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#shuu sakamaki

Thank you for the love, sending em right back at ya (uwu)/❤️. I dub thee, ✨ anon

I only do two chatacter per requests so I choose Shuu and Ayato

Yandere Shuu Sakamaki

(Wanting your attention)

  • Shuu isn’t one to directly interact with you for attention, he simply leaves small hints and hopes you get the message and pay him some attention. He’ll often drag you down to lie beside him or coax you into spending time with him.
  • He seems so tired, it wouldn’t hurt to make him some tea now, would it? Shuu wouldn’t know how to ask for your attention so he’ll indirectly do so by making you do a bunch of tasks that would keep you in conversation distance. Tasks like making tea is a safe bet since it ensures that you would come back to him to deliver the tea. He’ll most likely also “bless” you with his time and teach you to play the violin and teach you poorly to ensure you’ll come back to him another time to learn more.
  • If push comes to shove and your attention seems to be directed toward a certain someone, or even a certain brother of his, he won’t be pleased.
  • Lazy Shuu would never be capable of doing anything now, his face would be next to the word spineless if the dictionary allowed pictures, so how could Shuu do anything of such sort? He always seems so nonchalant and seems incapable of doing anything, there’s no way he’s involved in killing them…right? He has no reason to afterall…
  • Shuu is manipulative, he hates to get his hand dirty, but if you were paying attention to someone else then he’ll have no choice but to step in. He’s manipulative in a sense of not showing you his full potential, his full madness. You wouldn’t be suspecting him of being behind all those murders, nor would you be suspecting that it’s out of sheer depravity and a need for your attention.
  • Perhaps it’s out of sheer pride of not willing to admit he loves you or perhaps it’s because he doesn’t understand how he feels, but none of it matters…Now that that obstacles out of the way, why don’t you lie down with him? He’s feeling a bit thirsty at the moment too so don’t struggle.

Yandere Ayato Sakamaki

(Wanting your attention)

  • Ayato would often drag you to places, he simply loves your attention but doesn’t admit it. When you’re not in his sight, he becomes bored, so, so bored. You are his sole entertainment and he can’t get enough of you. He’ll force you to watch his basketball games when you’re in school, demands you to come to his room, sometimes he’ll even force you to go outside at night with him for some takoyaki.
  • He’s not one to become jealous easily since he’s so high and mighty that there’s no way you wouldn’t come back to him, afterall, yours truly has given you his attention so it’s only fair for you to return the same. Despite being high and mighty and claiming he doesn’t need your attention and that he simply wants you there to entertain him, he’ll quickly become huffy and annoyed when you’re half an hour away from his presence.
  • If you were to be spending time too long away from him doing tasks or simply not paying attention to him, he’ll often huffily growl and drag you away. Yours truly demands you to act on his command, and right now he commands you to drop all of your tasks at hand and entertain him.
  • However, if it’s someone else you seem to be paying attention to, things will get ugly really quick. Ayato believes that he’s beyond getting jealous over petty reasons, beyond getting jealous over you simply greeting someone, beyond getting jealous over you paying attention to someone else…but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. What belongs to Ore-sama, belongs to Ore-sama. How dare that vixen tempt to take what’s his
  • That certain someone is definitely going to be reported on the news and declared dead. Who would do such a thing, how curious… But right now, it’s not time to be focusing on that, Ayato seems to be dragging you again and you better follow along.

Artwork from the game Diabolik Lovers by developer Rejet

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I wasn’t expecting this bundle to come in so quick so my bed was messy and I didn’t get nice pics but I’m very excited!!!

Ulrick hopped up and claimed them right after I opened them 🐈 all these cuties right in front of me

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Art by ムラシゲ

English translation by @dialovers-translations​​

Panel 1

Shuu: *Fumble fumble*

Laito: !

Panel 2

Laito: Heya~!

Shuu: What are you looking at?

Laito: Oh, nothing~

Panel 3

Laito: Ah, but since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll let you in on something good!

The phone displays the date ‘Saturday January 16th’

Shuu: !

