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The One Born on the Cusp of Night
Tumblr media
Summary- Sixteen year old Juno Reid battles her mothers killer putting and end to his reign once and for all. His end however, is only her beginning.
Song- start a war by Klergy and Valerie Broussard
The sun going down in the east signaling the oncoming nightfall, coven members young and old begin to prepare for the battle to surely come. Juno stared at herself in the mirror making quick work of her braids trying not to submit to the unrest of the village.
A small elf, Christine walks into the room. “Call your father Juno.” She murmurs. “You know he worries.”
“Yes ma’am.” Juno responds softly grabbing her
flip phone (something compatible enough with her magic it doesn’t fitz) Dialing the familiar number she isn’t sure if she wants Spencer to pick up or not.
“Juno?” Spencer's voice is groggy and slightly confused as it comes though the receiver.
“It’s happening tonight.” She responds voice barely above a whisper. “Everyone is preparing for battle as we speak, the coven will not survive this even if it’s occupants do. The sun is due to set in the east any moment now, and they will bring Anderson out for execution. When he inevitably breaks out of the confines the battle will begin.” Spencer takes a sharp breath, the reality finally setting in. He’d known since the day she was born that day would come but… he had thought he would be there when it did apparently the fates had other plans.
“Yes.” She confirms, hearing people begin to make their ways down to the town's center. “The council member has arrived to attempt and perform the execution. I have to head down, in an attempt to protect the children we are putting wards around the old farmhouse. I must go help my ward will be strongest against Anderson’s magic.”
“I will request permission to bring the team east to aid.”
“The battle will not last the night. We will either manage to kill him or he will escape before sunrise.”
“You will need help once the battle is over no matter the outcome, as you said the coven will not last. I can lead a relocation team to the village.” There’s a loud blast of magic that ripples across. A failed ward.
“You have healers right?”
“Emily and JJ both possess the ability to harness healing magic.” There's another ripple of wayward magic.
“Bring your team. If I do not kill Anderson, he will need to be recaptured.”
“It’ll be me who kills him.” She doesn’t let him continue. “I am the only one strong enough to render him useless for even a moment. If we tire him out I can crush him. The coven isn’t strong. There are older mothers, orphans, low level mages, young fairies and elves… no one here is strong enough to kill Anderson no one but me. I must be going, lead your team east but warn them the magic in the area will be extremely unstable.” She hangs up the phone without letting him respond.
“Come on Christine, I think it will be best you stay with the children. You will be able to calm them. Those of them who have not already lost their mothers and fathers are likely about to and they will feel that. When a magical parent dies it feels like your soul is being ripped apart. Because it is, a bond end is being severed as the other passes into the afterlife. It is not peaceful, it is painful and terrifying.” The elf nods following behind Juno without complaint. “Go, you’ll be able to pass though the wards they are not strong.”
“Why are you sending her in?” Juno looks over the middle aged mage, Michael.
“Someone needs to be with these children when their souls are ripped apart. When a parent dies in battle… it is different from them dying of natural causes. There is no peace. They are being ripped away from you… and your soul is being shattered for the bond to break so they can pass into the afterlife. It doesn’t matter how strong I am or how hard I try I will not be able to save everyone. My mother died to capture Anderson and I will ensure he dies for killing her and everyone else he killed,” She pauses “but people will die tonight. My father is leading a team composed of mages, vampires, shifters, fae and elves here as well as a relocating team. If the battle somehow lasts until daybreak, they will be able to help but that is unlikely. Whoever survives will be relocated the coven will not survive the war as the land will die with Anderson. I must throw up stronger wards.” She walks away from him letting magic gather at her hands as she goes.
“EVERYONE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” Lillian, a young fairy screams as she sees Juno approach the barn.
Pulling magic from around her Juno manipulates the air to carry her giving the illusion she is flying. As she gathers magic she forces the wind to pick up until she is moving around the barn in rapid circles. With one prayer to a god who doesn’t exist and a large blast of magic she sees fluorescent blue wards combine with the walls of the barn. She begins to slow the wind gently floating to the ground she lands next to Michael. “Motherfucker isn’t getting anywhere near those children.”
“They’re bringing him out.” Juno takes a deep breath rising back into the air using the wind to float above the group as they collect around the Center of town. The sun officially sets only a moment later, and two councilmen step out of the contaminant vehicle. Juno floats over to the men, ignoring the shocked looks they give her.
“Bring him to the Center of town, remove his shackles and I will attempt to hold him for long enough for the injection of poison. If that fails there will be bloodshed, and these people will fight to the death against him.” One of the men opened his mouth but Juno just raised a hand. “He hurt our children and killed several of us, my mother included. One way or another Anderson will die tonight… The children and anyone who doesn't want to fight are being protected by wards that will only fail if I am killed and if I am killed this world has far worse things to worry about than some fallen wards.” She heads to the center of town once again letting magic gather around her as she prepares for the fight of her life.
When Anderson is taken out of the continent cuffed by magic rejectors he snarls at them all. “You have been sentenced to death for the deaths of Lura Longsted, Marcus Gripple, Jackson Masters, Ace bottoms, Kore Malace, Kate Malace and Nina Reid. You have been charged with the molestation of seven of your coven children, blackmail of Nina Reid, and the use of dark magic against innocent beings.” The taller man spoke loud and clear.
“Under the power of the united council of magical beings you will be put to death for these revolting crimes.” The shorter councilman countied. Juno looked around seeing other magic users collecting magic around themselves.
“Anderson,” Juno says. “You disgrace this village, these lands die with you.” She nods at the councilmen pushing Anderson to his knees with a burst of magic and holding him there as they removed the shackles. The second he could collect magic Anderson began fighting back against Juno who pushed right back growling, her eyes flashing red.
