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#town rp
kruffles · a month ago
give me a plot where muse a is a celebrity tired of the drama, paparazzi, fake friends, and parties, so she packs her designer dresses and handbags up and flees to her grandfather’s ranch. she meets muse b, a dashing, charming cowboy, who lives on the ranch to help her grandfather out. he doesn’t know who she is, and she adores that. give me muse a wearing high heels to the horse stables, and muse b laughing at her when she sinks in the mud. give me muse b teaching her how to ride a horse at sunset. give me muse b giving muse a his cowboy hat at a bonfire. i want small town vibes! muse a isn’t a celebrity here, everyone only knows her as muse b’s little girlfriend! please! 
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interlueds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
⭒𓈒 ֹ  𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐥
        guess i got 𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘵 in it all . . . 
the group is a semi appless , tight knit discord roleplay following the lives of those who reside in the small mundane town of cherry hill , new jersey . the group draws inspiration from euphoria &. skins . clicking the source link will take you to the verse trailer .
an oc au of young adults drowning in their minuscule life in the exhausted town of cherry hill . wanting so desperately to come up for fresh air and feel alive for once in their life . circling in their orbit means substance enhanced memories filled with love and even more so , loss .
# guidelines :
muns must be over the age of 20 .
muses must be aged 20 - 25 . don’t agebend your character , use the -+5 rule .
mature themes present .
no ooc drama , gatekeeping , bubble rping .
the group is focused on character development so writing is heavily encouraged in paragraph form . 
no banned faces but don’t use someone overly problematic we all know who they are .
inclusivity and diversity will be encouraged heavily .
you can apply for up to two muses .
# application :
you can send to my submit .
( faceclaim , age 20 - 25 , pronouns ) wrapped up in the thrill of it all is FIRST LAST , the OCCUPATION longing for their departure from cherry hill . they’ve been a resident for TIME , must be why they’re so - trait .  their inner orbit claim they’re + trait but we’re inclined to believe otherwise seeing as the rumor looming around town is that they RUMOR HERE . who knows whats true in cherry hill — one things for certain , they can’t wait to get the fuck out . ( alias , age , pronouns , timezone , url ) 
anything extra or n/a :
# app count :
taken fcs : haley lu richardson .
apped for : kim jiwoo (chuu) , frances o’sullivan , keith powers , madisyn menchaca , hugh laughton scott , tom holland , jennie kim , brett gray , dylan sprouse , becky g , madelyn cline , park chaeyoung , kim taehyung , alexa demie , andrew matarazzo , aisha potter , keeahwah , kristine froseth .
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returnedfm · 27 days ago
𝙸𝙽𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙴𝚂𝚃  𝙲𝙷𝙴𝙲𝙺  for  a  new  discord  group  。  ・  :
                ❝  marrow has always had a certain pull associated with it.                      locals will tell you that no matter how hard you try to get away,                      something always beckons you home.  apparently—                      not even the dead can escape this homesickness.  ❞
tldr:  everyone buried in the cedar bank cemetary are suddenly back—  very much not buried,  very much alive,  and (mostly) like nothing ever happened.
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blackzenmostxen · a month ago
"I never lie. When have gotten away with it... "-ms an2yays yea lol probably whipping out sentimental for the children hey jk
No different really.. qll came f4om me actually... Steven hawking that other guy every discovery on the planet qs est...
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stardewhollows · a month ago
                    ✳︎ ˙ ∙ 𝓦𝐈𝐒𝐇  𝓨𝐎𝐔  𝓦𝐄𝐑𝐄  𝓗𝐄𝐑𝐄 … welcome to 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐰 𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰. hidden in the mountains of the pacific northwest , this enchanting town is home to a colorful collection of caricatures who manage to bring more life to the village than the fertile farmlands. but don’t let the picturesque scenery and quirky villagers fool you , this piece of paradise has got its fair share of secrets , scandals , and magic. but unlike some mysteries , the ones of stardew hollow are begging you to explore them.
☆  𝐦𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧  ☆
𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐍 !!  our submit is staying open , accepting apps on a rolling basis. 