Panel 4

Laito: Time to inform Reiji that you were diligently getting ready to leave for school~

Shuu: Shut up… *Toss*

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Hi and thank you so much ♥️♥️

Shuu Sakamaki

This lazy vampire is perfect for you. You both love playing violin and piano. Shuu doesn’t like loud people. Quiet type like you is perfect for him. Same as you, Shuu doesn’t enjoy being around people. He always listens to music.


  • Would play violin and piano to you.
  • Would give you neck kisses.
  • Would cuddle with you, give you one of his earphone and sleep.
  • Although he usually sleeps and doesn’t show it, he really loves you.
  • Would give you his dessert.
  • Would often tease you.
  • Would give you a bucket of red rosses.
  • Would take you to operas.
  • Wouldn’t stay serious when he’s around you.
  • Talk openly with you about his fears.
  • You two would often read books together.


I hope you like it ♥️ If there’s anything else you want to know, my askbox is always open 😀

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Baby huh? Well it’s okay I guess.



Well I don’t see why not. I can see our child being successful in future.



It would be nice to have little Ore-Sama. Sure!



We can have a child, but you must keep paying attention to me.



Huhh child? It’s okay, but I’m not sure. Will I be a good father? Will he/she love me?


I hope you like it ☺️

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Hi and thank you for telling me that♥️ I’ll do something about it. Since I’m relatively new on Tumblr I don’t know everything 😅


Okay *sleeps*


Please be careful with your choice of words.


Guess you’re right…


Well I do have a specific family😅


What did you say?! *I think he would just go crazy*


I can understand why are you saying that…

I hope it’s great♥️ My askbox is always open for other asks.

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yes i did baBy

A Shuu-san drawing that i did now in the greatest hurry hihi A BIT AS TASTY and with NIPPLES AHHAHAHAHA well good night👌🏻


do not repost, only like and reblog

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Sure ♥️


Huh…Such a lewd woman you are calling me “master”. Well if you want it that much let’s do it.



Well, well, your “master” will have to punish you for being naughty.



Huhh…Look teddy, she’s begging me to leave marks on her body. Let’s do it then…



Fufufu how naughty are you Bitch-chan. Don’t worry, I’ll leave my marks all over your body.



I see you understand that you belong only to me. Now let’s make sure everyone knows you’re mine.



Tch how dirty you are. Well if you want it that much then I will do that I guess


I hope you like it♥️ My askbox is always open for other asks🤗

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Shuu: Never heard of them… If one of their songs reminds you of me, though, I’ll listen. Hook me up to their music, on my mp3.

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Shuu: I guess there only is one sensible thing to do, right?


Shuu: I’d have to get to know her... Fresh blood beats anything we have stored away, and I’m sure she wouldn’t resist.

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Ofcourse ♥️


When I said be quiet I didn’t mean you totally didn’t talk to me


I didn’t say you can’t talk to me. Communication is important in a relationship. There’s no reason for this.


Oiii talk to me Pancake! This wasn’t what I meant when I told you you’re boring.


Don’t ignore me like that! Talk to me! I want attention! Teddy and I don’t like this.


Oii Bitch-chan. How could you even think I was bored by your voice? I’m fact, I would really like to hear how loud can you be in bed.


I didn’t said that you can’t talk to me or you’re boring. Tch…come here.

I hope it’s okay🤗

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[I absolutely can! And I can’t remember where I’ve read a story similar to this but hey, here it is! Hope you enjoy!]


Shu Sakamaki x Fem!Reader

(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)

The gown fit your body perfectly, and not just it, but also Shu’s suit. Of course you couldn’t tell since he wasn’t there with you as you stared into the mirror. The mask was beautiful and in many ways you wanted to flaunt it, especially with Shu.

But alas, you couldn’t. Shu had already gone down to the ball, he looked handsome nonetheless, so when he told you you couldn’t go, your mood had dropped. He hadn’t explained other than him telling you not to go.

