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365filmsbyauroranocte · 3 months ago
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Nära jorden, nära skogen (Nina Hedenius, 1984)
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stream · 3 months ago
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Long Shot (2019) dir. Jonathan Levine
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champvictor · 5 months ago
Long shot...
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filmreel · 3 months ago
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LONG SHOT (2019) dir. Jonathan Levine
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youvebeenlivingfictional · 2 months ago
Long Shot Masterlist
Pairing: Stewy Hosseini x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ Only
Notes: Fuck it, Stewy Hosseini fic. Set toward the end of season 1 and into season 2. Slow burn. Shocker, I know. Not beta-read. I know, another shocker. 
Summary: Michael makes short work of the introductions. You’re so busy praying that your hand isn’t sweaty and worrying if your grip is too tight or too loose that you nearly miss his name—Stewy Hosseini.
“Great presentation,” Stewy offers. You don’t think he’s teasing you, but you can’t tell.
The Right Foot
Pros and Cons
More parts to come!
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harmonizingsunsets · a month ago
out of my dreams and into your arms I long to fly
Tumblr media
Dreams of Kate Sharma are not dreams at all. They are more nightmares. Except, now, they have taken a different shape. They’ve changed their strategy. Instead of showing him death and failure, it shows him a different life where he is happy.
But unfortunately, it’s a life he cannot have. 
Kate and Anthony's many dreams about each other, and the one time it's not a dream. Written for Kate and Anthony week, based on the prompt "do you want me to reconsider?"
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incorrectavengersquotes · 4 months ago
Alexei: I know I've been, like, playing it pretty cool. Like I've probably been a little hard to read, and I’ve been acting kinda, like, aloof, maybe like I don't care that much. But I don't wanna do that anymore. I really like you!
Melina: You haven't been playing it cool at all! You just followed me into the bathroom.
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ffruzsiinthebox · 7 months ago
please love me more please love me more please love me more please love me more
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karihighman · 3 months ago
Twitter crop did Nyla dirty so I cropped it myself because she’s a whole mood in this scene from last week’s new rookie ep 😂🤣 (John’s a living meme below!)
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percydoesart-sometimes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay I get it,, I already posted today,, but,, like,,, I really wanted to post these sketches of me working on different expressions,,,
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maddiesflame · 5 months ago
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sara orrego x long shot layouts
like/reblog if saved © maddiesflame
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 7 months ago
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Daughters of the Dust (Julie Dash, 1991)
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skarlettskwrl · 3 months ago
Collapse Into Darkness - Chapter 1: Chosen
For the past few weeks, Danny had been restless, absolutely could not sit still. He had barely been able to sleep at night. He'd been patrolling more and even casually flying. He'd actually been looking forward to ghost fights to try and burn off his excess energy, and even then, they weren't enough. He was still wired all the time. And then there was the pull. He needed to go into the zone. But he was conflicted. he couldn't leave Amity Park unguarded. But this poll. It was all-consuming. He couldn't think of anything else.
So in the middle of the night, he left.
The pull tugged him deeper and deeper into the zone. He no longer recognized where he was. He'd never gone this far in before. He felt uneasy.
He wasn't sure how long he’d been flying in the zone. It could have been minutes, hours, maybe even days. It was hard to tell in the zone. Time was always shifting and folding in on itself here. There were no two places in the zone where time flowed the same. And some places where it didn't flow it all. And others that existed outside of time altogether.
He actually started to get tired, definitely a first in weeks. But he kept going. He had this unexplainable feeling that he was finally getting close.
There was a dense forest up ahead. It wasn't like the ones surrounding Amity. The trees here looked ancient. They were covered with strange runic symbols. The trees had all kinds of colors and patterns. They were all emitting their own unique harmonic frequency. He continued to stride in awe of the place.
As he listened to the songs of the forest. One stood out. The song was his. He needed to follow it. He traveled further. He started to run.
After what he assumed was several more minutes of running, he broke out into a clearing.
There in the clearing was a single tree and an iced-over pond.
His tree.
He knew it.
It was beautiful.
It was a fairly young tree. Its trunk was black with ice-blue swirls in runes. Its leaves were white and narrow. It was covered in delicate crystal-like blossoms. Its branches hung like a weeping willow that swayed in a non-existent breeze.
Danny started to walk over to it. The closer Danny got to his tree, the more clouded his mind became. Danny drifted off the ground and slowly floated to close the distance. He stopped right at his tree's trunk.
He touched it.
Danny and his tree were engulfed in a blinding light.
Danny blinked the spots out of his vision. He looked around. His tree was gone. Only the pond remained. Though, It was no longer ice-covered.
Then he realized he was holding a double-ended scythe. The handle was long and slender, with a slight curve to it. It was black with the same ice blue swirls and runes as his tree. Each end a long curved blade seemingly made of ecto-ice.
He looked at his jumpsuit. Only to be surprised that it was no longer there. He walked up to the pond to get a better look at himself. He was shrouded in hooded silk robes. They were mainly moonless black with white trimmings. It had intricate ice-blue embroidery that had a frost fractal pattern throughout. His DP emblem had shifted to a front clasp. His gloves and boots were still white, but they were now made of leather.
Danny Drew back his hood and leaned further into the pond. He gasped. And nearly stumbled back.
His skin had gained a chalk-white hue. His ears were tapered. His eyes were blue, like when he used ice powers. Danny pulled back his lip and saw that all his teeth were sharp and serrated. He whimpered, and his ears tilted downward.
He saw something peeking out from under the black T-shirt he was now wearing. Fuck. He had a whole ass tattoo on his chest. It was the mark of Reapers. He didn't know how he knew that, but he did. It was tattooed and navy blue ink. It was of a double-ended scythe that looked very much like his. It has lines that swirled and rippled around it. The surrounding lines also shifted color, from Blue to Red to Green and back to Blue again. He wanted to know if this tattoo would still be there on his human form.
He changed back
Fuck, it was.
He looked at himself again. He noticed that his robes had inverted, as did the scythe’s handle. But the only thing that changed about him was his hair and spectral glow. All of his new facial features stayed the same. He groaned in frustration. This was not good. As if on instinct, he dismissed his scythe. It dissolved to Blue Mist that was drawn into his new tat. He looked down at himself again. he was back to normal. The new robes were gone, as were the other physical changes.
He changed back to Phantom.
He was still normal.
But he also felt different, right in his core. Like it wasn't processing anything the same. He's not sure he liked that feeling.
One thing's for sure he'd been out in the zone for a long while. He should probably head back before he's missed.
He set off using the pull on his core he always felt towards Amity.
On the way, As he flew past ghosts, Danny saw hourglasses superimposed over their course at various states of drain. He chose to willfully ignore them.
After a while, he felt a secondary pull on his core getting stronger the closer he got. It was also in the direction of Amity, so he didn't see the harm.
His mind wandered, and before he knew it, he was at where the pull led. That was when he saw the ghost of a little girl. she looked content as she sat on her rock. then he spotted her hourglass.
Danny's mind went blank.
He summoned his scythe.
The girl smiled up at him.
He cleaved right through her core.
She grinned as she disintegrated.
Her loose energy dispersed amongst the spectral winds as it faded.
He dismissed his scythe.
Danny's mind became free again.
He stood on the boulder in shock. Soon after he fell to his knees not able to comprehend what just happened.
Danny had just fucking killed someone! The ghost of a little girl, but sentient, fully thinking being nonetheless. He had– He had killed her.
His core throbbed. He was supposed to protect. To help. He had harmed. He had hindered. He had failed. His core continue to vibrate angrily as it burned in his chest. He felt physically sick. and so he started puking his guts out. Even after he had nothing to be sick with he continued to dry heave. All of this just felt so wrong. he had just– he had– had– He began to hyperventilate And proceeded to curl up. His tears soon followed. He stayed like that for what could have been hours or minutes. He couldn't tell he didn't care. All he knew was he did something that was so wrong! Wrong! Wrong! He continued to rock back and forth muttering incoherently.
Danny shakily got to his feet. And at a slow pace, he unsteadily flew away towards home. His core still burned. He was wrong. so wrong and bad. He had the sinking feeling he'd be forced to do it again. No! There had to be some way of fixing this. He would fix this. He couldn't do this again. He just couldn't.
For now, he needed to head home he'd been gone for too long. Sam Tucker and Jazz would ask where he was if he didn't hurry back soon. He really didn't want to talk about this. He doubled his speed. He was not ready to talk about this. He's not sure he ever would. Right now, what Danny really wanted was sleep.
Not sure if I hit the balance of angst on this or not. This AU has been bouncing around in my head since October and needed to get it written out. It was kind of blocking my other stories. Let me know what you think. And then there was my commitment to trying to create every single DP character as a chibi. That's still an ongoing project. I worked on Not Really Gone this week. The chapter feels about two-thirds done. Then I hit a snag with dialogue so there's that. I'm also really excited cuz I'm getting glasses that are my proper prescription this week. So I can start shooting manual photography again. It's been so long. As for Always Together. The primary issue with that one is that I have a lot of later points mapped out in my head but everything in between chapter 6 and that point is uncharted territory and I need to map it out before I begin writing it again. I’ve been kind of stuck with writer’s block on all of my rating ventures at the moment. I hope to not take any unintentional further hiatuses. My apologies.
