se.” Remus argues haughtily, cheeks infused red, and teeth sunk into his bottom lip.
“‘S okay gorgeous, I think your swottyness is rather cute.” Sirius goads, pecks Remus’s mouth lightly before dragging him off to his room to finally get at some bare skin. 
“It’s not because I’m a swot that I like seeing you like that,” Remus harrumphs, watching as Sirius sheds off his top before sitting leisurely on the bed, feeling bloody incandescent when Remus mounts his lap, nuzzling his nose against Sirius’s neck with his arms resting against his broad shoulders.
“I’d wager you have dirty librarian fantasies too,” Sirius laughs through the kisses, thrusting upwards so that Remus’s bum bounces slightly against his hardness, fucking miraculous.
“Hah— Hmm,” Remus breathes a bit more laboredly as he settles back down. “And what if I do,” he asks primly, unwittingly making it so a thrill runs down Sirius’s spine with the thought of his boyfriend— the bloke who is most certainly  the love of his god forsaken life— picturing the different ways he wants Sirius— above him and under him, all around him and deep inside of him. And Christ, what a beautiful thought.
“’S not a problem with me goldilocks,” Sirius tells him with a slight catch to his voice, not having expected that the idea would effect him so thoroughly. “Tell me do you like me stern? Maybe you turned in some late books and I had to teach you a lesson.”
“If I’m being honest, love, you don’t talk much in the fantasy,” Remus laughs when Sirius bolts upwards, flipping him so that he’s beneath Sirius and his hair is fanned on the pillow like a gilded halo.
“Fucking lies,” Sirius slips a hand through the hem of Remus’s sweats, unsurprised to find that he’s not wearing any boxer briefs, knowing full and well how Remus prefers to sleep in the nude.” “You love it when I’m waxing poetic about you, and when I’m harsh at you. When I tell you about how your mouth is meant to suck my cock, how I want to put you over my lap and spank that perfect little arse of yours.” Sirius wraps his hand around Remus’s length, twisting it slightly before  starting to pump, absolutely beaming at how he’s already begun to get Remus to get that oh so beautiful glazed look over his eyes, turning him undone with a few strategic touches and perfectly crafted, perfectly illicit mutterings. “When I call you gorgeous and a filthy little slag and when I fuck into you even after you’re already spent.”
Remus’s hips rock up, eyes squint shut when Sirius uses his free hand to thumb at one of his delightfully pink nipples and pinches it for good measure while he quickens the pace of his hand sliding up and down Remus’s shaft. “Tell me how much you crave that, love. How much you love being good for me, how much you love it when I show you how.”
“Sirius— Hold on,” Remus begs, voice coming out in an almost whine— haggard and breathy and high pitched— while both his hands knot into  Sirius’s dark hair, quaking so hard that Sirius knows he’s got him on the edge. 
Tenderly, he dips down his head, lips pressed against Remus’s ear and hot tendrils of breath skirting against his skin. Shh, ‘s fine, baby,” he promises him, stroking him through the climax. “’S okay, just let me take care of you, yeah?”
“Oh God! Fuck! Fuck— Sirius!” Remus chokes out, hips thrusting rapidly as he chases that relief and slumping back once his orgasm quite literally pulses out, coating Sirius’s hand and abs and some on Remus’s jumper too.
“You really are gorgeous,” Sirius tells him with a smile, gingerly kissing the lids of his still shut eyes before grappling for the little baggie of wet wipes they’ve begun keeping in Remus’s night stand drawer for moments like these.
“I hate how you could do that to me,” Remus tells him with heavy breaths as Sirius cleans up, taps his side lightly so Remus rises up his hips and Sirius tosses his pants to the corner, followed by Remus’s now spoiled jumper. He really couldn’t wait to get his hands off of him after a day apart.
“Oi! ‘S not my fault that the thought of me as some stodgy  librarian is what   gets you going, Moonbeam.” Sirius rebukes, pulls up the comforter so that it pools around their hips, while he lies back leisurely with Remus’s head propped up on his chest.
“We’re breaking up,” Remus tells him flatly, tracing small circles against Sirius’s tanned skin, interrupted by intermittent pecks.
“Cruel,” Sirius pouts, still carding a hair through Remus’s mussed curls, can’t imagine ever living without this, not after so many years of never ending yearning and countless almosts and taking one step forwards before being pushed two back so many times that it made them bloody barmy.
But they’re here now. Sirius has Remus in ways he never thought he’d ever want to claim a person— and lets himself be claimed in the same ways right back. Sirius knows Remus and all of Remus’s little quirks—  loves him all the more for it. He knows the way Remus likes his tea when he wakes up at three in the morning and can’t go back to bed, how it’s different from the tea he prefers to drink in the afternoons. Knows the way Remus licks the lip of the mug before every sip. Sirius knows Remus’s favorite book for each of his various moods, and knows that on those quiet days— the ones when Remus doesn’t like talking much at all— that Remus only needs time, needs to know that Sirius’ll be there when he wakes up the next morning with sunlit smiles and kisses that taste like violet skies and cinnamon scones and promises meant to be kept.
And of course Sirius will be there, of course he’d have Remus in any and all ways that he’d let him— He knows it in his bones that Remus feels that same crippling sort of devotion for him right back, knows that it’s a once in a life time sort of ordeal. He knows that he’s grateful for every breath they share with one another.
“”A man could take only so much smugness from his boyfriend,” Remus tells Sirius petulantly, the words belied by how he tenderly kisses his chest.
“No but Remus, darling, tel me. Who makes more of an appearance in the sexy thought time? Librarian me or the image of me in the rugby kit.” 
Remus moves to flip him the bird while he nips at the patch of skin he was just lapping at with quiet reverence.
“I hate that I told you that.” Remus fumes, actually embarrassed looking as he pulls away from him.
Sirius is frantic when he circles his arms around Remus’s torso and brings his body  back to lie over his own. “Nah, no, gorgeous,  I like it. Gets me going. The idea that you’re so lost on me that you picture me in those different outfits.” Sirius tells him, pressing a kiss of apology to the temple of his head.
“’S not weird Sirius!”
“Course it’s not baby,” Sirius soothes, hand caressing his side meaningfully.
“You’re bloody fit— you know that! ’s totally normal that I’d wanna wank off to my beautiful damn boyfriend.”
“Completely, no one’s arguing against you, baby.”
“Hmm,” Remus huffs before springing up suddenly, pinning Sirius with a suspicious glower. “So what, you don’t ever picture me like that? In your favorite sorts of fantasies.”
Sirius throws back his head, laughing at how distressed he looks. God he’s in love with such a bellend. “Cor! Remus, me calling you Prince Ponce all those years before we finally just shagged wasn’t simply  because you had a royal scepter  up your arse that I wanted to replace with my  prii—“ Remus shoves Sirius hard enough so he won’t finish that line, and honestly? Valid.
“So what? That’s all?” Remus fumes, settling away from him once more.  “You’ve only ever imagined me as some sorta golden boy you wanted to get your grubby hands on?”
“Course not, love, there’s like hundreds I think of.”
“Like what?” Remus needles, and Sirius feels his cheeks burn scarlet as he has to avert his gaze, knowing precisely what his top fantasy is and too nervous to actually say it out loud.
“Oh c’mon Sirius,” Remus sighs, obviously having read the doubt blotched all over his face. “I’ve seen you piss while eating an ice cream cone in a public beach, and that was before we began even dating.”
“’S not my fault that Marlene got stung by that bloody jellyfish!”
