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I’m starting to think watching Criminal Minds from the start was a mistake… I cried my eyes out today because of season 5 :,)

going to finish it anyways


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Emily: It’s about time you divorced mr. lemonhead.

JJ: I didn’t?

Emily: Oh. Must’ve been that dream again. My bad.

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makeup (spencer reid x reader)


Originally posted by jjandspencerswh0re

overview: reader is wayy to tired to take care of herself, good thing her bestie spencer is there

genre: fluff

a/n: this one made me all giddy but shes a shorty too oops hahha lmk what yall think :)




sharing a hotel room with Spencer wasn’t an incredibly uncommon occurrence. you two were best friends and would spend most days at each other’s apartments anyway, plus the bureau did not mind saving some extra money down sizing rooms every now and then.

so you sat on your bed, particularly exhausted after todays work day. the case was yet to be over and you could really use some sleep before returning to looking at crime scene photos and interviewing creeps.

Spencer watched amused as you huffed out a long breath and flopped onto the mattress, still in your work clothes.

“whats wrong?” he asked crossing to the bathroom, toothbrush wiggling with each word from the corner of his mouth.

“im so tired i dont want to take off my make up,” you groaned, just the idea of putting in any effort into anything made you exponentially more exhausted.

“do you want me to do it?” he asked with a mouthful of toothpaste, popping his head around the corner.

“would you really?” you asked, wondering why you felt like your heart was now beating much faster than before.

“yeah,” he replied before spitting into the sink and rinsing out his mouth, “change into your pj’s while i pee and then come here so i can take your make up off for you.”

you sluggishly changed into your pajamas, wishing spencer would bhelp you with that too. you shook the thought from your brain and knocked on the bathroom door after hearing him washing his hands.

“ok what do i do?” he asked, opening the door then drying his hands on a towel.

you poured some make up remover onto a cotton pad and handed it to him before promptly hopping up on to the counter and closing your eyes.

“you take that and wipe my face.” you instructed, closing your eyes and jutting out your chin.

“uh..ok here we go.”

he ever so gently brushed your skin with the cotton pad, so softly as if you would break at any second.

“spence..” your eyes fluttered open.

“did i push too hard?” he worried.

“no you’re actually a little too gentle, you need to press down a little so the make up comes off. remember when you wiped frosting on my face at my birthday?”

“what i would never do something like that,” he lied, chuckling slightly.

“you should use the same amount of force you used then!”

he pressed slightly harder, wiping your face strategically and periodically checking the cotton pad to see if it was doing its job. you sat in a comfortable silence, trying hard to not let your heart burst every time his fingers connected to your face. every time he held the back of your neck for better stability.

unbeknownst to you, he was doing the same thing. his fingers were on fire as he took your make up off, but a good kind of fire. you sat there look so tired, but so beautiful. so..kissable. he tried to ignore his thoughts but it was difficult have the most gorgeous woman, inside and out, as a best friend. let alone being this physically close. he was sure this was his peak. life simply wouldnt get any better than this.

“i can open your eyes,” he said, turning around to throw away the make up pad.

“i don’t wanna,” you replied, sleepily pulling him close to you and wrapping your arms around him. “you’re so comfy i could fall asleep right here.”

you wondered why being this tired made you act a fool like this.

“do you want me to carry you to your bed?” he asked, heart thumping from holding you in his arms.

“can i sleep in your bed?” you yawned, “its so cold in the room and i always have nightmares on my bed. trust me its science.”

“well cant argue with science,” he laughed at your half assed explanation, carrying you bridal style and plopping you on a mattress so soft and filled with the smell of him, you were asleep in no time.


ultra mega super cool taglist!:

@mac99martin @imhreid @spencersmagic @hollydaisy23 @raelady1184 @a-broken-pact @padfootswife

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jj: *is a functioning adult with a husband and two kids* i sometimes wonder if im not good enough

emily: *sets the toaster on fire* i am literally perfection

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Okay yes hi hello this is me gracing y’all with my writing Bc I’ve had this idea forever!! This is going to be multiple chapters, and I will link chapter two at the end of this chapter once chapter two is up! Enjoy :)


Short description: Spencer works as a technical analyst alongside Garcia and Kevin, though he hasn’t ever really worked directly with the BAU team, he works more in filing and researching. But when Garcia goes on vacation leave, and Kevin is busy with his own work, Spencer steps up to help- and that’s when he meets Derek Morgan.


