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can i have yandere platonic encanto with a reader who can control time please?
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Note: Hello anon! Thank you for this request, I noticed I am getting a lot of platonic requests😅
Pairs: Yandere! Camilo Madrigal x sister!reader, Yandere! Isabela Madrigal x sister!reader and Yandere! Dolores Madrigal x sister!reader (Platonic!)
Type: Yandere, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Camilo was 9 months old when you were born.
He radiates overprotective brother vibes.
He would be suspicious of everyone you knew.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Your best friend(s)
Your friends.
If any of them insulted you.
They would be counted as missing the next day.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now, Isa is a bit different.
She acts like she hates you.
But she actually really cares about you.
A bit too much…
Isabela likes to look at you while you are talking to someone you know.
She’s afraid that they will hurt you emotionally or physically.
If they did, Isa will not kill them at first but torture them.
She just wants to protect her little sister.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now Dolores is fun to hang with if she’s your sister.
When you two play tag you would use your gift and stop time and run to another spot making it harder for Dolores to catch you.
But she doesn’t watch you from afar or anything.
She can just use her gift to listen if someone is hurting you.
If someone did, Dolores will torture them with high-pitched sounds making their ears bleed and go deaf.
Thank you for reading!
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Can I request a lil story of Camilo, a year after Bruno left, talking to Bruno through the walls thinking it was his imaginary friend?
Hello! Do you mean like an imaginary reader? I am so sorry, I get confused often😭
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hi luv! loved ur yandere Isabela Madrigal hcs, may I request jealous!yandere Isa hcs? 🙏🙏
Jealous Yandere! Isabela Madrigal
Note: Hello anon! Thank you for this request, I’m glad you liked Yandere! Isa!
Pairs: Yandere! Isabela Madrigal x Fem!reader
Type: Yandere and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Oh dear.
You better watch out.
A jealous yandere is dangerous.
When Isabela saw you talking to a guy who was too close to you she was enraged.
She would lock herself in her room until she comes up with a plan to get rid of the guy in the most brutal way possible.
When you are in the middle of a conversation with the guy, Isa will snatch you away saying she needs help.
Once night falls, Isa will wrap the guy in a cocoon and take him to the forest.
She would use her flower knife and slit the guy’s stomach and rip out the organs.
After she’s done, she’ll hide the remaining parts of the guy’s guts and body deeper in the forest.
And lastly Isa will go to your room, leaving a rose.
Thank you for reading!
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Would you mind writing a piece where Antonio has a twin sister? They're the best of friends and Mirabel comforts them both before their Gift ceremony.
A gift just as special as you
Note: Thank you anon for this awesome request!
Pairs: Antonio Madrigal x Twin sister!Reader (Platonic)
Type: Comfort
Tumblr media
"Everyone’s looking for you two." Mirabel said, she is seen with two presents stacked together on her lap.
"These presents will self-destruct if you don’t take them in three, two, one-" Suddenly under the bed four hands grabbed the two gifts.
"Oh." Mirabel chuckles and gets under the bed and sees the two youngest Madrigal twins.
"Nervous?" Mirabel questions.
You and Antonio stay silent with a worried face.
"You both have nothing to worry about." Mirabel tries to give you two courage.
"You two are gonna get your gifts and open that door and it’s gonna be the coolest ever, I know it." Mirabel says.
"What if it doesn’t work?" You and your twin brother whisper at the same time.
Mirabel stays silent for a second.
"Well, in that impossible scenario, you’d both stay here in the nursery with me." Mirabel answers.
"Forever" Mirabel whispers dramatically.
Mirabel starts tickling the both of you a bit "And I’d get you two all to myself."
"We wish you could have a door." You whisper, feeling sad that Mirabel’s gift ceremony didn’t work.
Mirabel stays silent again.
"You know what?” Mirabel questions and you look up at her.
"You don’t have to worry about me, ‘cause I have an amazing family and an amazing house, and an amazing you." Mirabel reminds you two.
"And seeing you two get your special gift and your door, that’s gonna make me way more happy than anything." Mirabel comforts you two.
Mirabel sighs "But, alas, I am gonna miss having the world’s best roomies." Mirabel uses her hands and gets the two presents and dragg them to the both of you.
You two open the presents.
Antonio gets a cheetah plushie while you get a F/A (Favorite Animal)
Mirabel chuckles.