“We’ve crossed the possibility of being embarrassed in front of the other long ago,” Remus continues as if Sirius hadn’t interrupted. 
“Ugh fine,” Sirius grouses, tossing himself back on the mattress. “But you swear not to poke fun?”
“You have my word,” Remus says evenly, and gestures at him to continue.
“Okay— Well you don’t know this because we met so much later. But when Jem and I were younger— back in secondary school, maybe.” He coughs only slightly, gaze razor focussed on where he’s tugging on a stray strand of string hanging off the comforter, feeling suddenly very hot under Remus’s appraising gaze. “We, erm. Ahem. We were really bloody bored this one weekend so we watched the Star Wards prequels, you know. Just because everyone’s seen them and all.”
“Mmm, right. I don’t know where you’re going with this though.”
“I’m getting there tosser,” Sirius harrumphs, still doesn’t meet his hazel eyes, even if he’s a bit brassed off.
“All right, well don’t let me stop you.”
“Right, well— Hah.  You know the Empire Strikes Back,” Sirius asks tentatively.
“Course I do,” Remus nods, faltering just slightly once he pieces it together. “Oh.”
“’S just a thing I’ve thought about since I was like thirteen—“ Sirius explains lamely. 
“And you’d— You’d like to see me in that get up?” Remus asks, voice betraying his inhibition.
Sirius has a mild heart attack thinking of Remus— his Remus— in that golden bikini and doing it just  for Sirius and Jesus fuck he can’t even breathe. “Yeah— Yes, ahem, I would really like that.”
“All right,” Remus says with a nod and Sirius’s not really sure what he means by that. Whether it’s a thank you for sharing or a you have my permission to think of it or what, but he doesn’t get the opportunity to ask when there’s the sound of something else crashing in the background followed by  the muffled curse of a voice that is so painfully Peter that it hurts.
“Right, well let’s see if he’s broken anything, shall we?”
A week goes by.
Sirius never really thinks of the conversation they had, supposes it was merely a passing fancy for Remus to be validated that Sirius has those same heated thoughts about him. (Which of fucking course he does. Remus’s the epitome of what it means to be beautiful. A God damn angel— Of bloody course Sirius is completely lost on him. But hey, it might’ve been just one of those insecurities of his, a hurtle  that needed to be past over for them to proceed in their relationship. So yeah,  whatever.) Sirius doesn’t think of it again.
Though the refrain from that is thrown out the God forsaken window on a typical Wednesday morning in the office, when Sirius gets the Snapchat notification that quite literally turns his brain into a stew of slush.
There’s a meeting with Benedict Carro who’s asked the firm to build his newest golf club in Devon, and Sirius is just collecting some of the charts and preliminary sketches from his desk for the impending meeting with the old git.  So he really doesn’t think much of it when he sees his phone light up with a message from Remus, is expecting it to be a picture of his adorably  scrunched up face or of a new addition to his ridiculous collection of candles, or maybe even of the ducks wandering across the hall like they’re occasionally want to do.
What Sirius most certainly does not expect to see is a fucking photograph of two distinct costumes lying on his bed, and the line “Look what came today,” written on the black bar.
“Mother of God,” Sirius thinks that he might be in the midst of an actual fucking seizure, feels his heart palpitating irregularly and his breaths catching and his insides fucking imploding all at once.
He can’t believe that this is a thing that is happening. That Remus went out and bought them just to surprise Sirius with and now he’s teasing him mercilessly because Sirius’s in love with a wicked fucking mastermind. And just, holy fuck.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
“Mr Black, Mr Carro and his associates are here,” Sirius’s newest assistant— Benjy Fenwick, says in a tone that makes it obvious that he’s been trying to get Sirius’s attention for quite a while now and is about fed up. Sirius is really tempted to flip his phone around and show him a photograph of how insanely sexy Remus is, then he’ll surely understand the reason why Sirius’s been dissolved into a puddle of pure longing for the day to be over. But he ultimately reasons that wouldn’t be exactly appropriate, technically being Benjy’s boss and all, even though they’re nearly the same age.
But yeah— not a good look.
So he hurriedly texts back that Remus is the absolute devil incarnate before shutting off his phone and following Benjy into one of the meeting rooms in the back— trying to muster an air of nonchalance even if the image of Remus in that God damn Princess Leia bikini, is permanently  scorched into his every thought.
“Sirius spent the rest of that afternoon sending admittedly explicit texts to Remus about all the things he wants to do to him that night, and practically sores back to their building when he leaves work.
Thankfully Remus had taken care of getting the place to their selves that night, so all Sirius has to do now is jump around from foot to foot in his room, beyond jittery in anticipation of Remus finally coming out the closet dressed in Sirius’s greatest fantasy of all time.
“Is the music absolutely necessary?” Remus calls out through the closed door.
“Yes,” Sirius says in a tone that’s about two octaves higher than his usual speaking voice, so beyond flustered. “’S for the ambiance Lupin!”
“Oy, if I had known this was such a thing for you, I would’ve done it earlier,” Remus snorts, walking out in a white bathrobe that gives nothing away as he eyes Sirius in the Han Solo outfit he got— complete with a fake blaster pistol and its holster. “You look so cute.”
“You’re a God,” Sirius tells him in aw, reaching a gentle hand over to run through  his dark, tawny curls. 
Remus rolls his eyes, but Sirius catches the smirk he’s wrestling down on his lips. “I love you.”
“I know,” Sirius breathes, padding up closer to him and kissing Remus slow and thorough, a tender hand caressing his cheek.
“God save the queen, that reference  actually did something for me,” Remus chuckles, but Sirius can’t respond, has permanently lost all ability to function or piece together words once he spots how Remus loosens the knot on his robe and slinks it off to reveal miles and miles of bare skin, only slightly concealed by the golden bikini of his fantasies, even complete with purple little frills that dangle off the hips.
Sirius realizes that he must’ve been gaping by the way Remus waves a hand in front of his face, “Earth to Sirius? Is this not how you pictured it? Did I get the wrong model or—“ Sirius shuts him up with a heated and desperate kiss that leaves them both breathless by the time they separate.
“Remus, please, for the love of God, get on that bed and wait for me to decide what I want to do with you."
With a  small grin turning up the corner of his lips, Remus nods eagerly, perching up on the edge of Sirius’s bed and blinking up at him— practically imploring  for Sirius to finally just have his wicked way with him already.
Sirius mildly thinks that he doesn’t deserve such a gift, but gets distracted when Remus separates his legs a little further and he can spot the way his dick is poking out the metallic colored panties, throbbing with anticipation.
“Budge up, I want your back against the headboard,” Sirius demands lowly, and Remus is quick to comply.
On his knees, Sirius shuffles up close enough to clamp his hands on Remus’s inner thighs, pulls them further apart as he smacks a hard kiss to Remus’s mouth, slowly moving to  nose at the edge of his cheek and ear as he tells him in a very quiet, very deliberate tone to keep his hands above his head. “You’re a good boy, baby, so I won’t tie them, but you’re gonna keep them up there and you’re not gonna move them, okay?”
Remus, already completely flushed, nods vigorously. He prefers staying quiet when they get like this— Sirius would ordinarily prod at him a little to get some words out, but he’s far too distracted right now.
He kisses across Remus’s protruding collarbone, thinks of how swan like and gentle his features are. How Remus’s a work of art and how he wants Sirius more than breathing, how that’s splayed all over his face, especially now.  And God, how heady of a thrill.