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · a year ago
Imagine being the childhood friend of Zuko and him getting angry when Jet starts showing an interest in you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your POV
To be fair Zuko had held in his fury over being banished and hunted down by his sister quite well but apparently the journey to Ba Sing Sei was where he drew the line and decided to have a break down. Zuko spat out his food and you smirked to Iroh at his dramatics. “This is disgusting” he yelled throwing the bowl down before resting his head in his hands “I’m sick of living like this”. You went to remind him you only had one more day of this boat trip left until you reached Ba Sing Sei when someone else spoke. “Aren’t we all?” a smooth voice called and you and Iroh turned to see a boy watching you all. He approached Zuko and introduced himself as Jet the freedom fighter, whatever a freedom fighter was. Zuko didn’t return the gesture but you saw this boy, Jet, swept his eyes over the three of you and he smiled. He walked around to stand between you and Zuko and leant forwards “I heard the captain’s hoarding all the food and eating like a king, how would you like to help me liberate it?”. You and Zuko exchanged a look and you smiled knowing what Zuko’s response would be. “We’re in”.
You waited for night fall and then met Jet and his friend by the kitchen. Jet picked the lock easily with his swords and waved you all inside. Jet whistled as you all stared at the large kitchen amazed at it’s size. “You two take that side” he said to Zuko and his friends “we’ll take this side” he said and gestured to you. You nodded to Zuko and followed Jet to search the room. “So you or your friend got a name?” Jet asked as you searched. “Maybe” you shrugged opening a cupboard “but ours are nowhere near as colourful as Jet”. Jet smirked at your joke and walked closely past you to search the top shelf. “So if you won’t tell me your name how about where are you from? You and your friend seem close so I’m guessing you’ve known each other a while, since children?”. “Correct” you nodded “we’ve been friends since we were 5”. “Cute” Jet smirked “childhood sweethearts escaping to Ba Sing Sei to start a life together” he grinned mockingly. “We’re not childhood sweethearts” you snapped moving away and Jet followed you “ow really so you’re not a couple?”. “NO!” you said loudly before blushing as Jet laughed at your response. You hadn’t meant to be so adamant and you looked down embarrassed “I just meant that is not at all our situation, we’re just really good friends”. Jet nodded and stepped past you “that’s good to hear”. You watched him confused and he shot you a smile over his shoulder “for me that is”. You rolled your eyes but there was something about the boy that was very attractive. Jet smirked at your response and carried on searching. He opened a cupboard and grinned “look what I’ve found”.
You packed all the food up and snook it out of the kitchen easily. You distributed it out to the other families on the ship and Iroh smiled as you passed him a bowl “thank you y/n, you and Lee did a good thing”. “Try telling him that, he’s still pouting” you replied making Iroh laugh. You returned to get more for the other families but got distracted. “So your name’s y/n?” a familiar voice asked. Jet appeared beside you “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop of course but I couldn’t help it”. “Of course not” you smiled sweetly and Jet laughed “It’s a nice name, y/n, it matches you well”. You shot him a look but were slightly amused. It was honestly nice to have someone around that didn’t have the fire nation seriousness. You didn’t make it easy for Jet though and just ignored him. You opened the remaining boxes looking for more food but it was all gone. “Well I guess that’s the last of the food y/n” Jet said pointedly emphasising your name “how about we go for a walk? To celebrate?”. “Aren’t you hungry? We just liberated all that food”. Jet shrugged “I’d say you’re far more interesting to me right now so how about it...y/n” he said smirking and you smiled. You had a pretty boring time on Zuko’s exile so you shrugged “lead the way” and took off with Jet.
Zuko’s POV
Zuko made sure all the food had been dished out before he returned to his seat beside his uncle. He was just about to start eating when he noticed something was wrong....he couldn’t see you anywhere. Zuko looked around for you and blinked "uncle did you see where y/n went?". Iroh frowned when Jet’s friend spoke up. "She left with Jet" Smeller Bee replied and Zuko blinked "why? Are they running another job?". "No, Jet just works that quick" the girl shrugged before going back to her food. Zuko paused confused and craned his neck to see if he could see you. "You mean they're....on a date?". "Sure lets call it that" Smeller Bee agreed and Zuko frowned, when on earth did that happen and how did he miss it?
Panic seized Zuko and he began to wonder how on earth he’d missed this developing. He cursed himself for allowing it to happen right infront of his own eyes and wished things were different so he could’ve told you how he felt. The truth was Zuko had liked you for a while, more than a while actually. He’d liked you for almost as long as he could remember but he’d never told you for multiple reasons. Before when he was a prince he never told you because he was worried with him being the heir that would make you feel pressured to feel the same way and Zuko was 100% certain you didn’t like him. Then when he was banished and you decided to come with him he was amazed. He still remembered you marching your way onto his ship, demanding to come with you and how impressed and in love he felt. So he agreed to let you come but he couldn’t tell you he liked you for a different reason now. He was banished, what if he told you and you did like him? Then you’d get pulled down with him, tainted through association to him. You could return to the fire nation anytime and Zuko didn’t want to do anything to make you share the same fate as him and so he never told you how he felt and it appeared someone had beaten him to it.
When you hadn’t return before they retired to their cabin Zuko wanted to go out looking for you but Iroh told him you were just off on a date and not to ruin your fun. So Zuko didn’t search for you not wanting to *ruin your fun* but there was no way he could sleep not knowing where you were and so he waited up for you. As the time passed he got more agitated and decided if you weren’t back soon he would scour the ship for you no matter what Iroh said but just as suddenly as you’d disappeared you appeared. You opened the door to the cabin quietly and then jumped violently when you saw Zuko stood there in the dark. "Zuko...what are you doing?". "Making sure you got back okay, you took off with a stranger". You rolled your eyes "we’re on a boat Zuko, it’s not like i could be whisked off somewhere plus you know Jet!". "I know of him" Zuko said pointedly and you smirked "it’s sweet of you to worry but don’t worry i can handle boys like Jet" and you disappeared into your room. You patted Zuko as you passed and he sighed. Zuko didn’t like where this was going but he didn’t see how he could stop it. So ignoring the tingling sensation where you touched his arm he stomped into his room and laid face down in the bed.
Your POV
You arrived in Ba Sing Sei the next day and were eager to get off the boat but not as eager as Zuko. He practically dragged you and Iroh off the boat just so you could get stuck waiting in line for 4 hours. After your paperwork was finally approved you got into Ba Sing Sei and realised you had no idea where to go. Iroh claimed due to his old siege days he knew the city but as you stared at a map in the train station he frowned “hmmm it appears to have changed a bit” and Zuko cried out in anger. “You said you knew the city!”. “I did but that was over 10 years ago” Iroh explained “this might take some time”. You saw Zuko was getting ready to yell again and grabbed his arm “hey how about we go get some food while we wait?”. Zuko relaxed slightly and Iroh nodded “I’d love some tea”. “Of course” you smiled and tugged Zuko away. “You have to calm down” you told him softly “Iroh will work all this out we’ll be fine”. Zuko nodded “I know I’d just rather than was sooner rather than later”. “Why?” you asked “what’s your big rush?”. Zuko glanced around you as if looking for someone and then looked down “nothing I just want to get out of this place”. You frowned, something was clearly bothering your friend but you also knew Zuko well enough to know when he was in a mood like this there was no way he would tell you what was wrong. Zuko didn’t open up often and being agitated didn’t help that. So you tried to give him space and hoped he would confide in you when he felt comfortable enough. You spotted two different food carts and nudged his arm “you go get the tea, i’ll get us some food and meet you back by Iroh”. Zuko nodded and without a word walked away. You watched him with a worried frown before you walked towards the food truck. You joined the line, waiting for your turn to order when you heard a voice “so you made it in the city okay?”. You smiled to see Jet again and nodded “obviously” making Jet grin. It was your turn to order next and you stepped up and told the man what you wanted. When it came to paying you went to get the correct money but Jet stepped forwards. “Don’t worry I got this” he said placing some coins down on the counter. “You don’t have to” you started but Jet shook his head “no, I never got you anything on our date the other night so call this payback”. You rolled your eyes as you collected the food but you were blushing slightly. “I wouldn’t really call it a date, more of a walk”. “That’s true” Jet agreed “so that means I have to take you on a proper one”. “Ow really? You have to”? you asked and Jet nodded “for sure, custom all but demands it, I have to do it if I want to or not” Jet said shooting you a wide smirk. You laughed in shock and Jet smirk grew “it’s just a coincidence that I want to”. You smiled and went to tell Jet you’d think about it when Zuko appeared. “Y/n have you got the food?”. You looked down at the bag in your hands and nodded “yeah...”. “So are you heading back?” he asked glancing at Jet or more accurately glaring and you looked down. “You go ahead I’ll be right behind you”. Zuko narrowed his eyes and took the bag from your hands “Mushi is hungry so I’ll just take it”. “Z...Lee” you sighed but Zuko just shrugged “no it’s fine you stay and talk” and he stormed away. You frowned watching Zuko walk away and Jet laughed “that might’ve been my fault. You looked at him confused and Jet shrugged “your friend clearly has a problem with me”. You shook your head confused how Jet reached that conclusion "nonsense Lee likes you he’s just...moody, sometimes". Jet smirked "that i believe but no this seems specific to me and you". "Us?" you asked and Jet nodded "i saw him watching us before he came over, he clearly doesn’t like me being around you”. “I’m not sure...” you frowned and Jet smirked “y/n he’s watching us even now!”. You glanced at Zuko where he sat on the bench beside Iroh. Like Jet said Zuko was watching you and not just watching but openly glaring. He jumped when he saw you’d spotted him and looked away. "He’s just protective" you tried "we’ve been friends forever". Jet smirked "he's protective alright but not because you’re friend, I think the fact you’re just friends is where he has the problem". You realised what Jet meant and swallowed "i...no that can’t be true". Jet shrugged and laughed slightly "hey i’m not going to try and convince you, why would i when i’m interested in you?". You looked back at Jet and smiled "you are?". "Yeah, didn’t i make that obvious? Well maybe this will help" and Jet moved closer.
