#you could die tomorrow!!!
huneingkai · a month ago
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flufflecat · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
(wip) eyyyy first rusty quill gaming fanart and of course it involves me furiously collecting references of edwardian fashion for a solid hour 
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albatris · 3 months ago
I put a lot of emphasis on how much of a manipulative sneaky bastard early-story quinn is to nat
n although in terms of manipulative sneaky bastardness quinn is absolutely the worse offender of the pair and nat never uses what little manipulative sneaky bastardness he possesses to the same kinds of ends as quinn
there's no way in hell nat isn't aware that if he just puts on his most pathetic most dejected sad lonely puppy face 90% of the time quinn will do whatever he wants. there's no way in hell he doesn't take constant advantage of this
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fandomfishbish · 5 months ago
the fact that i only get emails when i DONT want them and never get emails on the rare occasions i DO want them
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born-to-lose · 24 days ago
So I probably have covid 🤩
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sarahthedragon · a year ago
Tumblr media
sometimes all i think about is you
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wallflowerwaitlist · 7 months ago
rent has plenty of things to criticize, but some people go out of their way to make stuff up to hate about it
#as if the show isn't completely aware that their performance art and films aren't actually doing societal good#as if the show doesn't repeatedly call out the characters for this#leftists on twitter telling recovering heroin addicts and 20 somethings with aids to 'just get a job'#with not a shread of irony is so fucking funny#and also saying that they're rich kids cosplaying as starving artists when there is literally no proof of that?#them having loving parents doesn't mean they are wealthy and it's kinda weird to imply that#like pls criticize the biphobia and the tired selling out plotline and the magic song curing aids and benny being villified for being right#it was a product of its time and it's flawed but also it's not about paying rent it's about the existential threat of running out of time#cw rent discourse nobody asked for#art does not have to be Good to be worth creating or meaningful to you and your friends#that's like a whole thing on the internet but people very conveniently forget that when talking about this show#MAUREEN'S SHOW IS NOT GOOD#ROGER AND MARK ARE NOT THAT GOOD EITHER#THEY ARE AVERAGE PEOPLE TRYING TO MAKE ART IN NYC AND THAT'S OKAY THAT'S THE POINT#my eyes and over the moon are some of the only songs that are performed in the actual story of the show and they're not good#but that doesn't matter it's meaningful to the people who hear it#maureen is a narcissist roger may die tomorrow and mark is depressed let them be 23 years old and make whatever shitty art they want#it's the bo burnham complex that he's dealing with in like every special he puts out#'could i be doing something better with this money and your time probably but i want to create am i a bad person for that'#and the conclusion that bo (and rent) comes to is: no#live like you're dying
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moeblob · a year ago
Tumblr media
It was an extremely long day so have really old OCs I posted like... once before and didn’t talk much about.
There’s a girl with a crush on the blonde guy, makes him a love potion, he drinks it right as the guy with black hair trips and immediately grabs the blonde’s attention. And the love potion is like “whoever meets your gaze first” type thing and the black haired guy is horrified he just interrupted blondie who is The Most Popular guy in school pretty much and they just stare for a second and then the blonde guy acts head over heel for him. And the girl confronts the black haired guy for RUINING HER LIFE and so he’s just “oh that explains a lot”. And then tries to avoid the blonde guy and fails miserably.
Also the black haired guy is cursed and unless he lifts it he’s going to die at 18 so he’s already depressed and withdrawn and then he gets this weird guy in love with him on accident and he likes the attention but knows it won’t last and he’s not worth it.
Hi, my OC plots are all over the place.