Spencer hated technology. He hated computers, tablets, cell phones, he hated it all. He hated everything and anything that isn’t on printed onto paper. So how the fuck did he end up as a technical analyst- whose entire job was based around proficient use of technology? In very short, budget cuts.

He originally worked in domestic terrorism, though he never fit in well there. He was a good worker, fast and able to do a lot. But his coworkers never let him feel included. He would hear them make plans without him, ignore him in conversations, only reaching out to him for his great memory to help solve a case. It was dehumanizing. He was just a brain for them, nothing more.

Then, the budget cuts came. And he got removed from the team, as he had the least amount of hours in the field- which wasn’t his fault. The rest of his team always forced him into the research position, so while they were off chasing the bad guys, he was stuck researching with a computer he doesn’t trust.

Keep reading

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completely and utterly, wholeheartedly and hopelessly (spencer reid x reader)


Originally posted by thmrdrs

overview: spencer helps his best friend talk through her emotions

genre: angst? and fluff

warnings: mentions of cheating, bad coping mechanisms, idrk what else reader being upset for a little bit

a/n: this has been sitting in my notes app FOREVER but idk how i feel ab this one im usually strictly fluff so yall lmk :)


you hated talking about your feelings. you knew it was unhealthy to keep it bottled and and ‘deal with it on your own’ but that didn’t stop you from doing exactly that.

the worst part about your feelings right now was that you isolate to cope with them. you didn’t want to interact with anyone at all because more likely than not you would lash out at them on accident. it just slips out sometimes.

when you trudged into the bullpen with your head down and your hands fidgeting with your zipper, you didn’t even notice all eyes on you. you werent your usual happy self. you weren’t being loud, you weren’t cracking jokes. you were just begrudgingly existing amongst your favorite people and they knew there was something wrong.

“good morning gorgeous, its a paperwork day! that means no traveling!” garcia informed you brightly, trying to lighten my mood.

“oh. cool. thanks.” you answered back, flashing her as much of a smile as you could muster after realizing the harshness of your words.

she shot morgan a look, to which he raised an eyebrow.

“hey pretty lady,” he began as he walked over to you, “whats going on? did you drink some grumpy juice for breakfast?”

“no. im fine.” you replied flatly, making your way to your desk.

“what in the world..” he whispered to garcia, not knowing you could still hear.

or maybe he did know. maybe he was trying to get on your nerves. no. this is the irritability talking. morgan was just being a good friend.

you groaned at your computer, retyping the same password for the 4th time.

this time Prentiss shot you a look.

“is everything ok?” she asked, smiling slightly.

“yeah my computer is being stupid.” you rolled your eyes as it finally let you in.

“oh i know the feeling. if you need any help-”

“I’m alright. thanks.” you cut her off, eyes glued to the file you were working on.

JJ, who had witnessed the whole interaction unfold, stood with her mouth agape.

“spence, your bestie needs you!” JJ tapped his shoulder and motioned to you.

he watched your jaw rhythmically clench and unclench. your tell. thats what you always did when you were irritated or angry.

“hey y/n,” he hummed, sitting lightly on the corner of your desk, crinkling some of your paper work.

“Reid! my files!” you cried, swatting his thigh. he got up and murmured an apology.

“are you ok?” he asked simply, crouching down to meet your height as you sat in your chair.

“why does everyone keep asking me that!”

you knew why. you were being a bitch.

“you just called me Reid.” he stated.

“its your name.” you replied, not meeting his gaze.

“yeah but you always-” he began.

“I’m not in the mood right now.”

he sighed, “if you need someone to talk to-”

“i don’t need anyone to talk to because theres nothing to talk about!” you interrupted, causing him to furrow his eyebrows at the tone of my voice.