As expected Anderson managed to throw Juno off of him sending her flying backwards for a moment but using the wind she caught herself. She ignored the bodies that had already fallen to the ground- mourn the loss after the battle has ended- as curses were sent towards Anderson she collected boulders and sent them hurdling at him. He broke them as they came flying but she persisted, throwing boulder after boulder backing him towards the outerlands towards the lake. Several mages came running forward screaming as they did using all their might to throw curses at him, causing him to stutter for a moment and barely dodge one of the boulders. He threw a strong lapse of dark magic back at Juno who flew high to dodge it, not letting herself stop when she saw more bodies fall. “This is it Anderson. There is no way out for you. You killed my mother and for that you will pay.” He lit fire to the field around them, which Juno countered by pulling water from the lake and drenching them.
Juno needs to get close enough to deliver a fatal blow with her mother’s sword but he’s been doing a pretty good job of keeping her at a distance. “I killed your mother and I will kill you too.” His voice is deep and raspy, evidence of how long it had been since he’d used it.
“There is one thing I have that my mother didn’t.” She growls throwing a large boulder right at him. “One thing I definitely got from my father.” another boulder. “Immortality.” She sends several boulders at rapid speed using water from the lake to push him towards them and the air to carry him off the ground. In a sudden she drops him to the ground hard enough to create an indent and if anyone is left alive to see it is obvious the battle will soon come to an end. “The council sentenced you to death, unfortunately they were unable to carry out that order I however have no such disadvantage.” She reached behind her pulling her mothers sword from her back. With a charge of magic she is sent flying backwards into the ground, knocking the wind out of her for a moment. Out of the corner of her eyes she can see the councilman calling for backup- it appears they have recovered from their unconscious states.
When she recovers she begins to lead him back towards the village knowing there are more things she can use to throw at him in that direction. “Giving up?” Anderson taunts which earns him four trees thrown in rapid succession. “Apparently not.”
“Calling for backup is pointless; they will go running when they feel the instability of the magic. Nobody sans my father and whoever he is leading here will be crazy enough to pass onto these lands.” She throws rubble at him one after another. “He’s too distracted with me to care for you unless you get into his way. Find survivors and bring them towards the farmhouse I will allow you through the wards when I feel you getting close. I am going to have to level this place.” They seem to hesitate before deciding that despite her age she must know what she is talking about if she’s holding her own against Anderson. She leads him away from the center knowing he won’t pay mind to the councilmen, to focus on defeating her. The second biggest mistake he will ever make besides pissing off Juno Reid.
When she sends an entire house hurling at him he is taken to the ground and she calls for the sword grinning when it lands in her hand. She feels a tugging on the wards and looks over to see the two councilmen approaching the wards with at least twelve floating bodies. She lets them through, rescuing the wards the moment that took her, giving Anderson enough time to stand but not enough time to prepare for her to rip every standing building and tree in the area off its port. By now she’s feeling the result of using her magic like this consistently for almost an hour of back and forth but she knows she has to finish him off. With all the might inside of her she sends everything hurling at the monster of a man Anderson had become. There's a blood curdling scream she doesn’t hear, never less aware it’s coming from her as he is sent to the ground for the last time.
Time seems to stop for a moment as she lets the wind carry her towards him suddenly realising at some point she had apparently caused a storm to form. She doesn’t look at him as she uses magic to carry the sword down in his chest ending his reign once and for all. She barely makes it to the barn before she comes crashing down completely drained. “He’s dead.” She annonces watching as the barn door is hestainly pulled open. “He’s dead.” She repeats. “Christine when you lived in the desert you had a dog named Kington who was so obsessed with catching his own tail he tried for hours everyday even when there was no water and it would have been smarter not to. It’s me. He’s gone. He cannot hurt any of you ever again I made sure of it.” Christine comes running out of the barn dropping to her knees beside Juno. “I’m okay Chris. Look the lands are dying; they were connected to his life force. He’s dead.”
“You screamed and I thought that…” Tears rolled down the woman’s check and Juno reached up wiping them away weakly.
“Look around,” Juno murmurs. “I screamed because I have never in my life exerted that much power against someone. I’ve never fought with the goal to kill. How many survivors?”
“Sixteen from the battle, twenty-nine total, plus the two council men that makes thirty-one.” She nods.
“Have one of them come help me up?” She nods rushing back towards the barn. The taller of the men approached her with an expression that was definitely fear. He grabbed her under the arms lifting her back to her feet and letting her lean onto him as they walked towards the barn. “I knew this was going to happen and so did the council. The only place he’s killable is on his own lands but it’s also where he’s strongest. I don’t believe anybody but I expected it to get so bloody but I knew what he was capable of from reading my mother journals. He played himself down so everyone would be unsuspecting when it was time to kill him. They expected him to break free but be easily caught. That’s why they only sent two escorts. It’s why they didn’t send a whole execution team. They didn’t know how powerful he is or how powerful I am for that matter.” She looks at him. “Do not fear me for I have no intentions of harming you. I do not wish to instill fear among those I meet; it is not in who I am.” She speaks loud enough for the other man to catch it.
“How old are you?” The bigger one asks and she supposes she ought to learn the men's names by the end of the night.
“I am sixteen years old as of nightfall.” She responds. “I have fulfilled the damn prophecy however I have a feeling my journey is only just beginning.” She is set down on a bale of hay and immediately fretted over by Christine. “Your phone is still working with the instability of the magic force?” She asks the smaller man and when he nods she holds a hand out tilting her head. “Can I borrow it?” As soon as it’s in her hand she’s calling a familiar number and praying he picks up the unknown caller.
“Supervisory special agent Dr. Spencer Reid.”
“Dad,” Juno breathes out. “Approximately twenty-seven dead, exactly sixteen injured and fifteen unharmed. You can tell the council Anderson is dead and their councilmen are alive and relatively unhe counted in the fifteen. Magical force is unstable, the lands are dying and the village leveled.”
“Will the injured be able to survive another hour?” He’s in work mode, not dad mode she can tell from his tone of voice and has to pretend it doesn’t hurt.
“Anyone not dead was probably knocked out in the first blast. You're looking at concussions, amnesia, broken bones, possibly internal bleeding. I am too drained to scan them so I don’t know.”
“Can planes pass onto the lands or is the magic too unstable?”