Sirius kisses down the line of his chest and stomach muscles with slow precision, nuzzles against the material of the bikini before he nearly breaks the left strap trying to get at Remus’s left nipple, teeth grinding and playing with the ball— biting a little harder when Remus whimpers, trying to cant his hips upwards.
Sirius pulls back, pinching his side lightly. “Stay still,” he reproves, excepts it wen Remus quietly apologizes, ducking his head down to the other nipple now, his hands tenderly petting against Remus’s sides as he sucks on it with the same ferocity.
“Sir—Sirius, please,” Remus begs from above him, head tossed back to show off the long trail of his beautiful neck.
“You’ve been teasing me all day, baby,” Sirius tells him in a voice that’s barely above a whisper, beginning to mouth against the light feathering of pale hair that runs down Remus’s torso, leading to his dick.
“I’m sorry,” Remus tells him, bottom lip worried between his teeth.
“Shh, it’s ok, I got you,” Sirius kisses the point right beneath his naval, and he ducks down to what he was trying to get at in the first place 
“Turn around,” he tells him, words clipped. “ON all fours.”
Remus looks relieved to finally be able and do something as he tells him “Yes,” and flips over,  already rigid with anticipation.
“You’re so good for me, baby,” Sirius tells him, places a hand on the small of Remus’s back for leverage as he kisses the smattering of freckles that dance over  Remus’s thighs. God he has such amazing thighs, strong and elegant and Sirius’s favorite thing is when he gets to kiss them like this, to nip at them and hear the little, abrupt inhale that Remus sucks in at the touch. “Stay good for me, okay,” Sirius tells him as he takes his hands and he spreads open Remus’s asscheeks, revealing the little, dark hole Sirius has spent many a night moaning exaltations towards.
Softly, and with hot breaths Sirius pulls to the side the weak material of the thong, peppers kisses all around Remus’s ass before dipping down deeper and lapping a tongue against the tiny, fluttering ring of wrinkled skin.
“Sirius, please,” Remus moans pushing closer to the hot sensation.
“I got you, sweetheart,” Sirius tells him, lips pressed against him as Sirius kisses the entrance adoringly—tongue plunging  inside deeper, harder, slower. And he loves this, the sensation of it, of Remus coming undone in his very hands.
Sirius is about to wrap a hand around the length of him, to stroke in tandem with his worshiping with his mouth, but suddenly there little moment of bliss is cut by the sound of insistent and boisterous knocking.
“Ignore it,”
“It could be important,” Remus argues weakly, obviously all levels of regretful as he peers over his shoulder.
“Fuck it, who cares, ’s my flat and they can sod off!”
Remus presses his lips together, looking like he might agree, but then comes a new round of rapping, and Sirius sees the resolve in his face.
“Oh bloody hell! Fine!” Sirius fumes, scrambling up. “But if it’s someone trying to sell me shit, I’ve got the legal obligation to punch them in the face!”
“Of course darling,” Remus smiles at him, and it’s the only thing that gives Sirius enough strength to swagger towards the front and open the door without already being in mid shout. Though, what he doesn’t expect to happen is to find his adoptive mother of all fucking people on the other side.
“Sirius? Love?” Dr Potter greets, eyeing him worriedly with a tsk, bringing a small, brown hand to his forehead as if to take his temperature and making it so Sirius flinches back. “Why do you look all red, and honey it’s not October yet, what’s with the outfit?”
“Mum!, why are you here!” Sirius asks instead, avoiding the question all together, voice completely strangled.
“Oh, well James called me to check up on the ducks this Friday, but I was in town with an old girlfriend, so I reckoned I’d just pop over, see if you guys needed anything for me to bring you.” She explains blithely, still looking up at him with concern. “Your taking care of yourself, aren’t you dearest? You’re not working too hard?”
Sirius panics, tries to think of a perfectly plausible excuse besides the obvious— So but of course that’s right when Remus decides to shout from the bed. “Sirius who’s at the door?” And no! Jesus no!
“Remus? Lovey?” his mum calls back.
“Oh— Erm. Dr Potter.” Remus has stepped out of his room now, mercifully already back in his robe. “I didn’t know we were expecting you,” he says  with a pale color tinting his pillar, like he’s about to be sick.
Okay, yup, Sirius’s erection has died forever now after hearing Remus speaking to Sirius’s bloody mother dressed like that.
Fuck his life.
“Are you boys okay? Did I— Did I interrupt something?”
“Mum! James is just out to dinner with Lily! We’re fine, honest! And erm, we can’t wait to see you Friday night!”
“Oh dearest, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you  guys— ah dressed up—“ Dr Potter flushes, but there is definite amusement glittering in her eyes, and that’s right when Sirius slams his hand against his face and retreats back to the bedroom, barely hearing it when she bids farewell to Remus and tells Sirius to call her tomorrow.
“I reckon we won’t be continuing?” Remus asks, a total giggle to his words. Holy fucking shite! Everyone in his life are such pricks!
“I’m jumping off the balcony!” Sirius screams back in response, plunging his head into the pillows and contemplating everything that’s brought him to this point.
~My Wolfstar FIC Masterlist~
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catgirldick · 4 months ago
got tagged by darling @catgirlprincess!
1. Why did you choose your url?
im a catgirl, ive got a girldick/i love catgirls, i love girldick, what meowre is there to say! (nyactually there is to say that i got the idea furrom misreading tumblr user catgirldirk's url ghgjhjghfdf but thats a secret)
2. Any side blogs?
a horny blog, and a rwby spoilers blog i havent used in aaaaages. also a handful hoarded urls
3. How long have you been on tumblr?
september 2015! same account the whole way through!
4. Do you have a queue tag?
pawbsolutely not. die. you'll expurrience me all at once or not at all <3
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
ok this is the stupidest story but i was out camping w my parents, i had my phone w me, and had wifi but it was pawbsolutely dogshit, only rly able to load google, n somehow i manyaged to entertain myself by googling "funny pictures" or something like that. it gave me a ton of early 2010's pawpular tumblr posts, and i liked those so meowch i made an nyaccount soon after gettin home
6. Why did you choose your pfp?
valentine's surprise from @naomibnova to the polycule! i still love it immeownsely!!! drawn by the wonderful @ghoulgeists!
7. Why did you choose your header?
a gift furrom @lunasn0wfall / @catgirlasscheeks!! dont remeowmber what fur but its my girlfriends! (again!!) n its v cute!!!
8. What’s your post with the most notes?
THAT is nyactually a post i made in like, 2016? 2017? abt playing the create-a-mii theme at a plastic surgery clinic! last i remeowmber its got like 40K notes, by far my biggest post. it was back on my original url so u cant actually find it by searchin my blog, as far as i've tried :<
9. How many mutuals do you have?
god LORD knows!! i've followed almeowst efurry catgirl[blank] blog ive come across, and even befur then i nyaccumulated a fuck ton of mewtuals, so i think its at least around a 100?
10. How many followers do you have?
3.590 on main, 4.036 on my horny blog (which has existed fur 3 years less than my main gfhgfgdf)
11. How many people do you follow?
1.488! (wait thats a cursed fuckin number someone gimme a blog to follow) (nyactually a big majority of those are def inyactive ask blogs, i should clear em out sometime)
12. Have you ever made a shitpost?
have you? no man or woman is free of sin, if we dont meme then jeezyboi'd've died fur nothing
13. How often do you use tumblr a day?
daily, almeowst constantly, its purrfect to keep me busy when im not doin meowre purroductive or active stuff. and my dash is so well curated, i love my friends theres barely any stupid shit <#
14. Did you ever have a fight/arguement with another blog?
yes, years ago. i did discourse a couple times as a foolish teen. luckily shortly after i realised how bad my autistic ass is at arguing and that i super dont enjoy it nyanyways, so id rather be a silent soldier in the crowd, n support my dear friends who are way better at puttin their thoughts into words
15. How do you feel about the “you need to reblog” posts?
stupid whore activitity, ignore em, unless the rest is good n impurrtant, then i go and reblog an older version w/o the guilt trip if pawsible
16. Do you like tag games?
yes!!!! i dont nyalways have energy fur em and also bad memory, but please feel free to tag me in em always!!