( melissa calma ) davina / dove. ◜ she/they , demigirl , bisexual , twenty four. ◞ e . she/they . 25 . est 
( conan gray ) orion / rion. ◜ they/he/she , nonbinary , queer , 23. ◞ s. they/them. 23. est.
( zendaya ) aveline / birdy. ◜ she/her , cis woman , orientation , 22. ◞ m . she/her . 20 . est
( christina nadin ) analyn / aly. ◜ she/her , cisfemale , pansexual , 26 ◞ ky . she/her . 26 . est
( brianna marquez ) stella / ella. ◜ she/her , cisfemale , bisexual , 29. ◞ ky . she/her . 26 . est
( shay mitchell ) roxanne / roxy. ◜ she/her , female , homosexual , 29. ◞ alli . she/her . 29 . est
( kit harington ). theseus / teddy. ◜ he • him , cis man , heterosexual , 31. ◞ m . she/her . 20 . est
( giaro giarratana ) lorenzo / ares. ◜ he/him, male, pansexual, 25. ◞  l . she/her . 21+ ( 
( jenna coleman ) maisyn / maisy . ◜ she/her, cis woman, heterosexual, 35. ◞  katelyn . she/her . 28 . est
( elliot page ) samuel / sammy. ◜ he/they, trans male, bisexual, 31 . ◞  charlie . he/him . 22 . est
( mason alexander park ) shiloh / shy. ◜ they/them , non-binary , pansexual , 26. ◞  glenna . she/her . 28 . est
( sam desantis ) lorelei / lore. ◜ they/she , nonbinary , lesbian , twenty-three. ◞ ray! . he/him . twenty-four . cst 
( rahul kohli ) clifford / kit . ◜ he / they , non-binary , bisexual , 36. ◞ fox. they / them. 25. pst
( aslihan malbora ) eda. she/her, female, heterosexual, 25 . ◞ lynn . she/her. 23. gmt+1 
( ellise ) winnifred / winnie. ◜ she/they , demi girl , queer , twenty-three. ◞ gwenno , they/them , 24 , cet.
( johnny suh ) alex / al if applicable.◜ he/him , cis man , bisexual , 25. ◞ sol , they/them , 20+ , est
( adelaide kane ) henrietta / henri. ◜ she/her, cis female, bisexual, 29. ◞ carm, she/they, 24, est.
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lookforolympia · a month ago
꧁ ˙ ∙ 𝗪𝗘𝗟𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗘  𝗧𝗢  𝙊𝙇𝙔𝙈𝙋𝙄𝘼  !  ———  a  greek  mythos  roleplay  set  on  the  beautiful  island  of  mykonos  ;  following  the  lives  of  the  chosen  ones ,  a  whole  new  generation  of  gods.  originally  established  in  may  of  2021 ,  revamped  for  discord  in  october  with  a  whole  new  plot  &  premise.  filed  under  :  town ,  supernatural ,  semi  appless ,  discord.  click  source  for  navigation. 
Tumblr media
masterlist  :  a record of muses currently in play.
( ambar driscoll ) rhiannon mehta , chosen by athena.
( charlie rowe ) orin harrison , chosen by calliope
( dina denoire ) nisrina assayed , chosen by persephone. 
( dustymilwer ) hawthorne hwang , chosen by dionysus.
( georgia may heath ) rosemary “rosie” parker , chosen by aphrodite.
( kelly oubre jr ) davonte wright , chosen by hades.
( zion moreno ) willa , chosen by hera.
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salemroleplayhq · a month ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the DANSE MACABRE  It just might be your last... 
Everyone is dressed to impressed, the booze is flowing and the dance floor hasn’t been empty all night. The early reviews of the evening are a rousing success, but only an hour passes before whispers start to rise that something is amiss.... 
The mansion and grounds are filled with designated ‘Scare Zones’ where one might encounter a ghoulish guest or two, but there’s one figure in particular that is sending ice down people’s spines. The Weeping Woman someone called her in passing and it didn’t take long before the name stuck. Here one minute and gone as soon as your back is turned, she seems almost like a ghost, but the sound of her cries of agony are all too real.  
