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#asks meme
just-ask-games · 3 months ago
asks that are basically uquiz questions
1. What’s your favorite season?
2. What is home to you?
3. What’s your favorite music genre?
4. What magical creature would you be?
5. What’s your hogwarts house?
6. What’s your favorite quote?
7. Beach, castle, or forest?
8. What surrounds you?
9. What’s your favorite aesthetic?
10. Do you know who you are?
11. What’s your favorite planet?
12. How long do you take to respond to texts?
13. Where do you belong?
14. How do you handle destruction or devastation?
15. What do you regret?
16. What word describes your world?
17. What is your favorite color?
18. What’s your favorite lyric?
19. What would you change?
20. What color are you?
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ao3commentoftheday · 2 years ago
I read fic. Ask me stuff.
For each of the following questions, I can answer only in emojis or reaction gifs.
What fandom(s) are you reading right now?
What fandom(s) have you stopped reading?
How does reading fluff make you feel?
How does reading smut make you feel?
How does reading angst make you feel?
How does reading action make you feel?
How does a happy ending make you feel?
How do you usually look when you’re reading fic?
Where do you usually read fic?
What is your reaction when you see that your favourite fic just updated?
What do you look like when you’re waiting for an update?
How do you feel when an author replies to your comment?
What does kudos mean to you?
It’s 11pm and you need to wake up at 6 in the morning. You just saw the perfect fic. It’s complete and it’s 50K. What do you do??
What’s your favourite sort of AU?
What’s the AU you want to read but haven’t found yet?
Which character do you only want happiness and fluff for?
Which character do you want to see go through hell? (with or without a happy ending)
Which character do you want to read getting a redemption arc?
Which idiots do you want to read falling in love?
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Animal Ask Questions about Writing/Reading
An ask list for anybody who'd like to use it! ♥
Kitten - What songs do you listen to while writing?
Puppy - Do you prefer writing with pen and paper or online?
Lion - Where do you like to write?
Bear - What's your favorite word?
Owl - What’s your favorite punctuation to use?
Jaguar - How old were you when you started writing?
Koala - What inspires you to write the most?
Panda - How do you stay motivated to write?
Goldfish - What is, in your opinion, your biggest writing flaw?
Turtle - What are you most scared of writing?
Snake - Would you ever do a writing collab? If so, with who?
Monkey - What is your biggest writing pet peeve?
Butterfly - How do you come up with your ideas?
Dolphin - Who/What is your biggest inspiration?
Shark - What/Who first got you into writing?
Elephant - What’s your least favorite thing(s) about writing?
Tiger - What’s your favorite thing(s) about writing?
Chicken - How long does it usually take you to write a piece?
Squid - How do you get out of a writer's block?
Mouse - What is your favorite thing to write about?
Dinosaur - Who's your favorite character(s) to write about?
Goat - What is, in your opinion, the best thing about your writing?
Duck - What is something you wish you knew when you first started writing?
Firefly - What time do you do most of your writing?
Wolf - What makes you unmotivated to write?
Zebra - What helps you keep your concentration while writing?
Rabbit - What’s your favorite phrase/quote from somebody else's writing?
Hawk - What's your favorite phrase/quote from your own writing?
Donkey - Who’s your biggest writing idol?
Horse - What is your favorite piece that you've written?
Starfish - What advice would you give to a beginning writer?
Snail - What is your average word count?
Lamb - How often do you write?
Deer - What do you enjoy reading most?
Piglet - What will you never write about?
Octopus - What’s your favorite letter of the alphabet?
Iguana - Do you plan on having/have a career in writing?
Robin - Which of your works would you recommend to a new follower?
Lizard - Is there anything you like to eat/drink while you write?
Ant - What would you say to someone who is self-conscious about their writing?
Dragonfly - What was the first thing you wrote? What was it about?
Kangaroo - What are your upcoming works?
Unicorn - How many drafts do you currently have saved?
Peacock - What genera is your favorite to read?
Crab - Would you let your family read your works? If so, why/why not?
