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I’ll answer both of these - since they’re both asking about ships and my answer will incorporate both of them! I hope that’s okay <3

I am a multishipper, I guess, in a very loose definition of the term. So, I have my favorite headcanons: (Bakugou with Kirishima, Kaminari with Jirou, Todoroki with Momo, Deku with Uraraka), but even though these are my main headcanons, and I enjoy these shippings the most out of others in the fandom, I do tend to venture into many different pairings and relationships because I don’t care so much for the ships or the characters; I fixate more on the dynamics and the story!

For me, it has nothing to do with the characters at all, really. Because I headcanon Bakugou with Kirishima - but I also enjoy exploring my OC with Bakugou as I think their personalities clash really well and it was a fun, enjoyable story for me to write! And I headcanon Kaminari with Jirou - but I also enjoy reading fics that have Kaminari with Shinsou because they tend to be more chaotic! And while I headcanon Todoroki with Momo - how could I not possibly love how sweet and charming TodoDeku is! And on and on. I think it must be the writer in me, because I am just a sucker for a good story, regardless of the ships that are present in them.

While on this blog, I just talk about KiriBaku (and some KamiJirou every now and then; I am very weak) because that is literally what people follow me for, but if a fic comes along and it has an interesting premise and a decent amount of effort has gone into the characterization but it’s Bakugou with Jirou or Kirishima with Mina or whatever; chances are I will still end up liking that fic even if it’s with a ship I don’t generally headcanon. I think the characters Horikoshi created and the universe he developed are so dynamic and well-rounded, with so much room left for interpretation still, that there are mutliple ships that make sense to me, so it’s really just about the story itself. The same way I don’t like every KiriBaku fic I come across (because there are a lot that I just… really, really don’t like how they were handled or something), there are the same amount of fics with ships I don’t personally headcanon that I’ve actually really enjoyed just for the sake of the story!

I like characters that clash well together - who work off each other, it makes sense that they would be together, and, just like in real life, I like to believe that characters could have many different relationships in their fake, fictional lifetime, so seeing my favorites with other characters probably doesn’t bother me as much as I’m sure it might bother others.

I love Bakugou and Kirishima together, first and foremost and above all else. Their dynamic and their personalities, the way they interact with each other, the way they lift each other up and enhance parts of each other that they otherwise would be lacking, the hilarious miscommunication shenanigans that ensue because they both express themselves so differently; all of that fuels me. It releases all of the happy serotonin into my brain. But I’ve said it before - and I don’t mind repeating it cause I think it’s true! - whether the boys are represented as being in a relationship or just having that deep bond of friendship, I would love them either way, because it’s not about the labels or the relationship for me, it’s about the story being presented and the characters involved in that story and how they are handled!

There’s a reason I don’t upload everything I write; especially to this blog/Ao3 account, and it’s because people who follow me generally aren’t looking for that kind of content. They’re here for KiriBaku and KiriBaku only, and I respect that.

So yes, I think in many ways I’m a multishipper, maybe not in the way some people in the fandom think of when they say “multishipper” but similar! :) I’m a writer first and foremost, and I love stories and characters, I love friendship and well-executed banter, I love heart-pounding action and tear-inducing angst, and I absolutely love love - of any kind!

I hope that makes sense! <3

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Ya boi… The fuckin hoe that he is…

Out here… With the fucking… THE FUCKING TENSION!

Fuxking out here… Fucking balls to the walls… Just fucking TELLING PEOPLE!

Oh my god I can’t! I don’t know! I’M FREAKING OUT HERE PEOPLE!

I… so… This guy, that I probably told you guys about… Idk… Idc… Anyway, so like, one night, the gang was playing CAH and like, I (sitting on a bed… Like… They’re like teeter totter) started drifting towards a friend and and and… Like, we pretend flirted… EXCEPT NOW I DON’T THINK IT WAS PRETEND! Because in my INFINITE WISDOM I fuxking told him that I lowkey thought about fucking smooching him for shits and giggles… and then… DUCKING THEN! We… I’M SO FUCKING CONFUSED!

He like… You know… I went to him for help with homework (we’re in the same program) but… Then we started talking… And you all know how 12AM conversations go!!!

So at one point… We start getting close… And then… OMFG… I jusy…. Idfk!?! Like… I hate to bring it here but I OBVIOUSLY CAN’T FUCKING TELL MY IRL FRIENDS BECAUSE WE’RE ALL MUTUALS AND IN THE MARCHING BAND!

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(Oh he is crushing so hard. And of course he picked the only person in the world who wouldn’t know when someone was awkwardly trying to flirt with him 😂)

Hmmhmm, I kind of want to say no 😅

Hear me out: I love alternating POVs a lot - seeing both sides of the story and getting to know both the characters thoughts and emotions; but I also like alternating POVs to be done a certain way and when they’re not, it always feels a little sloppy to me?

So for Puppy Love, it’s alternating POVs where each scene is a different time, told from a different boy’s POV. But I started the story right off the bat alternating between them, and every time it alternated it was either a new day or a new scene, etc.

Since two chapters have gone by now, both in Kirishima’s POV, I will probably keep the whole thing in Kirishima’s POV, simply because I feel like a switch in POV to Bakugou - while it might provide more insight into his thoughts and what he’s up to - it would almost be too easy of a way to confirm the obvious; that, yes, he is crushing on Red Riot and he’s desperate to know more about him, but the readers can pretty much already guess that from the fact that he’s slid into Kirishima’s DMs and somehow managed to get him to make a Twitter and now he’s following him and alllll of that other good stuff. I’m a huge fan of the “show don’t tell” rule! I just think it reads better and it’s more engaging!

However; that doesn’t mean you won’t get some type of content from Bakugou in ExplodoKillzHorror! Like in A Secret Admirer (spoiler free -) at the end, we got that glimpse into Bakugou’s side of things, which cleared up a lot of leftover questions or any uncertainty with how he was feeling by the end of the story, while still keeping the story in Kirishima’s POV and still following the “show don’t tell” rule!

I hope this makes sense! These are all just my preferences when I read/write, as I’ve seen many people write a story entirely from Kirishima’s POV, and then suddenly in chapter seven we’re thrown into Bakugou’s POV and we have to retrace everything we just went through with Kirishima from Bakugou’s POV, and some people thoroughly enjoy Bakugou’s thought process more than Kirishima’s so a switch like that would be welcomed! But for me, I just get kinda… tired? Cause like, yeah, I just read all of this and drew all of my own conclusions about Bakugou’s behavior, but now I’ve got to read it all over again, and I’ve just spent however-many-thousand words getting accostumed to Kirishima’s tone of voice and now there’s a very unexpected shift to Bakugou’s more snarky, tense tone of voice. And while, if I did switch to Bakugou’s POV, I wouldn’t go back and retrace any old events like that, I still feel like I have so much left to set up for Kirishima, that a sudden shift into Bakugou’s territory would feel kind of forced with the events I have planned coming up! For me, I would just rather been shown things than told them! It’s just how I enjoy reading best! 😊

That doesn’t mean I won’t completely disregard any of this and create like a Part One, Part Two scenario where Part One is Kirishima and Part Two is Bakugou - BUT - if I did do that, I would make it very obvious and probably leave Kirishima’s POV off on a cliff-hanger and then switch to Bakugou’s (and then at that point I would probably get a ton of comments about switching back to Kirishima’s POV LOL! 😂) but for now, I would say no! That Bakugou’s motives will probably be pretty obvious without having to get inside his head and, like with A Secret Admirer, either way I won’t leave you guys hanging at the end with more questions than answers! 🧡

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