“A nice touch,” someone commended one of the event coordinators, only to be met with a blank stare. 
“There is no Weeping Woman,” they reply, with terror in their eyes. “Whoever that is, it isn’t us...” 
Is this part of the show? An awful prank? Or is something much more sinister afoot? 
We’re so excited to host our our first big dash event here at Salem! There’s no need for you to drop your current threads (unless you want to!) but we hope you’ll dedicate the majority of your energy to event threads while it is still on-going. 
As previously stated, the event will be starting on Oct 22, and we’ll be making an official kickoff post when it’s time to start posting! 
Feel free to have your characters attend as guests, or have them work the event as servers, bartenders, scare-actors, etc. And please, please, please post all your characters costumes using the #srphqhalloween tag so we can all see! 
The Weeping Woman subplot has been added for a little extra scary spice to the event! Please feel free to have your characters speculate about her identity/origin or even have sightings of the woman, but keep in mind we do have a plan for her, so please don’t solve the mystery. 
We’re also hoping this event can be a way to bring together characters that wouldn’t normally interact, so if anyone would like a random pairing for the event (we hope everyone will elect to include at least one of their characters), please comment with who you would like included below. 
EDIT: If you still have more questions, please see this ask. 
—Molly and Em 
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offcampushq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
In collaboration with the performing arts department and various film major volunteers, we’re so ecstatic to officially invite you to the opening of the BRIAR DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATER!
What most students, staff, faculty & alumni have come to know as just a park & parking lot hybrid found on the left wing of campus has now officially been turned into a drive in movie theater, an event that’s been a few months in the making! The space closest to the screen is the grass area, where no cars are allowed, and instead, the school hopes it’ll be full of students on large blankets and chairs as they sit back and watch the movie. Beyond the grass, a little farther from the screen, is the parking lot, with designated spaces for cars to park. 
To officially open it, the school is conducting a completely free opening, with food stands all over the area with free food and beverages you’d usually see at movie theater concession stands. There will be a multitude of movies to be shown, ranging from romance to horror, starting at 4 PM until MIDNIGHT on Saturday night and movies from 4 PM TO 10 PM on Sunday night. 
After this official opening, the drive in movie theater will show two movies a night from 6 PM TO 10 PM daily. Please check the Briar University blog for the movie titles for the day!
Alcoholic beverages, drugs & smoking are strictly not allowed on school premises and please clean up after yourselves! Please don’t litter the area! Parking spaces are on a first come, first serve basis. All students, staff, faculty & alumni are highly encouraged to join!
While the event in character will go on for the two nights of the weekend, the event will last for an ENTIRE WEEK out of character. That means you have 7 days to make starters, reply to them, make outfit/other musing posts, etc! 
Please tag your threads as #ochqevent and #ochqevent01 and please tag our extras blog ( @briaruniversity ) for the event starters so we can reblog them! 
Participating isn’t required, but it is highly encouraged!
You may continue with non event threads, but we highly encourage putting priority on event threads!
( While alcohol, drugs & cigarettes aren’t allowed, IC security won’t really be that strict so feel free to have your characters sneak some in wink wink )
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message!
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kruffles · a month ago
dying for some new plots
let’s become friends & obsess
over our ships
slight preference for writing
female but will write male in doubles
smut isn’t required but always
encouraged! angst & romance
always a must
i’ll send my d*scord
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sierrahq · a month ago
ITs just not very realistic to have a whole island with only POC on it. No white people at all?..
hi anon , we never stated there were no white people on sierra island ! they're just not playable in this rp . we're a rp who , in a world filled with rps of your white favourites , wants to be a bit stricter with diversity rules and showcase the many wonderful faceclaims of colour out there that would be very welcomed here ! im sure sierra island in general has plenty of white people on it - but we'd prefer if they didn't take up space as one of our skeletons , as we're fcoc preferred . if that's a problem , then maybe we're not the rp for you ! however , we're also more than happy to discuss why you think it may be important to bring a white fc here ( if they're gender diverse or body diverse , we'd allow it for example ) - or to provide you with a fcoc alternative to your white fave !