You were tempted, it was your first event with Shu, where you could finally be shown off as his.

You pursed your lips looking at yourself in the mirror.

Would it be so bad to go?

You could just barely hear the lively music, the faint sound of a piano playing beautifully. It would be your first ball, and you wanted to go so bad.

You grabbed the mask from the table and put it on, walking out the door. You got to the first set of stairs easily, continuing your journey with ease.

A few minutes wouldn’t hurt, right?

“My my, would you get a look of that, Little Bitch decided to join.” Two green eyes met yours, halting your movements. “I thought Shu said you wouldn’t be going?” Laito questioned as he looked you up and down. “You do although look rather dashing in that gown, Little Bitch, you compliment what Shu’s wearing.”

You felt complimented at his statement, but a hint of guilt overtook you. “Yeah, but it’s my first one,” you explained meekly.

Kanato walked up the stairs, stopping next to Laito as he looked at you. “You look like a doll, it’s weird Shu had you hidden away.” Kanato had a small smile, holding his teddy close to him.

“Please don’t tell Shu, I just wanted to get a glance,” you said, nervously fiddling with the fabric of your gown.

Laito smirked. “A lady needs an escort. The real fun is just beginning anyway.” Laito appeared next to you, taking a hold of your arm, wrapping it around his own. He began leading you two down the stairs.

You nervously held onto Laito, you weren’t so sure Shu would be happy about this, much less being with Laito. But as long as you weren’t caught it would do no harm, right?

Laito led you both down the next set of stairs, more grand this time, leading into the grand ballroom. A large window lay above, the moon barely shining through all the bright lights.

Some stared, most occupied with their own lady, dancing and gliding with them across the polished floors. Your grip on Laito’s arm tightened slightly.

“Apologies, Little Bitch, I’ll have to excuse myself.” Laito left, walking to a woman in a beautiful green gown, the smirk on his features not passing by you.

“Laito—!” you whisper called, astonished by his action to leave you alone in the sea of people. You looked around frantically, trying to look for a familiar face, but to only find the one you were sure wouldn’t look happy.

Shu stared at you from across the room, a frown on his features as he assessed where you were.

Exactly where he didn’t want you to be.

A cold hand met yours, lifting it to a man’s lips. The young man kissed your hand, completely catching you off guard. His brown eyes watched you, his nicely done blond hair was swept to a side, his rare combination of eyes and hair perfectly matching his suit.

“My, you are quite the beauty. Did you happen to come alone, m’lady?” he asked kindly, but the undertone in his voice set you off.

“I‘m—” you began.

“With me.” A more gentle yet assertive hand met yours, removing it from the man’s. You looked up to see a stoic Shu, but you knew him better, he was annoyed.

The man looked at Shu, his eyes sharper, more attentive. “I see, I didn’t know.” He looked at you. “Have a good rest of the evening, m’lady,” he said, a hint of mischief in his voice as he walked away.

You slowly looked up to meet Shu’s eyes.

A slight frown was on his face. “I told you not to come, and now you’ve been handled by another man.” Shu lightly rubbed over the spot where the man had kissed your hand. “Just stay close to me now, don’t look at anyone,” Shu spoke to you quietly, loud enough for only you to hear. Shu moved his arm behind you, his hand on your waist as he led you two back to the area you’d first seen him at.

You nodded. “I’m sorry, I really just wanted a glance,” you quietly explained, walking by his side.

“You’re already here, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.” Shu glanced at you. “Especially since you look like that,” he said with a small smirk.

You smiled slightly, knowing he liked the way you looked.

Shu’s smile dropped slightly as he looked around. He immediately took you into his arms, holding you close to his chest. “Don’t move,” he whispered next to your ear.

The words sent a shiver down your spine, his words held so much power, as though they determined your life.

The lights went out, the dim glow of the moon the only thing lighting up the room. Screams echoed throughout, many women and a few men screaming in pain and terror.

You barely glanced around as you saw bodies dropping to the ground, stains of red capturing your vision. Your heartbeat picked up as you watched the lifeless bodies of many surround you. Shu’s breath on your neck made you halt completely.

