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#Aaron Hotchner
alexblakeisgay · 25 minutes ago
Incorrect Criminal Minds Quote
Morgan: (to the unsub) Fight me, you hairy horse's ass!
Hotch, rubbing his forehead: We are Federal agents, can you at least try to sound somewhat sophisticated when you threaten someone?
Morgan: Dost thou wish to engage in a duel, my good bITCH?!
Hotch: ...
Hotch: Somehow that is so much worse.
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checked-windows · 49 minutes ago
Emily, Derek, Penelope, jj, Spencer - wearing 'if lost please return to Aaron Hotchner' t shirts
Hotch-wearing an 'I am Aaron Hotchner' tshirt
Rossi wearing an 'I'm not lost I'm avoiding them' t-shirt
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84hotpockets · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Rare footage of Hotch and Morgan being happy together.
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acid-rain1 · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Al rewatches Criminal Minds | 10x11 - I love them so much (also love when Hotch smiles).
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ghostlessmercer · an hour ago
"Who's this? Your daddy?" is the single best response to Hotch entering a room in the whole fuciing series
Tumblr media
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trash-onthe-inside · 2 hours ago
Emily handing Hotch a mothers day card: Here.
Hotch: why-
Emily: you are our stand in mom when we are at work.
Hotch: wouldn’t that be Rossi?
Emily: he doesnt nag us like you do <3
Hotch: is that an insult or a compliment ?
Emily: anything you want it to be.
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grandexodus · 2 hours ago
Breaking and Entering - (Part Three)
Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
A/N:  This is the first finished short story I’ve written in years.  While I still need to write more often, I’m thrilled that you guys have enjoyed this mini series.  If you have any feedback, criticism, or requests my inbox is always open.  Thank you for the support.
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,933
Content Warnings:  discussion of stabbing (wound), stalking, breaking and entering, animal abuse (not explicitly detailed), blood, fighting, light cursing.  Fem reader insert, she/her pronouns.
Summary:  When the replicator continues their criminal activity, you find yourself as their target upon arriving home from a long case with the BAU.  Aaron Hotchner, your unit chief, is more than accommodating during the string of traumatic events that you endure before, during, and after the replicator case.  
Previous Part // First Part
Listen to the playlist based on this story -> Spotify // Apple
“There’s only one bedroom, so you can have it.  I’ll take the couch.”  Hotch stated.
“Hotch-” You started.
“Aaron,”  He corrected.
“Aaron, I’m not taking the only bed in the house.  I’ll take the couch.”  You said as you set your go bag on the ottoman.
“Y/n, I’m not the one with an injury.  You should take the bed.”  He insisted.  
“Daddy.”  Jack came into the living room.  His babysitter was following close behind.
“Sorry.”  The sitter mouthed from behind Jack.
“Hey, buddy.  Listen, it’s really late, so you should get back to bed.”  Hotch said as he hugged his son.
“Is y/n going to stay the night?”  Jack asked tiredly.  Though a twinge of excitement was evident.
“Yeah, she’s going to stay with us for a little while.  She’ll be sleeping in my room, so if you need me I’ll be in the living room, okay.”  Hotch explained.
“Why don’t you share your room like I do with my friends?”  Jack asked innocently.
“Well, Jack, I think that’s up to y/n.”  A smile spread across Hotch’s face.
“I don’t mind.”  You said as you gave Jack a warm smile.
“I’m going to head out.  Goodnight, guys.”  The babysitter said.
“Goodnight, Jessica.  Thank you.”  Hotch said sincerely.
“Goodnight, Jack.”  Jessica smiled and gave a small wave before leaving. 
Hotch looked at you, “Have a seat, I’ll be back.”  He turned his attention back to Jack, “Come on, Jack.  I’ll tuck you in.”  
You took a seat on the couch.  You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you noticed how happy Hotch was when he was with his kid.  It was endearing.
“I’m sure you’re more than ready for bed.”  Hotch said upon returning to the living room.
He picked up your go bag, and he slung it over his shoulder.  “You have no idea.”  You stood up, and Hotch almost immediately had an arm around you to support you as you walked.
The walk to the bedroom was a short one.  “There’s a bathroom right through there, and this will be your side of the bed.”  Hotch gestured to each location.
“I’m going to get cleaned up real quick.”  you said.  You were suddenly sheepish now that you were in his room.  He nodded, and you took your go bag into the bathroom.  
You quickly removed what was left of your makeup, brushed your teeth, and changed into your pajamas.  When you returned to the bedroom, Hotch was changed and lying in bed reading.  You crawled on to your side of the bed, thankful to finally be off the clock.  Hotch closed his book, set it on the nightstand, and turned off the lamp.
“If you need anything, let me know.  Even if you have to wake me up.”  His voice was low.
“Okay.”  There was a moment of silence.  “Aaron.”