17. Do you like ask games?
yes!!! same as above!!
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr-famous?
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i genuinely dunno gfhggf, idc abt tumblr fame that meowch tbh, but i think @transbiandahlia, @lizzy-dotharl, @transjade are extremely cool and sexy and deserve cool sexy followers and/or simps if they want em <3
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
gfhgfgdf listen have u SEEN my mewtuals???? how can i not??? two friends in purrticular that come to mind rn are @transjade and @estergen!!!! theyre hot as fuck and gorgeous as the sun!!!!!! go simp fur em!!!!
ill tag uhhhhhhhhhhh, yknow what? ive tagged like fifteen people nyalready, efurryone already tagged, or anyone who wants to, i triple dog dare w a kickflip u to do this one or ill suck ur toebeans (threat) <3
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grandpa-sweaters · 7 months ago
Creature Comforts | Part 2
Description: Lincoln dog sits for a coworker while she visits her parents upstate.
Warnings: Here be sex. 18+.
Part 1 here
Tumblr media
* * *
She circled the block for 15 minutes before finally finding parking, checking her phone quickly before getting out of the car.
Lincoln, 7:49 p.m.: it seems like she's drinking a lot of water, is that normal?
Lincoln, 7:56 p.m.: I can't tell if she's lethargic or just sleepy
Lincoln, 8:11 p.m.: what's your ETA?
She grabbed her bags out of the back and schlepped them the three blocks to her apartment. As she rounded the corner onto her street, she saw a large, slightly stooped figure under a streetlamp across the intersection.
"Lincoln," she called out, speeding up her walk as she got close. He smiled in relief as she joined him, looking down at Gertie, who was sniffing intently at a spot at the base of a relay mailbox.
"Hey, Gert," she crooned, dropping her bag on the sidewalk and bending down to say hello. "How are you feeling?"
"She seems okay for now," Lincoln said above her. "But I wasn't sure what to look for."
"Yeah, you look fine, don't you, nugget? You never learn your lesson, do you?" She gave Gertie a playful rub to the top of her head before standing again. "Should we go inside?"
"Sure. Here, let me get that," Lincoln insisted, leaning down to grab her bag.
"Thanks," she smiled. "I'll take this one, then," she offered, reaching for the leash.
He accepted her offer of a beer, and they sat at her tiny table, Lincoln angled outward with his legs fully stretched across the floor.
"You seem like you could use this," she said, popping the top off his bottle and sliding it across the table. He looked exhausted, worry creased into his features, but his face relaxed slightly when she smiled at him.
"Yeah, you're probably right." He glanced over at Gertie, contentedly destroying a plush toy on the couch.
"Have you eaten anything? I just realized I'm really hungry," she said. "I was going to stop somewhere on the way, but I totally spaced."
"No, not yet," he said, finishing a pull from his bottle. "I ate some of your Cheez-Its, but I didn't want to leave her here alone while I ran out for something."
"How do you feel about Chinese?" she asked, her phone already out and poised to dial.
"I feel good about it," he grinned.
Half an hour later they were on the couch, the coffee table covered with takeout containers. Lincoln had started with chopsticks but given up halfway through, skewering a dumpling on the end and lifting it to his mouth. The mood was more comfortable, and she could feel him starting to relax again.
"Thanks again for coming home early," he said gratefully, wiping some sauce from his chin, cheeks pink with embarrassment.
"Ah, it was no problem." Neither of them acknowledged it, but they both knew she had cut her trip short more for his sake than Gertie's, who was currently snoozing peacefully on her bed in the corner.
"So where were you when she found the bone?" she asked between mouthfuls of noodles.
"Outside JJ's on 37th. Do you know it?"
"Yes! I know exactly where you're talking about. She's always sniffing around there looking for something good. Ah, I should've warned you," she said regretfully.
"No, no, it's okay," he reassured. "It was just a freak thing. It could've happened anywhere."
"I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. Really. And after you were so generous to offer to watch her. Like, of course this happened."
"It was nobody's fault," he said, looking at her intently. "Please don't feel bad."
She sighed. "Okay, I won't feel bad if you promise not to feel bad either."
He smiled, and held out his near-empty bottle to clink with hers. "Deal."
They sat in silence for a moment, watching Gertie's belly rise and fall, before she broke the peace again.
"Thank you for sending those pictures, by the way."
"Oh, it's no problem. She's very photogenic."
"The one of her on the bench was adorable. And that suggestive photo of her on the bed…?" she said, raising her eyebrows, remembering the one of Gertie snuggled in the rumpled sheets, perfectly centered in a sunbeam.
Lincoln laughed. "How was that suggestive?" he asked.
She sputtered for a moment, seconds away from admitting that she'd been thinking about him lying in her sheets, his smell on her linens. "Oh, you know," she said, feeling her face getting hot. "Don't make me say it. Do you want another beer?" she asked, getting up and going to the fridge without waiting for an answer.
She set another bottle down in front of him, but he hesitated. "I feel like I should probably get home and let you crash," he said, a tinge of regret in his voice.
"Are you sure? Because I don't mind if you stay for a while," she assured him. "Especially if you don't want to leave Gertie yet." She had clocked him glancing over to check on her at least three times in the last ten minutes. "We could watch a movie or something, kill some time while we wait," she offered, her hand hovering over his bottle, opener at the ready.
He looked unsure, but reluctantly agreed. "Okay, yeah. That sounds good.”
"What kind of movies do you like?"
She flipped through her Netflix queue, and they settled on a comedy they had both seen before years ago. As the credits started, Lincoln reached back to the lamp behind his head.
"Do you mind?"
"Not at all," she said, and he turned the knob, leaving them in darkness except for the dim light over the stove in the kitchen. "I might fall asleep, though," she joked, trying to cover the nervous excitement she felt about being alone in the dark next to him.
The couch was small, and they sat close without touching, her hugging a pillow between her knees and her chest, him slouched with his arm slung across the back cushion. Neither spoke, but she laughed just a little too loudly at the jokes, overcompensating for her nerves. It seemed as though both were trying equally hard not to look at one another. Lincoln was close enough that she could feel the heat radiating off the right side of his body, and smell his warm scent, reminiscent of cloves and licorice. Every time he shifted or cleared his throat, she became more flustered by his presence next to her.
Most of the way through the movie, he reached for his beer on the coffee table, accidentally brushing her bare arm along the way.
“Sorry,” he mumbled.
“That’s okay,” she assured, the tingling from his contact running up her arm and settling into her shoulders. It took a full five minutes for her to speak again after realizing her own bottle was empty.
“I’m gonna get another beer, you want one?”
As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted them. They had been sitting in suspended animation for so long -- what if he decided now was time to leave? She began to rise off the couch, but before she could take a step, he had pulled her back down, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissing her. The action was decisive, but his kiss was timid and soft, and he broke away quickly, apologizing.