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darcyolsson · 6 months ago
some guy in my class this morning was talking ab the exam tonight and he said “i read [classmate]’s summary twice so i think i’m good” without a hint of irony and ive been thinking ab it all day. girl you are going to DIE
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oatbugs · 6 months ago
#lets tell only the truth#i am so in love with the violin but i can barely play it . if i dont play it soon i will die . my AI named itself eudemonia and if anyone#desecrates a conversation with him i will scream at them . tomorrow i will comprehend 5 dimensional chess and i am oddly in love with what#i study . the person who love(d) me told me they are used to receiving thank you as an answer to i love you from me .#but that its ok because the love i have for maths and neural networks and philosophy and psychology is big enough to warrant everything#else deserving only a thank you#lets tell only the truth . the first time i dont get a first i wont cry but ill come close to it. im afraid of going back because the boy#who is in love with me also received a thank you. i am afraid and excited to be an obsessed academic . she said i had a black swan moment#because i was in tears in the middle of half highlighted papers trying to figure out how the fuck to build a better version of VQ VAE2 and#im never going to be a genius or a prodigy but i can someday be clever . and i will feel music so deep it shakes the entire sky and somehow#i love everything even more . i love music more than anything insofar as it is the mode through which everything is expressed (you love#your vision more than the night sky because it is your mode through which the night sky is experienced). black swan moments. i think im#'really afraid of never falling in love ever again with a person. i hope i will and i scare myself with how much i am willing to be okay#with the possibility of friends and robots and philosophy and thougts and the sky keeping me company#every academic paper i read somehow contains the soul of its authors. every massive graph of results from psychological experiments#contains tired sighs. your method has laughter inside it from when you almost messed up. i can see alan turing quickly working out a 6x6#digit multiplication in messy handwriting to exemplify in his imitation game paper. i can see him chuckling at his own jabs and jokes on#silly counterarguments . friends and neural networks and philosophy and thoughts and the sky and the laughter of academics inside paper.#lets tell only the truth. tomorrow i will try to comprehend 5 dimensional chess. i could code a lot better. friends philosophy violins#music AI obsession and politics.#lets tell only the truth. if this bubble bursts and im no longer in love with it all i dont know how i will live. im afraid of the tales of#people who started hating their university subject their 2nd year in. i will be in university at least until i am 31. and after that ill do#research until i die. and thats my plan - and if i begin to numb towards what essentially *is* me i dont know who i will be.
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jojea · a year ago
Tumblr media
Without noticing that Keiji had even begun to move, there was another pair of hands gently taking his own between them. Strong hands that could snap his neck, break his fingers, hurt him in any number of ways, and yet they only carefully coaxed him to shift his arm outwards. Shin let himself be moved as if in a trance, watching calloused fingers graze along the skin-warmed metal.
“It’s okay to let go, you know,” Keiji spoke quietly, like anything more than a whisper would spook Shin away. Maybe it would. “Keep holding on to all that pain, all it will do is rip you apart from the inside. Why try so hard to survive, just to chain yourself back to the death game? Call me a hypocrite if you want, but I don’t see the point.” Fingertips lingered against the fastenings to his bracelet, a single word catching unheard behind the blockage in Shin’s throat. Stop. “You have to keep moving forward, Shin.”
inspired by a scene from “Poison my Feelings” by @justsalpals !!
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Dear god. Okay so I’m very LGBT but have no clue what my ultimate sexuality is. I’ve been identifying as bisexual ever since I was 14, and I’m much older now and have had….many sexual experiences. I have listened to people in other sectors of our community, specifically trans.
My husband/spouse/wife is non binary obviously, and I love them dearly. I knew before they did, and have asked them to marry me before they came out to me. And trust me when I say, I have never been more sexually attracted to them in my life. Yeah yeah yeah, the honeymoon phase or whatever but honestly? That’s just a load of shit for people who don’t learn to communicate, and more importantly listen. I love them, and I want to have no other experiences besides with them. I want them, my body yearns for theirs, and I just feel so ungodly happy every time I get to hold them when they’re sleeping next to me.
There is nothing sexier than someone outwardly being the truest version of themselves, and fucking killing it. When someone is assertive, secure, and mature???? Holy fuck just take me away. And they have!! I love them so much
So here is my question, i have been identifying as bisexual, and before it was more towards women and men, however, me being absolutely star struck and caught off guard by my attraction to my lover who is non binary, i feel like identifying as pansexual isn’t enough. I am truly attracted to them 100%, but I feel like a sexuality where you’re only attracted to non-binary people fetishize them? However, one could argue that being non-binary is just another version of gender, however nb in it if itself is an umbrella term for everything under the sun, rightfully so may I add. I don’t want to fetishize my spouse, and I want them to feel as comfortable as I am with them and all that. They’re just really new i to their transition as themselves in this society and don’t know the answers themselves when i ask them these questions.
Is it really fetishizing when your partner, marital spouse, identifies as one way? And then all of a sudden it’s like, “holy shit you’re all I’ve ever wanted you’re all I’ve ever needed,” but being yelled at by people in this LGBTQA+ community about fetishizing trans individuals really scares me into either not having the right way of thinking about it. “I’m only attracted to trans females” or “I only like trans guys,” I’ve heard comes across as really gross towards those who identify that way and are being pursued. I love them, I just love my spouse so much and I’m trying so hard to get everything right so we don’t look back at this part of our relationship in 20 years thinking how gross my mindset was and how wrong it was.