He’d drank from you multiple times, so why was it now that you felt an awful chill crawl up your spine. You subconsciously took a step back, catching Shu’s attention.

“I told you not to move,” he stated firmly. His fingers lightly grazed your neck, moving the hair from your neck, his breath more clearly felt against your skin.

Panic spread throughout your body as you pushed away from Shu. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you, but the situation blocked all reason from you.

Shu looked at you shocked. He began walking to you.

You jerked back once again.

Why were you doing that? Shu wouldn’t drink you dry as others were doing at that very moment, would he?

Shu frowned slightly. “What? Do you think I’m gonna kill you?” He took another step.

You froze. No, you didn’t, but you were terrified at the moment.

Shu smirked. “Did you think I’d leave you dead and dry like everyone else is doing?” His smile dropped, a hint of hurt flashing past his eyes before returning back to their blank state. Shu appeared in front of you.

No, Shu wouldn’t do that, you knew it. You stayed still, the fear subsiding as you stared into those deep blue eyes that had been loving you for months now. To see him hurt at your reactions easily brought you back to what was important.

Shu hadn’t wanted you to come for the very reason that was happening, and if he wanted to drink you dry he would’ve done so long ago.

Shu held your hips, lowering his mouth to your neck but you stayed still. If Shu suddenly decided that he didn’t want you, you’d more than gladly let yourself die in his hands.

“I’ll show you what I’m capable of.”

You slowly move your hands around Shu’s neck, holding him closely. You rested your cheek against his shoulder, completely trusting him as you should’ve since the very beginning. Your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the man you loved against you.

Only Shu’s breath grazed your neck for a moment before lips pressed against your skin.

You softly smiled. “I love you, Shu.”

Shu let out a soft chuckle against your skin before softly kissing your neck. “I love you too, lewd woman.” His lips met your ear. “That won’t stop me from marking you tonight, let’s see you try and disobey me again.”

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VANDEAD CARNIVAL “Kyuuai Labyrinth” Mini Drama ”The Sakamaki Household’s Exclusive・Ultimate Takoyaki Food Stall!?”


Original title: 逆巻家特製・究極のたこ焼き屋台!? 

Source: VANDEAD CARNIVAL “Kyuuai Labyrinth” Mini Drama ”The Sakamaki Household’s Exclusive・Ultimate Takoyaki Food Stall!?” [CD not owned by me]

Audio: Here

Seiyuu: Toriumi Kousuke, Katsuyuki Konishi, Midorikawa Hikaru, Kaji Yuki, Hirakawa Daisuke & Takashi Kondou

Translator’s note: I remember listening to this track way back when I was relatively new to the community and laughing my ass off at how ridiculous it was. I didn’t know how crazy DL could get at times, so I couldn’t stop wondering if this was truly the same characters as the ones I encountered in the game. xD That being said, this track was also rather challenging to translate because there’s a lot of difficult/long lines in it from Reiji. I did take some artistic liberties here and there and shortened the lines so it would sounds like something a person would say in English. xD


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[Absolutely! And thank you <333 those compliments mean so much to me >.


Shu Sakamaki x Fem!Reader

(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)

He couldn’t wait to see the smile on your face, to see the light in your eyes brighten his day.

Shu opened the door to the music room, walking in as he saw you sitting at the bench of the piano. Perhaps you were practicing a song, a melody to surround his ears.

“I’m back. And I got you something,” Shu spoke quietly, sitting beside you on the bench. He took your hand in his, putting on the bracelet he’d gotten you. He stared at it for a few moments, swallowing the ball in his throat. The bracelet didn’t help to cover the red mark around your wrist. “It looks beautiful on you…” He didn’t move his eyes from your wrist. “Do you like it?” Answer him… that’s all he wanted.

He softly caressed the top of your hand before looking up to meet your lifeless eyes. He knew exactly what he’d done to you… he’d never regretted anything more.

You stared at the piano keys, silent.