“Thank you for everything today.”  At first he was silent.  However, within seconds he found your hand and laced his fingers with yours.  
“You’re welcome.” 
You smiled to yourself, and before long the two of you were asleep, hand in hand.
It had been four days since the replicator had broken into your apartment.  You had stayed with Hotch and Jack the entire time.  You, Hotch, and Jack had said your goodnights two hours ago, and Hotch had been snoring peacefully for about an hour.  You had just rolled onto your side and closed your eyes when you heard your phone vibrate against the nightstand.  You grabbed it and unlocked the screen, squinting until your eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness.  Once your eyes focused, you opened the text notification.  
Your heart sank to your stomach.
“Aaron.”  Your voice came out in a whisper, and he didn’t stir.  “Aaron.”  You said louder.
“Hm.”  He groaned.
“It’s the replicator.”  You couldn’t keep your voice steady no matter how hard you tried.  Hotch was alert at the sound of your words.  You handed him the phone and watched as he read the text.  
“I’ll call the team.”  If he wasn’t wide awake before, he definitely was now.
He called the team into the office before calling Jessica to come pick up Jack.  
“Y/n, I want you to stay here.  Whoever did this will be expecting you to work the case.”  Hotch stated as he hurriedly got ready.
“Aaron, I can hold my own in the field.”  You argued.
“Y/n, this is an order, not a suggestion.”  You hadn’t heard him this harsh in a very long time.  He sighed when he noticed your taken aback expression.  He came over to you and placed his hands on either of your cheeks.  He looked down at you, as you were sitting on the edge of the bed.  “I’m sorry,”  He started, “I didn’t mean to sound so harsh.  I just have to keep you safe.”  You felt heat rise to your cheeks.  “I guarantee you would be safe if you worked this case as you are the target.”  
You couldn’t muster up a response that was anything more than an understanding nod.  This man was driving you absolutely insane.  He removed his gentle hold on your face and finished getting ready.  I felt like a mere matter of minutes had passed before he and Jack were out of the house.  
You certainly couldn’t go back to sleep.  You were far too anxious.  Last time your nerves ran this wild you at least had the privilege of busying yourself with a case.  Now, you had nothing.
There was a small stack of books on the nightstand on Hotch’s side of the bed.  Surely he wouldn’t mind you borrowing one to keep you at ease.  You scooted over to his side of the bed and skimmed the book’s titles.  Most of them were informative regarding law in some way.  Those weren’t necessarily your cup of tea.  However, at the very bottom of the stack was George Orwell’s ‘1984.’  You retrieved the book from the stack before you propped yourself up on Hotch’s side of the bed and began to read.
A few hours had passed and you hadn’t heard any updates from the team.  Perhaps they weren’t updating you in order to keep you as uninvolved as possible.  Undoubtedly per Hotch’s orders.  As much as you tried to focus on the book, you could only manage to read a few sentences at a time before allowing your mind to wander.  
The sound of the front door closing pulled you from your anxiety ridden trance.  Your brow furrowed.  It couldn’t possibly be Hotch.  He would have let you know the case closed and he was on his way home.  It was far too quiet of an entrance to be Jessica and Jack.
Your heart began to pound as whoever was in the house got closer to the bedroom.  In an instant, you dialed Hotch and placed your phone face down on the bed.  
The bedroom door burst open.  Your breath caught in your throat.
“So, we finally meet face to face.”  An older man began stalking toward you.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  You spoke quickly, unable to hide your panic.  You were trying to focus on the man and search the room for anything that could be used as a weapon at the same time.  That venture wasn’t proving to be easy.
“Y/n, or should I say special agent y/l/n,”  He paused, “You know why I’m here.”
“Do I?”  You questioned as you took a step back.
“I was supposed to be where you are, an agent in the BAU, but you took that away from me.”  He stepped closer.  There were only a few feet between the two of you.
“We’re going to do things my way, or not only will you get your brains blown out,”  He flashed the gun that was tucked into the waist of his trousers, “but this whole place explodes.”  He took another step.  “You see, y/n, in ten minutes the bomb in the garage is going to go off.”  He was calm.  He had been planning for this moment for a long time.  “But before it does, I’d like to have a little fun before it does.”  He was now only a few inches away from you.  You had to think quickly if you stood any chance of getting out alive. 
Without hesitation, you stomped on his foot as hard as you could.  As he doubled over you swiftly brought your knee up to his face.  Before he could regain his composure, you snagged the lamp from the nightstand and shattered the base against his head.  You saw your chance to make a run for it, and you limped as fast as you could to the bedroom door.  
You were almost to the door when you were slung to the floor by your shoulder.  The man held you on the floor with a foot on your throat, just barely pressing down.  “One move and I’ll crush your windpipe.”  He threatened.  In one swift motion he pulled a knife from his pant pocket and crouched next to you.  He smirked as he ran the back of the knife down your cheek.  You shivered against the cold metal.  
