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Spent the weekend in Vienna with a friend, eating Sacher cake in fancy places, contemplating famous paintings and beautiful buildings. Let me tell you it was absolutely magical!

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I started playing Journey and got past the second stealth segment and ANYWAY I am soft! I am Feeling Things! it’s so pretty and the sliding segments are so fun! I love the characters they’re so cute!!


Just before the first stealth part I had a companion join me. We sang together :) but then we entered a huge dark area and my friend got ambushed! it led into a tense sliding chase and when we got to safety they sang a little, sat down, and meditated. I wrapped my scarf around them while they sat aND THEY TURNED TO DUST never have I felt so heartbroken. Since then I’ve been going it alone,, sad boi hours


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i can’t say I’m super confident, but i want to believe in myself. i can get it. i will get it. of course you need to work for it if you want something, but it’s important to believe in your power, even when no one else does. if i have my own back, then i can do anything. when i have no energy to do things, my own expectations and trust pushes me forward. that’s where i get my strength from. i know i am not perfect, i will never be and so is everyone on this planet. i am doing this for me, i wont let me down.

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While waiting for a flight back to Gibraltar 🇬🇮 I thought now would be the perfect time to ask for you guys to send me submissions relating to Journeys and/or mental health for my first (of many) collections!

Send me anything you like, quotes, personal anecdotes, books with a theme of Journeys and/or mental health. ANYTHING WELCOME!

Full credit will be given and a shout out when my blog collection goes live on Friday the 21st February.

Can’t wait to hear from you 😊

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