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#that’s all I know

it was security cam footage which is…fucked up if you ask me !

i showed it to my cousin tho and she was like “to be fair that could be from any time” and i was like “oh you’re right…” but like. yea. how security cam footage was “leaked” … who knows. 🙄

but yea honestly everything i know about it was security cam footage. i haven’t heard anything else. there’s the picture from the link in my last ask and then one more of them at the checkout and zayn looks like he’s looking up into the sky wishing someone would just beam him outta there. but. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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May I ask... What happened to Ariana? Cause I literally am a bit lost, I stopped somewhere at the point Thank you, Jeff was a hit

thank you, jeff is the best thing ever

mh, basically people started noticing how she tans her skin a lot to look black and uses other people’s culture as an aesthetic, profiting off them

for example i’ve read that she excuses her tan because she has italian origins — just wanna take the occasion to remind everyone that “italian” is a nationality not an ethnic group and that italy’s population is composed of different skin colors and ethnic groups (no matter if people like it or not) and it’s more complex than people usually think, so well.. she’s wrong

she did a tattoo in japanese that was meant to mean “7 rings” but it actually meant “little japanese bbq” or something like that and she tried to change it but did something even worse because she didn’t listen to her japanese teacher (or smth like that, it’s all very confusing to me)

personally i find her a little bit annoying and over the place, but i don’t think she meant to be offensive but well.. she is a bit of a dumbass and she should have known better — a part from the tanning thing, that has been really obvious for a long time, i mean, i know people that thought she really was black so.. i think she knows what she’s doing

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Do you have to pay for VLive or how does it work?

You don’t have to pay for vlive. It’s free but to an extent when it comes to certain content I guess? I’m not all too familiar with the app, but you pay with coins and stuff, but if you don’t have coins you need to pay money to get coins, if that makes sensedbdj. I personally don’t really know my way around the app lol

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wanna one :)

do i know them? heard of them but never listened to them
first song youtube took me to: 켜줘
first impression: instrumental is amazing, the dude by the water has a nice voice, they are obviously singing too high for their range (majority of them, anyways)
do i like it? not really tbh i just wanted water guy to sing and the rest to stop
would i listen to more from them? nah
initial rating out of 10: 4.5?


Originally posted by kimbbuyo

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