reuripotte · 3 months ago
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Doctor Otto Octavius
What if Alfred Molina's version of Otto Octavius ​​was the same as the cartoon?
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islandnaturals · 3 months ago
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I’ve been wearing head coverings a lot more now that my hair is loc’d…there’s a reason for that Check out my latest YouTube video. Tap the link in my bio #headwraps #tams #turbans #gele #hijabs #africanheadwraps #headcovering #crownchakra #sacredbeauty #sacreselfcare #holisticselflove #darkfeminineconsciousness (at Jamaica) https://www.instagram.com/p/CZABzk8urkA/?utm_medium=tumblr
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seolaseoul · 4 months ago
*No one*
*Absolutely not a single soul*
*Andrews!Peter Parker at any given moment*: “😁”
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edzephyr · 2 months ago
oooo whats on ur coffee mug!! is it a space station with space amoebas or maybe im just blind lol 😆 and how do you get glitter coffee! i have so many questions!!!!
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It's a vintage Tams mug, and actually has a hairline crack, but I think it's so old and obscure I'm not sure I'll find another. 'Glitter coffee' is in fact home made unicorn hot chocolate glitter bombs which were an xmas gift...
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supernatural-lover · 4 months ago
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firstruleofmethclub · 6 months ago
2021 Mastocytosis & Mast Cell Diseases Awareness Day
Landmarks lit up all across Australia.
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rnvltn · a year ago
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sentientencyclopedia · a year ago
Anyone got any good Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy fic recs? I’m probably just screaming into the void but if anyone knows of any fics that don’t have her dying and which actually focus on the pairing, please let me know.
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tallfrenchy · a year ago
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Oh hey there
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ththrd03 · 2 years ago
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I love parallels.
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aigle-suisse · a year ago
Frederique par Jonathan Clark Via Flickr : She was one of the many photographers that day roaming the Tam Tams on a sunny Sunday evening. Montreal. View large
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tams-catte · a year ago
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Goobbue, pls.
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wally-b-feed · a year ago
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zalia tams
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blueblocksandblueberries · 2 years ago
Hey guys, gals and everyone in between!
As you all know, today is the start of...
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Now generally, there ain't no rules to pride month! Just be gay and be damn proud of it! But, here's some simple tips for this following month!
If youre planning on going to a party or there's a festival of some sort, anytime during Pride Month, remember to take any medication you need to take, bring water with you, and dress hella gay!
If you see someone in a seemingly hetero relationship, remember Asexual & Trans people are in the LGBTQIA+ community, and that bisexual and pansexual (and a few others) can be in m/f relationships and still belong at pride!
If you see someone with scars, birthmarks, moles, etc, that are very noticeable, don't be a dick, you don't need to mention them!
Make sure you buy awesome, crazy cool, crazy gay merch from actual community members! Or non-corporate suppliers! Support your local artist if you have one!
And remember to just make this the best fucking month ever gays!
~•~•~Some LGBTQIA+ Tumblr Artists!~•~•~
~•~Commissions Open~•~
~•~Redbubble Store Owners~•~
~•~General Art Blogs~•~
~•~•~LGBTQIA+ Singers!~•~•~
Hayley Kiyoko (Lesbian)
Troye Sivan (Gay)
Lauren Jauregui (Bisexual)
Ally Hills (Lesbian)
Sam Smith (Gay)
Brendon Urie (Pansexual)
MNEK (Gay)
Kehlani (Pansexual)
Adam Lambert (Gay)
Haley Reinhart (not sure)
Teagan and Sara (Lesbian(?))
(feel free to add more!)
~•~•~A Few Friendly Mentions!~•~•~
I have a few friends, and (literally all of them) they are mostly lgbtq+. So, here's a few people I call friends, and their friends in some cases. 😅
@starrya47, Aka Tams! My best friend, who is Asexual, Genderfluid and Biromantic! (They also do Harry Potter cosplays and good Lord I'm trash)
@lightbrightlilac, aka 'Tree-Rex' in my tags! She is Panromantic & Homosexual 👌
@godlyfandoms, aka Nix, he's Tams friend, who is Androsexual, and Genderfluid! Also does awesome cosplays- he's currently on a hiatus though! Best wishes!
@myfairywings97 (Warning, some slightly NSFW content on his page 😅😅😅) THIIIIIS is my babe! He's Genderfluid-masc, and bisexual.
@skyinide (Warning, some slightly NSFW content on her page 😅😅😅) This is Sky! She's super dope, shes Pansexual and Poly! And super good at art.
@holy-scoliosis Diooooo! They're a non-binary aromantic lesbian and deadass one of the dopest people I've met.
~•~Have Fun Gays! Happy Pride Month~•~
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palatteflags · 3 years ago
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Maya based Demigirl flag! (From Thumbelina:A Magical Story) For an anon~ Hope you enjoy~
Want one? Send an ask~~
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lattesandlesbians · 3 years ago
God fucking bless @starrya47 for being here right now, you're one bomb ass bitch I love you so much ❤
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amberlynngrey · 16 days ago
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Proud Member of TAMS!
Reblog this and become a member today! No one should ever ask you for money or personal info. They seem genuine at first but they are only waiting for the right prey.
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tamtamho · 4 months ago
Andrew's Spider-man would never meet Eddie Brock or Deadpool because all of them would reek sexual tension so much it'll be banned in at least 50 countries
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firstruleofmethclub · a month ago
Tumblr doesn't like FB links so I'm really hoping this one works.
Good evening associated Tumblrfolk! Today is my birthday, and I'm breaking with tradition and instead of my usual request, I'm asking anyone who can to donate anything they wouldn't miss. I know tumblr dot com's userbase is not traditionally flushed with cash, but every little bit helps, I'm already most of the way to my goal but I think it may have hit a wall for that platform.
Anyway, short of it is I'm trying to raise money for The Australasian Mastocytosis Society, that's what I want for my birthday 💋
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aigle-suisse · a year ago
Puce par Jonathan Clark Via Flickr : Puce selling yummy cookies at the Tam Tams. Montreal, Canada.
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