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#reality shifting
peterbparkerth · 29 minutes ago
My Experience Shifting to MCU Part 1 it’s really long sorry
Okay the first time I shifted was in January so I will summarise what happened till now.
Tumblr media
Steve gives the best piggy backs rides, he’s also gay and loves Bucky but when Bucky and I got together he moved on. Steve is also the one who introduced me to everyone. He makes great pancakes and has the infinity war beard. He’s also very good in training and god his body 😏
Tumblr media
Tony on the other hand loves Peter like his own son 🥺🥺. I annoy him a lot by either stealing his suits or by pranking him with Loki. He is exactly like what you think he would be but he is also hella caring
Tumblr media
Natasha is so scary at first but I made her get used to me and my pranks and stuff, she has so much love for Bruce and vice versa. She also becomes my training partner when Steve isn’t around. And she gives best life advice. Also her combat skills 😍
Tumblr media
Bruce Banner is always at the lab and if not then he is fonduing with Nat 👀. And if that’s not the case he’s helping Tony and Peter. I haven’t interacted with him that much.
Tumblr media
Peter Parker! This boy is so not what y’all think (well maybe in only in my DR he is like this). He is so kinky and naughty, boi I don’t know how can he be so innocent around others. Yes he and I dated at one point, but we broke up cause of some drama(he hugged MJ the way he hugs me and wouldn’t apologise to me), he is so caring and possessive like boi he won’t leave you alone at all and boy cuddles and kisses with him🥺🥺 i fondued with him first 😏. He also did some dances with Scott Lang and Peter quill 😭(if you want the whole relationship story of Parker and I let me know, it’s kinda adorable and kinda naughty) he still loves me and I do too but
Tumblr media
I’m dating Bucky Barnes now 😏 okay so this dude was in love with me way before Peter and I dated and he had kissed me when the rest of the avengers and I played truth and dare, he made Peter so angry that Peter fondued with me😏. Oh god and his hands 🥺. (Now I will type down how Bucky and I got together and what are relationship is like now).
Okay so we got together when Bucky was sitting with Sam and I came up to Bucky with sad face since Peter broke up with me and I hugged Bucky and told him everything that happened And buck was like “be with me if I make you feel happy” so I kissed him And then we got together .so when I shifted again I walked out of my room and Bucky was like “doll I have been searching for you everywhere I thought something happened to you” and he looked at me like 🥺.I gave him a kiss and he was like “oof! Doll I have missed that”🙈.Bucky and I also 👉🏻👌🏻we went on a mission and I was partnered with Nat and when we came back I went to injured Bucky and tried to give him aid and I took him to my room and while I was aiding him he looked at me and leaned in and gave me such a passionate kiss 🥺🥺🥺.So I sat on his lap and said “I’m ready to give you my heart” .And he looked at me like “Are you sure sweet cheeks?” And I nodded so he then placed me on the bed and locked the door.And then he took of his shirt, left the metal arm on since I told him to.And then he got next to me and then slowly took of my clothes.He then laid me under him and kissed me first then my neck.And then went down on me first.He was so careful not to hurt me. Omg when I told him I love him 😭.He looked like a lost kitten that just found his home.Anyway the day after I and Bucky had fondued I woke up and made him breakfast only to have him hug me from behind and hum a song in my ear I was like “Bucky what are you doing” and he said “serenading my girl” and Wanda coughed and we turned around to see everyone look at us and Peter looked so heartbroken that he pulled me in to a room .And tbh he said “so you’re with Bucky now? The same one I told you to say away..” he said some other rude stuff (Peter was heart broken) making me cry so Bucky came and stood in front of Peter and said “if you make my girl cry ever again, I swear I’ll take her to another apartment building and marry her right in front of you making you hate yourself for eternity” and I looked at him like 🥵👀.Bucky and I kiss all the time making Tony say “stop snogging each other and listen to the mission updates”.Once John called me to meet him alone in a place so I went and I didn’t know Bucky was following me secretly so when I got there John Walker kissed me after a while of talking and Bucky was like “so you came here for kissing another guy” and I looked at him and kept repeating the truth and Bucky said “he knows the truth” and he starts beating up Walker .While he was beating up John I got kidnapped by hydra and when Bucky heard me screaming he ran towards the vehicle I was in but he was too late.I