Zukos’s POV
As soon as you’d all arrived in Ba Sing Sei Zuko was thrilled for one sole reason. Jet. Ever since your date Zuko was anxious to make sure you never saw that boy ever again. So he rushed you and Iroh off the ship and was frustrated to see the long lines that awaited. However he never saw Jet once and so that helped ease his mind. Then when you finally did get through his uncle didn’t know where to go and he felt his temper rising again. Any moment now Jet could appear and tag along and...Zuko didn’t want to think about what could happen, how you and Jet could actually become a proper a couple. So Zuko was not in the best of moods and then the devil himself appeared. Zuko left your side for a second and who was there? Jet. Zuko was furious and so he tried to get you to come with him but you wanted to stay with Jet! Zuko couldn’t believe you were falling for this act and he stormed away from you both angry and upset.
He sat on the bench too angry to eat, just clutching his cup of tea staring at the back of Jet’s head. "Stop watching y/n nephew" Iroh commented and Zuko jumped "i’m not i was just....don’t you think it’s suspicious how much he’s around her?". Iroh shrugged "not considering what happened on the boat, it’s called dating". Zuko glared as Jet moved closer to you "but how do we know we can trust him? He could be anyone". You looked over suddenly and Zuko tore his eyes away "y/n should be careful, what if he hurts her?". "Well it’s ultimately y/n’s decision, we can't control her and while i think your concern for her is admirable perhaps you could work on your honesty?". Zuko paused "what are you trying to say uncle you know i hate riddles". "I’m saying that rather than chasing away any boy that comes near her maybe you should recognise your feelings for her and tell her". Zuko snorted "that’s preposterous! Y/n is just a good friend nothing more". Zuko knew that was a lie but he couldn’t have anyone working out his secret. Zuko was thinking of all the ways your friendship would be ruined when he glanced over and saw Jet kiss you. He breathed in sharply and clutched his cup so hard tea spilled over the sides burning him. He groaned in pain and threw the cup down. Iroh chucked passing him tissues "still going to pretend she's just a good friend to you?".
Your POV
“Here it is!” Iroh called throwing open the door “home sweet home”. Finally after days of waiting around and searching you’d found a home and jobs all thanks to Iroh. Zuko however wasn’t feeling so grateful. He glanced around the room and  gingerly dragged his hand across the table “it’s filthy, is everything in the earth kingdom filthy?”. Iroh shifted the plant pot in his hands and frowned “all it needs is a little cleaning and it will look as good as new. If we all chip in it won’t take long at all”. “Would you mind if we cleaned later please Iroh?” you asked and Zuko headed towards his room apparently done with this conversation. “Just I agreed to met Jet soon, we’re going to go explore the city a bit”. You didn’t notice but Zuko had stopped dead in his tracks. 
“Of course we can clean later better yet me and Zuko can get it all sorted for your return! Go and have fun you deserve it” Iroh smiled at you. You grinned and hugged him tightly “thank you!”. You separated and only then noticed Zuko was watching you. “What?” you asked “would you like to come too Zuko?”. “No!” he cried disgusted “why on earth would I want to hang around with you on your date”. You sighed and nodded “just asking”. “Are you two official now then?” Zuko asked and you shook your head “no”. “So that at the train station was just nothing?” Zuko asked and you frowned “why do you care?”. “I don’t care I just don’t understand why you’re wasting your time on him, you know he hates fire benders don’t you?" Zuko commented "if he knew you were one there’s no way he'd be sniffing around you so much". You rolled your eyes determined not to let Zuko ruin this for you. "Open your eyes Zuko everyone hates the fire nation and can you blame them? If anything Jet’s disdain for the fire nation makes him more attractive" and with a shake of your head you disappeared out the door. 
Zuko’s POV
The door shut behind you and Zuko gripped the table tighter. He stared at the door and breathed deeply to stop himself launching fire at it. “Nephew...” Iroh started and Zuko groaned “not now uncle!” and stormed into his room slamming the door.
Zuko flopped on his bed when he suddenly heard your voice. He walked to his open window and saw and Jet down below. Jet was smirking at you, standing way too close to you while you just looked up at him smiling. Zuko felt his stomach churn as how cocky Jet seemed with you. You started walking away and Zuko sighed, he went to turn away when suddenly Jet looked back. He looked at Zuko’s window, stared Zuko right in the eye and smiled. Zuko’s temper flipped and he glared. So Jet knew what he was doing then? Well Zuko wouldn’t let him get away with it. Zuko climbed out of the window and began to discreetly follow you.
Your POV
You and Jet explored the city all day and you were amazed. The city was huge in a way the fire nation city could never be. Endless rows of shops and houses all protected by the huge walls of Ba Sing Sei. After walking for as long as your feet could possibly manage, you and Jet retreated to a restaurant to refuel. You were quickly shown to a table and ordered immediately you were so hungry. “So what do you think of the city?” Jet asked and you smiled “it’s lovely, it feels like there’s still so much to see and we’ve been walking around all day!”. Jet nodded “well we can always walk around tomorrow....and the next day and the next....there’s nothing stopping us”. You nodded your head “good point” and Jet smiled before frowning. He focused on something behind you and leant forwards "Is that Lee?". You turned around and followed Jet’s gaze to a corner booth when a man held a menu infront of his face. “It can’t be he was back in the apartment....” you started when the man dropped his menu and you saw it was indeed Zuko. Zuko spotted you immediately and went pale. "Told you he didn’t like me and now he doesn’t trust me either" Jet commented and you sighed. “I’m so sorry can we rain check this? I have a friend to yell at".
You and Zuko argued the whole long way home. “I told you it was a coincidence!” Zuko yelled “why on earth would I be following you?”. “So you expect me to believe you were 40 minutes from home, in the same restaurant as me and Jet just by chance? You followed us Zuko and I want to know why. Do you hate Jet that much?”. “Well I don’t like him” Zuko agreed and you frowned “Jet said that! What has he ever done to you?”. “Nothing I....I just don’t like how you act around him?”. “Me? How do I act? you asked your temper rising and Zuko rolled his eyes. “I don’t know all embarrassed and quiet, you’ve never been shy in your life”. You paused ready to convince Zuko you were fine with Jet when he made it 100 times worse.
“Honestly it just seems a little fake and desperate” Zuko finished. He seemed to realise his mistake seconds later as you gasped loudly. "Desperate!" you yelled “you did not just call me that! How could you even say that?”. Zuko didn’t really see how he could back down so he carried on “all i’m saying is you’ve flung yourself at the first boy who looked at you despite the fact he’s clearly a criminal! Or did you forget how quickly he suggested breaking and entering to us? Who knows what other crimes he’s committed". "Have you forgotten we’re criminals too?" you hissed "you of all people should understand the law isn’t always black and white, fair and unfair, why are you so hard on jet? You liked him fine until i started seeing him". "Well maybe that’s why!" Zuko yelled "you shouldn't date him! He’s not good enough". "Not good enough?" you asked "Zuko i’m just having some fun, the most i’ve had since we’ve been on the run, it isn’t that serious". “Well you would see it that way you’ve been behaving immaturely ever since we got here" Zuko said coldly "throwing caution to the wind, fraternising with people who openly detest the fire nation. Did you ever wonder what danger your actions have put me and my uncle in? How you could've ruined us all with your recklessness? I think you have been away from the fire nation too long, you have clearly forgotten your honour". You gasped surprised "my honour?" you asked. Back home having a *superior* say something like that was an abrupt dismissal and you knew Zuko was aware of that. You swallowed and stared at Zuko "are you...does this mean you’re dismissing me from your company?". "Of course not! I would never leave you alone here but i do think you should consider your actions". "Are you ordering me to stop dating Jet?". "No i’d never order you..." Zuko said backtracking and you glared. "Good because i am not going to stop seeing him just because it worries you, so sorry your highness" you said bowing mockingly "but you’re going to have to get used to it" and you slammed the door.
Zuko POV
Zuko couldn’t believe the rubbish that had tumbled out of his mouth in your argument. He wanted to punch himself for somehow blaming you for all this. He knew he only had himself to blame but he’d attacked you instead. Zuko decided to apologise to you and was rehearsing it, trying to get it just right when Iroh appeared. “Zuko why aren’t you dressed we have a shift in 20 minutes!”. “It’s that time already?” Zuko asked, he’d been planning your apology for so long he’d lost track of time. “What have you been doing?” Iroh asked staring at the stacks of paper and Zuko covered them quickly “nothing just let me sort something and I’ll be ready to leave”. Iroh nodded and left. Zuko stared at his apology and sighed, it wasn’t right yet! He couldn’t find the right words to say what he needed to say and it to be perfect or else you might not forgive him. He tried rewording a line but then threw his pen down in frustration, he’d just have to finish this later. He quickly dressed in his uniform and followed Iroh to the tea shop.
The evening shift was usually dead but for some reason it was packed tonight. Zuko was rushed off his feet so much he didn’t even notice Jet when he walked in. It didn’t matter though Jet made his way straight to him. “You’re from the fire nation aren’t you?”. Jet said it loudly and Zuko froze as many people turned and stared. “No” Zuko said calmly but Jet smiled “figured you’d say that but I heard you admit it with your own words. How dare you sneak away as a refugee when you’re one of them”. “I’m not, we’re from the earth nation...” Zuko tried but Jet carried on “and if you’re fire nation then maybe you’re benders too....only one way to find out” and he drew his swords.  
