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#litchi hikari club

So I binge read Litchi Hikari Club because my friend recommended it to me.

All I can say is that Zera was the biggest bitch in the whole damn manga and he deserved what happened to him.

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litchi hikari club (2005)

litchi hikari club (or lychee light club) is literally one of my favourite mangas evr !! pls go read it !! it’s a little gory + weird as hell in general, so b warned lol

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I really want cosplay Raizou from litchi hikari club but I can’t find any wigs :((

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no LHC fanart from me.. here a low quality dead meme i made last year.. :(

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9-Man Uniformed Team:

Obsession towards fictional military uniformed boys in 9-man group have been creeping up at my aesthetics for months! & I started brewing up gender-bendered version of my own creation, inspired by their pattern; which up until now is still currently in my mind & has yet to be drawn even in my sketchpad. I guess it’s true that girls dig guys in uniform

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