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#another one I guess
cutter-kirby · 11 days ago
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pretty wacky dreams huh
(Edit: here’s the posts
salt route:
prunsel: )
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justalittlebluetiefling · 4 months ago
One of the things I enjoy the most about Essek is that Matt could have had him remain evil very easily. He could have decided that Essek was too arrogant to care about the overtures the Nein were making, but instead, he decided that this guy is lonely and all he needed to experience were good people aggressively caring for him to make him reevaluate the way he saw the world.
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temporiservire · 9 months ago
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goodbye my love, yet shed no tears. the lives we’ve shared have brought us here.
inspired by the fall, by alan stephens foster // quote from ragnarok v: end of the line, by the mechanisms
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toshiirou · 9 months ago
northern ireland literally has a food shortage. these assholes spent years doing fuck all nothing to prepare for their stupid brexit plan and now companies aren't exporting to NI anymore.
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theheartofthekoko · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
"Every morning the maple leaves. Every morning another chapter where the hero shifts from one foot to the other. Every morning the same big and little words all spelling out desire, all spelling out. You will be alone always and then you will die." -Richard Siken, Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out
[Id: a gif from "The Untamed", showing Jiang Cheng smiling and adjusting his clothing while Wei Wuxian and Jiang Yanli watch. everything besides Jiang Cheng slowly loses color, and then switches over to Jiang Cheng standing alone in the rain after a glitch effect. /end id]
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