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#its verie good it slaps
sobsicles · 6 months ago
"something wicked this way comes" season 1 episode 18 really Did That, huh? not only did they go the hag route, but they dived into j*hn's Unrealistic Expectations for dean as a ten or eleven year old child (and younger, but that's when it's set in the episode). fully just acknowledged that j*hn blamed dean for not looking after sam, treating it genuinely like it was dean's job instead of his own, and then treating him noticably different when, by his standards, dean "messed up". dean carried that mistake with him until it festered, and sam said it best in the episode. paraphrasing but, "i give you a lot of crap about taking dad's orders, but i know why you do it." and that's exactly it—dean does what his dad orders because he was literally trained to and made to believe anything he did outside of those orders, anything he did for himself, would end in fucking up. and there's something to dean not trying to force michael to be bait without him knowing first, as well as giving him the out if he changed his mind. dean said, "if you changed your mind, it's okay, you can tell me. i won't be mad," and ive just got to fucking wonder how it's an instinct for him to reassure a kid that he won't be angry if he's scared. almost like he knows what that's like, to be scared and have the adult figure around him get angry at him for it. hm. also never going to get over the fact that sam admitted that he wished he could have some innocence to him (aka not knowing about the life or monsters) and dean said, "for what it's worth, sometimes i wish you could, too." not himself. sam. it's never about him, and that's all he knows.
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ashes-in-a-jar · 8 months ago
So... I've compiled all of the instances Jon has been told to 'shut up' or 'shut it' but I don't have the necessary skill or proper tools to download and edit it sound wise...
It's just sitting there... In my notes... The many times Jonathan 'I'll joke at the most inopportune moments' sims was told to cease his prattling.
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batshit-birds · 5 months ago
idk man ngl Jason and Cass probably wouldn't get on that much considering their. Wildly different views on murder and reducing Cass's character to the "best" "automatic favourite" with no foundation esp when she's not even on screen so to speak without actually exploring her personality is kinda yikes to me, it feels idk performative while still relegating her to a prop to make a point more than anything else if that makes sense. Like I love Cass a lot but she sticks to her ideals like crazy as does Jason so thats gonna be a clash Duke and Cass absolutely have a good relationship but Jason and Cass less so (thknking about it Duke or Tim mediating between them would be kinda funny as people who do get on ok with both of them) anyway this isnt an attack but maybe think about it a bit I don't think youre a horrible evil automatic racist it's more like things to consider in perception of characters of colour.
Okay yes these are all incredibly valid points that i 100% agree with, but bro
it was a little thing in the tags i typed out in half a second at 2 am to set up a joke at Tim's expense. I wasnt trying to make a statement about character relationships and stuff - i was just like 'haha entertaining running joke' without much thought
When it comes to posts where i'm actually giving thought to the characters, their most accurate characterizations, and relationships with one another, i will literally never in my life have Cass be everyone's favorite, least of all Jason's
I just want to make sure you know you don't have to get critical about a teeny ongoing joke in the tags of a random ask. Bc I know!
In all honesty when I (very rarely) make a "Cass is everyone's favorite" joke, i see it as the other batkids poking fun at Bruce's blatant 'favoritism'. Cause yeah. She's not everyone's favorite.
Every character is their own unique and complex person with equally complex relationships that vary greatly. I value accurate / multi-faceted / nuanced characterizations and relationships too much
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it’s like, the iliad is the story of the rage of achilles, and what does achilles do with his rage? he gets his best friend killed by sitting on the sidelines out of spite; he kills the most decent man in the entire bajillion line poem, then desecrates his body while his father watches. that’s what the story is: sing to me of the rage of achilles, and every ugly thing that comes with it. and he’s a hero, of course he’s a hero in the eyes of the story, and i think it is actually much less valuable to say no, someone like this can’t be a hero, than it is to say, well maybe he is and maybe just maybe the person or people composing these lines and the people reciting them and listening to them three thousand years ago, maybe they had a view of heroism that understood the costs. bernard knox’s introduction to the fagles translation points out that in the century we believe the homeric epics to have been composed, athens - athens! not military cult sparta! athens! the fuckers that invented democracy! - spent more years at war than not. more years at war than not, in a century where the technology of war was not yet as it is now, where a country could go to war and leave much of its populace functionally untouched by violence. maybe it means something important, actually, that achilles is hero and monster both.
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gnoust · 9 months ago
I noticed that a lot of art with those two ocs together have their antenna touching, what’s the purpose behind that?