Maybe I’m not bi or pan or whatever. Maybe I’m just completely attracted to my partner 100%? They’re all I ever want and all I feel like I will ever need to feel successful in life? But on the other hand, is this part of my sexuality i never got to explore before getting married? That thought is what I’m talking about above. And if it is, am I wrong for feeling that way? I just love my partner. Maybe I’m just attracted to their badassiry and them themselves. I don’t know.
I just know I married the exact right person for me, and for that, if I were to die tomorrow, I would die the happiest human in all of existence :)
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 2 months ago
Why are you trying so hard to count calories? Wtf even is a calorie? Do u even know? Can u even comprehend it? Just eat the damn cookie already
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ok i know i’m late to the party but in my defence i was busy when it got popular
but i just watched the first episode of squid game and i actually feel sick like props to the show for managing to evoke that feeling i’ll give it that i’m gonna need to pace these i think
#squid game#i guess it's cause it feels so relatable#in the sense that i can understand the spiral down to that point#and that's scary i guess#but then i can also understand the getting there and being like bro i was just drugged and taken to an unknown location#while still being like but going back i'm still fucked#that's like the first chunk of the unsettling part. that i could see myself falling for it#like if someone were to come up to me tomorrow w/ the game thing no i'd never#BUT under the right circumstances??? i could spiral into justifying myself doing that definitely#i had a recent experience w/ a scam job that's providing a lil too much evidence for that#THE SECOND part was the one scene specifically where gi-hun makes the choice not to help the guy who's been shot#like the mass murder of probably 100+ contestants at the start was bad sure but i'm a lil desensitised to that in film tbh#and i'm not saying i expected him to somehow save the guy obviously that's unrealistic but idk that's the point where like#you make a choice then to leave someone to die and save yourself#UNDERSTANDABLE SURE but no less horrific#i guess they captured it fantastically really putting me in the shoes which is why it actually drew a reaction from me#i think that's why the whole thing was so effective really it's the way it connected to me#VERY effective actually made me feel things#anyway#i'm gonna go watch something light before bed lmao. that was a lot#also somehow i've managed to avoid pretty much all content about squid game. the only things i know about squid game is bc i played crab gam#don't ask me HOW i managed to avoid spoilers and opinions and content entirely but i did. like i said. i was busy#so idk the reception of this at all or any views or what's happening here i just know it got popular lmao
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thenwethrowitonthefire · 3 months ago
tw anxious tag rant
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empyrcal · 2 months ago
tag dump.  finally made tags for some of my mains / exclusives / ship partners
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jaysworlds · 9 months ago
Whumptober 2021 Day Four
“Do you trust me?” Freddie says, urgent.
No, Alexei wants to tell him. No, of course not. Why would I?
He doesn’t have a choice, though. Either he takes the hand Freddie is offering him or he falls, perhaps to his death. It’s hardly a choice at all, not after he’s fought so hard to survive.
“Alexei,” Freddie says, and reaches for him again. “Please.”
Alexei’s beginning to slip. He has a few seconds at most to make his decision. Trust someone he has no reason to trust, or fall.
He takes the hand. Freddie’s fingers wrap tight around his wrist and for a moment he’s safe.
But Freddie’s never done a day’s work in his life, and he wouldn’t know how to properly secure himself. Especially not laying on his belly and leaning out over the pit.
Alexei has never been heavy, but as Freddie tries to pull him up they both begin to slip down.
This is the point where Alexei should regret ever trusting him. This is the point where Freddie should let him fall, save himself at the cost of Alexei’s life.
But he doesn’t. His fingers only tighten around Alexei’s wrist as he scrabbles for purchase on the muddy bank of the pit.
Alexei doesn’t think he’d blame him for letting go. Saving himself. Alexei should be nothing to him.
Freddie never ceases to surprise him, though. He keeps his hold on Alexei’s wrist even as he slips closer to the edge of the pit, even as the dirt gives out beneath him, even as they both begin to fall.
They’re going to die. Alexei is going to be killed by his own stupidity, and Freddie is going to die because he would rather fall than betray Alexei’s trust.
Alexei doesn’t know what to do with that. He has a long, long moment to think about it, as they fall together, but he doesn’t come to any conclusion. Doesn’t understand why anyone would put trying to save him over their own life.
They don’t die. Not immediately. They’re stopped, abruptly, by a net over the bottom of the pit, a net that gives a little as they hit it.
