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pwapuri · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
They young crew of Gintama!!!
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kamunobu · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
The first kamunobu week is here! And we have the prompt poll ready for you to dive in.
Please read carefully the instructions and ask should you have any questions!
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kamuianiki · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
kamunobu is just a crack shipp of the fandom but I'd really like to see them interacting or fight each other really. i think no one would be actually prepared for them dynamic together.
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raidenshougun · a month ago
kamunobu wip
So I have this —which is probably going into my next multichapter— but until then I've decided to post it as a WIP because: a) I'm MIA due to thesis hell; b) but the agenda needs to keep going so, here, take this established relationship self-indulgent WIP.
The inner patio has always been her favorite place from the entire estate. Nevermind all the bittersweet memories it brings to her, it’s simply beautiful; her apartment in Shinjuku could never replace it, even though she doesn’t spend as much time there as she wants. The wind blows nicely, the birds finally chirp —they never did before, as if only the caw of crows were allowed that privilege— and there’s a certain melancholy to it that she enjoys. The house is also an excellent hiding place —not that they don’t know where to search for her, but everyone is aware that her going to Edo’s outskirts means she doesn’t want to be disturbed.
Nobume caresses the empty box of donuts lovingly. She’s sitting on her spot and there’s a nondescript empty space at the other side of the box… like something —rather someone— is missing.
“You are terrible at hiding,” she speaks slowly, apparently to no one in particular.
Kamui steps out from behind the barren cherry blossom tree, eyes squinted in suspicion.
“I’ve been here for a long time, could’ve been an assassin,” he says, starting to walk in her direction. He’s still wearing his customary set of what Nobume likes to call “space rags”, which means he just got off his spaceship.
He takes a step in her direction but stops immediately… just to have a good look at her. He doesn’t like to brag to his crew about her because that’s no one’s business but he’s not blind. Nobume’s appeal, however, has nothing to do with her looks —although she’s beautiful— or how deadly she is —that’s a strong component too. It has always been more about… her presence and how she carries herself. She reminds him of someone, always elegant but with a sharp tongue and extremely deadly when provoked.
Nobume taps the ashes of her pipe into the donut box.
“If that was the case you would’ve been dead by now, I don’t see the problem,” she spins the kiseru between her fingers suppressing a smile, and Kamui has flashbacks of Gintoki stabbing Hosen with one.
Samurai, always getting to his nerves.
“That would probably be the outcome if I attack you,” he concedes, and takes another step, this time avoiding the flowers. “Which I wouldn’t do,” he leaps forward and lands on the overhang, her legs between his feet and him towering over Nobume like a predator.
She exhales the smoke right into his face, head tilted upwards to hold his gaze.
“What would you do, in that case, Admiral Assface?”
Kamui will let that slip, just because it’s a new one.
“I would kiss you, because I’ve missed you,” he admits.
The smile she was trying to suppress finally creeps slowly on Nobume’s lips and Kamui considers that, once again, a small victory.
“You look so dopey when you smile,” he mocks her, like the child he is —Nobume’s words, not his.
“You look like a complete buffoon all the time and you haven’t seen me complaining, haven't you?” she tilts her head to the right, curious, as if she’s calculating his reaction. Nobume puts the pipe down, next to her katana. “About that kiss…”
“You are too far,” she complains, making it sound like an order. He is, in fact, always in the sky, always too far, but you won’t hear Nobume complain about that either. It’s just what it is.
Kamui snorts, baffled at how bratty would that sound if someone else said it compared to how natural and bossy Nobume articulates every word. He gets off the overhang with a hop and squats in front of her.
The night has always suited him best, in her opinion. He doesn’t have to carry the parasol and, in general, he seems more at ease when the sun sets down. And aesthetically speaking… The light of the lamps has always favored him for some reason that escapes her. Nobume reaches for his braid and slowly undoes the tie, freeing his hair from it.
Kamui grabs her wrist. “Now you are the one too far,” he chants and tugs her arm carefully, making her lean a little towards him.
Nobume closes her eyes for a brief moment and hums, her fingers untangling his hair and liberating his strands into the wind. “So inconvenient,” she whispers after which she opens her eyes again.
He had always thought that hers had the color of the blood spilled in the battleground, but he was so wrong —like he was with many other assumptions about her. Nobume’s eyes have the color of red spider lilies —the ones she smells like too. They are… bearers of death, toxic but also extremely beautiful and lonely because no other plant or animal can live by their side.
“Well, yes, you love to make me beg,” he mutters and clicks his tongue. She smiles, once again.
“You are the one choosing to beg when you could… just…,” she bends a bit more, “take it.”
Kamui grips the wood of the engawa, tiptoeing in the position to rise and meet her halfway.
“The thing is, I don’t want my ass beaten, Nobume,” he whispers, lips barely brushing against hers.