“Planes built and used by mages should be able to withstand the instability of the force, normal planes will crash getting within a mile of the lands.”
“Four jets. My teams, the medics, rescue, and relocation.”
“How many people?”
“Thirty seven.”
“Empaths should not come anywhere near here they won’t be able to handle it. The lands are swirling with pain, death, sorrow, and grief.”
“We figured.” She nods. “Juno are you okay?”
“I’m drained.” She admits. “I don’t think the loss has set in yet. It took everything in me to defeat him. I fulfilled the prophecy. I did what I was supposed to do.”
“Yes you did. I am proud of you.” He pauses. “I need to pass on the information, we will arrive soon.” He slipped back into work mode and she sighed hanging up the phone.
“Thirty seven are coming, four jets.” Juno slumps against the wall. “Medics, rescue, relocation and my da.”
The next fifty something minutes pass in a haze as Juno begins to regain some of her strength, not nearly enough to cast a simple calling spell or conjure a flame (she tired) but enough to stand and walk on her own. They can hear the jets before they see them and it’s obvious that the airborne vehicles are struggling against the instability of the magic but they do manage to land a little ways out but close enough they can see them.
“Children,” Juno called out to the kids lifting the youngest off the ground and into her arms. “These people are good, they are from the council.” She bounces the two year old coddled in her arms soothingly knowing the poor child is completely unaware of what has just happened. They file out of the barn gathering a group at the edge of it, Juno imagines they look terrible surrounded by the destruction. Spencer makes it down the hill first with his worry written on his face as he takes in the wrecked look of Juno. “Send the medics in I dropped the wards.”
“What happened here?” Emily asks looking around the land in horror.
“She did.” One of the councilmen answered pointing at Juno.
“He is correct.” Juno confirms handing the toddler over to a blonde woman Juno believes is JJ. “I leveled the lands to kill Anderson.” She stumbles a little and Spencer reaches forward catching her before she hits the ground and pulling her to him supporting her weight. “I put my mothers sword through his chest, the same sword he used to kill my mother.” Spencer tenses. “It was self defense, and fate. If the council wants to punish me for cleaning up their mess then they can go right ahead and do that.” Spencer sighs, lifting her off of her feet as she begins to lose awareness.
“There was a prophecy written the day Juno was born.
“The one born on the cusp of night
Shall answer the call of the fight
With all of her might
The chosen one will save the light.”
Juno was born on the cusp of night, answer the call of the fight which she did by staying when they brought Anderson and protecting instead of fleeing, with all her night meaning she used everything in here to defeat him as her current state can attest to, and save the light was interpreted in to meaning saving the magical world from war. He has a following has she not killed him tonight his followers would’ve had a free leader. Do we have a ton of dark mages in scrambles? Yes. Do they have any order or leader? No they’re in chaos and no more danger than anyone else we chase down.”
“Who is she really?”
“My daughter.” Spencer admits shifting his grip on her. “Her mother Nina Reid was murdered six years ago by Anderson. Juno continued to live in the coven under the care of a woman named Christelle. She calls me before bed every night and I visit her once a month, as well as over any vacation we are forced to take. The coven was weak, compiled mostly of low level mages, children primarily orphans and older women, young elves and fairies too. Anderson’s life force was what protected the coven. He used that status to do terrible things.” The others stared at him in shock, all trying to comprehend what he had said.
“You have all been summoned by the council.” One of the councilmen announced to the group. “The girl included. Head to the east coast council house immediately. We will stay with these people until the relocation team has found them a suitable solution for the situation.”
“Why are we being summoned?” Derek asked, wrapping an arm around Spencer’s shoulder to steady him.
“I have no idea.”
Like that the entire team was forced to board the jet they came on, despite Spencer’s protests that they needed to stay for the people. Derek took Juno up the stairs and laid her on the couch unable to help but notice how much she looked like Spencer. Emily grabbed a blanket resting it over the sleeping girl while JJ scanned her for injury finding none further than exhaustion. Rossi cast a small heating spell over her noticing that her lips seemed to be blue. Hotch attempted to get on the phone with the council, to inform them that if they wished to have the whole team they’d need to fly to DC first to pick up Penelope before flying to the east council. Permission for the detour was granted hopefully giving them all time to prepare and Juno some time to begin to heal.
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“We’ll do the dishes together.”
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner
Spencer and Aaron eat dinner together and it’s really cute
They’ve settled into a routine of sorts over the past couple months, Spencer comes over whenever they have a free night. Sometimes Jack is there and other times like this particular night he sleeps over at Jessica’s.
Dinner is a quiet affair, Spencer hooked their ankles together while Aaron had wrapped a free arm around him. Sometimes Spencer would lean up and peck Aaron’s cheek or lips. “Did you know 74% of people enjoyed their meals more when they ate it with a romantic partner?” Spencer asked, finally breaking the silence.
“Hmm.” Aaron hummed, leaning to kiss Spencer's head. “I did not know that.”
“It’s also considered good to eat with someone else because you're less likely to watch TV while you're eating if you're eating with someone else.” Aaron nodded brushing his lips against Spencer’s head. “There’s also studies that say for some reason doing dishes is a major argument in most houses.” Spencer scrunches his nose up at that and Aaron actually chuckles.
“Come on,” he prompts standing up. “We’ll do the dishes together.”
“I didn’t mean-“
“I know.”
“It’s my turn.”
“I know.” Aaron laughs again. “You wash, I’ll dry.”
“Okay.” Spencer nods joining Aaron by the sink.
“Besides sooner we get the dishes done sooner we can have-“
“Aaron!” Spencer squeaked, pushing at his boyfriend’s shoulder and blushing.
“I was going to say ice cream.”
