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“The Unsinkable” Molly Brown, Denver Socialite and Titanic survivor, presenting Captain Arthur Henry Rostron of the Cunard Liner, RMS Carpathia, a loving cup as a token of thanks for his actions on the night of April 14th and early morning hours of April 15th 1912.

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Follow up to the Carpathia post, just did a quick search and found out what happened to her. She was aa convoy ship in WWI, sunk in July 1918. BUT

of 223 crew aboard her, all but five survived the sinking. Those five were killed when a torpedo hit her engine room. She took 2 and a half hours to sink, long enough to evacuate, and throw all the imprtant papers to the sea.

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you've made me cry about RMS Carpathia at least a dozen times - I read your telling of her Titanic rescue every time it crosses my dash - but I only just came across your post about her ending. "The date is July 17th, 1918, and RMS Carpathia has pulled off her last miracle." I'M CRYING SO HARD BUT ALSO I FEEL FRAGILE AND HOPEFUL

I AM BOTH DELIGHTED AND deeply sorry, I did not anticipate making so many people so emotional about a steamship from the 1900s but here we all are, crying about her together

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RIP the RMS Carpathia (the hero ship of the RMS Titanic) the greatest rescue ship all time sank after being hit with a torpedo from a German Submarine during World War I, July 17 1918

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