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#Dragon Age

With the golden nug I don’t need the schematic and I’m on easy so it’s like whatever but everytime my inquisitor is like there’s something here better take a look around I’m like obsessed with finding and tagging those murder clowns

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Making free wallpapers of romance-able characters in the Dragon age universe!

Next is Cullen!!

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Finally put together a mood board for my Inquisitor, Tamirus Trevelyan. 😊

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I still love Amayian and Leliana’s height difference so much. Just, small wife, who is scary but very soft being hugged by her cold but equally soft husbando.

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Random Dragon Age Musing #6

In Dragon Age 2, when Cassandra first reads Champion of Kirkwall she is hooked by the frost chapter. Varric’s writing style just captivates Cassandra she becomes obsessed with reading it and spends all her time reading the giant tome. People in her charge in the search for Hawke pick on her for her obsession as she shouts “it’s for work!” She finds the story about Hawke and their companions amazing and she wants to meet Hawke more than just for her job for the Divine to meet a hero of her and see how true it all is. Wandering down the road by a bookshop she sees more books of Varrics she sneakily bought them and read them all falling in love with Swords and Shields.

When she finally gets to meet Hawke she’s shy and frustrated with herself about it Cassandra talks at great lengths with them.

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ME: hmm what will be the themes for my newest fanfic





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Was reminded that dragon age inquisition exists again and it started me thinking about a telepathic inquisitor again. Just, all of them reacting to a power that doesn’t exist in their world (except in a partial way through spirits like cole) and also seeing the ones with big secrets freaking out about it.

Edit: or better yet someone like wanda who is telepathic and also can like reality warp. And has the experiance to be like “solas this won’t work i tried it.”

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Amayian has this tendencies of randomly touching Leliana, and not in inappropriate places, like some hand holding here, a calming hand on the small of her back there. Amayian learns how to read her body language well, so when he sees the work weighing more heavily on her shoulders, he tends to draw her in for a needed hug.

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You guys go follow Kiwipon on Instagram! I can’t see if they have a tumblr. But seriously! Stunning art.

Here’s the link!

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So my nerd ass found Artbreeder…

Artbreeder is a computer program that compiles images to form “art” - hella useful for designing open use reference. For shits and giggles, I modeled Cullen in all three DA games


Here’s pre-Kinloch baby Cullen.


Here’s Kirkwall-era Cullen (god he looks like fucking garbage…)


And here’s Inquisition Cullen, who ironically looks younger than he did in Kirkwall…

I fixed the eyes and added the scar in photoshop, but the rest is 100% AI. If anyone wants to use these as a drawing reference, be my guest.

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You have to fight for what’s in your heart.

Am I learning to draw for Dorian Pavus? Maybe…

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I headcanon that the elvhen blood in Eirenia’s family is a ‘well-known secret’ in their own family but it’s “we will not speak of this.” to anyone else. I headcanon that one of her female ancestors whom was a Keepers apprentice just like she is had happenstance entered a temple to Elgar’nan and she had a brief relationship with a sentinel there to “study modern elves.” but he had made it clear that she should leave their temple indefinitely. She remained secretive as to who the father of her daughter was, for she looked atypical for a Dalish elf. She’d only tell this to her daughter when she’d got married to a Keeper’s first from another clan and she had demanded that her mother tell her the truth. That is the story that I chose to go with. I will elaborate more in the story once I avail against the Sisyphean task of finishing enough of it to be satisfied enough to post a chapter or two of it. 

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I made some cute Sera stickers awhile back that I never posted.

You can buy them here on my Redbubble! It would make my day! 

Ive never sold any products there before, so let me know if these are too expensive or if you want these on any other products. RBs appreciated if you can’t buy!

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Maeve Lavellan, moments before disaster struck

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If you watch the flames longer, you can seem them wane and grow, the pleasure you lay on Alexandra causing her magic to flicker. Every soft gasps and moan rises the flames into spearing arms into the air, before fluttering back down to a low chirp. After you’re done worshiping her, she’ll turn around and press you against the side of the bath, mouth following the line of your jaw, and whisper that it’s your turn to be worshiped, before she takes your skin in her mouth and she leaves a mark there.

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