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#dragon age 2
mmthemayoarts · a day ago
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Tumblr media
I can post it now :D My piece for @Andoralis_zine ~! It's a charity zine, and you can check it out there ~!
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saturnisaturnip · 2 days ago
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Fenris between classes ✨✨
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haverdoodles · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Last pic is my first attempt at Te’lise’s portrait, back in 2020.
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tales-from-the-fade · a day ago
Oh I get why Fenris left in Act 2...he ghosted Hawke
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anon-bunny · 2 days ago
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Sneaking away from a party together is peak fantasy romance.
Foll0w me on Tw1tter; Supp0rt me on P@treon.
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lesetoilesfous · 2 days ago
Reblog this post if you’re in the DA fandom and you DO NOT ENDORSE:
Death threats
S*icide bait - ie telling people to k*ll themselves
Any kind of digital harassment
I’ve had a wonderful time in this fandom, and I can’t believe I’m seeing this on the rise.
We cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour and maintain a safe place online. So many people in this fandom are from marginalised communities - no one needs more hate and violence, and definitely not over a thing that we love.
So let’s make sure these people understand that this kind of behaviour is NOT admired, respected or endorsed by the artists, writers and fans who’ve made this space.
You don’t get to sweep up someone’s content and have fun and then go tell someone else to k*ll themself.
Fix your heart or piss off.
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laniardraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Nothing to see here 👀👀👀 Blame and/or thank @dismalzelenka for that 😂
Also it unintentionally turned out similar to one of my previous artworks (this one) so just imagine they take turns showing off their assets to each other 😏
Uncensored on AO3
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justcallmecappy · 2 days ago
Have we considered that Anders is prime Main Character material?
He has a mysterious tragic background (have we found out his real name yet?), a selfless cause, and interesting, unique powers that differentiate him greatly from other NPCs (he's a mage, a Grey Warden, and a host to a Spirit of Justice). He also has snarky sense of humor, disdain for authority, compassion for the downtrodden, and has connections to several major storylines. Also, he's charismatic and attractive.
Anyways petition for Anders to be main character in a DA spinoff game/comic/novel/series, pls
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ser-thirst-a-lot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Me?👀 Drawing shameless Justhanders tentacle Fade sex?👀👀👀 Yeah it's more likely than you think ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Drawn as a gift for the lovely @laniardraws for the @dapolyshipping exchange💙 You can find the full (very NSFW!!) version on AO3 — Fade Nights
And don't forget to check out the other amazing fics and artworks posted for the exchange if you haven't already!
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wordtotherose · 2 days ago
"Have you considered simply not arresting innocent people?" Hawke quips, leaning more of her weight down on the templar recruit's shoulder.
The recruit whimpers. Fenris had dislocated the man's shoulder not a minute before so he could be excused his indignity.
"Let him go, Hawke. He'll think twice next time."
Hawke's grin is tinged with a mania born of too many sleepless nights and one too many drinks. She waits for Fenris to crack and look away first. He doesn't. He won't. Her confidence stutters. Lips twitching at the corner like she did that first night when he found her, grief's wounds fresh and still weeping, in her room. Alone. All alone in the house she'd reclaimed for her mother.
Fenris holds out a hand. An escape where neither have to acknowledge why it is she's doing this in the first place. A route where neither of them will linger on the tear slipping down her cheek.
She dashes it away with one fierce swipe of her palm and kicks the recruit's legs out from under him. He tumbles to the floor of the square in a piercing clatter of armour and a yelp of shock.
Her fingers reach out but don't touch. He watches, staying still so as not to spook either her or himself, as she delicately traces the very sharp points of his gauntlets.
The recruit grunts and metal scrapes against metal.
Hawke doesn't flinch but she does clench her fist and turn away.
"I'm going to find Varric."
She doesn't wait for a reply or check to see if he follows.
He doesn't. He knows when to let Hawke flee. After all, she let him run when he needed to. It's the least he can do for her now.
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rakshadow · a day ago
WIP Wednesday
Thank you for the tags @dreadfutures and @morganlefaye79! 
This is the beginning of my Fenris ghost story Haunted by Legacy. I was writing it for Halloween but didn’t finish in time and have picked it up again. Set during Legacy DLC.
Fenris had been surprised when Hawke invited him to accompany her. And even more surprised to see Bethany and Varric in tow, as Hawke grinned and told him to pack enough gear for several nights. A ‘family outing,’ she told him Family.
Fenris cannot remember having a family. Though he searches for his sister, she may as well be a ghost for all he has discovered so far.
Isabela and Avaline have pulled strings and come up short. Soon Fenris will have to involve the dwarf. But he is reluctant, for surely if anyone is going to spill the truth to Hawke it would be Varric. They are close, he knows. Like family.
Fenris has often laid awake at night, wondering why he feels he must keep this secret from Hawke. Perhaps, Fenris does not want Hawke to know because she has already given him so much. And he is not only talking about that night in her bed.
No, he cannot tell Hawke.
Besides, to tell Hawke of this would make it real somehow. He can picture her smile grow brighter as she would fill up with hope for him.
Fenris does not want her optimism or her hope. He has already lost so much. He cannot bear the thought of grasping for another connection, only to feel it slipping through his fingers once again.
Fenris packs his bag while Hawke and the others wait downstairs. Health tonics, dried fruit and meat that will last a week at least. A water skin he will fill on his way through Hightown. He ties Hawke's red ribbon around his wrist and ignores the way his face heats when he imagines Varric's pointed look.
After donning his armour, movements practiced and quick, Fenris adjusts the shield of the Hawke family crest at his hip.
Family, Hawke had said when she gave it to him, hadn’t she?
She gave one to each of her friends. The others put theirs on their mantles or bookshelves. Kept it safe in a trinket box.
But Fenris chose to wear his for all to see.
Whether Varania exists or not. Whether she is a figment, a ghost, a weakness that exists only in Fenris' mind, and in the cruel taunts of a magister, Fenris does not know. Perhaps he never will.
Fenris collects his sword and makes his way down to meet the others
I’ve recently started a new job so haven’t kept up with Tumblr for a couple of weeks but hoping to get back into the swing of things! So i’ll tag people who have tagged me in WIPs during that time too but no pressure 🙂
@hollyand-writes @dalishkadan @noire-pandora @a11sha11fade @gothkimmyschmidt @kittynomsdeplume @about2dance
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ulysaturn · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nolan Hawke
commission for @twoturtlesinabathtub !!!
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razz-berry · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I do not brood”
a little Fenris practice aka I bought da2 3 days ago and haven’t stopped since
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Tumblr media
Nominations are open!
Click here to nominate up to 10 platonic pairings or groups for the Platonic Ideal exchange! Nominations are open from dec 1-7
Notes for nominating:
Remember to use “&” between characters, not “/“
Please select “Dragon Age - all media types” as the fandom
Two to four characters can be nominated in each relationship
the Dragon Age protagonists will NOT be considered different characters based on their gender, but will based on their surname/origin. (This means that there are six Wardens, one Hawke, and four Inquisitors to choose from.)
The Platonic Ideal is a Gen exchange for the Dragon Age Fandom, hosted on Ao3. Follow us here on tumblr or join the discord.
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laniardraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know what’s happening here, but definitely nothing dirty 😆
My gift for @pinkfadespirit drawn for @dapolyshipping exchange❣️
Full version on AO3 (EXPLICIT)
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