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My girl
Tumblr media
Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan & Cory Reid (OC), Spencer Reid & Cory Reid (OC)
(Song fic based on “my girl” by Elvie Shane) 
Authors note/background- Spencer Reid never joins the FBI, he’s a professor at Georgetown university. Derek Morgan is still in the BAU and the BAU members do pop up.Cory is the result of a past “relationship” Spencer was in, her mother is never mentioned because she abandons Cory and Spencer right after Cory is born.He meets Derek at the coffee shop they both happen to frequent. Cory looks like her mother (it’s why she has red hair and blue eyes, although again it’s never mentioned)
She ain’t got my smile that don’t bother me a bit and she’s got somebody else’s eyes I’m seeing myself in.
The red haired, Hazel eye little girl holds tightly onto Spencer’s hand. He had explained to her (the best he could, seeing that she is only four) that he had someone he wanted her to meet.
I’m holding onto every moment god knows I’ve missed a few the day we meant I knew I had some catching up to do.
The first time they meet Cory is a little hesitant, eyeing him with a look that reminds him so much of Spencer. He’s worried for a while that she won’t like him.
“She’ll warm up to you.”
He gives her a small stuffed dog and when the night ends she hugs him before she runs off to bed.
“Told you she'd warm up to you.” Spencer remarks later that night.
“Yeah, I guess you did.” Derek agrees, kissing Spencer temple.
“Did you just admit that I was right?” The mischievous smile that works its way onto Spencer’s face is honestly terrifying.
“Yes and I’m already regretting it.”
She ain’t my blood, ain’t got my name but if she did I’d feel the same I wasn’t there for her first steps but I ain’t missed a moment yet and,
They’ve met four times when Cory decides that Derek must have hung the stars when he lets her ride on his shoulders at the carnival, something Spencer ever so careful would never do.
“Papa, I'm so tall!” She exclaims giggling wildly when Derek pretends to almost drop her.
“Derek be careful-!”
“Relax pretty boy. I’m not actually going to drop her, right Cory?”
“Mhm! Relax papa!” They both laugh at that.
By the end of the day Cory had been completely tuckered out and Derek had moved her down from his shoulder to his hip.
That ain’t ever gonna change I could never walk away yeah she’s my baby my whole world.
“Cory’s asking about you.” Spencer tells Derek over lunch. “I don’t think she understands your job.”
“You could bring her to mine tonight, Clooney’s a general giant who loves kids.”
Cory falls in love with Clooney the moment she meets him, nicknaming him ‘cloon’ because she can’t pronounce Clooney and it’s too adorable to correct.
“Night night cloon night night Derek.” She mumbles that night patting Derek’s chest tiredly, a familiar small stuffed dog gripped tightly in her hand. Derek hadn’t even realised she’d brought it with her.
“She has dragged it everywhere since you left on that case two weeks ago.” Spencer murmurs with an amused smile.
“Huh.” Derek responds with a smile on his face.
She ain’t my blood but she’s my girl, Yeah she’s my girl.
He’s known Cory for seven months the first time he watches her alone for longer than an hour. Spencer was asked to give a lecture at a college in New York and her normal sitter was sick.
The day went easily, having taken her to the park and then for ice cream before retiring for the day. If you’d told him eight months ago he’d know the lyrics to just about every Disney song very soon he’d have called you crazy but… here he is.
Thumb in mouth Cory curls up with Derek her head against his shoulder. “Papa smile more.” She tells him and he’s confused. “You.” She says. “Him smile more.” And or doesn’t make much sense or maybe it doesn’t. “Good.” He doesn’t get the chance to question her because she drops off to sleep shortly after.
He carries her to the the guest bedroom that isn’t much of a guest bedroom anymore considering the toys, blue blankets and child clothes that can now be seen.
It hit me like a train the first time she called me dad (pops) in a three stick figure crayon picture with all of us holding hands.
Her mama (papa) said I understand if it’s too soon for this oh I didn’t let her (him) finish I took it to the kitchen and stuck it right on the fridge.
It's been almost a year when she goes to Derek’s house from school with a scribbled picture and bright smile. She places the picture next to Derek before running off down the hall in search of her stuffed dog and action figures.
Derek picks it up and freezes for a moment staring at the page with an unreadable expression. Spencer sees him from the corner of his eye and crosses the room looking over Derek’s shoulder.
It’s the three of them at the park, she’s standing between them holding each of their hands. That however isn’t the part that caused them to pause, it was what she’d written. They are labeled, ‘me’ , ‘papa’ , ‘pops’ the top of the page dawned with the words ‘my family’
“Oh.” Spencer breathes out. “Look I understand if…” Derek shakes his head standing up with a small smile, sticking the picture among the many others that now littered his fridge.
From that day on he’s pops.
She ain’t my blood, ain’t got my name but if she did I’d feel the same I wasn’t there for her first steps but I ain’t missed a moment yet and that ain’t ever gonna change I could never walk away,
The first time she sees him in a hospital is heartbreaking, her eyes full up with tears. “Pops.” She calls out sobbing when her comatose pops doesn’t respond.
“He’ll wake up.” Spencer says though he isn’t sure who he’s reassuring by that point.
“He was hit hard but he should wake up.” David Rossi, Derek’s team member who Spencer has come to know over the past year and two months. “Always has to play hero.” Rossi adds with a head shake before leaving the two alone.
It’s six hours later when Derek does wake up. “Spence?” He croaks out.
“You're awake! Oh thank god. Don’t you ever think about doing anything like that ever again Derek Morgan or so help me-“
“Move in with me. Both of you, move in with me.”
“What?” Spencer is dumbfounded.
“You heard me.” And Spencer almost laughs at the oddity of the situation.
“I’ll move in with you if you promise never to leave me. Us.” He motions over to where Cory is sleeping.
“Never gonna leave you.” Derek promises.
When Cory wakes she ends up crawling into the hospital bed with Derek (screw protocol) and refuses to let go of his shirt until he’s discharged four days later.
Yeah she’s my baby my whole world she ain’t by blood but she’s my girl.
The Reid’s official move in a month later, waving goodbye to their small D.C apartment with no tears shred.
“Pops. Papa.” Cory says wiggling her way between them on the couch.
“What are you doing up Angel?” Derek asks.