"I know you are animal people and I made this so, when you two move into your cool new rooms, you always have something to snuggle with." Mirabel says.
You two lean on Mirabel’s shoulder as a thank you.
Suddenly one of the tiles move.
Casita drags the clock saying that it’s time to get out of hiding.
"All right, you two, you ready?" Mirabel questions
The both of you mod and Mirabel is about to get out under the bed but.
"Sorry, I got to get one more squeeze!" Mirabel grabs Antonio while he grabs you and the both of you giggle.
Casita starts playing with the tiles again.
"Okay, okay, we’re going!" Mirabel laughs.
Thank you for reading!
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Tumblr media
My Duty
Note: Hello, it’s nice to see you again! Sorry this took awhile, also change of plans! Seems like I’m going to be sick for the rest of the week.
Plus, the reader has a gift almost like Dolores’s gift called super sight, she can see things from super far away!
Pairs: Mirabel Madrigal x Older sister! Reader (Platonic!)
Type: Angst to Fluff
Requested by: @chocotacobread
Tumblr media
"The miracle is dying, because of you!" Mirabel shouted at Alma.
After your youngest sister: Mirabel fixed her bond with her eldest sister, She and her Abuela got into an argument.
A huge crack formed between Alma and Mirabel.
"No, no, no!" Your Tía yelled. The cracks on Casita started to target the candle.
"The candle!" Your Tías husband, Tío Félix shouted, noticing the cracks were going for the candle.
The house started to shake and everyone almost fell down, you and your older sister: Isabela, grabbed Alma to prevent her from falling.
Mirabel started running towards the candle.
"Mirabel!" You shouted. What I’m earth is your sister doing?!
"Casita! Get me up there!" Your youngest sister shouted.
Casita made a staircase for Mirabel to climb.
Your primo: Camilo shapeshifted into the coffee kid to avoid the falling debris.
He then changed into José, to jump over some wooden parts.
Your older sister: Isabela used her vine to get to Mirabel.
But her door stopped shining and her powers were gone.
"Ah!" Isabela shouted when she was about to fall down the floor.
Casita got Isabela on the ground less painfully.
Camilo jumped from the second floor to get to Mirabel.
But he shapeshifted from José back to himself suddenly and fell down.
"No!" Camilo shouted and once again, Casita saved Camilo from landing painfully.
Antonio’s animals came out of his room in fear.
"Careful Antonio!" His father shouted and saved him from getting crushed by his door.
"We gotta get out of here!" Tío Félix yelled and runs for the entrance.
"Mirabel! Mirabel!" You and your mother shouted, desperately trying to get to Mirabel, but Casita prevented the both of you from doing so.
"Mirabel! We have to get out!" Your father: Agustín shouted to reach his daughter.
Casita got everyone outside. You were so worried for your sister.
"Mirabel!" You and Agustín, Julieta and Félix shouted.
"Mirabel, leave it!" Your mother shouted, worried sick for her youngest child.
"Mirabel, it’s not worth it!" You shouted, suddenly you went inside Casita again.
"Y/N!" Your Tía shouted.
"Y/N, Mirabel! The house is gonna fall!" Tío Félix (I heard Fèlix’s voice) yelled.
You avoided Casita trying to get you out. And went for Mirabel.
"Mirabel, Y/N, get out!" Julieta shouted.
"Mirabel, Y/N!" Agustín yelled for his two daughters.
Mirabel finally got the candle.
You grabbed Mirabel and jumped down, Casita made a staircase for you two to not get hurt.
You ran as fast as you could to the entrance.
You got Mirabel out, but you couldn’t save yourself.
The tower collapsed on you.
"Y/N!" Mirabel shouted while tears started kicking in.
The candle died but Mirabel didn’t care.
She threw the rocks away and desperately tried to search for your body. But your body was nowhere to be seen.
An ear piercing scream could be heard from all over the Encanto.
You were the one closest to Isabela and you knew about her not wanting to be perfect for the rest of her life.
Mirabel looked down while everyone tried to search for you.
Tears started running down her cheek.
She heard voices in her head saying "It’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault."
"Mirabel!? Where is Mirabel?!" Your crying mother questioned.
"Where is she?!" She questioned again.
“Mirabel!" Your mother shouted and running around, trying to find Mirabel with her husband.