Even so, Shu still couldn’t believe it, what he’d done to you, the way he’d spoken and treated you, the unsightly marks he’d engraved on you. But isn’t that what he wanted? For you to be completely his?

And now you were, you wouldn’t leave or try to hide, he had you right there.

“Want me to play you something?” Shu asked, a disgusting hint of hope still in his voice.

It’d been two months now.

“How about Moonlight Sonata? You always loved hearing me play that one…” Shu set his hands on the keys, slowly beginning to play.

You paid no attention to the sweet melody.

Shu glanced at you with a glimmer of hope before stopping. He’d tried this before, and you never responded so why did he expect it now?

He lightly turned your face to him, wanting to see those eyes he claimed to fall in love with. But who does what he did to someone they love?

Your eyes looked right through him, dismissing him completely.

Your eyes that once held so much love for him, hope that you both would live long and happy lives, desire to keep him close and to be close to him, warmth that deep down he knew he would never see again, or at least never the same.

Why couldn’t he just love you? That was all you ever asked for and he had to go and…

“I love you…”

No you don’t.

Shu kissed your cheek before holding you close to his chest. If one day you suddenly responded to him, maybe you’d then hate him, or perhaps you’d still say you love him unconditionally.

Deep down he knew he wanted you to choose against him. He wanted none of your forgiveness, none of your kindness, and not because he didn’t absolutely love it but because he knew he didn’t deserve it. He never deserved all those long nights where you told him the dumb stories of you as a child. Or the nights when you’d simply stay quiet and hold him close, running your fingers through his hair.

He didn’t deserve any of it.

But he knew himself better.

He wouldn’t let you go. He’d fight for you, to keep you near him, to let him love you as he knows he should’ve since the very beginning.

He hadn’t seen a glint of joy in your eyes since that last day two months ago. That smile that always led him to to kiss or tease you, it was gone. A smile you promised to only ever show him, the first mistake he made.

Keeping it to himself, thinking no one else had the right to see it. You showed your joy about being with him once in public, one thing led to the next as you soon found yourself vacant of light.

He made sure to make those 8 months a living hell. You’d show no one else your smile…

He just didn’t know he was included.

At night he’d hold you close, never letting your warmth slip by in case one day it wouldn’t be there, after all, along with no words, you wouldn’t take any food. Soon enough he’d need to completely turn you or take you to the hospital which wasn’t much of an option.

The warmth of your blood was all he had left, the heat radiating off your skin. After that what would he have? The empty shell of what was once you?

A tear finally slipped past, a single drop running down his cheek.

Shu kissed the top of your head. “Please come back to me…”

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Diabolik Lovers MORE, MORE BLOOD Vol. 3 Sakamaki Shuu [Animate Tokuten] “Living a Normal School Life for Once!”


Original title: たまにはまともに学園生活!

Source: Diabolik Lovers More, More Blood Vol. 3 Sakamaki Shuu Animate Tokuten Drama CD

Audio: Here

Seiyuu: Toriumi Kousuke

Translator’s note:  Someone told me about this track a while ago and I’ve been wanting to listen to it ever since! However, I forgot it was his MMB Tokuten CD so while I was listening, I suddenly remembered and got super excited. This track is pure crack and chaos but it had me laughing out loud at more than one occasion. I guess this proves that there is most definitely such a thing as ‘being too popular’ lol.


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-Shuu Sakamaki- 

  • En realidad, no es el tipo de persona que se fije en eso.
  • Pero después descubre lo mucho que le gusta la forma de tu cuerpo.
  • Lo que mas le gusta en dormir abrazado a ti.
  • Normalmente él sobre ti, ya sea que su cabeza este en tu pecho o en tu estomago (Él prefiere que sea en tu pecho)
  • Y no es alguien que se preocuparía mucho por tu salud, así que no te obligaría a hacer ejercicio o a comer menos o mas sano.
  • Después de todo, nuestro rubio es un vago de primera.
  • Y también descubre lo genial que es abrazarte.
  • Se siente tan reconfortante.
  • Y aparte, desprendes un calor que le encanta.
  • En serio, no puede parar de abrazarte. 