They laugh at the sheer honesty but don’t send her away letting her fall asleep with them. Spencer eventually carried her to bed, making sure not to forget her stuffed dog.
She’s Saturday morning cartoons.
The sound of hysterical laughter is heard throughout the house rousing Spencer from his sleep and prompting him to pad into the living room.
Derek is sitting on the couch half asleep, Cory sat on his lap intently watching ‘bubble guppies’ and petting Clooney.
Spencer smiles and if he snaps a picture, no one needs to know.
She’s hey can I sleep in your room?
Cory learns to hate when Derek leaves for cases, sometimes going as far as throwing tantrums when he tries to say goodbye but that never changes her response to him coming home. No matter how mad she was at him for leaving.
Derek comes home close to midnight and doesn’t expect to see Cory until morning but is mistaken as she’s sitting up on the couch in the living room when he enters the house. “I made the mistake of telling her that you were on your way home.” Spencer explains, which cues Cory in on Derek’s arrival.
“Pops!” She turns around standing on the couch and reaching out insistently. “Your home.”
“Hey Princess, of course I am. I always come home.” Spencer smiles fondly.
“Can I sleep with yous?” She asks looking between Derek and Spencer innocently.
“Of course you can Cory.” Spencer says walking over to kiss Derek.
“Yuck!” They both laugh loudly.
She’s bigger than the plans I ever had. She's making me a better man.
“I never thought I’d get this.” Derek tells Spencer one night.
“Hmm?” Spencer prompts wrapping himself around Derek.
“This.” He motions around. “You and Cory.”
“I thought it would always just be me and Cory.” Spencer admits. “No one wants to date a single dad who’s a college professor with a past off… expect you did.”
“You're not your past Spencer.”
“And you're not yours.” They don’t address the true meaning of the sentence instead Derek smiles, lifting a sleeping Cory into his arms and heading down the hall.
She ain’t my blood, ain’t got my name but if she did I’d feel the same I wasn’t there for her first steps but I ain’t missed a moment yet and that ain’t ever gonna change I could never walk.
The wedding is in June, they’d been together for two and a half years when they decided to get married.
Cory is the flower girl, Henry the ring barrier.
Derek’s team is there, his mother and sisters too.
Spencer mom is there, along with a few of his professor friends.
Hotch is Derek’s best man, his groomsmen and woman being Penelope and James.
Reid’s best woman is JJ, his groomsmen and woman being Emily and Rossi.
It’s a small thing really.
There’s a party afterwards.
“Papa lap.”
“Cory I’m eating.” He tells her with a stern look.
“Pops lap.”
“I’m eating too princess.” He responds. Still not deterred she pushes Derek’s arm out of the way and climbs into his lap successfully seeing as Penelope had changed her out of her suit before dinner. (She had refused a dress and neither of her fathers saw it necessary to force her into clothes she doesn’t want.) “Alright fine.” Derek huffs although there’s no heat in his voice.
“Pushover.” Spencer mummers into his wine glass ignoring the glare his husband shot him. “Cory, do you want your own plate of food?” Spencer asked and got his answer when she shook her head instead picking food off of their plates.
Yeah she’s my baby my whole world, she ain’t my blood but she’s my girl.
It’s six months later when they all sit in a family court room, their friends and family sitting on the public benches behind them.
They sign the papers in front of everyone and then the judge announces loudly, “I hereby declare Cory Reid-Morgan adopted.”
They go out for ice cream as a large group to celebrate, Cory happily running around with Jack and Henry afterwards.
When it’s time for everyone to leave Cory demands to be picked up by Derek who complies. She rests her head on his shoulder and quietly murmurs. “I love you.”
“I love you too princess.”
“To the moon and back?”
“A million times.” Spencer comes up from behind wrapping his arms around Derek's waist and resting his chin on the shoulder not occupied by Cory’s head.
“Love you Derek.”
“Love you too Spencer.”
Yeah she’s my girl.
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I’m moving headcanons and shitposts
They will be moving to another blog for the sake of my own sanity, thank you very much. I will  also be making sure I get all of my stories for A03 up on here. I have been lagging because I am adjusting to some things.
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“I’m not going to leave you.”
Tumblr media
Relationship- Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov
Summary-  Peter Parker has been having nightmares for a long time now without telling any of the avengers, when Natasha finds him shaking and screaming she wakes him from the prison his mind had locked him within. She comforts him in the aftermath of the nightmare, where he relived some of the worst things that have ever happened to him on replay.
Peter would never admit to anyone that his nightmares are getting worse, even if logically any member of the team would understand and probably try to help him. They already see him as the tag along kid who gets into too much trouble if they find out that he is having nightmares they might decide he is too young and childish for avengers work. 
He knows Tony has nightmares- he’s heard other members of the team talking to him about them in the middle of the night but Tony has reasons to have nightmares Peter doesn’t think he does. Sam would probably be able to teach him how to cope with them but he might also mock him, Sam tends to mock him a lot then again Sam mocks everyone so it probably isn’t personal. Bruce is always nice but he has enough to worry about as it is. Steve is… nice enough but he is mister make you train for nine hours on a Saturday and he’s the team leader. Clint is the joker but he would probably at least try to be sympathetic, Peter has seen him get serious before and if he’s being honest it was kind of scary. Bucky is the exact opposite and honestly doesn’t really talk to anyone Peter can remember seeing him smile maybe twice and once was before they ran head first into a hoard of HYDRA creations which was… unsettling to say the least. Then there is Wanda, and Peter would talk to her but he’s a little afraid she’ll try and use her powers to fix the problem which no offence to her, he likes his head not messed with. Lastly there is Natasha who is nice enough to him, she helps train him and gets the others off his back when they go too far with the teasing like the time when Clint put glitter in his web shooters and free fell seven stories before Tony grabbed him. 
The nightmares are memories more than his imagination messing with him which he supposes is what makes them so much worse. Memories of hands where shouldn’t be, uncle Ben bleeding to death, getting trapped under the building, people he couldn’t save, and the missions that he just can’t seem to shake. When it is his imagination making things up it’s people leaving him, like Tony realizing he isn’t worth the trouble, aunt May dying because he left her to live with the avengers (although he sees her five or more times a week), sometimes it’s seeing skip again or what would have happened if he couldn’t push the building off of himself. 