"Mirabel!?" Tío Félix shouted.
"Mirabel!" Your Papá yelled.
Pepa’s side of the family desperately threw away the rocks trying to find you alive.
Antonio started crying while holding his mother, you were the closest to him after Mirabel.
Alma was speechless. First the house, you were gone and now Mirabel is missing.
You have now joined Pedro.
-Time Skip-
*Insert All of You*
Mirabel inserted the doorknob on the door and the house started glowing.
Everyone looked at the new house in awe.
The window started waving at the crowd.
"Hola, Casita." Mirabel waved back.
Suddenly the doors opened revealing you.
You ran towards Mirabel and embraced her.
Mirabel cried and held you tightly.
"Y/N! H-how?!" Your younger sister: Luisa questioned.
"It seems like I’m connected to Casita or some way!" You answered.
"N/N.. why did you?!" Mirabel tried to get the words out but she couldn’t since she was crying so much.
"Because I’m your older sister, Mira. It’s my duty to protect you." You answered Mirabel and hugged her again.
The whole Madrigal Family joined the hug and was interrupted by Casita making some music.
You all pulled away and Casita dragged Mirabel inside.
"Woah!" Mirabel shouted while getting dragged inside.
"Woah! Come on! Get in here!" Mirabel shouted once she was in.
Casita dragged the Madrigals and the villagers in.
People started decorating the inside and having fun.
Casita dragged the Madrigals for a picture and finally a picture with your Tío Bruno.
"Everyone, together.." Alma said.
"La Familia Madrigal!" You all shouted.
Thank you for reading!
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helloo, how are you??? could you do a scenario with child and sibling!reader where madrigal family discovers that the reader suffers from anxiety, please??? thank you so much and feel free to reject if you don't feel comfortable or don't have time :))
Dolores, Mirabel and Luisa reacting to their sister suffering from anxiety
Note: Hello! Thank you for this request, I am not someone who suffers from anxiety so I hope you like this.
Also! Sorry I was gone, I was on a break and I have a math test coming up tomorrow and I’m sick.
Pairs: Dolores Madrigal x Little sister!Reader, Mirabel Madrigal x Little sister!Reader and Luisa Madrigal x Little sister!Reader (Platonic!)
Type: Comfort, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
When Dolores discovered you were suffering from anxiety, she was very surprised since you look so happy and cheerful all the time.
Dolores is the only one in the family who knows about your symptom so she always stands close to you.
If you get an anxiety attack, Dolores will hold your hand and tell you to take deep breaths.
It is Dolores’s duty to take care of her siblings as the oldest child of Pepa’s side of the Madrigals.
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
Mirabel would definitely be the first one to know you have anxiety.
She would look after you 24/7.
When you get a anxiety attack she will tell you to calm down your breathing.
She will caress your face while she’s embracing you to the side.
She will always look out for her family.
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal
Tumblr media
She thinks it is her job as the strongest Madrigal in the family to take care of them.
Whether you like it or not she will hug you, not instantly crush you but a gentle hug because you are the second youngest in the Madrigal family.
Luisa will be there for you, always.
She will check up on you all the time.
Thank you for reading!
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Can I request Platonic madrigal family with a child who always brings/gives them gifts? Like candy, flowers, or cards(or anything else) that just explains how much the child loves them?
Thank you!
Have a good day/night
Madrigal Adults reacting to child!reader giving them gifts
Note: Thank you for this adorable request!
Pairs: Madrigal Adults x child!reader (Platonic)
Type:Fluff, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Julieta and Agustín Madrigal
Tumblr media
I know they would be like "For me?" when you give them a gift!
You want to give them gifts to appreciate them for helping the Encanto.
Julieta will be so happy and give you a candy.
Agustín will be absolutely ecstatic and pat you on the head and say "Gracias niña"
Tumblr media
Pepa and Félix Madrigal
Tumblr media
Pepa absolutely had a rainbow over her head when you gave her a flower.
She loves you, in a platonic way of course!
You gave Félix a basket of berries he was so happy and adored by you!
Pepa and Félix introduces you to their youngest son: Antonio
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
Tumblr media
He will be very surprised since many kids look away from him.
He will ask if it was for him and you nod.
Bruno starts treating you as his own daughter even though you had parents of your own.