Zuko grabbed a sword from one of the nearby customers sheath and met Jet’s first strike. Zuko worked on defending himself only, he wasn’t interested in hurting him but the boy wasn’t making it easy. Zuko managed to take the fight outside and tried distracting Jet. “What do you mean you heard me say it, were you spying on us?” Zuko asked and Jet nodded. “After you made such a big deal following me and y/n on our date I got suspicious. Being jealous was one thing but you were downright manic! So I followed you both home and heard y/n say how you were fugitives from the fire nation, fire benders seeking aid in Ba Sing Sei” Jet glared “you’re the reason we’re all here!”. Jet carried on attacking Zuko but he deflected them easily, Jet was too emotional, he was getting easier to anticipate. "I should’ve known all along though" Jet smirked suddenly "you hated me far too much for it just to be over a girl". Zuko glared "for the record i hate you completely and utterly because you are nowhere good enough to be around y/n, you’re not worth the mud under her shoes, she’s too good for you". Jet spat on the floor "she’s a fire bender, she’s worthless and i regret the energy i wasted on scum like her". Zuko tensed and tightened his grip on his sword. Now he was interested in attacking Jet, screw defence, he was going to make this kid pay. 
Your POV
You heard about the fight from passer-by. When they described a boy with brown hair and hook swords fighting a teashop worker with a burn on his face you know exactly who they were. You waited for Zuko and Iroh to arrive home and the second they walked through the door you exploded. "You got Jet arrested?" you cried and Zuko looked down. Iroh frowned "y/n it wasn’t like that...Jet was attacking Zuko!". "I’m sure it wasn’t unprovoked, was this part of your plan?" you asked Zuko. "I refused to obey your order to stop dating Jet and so you arrest him?". "You ordered her to what?" Iroh cried and Zuko sighed "i didn’t order her i just suggested she consider her honour and re-assess her choices". Iroh sighed “you two are so...” he took a deep breath and fixed Zuko with a piercing look. "Zuko this has gone far enough explain yourself to y/n and just maybe she'll forgive your awful behaviour, Y/n listen to what he has to say and afterwards then you can judge him but let him finish first, okay?" Iroh asked before storming from the room without waiting for a reply. 
You and Zuko were both speechless to hear Iroh raise his voice and so you blinked and turned to Zuko “I make no promises to wait until the end but go ahead”. Zuko was quiet for a while and you could tell he was searching for the words he needed. “Zuko...” you frowned and he sighed “I was jealous okay! That’s what all this was, I was jealous of you and Jet spending so much time together”. Zuko stopped talking and you rolled your eyes "are you kidding me? So i can’t have anyone else in my life? Only you can take up my time?". Zuko shook his head "i wasn’t jealous of Jet taking up your time, if he'd just wanted to be your friend i’d have been fine but he clearly didn’t and that’s why i was jealous" Zuko snapped "he wanted to be something more and you did too and that bothered me". “Because you didn’t like Jet?” you tried and Zuko shook his head “because I liked you...like you” he said awkwardly staring at the ground. You blinked and stared at the ground too in shock “wow I....I don’t know what to say, how long have you...”. Zuko sighed “I can’t remember when it started because it’s been so long" he said softly "but I remember the moment I noticed. It was when my mom left, i was miserable all the time apart from the times i was with you. When you were around, i was still hurting but it was less and the more you were around the less and less it got until i didn’t hurt any more. You healed my pain and that’s how i knew i liked you". Zuko finished and you blinked "but Zuko your mom left when we were 11 you’ve known you liked me all this time? Why didn’t you just tell me?". 
"Because it wasn’t just a small crush it was big y/n and it grew more and more every day and by the time you left the fire nation with me i didn’t just like you it was...more". You got chills as Zuko spoke but you felt unable to speak or move. "When you came with after i got banished i so wanted to tell you but you'd left the fire nation just to help me, i didn’t want to do anything to make you to throw your whole life away for me. I hoped that even if i couldn’t return to the fire nation one day you could and have the life you deserve. I planned to send you away once i got on my feet, and then again when i got my ship working well, and then again once we’d swept the four nations for the avatar. But every time i came close i delayed it because i was selfish. I didn’t want to drag you down with me but i couldn’t seem to let you go. I made a mess of everything and i’ve done it again. I was jealous of you and Jet but also too afraid to tell you and so i ended up hurting you" Zuko sighed "y/n i am so sorry for that, you’re the last person i meant to hurt but still because of my selfishness i harmed you and that will always taint my honour but i hope you can forgive me one day". Silence fell and Zuko looked up "y/n? Please say anything". You looked up as if in a daze and shook your head "You still haven’t asked me". Zuko paused "i did i just asked you to forgive me". "Not that" you said shaking your head again "you told me you liked me but didn’t ask me back" you chuckled. "You just assumed to know my answer without asking me, do you think you know me that well?" you asked staring at him. Zuko stuttered. "I....i'm sorry i didn’t mean to...wait does this mean? Do you...". You smiled "i can’t give an essay on the exact moment i knew like you just did but yes" you nodded "i like you Zuko". Zuko stared at you in shock "you...you do?" he asked grinning. You nodded again and Zuko laughed out loud hugging you tightly before he stopped "wait so all this agony watching you with jet, i could’ve avoided it all if i just told you this earlier?". "Yup" you nodded “Zuko, Jet was an angry cocky teenager who fights with swords...why do you think I liked him? He reminded me of you”.  Zuko eyes widened and he promptly smacked himself in the face "idiot!" he cried. You laughed pulling his hand away gently "it’s fine we know now right?". Zuko nodded "that’s true..." and he took your hand staring at you intensely. You blushed and buried your head in his chest to escape his gaze "stop looking st me like that". "I can’t help it" Zuko laughed holding onto you "i can’t believe someone like you would like me". You moved your head out of his chest to fix him with a look “are you kidding me? You’re amazing, i’m the one that’s shocked, you’re smart and funny and kind...”. Zuko turned an ever deeper shade of red and you grinned “did I make the angry fire bender blush?”. “Stop it” Zuko said “that’s an order” and he smiled to let you know he was joking. “Well I have an order for you” you said calmly. Zuko looked at you confused and you just smiled “kiss me”. Zuko obeyed immediately and you were caught off guard but it was a pleasant surprise. You weren’t sure if it was the long time waiting or the pent up tension these past few days but Zuko was very passionate and the kiss quickly became heated. 
You were enjoying it but were also very aware Iroh could walk back in any minute. “Zuko” you whispered “you’re very good at obeying orders but we’re in the middle of the living room”. Zuko immediately blushed and looked down “sorry I think I got carried away”. “Don’t be” you smiled “I liked it just Iroh will be back any minute and he’s the last person I’d want walking in on us”. Zuko nodded his head “that kiss was not as sweet and innocent as I planned it to be” Zuko frowned "i don’t know what came over me". You chuckled "it’s fine it was wonderful but a date first would be better next time". "Of course, how does tomorrow sound” Zuko asked blushing and you smiled leaning against his shoulder. “That sounds perfect”. Zuko wrapped his arms around you and rested his head on top of yours “Tomorrow night it is”. 
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photozoi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My very smol friend, sitting in the tree off the deck, resting between feeder trips. We have received several inches of snow and he is a bright spot against all of the white backdrop.
(Not the greatest photo quality, shot from over 20 feet away, from inside a sliding glass door, through the deck railing. Challenges!)
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youvebeenlivingfictional · a month ago
The Right Foot
Part Three of Long Shot
Jackpot | Masterlist | Pros and Cons
Pairing: Stewy Hosseini x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ Only. I will block minors interacting with this work.
Length: 4.8K
Notes: Fuck it, third part of the Stewy Hosseini fic
Warnings: Cursing, angst, explicit sexual content—oral sex (female receiving), vagina sex
Not beta-read.
Summary: You don’t want to think about Stewy when he’s not around, but you can’t help yourself.
Tumblr media
Working with Stewy has never been fun, but since Vegas—since you cleared the air after Colbert, then mucked it up, and then cleared it again—things have been…Amiable.
It makes you nervous.
Stewy and Sandy’s requests have, for the most part, been reasonable. Of course, that makes you feel like Stewy is trying to lull you into a false sense of security before he drops a request to speak with the President of the United States, lest he terminate your contract. He’d do it, too—you’re certain of it. 
But these days, Stewy seems…Better. He’s on a far more even keel. His decisions seem less erratic; the proxy battle is raging on, but strategy is firming up, and you’ve hit on consistent messaging that’s beginning to resonate with the shareholders, and with the public (namely, that Logan Roy is a dinosaur and has no knowledge of running a modern media company—which the public agrees with, but few people seem willing to say). 
The teasing edge that had trailed through the first couple of days in Vegas has flooded back into your interactions. You’re less afraid to trade barbs with him, which is good. There are of course, still times when you want to wring his fucking neck, and you’re certain that there are times when he’d like to wring yours. You know that you’re not always the easiest person to work with, particularly when you’re annoyed—and Stewy still annoys the fuck out of you on a weekly basis. 
You don’t want to think about Stewy when he’s not around, but you can’t help yourself. When you’re working with another client, you can imagine him wise-cracking about their PR plans, questioning their methods. When you’re working on an email to him and Sandy, you imagine him swanning through some café in SoHo, or lounging on an armchair with a drink in hand, his legs crossed as he bobs a slutty bare ankle, gazing at some dealer or model or rap artist with a carefully measured boredom. When you’re in your apartment, you imagine him in his—whatever his is like, wherever it is. Is he hosting a party? Is he snorting a line off of his coffee table? Is he fucking Grant?
Well, he’s not fucking Grant, you would’ve heard about it by now if he was. 
Is he fucking anyone? 
“So, we’re on for tonight, right?”
The question knocks you for a loop, only adding to the mercurial impression that you have of Stewy these days. But when Michael mutters, “Oh—Shit,” And Stewy looks between the two of you quizzically, brows raising sharply.