Tumblr media
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portvalehq · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Ho ho hooo! It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are fast approaching, homes in Port Vale have started to light up, the decorations are being undusted, and the locals start buzzing about a Port Vale tradition that’s been coming back year after year.
Victoria Wolfgang has posted the sign up sheet for the annual Secret Santa event outside of the town centre, and people line up for a chance to participate. It is always a fun, exciting event as the town gets embroiled in festive cheer. Some people keep it a secret, some reveal and ask for help to get the best gift they can think of for their assigned giftee, but no matter what approach they choose, it’s about giving some love and joy to the other person. This year, with so many merfolk in town, the Christmas haul is sure to be interesting. 
This task will be a bit different than the previous ones.  We are holding a Port Vale Secret Santa event through the holidays. You have two options: 
The IC Secret Santa gift exchange (for the characters)
The OOC Secret Santa gift exchange (for the writers)
Choose to sign up for IC or OOC, or both!   If you have multiple characters you choose who participates. 
Sign ups: until December 6th Gift-delivery: until December 23rd
Please send an ask or submit to the Main on tumblr (do not use Discord or the IMs feature) with your sign-up in the following format.  You can list OOC, IC, or both:
I'm signing up for Secret Santa! OOC: [player name] IC: [character name(s)] list multiple if you want, anyone can participate!
The Mods will then randomly assign pairings based on who signs up for what. Everyone who signs up will be messaged privately after the 6th once sign-ups are closed. Details on submissions and how this event will work can be found below the cut! 
For IC gifts: you can do a thread about creating or buying the gift, or you can submit the gift to the character’s blog with a note. please ensure you have submitted your gift or started your secret santa thread before the 23rd of December! 
For OOC gifts: some gift ideas include a moodboard, a graphic, a drabble, a playlist, a manip, a Pinterest board, etc.  Any creative work that’s tailored for your giftee!  You can post it or submit to the other player’s character blog.  If you have an idea you’re not sure about you can always run it by the Mods. please ensure you have submitted or posted your gift before the 23rd of December! 
As always, we encourage everyone to take part in the fun, but this task isn’t mandatory.  Please do not feel limited to only gifting your match in this event! Feel free to make gifts for more people or have your character get gifts for their friends in town. 
Please be sure you can commit to gift-giving, before signing up!  We want all participants to receive gifts, it’s only fair!  If you sign-up and then cannot make a gift, please inform the Mods before December 23rd! Everyone who signs up will get a gift, so don’t fret if there are unfollows posted; the mods will make arrangements in the case of unfollowed characters leaves someone without a match. 
Please tag all submissions & posts related to this event with #portvaletask and #portvalechristmas! We encourage posting it in our discord channel, as well, to spread the holiday cheer! 
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liwancg · 4 months ago
hi hi!! just poppin in to say our filipino discord rp is still alive and kicking and we would love to have new frennys come n join us!! so if ur pinoy n lookin for a cute lil group for your muses to grow in, come n like this post and i’ll dm u the link to the server!!
Tumblr media
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cinderridge · a month ago
Tumblr media
Located just before Connors Bridge, Gas ‘n’ Go is the first stop as you ride into Cinderridge. Right outside this dusty busty gas station is the equally broken and forgotten town sign: ‘Welcome to Cinderridge, you’ll never want to leave’.
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darkesthourrpg · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
HAYDEN DEKCER (Kristin Kreuk) is looking for the SIBLINGS (2/4) connection. Please message NATASHA for more information regarding this connection. The connection is OPEN.
First name UTP, last name Decker 
36-37 and 34 and under ranges 
UTP but keep in mind their father is a hunter 
Their father is white so any fc that is half white, preferably POC 
Looking for 4 half-siblings 
Christopher Decker comes from a hunting family who has been in NY for generations. He has never gotten married but has had many short-term relationships resulting in six children. The oldest is Hayden (38- Kristin Kreuk), and another is Lark (35- Francois Arnaud). Looking to fill 4 more half sibling spots, no twins.
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thetownofkent · a month ago
Tumblr media
Kent, Connecticut
Fandomless Roleplay Group
— About the Roleplay —
Kent is a small town in Connecticut, though unlike the real town, all places in this roleplay were created specifically for, well, this! With a population of 342 people, this is a everyone knows everyone roleplay!
