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“I will tolerate any treatment. Like I play games, and I’ll put up with anything. I’ll spend time on some garbage rpg franchise. You know, I don’t wanna name an actual franchise so let’s just make one up; let’s call it ‘Dragon Age’.

So I’ll think about “‘Dragon Age’ and I’ll log onto on Tumblr and I’ll go, “Can I get some news about Dragon Age 4?”

And they go, “No. It’s delayed two years.”

And I go, "Okaaay!”

And then I go back to other games for a little bit.

And then I come back from other games and I go, “Any updates?”

And they go, “Yeah, we released Dragon Age 4 while you were on Tumblr. Because we hate you. Now take this game that isn’t finished!”

And I go, "Okaaay!” and I go over to the game and go, “Can I have the proper ending?” and they go "NO!”

And I go, “Okaaay!”

And they go, “You"re a little nerd, aren’t you?”

And I go, “Nooo,” and they go, “SAY IT!” and I go, “I’m a little nerd.”

And then I go over to the Dragon Age twitter for updates, which is an oxymoron, and I go, “Can I please enjoy a franchise without worrying about general racism, misogyny, and other issues?” and they go "No! In fact, we"re gonna steal all of your money through DLCs that should have been part of the main game, and you’re gonna be in debt for thirty years!”

And I go, “Why are you doing this to me?!”

And they go, “Because we’re Dragon Age, and life is a fucking nightmare!”

But with my friends, they would just be like, “Let’s see if Assassin’s Creed is any fun.”

So it’s better.”

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All I want from the Dragon Age fandom is a confrontation with Anders. Not with Hawke, or a curious Inquisitor, or even a possible new protag. 

But the Warden Commander. Presumably the Hero.

Just him living his rebel life, having a rare moment where everything is fine in the moment. He hears footsteps. Staff in hand, mana pooling in his fingertips.

Then something happens. Perhaps a blade rests against his throat. Perhaps his clothes get pinned to the wall with an arrow. Perhaps the spell he was beginning to cast merely fizzles out in his hand.

“Anders. Or is it Justice? Haven’t seen either of you in quite some time.”

A familiar face, glaring up/down at him. Not anger, as he had anticipated. Disappointment. And somehow, that hurts a little more.


(And then shitpost stuff because I can’t help myself. Anders just immediately lets Justice take over, who is about to angry-wreck some shit, sees who it is, and is just like, “Anders you bitch.”)

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Happy Dragon Age Day!

I’ve been really sick lately, so I figured I would do a little something in offering to the Dragon Age gods… and then this happened lol I am too tired for a background, so I took the screenshot from Mark of the Assassin because there are so many FenHawke feels in that bihh and I just tweaked it a bit to fit their colors since I drew and colored them in first.

I say this all the time, but DA2 is so, so special to me. I have never felt more seen in any video game character as I do with Hawke. Eldest of 3, shouldering burdens we should never have been given, but doing it anyway. Finding our family when things were hopeless. Fenris and I share similar trauma and issues and there are so many fic writers who have given me such peace through the journey they put Fenris through. These two just… they’re my everything. 

All of Dragon Age is just… cathartic and healing and just such a fucking delight no matter how many years pass. I’ve made amazing friends because of these games, friends who have saved me without knowing. It is not an exaggeration when I say I fucking love yall in this fandom. 

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