-Reiji Sakamaki- 

  • Le es un poco difícil al principio.
  • Él es del tipo que intentara que comas mas sano y hagas mas ejercicio.
  • Por salud.
  • Pero después se da cuenta de que tu cuerpo es naturalmente así, y que estas completamente sana.
  • Se avergüenza un poco… solo un poco.
  • Le encanta vestirte con ropa elegante.
  • Piensa que te vez tan linda.

-Raito Sakamaki- 

  • Bien, tenemos que tomar en cuenta que a este chico no le importa como te veas, siempre serás hermosa.
  • Y sexy.
  • Sobre todo sexy.
  • Durante el sexo, su parte favorita es estar sobre ti, viendo como tu pequeño pero regordete cuerpo esta en la cama.
  • O cuando lo montas, y ve como rebotas sobre el.
  • Pasando a un lado mas tierno.
  • Le encanta abrazarte.
  • Siempre te abraza desde atrás, y le encanta apretar algunos de tus rollos.
  • Aunque hay que tomar en cuenta que los abrazos por detrás casi siempre terminaran en otra cosa.
  • Y de eso te puedes dar cuenta cuando sientes como una de sus manos va hacia abajo, y como la otra va hacia arriba.

-Kanato Sakamaki- 

  • Nunca se había planteado salir con una chica con sobrepeso.
  • El siempre había pensado en tener a una pareja que luciera como muñeca.
  • Pero debía admitir que siempre se había basado en lo canónico.
  • Ya sabe, pequeña, delgada, y blanca.
  • Y bueno, te conoció.
  • Su muñeca mas bonita, y su favorita.
  • Amaba ponerte vestidos de lo mas tiernos y adorables.
  • Con muchos volados, y en colores pastel.
  • También le encantaba peinarte.
  • Si llegaban a casase, definitivamente tu vestido iba a ser rosa pastel con corte princesa, y un gran velo. 

-Ayato Sakamaki- 

  • Ayato puede llegar a ser un poco(muy)idiota.
  • Así que tienes que tener en cuenta que puede llegar a burlarse de tu peso.
  • Si eres alguien sensible, y propenso a llorar, él se disculpara con el alma.
  • En cambio, si eres alguien fuerte, y le dices que es un idiota por burlarse de alguien por su físico, definitivamente se quedara mudo, pero nunca mas volverá a decir algo así. 
  • Fuera de todo eso, te ama.
  • Así que si escucha a alguien mas burlarse de tu peso, el definitivamente los golpeara.
  • Y un buen dato, es que le encanta cargarte, según él “Demuestra lo fuerte que es”.

-Subaru Sakamaki- 

  • Dios, le pareces tan bonita.
  • Ni siquiera le importa como te ves, solo sabe que te ama mucho.
  • Él es otro que definitivamente golpeara a alguien si esa persona intenta insultarte.
  • Yo creo que si el ve que si a su pareja le acompleja su apariencia, definitivamente será un poco mas cariñoso, para dejar en claro que te ama tal y como eres.
  • Él también ama mucho abrazarte.
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Alert of cutness!!

😭😭 In commission PRETTY CUTE at the request of @shu-sakamaki, I’m posting the drawing I made of “Shuu-kun and his triplet sons” !!


  1. It’s also my first time drawing a baby so I hope it didn’t come out so faulty like that, but I promise to improve!! 💗💗💖

And a thank you to @shu-sakamaki by request and commission!! thank you very much beautiful and keep your gift, I hope to see you soon! 💖💗💗💗💗😘

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W-what are you holding Reiji-kun?? 😳


What will Reiji-sama wear this belt for??! 😳 😳

HEYY!! This is another one of my solo drawings for publishing nsfw, but this time with a scribble of my Reiji on paper!! 💖

yes he’s holding a belt in his hand ready to hit in undisciplined people as well as you, naughty 😈👌🏻

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