“Sorry, I wasn’t sure if -- “
She nodded, smiling, and leaned back in, head floaty and full of white noise as their lips connected again. He was hesitant at first, but when she leaned further into him, pulling him closer by the strings of his hoodie, he returned her kiss with more intensity. She licked at his tongue, and he grunted softly, hoisting her into his lap.
“What are you smiling about?” he asked, and she realized she had been grinning against his lips.
“Nothing,” she responded, but she knew: this gorgeous, sweet man she had admired for months, who’d slept in her bed last night, taken care of her dog, and was now beneath her on the couch, his big, warm hands working their way up the back of her shirt, kneading her skin as they went. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d done this with someone without it immediately turning into sex, and she savored the way his lips felt against hers as his hands slid up further, reaching the clasp of her bra and unhooking it. Without missing a beat, his hands moved around to her front, cupping her breasts gently, his thumbs moving in small circles.
She sighed, and he pushed her shirt and bra up, ducking down to swipe his tongue softly over her nipples. She felt a jolt of pleasure run straight down to her core, and he stopped to look up at her, illuminated in the blue glow of the television. “Is this okay?”
She nodded, pulling his head back down to her chest, and he licked and sucked gently as she ground in his lap, centering herself over his growing erection. The heat was rising up her abdomen, and she could feel herself flushing all over, building quickly to orgasm. Her fingers kneaded his hair, holding his head in place while his hands sat atop her ass, guiding her gently as she rocked. He moaned around her nipple as she ground particularly deeply against him, and she felt herself lose control, pulling his head back and kissing him between breaths as she came.
He looked up in pleasant surprise when she broke away. “That felt good?”
She smiled, hiding her face against his neck. “Yeah, that felt really good.”
Wasting no time, he lowered her onto her back, hovering above her. He pushed her shirt up again insistently until she pulled it over her head, tossing it to the side along with her bra. His hands traveled down her torso to her belt, struggling for a moment with the clasp before giving up. “Help?” he asked, smiling when she reached down to undo it, shimmying her hips out of her jeans.
He pulled them the rest of the way off after a brief tussle around her ankles -- “fucking skinny jeans,” she commiserated -- then quickly rid himself of his own clothes, save for his boxers. He looked over at her, clad only in her underwear.
“It’s okay,” she assured as his hands hovered over her hips, and he hooked his fingers under the sides of her underwear, pulling them off. He sat back, palming his crotch through his boxers briefly before getting up off the couch, rifling through his jeans and grabbing his wallet from the back pocket. Stepping out of his boxers, he sat back on the couch and tore open the condom he had produced, looking back over at her for confirmation.
She nodded, watching him roll the condom on with a mixture of trepidation and lust. He was in even better shape than she had thought -- she’d had a feeling, but it was hard to tell given the loose clothes he always wore. She realized she was waiting for him to decide he was too attractive for her and leave her lying there alone, naked, on the couch in the dark.
But then he was on top of her, parting her legs and caging her in his arms, and she crossed her ankles around his back, welcoming him into her. Their soft sighs intermingled in the quiet of the apartment, and he rocked into her steadily, shallowly, a little awkwardly at first. He quickened his pace slightly, his hair falling into his eyes, and the chain around his neck swung forward, hitting her in the chin.
“Sorry,” he said, pausing to take it off and lay it on the coffee table. He resumed his movements, but stopped again shortly after. “Can you move over a little? My leg is falling off,” he asked apologetically.
She shifted closer to the back of the couch before thinking better of it. “Hang on,” she said, reaching down for a throw pillow that had been discarded in the shuffle. “Can I -- ?” she asked, lifting her hips and propping it under her lower back.
He rose up on his knees, entering her again, and they both groaned as he found the perfect angle, the one where he filled her completely.
“Oh fuck, that’s it,” she encouraged, her legs tightening around his hips, back arching off the cushions. He braced his left leg on the floor, using his leverage to fuck into her harder, their collective moans increasing in volume and frequency. Repositioning her leg over his shoulder, she reached back behind her head to anchor herself to the arm of the couch. He slowed his pace briefly, turning his head to press a tender kiss to the inside of her knee.
She knew her neighbors could probably hear them, but it felt too good to quiet down -- and Lincoln was so vocal in his pleasure, she wouldn’t dare try to silence him. Her body was on fire with every stroke, and with the way his jaw had slackened, his pace beginning to falter, she knew he was feeling it too.
“I’m gonna come,” he announced suddenly, gasping, his eyes squeezing shut. She dug her hands into his ass, pulling him closer, and he was flush against her as he let go, fist clenched in her hair and lips at her throat. His soft exhalations of relief were surprisingly quiet in comparison to his vocalizations from moments before.
He sank into her, and she ran her fingers through his hair as he went boneless. After a moment, he tried to get up, but she resisted, pulling him back down.
“Not yet.” She held him tight against her, skating her fingers over the expanse of his back as he sighed, his face pressed against her chest and his heartbeat beginning to slow against her stomach. She hesitated before speaking.
“Were you holding back at the end?” she asked.
“What do you mean?”
“You got kind of quiet. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“Yeah,” he mumbled against her skin. “I guess so.” He was silent for a few moments before continuing. “I had an ex who didn’t like it when I was loud.”
“Fuck her,” she said abruptly. “You don’t ever have to do that with me.”
He looked up at her, surprised, and she got quiet, realizing she might’ve just overplayed her hand.
“Okay,” he said, smiling, shimmying up her torso to press a kiss to her lips.
She woke early the next morning to the front door closing softly, realizing Lincoln had disentangled himself from her in her sleep without her noticing. Too tired to react, but feeling a vague, sinking disappointment in her chest, she grabbed his pillow and turned back toward the wall. Burying her face in it, she breathed in deeply, the smell of his hair lingering on the fabric. She closed her eyes in resignation.
Soon after she had finally drifted off again, she heard the door open and the sound of dog nails skittering across the floor. Footsteps approached, and the side of the bed dipped gently.
“Hey,” he whispered, stroking her bare upper arm. “Gertie and I got breakfast sandwiches. I wasn’t sure what kind of bagel you like, so I got one plain, one everything.”
She turned over, smiling in surprise, and Gertie jumped onto the bed, still trailing her leash.
“Here, I got it,” Lincoln reached out and unclipped it from her collar, replacing it on the hook near the door.
She rose up on her knees, hugging Gertie to her chest and fielding the slew of dog kisses promptly administered to her face.
“I’ll take everything.”
* * *
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fred-george-fic · 6 months ago
In the Middle Pt. 22
George Weasley x Reader & Cedric Diggory x Reader (Previously)
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you again for your patience while I write this fic, I feel the ending seems a bit rushed, but we’re gonna go with it!
Summary: It’s the day of Bill and Fleur’s Wedding
Word Count: 3006
Warnings: Mentions of injury, blood and otherwise just fluff
The Wedding of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour
You stand in front of the mirror taking a look at the purple floral dress you’re wearing that is meant to match George’s vest. You break away when you hear the bedroom door open and George walks into the bedroom, a wide smile spread across his face. Before you can react, his arms are wrapping tightly around your waist, pulling your hips towards him. You can feel the warmth of his hands on your back as you look up at him.
“You look gorgeous, love.” He says, planting a soft kiss on your lips. You bring your arms up and around his neck as you pull him in for a deeper kiss.
“And you look dashing,” You smile up at him, his head is wrapped tightly in gauze to protect the wound where his ear once was. It didn’t matter to you, he was still as handsome as ever and the way the gauze made his hair stand up, made you laugh. George takes a step back and squeezes your hand before exiting to the bathroom and beginning to brush his teeth.
