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snowstaytiny · 57 minutes ago
Illusion Masterlist
Tumblr media
Park Seonghwa was a young boy that witnessed a sickening event when he was twelve because he had an imaginary friend. His whole life came to a crashing stop and changed for the worst. Once he is in his third year of university, he moves out of his ex-boyfriend's place and finds a new place to live near campus. What is Seonghwa going to do when he has to live with his imaginary friend, Jung Wooyoung, that isn't so imaginary? There's another complication, Seonghwa's new roommate refuses to believe he's gay and could never love a man.
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Introduction | Chapter 1 |
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Introduction | Chapter 1 | 
* Please heed the warnings, I will post warnings at the beginning of each chapter for anything that may make people uncomfortable. If the topics do make you uncomfortable, please do not read or skip that chapter
** Some chapters may be slowly uploaded as I am busy and they will vary in length, please be patient and supportive!
Thank you,
Snow ❄️ ~
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sunshines-and-sannie · an hour ago
Wooyoung: you tricked me!
Yeosang: WRONG! I deceived you—there is a difference. Trick makes it sound like we have a playful relationship
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mingisstar1117 · 2 hours ago
Wooyoung: Why didnt you tell me people were coming over?!
Wooyoung: I just walked out in BTS boxers and a shirt that said ‘say hey if you’re gay’ and we had like 6 people in the fucking living room
Jongho: Did any of them say hey? Yeosang said hey, didnt he?!
*some marvel quote*
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atzupdates · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
WY 🌙 [210323] Universe FNS
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uwooyoungs · 3 hours ago
im genuinely going to commit a crime
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bybinnie · 3 hours ago
Hoongjong mood
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༶・・・・༶₍🥀₎ 그냥 내가 당신을 사랑 하자
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atzupdates · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
WY 🌙 [210419] Universe FNS
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atzupdates · 4 hours ago
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WY 🌙 [210425] Universe FNS Time Capsule
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wooyoungupdates · 4 hours ago
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[210510] Immortal Songs Recording : 𝑊𝑜𝑜𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑔
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dailykoreanpop · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ateezdata · 4 hours ago
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2105010 unknown
vineyard 26 • do not edit
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geminirules · 4 hours ago
Sweet November
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
san sent you a message telling you to get ready in comfortable clothes, and also told you to wear trainers, tying your hair back. you didn’t know what he was up to, but knowing san it would be something fun or reckless, you thought maybe he got a motorcycle and he was going to take you on a date on it. you really hoped it wasn’t a motorcycle.
byeol was helping you to get ready since chaeryeong ditched you two for felix, you were so happy for them, especially for chaeryeong because she always had feelings for felix.
“how much do you wanna bet that he will kiss you?” byeol said and you looked at her wide-eyed.
“what the hell are you talking about? san would never do anything like this without asking me first, he is not hyunjin,” you said teasing her but she rolled her eyes.
“but really though, i’m sure of it, he seems like he genuinely likes you,” byeol said and you smiled.
san was like an open book, and he was easy to read, you love that about him, he always wants you to know the littlest detail of his life and you appreciated that. no one has ever done this before from your exes, they always had a dark secret that was kept away from you, but san told you everything.
“he does,” you said smiling, your phone rang and you looked at the caller to see it was san, “san is here, bye byeol! i’ll see you when i get back, love you!” you said kissing her cheek before going to meet san.
you saw him in the front of your house with a car that seemed way too familiar, you furrowed your eyebrows but still kept a smile on your face, he grinned when he saw you.
“hi! are you ready for our date?” san asked and you nodded smiling. “you look beautiful by the way,” he said smiling genuinely.
“thank you san, i have a question though, isn’t that seonghwa’s car?” you asked and he blushed.
“i was hoping you wouldn’t notice!” san whined and you chuckled patting his arm.
“nothing to be ashamed of sannie, how did you even take it from him?” you asked and he smirked evilly.
“wooyoung and i blackmailed him.”
you rolled your eyes laughing a little, “of course you and wooyoung would do that! you always bully him,” you said and san just smiled and opened the door of the passenger seat for you.
you buckled your seatbelt and when you saw san sitting on the driver seat, you remembered seonghwa and smiled lightly. san cleared his throat declaring happily,
“and here we go to begin our amazing journey!”
you smiled when you stepped inside the building, you looked next to you at san who was waiting for your reaction. he felt a smile spread on his face when he saw the excited look you wore and the big smile plastered on your face.
“felix told you or not, this is amazing!” you said and he smiled dragging you to where the karts were.
“i knew you were going to love it! now, here wear this helmet, we will have two races, and the loser buys drinks, is that okay?” san said and you smiled nodding and took the helmet from his hands.
the worker started the game for you, and you were determined to win against him, although you’ve never karted before and only played crash cars when you were young, you wanted to win this.
the game started and san quickly took off, speeding in front of you, you quickly followed him. although you couldn’t see his face, you knew san was smirking, he enjoyed the look of suffering you wore while he narrowed the route for you so you wouldn’t pass him.
you huffed and tried to get in front of him, but he did the same thing, so you went for the basic swerving, you swerved the kart left and right, and san got distracted causing you to finally pass him.
you let out a joyous laugh feeling triumphed and sped away so san wouldn’t keep up with you.
the first race was over and you won, san stopped next to you and took off his helmet and when you saw the scowl on his face you laughed.