He would look into the future and see that you grow up into a beautiful young woman.
Tumblr media
Alma Madrigal
Tumblr media
Like her son, she would also be surprised since she thought that a few kids didn’t like her after how she treated her family.
She will thank you and put the flowers in her bedroom.
She will give you some flowers too and when you are happy, brings a smile to her face.
She treats you as if you are her granddaughter.
Sometimes you two would play and throw flower petals at each other.
Thank you for reading!
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hey i was thinking about this all day! what about camilo with a singer s/o ? like the type to sing melanie martinez songs lmao :)
Camilo Madrigal With a singer s/o
Note: Ahhh! I love Melanie’s songs, and her name is almost similar to mine! But I’m more of an Alec Benjamin fan.
Pairs: Camilo Madrigal x Singer!Reader
Type: Fluff and Headcanons
Tumblr media
When Camilo heard you singing Dollhouse he swore he was in heaven.
He asked- no begged for you to sing more!
He secretly reads your songwriting journal for your upcoming songs like Tag Your It.
He loves your voice, and he would always ask you what the songs were about.
You would also sing a bit in the dead of night quietly.
Dolores appreciates it, since she can listen to Mariano’s poets and your voice to help her sleep.
When you stay in La Casa Madrigal for the night, you would sing If You Dare To Believe ( Memories😭💕) for Camilo if he couldn’t sleep.
You were known as Encanto’s street singer since you would sing on the streets beside the fountain. (I think there is a fountain)
He loves hearing you sing to the children.
Camilo would always and forever be your number one fan.
Thank you for reading!
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Camilo Madrigal || when he was a child he had an imaginary friend (who is the reader) he nicknamed ‘glitchy’ because they can glitch obvi they had colorful clown clothing when he started to grow he started to forget his friend then one day in the present he went to his room and found his old friend their colorful clown clothes were dusty and dark and they came back to haunt Camilo || if this is too much for you you don’t have to do it!
Hello! Unfortunately, requests are closed since 2 days ago, and I already had other requests before I closed requests :(
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🍵- a new magic family in town? Word say that the eldest daughter has potential.
🦋- she/her for reader he/him for camilo
🍊- (a/n) hope you guys like this!! I personally do because i love magicians and pure magic in general so yes- (the mistress of magic is an alias of a dc superhero, originally is from them <3)
The walls of the magical town ‘Encanto’ sure can talk, various mumbling and whispering echoed through out each crook and corner. There had been rumors that a new family of "magicians" had moved in to stay, hearing that it's own town had a family filled with gifts.
Oh they can talk alright, word circled around especially about the eldest daughter which has already taken the time to walk through the small community yet people with wide opened arms. The madrigals have heard their town's clamoring and decided that they'd see how they were themselves on a day which was scheduled for the so called 'mistress of magic' to perform that afternoon.
“it's her! The magical mistress!”
“they say she's as old as the second and third youngest madrigals..!”
“does she have a gift?”
A new crowd never seemed to never ease her nerves, she's dealt with a huge crowd before yet this continued to make her nervous. She made her way to the town's centre where her afternoon venue was set up earlier so she could get ready, clutching the suitcase of necessities in her hand. She somehow was able to capture her confidence once more, an open crowd and a new audience to once again be wooed by her amazing skills.
As the crowd settled into their bench seats waiting for the show. A well known little "madrigal" boy dragged his older brother near the venue “Camilo can we watch her?! Can we?” antonio pleaded, holding his elder brother's hand “what is that about anyway? Don't you want anything else to do?” he cluelessly answered “haven't you heard? She's the magical mistress! She's able to do spells and magic without a gift! I heard she also gives out doves as a part of a trick!-” the little boy, continued dragging over to the crowd who clamored in excitement. “hm... interesting, magic without a gift huh.? Why not?” he replies with a smile at Antonio, taking a seat with him in the empty front row.
Applauding and excited cheering as her audience watched the curtains to reveal a deck of cards being mysteriously thrown up in the air, as it fell it revealed the one and only magician with a black top hat and a staff in hand. “Greetings to this wonderful Encanto!! I am Y/n the great, a pleasure to meet such a pleasant crowd we have today!” she takes a bow before revealing a card from the thrown deck now in her hand with her name autographed onto it to show the audience and threw it away behind her.