Squirrel - What do you not like to read?
Giraffe - Do you welcome constructive criticism/feedback?
Spider - What writing exercises do you do, if any?
Frog - Which of your pieces do you feel is underrated?
Whale - Which of your pieces do you feel is overrated?
Bumblebee - Do you consider yourself more laidback in your writing or a perfectionist?
Cow - What is your shortest piece? How long did it take you?
Otter - What is your longest piece? How long did it take you?
Meerkat - What is something you feel you need to improve on?
Rat - Have you ever had a dream concerning one of your pieces?
Sheep - If you could make one character real, who would it be?
Crow - What was the most recent thing you read?
Beaver - If you could live inside one of your works, which would it be?
Buffalo - What is the saddest thing you've read?
Seahorse - What are your top three platforms that you like to write on?
Caterpillar - Do you use a thesaurus as you write?
Penguin - What’s your favorite synonym for said?
Tumblr media
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chaos-nblm · a year ago
Feral mlm and nblm asks
🐀 - Favorite show?
🦇 - Favorite cryptid?
🐌 - What types of music do you listen to?
🐓 - Vampires or werewolves?
🦔 - Are you a feral soft gay or a feral chaotic gay?
🐿 - What’s your alignment on the lawful, neutral, evil scale?
🐺 - Do you have any pets?
🦝 - Would you rather have a cryptid bf or enbyfriend or be the cryptid significant other?
🦉- Thoughts on clowns?
🐃 - What’s your height?
🐄 - Do you want a short bf or a tall bf?
🐻 - What would your ideal bf or enbyfriend be?
🐢 - Would you sacrifice yourself to fuel the moss?
🐐 - What’s your aesthetic?
🦊 - Do you prefer warm or cold?
🐑 - Do you play Minecraft?
🦍 - Do you consider yourself romantic?
🐇 - Are you content with being human?
🐍 - Are you even human at all?
🦜 - What’s your wisdom?
🐝 - Do you exist?
🐫 - What would you like to do most with your significant other, whether you have one or not?
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pencilscratchins · 9 days ago
miss scratchins who else is a lesbian
bestow upon us this knowledge
believe it or not, god is a lesbian
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screnwriter · 28 days ago
characters reassuring each other + sentence starters
''am i gonna be safe with you?'' ''always.''
''are you okay with this?''
''i trust you.''
''can i kiss you?''
''kiss me.''
''does that hurt?''
''please, continue.''
''are you okay with me kissing you?''
''can i kiss you?''
''you can always come talk to me.''
''is something bothering you?''
''don't stop.''
''i want you to kiss me.''
''is that okay with you?''
''do you trust me?'' ''always.
''i feel safe with you. i always have.''
''i'm extremely okay with this.''
''you matter so much to me.''
''i like spending time with you.''
''you make me the happiest i've ever been.''
''this thing we've got going on, it's pretty nice.''
''i'm here for you, no matter what.''
''is that okay?''
''are you comfortable?''
''you can always call me.''
''i need you to know that you can always come to me.''
''even if it's in the middle of the night, i'll be there. so don't hesitate. just call me.''
''i love you.''
''you're the best thing that has ever happened to me.''
''take your time. i'll be here when you're ready.''
''you'll wait for me?'' ''for as long as i need to.''
''we don't need to rush things.''
''the last thing i want to do is force you into something you're not ready for.''
''you make me feel safe.''
''hey, it's all right.''
''i'm right here with you.''
''i'll always be there for you. don't you ever doubt that.''
''i like being here with you. it's nice.''