It’s only inevitable that someone would eventually find out about the images that haunt his subconscious in the night. It was only a matter of time before someone found him in a state so unlike his normal one, a matter of time until somebody knew everything because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. 
It happens on a night when most of the team is away for one reason or another, Tony is in his workshop under strict instructions that unless someone is dying or the world is under attack he is to be left alone which means the only other person left in the tower is Natasha. She had ordered them both dinner from some Chinese place around the block before going to bed telling Peter if he needed anything to have FRIDAY alert her. He doubts she actually meant that and besides he’s old enough to take care of himself (mostly) so it doesn’t matter if she didn’t mean it because he won’t need her. 
Fate of course had other plans for him that night of course (because Parker luck strikes again). 
He’s six years old again sitting in his childhood bedroom, skip is there. “Hey Einstein.” 
He hates that nickname. “Let’s play a game.” He doesn’t like this game. 
He’s eleven years old again, he gets in a fight with uncle Ben and decides to run off. Ben chases after him. There's a loud noise. People are yelling. There's red everywhere. Aunt May is screaming. Uncle Ben is gone. 
He’s fifteen again, the building is heavy as it crushes his lungs. He tries to scream. No one is coming. 
He’s sixteen, there’s a little girl. The masked man stabs her. She crumples to the ground and there's blood everywhere. He can’t save her. 
He’s sixteen, they stumbled upon a HYDRA cell. There’s a room full of children. They look so empty. They’ll never recover. 
Peter doesn’t know he’s screaming until there’s a hand on his shoulder forcefully shaking him awake. “Peter, kid, wake up.”  He lunges forward breathing harsh and uneven. 
“No no no no.” He mumbles the word over and over again. “I don’t want to play. Uncle Ben! Can’t breathe. So much blood. Empty eyes.” His mind runs over every memory over and over. 
“Peter.” A voice breaks through the haze, it’s feminine and familiar. He knows that voice. It’s a safe voice. Natasha's his mind supplies sluggishly. “Hey, I need you to breathe for me, can you do that?”  
“Tasha.” The name is slur and it feels foreign for some reason. “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.” The phrase is familiar, aunt May used to tell him to breathe when he had nightmares. He can breathe, there’s no weight on his chest, he can breathe. “I can breathe.” 
“Yeah.” Natasha agrees. He notices there's a hand rubbing his back he doesn’t know when it started but it’s something to focus on. It’s soothing, he relaxes a little and his head starts to come back to him. 
“M’sorry.” He mumbles. 
“Hey, none of that. You didn’t do anything wrong.” 
“I did. I did it all wrong. I let Skip touch even though it was wrong and I ran away so uncle Ben got shot and I didn’t listen to Tony and I didn’t save the girl and…” Natasha isn’t fully sure what any of that means but she has an idea and it makes her feel oddly protective. 
“Peter who is Skip?” She has to ask. 
“Babysitter, bad man, dirty.” Peter makes a face shaking his head. That only confirms her suspicions which while it explains why peter is so weary of new men it also makes her sick. 
“You shouldn't blame yourself for any of those things.” There’s a voice in the back of her head that tells her she’s getting too close to the kid but she decides to kill it even if it is against her better judgement. “Do you have nightmares a lot?” He nods. “Did you tell anyone?” He shakes his head. “Why not?” 
“Makes me weak. Everyone will leave. Tony and Bruce and Steve and Clint and Sam and Bucky and Wanda and You everyone will leave. Everyone always leaves.” 
“Nightmares don’t make you weak, they make you human and,” She repeats the statement that Coulson had once used to soothe her years ago, she was barely older than Peter is now. “I’m not going to leave you.” The statement is so strikingly true she has to squash down the instincts telling her to run. What is it about this kid? 
“You should. I cause problems, attract danger.” 
“I cause problems and attract danger too.” She says it bluntly. “We all do.” She then wraps her arm around his shoulders in an action that shocks the both of them. “We all have nightmares, you can’t do this job and not have nightmares but you don’t have to be alone. It’s okay to lean on other people sometimes.” Something Clint had told her shortly after he rescued her from the KGB. She didn’t believe him for a long time but maybe he had the right idea (not that she’ll ever admit that to his face). 
If she instructs FRIDAY to inform her every time Peter has nightmares from that day on, nobody but she and him need to know that. Peter has a long way to go before he realizes he isn’t burdening everyone around him, and even longer before he realizes that all of the avengers do care about him just in their own special ways. 
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You idiot
Tumblr media
Ship: Peter Parker/Harley Keener 
Summary: Peter Parker is injured on patrol and isn’t complying with medical treatment until Harley shows up and settles him down 
The call came around 2am, Harley had been half asleep at the time the TV was playing in the background.
“Kenner speaking.”
“Harley,” Tony’s voice comes through. “Peter was stabbed, he’s in medial and fine. Talking and sassing away, FRIDAY not responding I need to go find out why, can you come switch with me?”
“On my way.” Harley does his best to mask the concern and fear in his voice because fine is a very loose word in the tower. The avengers were always ‘fine’ even if they’ve just come out of a medically induced coma or been pulled out of rubble from a fallen building. He could hear voices coming from the west corner of the medical wing when he stepped inside and was quickly able to see Peter pushing away Dr.Cho, who was pushing right back.
“I don’t need any medicine and I don’t need bed rest.”
“You're not a doctor.” Harley joins the conversation causing Peter to jump a little.
“That does not mean I’m not right.” Peter argues back stretching slightly and pulling on his aggravated abdomen immediately regretting it.
“You idiot.” Harley mutters fondly leaning to gently push Peter back on the bed. “Listen to Dr.Cho sweetheart. She knows what’s best and the sooner your better the sooner you can go back to saving people.”
