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#kilorn warren
lilyharvord · a day ago
what are your thoughts on cameron and kilorn being together? i feel like it came out of nowhere and isn’t appropriate given how cameron’s only 16 but i’m curious to know your thoughts on it
Can I give multiple thumbs down? Is that an option? 10000/10 would NOT recommend. Like I get the idea, they were together a lot (I guess?), and Kilorn is super sweet so I guess I understand Cameron (whose life has been nothing but hard knocks) would enjoy having a sweet, kind person doting on her. But I NEVER saw it being even CLOSE to canon. I remember seeing it in War Storms and being like.... Kilorn didn't get Mare... so he's... gonna end up with a 16 year old? HMMM. Then again, I was fifteen dating an 18 year old when I was in high school, so I get where that comes from. Cameron is very mature for her age, it makes sense she would gravitate toward older guys. But... I dont know, it just didn't feel right. The chemistry wasn't there and I feel like the moment when Mare observes them is the only time we have ever seen them interact in canon.
If I saw anything I saw Camisa. I thought FOR SURE it would be Gisa and Cameron. Their energy just screamed comparable. In all fics I write they're together.
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Welcome to the Red Queen fandom,
here we have: people that still crying over the morally gray guy’s death, people wanting the badass lesbian to step on them and the people that melt over the funny good boys.
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caloresthrone · 5 days ago
Mare: We are not leaving Cal behind.
Kilorn: Maybe it’s his time, how do we know?
Cameron: Who are we to play God?
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anyone else feel super gross about the fact that Cameron and kilorn’s relationship starts when she’s about 15 and he’s 18? just me?
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caloresthrone · 7 days ago
Cal: I’ve created a list of all the possible places where Maven could’ve taken Mare
Kilorn: this is a blank piece of paper
Cal, tearing up: I have no idea where she is
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redqueenshadow · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Here’s my attempt at drawing Mare Barrow
I’m not too proud of this but I am glad that I managed it because it was my first time using Procreate.
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blackpheonix · 8 days ago
I have a sudden urge to write something where Mare and Kilorn are just vibing in ketterdam. They just seem like they'd like it there
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caloresthrone · 9 days ago
Kilorn, with great delight: Oh Cal is gonna hate this.
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kevinssexy · 12 days ago
characters that are now officially non-binary and aromantic because i, a non-binary and aromantic person said so.
number one:
Tumblr media
number two & number three:
Tumblr media
number four & five:
Tumblr media
number six and seven:
Tumblr media
ok that’s it. thank you for coming.
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lucy-the-cat · 14 days ago
Lover’s Curse Chapter Twelve - Affectionate Trigonometry
Tiberias cannot stop moping.  He barely smiles at his grandmother, despite her numerous attempts to cheer him up.  His head hangs at a permanent angle, always fascinated by the ground.  He won’t laugh at any of my excellent jokes.
It’s annoying.
“Does she love him?”  Tiberias finally speaks once we arrive inside the gates.  Anabel nudges him forward, past metal columns and ominous guards.  I might have exchanged one prison for another.  “He wrote her letters when we were on the run, and she kept them.  Read them in the middle of the night, over and over, crying.  They were friends once.”
“Please don’t involve me in your melodramatic teenage love triangle.”
“She’s being tortured.”  He glares.  “What mind fuckery does it take to convince someone it’s better to be tortured than not?  It’s a reasonable concern.”
I roll my eyes.  “Do you think her an idiot?  Use your head.”  I scoff.  “Mare knows what kind of man he is.  No amount of poetry can erase that.  Perhaps she has plans you don’t know about.”
Tiberias sighs.  “Of course.  She had to make herself a martyr.”
“Wonder who she learned it from.”
“We’re here.”  Anabel guides her grandson away from me, halting in front of a bedroom far less grand than his station should merit.  “Don’t get comfortable.  Maven’s troops have been marching towards Corvium, and a clash is inevitable.”
“I am no stranger to battle.”  I lean against the wall.  “Tiberias, on the other hand, hasn’t trained in weeks.”