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pokipokiki · a year ago
kamui x nobume
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
comic ⬆️  Original art: @andria-fox​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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subinnie94 · 2 years ago
What if
What if Kamui, Sougo and Shinpachi having a guys hanging out time? Or more like they got kicked out because the triple S girl (Kagura, Nobume and Soyo) is having their baby shower for girls only.. To make it even more funny they will talk or more like complaining about their hormonal and bipolar sadist wife that is pregnant? It’s gonna be so damn funny.. Like 3 sadist pregnant girl together it will spell TROUBLE with big letters.. Oh boy they will be in a roller coaster ride of troubles.. It will be fun to see Masochist Kamui and Sougo 😂😂
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maki-no-maki · 3 years ago
Red Velvet
KamuNobu drabble.
This plot’s been in my head for some time, and I just got the will to write it. Sorry for the grammar and for the pacing lol.
She didn’t understand this new student. One moment he was ready to kill, the other moment he would die for food. Imai Nobume wouldn’t have cared about the transferee’s activities, hadn’t he went after her sacred doughnuts. She was unbothered when it came to many things, but her precious doughnuts. It was one of the things that could easily make her blood boil, especially that that particular box of dessert was given to her by her foster father. However, from the looks of things, his sudden intrusion didn’t really involved doughnuts.
It was more than that. Foodies would have been easily connected. It won’t require much blood.
“Move an inch, and I’ll kill you,” Nobume warned the orange haired perpetrator. Her grip on her pen tightened, firming her hold, in case he did anything funny to her just like earlier. She managed to inflict injury on his right hand, and now she wouldn’t think twice to stab him to death.
“Relax, Miss. I’m just curious about the taste of that limited Krispee Creeme thing,” he said, his airy voice reminiscent of bubbles floating in the wind that seemed so gentle and unharmful, like himself, an airhead. But one couldn’t be safe with this Kamui around. She didn’t even bother to know his last name.
The supposed biggest idiot that ever walked on planet was sharper than any knife. He was cheerful, naïve, his smile was bright and contagious. But his hands told otherwise, for those had been dirtied countless times. Nobume stepped back and glared at the male when he moved towards her post. She left the doughnut box on the chair at the back earlier. Her freehand searched up the dagger from her inner thigh.
“Who told you about my location?” Good thing, the class was over and all the people left the building except for few school staffs. She didn’t imagine such encounter would unfold right in the school she learned to cherish ever since she left the organization two years ago. She thought she could live normally like any other kids her age.
But life wouldn’t be so kind to those murderers, even though it was in the past.
“Aha…” Kamui smiled. His real smile would bring people on their knees, and right now, it was directed towards her. It was not like those of shoujo manga, bishounen smiles, but this one, this one would make ordinary people beg for their lives. “You are sharp, just like what they say, Mukuro.”
Mukuro. A named she had buried in the name of peace. Her bloody past that still haunted her in her sleep became tangible, in the form of an airhead rabbit.
“What about we play games? Don’t you miss being a little chaotic, eh?” After his words, Kamui thrusted his arm, and went for her neck. Her hand holding the dagger was pinned on the wall just like what he did to her body, his big hand swaddled around her neck so tightly she barely breathe.
He enjoyed the violence, she abhorred it. She’d had enough in her life, and she wanted to move forward with her new-found friends.
Kagura. She brought so much light into her life. She introduced her to her big family, without even asking how she used to be or what kind of life did she live on. Her kindness opened the door for much more opportunities to meet people, and the community she wished she could stay to.
Soyo. She taught her how to appreciate life. From little things to the extraordinary nature of humanity and the world. She had always wanted to say “thank you” to her, for teaching her how to grow plants, groom dogs and cats, eat using spoon and fork, and how to properly interact with people.
All those things were short lived. She could only wish for one more chance, not to cut off her breath in an instant.
Nobume diverted her gaze to Kamui. This monster was looking at her straightly, with murderous glare, his eyes red, veins visible. He was decided to eliminate the girl that had caused ruckus to her organization after her departure a couple of years ago. He wasn’t paid for this whatsoever, but a juicy information would fade upon her death. What she knew was worth millions of lives and numbers of planets. If this blew up one day, the entire universe would certainly be shook up. Kamui did not care about death itself, but if that person would be disturbed…
Sad, turquoise eyes flashed in Kamui’s mind...
A small sound coming from the girl managed to snatch Kamui from his reverie. He looked at her pale face, and widened eyes. Just a little more, sure she was gonna give in. It was a waste, to be honest, this girl could have lived longer and prosper. Yet she’d chosen the wrong path.
He looked into her eyes for the last time, to see if she feared death. But even on the verge of passing out, her eyes were determined, staring at him with much conviction, even tears falling on her cheeks. She gotta die fast, before Kamui realize. Before it was too late.
Sad, turquoise eyes flashed in Kamui’s mind, and his grip loosened.
Nobume saw a chance to break free. The male was taken aback. Everything happened so fast, and in a blink of an eye, the orange head was alone in the classroom, muttering curses under his breath.
On the other hand, a long-haired girl jumped from the third floor, wondering what happened to her perpetrator.