“I guess you’re right.” Peter mumbles tilting his head to peck Harley’s lip. “Stay?”
“Disgusting.” Tony laughed, leaving the two boys alone
without any further discussion.
It would turn out that Bruce had been fixing a small bug in FRIDAY’s coding which had been causing her to repeat some words. A bug he was almost sure either Peter or Harley had planted but alas had no proof too.
It would also turn out that Peter’s healing worked its magic over night and by the next morning the only evidence of a stab wound was a slightly irritated red line.
For now though, Peter tugs Harley into the bed with him seeking out cuddles from the older boy.
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“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want is a drink and somebody to cuddle with.”
Tumblr media
Ship: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Summary: Spencer has a rough day out of office interviewing a serial killer at the update woman’s prison. At least when he gets back to the office Aaron is there to make it a little bit better.
Spencer had a rough day, or maybe it wasn’t so rough as it was long. He’d been sent out to a women's prison upstate to interview a woman who had been put in solitary confinement. In the end it was concluded that she felt no guilt for her crimes and if released or put with the general population of the prison she would kill again. She’ll spend the rest of her life between solitary confinement and maximum security courtyards kept away from other prisoners.
Deciding something like that will probably never sit right with him no matter how many times he’s done it over the years. Since he had gone alone there was nothing but his thoughts on the way back to the office which was unsettling him more than he’d like to admit.
When he did get to the office it was just in time to see Prentiss and Morgan storm off in opposite directions of each other clearly having had some sort of disagreement.
“How was the prison?” JJ asked him softly notching how put off he looked.
“Fine.” He shrugged. “She was a sadist who killed a confirmed number of twenty-four men and is suspected in the murders of another thirty-six.” He scrunches his nose. “I’m tired.”
“Hotch is in his office. Go. I’ll handle Emily and Morgan.” He smiles gratefully laughing a little when he hears JJ tell them if they want to act like children she’ll treat them like children.
He knocks on the door even though he could probably walk right in and nobody would bat an eye. Even if JJ is the only one who actually knows they’re together the others suspect and Aaron always had a soft spot for the genius. The door opened and Aaron raised an eyebrow before ushering Spencer in silently.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want is a drink and someone to cuddle with.” Aaron smiles a little tugging Spencer into a hug and kissing the top of his head.
“I’m sorry you had a rough day.”
“Not your fault. Strauss’s.” Aaron snorts running a hand up and down Spencer’s back. “It’s true, she’s the one who made me go to that damned prison alone even though I hate doing those interviews alone.” Aaron hums letting Spencer nuzzle his neck. “Can we go home?”
“I have paperwork…” Aaron trailed off when Spencer whined. “That can wait until tomorrow I suppose.”
“Mmm.” Spencer hums pushing closer to Aaron if that’s even possible.
“Come on, sit on the couch while I pack up and then we can go.” Spencer nods, stealing another kiss from Aaron before tossing himself carelessly onto the couch.
It was a long day, but Aaron makes it better.
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“You’re really cute when you pout like that.”
Tumblr media
Ship: Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner/Derek Moragn
Summary: Aaron is trying to finish some paperwork. Derek is teasing Spencer. Spencer is cuddly, and rather innocent.
A/N: My Poly ass has to write Poly ships sometimes so it’s on my spin wheel
They were scattered across places of Aaron’s office, Aaron the only one left who was still working. Derek was messing with some phone game while Spencer read some books he’d found at the library.
Spencer shuffled over from where he was leaning against Aaron’s desk to lean against Aaron’s legs prompting Aaron to play with his hair by knocking his head against where Aaron had rested his hand amongst his knee.
“I swear you were a kitten in a past life babe.” Derek teased.
“Shut up Derek.” Spencer grumbled good naturedly, pouting when he looked at Derek over the edge of his book.
“You’re cute when you pout like that.” Spencer retaliated by throwing a pen at Derek who promptly threw it back, unfortunately missing Spencer by a few inches and hitting Aaron in the face.
“Uh oh.” Spencer mumbles tilting his head up to look at Aaron. “Please don’t kill him.”
“I’m working.” Aaron huffs. “Both of you better quit it or I’ll kick you out.”
“No you won’t.” Derek responds, making his way across the room. “I’m sorry I hit you in the face with a pen.” The absurdity of the situation had Spencer gigging and Derek reached over to lightly shove him.
“Just behave.” Aaron mutters not looking up from his paperwork. “Both of you.” He adds when Spencer reaches out to grab Derek’s ankle.
“Can the paperwork till tomorrow?” Spencer asks twisting around so he’s resting his chin on Aaron’s knee.
“No it can’t.” Aaron’s hand reaches out to push Spencer off his knee. “Behave.”
“I was behaving.” Spencer argues furrowing his eyebrows, Derek laughs leaning down to whisper something in Spencer’s ear. “Oh.” Aaron rolls his eyes closing the file with a defeated sigh.
“Come on. I’m not getting anything done with the two of you fooling around.” Spencer frowns watching as Aaron packs up with a slightly agitated look on his face.
“I’m sorry.”
“Yeah me too.” Derek relents when Spencer looks at him expectedly.
“It’s fine. Let’s go home.” Aaron barely makes it to the door before two sets of arms are wrapping around him, the faces of his lovers both apologetic. “Really, it’s okay. Let’s go home.”
“You sure?” Spencer asks.
“I’m sure.”
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“Don’t get up- I’ll do it.”
Tumblr media
Ship: Peter Parker/Harley Kenner
Summary: After a long day Peter is ready to drift to sleep when Morgan comes in asking for a drink- Harley intervenes coaxing his boyfriend to let him take care of Morgan and go to sleep
Peter snuggled into the blankets sighing contentedly, after a long day watching Morgan and an even longer night catching criminals he was whipped. Haley smiled fondly from where he was looking over blueprints he had been given by some low level interns to sign off on. “I’m not sure this will work.” Harley admits.
“Will it explode if it fails?” Peter asks, blinking blearily over at Harley.
“I highly doubt it.” Because this is science and there is no definitive answer, especially not with their interns.