As you begin to walk down stairs, you notice George following close behind, still brushing his teeth. You notice Harry zipping up Ginny’s dress and look over to George, putting your finger up to your mouth for him to be quiet. The two of you sneak around the table and make your way to the counter, each grabbing a cup of coffee. You lean against the counter next to George and raise an eyebrow at Ginny as the two pull away from their kiss. You bring your coffee cup up to your mouth to try and hide the smirk on your face.
“Morning,” George says, winking and then lifting his own cup to his lips. They both look away, embarrassed and exit the room.
“Well that wa-“ You look over at George, suddenly noticing his tooth brush, bursting into laughter. “Is that your tooth brush?”
“It’s the perfect holder,” George laughs, drinking more from his mug. Suddenly, Arthur comes in and looks at the two of you.
“George, do you mind helping with the tent in the garden?” He asks.
“Be there in a minute,” George calls out before Arthur quickly leaves the room. “See you later?”
“Of course,” You say, kissing him lightly and heading up to help with the rest of the preparations. You’re upstairs, helping Molly grab some decorations when you see the boys using their wands to lift the tent up. You notice George and a small smile creeps onto your lips.
“I’ve never seen either of you so happy,” Molly says, startling you a bit a winking as she heads back downstairs. Suddenly, out in the distance you notice the Minister of Magic walking towards the men.
“Molly, do you know why the Minister of Magic is here?” You ask, quickly following her down the stairs.
“The Minister? I can’t see why he would be,” Molly walks towards the door, opening it to reveal the Minister before her. “Oh! To what do we owe the pleasure?”
“I apologize for the intrusion,” The Minister says, stepping through the door, “However, I would like to speak with Mr. Harry Potter, Mr. Ronald Weasley and Miss Hermione Granger,”
“Why, of course,” She says leading him into the living area and piling more decorations into your hands. You walk into the newly set-up tent and place the decorations in their proper spots. You take note when the Minister leaves and smile at George as he greets the first guests. You stand next to him, welcoming everyone who walks by and then sending them with one of the men escorting people to their seats.  
Fred walks up to you with George close behind, “When I get married, I won’t be bothering with any of this nonsense.” He says as he tugs at the collar of his dress robes. “Wear whatever you like and I’ll put a full Body-bind curse on Mum.”
“She wasn’t so bad this morning, considering.” George replies.
“Fred, you actually need a girlfriend to consider marriage.” You tease.
“Well, some of Fleur’s Veela cousins will be attending,” Fred winks before noticing them walking towards you. He rushes over to them, “Here – permettez-moi to assister vous,” to which the girls giggle and follow Fred inside.
“Why do I feel he learned the most flattering French possible just for this moment,” You laugh, turning towards George.
“That seems likely,” George smiles before greeting the group of middle-aged witches and showing them to their seats. You chat happily with anyone waiting in the queue for one of the others to show them to their seats. Eventually an elderly witch approaches you, one who you had only met about three times at Christmases during your first three years before Fred and George set off the Dungbomb under her chair.
“Welcome Muriel,” You say with a wide smile.
“Ah, George’s fiancé,” She says, looking you up and down. Thankfully, before any of the insults could come Ron steps out to greet her. You let out a sigh of relief as Ron escorts her away. Eventually George comes back with Fred just as Hermione was talking about Muriel’s insults.
“She just told me my ears were lopsided,” George says, with mock offense.
“I’m surprised she could tell with the wrapping,” You laugh before hearing Hermione’s shriek. You look up and see none other than Viktor Krum walking towards the group. As Harry leads him to his seat, you all follow quickly behind noticing Arthur and Molly coming this way.
“Everyone to their seats, the bride is coming,” You say quickly as George takes your hand and takes you with him and Fred to your seats. As Fleur and Bill stand at the front, smiling at each other happily, George squeezes your hand tightly and leans towards you.
“That’ll be us next,” He whispers.
“I can’t be sure Fred isn’t going to run off and marry one of Fleur’s cousins,” You joke, receiving a laugh from George and a wink from Fred. You can hear sobbing coming from Molly and Fleur’s mum as well as a few others. The wizard performing the ceremony lifts his want above Bill and Fleur’s head, allowing a shower of silver stars to fall around them, pulling an applause from the crowd.
“Ladies and gentlemen, if you would please stand up!” The wizard yells, waving his wand and completely transforming the tent. Waiters suddenly enter, carrying snacks and various beverages, offering them to the attendees. You grab two glasses of direwhisky as a waiter walks by and hand one to George.
“Thanks love,” He says before planting a kiss on your head and taking a sip.
“Couldn’t of grabbed me one?” Fred says, looking offended. You roll your eyes and hand him yours before stealing a drink off of George’s. Fred immediately saw Fleur’s cousins sitting at a table and makes his way over to them. George gets pulled into a conversation with someone asking about his injury. You stand around meeting family members you have never met before and watch Bill and Fleur’s first dance.
You’re standing off to the side, chatting with Lee when George approaches.
“Lee, do you mind if I steal my fiancé from you for a dance?” George asks, a wide smile on his face over the word fiancé.
“Congrats,” Lee says with a smile, before gesturing towards you.  “By all means.”
You grab George’s hand and allow him to pull you towards the dance floor for a slow song.
“I like the sound of that, your fiancé,” You say, swaying to the music with his arms around you.
“Mm, I’ll like the sound of Y/N Weasley more,” He says, holding you close to him. You smile at the thought, pressing your face into his shoulder. “I should’ve danced with you a long time ago,”
“What do you mean?” You look up at him curious.
“We should’ve danced together at the Yule Ball,” George says, a sheepish smile on his face.
“Perhaps,” You think for a moment, recalling all the memories that led you here, into George’s arm at a beautiful wedding. “However, our story is the reason we’re together now and I am not sure I would trade that for anything,”
He smiles down at you, planting a kiss on the top of your head, “Me either,”
The song ends and turns into something more upbeat, so George and yourself break off and grab drinks and find Fred still talking to Lee through the crowd.
“I can’t believe Bill is married and my own twin is headed in the same direction,” He takes a long sip of his drink, rolling his eyes. “Meanwhile, I’m carrying our entire business on my back, without a pretty girl by my side,”
You laugh at the joke, “Well, if you hadn’t told Angelina that you needed to focus on your backbreaking business, perhaps you would. Or even if you weren’t so entranced by Fleur’s veela cousins,”
“She’s got you there, mate!” George lets out a laugh of his own, before putting his arm around you and winking, “Don’t worry, Y/N and I will pick up our slack I’m sure,”
“We could always convince Lee to actually work in the shop instead of only helping with the products,” You look over at him with an eyebrow raised. Lee goes to respond before you all see it, Kingsley’s patronus breaking through the roof of the tent and landing right in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone quickly jumped back and you can feel George’s arm wrapping tighter around you as Kingsley’s voice echoes.
The crowd panicked but you made sure you keep your hand firm in George’s, holding your wand out with the other. The lights from spells and curses were whizzing around over your head. Whenever a Death Eater got to close, one of the four would cast a spell, sending them backwards. You notice Hermione, Ron and Harry in the crowd and see them disapparate away from the wedding causing you to sigh in relief.
Lee, George, Fred and yourself are all standing with your backs facing on another, casting spell after spell. However, eventually the Death Eaters swarm you, pointing their wands at you. Unfortunately, there were more Death Eaters than Order members, allowing them to easily surround you all. You look around, hoping someone is still fighting and winning. Instead, the patrons who are left are lining up in rows on the dance floor. They flick their wands in at direction, motioning for the four of you to line up.
