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#catboy mention
goldenraisins2 months ago
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Tumblr media
choose your album cover/title for hs3
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jzq6 months ago
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sagalatour8 months ago
shkdhsjdbs sorry for like the spam asks but do u want the catboy outfits 馃憠馃憟
the what /lh
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beanies-doodlesa month ago
Tumblr media
purr tried to swap brains with a cat n they fused and now purrs running loose in the laboratory!!
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five-rivers2 months ago
*Clears throat*
*Screaming into the catboy Vlad and the cat mom Vlad tags* HEY, DID YOU KNOW CATS HAVE EIGHT NIPPLES?
(@broken-blank and @ebonyheartnet you know what you've done.)
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minecraft-cow4 months ago
(/rp /dsmp)
ok so we know that ant is definitely more of a follower than a leader. especially based on today, he pushed the button while bad was doing a speech, he fucking DIED, and even quackity told him to shut up.
but he died... and the eggpire split up to go their separate ways for now.
ant is going to wake up and realize that they left him. he won't know where they went, all he will have is himself, his sanctuary, and the egg. most of the server will be against him, and the eggpire will have lost its leader, at least temporarily.
so i reckon that the eggpire might get a new leader, a new person in charge. and who better than our resident catboy, Antfrost himself.
because even his enemies think he's a follower. all of the people in charge split, who knows where they are. because the egg will be without a leader. because antfrost is tired of being only a follower.
so maybe... just maybe!! we'll get a leader antfrost arc. only time can tell i suppose,,,
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goldenraisins14 days ago
Harry鈥檚 a dog person 馃槍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a dog person a dogperson a dougperson
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madwin7 months ago
all catboys are gnc because cats are a female coded animal
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subskz3 months ago
cw // idek what to call this? sinning in the church? fucking up christianity? to the religious ppl reading this... look away lol
btw.... I've been thinking...... so yk my corruption kink right? adfkjahdf so now imagine like idk pastor/pastor son/church fella innie and he's so sweet and innoccent and then you absolutely ruin him in private
I'm talking like fucking him in those fucking confession booths d枚fjadf and teaching him all about sex and foreplay and all these kinks and fetishes and poor innie is so faldfhalf bc he loves this so much but it feels bad to sin but you just ruined him soooo <333
AAAAH just imagine in the booth when no ones around but innie doesn't wanna make noise so he first puts the back of his hand on his mouth and bites into it while you put his dick through a mf car wash that sloppy toppy spin cycle 3000 and when you ride him he hugs you around your waist really tightly, holding onto you for dear life and burying his face in your tits and when you smile down at him (in an evil way) he has tears in his eyes and he's flushed red and HHHNNGG I am dizzy omg...
aaaah my corruption kink goes crazy when I think abt baby yenie <33333 maybe this could also fit seungmin? just innoccent babies that I can absolutely ruin in the best way possible
THIS......this is making my head spin oh my god you didnt hold back one bit 馃槶
sweet naive baby innie in a dress shirt buttoned all the way to the top...maybe even a cute lil tie too <3 im just imagining him covering his eyes when u get undressed in front of him bc he wants to be respectful but the moment you move his hands and tell him 鈥測ou can look innie~鈥 his eyes get SO wide n full of wonder and he鈥檚 so redfaced but he cant stop staring with the most adorable expression on his face 馃挃
SLOPPY TOPPY SPIN CYCLE 3000 HELP ME 馃槶馃槶poor baby gasping out smth like 鈥渨-wait, it鈥檚 dirty down there!鈥 n you playfully ask him if he wants you to stop and he just sobs bc no he doesnt want you to stop at all even though he feels so guilty abt it )): and him just nestling his face into ur chest w teary eyes PLEASEE this whole thing is sending me into a frenzy...馃槚 i think it could definitely fit seungmo too!! choir member seungmo perhaps <3
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towerofgodscreamblogwink19 days ago
Tumblr media
A cough.
