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#i like fun i say

lol i’m pretty sure when he gets emotional he just starts pulling stitches, getting ‘bloody tears’ and laughs because he can’t cry but like…. ya know that was about what happened with Snatch and Endeavor… funny he showed more emotion about that than he did the um group he didn’t seem to want to join much and constantly resists being a part of until Ujiko shows up and he gets more resources to do what *he* wants hmmm 

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A te si giunge solo
attraverso di te. Ti aspetto.

Io certo so dove sono,
la mia città, la strada, il nome
con cui tutti mi chiamano.
Ma non so dove sono stato
con te.
Lí mi hai portato tu.

potevo imparare il cammino
se non guardavo altro
che te,
se il cammino erano i tuoi passi,
e il suo termine
l’istante che tu ti fermasti?
Cosa ancora poteva esserci
oltre a te offerta, che mi guardavi?

Ma ora,
quale esilio, che assenza
essere dove si è!
Aspetto, passano i treni,
il caso, gli sguardi.
Mi condurrebbero forse
dove mai sono stato.
Ma io non voglio i cieli nuovi.
Voglio stare dove sono già stato.
Con te, tornare.
Quale immensa novità
tornare ancora,
ripetere, mai uguale,
quello stupore infinito!

E finché tu non verrai
io rimarrò alle soglie
dei voli, dei sogni,
delle scie, immobile.
Perché so che là dove sono stato
né ali, né ruote, né vele
Hanno tutte smarrito il cammino.
Perché so che là dove sono stato
si giunge solo
con te, attraverso di te.

Pedro Salinas, “A te si giunge solo”

flahur in b&w

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I’m glad you appreciated that! I can’t wait to hear your excellent thots

as for mine…

I still need to finish season three (I watched episode five and then I just… got stuck) BUT it’s a really good show and I throughly enjoy it :) even if season one went entirely over my head (though maybe that was bc I watched it all in one day like a madman). the characters are so complicated and intriguing and the writing is GENUINELY really fucking good… and how about them sailing huh

and of COURSE i can’t go without mentioning how season two utterly destroyed me… s0205 fucking killed me dead and I thank them for it.

I definitely need to finish watching it but I recommend it to anyone who’s curious/interested. just… maybe take season one slowly. learn from my mistake

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“Bingo wants to go to the Crown Tundra!! All of Bingo’s friends- And Bingo’s trainer’s friends will be there! Can Bingo’s trainer bring Bingo to the Crown Tundra?”


“Sorry, Bingo. We’re too damn broke t’get a lift all th’way out there. Maybe in a few years or so. When we scrounge enough cash t’gether, deal?”


“Wait… Why can you speak human-ish, Bingo?”



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just realized this fic needs a tiny little bit of “plot”. whatever that might be. disgusting

#snw!su, #must a fic have 'plot'? can it not be a string of semi-coherent phrases that only indulge my very specific needs?, #like i have.. no idea what im doing, #im only here for the silly fluffy tropes. cant believe i need to make stuff make some kind of sense bc im writing 2 NERDS pining in space, #basically im working out why they're working together so i have an excuse to have them be around each other a lot bc lbr that's what we wan, #and im realizing i suck with oc names, #but. i ALSO realized im invested in having uhura be a person and have her own friends separate from her (future) relationship with spock, #and at least in my understading of these characters they are both very career-oriented & i just.., #we know spock is cool. we know he'll do amazing stuff. & with my limited knowledge of uhura i think it's unfair to her to not allow her, #to be just as cool and important as him and have none of her individual accomplishments have anything to do with him, #that's much more insteresting to me -- which is why i started thinking about this in the first place, #who would be so fascinating that spock would have an (pan)ic & allow himself to fall in love with, #as number one looks on as they stand together kiiinda too close, #someone who's so cool and amazing he literally immediately goes. well. love is real. fascinating. i wont talk to her ever but. good to know, #do send uhura fancast my way btw, #i have no idea how long this fic will be but once i hit 5k i think i'll post an excerpt, #if anyone's reading this please keep your expectations low like i said im just here to have fun and i have no idea what im doing, #and i write slowly :(, #ALSO please ignore the typos that are probably here i apparently cant type, #all of this to say characterization and AUs are hard and i truly dont know what this is, #spock x uhura, #star trek
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man every time i bring up my old edgy pokemon ocs it makes me wanna draw them again lmfao….. i did a lot of Stupid Shit with them that makes me wanna Die when i remember it but i also did lots of Sillay things & like at their Core they were loads of fun & they have a special place in my heart lmfao

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Yes, hello, I have NO CHILL and while watching “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” by Studio Ponoc last night, I desperately wanted an au where Hattie finds a magic flower and broomstick in the woods by her Uncle Luka’s house and ends up in magic bird school, which is for birds. I wrote a short scene from smack-dab in the middle of the movie (so spoilers) to play around with the idea. It’s about 600 words but enjoy this blip of magic and let me know what you think! Here we go!!

Cupping the iridescent flower bud in her palms, Hattie inhaled the crisp night air. The little broomstick was perched against her arm, the jack-o-lantern smile on the purple cloth wrapped around its bristles almost glowing in the moonlight.

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