“I forgot to ask her,” Michael says guiltily, glancing between the two of you. 
“Ask me what?”
“Well, shit’s been hitting the fan so much lately that I thought we’d uh…Shut the fan off for a bit and chill out,” Stewy tucks his hands into his pockets, “Sandy agrees, so—I’ve arranged something.” 
“Yeah. You busy tonight?” 
The answer you’d like to give is yes, but the client-conscious answer is no—so you shake your head a little.
“What’s the plan?” 
“You ever heard of Rhomboid?”
“...No,” You answer after racking your brain.
Michael scoffs, laughing; the sound sends a flair of irritation through you. “How’s that possible?”
“I don’t do…Things,” You answer lamely.
“Respectfully, that’s bullshit,” Stewy bats back, a little smirk tipping up his stupidly nice lips.
“It is not bullshit,” You insist.
“You’re apparently a regular at one of the most exclusive bars in Manhattan, you travel. That’s doing things.” 
“I’ve been once or twice to a certain bar and I happened to remember which drink there that I liked. I went to Vegas once. You’re making it out to be more than it is.”
“Well, then let’s shake up your fucking routine. Let’s do some things,” Stewy insists, tipping his head toward you conspiratorially. 
“What is Rhomboid?” You ask.
“It’s a fuckin’...Floating party,” Stewy takes his time describing it, directing his eyes thoughtfully at the ceiling as he does so. “My ex manages them, she’s, like, on the ground floor of the operations.” 
“Okay. Where are we meeting?”
“I’ll handle that,” Stewy waves you off, “There’ll be a car outside your place at, like, nine.” 
Christ, this is going to be a late night.
“How do you know where I live?” You ask, but a glance at the still-guilty-mugged Michael answers it. Stewy rounds the table, giving Michael another one of their handshakes before he walks around him, pointing at you on his way out.
“Nine!” He insists. 
The precursory social media search that you do of Rhomboid turns up one promotional video that makes you nothing but wary about the situation. You, Michael, Stewy and Sandy at…That? God knows where?
Maybe you should write your will instead of doing your makeup. 
“You having fun?” 
You think the question may be asked with all sincerity, but you can never fucking tell with Stewy. Regardless, you’ve been at this abandoned warehouse for nearly two hours, and you have yet to have any fun. You will admit that the space is decorated incredibly nicely, and the music is…Fine, but you’re not exactly enjoying yourself. From arriving and giving up your fucking phone to having a number of people ask you if you’re interested in fucking when you’re technically on a work excursion—well, front to back, it’s actually been kind of excruciating. 
You swirl your drink around in your glass, glancing around before finally turning your head to look at Stewy. Even in a casual situation, he looks insanely put together. Jesus, are his jeans tailored? You take in the others—the crush of partiers—all of the things that could get you in trouble, even if you were in a situation that didn’t involve your biggest client. When Stewy tips his head to the side, you realize that he’s waiting for you to answer.
“Oodles.” You turn, leaning against the bar and resting your elbows against it. You take in a deep breath before adopting Bill Hader’s Stefan voice:
“New York’s hottest club is Rhomboid,” You shift your head back and forth, “This place has everything—Molly, sex swings…your coworker asking you for a handy.” 
“No he fucking didn’t,” Stewy turns to you, awed. But Michael had. It had been a painfully awkward affair. Michael had been drunk and giggling, leering at you in the low light. When you’d turned him down, he’d blessedly let it go, and wandered off in search of someone interested.
You nod. “I’m going to chalk it up to the drugs and alcohol and do my best to forget it by Monday.” 
“Shit,” Stewy laughs, shaking his head, “I didn’t think he’d do that.” 
“Makes two of us.” 
“Seriously, though, are you having fun?” 
“Not really.” 
“Why not?” Stewy shifts a little closer, and you force yourself to ignore the warmth of him so close, and the scent of his cologne. It seems stronger than usual. You can’t tell if it’s the heady atmosphere, or if he’s just given himself an additional spritz before leaving his apartment (which you have started to imagine is large, douchey, and decorated with the eclectic touch of an overly ambitious Upper East Side decorator). 
“This isn’t my kinda thing,” You answer, “Is it yours?” 
“What do you think?”
“I think I don’t know you well enough to speak to that facet of your preferences.” 
“Thought you said that you knew men like me.”
“Clearly I do not.” 
“Could ask.”
“I did ask,” You point out, turning to look at him. You find him stunningly close. His eyes seem bottomless in the bar’s dim light; his cheeks are shadowed by his smirk; his eyelashes are so lovely, and his hair looks…Soft.
There’s no real silence between the two of you; there can’t be with the thudding music, and the bustling of the other party-goers (orgy-goers? Is this technically an orgy—?) 
“So?” You press, unable to help it. Stewy’s eyes wander your face before he shakes his head a little, loosening a questioning, “Hm?” As his eyes slide from your lips to your eyes.
“Is this your kinda thing?” You ask.
“And other times?”
“...Depends on the time.”
You roll your eyes a little, turning your head away from Stewy and looking around. 
“You really don’t like this,” He says.
“Do you like anything?”
“Silence is nice.” You tip your head, giving Stewy a precocious smile. But he smiles, too.
“Is that the sort of thing that would’ve put another white streak in my hair?” He chuckles. 
“Maybe not a full streak, just a strand or two.”
Stewy pushes off of the bar, shifting from foot to foot before he leans against it again, his body turned fully toward you. 
"Look,” He says with careful slowness, “I think we got off on the wrong foot."
“Oh, do you?” “I do—” 
"I think it's pretty precious to assume there's a right foot."
"Well, I would like to start over again with a question, if that's cool with you."
"Depends on the question."
"Do you wanna go fuck?"
It’s as blunt as a blow about the head, spoken with the plainness of his suggestions when you’re on a conference call, or recounting talking points before some show appearance or another. He just looks at you, and blinks, and waits—for you to back down, or for you to tell him to go fuck himself. 
"...Are you serious?” You manage after a moment. Stewy smiles, using his position against the bar to lean just a little closer to you. He glances around, as if ensuring neither Michael nor Sandy are nearby before his head dips toward you.
"I know somewhere quiet where we won't be bothered, you know—in case your coworker comes back angling for a handjob again. So?” 
Your eyes wander his face as you consider. He truly doesn’t seem to be teasing you. You think, maybe, that this is a long game—that there’s an incoming sike. But when one doesn’t arise (maybe he’s waiting for you to agree or decline?), you turn to look out over the bar, gnawing at your lower lip. He might be…Good at it, or he might think that he’s good at it. If he’s awful, you’ll regret it—if he’s great, doubly so. You feel Stewy watching you, and you don’t have to look to know if there’s a stupid little smirk on his face. There always is. 
"Stop it," You grumble. 
"Stop what?"
"Hey, the longer you're quiet, more of a chance you'll say yes, right?"
"You think so?"
"Quiet means you're thinking about it."
You wish he was wrong. You’d very badly like him to be wrong. But you are thinking about it—the idea of him taking you to dark corner is more appealing than you’d care to admit. You take in a deep breath, and give a single nod.
"Seriously?" Stewy asks as you turn, plucking up your glass and draining the contents.
“Sure. Why the hell not,” You shrug a shoulder before you clap your hands and rub them together as if to warm them. “Where are we doing this?”  
Stewy rests a hand on your lower back, steering you through the throng. You feel like you should be marking the path from the bar—this warehouse is labyrinthian, full of low light, with a constant flow of people streaming in and out of rooms. You mark moans and slapping sounds coming from one room to the next as you pass them. Stewy doesn’t seem to mind a bit. He doesn’t hurry you along with that hand on your lower back; he doesn’t drive you down the hall. He just leads in a way that’s almost comforting. His touch is steady and sure, and careful. He doesn’t grip or tug. It feels all too…Soothing. 
As soon as Stewy leads you into a room, shutting the door behind himself, you resolve yourself to push away every warm, benevolent feeling that you have had toward Stewy Hosseini in the last five minutes. 
“Isn’t there a lock? What if someone comes in?” You ask, frowning.
“Nah,” Stewy shakes his head, “A shut door here means fuck off.”
When he comes closer, in slow, careful steps, you just reach out, taking hold of his belt and fumbling to undo it (it’s been a while, and these aren’t exactly the circumstances that you figured would be around your next dalliance). Stewy goes still, looking down at your hands, and watching them with stunned amusement.
"What...Are you doing,” He manages after a moment.
"We came in here to fuck, right?"
"And you think I'm gonna just whip it out and stick it in?"
"Yeah,” You shrug, hands going still on Stewy’s belt, “I think you're gonna two-pump-chump it."
"Oh-hoho okay,” Stewy laughs, and the sound of it raises as much ire now as it did at the bar with Michael. “Is that why you said yes? To see if your pussy is so magical that it makes me cum on the spot?"
“Oh, I don’t need proof of that,” You shake your head, looking up from his belt to meet his eyes. 
“Nn-nn. I know just how magical my pussy is.”
“Bold claim.”
“I mean, I’m not gonna say that it’s aided in the fall of civilizations—”
“Is this the cunt that launched a thousand ships—”
“Exactly, but I’m still young, you know. There’s time. I’m not dead yet.” 
“Plenty of time,” Stewy agrees, crowding closer. You find yourself backing away a touch, but as your hands are still hooked to his belt, you’re effectively tugging him with you.
“Got your sights set high?” Stewy asks.
“Must not be that high if I’m starting with you.”
“You could do a lot worse than me, you know.”
“Oh, I know. I could be giving my coworker a handjob right now.” 
“Or Sandy.”
“I wouldn’t wanna give Sandy a handy.” 
“Nn—That’s just one dick I don’t think I want a look at.” 