鈥淪o... the end...鈥 The blue haired man said, laying in the pool of his blood. 聽
Khun couldn鈥檛 believe it. In his own home, right in front of his salad? He couldn鈥檛 believe he didn鈥檛 see the attack.
Bam, the thief, sighed. 鈥淪orry, it all happened too fast. You should have stayed focused on your salad, stranger. Maybe then you could鈥檝e survived.鈥
It wasn鈥檛 in his plans to murder today, no, just a simple burglary. He thought making a diversion of playing animal crossing soundtrack would do the trick, but no, it just made the blue haired man turn into his direction.
鈥淲ho the fuck...鈥 The man drenched in blood coughed. 鈥淧lays music...when...breaking into someone鈥檚 house...鈥
鈥淪hut it!鈥 The thief replied with anger. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 me! You don鈥檛 know my life! You have no idea what sort of shit made me into the man I am today! My brother is a furry! My mother sold me to the McDonald! And the worst, what cemented my fate... Long ago, I was at disneyland, and there was a mermaid. And guess what, fool. The tail fell off. That was the day when I realized the cold truth of this world; mermaids don鈥檛 exist.鈥
鈥淕od, that鈥檚 so awful...Reminds me when my sister forgot to buy me cereals...鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 horrible...! I can鈥檛 believe it, could it be, someone has went through the same amount of pain as I!?鈥
鈥淎nd then...she forgot to buy me choco milk...鈥
Bam sobbed. 鈥淲e are聽the same...鈥
鈥淗eh...Perhaps I should have gone to McDonalds more often...Maybe I鈥檇 have chance to meet you...鈥
鈥淭..that...They kicked me out after discovering I鈥檝e ate grass as a kid... Me and my titties had to go...鈥
鈥淲hat a cruel, cruel world, isn鈥檛 it...?鈥 Khun coughed once again, spilling more blood. 鈥淎las...Now let yourself go of pains of the past...And do one final thing for me...Shall you not...?鈥
鈥淵es, yes, what is it?鈥 Said Bam, crouching next to the dying man.
The man was gone.
Bam didn鈥檛 waste time to open the goner鈥檚 computer.
And there...
鈥淥, lord...鈥
Yes... Right there...Was the past google search...Bam tried to convince himself that no, his gut was wrong, as he was scrolling through 鈥榗hoco milk (nya)鈥 search, but then,
-How to keep it secret from the world you鈥檙e a catboy?
He was out of breath. 鈥淲hat have I done...鈥
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sabertoothwalrus7 months ago
marisa i am so sorry but i literally thought nico was a real character for so long and that world is crumbling around me. i should have known he was an oc when i didnt see any discourse about him on twitter but like i know so little about adventure time i was just like ah. nods.
sorry but you鈥檙e going in the folder of聽鈥渢imes people thought nico was real鈥 screenshots 馃様
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locally-grown-bear10 months ago
Tumblr media
I have just recently gathered the courage to post these abominations.
And I keep forgetting to post here
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hushdiebibaby116 months ago
Dream is immortal. He鈥檚 lived for a very long time already and will continue to live far past the limits of everyone else alive now. Once upon a time, Dream wasn鈥檛 Dream. Dream was Cornelius, and Cornelius was happy. He had a husband and together they adopted a son. Things were alright for the three of them, they lived their lives peacefully.
Good things don鈥檛 always last.
Their cozy village turned into that of a breeding ground for madness itself and Cornelius fell as it鈥檚 first victim.
Or so everyone else thought.
Back to the other two, a distraught cat man held the bloodied body of his love close and wept, as the broken child stood behind him, muffling sobs that refused to quiet. Like this they were found by the villagers, those puppets of chaos and wrath, muddled with madness. They sought not logic but craved instead vengeance and bloodshed so it was that the grieving family of now two was put on trial, the child being spared but forced into a grief so violent those earlier sobs he could not muffle were silenced for good as he watched the one he called father plummet and burn.
