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lost-in-purgaytory · 9 months ago
Cas's love confession was so brave and heartfelt, he deserved one just as meaningful in return.
So I made a Dean love confession using audio clips from the show.
Backstory: Dean wants to tell Cas he feels the same way the moment he sees him again in heaven. But for some reason, he just can't.
Even in paradise, Dean can't allow himself to be happy. He can't allow himself to go after the one thing he wants. He still believes, deep down, that he doesn't deserve it, that he is broken. And he still has fears. He fears what could happen if he admits things out loud about himself and his feelings. He fears what he could lose. He fears.
The scars on his soul are still there, scars he never had the time to tend to while on Earth because he was too busy putting out fire after fire.
It takes time to heal those scars, now that Dean has the space to work through his feelings and lifetime of trauma. And Cas, who loves him unconditionally, is so endlessly supportive and patient with Dean, and doesn't expect anything more than Dean's friendship and company.
After years and years in Heaven, Dean isn't afraid anymore, and all he wants is for Cas to know how truly loved he is, and that he wants to be with Cas... forever.
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santiagonex · 6 months ago
Made a new Buddie fanvideo because 4x14 was too good.
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probiepanikkar · a month ago
Ted Lasso (series) | All I Know So Far
Edit: Alternate tumblr link for anyone who can’t watch on Youtube! 
Ever since I heard this song I haven’t been able to get Ted Lasso out of my head so I had to make this!
Notes/potential warnings/etc. under the cut :)
Subtitles are on for the voiceovers! 
Flashing at 0:58-1:00
Pushing/shoving at 2:44-2:46
Note: I have no idea what I did with rendering this video; it says 480p but it's not that quality lmao so no worries there, just wanted to let y’all know it’s not an issue with your screen :) 
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minetteenfers · 10 months ago
THE AUDIO IN THIS IS MATURE! There is your warning. LMAO
I was talking to @katieykat513 and @coffeecomicsgalore and was like I wanna see the SAO dirty bloopers and what not dubbed to Adrien or Chat. Then I gave up and made this. LOL 
After showing them and @chimpukampu I decided to share it with you all. It’s not that amazing, but it’s the best I could do. XD Enjoy
Audio is from: SAO Bloopers, Seven Deadly Sins, Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir.
Video: Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir
I do not own the audio or Miraculous Ladybug. I just recorded and spliced it and made this video.
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dreadfulcalendarwoman · 2 months ago
biscuits with the boss!
seeing as i finished the first season of ted lasso today, i wanted to make something that would A) express my deep love for rebecca and B) express my deep love for the warmth this show exudes. <3
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not-a-perfect-metaphor · 4 months ago
A mini J2 appreciation montage -
Making Memories of Us
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goledenage · a month ago
to anyone who hasn’t watched this do it right this moment because it’s literally everything 💜
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pittdpeach · 26 days ago
been working on some stuff, still a draft
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jilyswift · 3 months ago
Nancy & Ace | Someone To Stay
❝Can you keep me close, can you love me most?❞
Well, I decided to start watching Nancy Drew and was pleasantly surprised. I like pretty much all characters in the show?? The Drew Crew is everything and Nancy & Ace have my heart. They are so cute and the writers are doing such a good job with them, I am absolutely loving the slow burn, can't wait for season three. 🤧💙
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dreadfulcalendarwoman · a month ago
everybody’s favorite two-part tragedy.
i do not know how to sufficiently advertise this video outside of “it’s giles/jenny to a taylor swift song and it definitely counts as an act of violence.” anyway enjoy <3
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