“Rumor has it you got a pretty nasty stab wound.”  He moved the knife to your wounded leg.  “Let me guess, the wound is right,”  He tapped your shin with the blade, “about,”  he tapped your knee, “here.”  He plunged the blade into your healing wound.  
Instantaneously, a blood curdling scream rose up from your core.  It was all you could do to stay conscious.  Tears ran down your cheeks as you frantically looked around for anything to use as a weapon.  There was nothing.  
“FBI, hands where I can see them.”  Rossi stood behind the man with his gun drawn.  With a glare in your direction, the man raised his hands, leaving the blade in your thigh.  Rossi holstered his weapon and cuffed the unsub.
“Y/n.”  Hotch came barreling in.  He collapsed beside you as Rossi left the room.  “I need a medic.”  Hotch shouted over his radio before returning his attention to you.  
“Try not to move.”  Hotch said.  “I’m so sorry.”  You hadn’t ever seen him like this.  His eyes flooded with fear, with worry.  He brushed the hair out of your face and left his hand resting on your cheek.
“Don’t apologize.”  You winced and placed your hand on top of his, “You couldn’t have known.”  Without warning he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours.  Immediately, you gave into the kiss, ignoring the butterflies raging in your stomach.
“Sir, I need you to back away.”  The medics were finally in the room.
“Wait, there’s a-” You suddenly remembered the bomb in the garage.
“It’s diffused, we heard everything during the phone call.”  Hotch reassured you and you let out a sigh of relief.  “The house is safe.”  He still had his hand in yours, “You’re safe.”  He gave it a gentle squeeze before letting go so the medics could get you on to a stretcher.  “I’ll meet you at the hospital.”  He said as he stood up.  
“Can’t you ride with me?”  you asked, exhausted.  Hotch looked at one of the medics for permission.  The medic simply nodded. 
“Of course.”  Hotch said.
“Thank you, Aaron.”  you reached from his hand and quickly laced your fingers with his.
He didn’t say anything before softly planting a kiss on the back of your hand as he followed you and the medics outside.
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hazeydazey9 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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uncpanda · 3 hours ago
Hi! I hope you’re doing great, I just wanted to pop in to tell you that I absolutely fell in love with Back to the Navy Yard ❤️ and I can’t wait for the next chapter :)
Back to the Navy Yard is such a passion project! And it’s one of my favorite stories to write. It honestly doesnt have too many chapters left! But part 6 comes out tonight!!!!
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whitecrossgirl · 4 hours ago
Part 17 of Floriography
Sticky Catchfly - Invitation to Dance
Emily is bored at another FBI Gala and is ready to try and slip away when she bumps into a captivating masked stranger. Suddenly, she doesn’t want to leave...
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dudeitiskarev · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Even more icons because I can’t get enough of his face. Soft Hotch ☺️
Feel free to use them. Though a reblog would be nice.
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hotchreidd · 5 hours ago
Hotchreid obv, cam boy Reid but still in the BAU?
i imagine cam boy reid is how they get together. we all accept the headcanon reid has a nsfw twitter, right? so hotch is fresh out of his divorce, he’s doing some soul searching on the internet at 3am (because haven’t we all) and he comes across a twitter account that he is... interested in.
one day hotch sees that the account is getting some hate and he claps back at every mean comment. (obviously he does not use an account that can identify him.) reid sees all the replies and messages hotch, saying thank you for defending him. (reid is used to it, he just blocks them and moves on. but it’s still very sweet to see somebody sticking up for him.)
so they start to chat and get to know each other. they get on pretty well. they talk a few times a day, mostly starting off with a generic “how was your day?” and slowly progressing into deeper conversations. they are both high key crushing.
then one day, the team is on the plane home from a case. reid is flicking through his twitter and sees a message from the guy. he shoots back a text and a second later hotch’s phone buzzes. coincidence.
hotch looks at his phone, smiles, and replies. then reid’s phone buzzes. it’s a reply from the nice twitter guy. holy shit. there’s no way.
he looks up to hotch who is looking right at him.
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whitecrossgirl · 5 hours ago
Aaron and Jack visit Haley’s grave. The Ambassador starts another argument with Emily but at least Toy Story 2′s on TV. Merry freakin’ Christmas.
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jellejareau · 5 hours ago
reidaway is similar to hotchreid in that it only makes sense if its insane and fucked up and unsustainable 
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luvofyourlifeliv · 6 hours ago
Congratulations Liv!!!!!!!! I'm so tremendously delighted for you!!!!
🧸 would you mind please writing out some of your favorite headcanons for the BAU team? Thank you!!
thank u so much !!