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mahiwaga-bghn · a month ago
The bubbly one and the kuudere one 🌺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Idk why but they kinda have the same energy and I don't even know how I connected the two 😆💖
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sashasasaaaaa · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kamunobu · 3 days ago
Prompt poll progress
While the prompt poll ends 25/11, here are the current top 7 positions. Lots of ties, by the way.
Simple prompts:
Firsts / Flowers / Jealousy
Tumblr media
Haiku prompts:
so red, red, / the sun relentless and yet / autumn’s wind
so lazy— / finally roused from bed: / spring rain
on a withered branch / a crow has settled — / autumn evening
for a moment / it hangs above the blossoms: / the night’s moon
wrapping rice dumplings: / with one hand she puts back / her fallen hair
scribbled on, / now the fan is torn up: / memories at departure
stillness— / sinking into the rocks, / cicadas’ cry
Tumblr media
Regarding AU suggestions we have Modern AU thirst going on and we can't blame you. Remember that those will be subjected to another poll at the start of December.
Tumblr media
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sadomaruxsadaharu · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Art trade with Tan-chan @blackhaiper  XD
An AU (3Z) KamuNobu fanart!!
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Can someone tell me why peoples ship Nobume and Kamui ? I mean... did they ever had a fight or talked to each other in the manga (i don't read the scans so i don't know if they did) ? I've seen a lot of fanart of this pairing so that make me curious ^^
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pokipokiki · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*Kamui x Nobume
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lenadaae · 3 years ago
4 Sadist ll「 AMV 」Champion
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blackhaiper · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doodle Kamui & Nobume with child
The child is my OC
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yknipus · 3 years ago
Chiếc tàu chở đoàn ngân tặc Yato-đội 7 của tổ chức Mưa Xuân. Song song với nó, một chiếc tàu khác cũng đang trôi chầm chậm giữa không trung bao la. Đó là chiếc tàu của Binh Đoàn Qủy. Vậy 2 tổ chức mờ ám này đang tiến về nơi đâu? Trái Đất- nơi có 1 kẻ đang chờ đợi Takasugi, 1 cuộc họp mặt bất chợt trước khi chúng lên kế hoạch ám sát chinh di Đại Tướng quân của Mạc Phủ.
Họ gặp nhau tại căn cứ bí mật của Mimawarigumi, cục trưởng Sasaki Isaburou cùng các thành viên của Binh Đoàn Qủy bước vào một căn phòng kín. Trước khi vào, Bansai ngoái đầu lại hỏi Abuto và Kamui:
-Cả 2 không vào à?
Kamui đáp:
-Chán phèo, thay vì vậy tôi lại muốn tìm thứ gì đó giải trí. Chờ đợi hay họp hành chỉ cho mấy bô lão thôi.
Abuto nói:
-Ừ, vậy thì để bô lão đàn em này ở đây canh gác, còn tên đội trưởng trong lúc đó nếu có muốn giải trí thì tùy thích nhưng đừng có gây sự gì đấy. Bô lão đây không đủ sức để xử lí đôi ba việc cùng một lúc đâu đấy.
Kamui nở nụ cười ngây thơ:
-Tôi giết anh đấy (^_^), chào nhá :)
Nói rồi Kamui lăn mất tăm, tiện thể tên nhóc đó vừa đi vừa hất mấy tên lính canh của Mimawarigumi qua một bên. Kamui đi xung quanh trụ sở của Mimawarigumi, bất giác, anh thấy một bóng dáng của ai đó. Là một cô gái, có vẻ cô ta cũng trạc tuổi anh, người con gái ấy với ánh mắt không thể hiện bất cứ điều gì ngoài sự trống rỗng trong đôi mắt của mình. Anh biết, cô ấy cũng là một kẻ cuồng sat như mình. Thường thì đối với phụ nữ, anh sẽ nhân từ hơn một chút, bởi lẽ, nguyên tắc của Kamui là: phụ nữ có thể sinh ra những đứa trẻ mạnh. Vâng, một tên cuồng kẻ mạnh như Kamui cũng có những luật lệ của riêng mình. Vả lại, cô gái này xem ra cũng chẳng phải dạng tần thường
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tamako-aru · 2 years ago
ACTIVITY: KAMUNOBU WEEK Actividad: Kamunobu week
Tumblr media
A friend of the shipp Kamuixnobume, it occurred to her to do a week dedicated to this shipp despite the little interaction. So doing his research he decided to do it for the week where he is on September 24. Why on that date? For being the day in which the chapter was published where there was a small interaction between Nobume and Kamui. 
 We invite you to participate in this activity.
ESPAÑOL: Una amiga de la nave Kamuixnobume, se le ocurrió hacer una semana dedicada a esta nave a pesar de la poca interacción. Entonces, haciendo su investigación, decidió hacerlo durante la semana en la que está el 24 de septiembre. ¿Por qué en esa fecha? Por ser el día en que se publicó el capítulo donde hubo una pequeña interacción entre Nobume y Kamui. 
Te invitamos a participar en esta actividad
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oddjobsqueen · 3 years ago
If I didn’t ship KamuNobu before I sure as hell do now.
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