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they ask me why i learn languages and study history, and i say:

there was a man, five hundred years ago, in a place i have never been, who died. he was catholic. and there was another man, five hundred years ago, in a place i have never been, who was his friend. he was protestant.

i do not know their names. it was not written ‘here lived such-and-such and so-and-so, and they worked at these trades and lived in these houses.’ but i know this: that they were friends, and that they loved one another. so well that in defiance of the ruling that separated the graves of their confessions - in defiance of the authorities, the priests, possibly even their god - they insisted upon being buried together, so that they might, in death, be as good, close friends as they were in life.

i know nothing about these men, really. we have ever so very little in common: they were old german men with strong religious convictions and i am a young non-binary brit with strong tendencies towards atheism. our societies are so unlike as to be entirely alien to one another. but they loved their friends, as i love mine, and they wanted so greatly to be with their friends, as i do mine, and they cared - so much that this is how they are passed down in records.

this love binds us. i know them through it. it is the chain of our hands, pressed palm to palm over the span of centuries, because i know that love and therefore know the lover, and the beloved. i press my hand to them on the one side and place all my affection in my other hand and reach it blindly into the future. i imagine another person centuries from now and somewhere else altogether entwining their fingers with mine and curving their palm around my love in turn.

i hope they can still feel its warmth.

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Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but!! I’m kinda changing my style, and so these are the studies with some newsies kids :)) (Also!! I finally drew Rafaella in a way I don’t absolutely hate jglskflsjf)

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