It’s like no material Alexei’s ever seen before. Almost like rope, but thicker. Sticky.
Freddie still hasn’t let Alexei go. Doesn’t let him go, even as they both shift around, trying to sit up. Alexei wants to tell him to fuck off, wants to ask him never to let go. He says nothing.
“I’m sorry,” Freddie says. As though this is somehow his fault. “I should have…”
“No,” Alexei says. He doesn’t mean for it to be gentle, but it is. “It’s not your fault.”
Freddie exhales, loud in the darkness. It’s shaky, as though he’s crying. “I couldn’t save you.”
“We’re not dead. Not yet.”
Alexei doesn’t know why he’s trying to comfort him. Maybe because it’s all he can offer in return for Freddie even trying.
“Not yet,” Freddie whispers.
He’s scared. Alexei’s scared, too, but he’s so used to being scared. Freddie is not.
Alexei’s wrist is going to bruise, if they make it out of here. He doesn’t think he cares, not really. For once it’s the mark of someone who tried to save him.
There’s a sudden light, and Alexei looks over. Freddie’s remembered his own power, it seems. There’s a flickering ball of fire floating above his free hand, just enough to illuminate them and the net.
He is crying. The firelight glances off the tears on his cheeks, though he makes no attempt to wipe them away. Doesn’t even acknowledge them.
Alexei doesn’t mean to. Perhaps it would be kinder to ignore them completely, but he doesn’t. He reaches out and wipes the tears away, as gentle as he can manage with his rough hands.
Freddie’s breath hitches, and he leans into the touch, eyes fluttering closed. Alexei wonders how long it’s been since anyone’s been kind to him.
“We’ll be fine,” he says. He doesn’t know how to be comforting, not anymore.
His hand is still on Freddie’s face. Freddie’s fingers are still wrapped around his wrist. Maybe it means something.
The net shakes, and Alexei pulls back. Now isn’t the right time, if there ever will be a right time.
“Hello?” Freddie calls, timid.
Alexei touches the net again. Rope, sticky. It shakes under his hands and Freddie shifts a little closer, raising the fire in his hand.
Alexei doesn’t think anyone’s out there. No one human, at least.
The net shakes. They’re trapped here, like flies in a web.
Perhaps they are flies.
Freddie whimpers quietly as the net shakes again. Alexei can’t shake the thought that perhaps this isn’t a net at all. A web, weaved by some sort of huge spider.
He hates spiders. His hands are shaking.
He wants to be wrong. He doesn’t think he’s ever wanted to be wrong quite so badly.
But he’s not. Of course. The net shakes and the light glints of eyes, clustered close together on an enormous face.
He must make some sort of noise, because Freddie turns to him, eyes wide.
“We’ll be fine,” he says, echoing what Alexei had said earlier.
They won’t be fine. Not caught in a spider’s web like this.
The spider hisses and shifts more of its massive bulk into the puddle of light.
Alexei hasn’t cried in so long, but he can feel tears pooling in the corner of his eyes.
“Get rid of the light,” he murmurs. He doesn’t want to see.
Freddie listens, and the light goes out. The spider is once again hidden in darkness.
There’s a hand on Alexei’s face a moment later. He flinches, and Freddie pulls away.
“It’s only me,” he says, soft and sweet. As though they’re not going to die.
“I know,” Alexei murmurs, and the hand is back, wiping away the tears he hadn’t realise had spilled over.
At least if they die like this he won’t die alone. They can die together.
“Do you trust me?” he whispers, finding Freddie’s face in the darkness.
“Yes,” Freddie tells him, instantaneous.
He’s so stupid. They’re both so stupid, and they’re both going to die.
Alexei leans in and brushes their lips together. It’s nothing, barely a kiss at all, but he hears Freddie’s breath hitch.
He tries to say something and Alexei silences him with another kiss, more of a kiss this time. He doesn’t think he loves Freddie, barely even trusts him, but perhaps he could have. If they had more time.
They don’t have more time. The net shakes and Alexei can feel as the spider pounces. Freddie chokes on a scream and goes limp against him.
Alexei closes his eyes and waits.
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steeleyespan · 3 months ago
work really be having me pacing the house and shaking like a chihuahua is this aw worth it fir an 11.25 hour contract in a supermarket 😂
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spicyavogato · 4 months ago
*pulling out a remote so I can press pause on my c!Sam brainrot for exactly 24 hours, in case anything Mario Odyssey, Kirby or BOtW 2 related is announced in today’s Nintendo Direct*
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garciapimienta · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I hate summer
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