Places in the town can be found in the pinned link post, as well as character list, and everything you’d need to know about the group.
As for now, heres what you need to know about the basics:
— We are accepting new muns! Everyone is welcome, and its easy to join.
How to join:
Send in a greeting on your ocs blog!
If you don’t have a blog set up yet, or even have questions about the group before joining/how to roleplay with this group, etc. feel free to send in all questions in asks! We’ll gladly answer all, and help every way we can!
— Oc age range:
18-30 years old
— We don’t have an oc limit
feel free to make as many ocs as you’d like!
— Type of roleplay
This is a tumblr and discord roleplay.
We use discord for group chats for the ocs, as they are easier than tumblr gc
— Lets talk dibs
In the discord server, we have a dibs channel where people dibs faceclaims, places (ocs being the owners, family business’ etc)
For anyone looking to join the roleplay, you’re welcome to join the discord too! If you don’t have discord, or don’t want to join you can send fcs in asks and we’ll answer if they’re take or not!
[ More to be added ]
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evergrns · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
     “ oh, the weather outside is frightful... ”
spending all of the holidays away from home and family wasn’t in the cards for most deerhaven inn guests, but after a particularly intense blizzard, well, it seems they have no other option. deerhaven, vermont is a tiny town, so who knows how long it could take to clear the roads, runways, and seaways...happy holidays?
                                ❆ evergreen, a winter rp.
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salemroleplayhq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Join us for a month of wicked good fun as we celebrate the month of All Hallow’s Eve. This October, the Salem City Counsel will be hosting a Harvest Festival, with activities and spooks for the entire family! Face-painting, hayrides, pumpkin carving, costume contests, and an art festival are just a few of the attractions waiting for you at Gallows Hills. But make sure you get the young ones home by nightfall! You never know what ghosts and ghouls may be lying in wait...
And for those of you who aren’t too faint of heart, dare to spend All Hallow’s Eve at the House of the Seven Gables for a DANSE MACABRE that is sure to make your hair stand on end. All guests must be 21+ and tickets will be on sale for $40. All the proceeds go to Salem Historical Society. 
As promised, we’re doing October big here in Salem with a month-long event to celebrate the spookiest time of the year! Starting October 1st, feel free to post starters and threads taking place at the harvest festival. This portion is completely optional, and you can continue regular threads as you deem fit. The list of available attraction at the festival are as follows: 
Face painting 
Pumpkin Carving 
Children’s Costume Contest 
A Hay Maze 
Witch Trial Re-enactments
Midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday
Open-Air Market with various vendors, artists, and food stands
Probably same lame local band playing Monster Mash ad nauseam... 
On October 22nd, we will officially be transitioning into DANSE MACABRE, a more traditional, mandatory dash event that will last until November 1st. More details to follow, but this will be our first big event - plots and random pairings will be given out to all who wish to participate. 
More details to follow, but feel free to start plotting!! 
Molly & Em 
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irvinghq · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s a disorientating contrast, the dew soaked grass and the clammy heat, cold between your toes as the sun has your shoulders blushing. the morning’s rainfall tends to rise into the air and leave you wading through town like a bowl of hot soup, humid as the outskirts of a particularly lush rainforest. irving has never seen a week in may like this, rare as a treskilling yellow postage stamp or a smile on the face of an early 2000′s emo posting myspace selfies. for the annual founders festival, it’ll be the hottest the town’s ever seen, but that isn’t putting a stop to celebrations. if anything, it’s only setting it up to be the biggest one yet. the air feels ripe with far more possibilities when you don’t have to worry about forgetting a jacket or huddling into the nook of your crush’s shoulder to conserve warmth, although it’s likely you’ll still find some excuse to resort to the latter in the name of “survival” no matter the weather.