George stood in front of you, while Fred and Lee stood behind you, glaring at everyone who looked in their direction. You notice that anyone who was brought back was sat down in a grassy area outside the tent, while more Death Eaters hover over them.
“Ah, another Weasley,” One of the Death Eaters says in disgust, stopping in front of George. “Been seeing a lot of you in these interrogations. Maybe we ought to dwindle your numbers, especially since there seems to be two of you.” He points his wand at George.
“Don’t touch him!” You yell and begin to step forward, receiving a glare from George. Fred pulls you back, his eyes wide.
“Well, well, who do we have here?” The man looks at you, wand still pointing at George but slowly switches it over to you, face breaking into a menacing smile. “Not a Weasley, perhaps just another blood traitor?”
You hear someone call out from the house, another Death eater, “Well, I guess your next sweetheart,” He continues before grabbing your arm roughly and pulls you towards the house.
George steps in to intervene, but another Death Eater steps in the way. “Now now, I wouldn’t do anything too hasty if you want her to come back alive,” The other one says before you’re out of ear shot. You attempt to give George a, I’ll be okay, look. But you’re not sure if it reaches your eyes.
You’re sat at the kitchen table and left alone for a few moments, wandless. You know that if you try to make any movements, it will just make the entire situation worse. You could hear things crashing above, suggesting they were rummaging through the house, trying to find Harry. So you sat there, until out of the corner of your eye, you noticed a towering man with extra hair.
“Why, ‘ello darling,” Fenrir Greyback said as he walks into the room along with the same Death Eater from earlier. Your mind immediately goes to the two people who have had encounters with Greyback, Bill and Remus, immediately filling you with concern. But, you try and swallow it down.
“This gig seems a little beneath you,” You say, looking up at Fenrir. “Harassing a wedding, just to find one wizard? Seems a bit low, if you ask me.”
“I don’t believe I asked you, girl.” He growls before continuing out the door, nodding at the other Death Eater before he does.
“Now, let’s make this easy and you can go back unharmed,” He smiles as he sits in the chair next to you. “Where is Harry Potter?”
“How would I know?” You ask, glaring at the man.
“We have reason to believe he was at the wedding,” He places his hands on the table, revealing a knife in one of his hands. “And we want to know where he went.”
“Well, he wasn’t here and even if he was, he wouldn’t have told me where he was going,” You exaggerate the me, “We were never close, I haven’t even seen him since I left Hogwarts,”
You can hear someone else being brought into the house now and you notice a faint voice, Charlie. You don’t break your gaze with the man, not wanting to seem weak. The man just leaves the menacing grin on his face.
“I really wish I didn’t have to ruin a pretty face,” He says before quickly slicing up his knife, the tip barely going across your cheek, just enough to draw blood. You hold in a scream, knowing it would set George off to hear it, instead your face fills with anger. Instead, your gaze does not falter.
“If I knew where bloody Harry Potter was, I would tell you!” You’re trying to keep your voice neutral, but you can fill the anger welling up. He continues to press the subject until he realized you’re not going to give any important information. He shoves you outside forcibly, before going to grab the next guest. A different Death Eater pulls you over to the group that is sitting and plants you next to Tonks, who immediately wraps you into a hug when she notices the cut on your face and the tears in your eyes.
You glance over at the few people left who are still standing and see Fred, but not George or Lee. Fred looks like he’s going to lose it, but keeps his cool until Charlie is brought out and he is taken in. Charlie sits next to you and Tonks, staying completely silent, but gives your hand a squeeze. Eventually Lee is brought out and then George, but they purposely seat them on the opposite side of you.
George meets your gaze as he walks by and notices your tears and cut, causing his expression to immediately go sour. You mouth a quick, “Don’t” before he’s taken out of view. You sit there in the cold as hours pass by as more people are interrogated and then placed outside. However, the Death Eaters eventually realize that no one here actually knows where Harry is, and leave without getting any answers.
Many people left, returning to their homes, some dejected and others injured. George met your eyes before rushing over to you and wrapping you in his arms and burying his head in your hair. He doesn’t question or attempt to push any subjects revolving the night any further.
Those who stuck around enter the front door to the Burrow and notice the house in complete disarray. The curtains were ripped, pieces of decorations were scattered across the floor and there were muddy footsteps planted throughout. Molly looks around before slowly sinking back into her chair. You got your wand back after the Death Eaters had left and were currently walking around cleaning up as much as you could. The others joined in, waving their wands or just picking a few things up here and there. You noticed Remus and Arthur talking in hushed tones in the corner.
The house eventually came together as much as possible, but you all knew you wouldn’t be staying long. You stood in the shower and let the water wash over you. George cast a spell on your face in order to heal the cut on your face, but a faint blemished remained. He and Fred were already showered and laying in their beds, whispering lightly when you walk into the room. They were whispering lightly to each other, but stopped when you walked into the room.  
George’s arms are already open and waiting for you to crawl into the bed with him. “We’re going to be heading back to the shop tomorrow,” George says with a bit of relief in his voice, but lowered it as if someone was listening, “The Death Eaters noticed Ron sick upstairs, so they have no reason to suspect us,”
You nod your head, remembering the Weasley’s had transfigured a ghoul to look like Ron for this exact reason. “Well, I’m glad to be heading home,”
“Me too,” He says planting a kiss on your forehead. You barely slept that night, as the fears from the day kept creeping into your mind. You knew that in the coming months, you were going to need to lay low and quietly continue your work at the shop until Harry and the others completed their task.
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huntergatherercreator · 10 months ago
Take Me Back
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Warnings: Smut, mention of cheating and alcohol abuse, break-up angst
Note: Have I really just written something not mob!tom related? I’m as shocked as you are. This is my first time posting something that contains sexual content on this level, it’s kinda nerve wracking so any feedback would be appreciated! Also, let me know if I’ve missed any warnings I should have added.
2,032 words
The bar wasn’t your usual scene. You preferred local, intimate places not clubs like this. Despite being underground the mirrored ceiling made it feel twice as open. You looked out over the dance floor from the mezzanine at the entrance door searching for your friends. Rhythmic lighting spilled over the space. It was almost filled to capacity with bodies dancing to bass so loud it reverberated through the soles of your new shoes.
An exaggerated wave from the middle of the bar caught your attention and you smiled as your friend signalled you over. Gripping the handrail of the metal steps you took a breath before descending. You still weren’t completely comfortable with the outfit you’d been talked into wearing but judging by the looks you were getting as you cut across the floor it wasn’t as bad as you’d initially feared.
“Damn, Y/N! You look incredible!” Your friend gushed pulling you in beside her at the bar. Signalling to the bartender she had them pour out two shots. Turning to you with a devilish grin she offered you a lime wedge.
“No way. I just got here,” you refused. As much as you enjoyed drinking the past three months had been filled with nights spent at the bottom of a bottle. You were slowly getting back control. Reigning yourself in after the worst breakup you’d ever experienced but it was a slow process.
A lot of your recovery had to do with the guy you’d met a few weeks ago. Tonight was the first night he’d meet your best friend, the one whose opinion could make or break the possible relationship.
With a sulky pout she downed her own. “So, when will this mystery man of yours get here?”
“He should be here soon.” Your friend leaned her back against the bar, eyes scanning the room.
“ it him?” she mused pointing to a guy with too much hair product. “No,” she shook her head, “it’s got to be him.” You followed her finger and snorted a laugh as you watched a guy dancing awkwardly in the corner.  
