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wxsuthorn · a year ago
Tag Game - Top 5 BL Kisses
Created by @winmetawinssimp
I was tagged by @gravity-knight and @negrowhat
sorry this took so long to finally do aksnkdndkdj welp
None of the gifs are mine uwu, lemme know if u know who made them cuz ill tag em 😬😬😬
post ur top five fave bl smooches and tag some peeps to do the same
no honourable mentions (TvT)
(1) HIStory 3: Trapped ~ Tangyi x Meng Shaofei
Tumblr media
(2) History 3: Trapped ~ Jack x Zhao Zi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(3) Why R U ~ Saifah x Zon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(4) HIStory 2: Crossing The Line ~ Xia Yuhao x Qiu Zixuan
Tumblr media
(5) TharnType ~ Tharn x Type
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tags: @piningbisexuals @romanceismycallingcard @kindaanartblog @musicdramalove @bl-archer @/anyone else who wants to uwu
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porschekittisawat · a year ago
fellas is it gay to go up to a rooftop and look at the night sky with your bro and you say the view is beautiful but he’s looking at you when he agrees and then you ask him to take your photo so that afterward you have an excuse to take his photo too and then you take selfies together but sneak glances at each other the whole time and then he plays the guitar while you sing a song about falling in love??
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blakemetothemoon · a year ago
“driving there with you” SaifahZon fic
Anon request: “Fic about all the times Saifah indulges Zon like giving him his fried eggs and everything else.”  (As always LOL) un-beta’d! Please let me know if you see any typos or anything.
Title: driving there with you
Summary: Saifah indulges Zon like he always does.
Pairing: SaifahZon
Rating: T (vaguely described sex)
“Egg!” Zon sings as he snatches it from Saifah’s foam container. Some of Saifah’s chicken goes with it. “Egg, egg, egg!”
Zon isn’t a clean eater; he stuffs half the egg in his mouth and rice sticks to his chin. His cheeks are stuffed full like a hamster. Saifah knows it shouldn’t be attractive, but it’s so endearing that butterflies kick Saifah in the stomach.
Zon’s smile stretches from his lips to his big, sparkling eyes.
If sacrificing half his lunch can make Zon smile like that, Saifah will gladly give Zon all the fried eggs he wants.
Bed hog, thy name is Zon.
This isn’t the first time Saifah wakes up at 2 AM to one of his legs dangling off the side of the mattress and barely any space to breathe. Goosebumps cover Saifah’s bare legs and arms. He immediately laments letting Zon trick him into turning the air conditioner on the night before.
“I always get hot in the middle of the night,” Zon had whined. He’d held Saifah’s forearm and shaken it. “Please? Please, please?”
Saifah knew what would happen, but that wide-eyed, sad puppy dog look has always turned him into a pile of mush long before they were even dating.
A tiny lump of blankets is pressing against Saifah in every possible way. Like always, Zon has rolled himself up in the comforter like a caterpillar ready to become a butterfly. It’s not exactly a mystery why Zon is so hot at night. 
But rolling onto Saifah’s side of the bed also means he’s cuddled into Saifah himself. Somehow caterpillar-Zon has managed to snuggle his face against Saifah’s collarbone. His breath tickles and Saifah is pretty sure Zon has drooled all over his bicep.
And Saifah doesn’t care. He cuddles back, offering Zon every last bit of warmth he can give.
Saifah will never get used to his name on Zon’s lips. Especially not when it’s a whimper followed by a gasp followed by a different kind of please, please, please.
Saifah should have known Zon would become insatiable once they made it to skin-on-skin and beds for more than sleeping and strong calves quivering around Saifah’s hips. Once he overcomes nerves, Zon’s never shy about what he wants.
It’s Tuesday. They both have class in an hour. Zon’s decided their shower is meant for getting dirtier before getting clean. He braces his hands against the slick shower wall and arches his back so pretty to demand Saifah get—impossibly— closer behind him. Saifah is sore from the night before but the hot water feels nice against his lower back as he gives Zon what he wants, where he wants it, how he wants it.
“Sai, Sai, Sai.”
If Zon moans like that forever, Saifah will give until he’s exhausted.
“What do you want for your birthday?”
Saifah tilts his head up to look at Zon. They’re on the floor watching a movie in Zon’s room. Zon leans against the bed and Saifah leans against him, enjoying the way Zon’s sturdy arms are wrapped around him and the sporadic kisses Zon drops into his hair.
“Sex,” says Saifah, playfully wiggling his eyebrows.
Zon smacks his chest, just as playful. “I’m serious. You’re always doing stuff for me. I want to make it special for you.”
“Se~eex,” Saifah sings and laughs when Zon hits him again. He takes Zon’s hand in his and absent-mindedly plays with his fingers. “I’ve got you this year. I don’t need anything else.”
Zon groans and buries his face into Saifah’s hair. “You’re so embarrassing.”
Zon sings to him.
Tutor tells Saifah he needs to stop by the cafeteria for a coffee. He leads him towards the courtyard instead where Zon is sitting on one of the tables. He’s doing nothing but tapping an uneven, anxious beat against the guitar he’s holding, but a crowd is already gathered around him, phones out and ready to record whatever is about to happen.
Zon’s anxiety has to be skyrocketing, but once he catches Saifah at the front of the crowd, confused, he smiles big with the smile Saifah has learned is for him and him alone. 
It takes Zon a few attempts to start, but Saifah smiles softly back.
Suddenly, Zon is fearless.
“...I’ll go wherever the wind blows just as long as you are by my side. And I’ll be wherever this road leads just as long as you are here tonight. Anywhere with you is home. Anywhere with you is home...”
When the last note trails off, Saifah moves at record speed. Zon stands on the table so they’re even height and meets Saifah’s lips halfway. One kiss that turns into four. The crowd cheers. Zon lets Saifah take the guitar and play another song they both know and Zon’s voice is perfect as always despite the attention because he only has eyes for Saifah and wants to indulge Saifah the same way Saifah indulges him.
And Saifah lets him.
Here’s the song Zon sings!
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gravity-knight · a year ago
Why is no one talking about Saifah’s boner?
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wxsuthorn · a year ago
(ep. 8 why r u spoilers for the few that haven’t watched it yet)
anyone who has watched episode 8 of why r u that hasn’t confessed to rewatching the zonfah kiss at least 3 times is a dirty liar who cannot be trusted.
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loveinglymii2 · a year ago
I'm about to cry over saifahzon.
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blakemetothemoon · a year ago
dive and I will follow - SaifahZon fic, E
Summary:  Saifah and showers—a combination Zon should really learn to avoid. (Frottage, making out, not exactly canon compliant, shower sex (in a very weird way...))
Ship: SaifahZon
Rating: E (to be safe) 
Read here on AO3!!
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