'i shouldn’t be mean to him. why am i acting like this?’ you thought to yourself

“ok, ill be over there if you need me,” he threw his hands up in surrender.

you mumbled an ok and went back to distracting yourself with work. you were so invested in filing these cases you completely lost track of time and before you knew it, it was just you, Hotch, and Spencer left in the office. you vaguely remembered waving goodbye to your other coworkers but you didn’t remember it being nearly 6pm.

“guys go home, you’ve done a lot today,” Hotch said as he crossed the bullpen, making his way towards the glass doors.

“yeah i will i’m almost done,” you answered, not looking up from my screen.

“good night, Hotch,” Spencer called from the break room.

you stared at your screen, eyes burning. you did enough. you cant escape confronting your feelings much longer. you sighed as you began packing up.

as if on cue, Spencer walked out of the break room with two cups in his hands, steam rising from the both of them. your mood softened just a bit.

“here,” he handed you your drink which he had filled with your favorite tea and sweetened just the way you like it.

“you didnt have to.” you replied, setting down the warm cup as you finished packing up. he mirrored your movements, resting his satchel across his torso before picking his drink back up.

“i know.” he answered simply, a gentle smiling resting on his lips before he took a sip of his own tea.

“im sorry for snapping at you earlier.” you apologized, finally meeting his gaze. his eyes were soft and sweet and you felt a pang of guilt in your heart as they looked into your own.

“its ok. do you want to tell me why?” he asked, walking to the elevator with you.

“no. yes? i dont know. its stupid.” you replied, looking down at the floor as you recounted your reason for my anger today.

“its not stupid.” he spoke softly.

you scoffed lightly, “you dont even know what it is.”

“so tell me.”

“but its dumb!”

“y/n.” he warned.

“my ex boyfriend, Ashton, is getting married to the girl he cheated on me with.” you sighed, walking through the parking lot with Spencer.

“ah so Trashton put my favorite ray of sunshine in a bad mood.” he joked, breath swirling around the cool air as he spoke

you let out a weary chuckle, “its not like i miss him or anything, i just wish i had someone! not him- i just- i want- ugh i don’t know how to word this!” you grew frustrated, furrowing your eyebrows and balling your hands into fists.

you knew exactly how to word it.

you wanted Spencer.

“its ok, take all the time you need.” he whispered, leaning on the hood of your car. you joined him, resting as you took a sip of your tea.

“why am i not good enough to be loved.” you stated the question rather than asking it, eyes filling with tears.

“you are good enough and i promise you that you are loved more than you know.” he affirmed gently, turning to face you.

“do you know why we broke up?” you asked, knowing if you acknowledged his previous comment you wouldn’t be able to continue without sobbing.

“because he cheated on you.” he answered confidently.

“no.” you shook your head, fighting back tears.

“what? he didn’t cheat on you?”

“he did. and i was going to forgive him for that.”

Spencer started getting riled up, “what! why? you’re worth more than that scumbag! you shouldn’t ha-”

“Spencer just let me finish!” you cut him off. he went silent, chest rising and falling more rhythmically than it had seconds earlier. “he wanted me to chose. him or you.”

“him or me?” he furrowed his eyebrows, voice much quieter now.

“mhm.” you hummed not meeting his gaze, your cheeks redder than you’d like to admit.

“i don’t understand.” he breathed.

“he thought i was cheating on him with you. he had no proof and it w-”

“oh this is all my fault. y/n i’m so sorry!”

“no! spence its not your fault!” you grabbed his arm to reassure him.

“it is! your boyfriend broke up with you because of me! and now you’re sad and lonely and its all my fault!” he cried, looking worriedly into your eyes.

“first of all, i broke it off with him, he just gave the ultimatum. secondly, you did me a favor.”


“by showing me who i was really dating. a cheating, insecure scumbag who was quick to replace me when i left.”

“i guess thats true.”

“and id pick you over him any day.” you admitted, looking back down at the ground. he nudged your shoulder playfully and you cracked a sad smile

“im sorry i made you sad and lonely.”

“you didnt. id be sad and lonely anyway.”