🧸: BAU team :P these are so random but here you go 🤲
Hotch and Penelope have friendly dinner dates more than you think, he makes them (vegetarian) lasagna and bougie grilled cheese and she introduces him to more flavorful foods than the basic divorced dad sandwich he makes when shes not around, like cauliflower rice bowls and shit like that
Derek and Emily go to the shooting range together, i think he uses it as a sort of stress relief but he doesnt like doing it alone so he’ll just be working and grabs her arm like “c’mon lets go 🥺😒”
Spencer wears makeup. everyone uses this headcannon but like its so true. he wears lip-gloss and concealer everyday and occasionally a subtle smokey eye and the guys dont really notice because of the subtlety but JJ notices immediately and they hangout and do each others makeup 
Tara and Spencer see each other when shes visiting an old friend at georgetown university and Spencer’s just hanging out in the library maybe working on a paper. They hang out and talk about science and philosophy in the library together
Penelope has a mini fridge in her bat cave we know this but everyone uses it instead of the big one in the break area, and Luke would put chocolates in there which makes Penelope go like “you put chocolate in the fridge?” and he just “its better cold! plus people steal it if i put it in the big fridge 🥺” Garcia steals the chocolate to spite him and starts putting her chocolate in her fridge at home
JJ is good at any game except if shes playing with Spencer, he just analyzes her playing style and uses it to his advantage every time and rarely lets her win. Emily is better at chess than Spencer (we know this) and so she teaches JJ so she can one up him and Spencer almost fucking cries
Penelope and Kate often have dance parties in her office, Derek will join from time to time. It’s ‘stress relief’ when they listen to nelly furtado and justin timberlake because their job is so hectic and scary sometimes they just need to get some energy out. Hotch walks in one time and hesitantly joins.
[livs birthday bash/300+ follower celebration]
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alea-says · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I've been playing around with making some gifs. Not sure I'm entirely happy with them, but I've definitely learnt a lot.
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anastasiahotchner · 8 hours ago
I just watched 'Boxed In' (10x05) for the first time, and... wow.
Firstly, can we just acknowledge the fact that Hotch became such a great dad after Haley's death. In the beginng of the episode when talking to Garcia, he literally seemed so cheerful and smiley and beautiful!
TG's acting when the sister of the unsub came and told him about their violent father, it was amazing. You could definitely sense the pain in his eyes.
This episode being slightly Hotch-centric seemed like a good parallel. The unsub was trying to re-enact what his father did to him and 'punish' those children while Hotch was trying his hardest to be a caring father to Jack. This makes a lot of sense if he was abused, because both of them dealt with abusive fathers yet they were trying to overcome their trauma in two drastically different ways.
However, I hated the line when JJ said, "I guess we all become our parents at some time." Wtf was that??? I'm too lazy to make screen caps but I think you can see Hotch make a kind of swallowing motion which you can see a few times throughout the show when he is uncomfortable. For example, I saw this during 'Angels' (9x23) when they were talking to preacher Mills and he started talking about religion, but don't get me started on Hotch's religious trauma.
When talking to the unsub who was abused by his father and the unsub said "You don't know a damn thing about my father" Hotch was the one who reacted. He said, "Actually, I do" and not completely based on what Garcia and the unsub's sister had told them. "I do" not we do. It seemed like he was speaking from personal experience, "god-fearing, short-tempered, alcoholic." And during 1x08, we all know about the "and some people grow up to catch them." Perotta's father was an abusive alcoholic, so Hotch's would've been the same.
The next lines he said were what really struck me. "You could never make him proud, could you? Everything you always did was wrong." These lines are also not something they would know from such limited information about his childhood. Sure, they are profilers, but it seems unlikely that they would be able to completely understand his exact plight.
We also know that Hotch was always trying to follow in his father's footsteps or make his father proud of him. In 1x16, 'The Tribe' Sean says that Hotch became a lawyer, just like his father. Which obviously shows that he might have been trying to make him proud, even in some twisted way, even though his father abused him. "Everything you did was always wrong." It is canon that Hotch was sent off to boarding school because he was "the screw-up making bad choices." So that sentence definitely seems like it applies to his childhood.
However, the end of the episode shows us Hotch going back to Jack and kissing him on the forehead. It think this episode really shows us that Hotch is really trying his hardest to break away from the cycle of abuse, and in the end he treats his son with love and with care.
Wow, this ended up being long. It's random nonsense and I genuinely do not think half of what I wrote is coherent, so forgive me.
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obliviousreid · 9 hours ago
i don't ship hotchniss but i have to admit, it's cute
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shmaptainshada · 10 hours ago
yeah okay guys it’s 3 am and i will be planning an aaron hotchner fic 🤠✌🏽
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ag-ib · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
“What have I said about liquids in the vicinity of electrical devices, Reid? Garcia bought you a child’s non-spill cup for a reason.”
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