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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#masked rider

Got this from Amazon today! (And I could have bought it at work for about the same price. Oh well.)

Be warned; there is a dub and it’s really bad. There’s no audio option on the main menu, so you have to switch it during the opening. Of course, if you want to watch the dub for the cringe, it will deliver.

Otherwise, a fun movie. I mean, the effects look twenty years old and it’s cheesy as all hell, but fun. Hope that sequel tease at the end does come true. Recommend only to die-hard Toku fanboys and lovers of cheesy, low-budget schlock.

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So watched the Shin Kamen Rider / Masked Rider Shin movie on Toei’s channel before it went kablooie and uh, since this guy appears as a vaguely Terminator-esque villain in a long military coat before transforming into a hulking monster with an exposed heart and clawed appendage and then gets blasted with a four barrel rocket launcher, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the makers of the PS1 Resident Evil games were fans.

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One Punch Man characters as things my coworkers have said/done (part 2):

Death Gatling:

*as he’s making eye contact with a squirrel outside* “motherfucker.”

Pig God:

Person A: I dropped a sandwich behind the grill like a week ago and if that little bitch is still there— *moves the grill to find the sandwich still behind it*

Person A: motherfucker.

Person B: I’ll pay you to eat it.

Person A, already reaching for the sandwich: oh, you were gonna pay me?


Person A: *karate chops someone’s arm as they’re holding a jar of mayonnaise*

Person B: yo, what the fuck?

Person A: oh, sorry. I was aiming for your face.


Head Chef: okay, everyone. Today we’re having a super important dinner service because we’ve got that promotion going on and it’s supposedly going to be really busy. So, let’s get our aces in their places and make some good food. Good luck, y’all.

Everyone: yes chef!

Everyone: *gets to their stations*

Person A, 45 seconds later from across the room: what the fuck is a “ceaser salad” and how the hell do I make it

Amai Mask:

Person A: I’m so tired of being poor.

Person B: at least you’re pretty.

Person A: aw, thanks!

Person B: you’re welcome.

Person B: aren’t you gonna say I’m pretty?

Person A: no.

Mumen Rider:

Person A: hey, anyone want any coffee?

Person B: No, I promised my mommy I wouldn’t do drugs.


“I’ve got a great personality with lofty ambitions and my ass is huge!” *plays Toxic by Britney Spears on the harmonica*

Metal Bat:

Head chef: okay, everyone. Now, with everything going on, obviously we’re gonna have to take some precautions. If you’re feeling sick—

Person A: yeah, I’m sick!

Everyone: *looks at them*

Person A: sick of your shit!


Head Chef: why did you try to kick my shins as I was walking in.

Person A: what are you gonna do, fire me?

Head Chef:

Person A: … are you actually thinking about it


*raises hand during a group meeting* “hey, chef? Do I get worker’s comp if I kill myself on the job?”


“You ever get jealous of dead people?”

Black Sperm:

“What if there was suddenly 500 of me in this room and the world ended? What would you do?”

Puri-Puri Prisoner:

“Man, I had such a cute boyfriend back in jail.”

Metal Knight:

“Yeah, I’m a misogynist.”


“I’m literally a crackhead and somehow you’re still crazier than me.”

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You get a VIP train section? >:O lucky, I get shoved around every time

“I am plague itself… they see me and they run in fear.” In other words, people assumed his coughing and generally sickly looks meant he was sick with something contagious and ran away. “I conquer and take my reward… personal space and time to read.” 

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