was taken to hydra’s secret place and tortured there and when the avengers came to find me Peter found me first and was like “what the hell darling, you’re okay I’m here, everyone’s here for you” and took me out of constrains only to get kissed by me just then Bucky saw me and looked so heart broken but I ran to him to tell him that I choose him but he said that till he doesn’t sort out this hydra situation he has to go away. And I looked at him like “ I want to come with you”.I said “don’t break my heart like Peter did, I don’t know why I kissed him, I just want to be with you, you make me so happy and so loved, please don’t break up with me, with you i feel alive” and I cried as I said this,He pushed me against the wall and said that he will never break up with me but He need to make sure I’m giving this relationship my everything and I looked at him and kissed him with so much love and passion that showing him how vulnerable I am with him .The way he looked at me when I got really vulnerable with him and the way his held my cheek with his real hand as I did him 🥺 The way he said “I would do anything for you doll” 😭 (these things happened just recently so I will keep you guys updated if you want me to)
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff and Vision along with Tommy and Billy. Yes they all are alive and together in my DR!. Wanda is so sweet and just a momma bear🥺 she is the first one to know about the drama and tea that happens to me and I’m like her younger sister 😭. She is such a great wife and mother and I’m so proud of her she treats everyone with yummy food every lunch time. Vision on the other hand is annoying af because he keeps asking me if I fondued with Peter or Bucky so I warn Wanda to tell him to shut up about it. Their kids play with me and Pietro so much
Tumblr media
Pietro Maximoff is such a flirt but he doesn’t go that far because I tell Wanda to keep him in check as well, he’s also really fast obviously and boi training with him is fun and how he and I along with Loki prank Bucky 😂😂😂😂. Boi I need to spend more time with him too
Tumblr media
Loki is my homie, my best friend and my partner in crime!. He took to me Asgard and the way I greeted Odin made Loki laugh so bad 😂. He gives me the best prank ideas and also always tried to keep me away from Peter and Bucky at first. He also always get thrown away by Tony I have no idea why but Thor brings him back to the compound. He’s so caring towards me and tbh I tried kissing him once he said “no thanks, I’d rather kiss a corpse” 👁👄👁.
Tumblr media
Thor is exactly like that in the gif, goofy and so hilarious like oh god if humor was a person Thor would be it. He is soft and makes great pop tarts which I steal because why not 🤷🏻‍♀️. Thor trains with Loki and Wanda since Clint is not around cuz clints on fam duty vision is partnered with Tony and Peter. I can lift his hammer which pissed him off so much that he broke the lounge table 👀
Sam Wilson the only time I interacted with Sam a lot was when Bucky and I had to go to hydra facility and he was fun to be around. When I’m cuddling with Bucky or sitting on his lap Sam teases us so much that I tell him stfu 😂
T’Challa ,Shuri, Scott Lang and Peter quill have visited only once so I haven’t spend time with them I only remember t’challa and shuri bringing biscuits and Scott Lang being all so adorable and giving me a piggyback ride, quill accidentally shot me with his gun so yeah he isn’t allowed anymore. Strange hasn’t made any entrance yet but I’m thinking about bringing him to my DR
I have erased some explicit details if you want them DM me cuz i don’t want to scar anyone young here
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undermemes · an hour ago
learning to shift to the utmv wish me luck
regular sleep schedules needed so doing it tomorrow
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missrebustes · 2 hours ago
Shifting journal maybe??????
Except I don’t write in it because I forgot wtf happened😀
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rainydayathogwarts · 7 hours ago
shifting tips
Hi, can anyone who’s shifted before give me some tips or like tell me your first time shifting story so that I can get motivated?
please and thank you from someone who’s desperate :)
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Shifting Journal
April 21, 2021, 12:31 AM
  Kind of a shifting journal? I carved into a tea light candle (a heart and the phrase “i’m going home”) as well as swiped a bit of lavender oil over it, and dropped jasmine incense ash over it and set my intention over it. Then I put it in my lil selenite candle holder and lit it! I feel so fuzzy and nice now :)
  Going to try shifting to my (slightly new) streamer dr tonight! I’m deciding between this sunrise method meditation and this julia method meditation for shifting tonight. Wish me luck!