“you cheated!” he exclaimed and you shrugged.
“you kept preventing me from passing, so i had to do something, that doesn’t consider cheating,” you explained and he laughed sarcastically.
“sure! we still have another race to do, come on, i’ll beat you.” san promised and you smiled and wore the helmet jumping into the kart.
the second race started and you sped up almost immediately, you played the same trick san used on you, and when he tried swerving left and right, you did the same thing almost letting him lose control.
you smirked and got a little cocky, you saw san next to you and he waved before passing you, you gasped and followed him. in the end, he won the second race.
“i demand a rematch!” you said when you finished the second round, san laughed.
“don’t be such a loser, y/n, it’s just a game,” he teased and you looked at him annoyed. san laughed and slung his arm over your shoulder, “let’s grab something to eat first, the races got me hungry,” he said and you shook your head.
“race first, if you won, i’m paying, what do you say?” you said and san looked at you smiling smugly and nodded.
san stared at you in awe as you ate your hamburger happily, he let you win the last race, he didn’t want to make you sad on your last date together, he didn’t want it to be over.
san fell for you hard and it was no joke, from the first day he saw you he thought you were beautiful and hoped you would be his, and now that he knew your personality well enough, he couldn’t let you go.
he knew he was being selfish, even if he told you that he wanted you all to himself, you wouldn’t agree, the rest of the boys also deserve to have a chance like he did. and then, the choice is yours, you’ll choose one of them to continue with.
did seonghwa feel the same thing when he had his last date with you? did he really sacrifice his happiness and let the other have a chance like he did and without interfering? he’s amazing.
“hi, earth to san! do you copy?” you said when you saw how san was distracted, he just kept looking at your face and didn’t move at all.
san awoke from his daze when he saw you waving a hand in front of his face, he smiled, “is the food good?” he asked and you nodded happily.
“very much, why aren’t you eating?” you asked and he looked down at his untouched sandwich and smiled.
“i’ll eat now,” he said and you looked at him double checking if he was okay but he started eating so you decided to ask him after he was done eating.
after eating, you went to grab some drinks, and he paid like he said, he was the loser after all. he passed you your smoothie, and he was drinking an americano.
“you seemed to have a lot on your mind back there, are you okay?” you asked and san looked at you feeling his heart swell with love.
“just a little disappointed that i won’t be seeing you for a long time, i never want our time together to come to an end,” he confessed and you felt your heart beat faster. “whenever i’m with you, i wish to stop the time, no one has ever made me feel like this before, you can literally tell if something is bothering me even if you don’t know me for a long time, you know what makes me comfortable and happy, you make me act like myself when i’m with you. you can say that i gave up my love life to gaming, but when i decided to install tinder and saw you, i knew i had to have you, felix really made your bio the most interesting thing on earth.” san said laughing and you laughed with him.
he took a deep breath before looking at you once again, “i just wish that i met you first, maybe then it wouldn’t have been such a mess, i want you all to myself, and i’m sure seonghwa hyung went through the same thing, and that’s why i’m determined to prove to you that i’m just as patient as he is and i’ll wait for you.” san said letting all his bottled up feelings out.
you looked at him feeling conflicted again, now you didn’t have to worry about seonghwa alone, but now san too, san who became a big part of your life in such a short time, you smiled at him reassuringly.
“i really appreciate your beautiful words san, you know you also make me act like myself around you, i do that because i know you’ll never judge me. i promise san, whenever you need me, you’ll always find me there, remember that please,” you promised yourself before him, you will never let go of san.
san smiled taking your hand in his, kissing the palm of your hand and held it against his cheek as you smiled and stared at each other like this for a peaceful moment.
san stopped the car in front of your house and turned to look at you, the look on his face broke your heart, it felt as if he was saying goodbye forever, but you promised you’d never let go of him.
“i hope you had a great time,” he said and you smiled nodding.
“all of your dates were amazing san, i had such a great time with you,” you said and he smiled.
he grabbed something from the backseat and gave it to you, you stared at the bag in confusion before opening it and saw the memento and the t-shirt inside. you smiled widely and looked at san.
“this is your prize for winning against me, also this t-shirt, i have another one with me, if you choose me, we will wear it on our first date as a couple.” san said and you smiled hugging him tightly.
“thank you so much san, you’re perfect,” you said and he hugged you even tighter.
san was starting to get emotional, so he pulled away kissing your cheek, he held your hand and looked at you deep in the eyes and whispered.
“you don’t know how much you mean to me.”
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chapter fifteen
chapter fourteen | chapter sixteen
non idols!ateez x fem!reader
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Sweet November ↬ november is known to be the month when you’re supposed to find love, but after a sick prank from your friends, you find yourself surrounded by eight boys and you have to choose one.
Tumblr media
a/n: hi! i’m back👉🏻👈🏻 sorry for being late but here you go a long chapter! well, kinda hehe, anyways, san’s dates are over now and i’m sad tbh🥺 are you excited for wooyoung’s dates?! leave some feedback please🥺💖 ily and take care of yourselves💕
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