tours scatter onto the board game of the town like dice throughout the morning and early afternoon. at each historical landmark, a local theatre group come together to perform reenactments. there’s the beached whale of 2003 where they’ll all flop onto the dorado sand in formation. the mayor’s assassination attempt of 1978, often fraught by a gaggle of apprehensive PTA moms who have campaigned on more than one occasion to have this barred from schedule - they eased a little when they switched from corn syrup to red silk handkerchiefs to keep everything a little more respectful and artsy, but their lips still get stiff nonetheless. the anomalous white tailed deer migration of 2011 where a storm nearby meant obstacles to their usual journey and the streets in front of the town hall were overrun. countless, maps handed out plotted with each like pieces of treasure you’re set to forage for. all of the tours are lead by guides, fervently performed, this year providing parasols to protect locals and tourists alike as they refresh on the town’s history, but this still isn’t the main event, more like the appetiser.
the real hub of festivities is in the large park at the centre of town. all of the green is overturned into a bustling musical festival, large stage erected and crowds buzzing with laughter. local bands are enlisted to perform in a jam-packed lineup starting from 4pm. all proceedings from the event (tickets only cost a few dollars) go towards community restoration, mainly focusing on the port apartments mural project and rebuilding the local library still suffering from the ravages of a storm. with fireflies coming early to irving due to the wet and warm spring, congregating on the white poppy hill by lilac ridge, townsfolk organising the event gathered the night before to catch them in mason jars so that hundreds could be arranged in stacks around the stage like captive, dancing tinkerbells. all ages find something to excite themselves with at the park, from spinning by a date’s hand to a cover band classic, drinking yourself dizzy in the miniature beer garden, shutting your eyes and entering another dimension in the silent disco tent or simply sprawling on picnic blankets making daisy chains with your closest friends. the festival tends to get rowdier as 10pm comes and goes to mark the last act of the night, families dispersing and a younger crowd taking prevalence - last year, there was even an issue of scandal when a group of teens got arrested for stealing their math teacher’s car and skidding tires over an elderly woman’s hydrangeas in a perilous joyride. larger events like the founders festival have a way of whipping certain residents into a frenzy, hopped up like toddlers on sherbet.
while not an official, town endorsed tradition, it’s definitely become a concrete one for the more chaotic of irving’s inhabitants to cook up another way to celebrate the town’s founding - after the beer garden calls last orders at 12 and the majority of the town stretches like a tired child after a long car journey, the miscreants make their way down manholes like rats retreating to the sewers, following the tremble of bass to find their path. without fail every year at midnight, a masked rave breaks out through the abandoned underground mining system and upper depths of the sewers. it’s unclear why the mask thing started. maybe originally they had the faces of founders on, some still dotted throughout the night, but it’s evolved into anything and everything. tigers. danny devitos. gold lace like a parisian masquerade. irving’s very own acid warped carnival. once a man pranked everyone by wearing a white rabbit’s costume head and popping out of nowhere to silently stare at them from a distance in the lowest levels. rumour has it, as a result, that the sewers are haunted by the beloved rabbit of a murderous magician. no-one knows if he’ll pop up again but everyone’s always on the look out. it’s best not to wander far, to stick with the masses in the stutters of strobe lights.
this rave has been known to run on past sunrise. infamous for it. not everyone has the stamina to last the whole duration, though, so if you follow a certain route of the sewers long enough, you’ll come out to a clearing ten minutes from abernathy creek, freckled by tents every colour of the rainbow. there’s a sense in the air of slipping through a veil to another dimension, the odd firefly that’s evaded capture strayed to drift around like a fallen star, and inebriated stragglers whirling sparklers before the sun remembers it’s meant to rise, lighting up the dark as it clings to your shoulders like a thick cloak. it can be incredibly disorientating to get lost and wind up here by yourself, though many find themselves crashing in a random sleeping bag if they’re too dizzy to make their way home, a reliable form of solace when you’ve forgotten your own name - there’s something about drifting off listening to the laughter of your neighbour or your childhood friend that’s so unmistakably irving, you almost prefer it to your own bed.
IRVING’S FOUNDERS FESTIVAL will begin on the dash on may 2nd at midnight est and last until may 12th. please tag all starters and corresponding posts (we’d love to see an aesthetic of your muse’s look for the night) with #IRVINGEVENT002. please like this post once you’ve read it.
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