  Know that you’ll go home soon. It’s okay, and it’s gonna happen. To the both of us. Remember that we aren’t tethered to this reality. Remember that we can do anything.
Gratitude 🥀
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lisafrankbrainrot · 8 hours ago
update on my shifting journey!
i've been meditating and making my attempts almost every day. this morning i got so close that i audibly heard one of the people from my DR saying "you're doing it! good job!" but i didn't get farther than that. i'll be shifting again tonight and i'm excited to report back what i learn/experience.
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babyrealityshifter · 9 hours ago
I was starting to lose faith.
I continued to attempt to shift but I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. I would get itches or lose concentration and give up.
I continued to try until I got closer then ever before.
I felt a warm weight all over my body. Something I have never felt before and I was excited then I feel asleep. I have not shifted but my faith is restored.
We will shift
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i just found you and 1) thought u had stolen one of my names (lucy and lynn are close) 2) discovered that we're both genderfluid and bi (pog!!!) 3) learned you use neopronouns as well (ALSO POG!) and 4) you shift! that's so cool, i want to do it but i don't know anything about it lmao
Looong post ahead I am so sorry
TW: suicide mention, respawning/permanently shifting mention, and reality shifting negativity
Hi hi!!! I really love the name Lucy because of the Lucille Ball so the name Lucy brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. My name Lynn comes from my middle name because it’s the most androgynous part of my name that I could find. I like the name Aegis too (aye-gis hard g).
And broooo hell yeah I’m Genderfluid; I’m mostly nonbinary as I mostly feel outside of the binary most days, but some days I feel more boyish or girlish or some days not even a gender at all.
Yeah I do use neopronouns!! And when I say all pronouns I mean you can all me it, kit/kitself (example there are loads of neopronouns like that) and even emoji pronouns! Although I do have preferred they/their/them and xe/xir/xem. So if you end up calling me something different it’s okay! It’s a pronoun in my book
Below is reality shifting
I suggest @fuckingrealityshifting @shifting-lark and @shifting-inspos (sorry for the tags but you guys came to mind) for more information on shifting and how to do it. If you want to dive right into some communities I suggest asking Guts (shifting-inspos) for a Minecraft server they made awhile back (although it’s shifters only so if you decide not to become a shifter then I’m sorry!) and for a coffeehouse dr that Lark made (it’s like a dr for all the shifters to commune!) then ask @chaos-bb for the link!
(Both are discord chats)
There are loads of people with different drs and where they want to shift to. There’s a small community of Dream SMP shifters, One Piece, and etc! I particularly want to shift to Bungou Stray Dogs. The most famous Desired Realities are MHA and Harry Potter.
Essentially shifting is moving your present consciousness into another reality where you also exist. This is not the act of “making up” a reality but narrowing in where you actually exist. Like there are desired realities where you exist as yourself but in that reality. This goes for alternate realties where you probably are doing the opposite of what you’re doing right now, book realities, television realities, anything and everything that has the potential to be its own universe.
It sounds crazy because of the unlimited possibilities and of the use of multidimensional planes (not the right word but anything goes for right now) but it’s true! It’s alright to be skeptic and it’s okay to even not believe in it after this post.
A lot of people like comparing lucid dreaming, maladaptive daydreaming, and reality shifting but that’s simply not true. Lucid Dreaming is taking control of your dream state and where everything isn’t real, while reality shifting is taking your consciousness to a real place that is your desired reality.
Maladaptive Daydreaming happens when you’re awake, conscious, and sometimes you have control over it. I have MD (also known as MaDD) and not that. Plus it’s daydreaming and reality shifting is not.
Although I haven’t shifted (and I don’t plan to try for a little while) I know that it’s real. To me it feels real, and it’s not hurting me because I’m genuinely happy with my life here in this reality.