“But you wanna look at mine?” 
“Oh, so now you just want me to look at it? Am I gonna paint your dick like it’s one of my French girls?” 
Stewy closes the space between the two of you, resting his hands on your hips.
“Actually, if it’s alright with you, I wanna take things just a little more differently.”
“How so?”
“Do you mind if I—?” 
“Of course.” Your answer comes out more boldly than you feel. You expect Stewy to…Pull your shirt off, or push at the waistband of your pants, or paw at one of your boobs—something. 
But he crowds up close, cupping your cheeks as he leans in for a kiss. You don’t even hesitate to give it to him—you’re too stunned to hesitate. The first press of lips is careful, and gentle—it’s almost chaste. Stewy draws away just a little, eyes wandering your face. You wonder what he’s looking for; you wonder if he can feel the way your face heats with surprise, your heart ticking up in your chest. 
And then you lean into him, letting your eyes slip shut as you almost blindly chase his lips. Stewy hums softly against your lips, the tenderest I told you so. He doesn’t have far to go to press you back into the wall, and you go willingly. You raise your hands from his belt to curl in the fabric of his shirt. Stewy slips a hand around to curl around the nape of your neck, tipping your head as he likes. You let him—you let him move and turn you as he likes. 
You didn’t think it would be like this. You thought the two of you would be quick about the whole thing; you thought Stewy would get in, get out, and go on to his next conquest for the evening. But Stewy is taking his damn time—and you’d be lying if you said that his slow kisses, his almost methodical sweetness, isn't doing it for you. You slip your hands up to skim your fingers through his beard (what the hell, it’s so soft—there must be some sort of oil or something that he uses). Stewy draws away just a little, nudging his nose along yours. Your eyes open, watching him as he murmurs, “Is this too different for you?” 
You swallow thickly, shaking your head a little bit. 
“No, this is, uh…” You clear your throat, “This is fine.” 
“Just fine? I can go find someone that might do it better,” Stewy offers, his lips brushing yours.
“A generous offer, but no.” 
“You sure?” 
“I think we’re finding a good rhythm.”
“So I shouldn’t go get Sandy to sub in?”
“That is not even funny. I am so dry right now—” 
“Shit,” Stewy groans sarcastically, leaning away, “I am so sorry—” 
“You’re just going to have to make it up to me.” 
“How do you suggest I do that?” Stewy asks, bracketing you in with his arms. 
“Up to you,” You answer as nonchalantly as you can, despite the fact that your entire body feels as if it’s buzzing.
“Putting a lot of faith in me,” Stewy teases, gently pushing at the hem of your shirt. 
“You’ve shown, time and time again, that you get some pretty decent ideas.” 
“My ears are burning.” 
“So, show me what you got, hotshot.” 
“We’re rhyming now?”
“I’m a poet and I don’t even know it.” 
Stewy chuckles, dipping his head and mouthing a gentle kiss to the side of your neck. You squirm just a little, your grip tightening in his shirt. His beard tickles—but it’s not a sharp or unpleasant sensation. 
“Wet yet?” He mumbles against your skin. You smile a touch before answering, “It’s a start.” 
“A start—So, like…Damp?” Stewy presses. You can’t help but laugh, raising a hand and slapping it over your mouth to stifle the sound.
“Okay,” Stewy murmurs. “Okay, I see how it is.”
“Mm, and this situation…” His hands deftly unbutton your jeans before gently pushing them and your underwear down your thighs, “Clearly calls for direct action.” 
“Is my pussy a situation? I’m not sure how I feel about that.” 
Stewy chuckles, sliding his hand up under your shirt as he lowers himself to his knees. Your breath catches in your throat as you watch him go—as he settles down easily, like he belongs there, and soothes his hands over your thighs, he peers up at you from under his long, dark lashes. You sweep your tongue across your lips, stunned, your stomach churning with surprise and anticipation. 
“How do you feel about it now?” Stewy murmurs. 
“Dunno, you haven’t done anything yet.” Then, against your better judgement—“You know, I never imagined you on your knees for, like…Anyone.”
Stewy hums thoughtfully, his hand smoothing up your inner thigh.
“So you’ve imagined me other ways?”
“...I didn’t say that.”
“Implied it.” 
“You just don’t seem the type.”
“The type to what?”
“You know.”
“You thought I was some Ben-Shapiro-DJ-Khaled shithead?”
“Crossed my mind.”
“So you tried to picture me on my knees and couldn’t.”
“No, I just—I mean you get certain vibes from a person.”
“And your vibes were, like…cock-focused—”
“Dumbass—yeah, well, kinda—”
“Do you want me to eat you out?”
The question is jarring in a way that it shouldn’t be—your pants are tugged down and he’s on his knees for christssake. 
“...Sure,” You answer lamely.
“Because the talking makes it seem like you’re not in the mood.” 
“Then shut me up, Hosseini.” 
Stewy grins, ducking his head sucking a kiss against your pussy lips. The slick warmth and the brush of his beard makes your stomach clench. You expect him to lean back and issue a tease, but he just nuzzles closer before sliding his tongue along your lips. Stewy nudges your legs a touch wider, and you oblige as much as you can with your legs hobbled by your jeans. Stewy hums as he laps hotly over your clit. You press your hands against the wall behind you, sucking in a stunned breath as Stewy flicks the tip of his tongue over your clit, moving from side to side before flicking upward quickly. The sensation is almost maddening; his tongue slides unerringly as his beard brushes your pussy, nudging against your inner thighs. 
You glance down, confused, when you feel him yanking at your foot.
“Off,” He mutters, leaning back to look down at your shoe.
“Zipper—On the side,” You manage, your mind racing as you watch him undo one shoe and tug it away, then the other. You think he might grasp your ankle and tug your foot down to grind against—and you’re fine with that—but instead, he pulls both shoes off before he reaches up, yanking your jeans and underwear down the rest of the way. You obligingly lift one foot, then the other. Stewy tosses them away before he tucks his hand around your knee, tugging your leg up and over his shoulder. You feel far more exposed this way, but it doesn’t last long—Stewy is diving right in, sweeping his tongue across your spread pussy, steadying you with a hand resting against your stomach.
“Fuck,” You breathe, letting your eyes fall closed. Stewy just hums against you, making your hips twist desperately against his mouth. Stewy smooths his hand up your thigh again before he teases his fingertips along your slick opening. He lets out a curious sound, drawing back to peer at your glistening, flushed lips in the low light. 
“Look at that,” He mutters. 
“I’d say that’s more than damp.” 
You loose an ugly laugh, tipping your head back against the wall as you squeeze your eyes shut.
“Shut up!” You screech, reaching down and blindly batting at his forehead, “God you’re the wo-orst!” Your voice hitches as he leans back in, sucking your clit between his lips as he eases a finger into you. You shiver, pressing down against it. Stewy laves his tongue over your lips, carefully thrusting the finger in and out before pressing in another. You squirm, sliding your hands up under your shirt and squeezing your breasts through your bra. It feels good, but it’s not enough. Your body grows hotter and hotter with each passing thrust and curl of Stewy’s fingers, every swipe of his tongue, and each hum, and sigh. You finally reach down, tugging the hem of your top up and over your head, tossing it in the direction of your jeans before you reach back to undo your bra. No sooner than your bra is shrugged off does Stewy reach up, palming one of your breasts. He groans against your cunt as his thumb sweeps across your hardening nipple.
“Shit, Stewy,” You sigh, covering his hand with one of your own and squeezing your breast with his hand. His fingers pick up pace as you gasp, your hips rolling more harshly against him.
“Goddamn,” He mumbles against your pussy, “Fuck, you’re so wet.” He sounds stunned by it. Looking down, you find Stewy watching you grind against him, lips parted, then closing to bite at his lower lip. He peers up at you from under his lashes again, his lips and beard shining with you. He leans in, sticking his tongue out for you to fuck against. You find that you can’t take your eyes off of him as you grind more fervently, face going hot with his attention.
“Stewy,” You mumble in warning, jaw quivering as you feel your orgasm building. He nods, lapping swiftly over your pussy as he curls his fingers. Your legs tense as you hinge forward just a touch, gasping as your orgasm shoots through you. You grind sharply against his lips, as your pussy pulses around his still-probing fingers. Stewy gives your pussy lips one last suck before he rocks back onto his heels, peering up at you, his lips, chin and beard slick.  
“You think Ben Shapiro could do that?”
“What happened to being so chatty?”
“Shut up.”
“I thought you enjoyed a bit of conversation,” Stewy grins as he curls over you, bracing his hands on the floor on either side of your head. You stubbornly fight the urge to close your eyes, to hone in on and savor the stretch of your pussy around his cock. 
“You were certainly talking plenty before.”
“You told me that the talking made you feel like I wasn’t in the mood. I can take a note when it’s given.” 
“Well, that was different.” 
“Oh, so you want me to talk now?” It’s a wonder to you that you can snip at this man now, even as he bottoms out, his condom-sheathed cock twitching as your pussy tightens around him. ”You want me to tell you how big your dick is?” 
Stewy swallows thickly, his adam’s apple bobbing as he gives a small nod.
“Could start there, sure.”
“Want me to do that before or after your two pumps?” 
Stewy’s lips split into a wolfish grin before he rears back, palming your hip.
“You know what—”
“Just tell me, before or after—”
“Because you’re so good at taking a note?” 
“Oh, I’m the bes—” You can’t finish your taunting. Your jaw drops open as Stewy’s hips snap against yours once. You suck in a breath, pressing up against him. You hadn’t been shocked by how in-shape he was; the cut of his clothing had always made it pretty clear. But even now, as you allow your eyes to wander his chest and arms, you can’t help but admire his physique. 