The crowd let out an amazed and impressed ‘oooohhs and aaaaaahhs’ at the sight. All Camilo could do was stare in amazement at the woman in front of his eyes, he hasn't seen anything like what she did. He also found her.. gorgeous, he whistled using his fingers and let out a cheer along with the rest of the crowd.
Y/n held the staff in her grasp before hitting it on the floor's stage, the staff turning into a colorful umbrella which opened to rain down different shades of vibrant confetti on her and on the audience. She watched the crowd's reaction with an endeared smile, the common cheers and applaude she earned felt different with the new town.
In her head she wondered why? What was so special about this town and how was it unlike the packed theatre adrenaline pumping lot?
“Now let's see...” she speaks while rummaging through her case and brought out a few white lillies, she took a second to admire it before turning it into two white doves! She went down the stage, leaning towards the crowd to give a dove to antonio who was happily laughing in his seat “Thank you miss!” He says giddly before using his gift to be able to communicate with it, with his elder brother beside him. The magician gave a glance at the same aged boy next to him, shooting him a smile as their eyes locked for a few seconds before the mistress stepped back up on stage.
“Alright now now, everyone.. I'll be in need of a volunteer for my next trick.” as soon as she worded "volunteer" the audience clamored excitingly, raising their hands up desperatley to be picked. She ambled across the stage as she looked through the audience, but once again her eyes drifted off to the boy in bright yellow, looking into his eyes. Camilo didn't raise their hand up but there was a part of him which wanted to go up on that stage with her, as if said it showed through his hazel eyes.
“I pick you.. the boy in yellow, come up to the stage.” She removed her hat as she leant a hand out towards him with an inviting smile.
The ruana boy didn't even hesitate to get up and walk up the stage, taking her hand once the mistress put her hat back on her head. Camilo spun her around and caught her to dip the magician with a sly smirk, his arm securely on her back to avoid her from falling. Y/n appeared with a tinted glow on her cheeks from the sudden action before getting back up on her feet, her heart paced as he maintained the close distance they shared after.
“h-hello! Lovely to meet you, what's your name dear sol?” She cleared her throat before she spoke, trying to hide her flushed cheeks as she called the boy sol because of how his ruana resembled the bright sun. “Camilo Madrigal, amor.” he leant closer to lay a kiss on her hand. Amused, she let out a chuckle before snaking an arm around him to grabbed a rose behind his ear and handed it to him as the crowd cheered crazy.
Hearing teasing remarks and noises as to how the two were interacting on stage, camilo raised his eyebrow and used his gift to shape shift into the lovely lady in front of him. She was surprised as she watched the shapeshifter tipping his hat down like she would because "she" was in front of her??
Camilo turned back to his original appearance, leaning closer to put the rose behind her ear with a small smile “You're not the only one who can do magic in this town, mariposa.” he whispers lightly, the magician smiled defeatedly “it seems so, you do it better than i can.” she whispered in the same tone before snatching something in his ruana pocket, it was the autographed card from her first trick! She handed it to him once more and leant in to give him a small kiss on his cheek as a "token" for being an interesting volunteer. It sufficed on both their behalfs, heated cheeks still in view from both of them
“Until my next show, I'll see you all very soon-!” She spoke to her audience while leaving the shapeshifter with the most enthralled expression at the magician, she looked back at him “especially you, camilo.” she laughed softly before giving a big bow, a snap from her fingers as she disappeared into hundreds of vibrant red camellias.
Camilo watched the sight as he held the 2 of hearts in his hand, the 2 hearts that he
knew were meant to be.
“what a woman..”
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camilosnovia · 13 days ago
Can I request for a Camilo x reader angst (happy ending?) fic (or headcanons - whatever you feel comfortable writing) where everyone is happy, then a bunch of invaders (the same ones who killed Pedro) find Encanto
This is gonna be epic, I actually cried when I wrote this.
Hope you like it :)
Dos Oruguitas
Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for reader
Summary: All things have to come to an end, right?
Warning: Angst, prepare yourself to cry
Tumblr media
Life with you was perfect...
"Camilo!" You chuckle, while you're trying to escape his holding. He on the other hand is holding you tightly and trying to spread butterfly kisses on your face.
"Mi amoooorrrr just let me kiss you!" He whines and purses his lips, you covering his face with your hands, making him frown.
