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kaileedraws · a month ago
Candle cove, huh?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crypticscarecrow · 2 months ago
Crow is a-
Very cool
hahah no u B)
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crypticscarecrow · 2 months ago
Purple guy or Bill, leaning towards Bill
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey @backwaterotter theres now two bill’s in town
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silkapxl · 2 months ago
Frog game cute and I adore all the art, wonderfully done, 10/10! (Also, the cards have such fun writing. I'm fond of "bad children get sent to frog hell")
thank u! it was hard but a fun challenge to make c: all the other artists did a fantastic job too
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amber-acrylic · 5 months ago
Bop it!
i refuse
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lulzyrobot · 8 months ago
Busy busy year for our robot friend, I hope you're doing well!!!! And I also super hope you will share your thesis film when it's doooonne?????
Sure am! I definitely will. I’ll possibly post WIPs here and my twitter! (mostly to twitter tho cuz im a touch more active there) 
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crypticscarecrow · 9 months ago
well this might get long so imma just
Tumblr media
Fate is one of my much older OC’s from like, edgy days. I think they’re actually my first nonbinary oc. They used to be my sona but then i switched to my current sona. They had a story and lore attached to em but I scrapped most of it. A few things that stayed consistent is that: - Fate is A Demon (Although an outcast one) - They deal contracts that can quite literally change one’s fate (Which is where their name came from) at the price of their soul once they die so they never really go to heaven or hell - They are Chris’s ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’legal’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ guardian and has basically raised him his whole life. -Although they are a bit of a douche sometimes, they are actually pretty clever and ‘kind’ at times. But that is a once in a blue moon thing -They follow their own sense of justice
thats just the few things i can remember since its been ages since I’ve gone in depth with them
Tumblr media
Chris (That’s his name atm cuz the original one sucked lmao) Has been tagging alonmg with Fate for as long as he can remember, he learned how to fight and defend himself thanks to them Some things that stayed the same -He’s an angel -He’s got a heart of gold, wishing to one day protect people too from making mistakes and from being harmed -Owl based angel -Mask base stayed p much the same aside from a few added lines -Although he tends to do many of the mature decisions, he still looks to Fate for advice, second-guessing himself a lot (And Fate is always there to surprisingly give good advice mixed with some bad ones)
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roposhipin · 9 months ago
Beyaz is my favorite ahit oc i've seen ever. i love him.
Tumblr media
thank you!
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ravenmoodle · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by this post
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crypticscarecrow · 10 months ago
Princess Raven, and Badge Seller Raven gotta gang up. I don't make the rules
time to commit arson
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eeevieee · 10 months ago
Hhmmmmm favorite pokemon type?
Hmmmm I think Fighting and Electric are tied for my favourite types. I love punchy boys and zappy boys
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eeevieee · 10 months ago
Favorite candy???????
I really like strawberries and cream, and also pineapples. i wish i could buy them together without going to a pick ‘n mix candy store
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kaileedraws · 11 months ago
Hey you. I love how you draw. Your style is lovely. 10/10, top tier stuff
Tumblr media
AAA i’m happy to hear you like my artwork! 
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lanthegreatarts · 11 months ago
But you didn't expect THIS one!! yOU AND ME!!!! 26!
Tumblr media
Hullo I would be tickled pink to have a cape like that XD meanwhile you get my horrible fashion lol
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crypticscarecrow · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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crypticscarecrow · 11 months ago
Crow's second mouth is covered cause it'll steal your lunch money then eat your skin. This is fact, trust me, it's happened
Tumblr media
sh you’ll scare em
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frigginconfused · 11 months ago
Yur art very good
:0 Thank
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crypticscarecrow · 11 months ago
Momo. You know why
Tumblr media
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crypticscarecrow · 11 months ago
You said skull kid and for a second I thought you ment loz skull kid, which was still accurate
i mean that guy too tbh yeAH LMAO
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