“Stop it. You’ll know him when you see him,” you promised. Turning back to the bar to order a beer you heard her gasp even over the loud music. In the mirrors lining the glass shelves you could see him approaching and couldn’t stop a smile. Your friend not so subtly nudged you.
“Is this real? Is he coming over? My god, he’s gorgeous” she babbled. You took a long sip of your beer and decided to let her work it out on her own.
“He looks like he works out so much. Those jeans, that t-shirt...” You could practically hear her drooling before she quickly spun to face you. “Shit, he’s actually coming over, what do we..”
“Hey, Y/N.” Settling your beer on a napkin you watched your friends eyes widen, mouth agape. With a laugh you finally faced him. His smile faltered as he took you in, a faint blush creeping up his face.
“You look amazing.” Leaning into you his hand rested on your hip as he kissed your cheek.
Just as your friend had said, Adam was gorgeous. Standing a good foot above you with tousled blonde hair and classic baby blues he wasn’t your normal type, which is exactly why you’d gone for him. After the last failed relationship it was clear what you were attracted to and what you needed were two different things. Adam was your clean slate. Your fresh start.
It was different with him. There hadn’t been an instant attraction but the more you got to know him the more relaxed you felt. Sure there was still no flutter when he kissed you, no spark, but given enough time you were sure that would grow.
You introduced your friend who was still having a hard time closing her mouth all the way, then using Adam’s height to your advantage you got him to find a free table at the edge of the room. Sliding into the booth between them you settled in for the interrogation. He didn’t seem phased. He linked his warm fingers with yours and answered as honestly as possible. Watching him you couldn’t help but smile as he devoutly tried to stop his gaze from wandering to the low cut of your dress and the way his cheek flushed when he failed.
Beer finished you excused yourself to grab a new round for the table. The queue at the bar was steadily getting busier as the night went on. You tried to work your way further down to a quieter spot, keeping your head down and gently elbowing your way through the groups. A gap opened up and you rushed to move into the space only to collide with someone. Your foot slipped on a spilled drink and a strong hand caught your waist to steady you. Cheeks heating from embarrassment you internally cursed your shoes. Gathering some courage you glanced up to thank your saviour and the words died in your throat.
Soft chestnut eyes stared down at you intently. You’re heart hammered under their gaze, sweat starting to make your hands clammy. You’d thought you’d never see him again. You’d hoped you wouldn’t. But here he was, looking immaculate in an all black suit and even better than you remembered. The heat of his hand against your waist seemed to sear through your dress and you tried to step back out of his reach but he only pulled you closer.
“Y/N.” The room seemed to still, the music dimming. All you could hear was his voice. The rough edge it held when he said your name had your body reacting as if the last few months hadn’t happened. You clenched your fists hating how with one word he could get under your skin again after all this time.
“Let me go.” You barely managed to whisper out the words but you knew he’d heard. He downed what was left in his glass and brushed against you as he placed it on the bar. The scent of him wrapped around you triggering memories that you’d tried to suppress.
Leaning in his lips brushed your ear as he spoke. “We need to talk.” Irritation flared. Who did he think he was? It had been months and now he wanted to talk? Steeling yourself you shoved his hand away.
“I have nothing to say to you, Tom.”
“Then listen.” You made the mistake of meeting his eyes and the intensity radiating from them dried up your protest.
“The guy you’re with is no good.” You jerked back away from him and he had the gall to look surprised.
Anger snaking through you, you felt your lip curl. “He’s none of your business. I’m none of your business.” Elbowing past him you fought the crowd blindly. You had to get away from him.
Reaching the back wall you slipped into a side hallway marked private. The music dimmed to a muted thump and you let out a ragged breath. As your adrenaline started to dip you started shaking. Wrapping your arms around yourself you tried to calm down.
“Y/N.” You cursed as you sensed him approach but refused to turn. Seeing him, seeing how little he’d changed and knowing how readily you still reacted to him was too much.
“Leave me alone.”
“Y/N, you shouldn’t be with him.” He’d stopped behind you, his breath ruffling your hair as he spoke.
You couldn’t hold back a bitter laugh. “You’re just saying that because you can’t stand to see me with someone else.” The beat of silence that followed had a chill creeping over your skin. Don’t look at him, don’t do it. Your fingers tightened into fists as you fought against yourself. God you wanted to turn around. You wanted to run your fingers through his soft curls, you wanted to breathe in the indescribable scent that was Tom as he held you and...
Hands skimming over your waist he closed the gap. His chest against your back you shivered at the warmth he radiated. You held back a soft moan as his lips ghosted over your throat.
“He’s not right for you,” he breathed. Your mind conjured an image of Adam and the realisation of what you were doing doused you like ice water. You spun out of Tom’s grip, palm pressed against the wall to steady yourself.
“You walked away from me, remember?” Your voice shook with effort as you tried to fight back tears. Tom grimaced, eyes lowering. Your heart ached at his expression but anger chased it off. “You don’t get to act the martyr, Tom, and you certainly don’t get to have a say in my love life.”
Gaze flashing up to you his shoulders set, jaw working for a long second before he spoke.
“Do you?”
“Do I what?” you snapped.  
“Do you love him?” Taken aback your mouth fell open. When you didn’t answer he took a step forward. He searched your face, gaze dipping to your lips hungrily. Your stomach dipped traitorously as heat pooled through you.
“Tom,” you warned, voice barely a whisper. He was too far gone to listen.
Hands cupping your face his lips brushed against yours, feather light and testing your reaction. Your body lit up at his touch. Nerve endings that had been dormant firing to life. Despite everything your body craved his touch, needed him on a deeper level than you understood.
Fingers drifting to caressed your neck, he pushed you back against the wall. You gasped at the cold, arching against Tom’s chest to escape it and he mistook your movements as encouragement. Gripping your hip to pull you even closer he deepened the kiss. You could feel his excitement as he pressed against you and it broke your last reserve of control.
Lips parting you relinquished to him. Tongue flicking out to claim your mouth the familiar taste of sweet whisky brushed over your taste buds. His fingers drifted from your neck. Following the low V of your dress he traced the channel between your breasts before slipping them under the fabric. He let out a low groan as he realised you weren’t wearing a bra. Teeth nipping at your bottom lip his fingers massaged you, thumb circling your nipple drawing out whimpers.
Your hands wound into his hair, tugging at the curls. Lifting a leg to wrap around his waist you gasped as he rutted his hips against you. The soft fabric covering his erection brushed against you teasingly. Hiking your other leg around his waist he held you firmly against the wall, fingers digging into your ass. He dipped his head to kiss your neck, biting and suckling at the sensitive spot above your collar bone until you could barely think. Your underwear was ruined.
Slipping a hand between your bodies you traced the outline of his bulge slowly, intent on dragging it out like you’d imagined on long nights without him. When he bucked against your hand with a needy moan you knew you’d never be able to keep it up.
“Y/N?” The distant voice broke you from your trance. You tried to break away from Tom but he held you tight.
“Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll let you go back to him.” The ragged edge to his voice had you shivering.
“Tom,” you pleaded, heart breaking all over again as he watched you with tormented eyes.
“I made a mistake. I should never have let you go.” His lips ghosted over yours. “Tell me you’ll take me back,” he begged.
The sound of Adam calling for you started to grow louder but here in Tom’s arms the guilt and regret you should be feeling was kept at bay. All you wanted was him. Even if it was only temporary, even if it was only for tonight.
“I want you, Tom.” He relaxed, relief flooding his expression before he caught you in another heady kiss.
“Let’s get out of here.” The grin you’d missed so much lit his face as he gently put you down and guided you towards the emergency exit.
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