I finally found someone, with who I can be myself with.
"Hey Y/N check me out!" you hear Camilo say, you turn around and see him shapshifting in you. Your cheek rise up with heat. "Camilo!"
The Madrigal smirks and is about to pull your dress up while he is still in your form. "I wonder how- ARGH!" He says, you immediately slap him in the face, making him to fall.
Someone I could give me whole heart to, through the pain.
"Cariño.... don't cry" you say gentle and pull him over. He cries silently letting you hold him. You rub his back gentle, while your nuzzle in his curly hair.
He sobs gentle against your chest. "I'm not able to be myself, Mi Amor" he tells you, it's one of these nights, when he feels empty and the only thing he need now, is you.
"You can always be yourself around me" you whisper in his ear, making him cry more. You tight your hold around him, trying your best not to cry.
It was bliss...
You both stare each other lovingly in the eyes. Not wanting to break it, because you both love this tingling feeling inside of you.
"Te Amo" he whispers, having his hands on your waist. You feel the butterflies in you stomach clearly. You have your hands rested on his shoulder.
"I love you too" you whisper back, he smiles at you softly then he leans over and presses his soft lips on top of yours, and you both share a gentle kiss.
When it came crumbling in an instant.
Fire, fire everywhere. People screaming, children crying. It's like time has been rewind for Alma Madrigal. As if she is back 50 years ago, as if she was back to that day, when she had to leave her beloved home. People running away, trying to save their lives.
Children running around, trying to find their parents while crying. Dead bodies on the ground. Houses on fire, animals escaping trees which are in fire. It's a horrible and terrifying sight.
"EVERYONE SAVE YOURSELVES!" Felix yells, as he holds his youngest son, Antonio in his arms who is crying, because he is scared. Casita, their beloved house ... on fire. Everything lost.
"MAMÁ WE HAVE TO GO!" Bruno screams at his mother, also like everyone else terrified. Holding his mothers wirst and pulling her with him. "casita.." she whispers.
Invader's found the small village Encanto. The same ones, who killed that day Alma's beloved husband.
Camilo, who is with his family. Terrified to think of something, tries to escape with them. When he remembers: Y/N
His eyes widen. His mother Pepa, looking back at him. "CAMILO WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" You can hear the fear in her voice. She tries to pull her son with the rest of the family.
"I-I CAN'T I HAVE TO FIND Y/N!" He yelled, before he started running again to the village which is mostly on fire. "CAMILOOO!" His mother screams in tears while her oldest child, Camilo's sister, Dolores holds her back with tears.
"WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" Luisa screams, and the family like the rest of the people of the village try to escape in the forest. Till all of this is over.
Camilo runs the streets that are on fire, looking for his Girlfriend. His heart is beating as fast as it can, you can see the fear in his eyes. Especially when he sees dead bodies on the ground.
"Please be okay, you have to Y/N!" He tells himself, he runs to your house. Which is completely on fire and almost burned to ashes.
Tears escape his eyes. "MI AMOR?! MI AMOR, ANSWER ME!" He screams through the disaster. He is running around, already black because of the ashes. Coughing a lot because of the fire.
"Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!" He screams from the deepest of his loungs, his throat already hurting. His heart breaking every second more and more.
Houses start to crumble and fall apart. That the streets get blocked, the only way to escape now is to run in the forest. With a broken heart, Camilo runs for his life. Tears escaping his eyes.
He runs deep in it, trying to find someone he knows.
He hears his family, his mother. In the next moment, he runs into his mothers arms and cries. Pepa blinks in confusion first, not realizing who is in her arms. Then, she gasps and tightens her grip around him and cries with him. "Camilo!" She sobs.
Felix, with Antonio in his arms and Dolores hug both of them. The family crying. The others Julieta, Augustin, Luisa, Isabela, Maribel, Bruno and even Alma joining. All of them crying one more the other less.
This is the second time that this happens to the Madrigal family. And one... losing again their beloved.
"I-I couldn't find her mom" Camilo sobs into his mothers arms, Pepa sobs. She loved you as a second daughter, you were already a part of the family. She holds Camilo tighter. "I'm so sorry my love" she whispers
Alma, knows exactly how Camilo feels. Oh she knows how much his throat hurts because of the crying, the endless pain inside him which gets worse every second, the emptiness filling inside his heart... losing his beloved.