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sterekcraptrash · 19 days ago
First: your art is adorable and AMAYZING! Second: if you’re still taking requests I would DIE FOR: ☔️ - Raining - involving Sterek…
Tumblr media
awwwi thank you so much!! 💕💘💕💕 and here u gooo
even though the emoji for raining has an umbrella ☔️.. i believe that neither one of these two idiots would have one with them pfff, so they got under derek’s leather jacket
and they’re both thinking "cute" about each other ✨
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shanastoryteller · 3 years ago
for the get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester, get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours, get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds... naruto, sakura and sasuke
get randomly assigned your lab partner for a whole semester: sakura, absolutely, no questions asked. she’d do the reading and know exactly what we’re doing every step of the way, i’d just have to take direction.
get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours: naruto. he’d be upbeat about the whole thing, and would provide hilarious conversation for the whole ten hours.
get as my employee trainer for my new job at mcdonalds: sasuke. i could dump out a full milkshake at his feet, tell a customer to get fucked, and deep fry a mango in the french fry basket, all in front of his face, and he wouldn’t do a thing to stop me.
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ghstmemes · 16 days ago
feel free to elaborate as much as possible !
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askgxmes · a year ago
Days of the week asks
Monday: How are you feeling right now?
Tuesday: What's the best thing you've done in the past week?
Wednesday: who is your favorite person?
Thursday: Decribe your favourite holiday/trip/vacation
Friday: describe your dream home
Saturday: Dream date?
Sunday: Favourite thing about yourself?
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soulmemes · a month ago
i said i'd do this and now i'm mildly stressed BUT HERE WE GO FOLKS!! sender is the one sending the meme, etc, etc, and as always, ONLY use these memes if you're of an appropriate age. okay have fun ily all!!
" stay. "
" don't go... "
" are you sure you want to do this? "
" come closer. "
" i want you. "
" i wanna make tonight all about you... "
" take your clothes off... slowly. "
" god, you're beautiful... "
" we don't have to do anything tonight. would you rather cuddle, instead? "
" maybe you could... show me what you like? "
" lock the door... i don't want anyone disturbing us tonight... "
" i won't break, you know. you don't need to be gentle. "
" no, no... don't stay quiet. i like the sounds you make. "
" i... i want you. i want to feel you... "
" hey, hey... take it easy. we have all night. "
" here's my key. room 206. oh, and please... don't be long. "
" you drive me absolutely crazy, in the best, most wildly frustrating way... "
" you have no idea what you do to me, do you? "
" what would you do? if you and me were all alone, nobody to interrupt, nobody to see... or hear... the things we'd do together? "
" you're definitely over-dressed for what i had in mind tonight... "
" oh, i'm definitely gonna make you beg for it... "
" meet me in the restroom in ten, got it? "
" i love you... "
" you have no idea how badly i've wanted this... "
" i want you biting down on my shoulder so that all those people can't hear you screaming my name. "
" a bed? who needs a bed? i can think of thousands of different places before we'd ever need a bed... "
" i don't care if they hear us... "
a few lil actions for ya:
[ TUG ] : sender tugs receiver closer to them by the waist.
[ NECK ] : during a make-out session, sender begins to move their kisses down to the receiver's neck.
[ LOWER ] : sender takes receiver's hand and slowly guides it down below their waist.
[ GLANCE ] : sender can't resist glancing down at the receiver's lips as they're talking.
[ LINE ] : sender presses a long line of kisses from the receiver's lips, down to their waist.
[ INTERLOCK ] : sender interlocks their fingers with the receiver during sex.
[ LOUD ] : sender whispers, gasps, moans, or cries out the receiver's name during sex.
[ MUFFLE ] : sender muffles their voices by pressing their mouth into the receiver's shoulder or their pillow.
[ QUIET ] : sender covers receiver's mouth during sex so as to avoid other people hearing them moaning.
[ BOUND ] : sender uses lengths of ribbon or scarves or ties to tie the receiver down during sex.
[ RELENTLESS ] : sender practices edging on the receiver.
[ BATHROOM ] : sender and receiver engage in sex in the shower.
[ LEAD ] : sender takes receiver by the hand, and leads them on to the bed.
[ OUTSIDE ] : sender and receiver have sex outside.
[ FINALLY ] : both sender and receiver, having been teasing and flirting for a considerable length of time, finally give in and have sex for the first time.
[ CAR ] : sender and receiver have sex in the backseat of a car.
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