He rolls his eyes  “I’m beginning to understand why Maven threatened you.”
“I know.  Neither of you have a sense of humor.”  I huff.  “Barrow does.  Can’t fathom how either of you attracted her.”
“Did you talk to her?”  Tiberias lingers in the doorway.  Anabel has retreated, choosing to inform others of our arrival rather than escorting me to my chambers.  It seems poor manners run in the family.
“Occasionally.”  I study my nails.  “She understood what court did not.  I could relax my guard and discuss what mattered to me without fear of violence or interrogation.  She was a suitable companion.”
“Did--?”  He hesitates.  “Did she ever talk about me or Maven?”
“Self-centered, I see.”  Eye roll.  “She barely mentioned either of you, as she should.  Empty wind bags, both of you.  Learn some manners.”
“That’s not what I meant.”  Tiberias grits his teeth.  “You’re not listening to me.”
“I don’t owe you answers.”
He slams the door in my face.
My room is severe, black and silver coiling around one another in columns, punctuated by the occasional window.  Metal spikes gleam on every surface.  These people would turn on me the instant they stood to gain.
I reach for my vapor to soothe me, but a portion of air is conspicuously dry.  There’s a body in the way.  “Lady Evangeline, I’m not an idiot.  Keep your shadow wench to yourself.”
“Princess Evangeline.”  She appears in the doorway, arms crossed.  There’s a new smugness to her posture, one I hadn’t thought possible.  “You’re addressing an equal, nymph.”
I know her type.  Deeply insecure, overcompensating, resentful of anyone with the authority to make her shut up.  They were always the first to call Tiora lazy, or me an emotionless statue.
“It’s still an act of aggression.  Did you fail Protocol, Your Highness?”
“Why are you here?”  She scowls.  “You had everything, and you gave it up for what, a disgraced prince?  You can’t be that foolish.”
I scoff.  “Everything? Do you think titles are all that defines power?  There is always someone above you, and I’d rather they be Mother than an overstuffed peacock.  I’m sure she’ll agree.”
She tenses.  “You don’t know that.  You can’t leave an engagement and beg forgiveness.  Marriage is for alliances, treaties, business deals.  Not happiness.”
“Pardon.  Did I ask your opinion?”  I turn my back.  “I’ve no desire to steal your princeling, so please cease the dramatics.  Empty your misery on someone who cares.”
The air beside me shimmers into a curtsey, coiled locks more flame than hair.  “Forgive me.  I couldn’t restrain my curiosity.”
I sniff.  “Be more cautious next time.  I may not use underlings to teach a lesson, but others might.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty.  You’re wise beyond your years.”
“At least one of you passed protocol.”  I am the still ocean waters on a moonlit night, placid surface teeming with dangers beneath.  “Bother me again, and I’ll carve the next warning into your flesh.”
“What a charming guest.”  Evangeline steps in front of her lover, the metal ornaments twitching in time to her rage.  “Congratulations.  Few manage to be so insufferable Maven Calore won’t tolerate them, but you broke his patience within a month.”
“Please leave.  Don’t make me settle this in public.  My family might still love me after a humiliation, but I suspect yours won’t.”
Poke a bear, you get mauled.
Evangeline pales.  “Come, Elane.  This is growing tedious.”
After a moment’s hesitation, she follows.
I grasp at vapor to ensure I am alone before collapsing onto the bed.  This was the longest day in an endless string of sleepless nights and busy schedules, and I cannot summon the energy to don a proper nightgown.  Gods, grant me strength.  My mortal body is failing me.
When have I last been able to rest?
Perhaps I should’ve stayed.  Maven’s image was a devilish foil to mine, the violent temper to my measured calm, the madness to my rationality, the Merandus menace to my Cygnet saviour.  Once his brother had been slain, I might have swayed enough nobles to depose him.
A Lakeland Empire.