The Villagers come back to Encanto, seeing their home ruined. Almost everything in ashes, mostly nothing left. Just a tragedy.
"Dios Mío" Alma whispers, the village she built ruined, just like her home before. Bruno, hugs his mother. Looking heartbroken to his home.
Everyone, looking around. People trying to find family members. Crying, screaming...
Camilo looks up, his eyes widen. His heart racing when he heard this voice. He looks around in fear, not that he only just imagined it.
"CAMILO!!!!" Someone screams his name frustrated and scared.
He doesn't waste a second, running around. "Y/N, MI VIDA WHERE ARE YOU?!" He looks around, still not seeing you.
"CAMILO!" You sceam under tears, shaking in fear. "C-Camilo" you sob.
He turns around, heavy breathing when he finally sees you, looking terrified for him. You turn around and see him too. Your eyes widen. "CAMILO!" You scream and run over to him, your dress is slightly burned on some spots.
"Y/N!!!" He says, running to you over as you both finally approach each other in a tight embrace. You cry loud against his shoulder gripping on him tight.
"I finally found you" he says breathless, his voice shaking and kissing your head while holding you tighter to his body.
You grip tight on his ruana, letting your tears coming down your cheeks. Relived that he is alive, and so his family. You were so scared not seeing him again.
"I thought I never see you again" you whimper, Camilo takes your face gentle in his hands. Looking at you with puffy eyes from the crying. "I will always find you, no matter what. Even if it's in the next life. I find you" he assures you which makes you cry even more.
The next second he kisses your lips, holding tight on you. You also holding tight on him both of you scared the other will disappear any second.
For Camilo, was this the scariest experience he has ever been through. Losing his home again, is pain enough for him. But losing the one he loves the most, unthinkable for him.
Alma, who watches the two teenagers being reunited, cries silently. Glad for her grandson that he found his love again, but sad for her village and also that she and her beloved never had a happy ending.
You both pull away from each other a couple of seconds later, hugging and just staying like this. Glad and happy to be reunited again.
"I'll never let you out of my sight again" he whispers kissing your forehead gentle. Holding you protectively, to comfort you. You sniffle and have your eyes closed while enjoying being in his arms and relived that in the end... you didn't lose him.
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camilosnovia · 13 days ago
Antonio Madrigal being your best friend
Note: I am so sorry anon that sent this request😭
Pairs: Antonio Madrigal x Child!Reader (Platonic!)
Type: Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Being best friends with with the youngest Madrigal grandkid would include a lot of playing.
You would always go to Casita to play with Antonio.
You two would always be around the animals.
Pepa absolutely adores you! she is happy that Antonio has someone to play with.
When your mother is at Casita to pick you up, you and Antonio would always be sad even though you see each other the next day.
You two would also play with animal plushes with Mirabel.
Camilo would play with you two sometimes.
The both of you would ride the cheetah and it would run around Antonio’s room.
You two are inseparable!
Thank you for reading!
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camilosnovia · 14 days ago
I’m not risking anything😀
“But if you forget to reblog Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”
Tumblr media
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camilosnovia · 14 days ago
Hello everyone! I was writing a request for Antonio having a best friend reader but I accidentally posted it and I had to delete it but it also deleted the anon that sent the request! If you are the anon, I am so sorry😭
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camilosnovia · 15 days ago
Encanto Masterlist
Request Rules
Tumblr media
Madrigal Family (Platonic!)
Ice Cold
Madrigal adults reacting to someone bullying the reader
Madrigal Adults reacting to child!reader giving them gifts
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal
Luisa with a chubby s/o
Dolores, Mirabel and Luisa reacting to their sister suffering from anxiety
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
There is no need to be afraid
Isabela and Camilo with a s/o who loves cute things
Camilo Madrigal with a singer s/o
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela and Camilo with a s/o who loves cute things
Yandere! Isabela Madrigal
Jealous Yandere! Isabela Madrigal
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
Madrigal Adults reacting to someone bullying the reader
Why did you leave me?
Madrigal Adults reacting to child!reader giving them gifts
Tumblr media
Antonio Madrigal (Platonic!)
Antonio Madrigal being your best friend
A gift just as special as you
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores, Mirabel and Luisa reacting to their sister suffering from anxiety
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Dolores, Mirabel and Luisa reacting to their sister suffering from anxiety
My Duty
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camilosnovia · 15 days ago
May I request a Yandere Isabela?