The orphan was an orphan once more.
And so it was that the next day passed and the dreary toys of insanity鈥檚 cruel meddling struck the shattered boy down as well, him unable to defend himself but at the same not wanting to.
They had taken all he had, stripped him of all that he had loved and so the lonely orphan had no one nor nothing left to live for.
He walked into the cell and for the first time since death had claimed his father he smiled.
Robin was going home.
A week later a man dressed in green and white with tattered cloaks and a cracked mask burst through the tree line, arriving upon the village he shouted in joy yet was silenced by the sight he found.
No longer was this village a place of hope but of death and madness. Blood coated the ground, bodies lay draped across the square and in his horror ran to the house that he once called home.
It was empty.
Cornelius was alone.
And so the god who could topple mountains with a single word and lay waste to an empire with a mere flick of his wrist wept, for he could not bring back a life.
In his grief he knew could not bring back a life but oh, how desperately he craved to take one.
And so he tried.
(Tw for mentions of attempted s*icide)
He sat in the well and stayed there long after his lungs should鈥檝e failed to function and yet he did not die. He traipsed to the top of the tallest mountain he could find and let himself plummet and yet when he hit the ground he laid there, unscathed and did not die.
He ran himself through with his sword, wrapped a rope 鈥榬ound his neck and swung from the tallest branch he could find and yet he still did not die.
(End tw)
The gift he had that seemed like a blessing to anyone was not that but a curse.
He could do nothing to relieve his pain, the crippling agony of once again being alone, he realized.
So he picked himself up and cleaned up his home. He dug graves and laid the bodies down to rest as there was no one left to do it themselves. He found large stones and carved into them the names of the fallen. He emptied the village of the blood that littered it and burnt the jail cell to the ground.
A distance from the village, into a little clearing he knew well was where he laid two headstones, carved with more care than the others. This was their meadow, the place where he sat with his head on Kat鈥檚 shoulder, hands intertwined as they smiled and watched Robin play amongst the flowers, giggling to himself and making flower crowns.
Cornelius sat in the middle of the clearing, now devoid of any laughter, facing the headstones. He sat and he bowed his head and he did not move as tears fell from emerald eyes and drenched the grass below and he did not move as the day turned to night and the night turned to day or as the grass grew and flowers wilted and sprung anew and time passed.
Cornelius did not move but instead dreamed.
He dreamed of better days and a better time where he was happy and loved and loved back just as strongly. And so when enough time had passed for the seasons to turn anew, he got up, and after placing two flowers on the headstones belonging to the dead pieces of his heart, Dream walked away.
For Cornelius was happy, but Dream only had just that: his dreams.
I made my discord cry with this so imma make you guys cry too :)
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posi-pan3 months ago
I don't know I just can't stop thinking about the post that is like "just because someone didn't grow up in a community that had the "right" opinions doesn't mean they can't change or we should refuse to accept them if they do" and I'm also thinking about the post "you're not a 14 year old TERF, you're a child in danger who will either grow up to be a normal adult with deep regrets or an adult so vile that the only other people who will interact with you are adults as vile as you are". I don't like young panphobes but I don't think there's no hope for them and I don't think we should punish them if they change their mind. That's exactly how these cult-like communities keep members, by telling them outsiders hate them and it's not safe to leave.
yeah and i never said there's no hope for panphobes or that we should punish them if they change. i just said i don't owe them anything if they do, that our understanding and forgiveness is not something they deserve just because they changed.
i don't like the implication that it's my responsibility to embrace people who have harmed me and my community simply because they've changed, or the lowkey guilt trip of implying it's the abused's fault for not embracing former abusers that a lot of abusers don't change.
there are plenty of resources out there. it does not fall on queer people to rehabilitate queerphobes.
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goldenraisins3 months ago
saying harry is a furry is actually scalie erasure considering he literally made adore you (which is about a fish, who has scales) with the same color scheme as the scalie pride flag
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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