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A hearty Low Country stew is transformed into a Southern summer salad. Long grain and wild rice, black-eyed peas, peppers, and fresh crabmeat are tossed in a simple lemon, olive oil, and parsley dressing.

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Choose the best 2 layer masks for yourse lf from InMask which brings a range of innovative and superior protection reusable cotton face masks in a wide variety of prints. In Mask masks offer high filtration efficiency of up to 99 per cent and do not lose shape even after washing.

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Incendiu la o casă din Păuliș: o femeie a fost găsită decedată în locuință

Incendiu la o casă din Păuliș: o femeie a fost găsită decedată în locuință

Un incendiu s-a produs în această dimineață la o casă particulară din Păuliș. La fața locului au intervenit pompierii de la Detașamentul Arad, cu un echipaj de stingere, 5 pompieri și un echipaj SMURD cu 3 paramedici. „Incendiul se manifesta în interiorul locuinței, fără flacăra, cu degajarea de fum. În urma recunoașterii a fost găsită o victimă, femeie, decedată. Incendiul a fost stins”, a…


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ANCA is one of the leading furniture companies in Delhi known for designing the finest quality bespoke customized and high-end furniture. So, if you are looking to give your interior space a mesmerizingly gorgeous look, customized furniture in Delhi from ANCA makes a standout choice on your part.

Address: B-210 A Block B, Noida Phase-2, Uttar Pardesh 201305.Phone: 0120 4270701

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APTRON Offers focused with in-depth professional Web Designing Course in Delhi with live projects. The course is designed to prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialisation of digital graphics, web designing, web hosting, landing page designs, responsive web designs. For Further Inquiry:- +91-706-527-1000 

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In my defense

In defense

this year to close

nothing was different

came in succession


whatever needs


it was easier the closer we are

so we

ran, to get to me

closer and i make

a play for our simple


-An original poem by Roberto Reyes

aka bobby

follow me on instagram @bobbyreyes20 & on Twitter @bobbyreyes20 

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Efeng candy thermometer spatula with pot clip – Silicon grey chocolate spatula with thermometer built in,candy thermometer,thermometer spoon for chocolate, candy,creams,sauces,Jams meat cooking

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Efeng Smart Life Spatula Digital Instant Read Thermometer is an ideal cooking aid for you to make perfect chocolate food, creams, sauces, jams and syrups. It makes the worst part of candy-making much easier. Tested and it reads quite accurately and being digital, you never have to guess if you are “there” or not. Thermometer Specifications: - Instant read time: 8 seconds - Temperature range: -50 ℃ ~ 300 ℃ (-58 ℉ ~ 572 ℉) - Temperature Resolution: 0.1℉ - Temperature Accuracy: ±1 ~ 2 ℃ / 2 ~ 4 ℉ - Power Supply: 1 pcs LR44 Battery - Automatic shutdown function: 40 minutes without any operation Package Includes 1 x Spatula Thermometer 1 x Stainless steel clip 1 x User Manual Efeng Smart Life thermometers are backed by a Three Years Warranty.
MULTIPURPOSE DIGITAL COOKING THERMOMETER SPATUAL WITH CLIP – 12-Inch Probe Built in Thermometer Spatula Kitchen & BBQ Grill Tool Reads Internal Temperature of Chocolate, Liquid Candy, Deep-fry, Sauce, Syrup, Meat & More
HANDY SILICONE SPATULA – Food Class Silicon Spatula Resistance 450 F Removable Spatula is Protective Sleeve for Long Temperature Probe; Great for Mixing, Stirring, & Serving Up Portions
INSTANT READ FOOD THERMOMETER – Precision Probe Delivers Fast, Accurate High Temp Readings Between -58°F and 572°F; Works on Candy, Beef, Chicken, Etc.
SLEEK DIGITAL DISPLAY – Modern Device Features Effortless 1-Button Operation & Easy Read LCD Screen; Powered by 1 LR44 Battery for Use
DISASSEMBLES FOR CLEANING – Low Maintenance Chocolate Thermometer Monitors Food While Stirring; BPA-Free Paddle Removes for Hand Washing商品特性

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me over the past few days with all the shit that’s being released and batting down the hatches bc I know my pea brain won’t be able to handle it all:

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Simple, delicious homemade bread! Great for kids who are anxious to help out with dinner. Simply ‘squish’ ingredients in a large resealable bag before lightly kneading and baking!

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