Since you are new, and if you do further research I will say this. Respawning is the act of killing yourself (and in some cases some say killing your soul) to go to your Desired reality. This is highly toxic and untrue no matter what anyone tells you. Some will even try to say in a delicate manner that it’s permanently shifting; which is the same thing as respawning.
I highly suggest that you do not support creators that support that idea and do not dive into the act of that yourself, but I’m not the parent of you and I have no say in what you do. I do however want you to be safe when researching.
That said reality shifting is 100% safe. There’s just that side that takes it a bit too far and turns it into something it’s not.
If you do make a shifting blog (my main is actually @lynnthegarbagebin!!) then please share it I’d love to shout you out!! The community is nice and everyone is welcoming.
Hopefully this helps and I hope this is well articulated!!
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gravezshiftz · 11 hours ago
ive been taking a break from shifting bc of derealization n shit bUt its gotten better so. i should try that again shouldn’t i. also i havent read my script in like two weeks what. anyways i think im like. better. and can shift now. so thatz good ! 
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reimi-does-art · 11 hours ago
I’m holding a flashlight like a microphone with my favorite songs on, mouthing the words to my favorite songs and imagining performing them to the 1-A students because I’m a vocalist in the band from s4. Honestly? A really good way to psyche up pre-shift
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shifting-between-worlds · 11 hours ago
how is reality shifting harmful to science when it’s literally based on the multiverse theory?
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shifting-between-worlds · 11 hours ago
as someone who’s had madd since i was 7-8, and is 21,
reality shifting literally isn’t the same as maladaptive/immersive daydreaming, and i’m tired of people calling them the same thing,
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shiftingsage · 12 hours ago
besties im bored and i wanna script friends into my actress dr so like send an ask/and or reblog with a picrew of u your name pronouns and personality and like job[like actor or dancer or singer etc.]
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shifting-between-worlds · 12 hours ago
i’m not shifting to hogwarts, i’m shifting to other fandoms and some custom drs as well. and yeah i want to meet my comfort characters, but i’m also curious and i want an adventure and i’m bored. i’m just having some fun with shiftig.
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I have decided that there will never be a good way to describe reality shifting to your Gen X parents. Because sure, they see that you're tired and they will likely ask you why. And what are you going to tell them? The obvious things of course, oh I had a math test, oh we just got assigned a History project.
There is no logical way to explain shifting to my mother, because yes I am exhausted but it's not because of school.
It's because when I decided to lie down for a quick nap and a shift into my DR just to check in I just wanted to have a nice moment with my family and plan my now 13 year old daughters birthday.
Instead I had to pack everyone up in a panic the second my husband got back from a meeting and settle into my older brothers quarters halfway across the station because both of my 6 year old twins are force sensitive and decided collectively to commit domestic arson while my back was turned.
But yeah, it was definitely that damn math quiz.
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chaotic-potato-queen · 14 hours ago
hi! i know a lot of yall follow me for my art and my reality shifting content, but i also stream on twitch. i stream minecraft (usually stuff like parkour, bedwars, multiple survival worlds, and other things). So if anyone is interested, my twitch is, and my tiktok is cloudde3. I also have an art tiktok if you’re interested in my art, and that is cloud_art3. also, in both of my tiktok bios i have a linktree with all of my public social media, which includes an art instagram. any follows or support would be very much appreciated. if not, that is okay too, but if any of you guys are interested, those are my other socials :) 
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lakeshifts · 16 hours ago
there are three types of shifters
Tumblr media
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shiftingsage · 18 hours ago
ahshdhfbfh so i fgured i should make a list of all of my dr selves sideblogs
hp: @sage-bishop
mcu: @katerina-stark
famous dr: @sage-downey
x-men: @kaia-wailani
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infinity-system-dude · 19 hours ago
Am i the only one who is uncomfortable with a lot of people who shift realities cause like i have Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder and it literally just sounds just like my disorder and it kinda gives me sketchy vibes and totally makes me feel like they are romanticizing a mental illness
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