“Let them do it. If they fail them they’ll either scrap it or try again, maybe tweak it along the way. They’ll never learn if they never screw up.”
“You sound like Tony.” Peter glared half heartedly, the effect ruined by the goofy smile that breaks out on his face.
“Bubba? I want my sippy.” Morgan joins the conversation, hair tousled, ragged stuffed bunny grasped tightly in her small hand. Peter goes to push himself off the bed when Harley stops him.
“Don’t get up. I’ll do it.” Peter frowns. “Baby you’ve had a long day, I’ll take care of Morgan.”
“You did too and she’s my sister. I can take care of her.” Peter interjects.
“I didn’t say you can’t.” Haley soothes. “You had a longer day than me that’s not even debatable. Let me take care of Morgan before you run yourself to the ground.”
“Fine.” Harley smiles softly leaning down to kiss Peter’s forehead.
“Get some rest.”
Peter sees Harley lift Morgan onto his hip, unable to hear exactly what his boyfriend is murmuring to the toddler and too exhausted to try and hear he lets himself finally slip off into a peaceful sleep.
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“I think I love you.”
Tumblr media
Ship: Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan
Summary: They’ve been dancing around each other for a while now, doing whatever it is that they are doing. Who knew all it would take for them to admit feelings deeper than completely platonic friendship would be a sleep deprived Spencer Reid (who has less of a verbal filter than he wishes he did)
A/N: this is also posted on my AO3 under the same account name (Sarcasm_with_a_side_of_fries)
Spencer Reid didn’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to his emotions (understanding them, recognizing them, having them in general). The emotions he has for one Derek Morgan are a jumbled mess of Christmas lights that he doesn’t have the time or patience to unravel.
Spencer Reid also doesn’t know what this is that they are doing. The game they are apparently playing where they dance around each other until a case hits too hard and they can’t sleep alone. They dance around each other until Spencer has a craving he can’t handle alone. They dance around each other until unwanted memories sneak up on Derek in the night.
They dance around each other until it’s two in the morning and someone shows up at someone's door with pizza. Then they’ll watch a movie and fall asleep tangled together and it’s totally *totally* platonic.
Straight people don’t spend this much time trying to convince themselves they are straight. The thought hits Spencer like a semi-truck without headlights on a dark night.
He panics for a little while, has what some may call a crisis. He writes his mother and battles with if he should or shouldn’t talk to JJ.
Then there’s a case and there’s no time to have a crisis because there’s sixteen dead teenage boys and no end in sight. The case goes from bad to worse and there’s no time to think about anything for two weeks while they chase around a psychotic killer. They lose four teenagers in the process but they save two. For some reason it doesn’t feel like enough, to save two when twenty are dead.
The jet ride back is awfully silent, no one says anything all too draining emotionally and physically. Spencer is tired when they land. Too tired to drive back to his apartment although he really should because trusting himself alone with Derek isn’t exactly something he’s up for.
“Woah pretty boy.” Derek murmurs reaching out and steadying him when he sways on the bottom step. “You cannot drive.”
“Yes I can.”
“Spencer you can’t walk down the jet stairs. How on earth do you expect to drive? Aren’t you the one who lectured me on sleep deprivation and blood alcohol level equivalents?”
“Well…” Spencer attempts to defended himself but falls short (although that may be because Derek has an arm around his waist and that is extremely distracting)
“Mhm.” Derek chuckles keeping his arm around Spencer’s waist as he leads him away. “Face it pretty boy, you're drunk on sleep deprivation.”
“Why do you call me that?” A question that in his right mind Spencer definitely never would have asked.
“Why do I call you pretty boy?” Derek asked. “Because you're a pretty boy.” The answer is simple enough and while Spencer clearly isn’t satisfied with it he doesn’t say anything more. As they arrive at Derek’s truck Spencer gets sleepier to the point Derek is practically carrying him. “You're gonna have to work with me here.” Derek tells him when it’s time to get him up into the car and Spencer whines. “You’re tired I know.”
“You’re warm.” Spencer mummers attempting to lean closer to Derek.
“My truck is warmer.” That apparently does the trick because when Derek helps Spencer up and into the seat this time he doesn’t protest.
“Did you know that originally trucks were only meant for short distances on farms and it wasn’t until… the 1960’s that they began to be designed for longer trips.” Spencer yawns when he finishes speaking but looks over at Derek expectantly.
“I did not know that, why do you know that? You’ve never had much interest in cars unless it’s lecturing one of us about the dangers of them.”
“Looked it up. You like cars.” Six words that stop Derek completely for a moment.
“Yeah, yeah I do.” Because what else is he supposed to say to that. The rest of the ride is quiet and at some point Spencer unbuckles to shuffle into the middle seat of the truck (immediately buckling back in) and rests his head against Derek’s shoulder which is so uncharacteristic Derek isn’t sure how to respond.
They pull into Derek’s driveway which means Derek pulling away from Spencer who whines much like he had earlier. “Tired.”
“I know.” Derek mummers. “Come on, you can sleep inside it’ll be more comfortable.”
Getting Spencer inside is a much more difficult task than Derek originally thought it would have been, but he manages to drag the half asleep genius inside. Derek considers dropping them both down onto the couch but then decides against it. There’s no much difference between sleeping on the couch and sleeping in his bed. Right?
Spencer tugs on his sweater and shirt when Derek drops him on the bed- so as the completely whooped person he is Derek helps him letting him redress into a pair of sweatpants and a tank top from his drawers. Derek pretends to not see Spencer staring at him when he quickly changes himself, because he’s tired and he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
“Hmm.” The hum comes as the blanket is pulled back and the bed drips another body joining Spencer’s.
“I think I love you.” And wow that is most definitely not what he meant to say.
“I think I love you too kid.” Spencer hums himself rolling closer to Derek, his eyes falling shut.
There’s a lot to talk about, a lot to discuss and in the morning he will most definitely panic about the words of his sleep addled brain. For now though, he can sleep peacefully content with the fact that Derek might love him too.
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