Its about the intimacy of it all sweet anon
They spent so long pushing eachother away that their antenna practically reach for eachother. To be able to hold eachother in every way they possibly can
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theunembarrassedalto · 6 months ago
is this the year I finally, despite my lifelong resistance, get into pop music? stay tuned
#it's not that i don't think pop music can be good! or at least not anymore#alex aged ... oh probably 12-19 or so was definitely a little bit of a snob about it#but previously i have often been ... bored by pop?#but i'm kind of digging some of the stuff happening now!#obviously there's montero which fucking slaps#spotify just gave me kiss me more which is doja cat and sza (because i really like sza)#which is also really good to my pleasant surprise!#(also i'm not gonna delete all my tags to change this but. is the use of 'slaps' to say something is good AAVE?)#(I try very hard not to use AAVE on the Internet because i AM white and I know it's often appropriated)#(but it's genuinely extremely difficult because. i live with a Black person. i am married to a Black person who uses AAVE all the time#and when you live with someone esp in a partnership you end up picking up a lot of speech patterns from each other!#and so I think I've like. accidentally gotten a lot of AAVE that way and I. genuinely do not know what it is half the time#because it's just like oh yeah this is a phrase N uses that has worked its way into my regular vocab#and i don't want to appropriate it#i want to be respectful!)#(then i get to wondering about like. what is appropriation vs appreciation.#like. can i use AAVE if i understand and credit it as not my creation? like i do get that it's actually a whole language and not just#'internet slang' or whatever!#but i absolutely do not want to use it if it's disrespectful or appropriative to do so by nature!)#okay this was a wild tag rant my APOLOGIES but i wrote it all and it is genuinely something i think about#so i'm not gonna delete it lol. enjoy. all y'all following my blog must have a fun time#anyway uh. categorization tags incoming#personal
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deeznutzl0l · 11 days ago
its hadrd to write sappy shit while listening to super energetic fast music but i suppose ill try my best BHJSNDSJKFBJHA @fuckshitassbitchcockballs
#god deltarune chapter 2's music fuckigng slaps ok#ASLSO i should probably say this rly quick. whnen iwas telling u goodnight earlier i almost#i almost typed 'my love' instead of 'my hunibie'#LIKE#????????????#i almost typed 'goodnight. i love u my love' ???????????????#I MEAN I DONT MIND CALLING U MY LOVE OR JUST LOVE IF U WANT ME TOO ??? ?? ?? ?? BUT DJHFJFKJKFNJKFBHJFHBFHJ#god. sry. i have just been so very gay for u lately#I MEAN I AM ALWAYS GAY FOR U AND IVE BEEN GAY FOR U FOR LIKE 3 YEARS AND A COUPLE MONTHS NOW#BUT LIKEDFDFJKNJKFDNJKFDNJFKD#ive just been extra gay bestie . its tha hormones <3333333#jk no its not im just so very in love with u#bestie ik im not good at showing it soetimes but ! i am incredibly gay for u and u make me oh so haby#i just bhfgjbbjh!!!!!!! i care u :)#i lov and i care u :)#i jus love . everythinge about u. i lov ur voice and ur face and ur art and fbghjgfjnhgfjhbhfg jus everything#I AM SOrry for getting increasingly sappy in these gayposts i just have so many thoughts about youuuuuuu#bestie u ar on my mind like 24/7. i am never no thoughts head empty i am just Always thinkging about u (the she)#listen i live a very very boring life and u jus. u make things a lil less boring yk??#u make my life pog#and i just bghbhjgjbhgfjhbgfhjgf#like not to be super gay or anything but im glad that ur the person i get to spend the rest of my life with#like !!!!!!!! idk i just . i like being around u#not physically (yet) ((cause yknow ur not here)) (((y e t))) but like. idk bhjgfgbhjhbjgbhfjbhggjbh#u jus make me feel safe n comforble and ik that i can like . jus be myself around u without bein judged#also can i just say that im listening to music very loudly rn . like wow thi s is rly loud its hard to hear myself think over this stuff#BUT THIS MUSIC SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPS I DONT WANAN TURN IT DOWN fuck >:(#ANYWAYS . sry my brain is doing things#anyways#u jus t make me rly rly habbie hunby. and can i jus say i love that we've started calling each other stuff like that now BSHJBSDJHBDJHA
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july-19th-club · 5 months ago
actually its a lot harder to pull of the ‘drop a lil meme in here and there and make it not pull you out of the narrative too much for the sake of an audience wink’ thing in like. a series like locked tomb than a series like star trek. star trek is set at most a couple centuries from now. presumably there’s a lot of cultural flotsam still filtering through the populace. the holodeck jokes often function, for example, on the interplay between ‘pop culture jokes that humans know about but aliens are brand new to’ and it’s extremely funny. tom paris’s silly flash gordon adventures are silly because he’s, in-universe, a nerd about really obscure stuff none of his earth coworkers think is interesting. or like. you guys remember the gag in eccleston’s run of doctor who where lady cassandra plays ‘classical music’ and it’s toxic by britney spears? that bit was ten years ago and it’s still hysterical because the joke is worked into the text in a way that allows it to be funny to both the characters AND the audience. tomb meanwhile is ostensibly TEN THOUSAND YEARS from now so i know these guys dont know none pizza . the joke’s not for the characters. i know that’s all you muir. hey reader remember none pizza? what a laugh that was and yes. it WAS. but now ive been yanked bodily from what was building up to be a seriously tense and interesting scene and you did it to remind me of none pizza? dude i was busy now im distracted
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