“why? you would still have a boyfriend if it wasn’t for me.”

“i don’t want a boyfriend if it isn’t you.”

shit. shit.

the words toppled out of your mouth before you could stop them.

“what?” he asked, wide eyes and looking a little shocked. spencer was sure in that very moment that if he heard you correctly hed simply explode.

“i- no this was a bad idea. i just ruined everything didnt i!” you were speaking more to yourself, exasperated at your own stupidity.

“no,” you felt him place a finger to your chin and lift your gaze to meet his, “im glad you said it because now i can admit it.”

“admit what?”

“that im completely and utterly, wholeheartedly and hopelessly in love with you.”

“spencer dont play with my heart like this. are you being serious?”

“yes. i am.” he said with a strange confidence than you had never heard before. hesitant but sure.

“oh thats so lucky because i am completely and utterly, wholeheartedly and hopelessly in love with you too.” you admitted, feeling about 100 pounds lighter, like you could fly. he pulled you into a bone crushing hug which you eagerly accepted. “i should talk about my feelings more often.”

he chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head, “yes you should.”

world littlest taglist:


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So, I don’t know if someone had this idea already because the song is literally so good for jemily and also bc everyone uses tik tok and this song is from there 🤷‍♀️ anyway I made this edit and it took me so long to do this bc I have never done this before so it’s not perfect but I did my best and I hope you guys like it ☺️

Chicken Tendies by Clinton Kane (song) 🎶

- I think everyone should hear it. The song is sooooooo good and it literally fits Jemily in my opinion.

P.S: I hope there’s no mistakes/ misspelling and if it is I’m sorry

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JJ: Hey Emily do yo-

Emily: Yes

JJ: Emily you don’t even know what I was going to ask.

Emily: Doesn’t matter, I’d do anything for you Jennifer

JJ: *flustered*

Will: Damnit Emily

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Emily, still awake at 3 am: when an earthquake happens, coffins become underground maracas.

JJ: ….what are you doing in my house

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This CM rewatch has made me remember just how much I fancy Luke Alvez and just how underrated he is

Also him & Garcia are so cute holy shit

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i just finished seeing season 12 and guys



we all agree that Stephen Walker deserved more !!!!!!


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Yes, I do indeed! This was fun and I may do more in the future!

has a chocolate addiction, especially bounty’s (coconut chocolate). rossi stole one from a pot on her desk one time and she didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.

is not a morning person. two cups of coffee before she even THINKS about talking to someone. whoever arrives at the precinct first makes sure to have a cup of coffee ready for her.

showers > baths.

sport was a big thing in her family growing up and she totally screams at the tv whenever she watches a game. she did once wake up JJ and reid who were in the rooms either side of her from shouting so loudly (JJ came in and watched the rest of it with her). now her, morgan, and JJ watch games together when they can. 

this is kind of canon already - but she isn’t a fan of being touched/touching others. the first time she casually placed a hand on reid’s shoulder everyone actually froze for a second. she’s more touchy outside the office but even then it’s only with certain people and she’s the one instigating it. 

romantic partners are an exception though. doesn’t like pda but in private she’s constantly finding pretty much any way to make contact with them.

holds her liquor well! outdrank rossi (barely but she did it and she holds it like a badge of honour). bourbon/scotch if she’s drinking properly. a glass of wine after a hard day. not really a fan of vodka or gin but will still drink it.

if you tell her she can’t do something she will go above and beyond to prove she can (that’s how the drinking competition started with rossi). 

her first girls night she was super nervous but after a bottle of wine (garcia’s choice) she was confessing things about her sex life that had both JJ and garcia squealing (the girls gained a lot of respect for her that night - also added a few things to their lists of things to try).

her and reid once compiled a list of really obscure words and set a challenge to see if they could use them in conversation without anyone commenting on it - they giggled together every time they managed it and the team were concerned they’d gone insane. 


LIKES WOMEN. she is not straight. (we all know she had an affair with strauss).

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season 12 episode 17:


*spencer reid existing* Shit’s catchy, bro! Shit is very catchy.

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