“Th-That’s one,” You tease, curling your fingers around his shoulders. 
“You’re gonna eat those fuckin’ words,” Stewy swears, his thrusts slowing to a shallow pulse.
Stewy presses you more tightly to the floor as his hips hammer yours. You arch your back, brushing your chest against Stewy’s, whimpering at the sensation. Stewy dips his head, sucking a kiss to your jaw. You slide your hand up to curl around the nape of his neck, and rest it there for a moment before you finally give into the urge to reach up and slide your hand into his hair (which is, unsurprisingly, just as soft as his beard).
“If you give me a fucking hickey, Hosseini—”
Stewy gives a harsh suck to your jaw, and you pull in a gasp, tugging his hair in retaliation.
“I’m s-erious,” You whimper, though the way your cunt pulses around his cock probably makes it clear that you’re lying. Stewy slows his pace to a lazy roll as he tips his head up.
“I thought you were just starting to relax.”
“And now you’re being serious?”
“You like the sound of your voice too much,” You groan, letting your head fall back and rest on the floor.
“You don’t like it? Baby, you’re gonna hurt my feelings.” 
You can’t see Stewy’s smile, but you can hear it. It makes you push yourself up against him and curl your legs around his. Stewy lowers his head, nuzzling his beard across your neck. 
“Why can’t I mark you up?” Stewy murmurs, “Worried Michael will see?” 
“Please don’t talk about Michael right now—” 
“Worried Sandy’ll—”
“No coworkers!”
Stewy chuckles, bracing his hands against the floor and beginning to snap his thrust sharply against yours. You groan, sliding your hands up to cup his neck. You don’t bother quieting your moans or whimpers; no one else at this party does. As Stewy picks up pace, you grow louder and louder, your moans growing to cries and wails as your orgasm swells.
“Stewy—Fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop—”
Stewy curses against the juncture of your neck, his mouth widening and pushing out harsh, slick pants against your neck as his hips rabbit and twitch against yours. You can feel his cock pulsing and twitching. You hiss softly, sagging back and untensing as you begin to come down from your orgasm. You uncurl your fingers from where they’re cupping Stewy’s neck before you slide them tenderly over his shoulders. Stewy brushes a kiss along your jaw before he carefully rolls off of you.
“...If you give me ten minutes,” He says. You laugh softly, shaking your head.
“A charming offer, but I’ll be too busy washing my mouth out with Everclear.” 
You feel Stewy watching you as you push yourself up off of the floor, beginning to gather your things and put on your clothes.
“...You at least have fun?”
You glance down in time to see Stewy tying off the condom and tossing it into a nearby bin.
“I lost count of the number of pumps, so. You know, fine, I guess.” 
“You guess?”
“So how about in fifteen minutes, five minutes after you finish gargling with Everclear—” 
“I’m leaving now.” 
As you leave the room, you see something that makes you stop dead. You can’t drag your eyes from it, your mouth working wordlessly before you finally manage:
“Seconds already? I’m gonna need another seven minutes at least.”
You turn back to where he’s still lying on the floor, relaxed and sated. You snap twice, drawing his full attention before you point. 
“There was a bed here the whole time?”
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harmonizingsunsets · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Rocks and Mountains
While Kate can appreciate a handsome man, she knows what lies beneath (or, more importantly, what does not) should serve as the basis of her judgment. As a result, she rarely ever giggles along with the women who rave about the dashing good looks of gentlemen. There are far better things to occupy her thoughts. The physical attributes of men shouldn’t hold much of her attention.
And yet, when Kate meets Anthony Bridgerton, she finds it hard to obey that logic.
Or, 5 things Kate finds attractive about Anthony before they are engaged and 1 thing she falls for after.
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femaledaily · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CHARLIZE THERON as CHARLOTTE FIELD Long Shot (2019) dir. Jonathan Levine
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grabtherain · 5 months ago
That's Embarrassing (Bo Burnham x GNReader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Bo have been dating for years now and it's his 30th birthday today! You took hours to decorate the house while Bo was in the guest house working on inside, but now- you sat alone in the living room waiting to yell "Happy birthday" when he walked in. You loved him so much but.... would he ever leave that fucking guest house!
Ship: Gender neutral Reader x Bo Burnham
W: A dress is worn but I believe clothing is genderless! I don’t want to put a specific gender in this fan fiction so I’m not going to insert any smut. If anyone has any suggestion on how to better keep gender out of smut and YN writing- let me know!
You really hadn’t minded the amount of time Bo took in the guest house, since you knew he really was passionate about this new project. However, as you sat in the living room in your black velvet dress, a funny birthday hat (that you loved), and a blower thing in your mouth- you wished that tall ass man would just come in already.
You and Bo met years ago on the set of American Virgin where you struggled to keep your opinions on the stupid excuse of comedy to yourself, and Bo liked to listen to you rant. Of course, at the time he had no choice as he sat there listening to you rant to your makeup team inside the small trailer.
“Jenny, you're not even listening to me right now! Women’s confidence has nothing to do with how much skin they show! I’m proud of Kiara leaving.” You stated, slightly exasperated as you continued to gently massage the cleanser into Bo’s skin. Looking down at the male in the oversized mirror, you chuckled softly- “Mr.Burnham I thought we talked about cleaning your face after shoots end?” You teased. You and Bo had gotten closer the more he sat in your chair, at this point it made you curious if he did it on purpose. In the beginning he had been assigned to your coworker Jenny, but after she was sick one day- he continuously chose your chair every time he came in. You didn’t mind it though.
“Y/N,” he groaned out slightly as his head fell back- his eyes closing as his head hit your chest. Even sitting down, you found it hard to work on him with his overarching height. “We ended late last night for that bare ass scene, I wasn’t even functional.” Bo explained, and you could only roll your eyes in response. Sadly, you did understand the incident of last night's shoot- since the makeup crew had to be there all night as well, in case anyone’s makeup wasn’t up to par.
Humming in the same whiny tone he had used with you earlier, you simply patted his cheeks and got back to work.
You were thankful Bo indulged in your thoughts, even agreeing on most of them, but most of the time he would burst out laughing at your jokes and some anger you knew wasn’t as quite justifiable. You were a firecracker, but you were also terrified of any confrontation. Even you couldn’t make that make sense. However, you could assume that that side of your personality was what was stopping you from going to the guest house and pulling Bo out of it yourself.
“Maybe this was all a stupid idea any way…” You mumbled under your breath, allowing the noise maker to fall into your lap as you raised your head. You allowed your eyes to take in all the decorations; from the streamers with his name and “happy birthday” spelled out, to the balloons with his age. It didn’t feel like Bo. It felt like you. “God fucking dammit.” You grunted out as you abruptly rose from your position on the couch and made your way to the streamers. Your hands fell onto your hips as you tried to figure out a way you could get them off without a ladder, and without breaking a bone. Jump. You jumped up and felt your pointer and ring finger grab the end of the “Bo Burnham” streamer and rip it off. At the same time the streamer fell down to cover your head, you let a loud squeal leave your lips. Almost like when you say “ow” when something didn’t really hurt, it was an instinct. After realizing you weren’t in real danger, you let out a giggle as you wrapped your partner's name around your body like a sash. “Maybe this is better than them in the air.” You questioned out loud to yourself, looking down at the “sash” with a triumphant grin.
“I think I can agree on that one.” A sudden deep voice, similar to your boyfriend’s, echoed through the home. Bo, who had just walked through the front door, stood behind you at a considerable distance. He had been walking onto the porch when he heard your distressed squeal, the same squeal that dampened the sound of him entering. He watched you closely, his eyes trailing over your curves before making their way to the lettering itself. From the back, all he could read was Burnham-  and all he could hear was the sound of your voice rushing to his ears. His eyes were filled with such love, but also confusion as you stayed with your back turned towards him for a few moments.
You were facing the fireplace in absolute dread, your face turned a bright red as you had been caught talking to yourself. However, you also were caught with the decorations you had been judging- still up and with one even wrapped around you. “How embarrassing.” You whined softly as your hands came to your face, the streamer falling to your feet. As soon as your hands met your cheeks, it seemed that Bo had teleported to you and was turning you around into his chest.
“Hey hey,” Bo chuckled as he tried to gently remove your hands from his view of your face- the one he adored so much. “I thought I said I loved the sash idea!” He joked to try and lighten your embarrassment, which definitely helped a little. You were able to remove your hands and let them rest on Bo’s chest, his arms snaking around your waist- though you would note that his fingers seemed to twiddle with the velvet material.
You pouted up at the male, “I know you did. But all these decorations are just-” you paused as you took another look around. “Childish.” You finished as your pout turned into a sincere frown- realizing that what you had identified as too much as your personality shining through, was just plain childishness.
Bo was quick to the draw, taking one hand off your dress to bring it to your chin. “I think it is adorable.” He spoke carefully, leaning down so he could push his forehead against yours. The action you met with gently moving up onto your tiptoes, something you always did out of habit so your lover wouldn’t put too much stress on his back. However this time, Bo would bring attention to it. “You did it all out of love. Just like you always do- even when it comes to the small things like me kissing you or even right now.” His eyes would fall down to the gap between you, motioning to your feet and their risen state. He wasn’t making it easy for you to be upset with yourself. “You are so endearing of me….God I don’t deserve it half of the time.” He began to rant but you would cut him off, all part of his plan you would later understand.
“You deserve the world. I always make sure you know that Bo.” You interrupted, your eyebrows furrowing to their stern gaze- though you knew you were not as intimidating as the 6’6 giant. The two of you got quiet, the distance between you slowly becoming very apparent, and Bo’s love for your dress also coming to attention. “Happy Birthday Bo Burnham.” You whispered softly, your eyes fluttering down towards Bo’s lips before back up to meet his blue eyes. The eyes you fell in love with. The man you fell in love with. God, you still couldn’t believe you got to be with him.