But I’m not a machine.  His blunders couldn’t go uncorrected, my every moment squeezed for maximum efficiency.  Every missed meeting was filled by me, every slighted noble soothed, always humble, always reserved.  So much work, most unappreciated.
Why does any woman marry?
I wake at noon.
My morning routine condenses to a flurry, plain dress and sloppy hairstyle compensating for the time already wasted.  War waits for none, no matter their status.
To my dismay, Tiberias is already alert, eyes plastered to a broadcast.  Seated beside him, a scrawny red boy grits his teeth.  Tiberias wrings his hands, lips pressed to a thin line.
“She must know how damaging this is.”  Scrawny paces back and forth, fists clenched.  “It’s exactly the propaganda he needs, and we can’t afford to lose any more support.”
“He’s blackmailing her.”  Tiberias clutches his head.  “Remember when he forced her to recruit newbloods?  Her hollow eyes, her tense stance, her starved frame--they’ve all grown so much worse.”  He closes his eyes.  “She was so fragile.  I can’t imagine what he’s done to her.”
Scrawny throws his hands in the air.  “Then why didn’t she leave?”
“I.  Don’t.  Know.”
“Excuse me.”  I nudge Tiberias, and he glares.  “You’re blocking the screen.”
He shuffles with a huff, revealing a familiar set of blue eyes.  The words slide off me, the usual pageantry, but enough details stick to complete the picture.  Her face flickers into view, a stone that has withstood the pull of an ocean.
Her time has come.
I chuckle.  “She plays him like a fiddle.”
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fifteenpintsofbluegin · 14 days ago
So erm..i read glass sword. I have like so many emotions rn. Like i’m so conflicted.
Cal babe...i’m sorry i really am. deserve better. you gonna get out of this one (also i too would kneel for maven 😉😉 not the time meg damn) psychopathic bastard..but apparently i’m into that 😳 damn you.
Tumblr media
onto the kings cage... i’m so gonna regret yet seriously love reading this series aren’t i 🥴
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bookluver · 18 days ago
Can we all just agree that even if you don’t like cal,or maven,or even mare, you gotta love our little fisher-boy kilorn.
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anika-thestollsister · 19 days ago
Trying to see if she notices me
Hiiii! I love you and your books so much!! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
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anika-thestollsister · 19 days ago
This will probably get a lot of criticism but
Maven, Kilorn, and Shade are my favorite characters.
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redqueenshadow · 20 days ago
“We used to beat each other up as children, but now that we’re older—and he’s a foot taller than me—I try to avoid scuffles. He has his uses, I suppose. Reaching high shelves, for example.”
True friendship🥺😂
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barrowstan · 21 days ago
Random thoughts about Red Queen
So, Mare basically had 4 men thirsting over her throughout the series.
I mean, Kilorn is the guy who probably always had feelings for her, but cares about her and is decent enough to accept Mare's rejection and still be her friend. I never actually pictured them as a couple, but I was a mess when my little boy was sad and heartbroken. (I freaking adore mare and kilorn's friendship btw)
Now Cal, c'mon, he's head over heels for her. Like, she instantly enchanted him while trying to steal from him, betrayed him in the first book, and even after that problematic phase she had in glass sword (which I don't judge, and actually think it was great for the plot) he tried to understand her. And lastly, he respected her space when she asked for it and that was just amazing!
Okay, now our boy Maven. He was using her but he was also in love, obsessed, but still in love. I was a Marecal whore shipper since "thief" "obviously", but I can't deny that Mareven was kinda cute before the plot twist. But he obviously fucked up, and it got to a point where I got sick of what he made Mare and everyone else go through.
And the fourth one is polemic, and nothing was actually said, but Tyton was a little into her, just a slight crush, like when you feel attracted to someone bc of their beauty or talent or whatever it is. Their friendship is great and I would definitely not like them as a couple but there was something going on there.
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anika-thestollsister · 21 days ago
Kilorn: You're so grumpy I'm sure nothing you say or do can make me laugh.
Mare: *crosses her arms angrily*
Kilorn: *snickers*
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