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Reasons I like Transformers Victory #190:


Did. Did Kakuryu call Goryu ‘daddy’, in front of every motherfucker here???

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I already have Emma’s character design right here! :)

And I have done Dot and Buddy’s designs already, if that counts lol

But with the others, I feel like I wouldn’t know them well enough with their voices or their lack of description?

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So my people, people I’m going to start taking grumpes head cannons. For your sake and mine to flesh out my versions of my bugsnax match up characters here’s how it works. Ask a question and I admin will answer in full detail. For example ask “ S/O likes cooking does grumpes like it or Does the gang like butterflies” and I will answer Filbo does because “blah, blah , blah.” Snorpy does not because blah, blah , blah. Also you can give me headcannons and I will expand upon them. Also now plantonic match ups just ask for them in the ask and it will be plantonically instead of romantics. ( if you don’t say I’ll just assume romantic). Okay I’ll say more later but for know this is the low down. And no peophila , incest, homophobia or any weird or hateful shit. No fetish ,nsfw, abuse or trigger ethier. I do MILD angst. Pregnancy and parent asks are more than welcome as long as there not kinky or fetishized. What is totally okay no questions asked is Plantonic, ldgtq, and poly . If you cross the rules I won’t answer and block you if you get obnoxious. Okay have fun! I expect a full ask box, the limit is 120.

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Need an ed buddy who is gonna be strict with themselves AND me and is committed to getting to their gw.


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Buddy & Matteo Pose for First Baby Pictures

Buddy & Matteo Pose for First Baby Pictures

Brie & Nikki Bella can’t help but picture WWE tag team careers for their newborn boys as they get professional photos taken in this adorable “Total Bellas” moment!

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forgot to post these!! but pfp’s for the boyfriend gc for my masks campaign. i wonder how much shit talking of the gang there is (the answer is a LOT. their bfs are DUMB)

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People really be out there calling me a liberal again lmao

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