“Thank you baby. Thank you for literally everything.” Bo’s tone was small as well, like if either of you spoke above a whisper- the moment would crack and crumble. “Did I get any presents?” He questioned with a curious raise of his eyebrow. You could guess what he was alluding to, from his glance to your lips and the tips of his fingers continuing to fiddle and pinch the material of your dress- but you were just as bad as him when it came to jokes and teasing.
“Of course! I nicely wrapped them and put them on the table!” You grinned as you fell back onto your heels and went to make your way to the dining room. That was until you felt a strong arm pull you back into the enticing tension under Bo’s eyes, your breath catching in your throat. “What-” You sputtered out as you felt the back of your legs hit the brick at the bottom of the fireplace- but you were too entranced in Bo’s gaze to worry about the micro-scratches on your skin.  “Did you not want your presents?” You questioned with as much sass you could muster, your eyes never leaving Bo’s as you spoke. If there was one thing you weren't shy of- it was eye contact. In fact, you thrived off of the tension it created, it was one of the many things Bo- not only loved but admired about you.
“Of course I do,” Bo started, his eyes being the first to move away from the stare off- his head falling into the curvature of your neck and shoulder. You cursed your dress for being spaghetti strapped, giving the warm Bo the room to heat up your sensitive neck. Any tension that was in your muscles, immediately dissipated and made you lean into the touch- your cheek settling down on the side of Bo’s head. His hair had gotten so long since quarantine had started, you couldn't help but nuzzle your nose into the curls with love. “But, I think I want to unwrap my lover first.” His voice was barely above a whisper and was mumbled into your shoulder, his hot breath making such a sentence even more sensual. No way were you saying no. Before you could respond, Bo had started his kisses up your neck- soft almost ghost like against the thinned skin.
“Oh Bo,” You hummed out and your mind would instantly hit you with the song he had written years ago, just a year after you met him. The image made you giggle softly, “I guess I wouldn’t mind the birthday boy having a little fun.” You whispered near his ear, pressing your own kiss to his temple and later his slightly red lobe. Was your Bo blushing? Goodness could he get any more cute? You were smiling brightly at the picture of your lover blushing before realizing that he was softly singing the “oh bo” chorus- causing the both of you to burst into laughter. No matter how lustful you two were, you could always find a way to break the tension and keep everything funny. You loved that about Bo. Nothing was ever forced, nothing was always intense, and nothing was EVER uncomfortable. You couldn’t imagine finding that anywhere else. “Stop because why did my mind immediately go there as well.” You muttered out as you took a breath in to calm your laughs, you hung your arms on Bo’s shoulders- leaning into him as he stayed in your neck.
“Because great minds think alike, my love.” Bo chuckled as well before scooping you up easily, one of his hands sitting comfortably on your side as the other helped your legs wrap around his waist. You couldn’t help but squeal in surprise again- a habit you really needed to work on. Oh wait Bo is laughing maybe you don’t need to. “What’s going on up there, Babe?” Bo questioned as he pushed his forehead against yours again, knowing it was your favorite form of affection- and secretly you made it his favorite as well.
He must’ve noticed your out of focus eyes that had been locked on his smile as he laughed, you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he made you speechless. “Absolutely nothing. Nada!” You hollered out with a completely unconvincing tone- a bright grin settling on your own features. You hadn’t even realized the two of you began moving towards the steps of the house, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion when you tried to figure out your surroundings again. “Your face distracted me.” You mumbled with a small pout as you clung tighter to the male. No matter how strong you knew Bo was- you always had a fear of anyone picking you up, and now you were moving? It’s your nightmare.
“Sorry Babe, can’t help that I am just so handsome.” Bo replied into your cheek, pressing a reassuring kiss into the chubbiness. He knew your fear, though he wouldn’t point it out, he would hold you tighter to ease your mind. It was an unspoken thing between the two of you and you were thankful for every second of it. Soon, calming down and relaxing your grip on him- you could process the fact that he was making fun of your common response to compliments.
“Hey! That’s my saying!” You pointed out as you pulled your face out of his shoulder, your favorite hiding place in situations like this, locking your eyes with Bo’s. Well, locking them with the whites, since his eyes were focused on traveling through the hallway and to your shared bedroom.
“No,” Bo paused as he opened the bedroom door- pretending to make a contemplative face. “I believe you tend to say, ‘Just admit you’re in love with me’” He imitated you. You had to admit it was practically perfect, and word for word what you said when someone complimented you. A stupid saying you spoke so things wouldn’t get awkward. Humor was your coping mechanism! With a sneaky grin, Bo laid you down gently onto the bed- climbing on top of you as he waited for a response.
You were stunned by the new position, however you always would have a response. “Well…you aren’t wrong.” You trailed off to the end as you thought of a way to catch the male off guard like he had done to you. Got it. You bit your lip slightly before leaning up to capture Bo’s soft lips onto your own. Your plan worked effectively, a gasp leaving Bo as your lips met. After he got comfortable and began kissing back, you two could never be separated. Your fingers tangled slightly in his hair, ready to pull on any occasion as his hands grabbed needily at your hips-  pulling you as close as he could from your position. You two stayed quiet, basking in the moment as your lips moved seamlessly together and your bodies grinded, slipped, and molded together.
“Where the hell did you get this?” Bo muttered moments later, breaking the kiss not only so you two could breath easily- but he wanted to trail those passionate kisses down your jaw. You laughed softly, your head falling back against the bed to allow him as much space as possible for possible markings.
You assumed he was talking about the dress, his communication skills lacking when it came to the cloudiness that filled both of your minds. “Bought it a couple years ago for the Emmys…” You blushed softly as he hit that certain spot, your hips bucking up at the sensation. “The one I couldn’t make.” You finished off in a whisper as you tried your best to not let out any noises. Bo seemed to leave it at that, mostly because now he was distracted by the fact that he had found the jackpot. You closed your eyes tightly at the new found silence, knowing this was the end of your quiet game- the beginning of Bo’s devilish ways. You were right, Bo sucking and tugging at your skin with skill and experience- leaving you in a whimpering mess under him.
You two now laid entangled together, Bo tracing your arm as you played with his soft locs. After washing up in the shower, you two had kept constant contact as you both enjoyed physical touch- especially as a form of silent after care. Both of you seemed to have a bad case of heavy eyelids, but you both fought it off in hopes of being in the moment as long as possible. “I love you so so much Bo.” You whispered softly, your mind thinking back to what you were thinking while you sat in the living room just hours ago. Alone. You felt absolutely horrible for being so selfish, even if it was in your own head, you felt terrible that you wanted to rip Bo away from his work.
“I love you too Y/N.” Bo responded, his voice grounding in your crazy thoughts. “And I’m sorry to have been out in the guest house so much…I know it must be hurting you. I mean hell, it’s hurting me.” Your head had moved down slightly so you could meet Bo’s eyes as he spoke, thankfully he felt the movement and looked up to make eye contact. “I wish I could wake up everyday right next to you like usual. I wish I could stop obsessing over this stupid project and not be pushing this deadline on myself. I wish I could love on you as much as I want.” Bo’s voice had lowered into a soft cry, your eyes scrunching in concern. Bo didn’t break down often in front of you, hell not ever, but you didn’t mind comforting him as much as you could. You wanted him to know his feelings were never a burden on you, they were welcomed in this relationship. You shifted slightly so you could be closer to his face, gently lifting his head off your chest so you could hold it in your palms.
“Honey, I know you think about me in there. I actually like to think you have a sexy car poster of me in there.” Your last joke making both of you shudder slightly in laughter, your noses gently bumping together as you lean into one another. Taking in a deep breath, you continued on after the laughs died down. “Seriously, I understand completely that work is work. A deadline is a deadline whether it’s made by you or not. I also know that this is your first project in years.” You looked directly into Bo’s red eyes as you said the last sentence, making it hit as hard as you knew it felt for the other. This was a huge deal for Bo and his fans, you could never fully understand the extent this affected Bo’s mental health- but you could be there for him when he wanted to explain. That is exactly what you did when he started this project a year ago. “I’m not going to lie and say sometimes I was upset. Or selfish. I wanted you all to myself a couple hours ago, but in my heart I know you are always mine. My beautiful Bo. The one who always makes me smile and laugh my ass off. He just so happens to make the whole world feel that way too.” You spoke with a light tone, a loving smile never falling for your lips as you looked at your lover. Bo’s tears had slowly dried, his smile becoming brighter the longer you spoke. “I love you the same every time you leave this house. And even more everytime you come back through that door.” You finished your “speech”, feeling the weight you had held on your chest for the whole year- finally raise. It felt so good to let him know how you really felt.
“I don’t know what to even say..” Bo admitted sheepishly, but it didn’t affect the happiness you felt. Sometimes there was nothing to say, and you knew that. “I fucking love you so much Y/N.” He whispered before bringing you into a tight hug, burying himself into your neck again. Maybe he wasn’t just your safe place, maybe you were his as well.
“Even after totally embarrassing myself with the sash thing?” You questioned jokingly, laughing as your arms snaked around Bo’s chest, massaging his shoulder blades calmly.
“Even after the sash thing.” Bo laughed softly, “I didn’t mind seeing you with my last name on your body.” Your eyes widened slightly as you looked at the wall behind Bo, completely processing his words.
“That’s embarrassing.” You giggled before rolling around on the bed with your lover, ending the rest of the night with lots of love and passionate kisses.
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lovelovesto · a month ago
Charlize Theron as Charlotte Field
in <Long Shot>(2019)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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