Yandere! Isabela Madrigal
Note: Hello anon, thank you for this lovely request!
Pairs: Yandere! Isabela Madrigal x Reader
Type: Yandere and Headcanons
Tumblr media
I can definitely see that Isa will leave flowers in your room every night when you are asleep.
She will stare at you while you are sleeping, admiring how beautiful and amazing you are.
Stalker type, definitely.
She knows that there are others that have a crush on you.
She won’t hesitate to end them.
Her way of killing is wrapping her vines around her victims throat, choking them to death.
How does she dispose the body?
She will wrap her vines around her victims figure into a cocoon and hide them deep in the forest.
She knows what your favorite food, flowers, colors and so many others are.
She of course, never told her family about her obsession with you.
She will do anything for you to be hers.
She thinks it will be her "Happily Ever After".
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camilosnovia · 17 days ago
Request, reader is Bruno's only daughter? She's 20, the stereotypical goth cousin of every family, and has the ability to see/talk to the dead. Every time she sees Bruno she assumes that he is a ghost? Only for her to realize with the rest of the family at the end that he's been alive the entire time. Major angst because reader feels lied to and abandoned by him. Maybe an appearance of Abuelo Pedro to help comfort her and keep her from leaving the family?
Why did you leave me?
Note: Hello! Thank you for the request, I’ll try my best! (Oh that rhymed)
Pairs: Bruno Madrigal x Daughter! Reader (Platonic!)
Type: Angst to Fluff
Tumblr media
"She’s back! She’s back!" One of the kids announced, Mirabel Madrigal was back after she mysteriously disappeared after the fall of La Casa Madrigal.
Mirabel returned with Alma and… Bruno.
You widened you’re eyes in shock and anger, you thought he was dead all these years, turns out he was alive.
You weren’t happy, but angry. You felt lied to, you felt he abandoned you.
After Casita was rebuilt, it moved the tiles for you all to be together, ready for a picture. The worst part was you were beside Bruno.
"Everyone, together!" Alma shouted
"La Familia Madrigal!" You all said but the picture was taken when Antonio and the cheetah interrupted.
Everyone was celebrating, and you were in the living room reading a book, until someone interrupted you.
"Oh, Y/N..” Bruno said, not expecting you to be here.
"What do you want Papá?.." You coldly said, not looking up from the book.
"Um.. I know I might have made you upset.." Bruno awkwardly said. God, he didn’t know what to say. He hasn’t talked to his daughter in a decade. The only ones he could talk to was his rats.
"Might have..?!" You finally looked up from the book with tears in you’re eyes.
"Y/N the rea-" Bruno tried to explain but you wouldn’t let him finish.
"I have been waiting for not one, not two, but ten whole years!" You shouted in anger and sadness
"Why did you leave me?! Why did you abandon me?! Was it something I did?!" You question
"Y/N of course I wouldn’t-" Bruno tried to talk again but you cut him off with the three words he feared the most you would say to him.
"I hate you!" You shouted and stormed off to you’re room.
Bruno looked at the ground in shock and sadness and sat down the couch and hid his face in his hands and started crying.
In you’re room you cried on you’re bed, until you felt a hand on you’re head and saw you’re Abuelo.
Pedro was smiling at you while he was glowing.
"Abuelo.." You said, you never seen Pedro before.
"Ay nieta, what happened? Why are you crying?" Pedro questioned.
"It’s papá.. he left without saying goodbye and I I thought he was dead.. but now after a decade he comes back, and I’m just so angry..!" You said trough you’re tears.
Pedro smiled and started explaining why he left.
"I can promise you, Bruno loves you, he would never leave or abandon you." Pedro said before he disappeared.
You rushed out of you’re room and went back to the living room and saw you’re Tía Julieta and Tía Pepa comforting a crying Bruno.
You immediately went to hug him and he was confused, his older sisters decided you both needed some alone time and talk things out.
"Y/N..?" Bruno said through his tears
"Papá, I take it back.. I take it all back! I’m so sorry, I know why you left now!" You cried
Bruno was a bit confused about how you knew but didn’t care and hugged you.
You both started talking and and having many father and daughter moments.
Thank you for reading!
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